A Perfect Night

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This is my first real attempt at writing and thank you to Todger65 for taking the time to edit it for me to. I welcome any constructive feedback.


He could hear her on the phone as he put the wet clothes into the dryer and turned it on. Ben picked up the two cups and walked back through to the living room, placed them on the coffee table and sat down onto the sofa. He watched as she paced the room, her tiny frame swamped in his dressing gown, until she stopped to look out of the patio doors.

“Yes. Fine. I will see you tomorrow then.” Chelsea’s voice was strained as she spoke. With a final sigh she hung up the call then put her phone on the table and picked up the cup. It felt good in her cold hands and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth.

After a moment she slowly opened her eyes and looked across the couch at Ben, she noticed the slight furrow in his brow as he looked at her. Chelsea had been walking down the road in flip flops and no coat during one of the worst storms anyone had seen so far in the year. She had been putting the bins out when the wind had blown the door shut, with her keys inside. She had watched as bins had been blown across the road as she walked, and the rain has been so hard it had stung as it hit her skin. Ben had luckily been passing in his car and stopped and offered her a lift. She had shyly told him how she didn’t have her house keys and he didn’t question any further. He had driven them back to his, gave her a towel and his dressing gown and offered to dry her clothes for her.

“Thank you again Ben.” A sudden shyness came over her, her voice small as she looked down at her mug. They had been talking for a few months and she had come to enjoy their evening discussions over text; however more recently she had begun to realise there was something more there for her and she had withdrawn a little. Now sitting in front of him, Chelsea felt nervous.

Ben smiled, what he hoped was reassuringly, at her. She looked so young, so vulnerable without her make up on and he wondered if she realised how pretty she was without it. Striking wasn’t a word that was used to describe her features; she had a more subtle beauty.

They had been talking for what felt like hours. Chelsea had moved subconsciously closer to Ben; she didn’t notice the dressing gown had slipped open leaving her thigh on full view until she followed his gaze. Her other leg was crossed underneath her and with a slight adjustment she felt it press against Bens. Her breath caught as she waited for him to move, but he didn’t.

As she glanced up at him, she saw he was already watching her. Her heart raced as she put her hand out and rested it on his thigh. Ben didn’t move; he could feel the heat seep through his jeans. He suddenly wished he had been wearing shorts so he could have felt her skin against his and then cursed himself, remembering he couldn’t think like that.

Ben closed his eyes for a moment, everything about her suddenly overwhelmed his senses. The pressure of her touch as she gently squeezed her fingers on his leg. The sound of her breathing as it slowed. The smell of her perfume mixed with her own scent filled his nose and the taste of her lips against his… shit!

“No. I can’t do that.” Ben jumped up; his voice hard. Chelsea watched him walk into the kitchen.

Ben stood and looked out the kitchen window, it was dark outside so all he could see was his reflection. He cursed himself, how could he have let that happen. He was too busy battling with his thoughts that he didn’t see her come into the kitchen.

“Ben?” her voice was a mere whisper, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. If I could have my clothes, then I will get out of your hair.” She blinked back the tears, his rejection had hit her hard and she just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. Had she had her clothes, she would have just gone, but she could hardly run off down the street in his dressing gown.

He turned to face her, the look in her eyes haunted him. He willed his body to move, to walk the few steps towards the dryer to get her clothes, so that the temptation would be gone. But instead he stood there watching her as she fiddled with her hands, her eyes cast down to the floor. He couldn’t shake the thought that if he let her leave now, he would never see her again.

“Screw it” he thought he had said to himself until he saw her head snap up to look at him and he realised he had spoken it out loud. Before he could change his mind, he had closed the distance between them and was now stood in front of her. Without her heels she was about half a foot shorter than he was. Ben wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her chin to look at him with his other hand. His eyes searched hers for permission, when he got it, he pulled her mouth to his.

His stubble was coarse escort bayan against her skin, but she didn’t care. She pushed her fingers into his short brown hair and pulled his lips harder against hers. She heard a groan escape from his chest as she probed his lips with the tip of her tongue. She felt his hands on her waist as he pushed her against the table. He broke their kiss leaving Chelsea breathless.

Slowly he untied his gown, watched as it fell open and grabbed Chelsea’s hands before she could pull the edges back together. He stood back and admired her. Her skin had a natural tan, the black lace of her bra covered her impressive tits. Ben reached out and traced the back of his fingers from the hollow spot below her neck, between her tits and down her flat stomach and stopped as he met the top of her lace knickers. Chelsea noticed how his eyes darkened as he traced a line down her body. She shrugged off the dressing gown and it pooled at her feet.

Ben grabbed both her hips and lifted her on to the edge of the table. Her fingers gripped the hem of his top and she pulled it off. Her nails grazed back down his bare chest stopping at the top of his jeans. She tried to remember a time she had seen him in anything but shorts, but she couldn’t. She took in the sight of him before reaching for his buttons, she hoped he didn’t notice the slight tremor in her hands as she undid the top button, then the zip and finally pushing her hand into his jeans.

He hissed through his teeth as he felt her delicate fingers wrap around him. He felt himself harden further as she began to slowly stroke his entire length. Ben wrapped his own fingers around the thin fabric of her knickers and pulled them down her long legs. His mouth found hers again, this time harder and full of the wanting he had been ignoring for weeks.

Both were breathing hard as they pulled apart. Chelsea laid back on her elbows and watched him as he grabbed his cock and pushed it between her lips. He could feel how ready she was for him already; it was taking all his self-restraint to go slow. He guided the head to her entrance, feeling it’s warmth, he held back for just a second, to ask her if she was sure, although he didn’t know whether he could stop if she said she wasn’t. She nodded silently, so he grabbed her hips and as slowly as he could bear, he pulled her onto him.

