Kasey’s Awakening

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If you enjoy the fantasy of rape I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story. It is truly fictional as are the rest of my upcoming stories (Maybe). If you do not like the idea of rape please go on to another story. Thanks and ENJOY!!!

Part 1:
Kasey had just turned 18, she was a quiet honor roll student at her high school in VA. Her parents died in a car accident years ago, leaving her living with her drugged out brother who never assisted her with anything, only stole from her to buy more cocaine and other drugs. During long parties at her brother’s house she locked herself in her makeshift room to study and occasionally have privacy to pleasure herself to escape the horrors of her past and present. She didn’t enjoy to party, she only enjoyed the thought of having something more, something worth living for.
Despite her horrible surroundings she was very good looking, long haired brunette at only 5’6, she had a very ample body. C cup breasts and a firm handful of an ass that got everyone’s attention, especially her science teachers. Everyone at school called her a tease because she refused to give her virginity away to just anyone, despite many tries, everyone failed at even bringing her on a date. One winter Friday, her science teacher Mr. Bryant came to her after class, one sentence was going to turn her entire life around.
“Go into my private office now” he said with a low yet firm voice. Kasey unaware of why, asked “what did I do wrong Mr. Bryant?” With a quick glance he made her feel very uneasy. “I said now!” followed by a hard tug on one of her pigtails. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and pigtails in the other and forced her into his office. Kasey starting to tear up looked around and realized that everyone had already left the class room. He picked her up and laid her down onto his large wooden desk. He stood at 6’0 and very handsome, only 27 years old and a very athletic build. She gazed at him in fear of what was happening. “Today I’m going to make you mine Kasey..” he said with Sex hikayeleri a smirk on his face.
Kasey immediately tried to scream and get up, only to be forced down again by Mr. Bryant. He pinned her down and immediately tore her short blue skirt from her body, then her low cut blouse. “mmmm” he moaned to himself. “I’m going to make sure you get the proper after school attention you need”. While holding her down by her hair, he pulled her lacey boy short from her body and stuffed them into her mouth, surprised that she was already starting to moisten. He grabbed his tie and tightened around her mouth holding the homemade gag into her firmly. She tried to scream but only came out as muffling noises that made her teacher bulge in his pants.
Without saying a word Mr. Bryant locked all doors and pulled down the shades, she laid there watching him afraid to move. He grabbed a handful of nylon rope from his drawer and quickly fastened her wrists together behind her back. He pulled her by her hair and bent her over his desk aggressively. He looked at her body, glistening with sweat from being nervous, and slowly reached down to rub her pussy. She quickly jumped as his strong hands cupped her virgin pussy. “ I heard you’re a virgin, and I have noticed you staring at me a lot ms. Kasey. Today I’m going to make you my pet, and mine alone, after today, your body will belong to me, do you understand?” She shook her head no, only to be responded by a hard smack across her ass with his belt. “Again, do you understand?” She shook her head yes this time hesitantly. “Good girl” he said smiling.
As he held her head down on the desk, he pulled down his pants, and his cock popped out throbbing harder than it ever has. Kasey’s eyes got huge in fear of what was about to happen to her. He walked behind her and positioned his cock at her opening. Already lubed up from pre cum, he noticed her pussy was dripping from excitement of the unknown. Without hesitation he shoved his 7” thick cock Sikiş hikayeleri in her making her scream through her panty stuffed mouth once he broke her in. Mr. Bryant wasn’t one for slow sex, he pumped her pussy harder and hard making her tear up in pain. After about 5 minutes he slowed down noticing she was drooling through her mouth all over his desk. He removed his cock slowly admiring the juices coming out with it, she had cum at least twice, but he liked to hold it in as long as he could.
Leaving a long string of spit from where she had drooled on his desk, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and put her on her knees. Mascarra was running down her face from tears, but she was panting hard and heavily like she eagerly wanted more. Kasey looked up at him with his cock against her face, slowly realizing she was actually enjoying this. He removed her gag and hung her pussy and mouth soaked panties on his cock. She knew what was happening, and had never actually sucked on a dick before, and was becoming more and more nervous. “Now pet, stick out your tounge and open your mouth, I want you to suck me until I cum in your throat.” She quickly said “please no sir, I don’t think I c…” she was quickly cut off by a hard smack of a ruler he had hidden behind her, he smacked her again, and again, and again, until her ass was red.
Kasey had fallen face first on the floor with her hands behind her back, in deep pain from the ruler beating on her ass. “You’re going to learn how to respond with yes sir on every one of my request, do you understand?” she moved her head up and down, “yesss…sir….” She whimpered. He grabbed the vibrator behind her and quickly shoved it in her swollen hole, turning it on high, he grabbed her hair and pulled her back into position. Sitting on the toy she started to feel a strong urge to cum, she couldn’t move from it, he had her positioned on it so it would force her to cum repeatedly. With her eyes rolling backwards he said “Now do as I ask…” …. “yes sir” she said moaning.
Erotik hikaye He forced his cock deep in her mouth, pumping it as spit came out of her mouth making it more and more wet, mascara was running down onto her ample breast . With her pigtails in his hand, he pulled her so deep that his cock went down her throat, she immediately came again, with pools of her juices on the floor beneath her. She was starting to black out from the intensity of it all, he continued pumping her face until his balls built up his large volume of cum.
After 10 or so minutes, kasey had came 3 times, she was helpless and almost completely limp from the new pleasures given to her. Her body was like a rag doll to him. He squeezed her nipples hard to wake her back up as he pumped her wet mouth. “Don’t waste my cum pet, do you understand?” She nodded yes. He grabbed the back of her head forcing his cock deep in her throat, pumping cum deep in her over filling her mouth. He quickly released her and she fell back on the carpet, cum running from her mouth and her cum running from her swollen pussy.
He removed the toy and she quivered from her pussy being so sensitive. He used it to wipe his cum from her chin and fed it to her. She lay there, quiet, and in pure bliss. She had never experienced so much pleasure at one time. He knelt down to her head and kissed her on the fore head. “Now I want you to stay here over the weekend in my office…I’ll come back tomorrow and teach you some new things….you did a very good job at pleasing me today” he said staring into her eyes. She looked at him and said “yes Mr. Bryant, thank you sir…” and passed out from exhaustion shortly after.
Mr. Bryant took it upon himself to tie her with a long rope to the wall so she couldn’t go anywhere but the office bathroom. He left food and water for her, she awoke to see him leaving it for her and she smiled a loving smile at him. “don’t go anywhere pet, I’ll see you tomorrow morning…” she just nodded yes and fell back into unconsciousness. He covered her with a blanket and turned off the light. He smiled slowly looking at her firm red ass, unknowing to her, he would be taking her ass in the morning.

Part 2 cumming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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