Just the 3 of Us Ch. 01

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Maria, Billy and I had met during the summer before our senior year in college when we were roommates in a beach house. Each of us had found summer employment in the beach town. Maria and I had separately answered the newspaper ad that Billy placed as he was looking for roommates to defray the rental cost.

When we first moved in and didn’t know each other at all, we were all a little tentative and guarded our privacy. In a very short time though, we got to know each other pretty well. On many different levels, we just hit it off.

Throughout the summer, both Billy and I had a chance to spend more than one night in Maria’s room. Surprisingly, we were all pretty cool with the situation. I guess that it helped that Maria was completely up front about letting us know that she wasn’t looking for love. We all had agreed that two of us pairing up would wreck what we were sharing as friends.

One day toward the end of the summer, we all had a scheduled day off and we spent the day together on the beach. For the most part, we just hung out and laid in the sun and went for an occasional swim in the ocean to cool ourselves down. By late afternoon, we all had plenty of the beach and we packed up our things and headed back to the house. We took turns rinsing off in the outside shower before heading into the house. Maria had rinsed off first and got to work in the kitchen mixing margaritas. By the time Billy and I had taken our turns, there were three filled glasses on the kitchen table. We each picked one up and Billy toasted, “To a great summer, and great friends!”

We ordered some pizza and then took our drinks into the living room. Billy produced a joint, lit it up and passed it around. We had gotten a pretty good buzz going by the time the pizza was delivered and we chowed the food down soon after it arrived. We moved back to the living room and with our next round of drinks. We smoked a little more and had a great buzz going. We were just hanging out, listening to the music coming from the stereo, and talking about the different memories of the summer. Every once in a while, Maria would hear a song that she liked and then get up, grab one of us by the hand and dance with us.

At some point, a slow song came on the stereo and Maria pulled Billy off of the couch. She wrapped her arms around him as they slowly swayed to the music. Billy’s hands were softly stroking Maria’s lower back and pretty soon he was massaging her ass as she began grinding her crotch against his thigh. I could see that this little tease of a dance was getting them both going – Maria’s nipples were hard and pushing against her bikini top and Billy’s cock was starting to tent out his trunks.

I took a deep breath, trying to clear my head through the weed and tequila. Watching Billy and Maria dance, and the effect that it was having on them, was getting me hard too. As they danced around, Maria looked over Billy’s shoulder and saw me sitting there with my half stiff cock. She winked at me, escort bursa then held her hand out for me to join them. I could feel my heart pounding and electricity flowing through my nerves as I got up from the couch to join them.

I stepped behind Maria and wrapped my arms around her waist. My now hard cock was rubbing just above her ass. I watched her slide one hand down over Billy’s cock and slowly stroke his 7″ organ through his shorts ass he stood in front of her, his hands around her back and just above my waist band. Maria’s other hand slipped behind her back and she reached down to cup my balls. I could feel Maria’s ass cheeks gliding over my thighs as the three of us danced in a circle.

I lowered my mouth to kiss the base of Maria’s neck and I could feel one of Bill’s hands move from her back. Billy’s hand came into my view as he began tracing his finger along the fabric of Maria’s bikini top, softly teasing her breasts. Maria let out a soft moan and increased her attention to our cocks. Billy slipped his finger under the flimsy fabric of Maria’s top and began teasing her nipple with his fingertip, slowly circling it and flicking over it. I had a great view of this as I watched him bring his finger to her lips and slide it over her tongue. She began sucking it like a little cock and getting it all wet.

After a couple minutes of her sucking his finger, he brought it back to her nipple, gliding his finger wet with her saliva over her skin. Maria exhaled sharply and I felt her move her hand from my cock and wrap it behind me so that she could pull my hips up against her ass. I took her lead and moved my hands to her hips and began grinding my cock between her lovely ass cheeks. Maria had slid her hand down Billy’s shorts and was slowly stroking his shaft as I continued teasing her ass.

We were all in a blur; intoxicated by the drinks and the smoke, but mostly by the atmosphere of incredible lust. Sensing the sexual charge of the moment, Maria leaned her head to the side so that Billy and I were looking directly at each other and she whispered to us, “I’d love to watch you two together for a while. Would you do that for me?”

As she asked the question, Maria slipped her body out from between Billy and I and then she took our arms and wrapped them around each other, placing my hand on Billy’s ass and his hand on mine. Billy winked at Maria and then me and slid his hand into his briefs, pushing them over his hips, silently signaling his willingness. I looked down and saw his 7″ cock looking back up at me. The sight caused my cock to throb and I slid my shorts over my hips letting them fall to the floor.

As Maria watched both of us getting comfortable with each other, she untied the string holding her bikini top around her neck. The fabric dropped away from her tits, letting us see their beautiful shape. Her hard, taut nipples told us that she was incredibly hot thinking of what was about to happen.

Not exactly sure how to start nilüfer escort this, I put my hands on Billy’s shoulders and lowered my face to take his nipple into my mouth. He moaned in response and lowered his hand to my cock, wrapped his fingers around my 6″ shaft and started stroking slowly. Billy’s hand was quite talented as he teased my cock head with the heel of his hand as his fingers lightly stroked along the underside of my shaft.