Chelsea felt herself open as he pressed his cock inside. She wasn’t sure he would fit, but she was so wet he slid in without much pain. She felt him hit her hilt, looking down she could see he wasn’t fully in yet, but he withdrew just as slowly as he had entered her, and she could feel every delicious inch stroke her from the Inside. She closed her eyes and her head fell back, before she had time to think he thrust hard inside of her and pulled her hips up so he could push past her limits and buried himself completely inside her.

The pain was bittersweet, but Ben didn’t give her time to adjust before he withdrew and thrust hard again, and again, and again. She cried out; she couldn’t help it. As she laid back onto the table and wrapped her legs around him, she found the leverage to meet him thrust for thrust, driving him deeper inside her.

Ben watched as she wriggled around and he knew this image would always be stuck in his memory, Chelsea coming undone on his table. He didn’t know it was possible to grow any harder, but he felt his cock swell and harden further as her muscles greedily pulled him back in with every thrust. He watched as her hands grabbed at her tits, he felt her legs begin to quiver and judging by her panting he knew she was close. He kept the same hard rhythm as he slipped a finger between her lips to find her clit and began to circle it with his thumb. She swore and he felt her whole body tighten. Slowing his thrusts, Ben concentrated on rubbing her clit. Her moans had become incoherent, so he upped the pressure and just as he saw her whole body shudder, he thrust hard so he was buried inside her and kept the onslaught on her clit going as she screamed and shook. He didn’t stop until she pushed his hand away.

Chelsea struggled to catch her breath; her whole body felt stiff as she came down from her orgasmic high. She can’t remember if she had ever cum that hard before. She felt Ben move again, slow and deep, but building the pace faster. She could feel the head of his cock stroking her g spot and she felt another orgasm building.

This time they came together, Chelsea was screaming as she grabbed the sides of the table and Ben cursing as he used the last thrust to bury himself deep inside her, his cock swelled and he felt the rush as he cum deep inside her.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her up to him, leaning down his lips found hers again, softer this time. Her heart thumped in her chest, she wondered if he could see bursa merkez escort it. She slowly slid herself off the table, her legs were weak, and he caught her as she fell. She traced her fingers through the short coarse hair speckled across his chest. She noticed it was the same shade as his hair, almost black. She learnt forward and lightly planted a kiss amongst the hair. Ben closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her.

“That was amazing” she looked up at him and watched the different emotions pass through his eyes. Pleasure, bliss, excitement, fear, guilt and something else…

Ben just smiled; his thoughts were as scattered as his senses. He knew what had happened was wrong, but why had it felt so right? Even now as he stood with her pressed against him, it felt like her body was made to fit into his. He closed his eyes and felt her hand against his cheek just before he felt her lips press against his.

Chelsea felt his cock grow hard against her stomach as they kissed. Their tongues entwined matched their hands as they explored each other. The passion cracking the atmosphere. Before she could reach for him, he swooped her into his arms causing her to giggle loudly.

It didn’t take long to arrive in his bedroom, and he let her slide down his body until her feet touched the floor. The carpet was soft between her toes. She didn’t waste any time hooking her fingers through the loops on his jeans and slowly pulled them down until he stepped out of them.

Knelt at his feet she gently kissed his thighs, moving higher she wrapped her fingers around his length. It felt heavy in her hand, it looked as thick as it had felt inside her. The head was a deep purple. She learnt forward and ran her tongue along the underside before taking the head between her lips. Ben let out a guttural moan as she flicked her tongue on the soft spot of skin just beneath the head. He had never felt a girl do that before. He wrapped his fingers in her hair gently pulling it back into a ponytail as she worked him with her mouth. He could hear soft moans escape her and she increased the pace and suction based on his reactions. She had her hand still wrapped around his cock and with her hot mouth and strokes of her hand it wasn’t long before he felt the familiar feeling building.

“Chelsea…” he managed to stutter before she took more of him into her mouth. She could read his body and she knew he was getting close. She worked faster, his fingers pulled her hair tighter, the slight hint of pain just encouraged her more. She took her hand away from his cock and massaged his balls gently but kept him in her mouth. She felt his balls draw up, the sign she had been waiting for. She pulled her head back until the head was nestled just between her lips. As her tongue pressed and rubbed the tip of her tongue against that spot again, Ben felt the pressure building inside him.

With a deep breath, Chelsea took him fully into her mouth until he was buried part way down her throat. Watching her as she looked up at him, his eyes met hers and it was enough to send him over the edge. Bens hips began to move on their own, his hands holding her head still as he fucked her throat. Chelsea gripped his thighs for support, she enjoyed feeling how strong his muscles were and how they flexed as he moved. With a final thrust she felt his hot cum fill her throat, Ben was surprised how willingly she had swallowed.

Ben pulled Chelsea to her feet and as he kissed her hard as he pushed her onto the bed and stood back to look at her. The sight took his breath away. Her long dark hair, almost black like his, fanned out across his white duvet. Her deep brown eyes hooded with lust as she looked up at him. He took in the way her lips parted slightly as she watched him and the way her chest heaved with every breath she took. He climbed over her, running his fingers up her side he nuzzled into her neck. She squirmed and moaned as he nibbled at her neck and ear. He fluttered kisses down her chest and stomach until he was knelt between her legs.

Chelsea watched as Ben lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, his stubble tickled the inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes and felt as his fingers parted her lips. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked laid out in front of him. He found her clit and pressed against it lightly, she moaned, and he smiled! Leaning forward he flicked his tongue against it, her moans turned to “oh god”; parting her lips further he explored her with his tongue. Chelsea ran her fingers through his hair, she withered on the bed and he grabbed her hips to keep her still. It wasn’t long before her hips were bucking, and she was pulling at his hair as she called out his name.

They lay side by side; she stroked his chest as he tucked her hair back.

“You’re beautiful” gürsu escort he told her, she smiled shyly and looked away, her head shook just slightly in disagreement. Ben pulled her against him, he squeezed her ass as she nibbled on his ear and jaw. He couldn’t believe it as his cock began to swell again. He just couldn’t get enough of her. She pushed his shoulder until he was lying on his back, she circled her fingers around him, and a smile spread across her face.

Chelsea straddled over Ben; her hair had begun to curl at the ends as it fell over her shoulders. As she lifted on to her knees, she held him in her hand and slowly lowered herself onto him. Ben watched as his cock disappeared into her, inch by inch, until he was fully submerged into her. She lifted slowly and then dropped back onto him. Ben held her hips and guided her up and as he pulled her hips back down to meet his, he thrust up inside her causing her moans to echo out. With each thrust, he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He reached up behind her and unclasped her bra letting her fall free. Chelsea sat upright, keeping him buried deep she rocked her hips. Her head tilted back as she ground into him. Ben massaged her tits with his hands, her nipples hardened further as he squeezed them and caused her to grind against him harder.

“Ben…” she whimpered as he gripped her hips and began to thrust into her again. A fine sheen of sweat covered their skins as her nails dug into his chest. She could feel the familiar tingle start in her toes, her hips rocked faster and harder as she pulled Ben up until she was sat in his lap. His mouth found her neck, her collar bone, finally he took her nipple between his teeth. She cried out; the sweet sensation of pain mixed with pleasure coarse through her body.

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her hard against him as she shook in his lap, her nails dug into the skin on his back as she cried out. Her words nothing more than a mumble. He slowly lowered her onto her back, crawling between her legs as in one thrust entering her again causing her to cum again. Her head fell back dangling off the edge of the bed, his mouth on her nipples again as he hooked his arm under her hips and pulled her up finding a new depth inside her. He felt it as his head pushed passed her limits with every thrust until he felt his cock swell and empty inside her.

She was lying on her side as she pushed her finger through the hair on his chest. She loved how it felt against her hand.

“I think I need a shower” Ben chuckled.

“I think I might join you” she smiled, and he took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

The hot water sprayed over them. She picked up the shampoo and massaged it into his hair. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Next, she massaged his shoulders and his back, he hadn’t realised how tight he had been until her fingers worked their magic in to his muscles. Chelsea reached her hand around and began to stroke his cock as it grew in her hand. He turned and pushed her hard against the wall. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His mouth found hers hungrily as she slipped her tongue between his lips. They kissed until they were breathless. They stopped and he searched her eyes, he saw the emotion in hers that matched his own.

Chelsea turned around, Ben slipped his hand between her legs and felt how ready she was for him again. His cock hardened further as he guided it between her legs. She moaned softly as he entered her, feeling her warmth enclose around him. He covered himself with her wetness, a few thrusts before pulling out. He pressed the head of his cock against her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, slowly he pressed until he felt her tight hole give way and let him in. He carefully eased his way further into her ass. She felt so tight. When he was finally in, he gave her a moment to adjust.

“I’m ok,” she whispered, and he began to move, he felt all her muscles quiver as he moved,

“Fuck” he whispered into her hair as he began to thrust into her quicker. He pressed one hand against the wall and the other curled around her stomach. Chelsea groaned out. She could feel the cold tiles against her front and Bens hot skin against her back. She tilted her head back to his shoulder as she let him take control. Every thrust pushing her onto her tiptoes. His moans filled her ear, she whimpered his name over and over. She felt his hand move from her stomach and rest over her throat. He could feel her body start to shudder, he slipped his fingers between her legs and circled his finger around her clit. He thrust harder into her, his fingers tightening very gently around her throat as his teeth sunk into the lobe of her ear. She felt his cock swell inside her ass as he came with her.

Slowly he pulled out of her and she turned to face him. The water poured over them both as they planted breathlessly. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist.

“I wish you could choose me” he whispered so quietly he wasn’t sure she heard him.

“I already have” she whispered back.

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A Public Fuck

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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It had been an uneventful visit. Nothing had happened; Arielle could feel the frustration, ever present. The wetness between her legs, and the slight, sweet feeling of several denied orgasms as her thighs rubbed together reminded her of the fuck she didn’t get earlier. She knew that the interruptions had to be as equally frustrating to Jamie. His cock was hard. She had been rubbing it through his jeans for about an hour, discreetly.

They walked to the front of the house, slowly moving towards her car. She didn’t want to leave; not without the cock she had craved for so long. A vibrator would have to do later, but goddammit, she needed the real thing. It had been so long!

She turned to face him, leaning backwards against the car, both of them facing the road. The car now blocked the view from inside the house. He smelled amazing, like a man should smell. Earthy, with a hint of cologne and aftershave.

“Kiss me”, she demanded, pulling him closer.

“Suck my tongue, Jamie.”

He came closer, his open mouth enveloping hers, tongues dancing wildly against each other, each one wresting for control. The little darts of his probing tongue against her lips seemed to jolt with sexuality, bolts of miniature lightning shooting all the way to her cunt. She pushed her hips involuntarily towards his hard cock straining at his jeans, punctuating each smooth dance of his probing tongue against hers.

Arielle pulled away, her need overriding all attempts at modesty. She unceremoniously pulled her shirt up, her tits prominently pushed up at her bra, almost spilling out. Arielle had always known she had great tits. It was knowledge borne from multiple sexual partners’ immediate reaction to seeing or touching them over the years.

She pulled at one tit, letting her nipple free of her suffocating bra. The air was erotic against her exposed skin. Ample, beautifully pale meat in her hands, ready for his eager mouth. He reluctantly placed his hand over it, his fear of being caught stopping him from doing what she so desperately needed in this moment.

She waited for a split second, before pulling her other breast out. Two tits, out in the open, publicly exposed and ready. She knew her men well. She knew this one, like the others before him, wouldn’t be able to resist her womanhood.

One hand guided his mouth towards her nipple, the same way he had guided her head to his cock so many times before. She was going to get her eskort bayan bursa fucking satisfaction, right now. Her normal, submissive self was somewhere inside, overridden by the need for sexual release. His mouth latched to her, suckling. The suction was so intense! She always forgot how much she loved this, until the moment she felt it again, especially with a new man. Her hand at the back of his head, she guided him between her breasts, alternating his mouth, not giving him time to think of how exposed they were to the passing cars.