Maria, watching us and getting hotter, sat down in the chair and started playing with her nipples. She moaned again and encouraged us by saying, “You two look great together! I’m getting so fucking hot watching this!” I looked over at Maria to see her sucking on her finger and then pulling back the fabric of her thong. Pleasure sounds were coming from deep within her as she began teasing her clit with her wet finger.

I slid my hands over Billy’s ass and pulled his hips close to mine. As his hips got closer, Billy guided my cock to his, using my cock head to tease the underside of his shaft. My cock started twitching and leaking pre-cum. Billy continued teasing my cock by rubbing it on his, coating his dick with my fluid. My fingers massaged Billy’s ass as I leaned back to get a good view of our cocks rubbing against each other. The sight and sensation drove me absolutely fucking crazy.

I slid my hand between us, wrapping my fingers around our two cocks. Holding them together, shaft to shaft, I slowly lower and raise my hips, causing my cock to slide against his. The feeling of my cock sliding against his was unbelievable. Billy moved his hand away and begins tracing over our cock heads in a figure 8 motion, swirling our pre-cum together and sending incredible sensations through my groin.

Maria moaned as she pressed her finger against her clit while she watched us grinding our cocks together. Turned on by the view, Maria asked, “I’d love to taste those cocks together, if that would be ok with you two.”

As I nodded, Billy said, “Please do, we don’t want you to feel excluded.”

Maria knelt on the floor at our sides and reached up to replace my hand with hers around our cocks. Billy slid his finger, coated in a mixture of our tastes, over Maria’s lips and she hungrily sucked it into her mouth. I slid my hand down and cupped Maria’s tit, rubbing my flat palm over her nipple and then gently rolling it between my thumb and finger. Maria moaned as she reached her other hand up and took each of our cocks in one hand and began to slowly stroke us. Billy and I turned toward her, giving her a better angle for her stroking motion.

Maria then brought her lips to my cock and guided the head over them, coating her lips with my drip while she continued to stroke Billy’s dick. Her eyes looked toward mine as she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue over my mushroom. She teased my slit, playfully lapping up my fluid and then flicked at the groove on the underside of my cock. Finally, she slid gorukle escort the entire length of my cock into her mouth; her tongue pressing me against the roof of her mouth as she slowly slid her head back and forth.

After enjoying my taste, Maria moved her mouth to Billy and gave him the same treatment while slowly stroking me. Billy ran his hands over Maria’s head as I reached behind him and began stroking his ass as she sucked, my other hand still toying with Maria’s breast and nipple. Maria was getting very hot and moved her free hand down to her pussy so that she could slide a finger over her clit and inside of her.

Billy began slowly thrusting into Maria’s mouth. I backed away from Maria’s hand and then laid down on my back and slid between Maria’s thighs. As Maria continued sucking Billy, I lifted my head to her pussy and slid my tongue past the flimsy fabric of her thong. Reaching up with my hands, I untied the strings holding it together at her hips and pulled the fabric away. With that obstacle out of the way, I pressed my tongue into her dripping sex and heard her moan softly.

Looking up between Maria’s thighs, I could see Billy pulling his cock from her lips and then he lowered himself to his knees. Billy’s cock was waving just above my forehead as he leaned forward to kiss Maria. I could feel his balls rubbing against my head as he lowered his face to take her nipple into his mouth. As Billy began sucking Maria’s nipple, I lifted my head a bit more and sucked her clit into my mouth. Billy’s hands slid to Maria’s ass as he pulled her close to him and Maria wrapped her arms around Billy reaching for his ass. As I sucked and softly nibbled on Maria’s clit, I reached up and began stroking Billy’s cock, then turned my hand so that I could tease his cock head with my thumb.

With all of this attention, Maria just leaned her head back and moaned as her body convulsed in an orgasm that rocked her to her core. Her hands gripped Billy’s thighs as she ground her pussy into my mouth. Her wetness coated my lips, chin and cheeks as it flooded the insides of her thighs. Maria sat back on my chest and reclined against my raised thighs as the waves of her orgasm came over her. Billy reached down and wrapped his hand around mine and increased the pace of our stroking. In what seemed like less than a minute, Billy moaned “Oh God, I’m going to cum.”

Maria’s lust filled eyes met his and she responded, “Shoot it all over me. I want to feel your cream all over my tits.” With that, Billy’s cock exploded, the first jet hit her just above the tits and began running down her chest into her cleavage. The next couple of shots landed on her stomach. As his orgasm finally passed, the final, long dripping stream of his cum dripped from his slit and on to my lips. My lips parted and his last bit of cream drained into my mouth. Billy leaned forward and licked some of his cum off of Maria’s chest, then brought his mouth to hers. He offered his tongue to her and she wrapped her lips around it, tasting him.

After they broke their kiss, I chuckled as I said, “I guess that the ice is broken.” Everyone laughed and we took a short rest and sipped our margaritas as Billy lit another joint and passed it around.

to be continued…

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