His instincts were overpowering his nervousness. A few cars went by, the sounds of engines and the rush of air making him hesitate, but adding intensity to her need. How long had she been unaware that publicly doing this would turn her on so much? She reached into his jeans, not even bothering to undo his belt or lower his zipper. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, squeezing just the way he liked it. He could feel the heat of her palm against his skin, as she started slowly stroking his cock, rewarding him for the beautiful things he was making her feel with his mouth.

Two lovers, Arielle guiding his mouth as he tried to get at nonexistent milk from her erect nipples, and Jamie hunched over to allow more movement within whatever space remained between her hand and his tight pants. It was a sight that would shock the neighbors, if they were to look out their window. “They may already be watching us”, she thought crudely.

Arielle knew what she wanted. A true slut, many men had learned over the years that getting her sex started was a guarantee that she would take cock. Now that she had been deprived, she was actively aware that she was going to take what she needed, no matter how reluctant Jamie was in this moment. They slowly moved away from the car, still tied together in this sexual pose, stopping until they met resistance against the house, to the side of a closed window.

Jerking him off like a cheap hooker seemed to have awakened something primal within him. He pushed her roughly against the wall, his hand finding her wetness and invading her roughly. She gasped, his fingers working her wet pussy and making her forget to stroke him in return. She closed her eyes tightly in pleasure, the sound of him fingering her and snacking at her tit filling her up, her ears blocking every sound out. This was a new high for her; she wanted more.

She could feel the wall at her ass. altıparmak escort Every time he pushed his hand forward to finger her deeply, she pushed forward, needing more stimulation, wishing it was his cock.

“Fuck it”, she thought. “Now or never.”

“Fuck me, motherfucker”, she whispered urgently into his ear.

He didn’t seem to hear her.

Her next whisper was fiercer, more insistent.

“Did you fucking hear me? I need your cock, NOW!” she demanded in a harsh whisper.

“Don’t make me beg”, she pleaded, not realizing that she was already begging.

Slowly, she unbuttoned and lowered her pants. Her hips shimmied side to side as she pulled her pants down. Not fully, because she knew it would scare him off, but enough to give him access. Her hand worked his meat more intensely, matching what she knew would be his preferred pace when he fucked. Men were all so alike. She was manipulating him in more ways than one, leading him towards putting his cock where it belonged. In her cunt. Her snatch. Her wet pussy. Just the feeling of the dirty words rolling around in her head made her gasp out loud, her wetness increasing. How the fuck was he resisting this?

She freed his cock, pulling it out into the evening air. He leaned closer, kissing her as she stroked him towards an orgasm, his turn to forget to continue fingering her. She didn’t care. She was this close to getting the fat meat she craved. She knew she was moments away from feeling the fullness that came with him bottoming out inside her, the thickness of his base stretching her cunt lips the way she so loved. She chose her men based on their cock. Some women preferred length, but only a thick man seemed to make her feel properly fucked. She had seen and felt him; he had a beautiful cock.

She pulled him closer for a kiss. His cock touched her exposed pussy, and the intensity of it all made them both gasp, exhaling breath into each other’s faces. This was it! No more resisting. A man’s instinct is to fuck, and his was no exception. She’d won.

He slid home, both of them standing against the wall. His thrusts were deep and long. She could feel every vein, every ripple of his straining manhood. The head of his cock was hitting the top of her pussy inside, making her rotate her hips with each penetration, like a woman trying to savor the sweet sensation of being dominated. She knew her place, and it was under this bursa türbanlı escort man. She belonged to his cock. She bit her lip, her hands at his waist guiding him faster and harder. Each thrust was now powered by her, pulling him to her harder and harder, their breathing intensifying over each other’s shoulder. Her nipples rubbed at the harsh fabric of his shirt, giving it that rough feeling she liked to make herself feel when she fucked herself late at night and squeezed her own nipples.

There was no mistaking what this was. Jamie was fucking her, and Arielle was fucking him back. An observer would see, in that moment, two lovers tightly holding each other, her upper ass hanging out of her unbelted jeans and his undone buttons flipped to each side of his cock. He was pummeling her womb, against the wall. Raw and primal, their fucking was unbroken by words; only breathing.

Jamie could feel it coming. From deep inside his balls, he could feel the orgasm beginning to build. The sweetness was overtaking him. His cock tingled every time he bottomed out inside this bitch. Every time he slid into her, his skin felt a little more stimulated. It was silken steel against a velvet glove; a hard man deep in a slut’s accepting cunt.

Arielle knew when a man was going to cum. She had been fucked by enough men to know the signs instinctively. Her thrusting matched his, her impending orgasm growing to match his. They were each concentrating now on nothing but the end.

She wondered if she should make him pull out, but pleasure overtook her. A squeal burst forth to punctuate her sudden, intense orgasm. Her pussy pulsed with the increased blood flow, wetter now still, as she surrendered fully to the pleasure that was a cock-induced orgasm. His cock was relentless, a battering ram at her pleasure center. She stuck her mouth into the place where his neck met his shoulder, muffling her moans.

The orgasm left her weak. The only thing stopping her from falling to her knees was Jamie’s cock pounding into her, his weight pressing her to the wall. She started kissing his neck, pushing him closer to the edge.

His breath was ragged. His explosion was close now. They both knew it. He cried out in a whisper, a low guttural animal sound as the cum left his balls and shot up his cock in wave after wave of intense pleasure. The ebb and flow of pleasure was making him weak. Three, four, five spurts, and he wasn’t finished. Seven!

He pulled his cock out of her. Her juices, mixed with his cum, dripped out of her onto the gravel in an obscene drip, drip, drip. His hands at her shoulders kept her standing, or she would have taken a knee.

“Holy fuck”, they both simultaneously said.

She smiled. Mission accomplished.

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A Roadtrip in to an Erogenous Zone

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Carla, the ex-wife and I are still friendly. Even better she’s still up for the occasional down and dirty hook-up. She owns an interest in and manages a couple of local dive bars. She maintains the majority owner is an OK guy, other than his occasionally becoming this penny-pinching, purse strings clutching ogre. He can drive her absolutely bat shit crazy. But then, at least in my opinion that’s one monumental understatement.

Sometimes I get the call. Usually all I have to do is listen, make soothing noises, and if I’m lucky take her mind off things with a good hard fuck. However, that wasn’t the case last time around. I listened alright and even made the appropriate noises, only I made them from the passenger’s seat of Carla’s Porsche Boxster as we raced Northward, up the coast on Highway one. And, we didn’t get around to that good hard fuck until the middle of that road trip. It was worth the wait.

I took the call on a Thursday evening. An irate Carla, spitting and yowling like an aggrieved cat barely managed a yowled “It’s me,” before she was off on a rant. I started to pay attention when I heard “The fucking cheap-skate finally got tired of my bitching; and then, like no shit he practically ordered me to take the weekend off.” She paused, and I jumped in.

“Unreal,” I exclaimed. “Don’t tell me; you’re planning to run-off for a wild weekend of sex with one of your boy-toys. No, wait; maybe it’ll be with one of your pussy-munching gal-pals,” I teased.

“Asshole” was the Ex’s instantaneous rejoinder. But then, she followed that up with a half-snarled “Well if you’re up for it, which means if you’re up for keeping me distracted, throw a change of clothes in a bag. Be ready bucko! Just let me get this fucking Bar closed, dash home, pack a bag, and oh Hell yes, I’ll be by to pick you up!” So of course, I was already thinking road trip when she said “What I’m thinking is a run up the coast and then maybe up in to the hills above Santa Barbara. Something like that; butt, who the fuck knows?”

Where didn’t matter much to me. After all, any somewhere would have a Hotel, or at least a Motel, which meant a bed and the chance to get Carla naked and horizontal. So of course, I quickly declared “Road trip, well yeah, I’m always up for a road trip!”

In College, for my crowd of party-minded crazies anyway, the road trip became a somewhat hallowed tradition. Sometimes it was nothing more than a beer fueled run through one canyon or another, perhaps with a moonlit snipe hunt on tap. Then again, sometimes it was a run up the hill for a visit to one of the local mountain resorts. And, when wild and crazy was the call there were runs south, across the Mexican border in to Tijuana. Best of all though were the frequent last minute calls for a run across the desert, destination Las Vegas. Wherever; its viva the road trip!

It was a couple of hours later, but the squeal of brakes and the blare of her Porsche’s horn announced Carla’s arrival. Better believe it, I was ready. She popped the trunk and I tossed in my overnight bag. And, as I settled in to a cloud of pot scented smoke she pushed a fat joint in to my hand. Not wanting to appear overly eager I sucked down a hit before reaching for her. We kissed, hot, heavy, and quick. And then, without a word she was burning rubber and we were on the road. Bummer, but no one whooped road trip, oh well!

We worked our way through the nightmare of Los Angeles traffic, caught US-1 and headed north. Mostly, and I’m sure not complaining, but we ran North in a comfortable silence. Three plus hours and a second joint later we were winding our way up along Route 154 and for no particular reason towards Santa Maria. Breakfast was on my mind as I read off the results of my online search. I got to the listing for Santa Maria’s Holiday Inns Suites. “Suites,” barked a tired, and yeah grumpy sounding Carla. “There’s going to be a mini-bar and that works for me,” she declared before demanding directions.

We checked-in and two Tequila minis later I had Carla naked. Too bad she was comatose and snoring softly. But then, we did sleep-in, right through breakfast; and then, on past lunch. So, it was mid-afternoon when I called room service.

Carla sat, her long legs stretched out on the room’s sofa leafing through a stack of “Things to do” brochures when breakfast arrived. And, she hadn’t bothered to dress, which of course didn’t appear to bother the guy setting out our long overdue breakfast. He did sneak in quick glances, something far less dangerous than the alternative. Then, when what I knew was anything but a casual shift left bare laser smooth pussy exposed, the poor guy’s next sneaky peek lingered. Why not; after all, in anyone’s book Carla rates a long appreciative look.

The Ex is a tallish, long legged, green-eyed, raven haired woman with a lean curvy body, a year-round whole body tan, and a cock-hardening smile. She turned that smile loose as she rose gracefully from the sofa. She padded over, ignoring a bowl of granola eskort bayan gorukle and fruit as she snatched a strip of bacon from my plate. Then, as she nibbled, utterly shameless and having read his name tag she introduced herself. “Hi Paul, I’m Carla and the guy with the big grin is my sometimes boyfriend Doug. And here’s the thing Paul, we’re bored. OK, and actually I’m horny, bored, and curious.” What does she have in mind, I wondered. And, I wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed or relieved when all she did was ask a blushing Paul if Santa Maria had a sex shop. Paul said there was, still ogling Carla as he gave me directions. The unlucky guy didn’t get “Lucky,” but he did get a big tip.

We tucked in, and while I ate my downsized breakfast, I listened attentively as Carla told me what would make her happy. So, later, as she worked in a workout in the Hotel’s gym, I was downtown perusing the shelves of Santa Maria’s one and only sex shop. While she hadn’t come right out and said it, I know my ex. She was both horny and bored; so, I was on the hunt for more than a kinky medley of sex toys. But, even knowing she would happily settle for an open-minded boy-toy, what were the odds on my coming up with a playmate of either sex? Seriously, she should have gone herself.

For the unlucky guy from room service it had been a case of wrong place-wrong time. As for me, well I should have bought a lottery ticket. That sex shop didn’t sell them, but there was this cute but distracted sales girl named Lori. And, if Lori hadn’t been busy texting and ignoring a needy customer, I wouldn’t have met Cindy. And if Cindy hadn’t asked “Why that one,” I wouldn’t have wound up telling her just why I had picked out the gleaming purple dildo harness dangling from my hand. But, I did, and Lori who had overheard got interested.

Cindy considered her options, and I considered the possibilities. Well, rejection being much more explainable than a mere lack of balls, I went for it. And, never mind all the times she had declined some customer’s tacky proposition, to my utter surprise not only did Lori fail to blow off my nervously delivered invitation to a “Friendly three-way,” she responded with what sounded to me like an enthusiastic “Well…maybe!” Yeah, well it couldn’t have hurt that by then I had sold Cindy on, not just a harness, but a pair of dildos, two silver bullet vibrators, and a bottle of lube. An hour or so later, Lori rang up the same for me, only grinning shyly when I tossed in a pair of soft leather wrist restraints. Then, having hesitantly agreed to give Carla a call, and then having talked things over with her, her shift over, Lori and I headed for that Holiday Inn suite.

The suite’s lights were on and music played. So, I figured Carla was back from the gym. I paused in the entryway, wondering just what sort of dramatic, over the top entry the Ex had planned. For starters, Lori and I were overdressed.

Lori had on a short black leather mini-skirt and an emerald green Cami. And, by then I already knew there was a killer ass hiding under that short leather skirt. Lori’s shoulder length hair was a sun streaked blonde. Like Carla her eyes were green. She was tan, and as I would learn, tan all over. But, by then I would be ogling a tantalizingly sexy pair of firm provocatively upturned breasts, areola and thick rigidly jutting nipples both dark as milk chocolate against that tan. Was she a natural blonde? There turned out to be a lack of evidence. And, I never got around to asking.

Carla strode in from the bedroom. She stopped, struck a pose, and oh my God, there should have been a spotlight. Her green eyed stare leveled squarely on Lori, she smiled, her grin seductive and dangerous. She stood there at ease, hip-shot, her hands behind her back. And, she was just utterly heart-stoppingly sexy, topless, a pair of filmy black silk harem style pants barely clinging to her hips. “Doug was right,” she purred. “You’re gorgeous… and you’re overdressed!”

Almost, but not quite frozen in place, Lori cocked her head to one side and blew out a long slow breath. It almost hid her “Ooh, wow!”

Time slowed, and for an eternity silence ruled. Then, after a low and throaty chuckle, Carla suggested “Doug honey, why don’t you help Lori to, well, get more comfortable?”

Afraid of tripping over my tongue, I skipped the unnecessary “On it.” But, I did collect the small back pack Lori had dropped by the door. I dropped it and the bag of sex toys I’d been carrying on one of the suite’s mini-sofas.

Lori, who had followed me, stood there matching stares with Carla. And, seeing as how it was still my move, I stepped around behind her. Reaching around, I caressed the soft silky smooth of her midriff as I prepared to pull her shimmery cami top up and off over her head. And, when I did, it was Carla’s turn to suck in a softly gasped “Ooh!” Lori arched her head back invitingly, but I was already cupping what sure felt like 34-C’s in my hands. My thumbs flicked over mudanya escort hard aroused nipples, while my lips danced teasingly over an ear.

I knew it had to be killing her, but Carla just stood there looking mesmerized as she slowly swirled the tip of her tongue over wetly glistening lips. Then, when she didn’t step in, I dropped to my knees. I almost made Lori’s panties my next target. And, maybe it would have driven the Ex right up the fucking wall. Yeah maybe; but, I reached for her skirt’s zipper. Down came the zipper, and down came the skirt. It joined the back pack, cami, and bag of goodies on the sofa. That left me with a lacy red thong to deal with. And, with it, I took my time.

Lori waited, nearly naked, her hands clasped behind her back. My fingers were hooked in her thong’s lacy waistband. Then, as I teased soft feathery kisses across each of her bare, sweetly rounded ass cheeks, she panted out sharp quick gasps. I began to work her thong down, all the while teasing the flicking tip of my tongue down that sweet ass’s cleft. I looked up and in to Carla’s eyes, eyes smoldering with barely restrained desire. It worked for me, so as I continued to slide that thong downward, kisses and my caressing tongue followed. And then, when I had Lori naked it was all I could do not to pull her around and bury my face between her thighs. But, it would have been the wrong move, dangerous too!

It was Carla’s move, or so I had it figured. But, as I stood there, slowly shaking my head it was Lori who broke the silence. “You know it’s not fair,” she challenged without even a hint of pout. “I mean, I’m naked; and well, you’re not!” I knew Lori hadn’t been talking to me; after all, just then I was nothing more than a handy tool.

“Well then,” I heard Carla growl. “Why don’t you do something about it?”

Lori used up an absolute universe of time divesting Carla of those silky harem pants. She knelt, working them down one inch at a time, one side at a time. I’m pretty sure she kissed every inch of freshly exposed skin too. Those pants came off and Carla was naked. Going for it, with her busy hands exploring the exquisite curves of Carla’s ass, she slowly and seductively licked and kissed her way up and down a pair of conveniently well-spread thighs. Then, her upturned face was between those thighs, and Carla was gasping explosive oohs.

On the phone Lori had told my Ex she’d never been with a woman; so, I knew what Carla meant when she growled a breathy “Liar!” When Lori didn’t answer the challenge, Carla chuckled. And then, calculatingly opening herself up to Lori’s questing tongue, she swung a foot up and settled it on her shoulder. I’d watched my Ex work that position, riding more than one lover’s tongue to a loud, sometimes exaggeratedly theatrical orgasm. This time, wanting to do more than play spectator, I quickly undressed. Unfortunately, that left me the only one aware of the new tool in the game, a hot, fully erect, iron hard cock ready and eager to join in the fun.

Where the fun was, was where the ladies were. So, I ambled over, stepped up behind Carla, the hot hard length of my cock pressing in to the smooth silky cleft of her ass as I reached for her tits. And, after my nipple pinching fingers had torn a couple of yelped yes’s out of her, I let my cock slip down and between her thighs. I had to bend my knees, and even then I could only push a couple inches of cock in to her pussy’s wet heat. It wouldn’t do, and couldn’t last. But, I could wait. Sure I could; but only because I really didn’t want to interfere with Lori’s clit teasing tongue. So, I amused myself by jabbing short twisting thrusts in to my ex. A few of those jabs skipped past the Ex’s slippery opening, sliding right on past Lori’s tongue and on in to her mouth. No one called me on it; but yeah, some of those misses were intentional. And yes; knowing Lori could taste Carla on my cock added a tantalizingly wicked thrill. Even better, I told myself. Soon enough, with any luck she’ll be getting the taste of precum too. Anyway, Lori’s tongue and my lunging half-thrusts quickly had Carla moaning yeses. And, she sure wasn’t talking to me as her screams ordered “Do it, do it, do it!”

The Ex liked it; well, sometimes she liked it. So, with that first orgasm shuddering through her, I caught a fistful of hair and forcefully pulled her head back. I could only push a couple inches in to her, but I was rotating my hips and fucking her hard when I felt her pussy liquefy and go molten. I held back, hoping Carla wouldn’t try for seconds. Uh-huh, so imagine my relief when she gasped an insistent “Harder!” Why; simple, because even more than I wanted to pound hard cock in to my gasping Ex, I couldn’t wait to pull out and cum in Lori’s mouth.

No need to read my mind; nope, Carla knew me. So, it was a teammate who batted my hand aside, laughing as she pivoted and spun away. She didn’t go far quickly stepping back in, actually kissing me as Lori’s soft lips slithered slowly bursa evi olan escort down, finally stopping clamped around my fully engulfed cock’s base. And then, Carla was behind her, hands gently securing her head, laughing again as she squealed a challenging “Do it Doug, oh God yes, fuck her mouth!”

It wasn’t my fault. No really, holding back was out of the question. Naturally; I mean of course the lady liked having her mouth fucked, even by some half-crazed guy apparently intent on repeatedly planting seven inches of hard cock eight inches deep in her throat. Anyway, it was a short fuck. Yeah, and who cared? I didn’t; after all, the head of my dick was in Lori’s throat when it erupted cum. Even better, Carla’s firm hold made sure every one of my hard deep follow up thrusts sent another spurt splashing straight in to that throat.

Her job done, and her timing perfect, Carla danced away, clapping as she whooped “OK, and now it’s Lori’s turn!”

Lori whooped “Woowoo,” and then she began to laugh. I was left shaking my head as I helped her to stand. I mean, just what was so fucking funny anyway? But then, being sort of captivated by the smudge of cum glistening on her cheek, I didn’t much care. And, it sure didn’t keep me from kissing her. Pretty much blowing my mind she wrapped her arms around my neck, whispered “Thank you,” and then damn near scalded my lips with a thoroughly wicked kiss.

Carla barked “Come on-come on,” and Lori spun out of my arms. But, Lori had yelped. So, maybe it was because the Ex had cracked a wicked swat off her bare ass. Whatever, Carla had the bag of sex toys in one hand, easily dodging Lori’s counterattack as she declared “Move it you two; there’s a bed, and I have plans for it!”

In the bedroom, and after a wisecracking “Lie down, this won’t hurt a bit,” Carla jabbed a finger at the rooms king-size bed. Obviously she wasn’t talking to me, so I got out of the way. I wound up watching from the foot of the bed, where I stared at Lori’s deliberately and ostentatiously exposed pussy. I mean, the ballsy hottie’s legs were spread wide leaving bare wetly glistening pussy utterly and shamelessly exposed. Still, my eyes were busily multitasking. That meant I somehow caught Carla pulling the bigger purple dildo out of the bag and then slip it in to the shiny purple harness. Then, in a move I didn’t expect, after huffing out a theatrical sigh, instead of strapping it on she tossed it on to the nightstand. Not getting it, all I could do was shrug as I watched her add the smaller dildo, the lube, and the two silver bullet vibrators to a growing pile. Then, I thought I got it. At least it made more sense when she held up the soft leather wrist restraints and whooped “Ooh yeah, this works!”

My Ex was holding those leather restraints as I watched her climb on to the bed. She knelt straddling one of Lori’s thighs. I stayed put, thankful for the mirrored closet doors. Not only did I get a look at Carla’s laser bright lust powered stare, I had two views of her knee doing an erotic dance up between her panting playmate’s thighs. Fuck no, it wasn’t Envy; but, it was a serious case of unadulterated lust fueled desire. I mean so what if Lori’s hot wet pussy was slip-sliding over the Ex’s knee instead of my face? I could be patient, and anyway, I really didn’t mind playing spectator.

Spectate I did, watching as Lori writhed, grinding against Carla’s gyrating knee. Her eyes were scrunched shut and she was whimpering soft moans of pleasure. So, she didn’t see Carla toss me the leather restraints. But, those eyes popped open when Carla leaned in and caught her wrists. Then, when the Ex stretched to pin Lori’s wrists above her head, leaving the Ex’s pussy exposed, distended labia peeled back from an unmistakably just fucked vagina, all I could do was groan. So, while Carla ravaged Lori’s mouth with passion powered kisses, I briefly fantasized about all the wondrous things I could have been doing to the Ex’s spectacularly exposed pussy. Busily indulging her own fantasy, Carla sat back, still on her knees and still straddling Lori’s wet, pussy slickened thigh. And her growled “Leave them right there,” left no doubt about what she meant.

Lori lay stretched out hands above her head as my grinning Ex hissed “Their now, all you have to do is cum!” And then, when she reached down to roughly drive a pair of fingers in to her expectant playmate’s pussy; well, I wasn’t the only one who sucked in a sharp gasp. Those fingers began to piston, slow, and then faster. And, all I could do was watch, fascinated as Carla’s wickedly twisting rapid-fire penetrations left her fingers drenched and damn near dripping.

Lori’s hands stayed put even as she began to buck. Her hips rocked-up, her gasped pants audible as she took Carla’s plunging fingers deep. Then, those pistoning fingers began to slow, still rotating as Carla began to work Lori’s clit over with a fast circling thumb. She likes doing a woman one-handed, and it wasn’t my first time watching her do it either. I’d just never seen her skip the tease. But, like maybe she thought there was a prize for quick, she just flat out took Lori. Anyway, while I watched and listened Lori exploded in to a back-bowing orgasm, her second one so loud I briefly, very briefly worried about Hotel Security.

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A Real-Life Choose Your Path! Ch. 02

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It’s been a week since the first chapter of my real life Choose Your Path journal posted on Lit, and about a week before that since I wrote it. A lot has happened in the meantime.

Hullo, and welcome to the second chapter of my autobiographical Choose Your Path story.

(To read chapter 1, please go here.)

The vote tally from Chapter Once pretty heavily favored MrZ…6 votes, all male.

One vote was cast for Dillon…also by a guy.

Interestingly, the only female to post a comment chose neither.

I wanted to see if the vote would split down gender lines, but with only one girl voting, that didn’t work out so well. Maybe this time!

So, the vote is in, MrZ it is. Poor Dillon, he was so cute…so clueless. I was nicer than usual to him these past two weeks, which is just another way of saying I wasn’t mean. He thought he was getting somewhere I think. Don’t fret about Dillon though, there are plenty of cheerleaders around here more than willing to do the leg-wrap around his face, so he’ll forget about me soon enough, if he ever thought about me at all.


If you’re new to this story, the main idea is this: at specific points in this ‘story’, I will offer you, the reader, a chance to vote on the path I take in my own sex life. Yes, this is real life, not made up fiction. Why am I doing this? Because I want too. Because I’m a coward at heart and will always, always choose the safest road, and I want to have an adventure. If I really didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t, but right now, this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, so I’m enjoying myself!

There is one um…caveat I think I need to put out there for you guys: Like I said, this is real life. I can’t exactly promise you that this will actually go anywhere, and even if it does, I can’t say how long it will take. I’m not exactly going to rush myself. So things aren’t going to go according to a script or outline ‘cuz there isn’t one. So while you get to read about my little journey of sexual discovery, things might not work out the way you’d like. I guess that’s the risk we’re all gonna hafta take.

Moving on…

Right now the erotic side of my life is divided into two parts. One part involves MrZ, so I’ll fill you in on that first, then I’ll tell you about a couple of new ‘characters’ that have moved onto the scene.



MrZ teaches literature. It’s easily my favorite class. I’d look forward to it every day even if I wasn’t crushing on my professor. I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks that totally I dig the older guys. Not ancient like Sean Connery or OLD like George Clooney…just older. But flirting has never been easy for me; add the stress of flirting with a professor and it jumps from ’causes mild anxiety’ to ‘holy friggin crap’ impossible.

By the time Chapter One got approved here on Lit, I was pretty sure MrZ was interested, at least a little. Twice I caught him staring at me in class. Not the psycho ‘I’m gonna rape you in the parking lot’ stare, but the kind of look that makes your neck tingle and the palms of your hands go cold and sweaty. Then there are the compliments, nothing too overt or anything, just subtle little comments about my outfit that would mean nothing except for the look that goes with them. I had to take it to the next level. MrZ would never move beyond the timid flirt unless I gave him the yellow light to proceed with caution, and I quickly learned that I just didn’t have the courage to do that face to face. I had to move it to a place I felt comfortable…I had to go virtual.

The opportunity came when he told the class we had to do this report on morally ambiguous characters as plot devices. After class I asked him if I could get his cell number in case I had any questions about the report. It was a weak reason, but the best I could do. Sure enough, he was only too happy to oblige, so while he was standing there and the rest of the students were filing out of the room I thumbed in his number and dialed it, so he would have mine, too. I could tell he was nervous…he kept glancing up at the other kids as they left. If some dude had asked for his number, or some other girl he wasn’t interested in had, he wouldn’t have cared one bit, so I knew he was into me.

I waited a couple of nights to see if he was going to take the initiative and call or text me, but he didn’t. I knew I had to up stakes a little bit, but I didn’t want to do anything that anyone else in class would notice, because that would just scare him off and ruin the whole thing. So the next day I wore a short skirt with a pair of bright red and pink undies underneath. I got to class early and sat right up front. The rest was easy, but my heart was thumping in my chest so loud I could feel it in my ears. I waited until we started our assignment and he sat back down at his desk, which was directly in front of my seat. I slid down in my seat just enough to give him a better view and let my legs part…not a lot, just enough so it wouldn’t be obvious to anyone else. Then bursa eskort I put it out of my mind and went back to my assignment. A minute or so later I stopped writing and looked up just with my eyes so he wouldn’t see my head tilt his way. Sure enough, he had completely stopped whatever he was doing and was blatantly staring!

Instantly I felt myself flush. I had to resist the natural reaction to snap my legs shut, and just held them there until he finally realized he’d been busted and looked right up at me. He looked away so fast it was almost comical, and turned bright red. I almost started to giggle and had to cover it by faking a cough. But as I watched him stare at my open legs beneath the desk top, I saw desire in his eyes. He was looking because he wanted me, and that was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life. It instantly triggered a PSAS attack, and I had excuse myself so I could take care of that privately…

When class was over I walked up to him and made conversation. He stammered and blushed, and then complimented me on my shoes. I don’t know if it was just nerves or if he thought I was angry or what, but it was totally sweet and I could feel that familiar beating in my chest.

I didn’t want to wait to long after that to talk to him, so that night I texted him on the pretext of asking him about the report. Here’s the actual chat, typos and all, please be kind!. I changed his name, of course, to protect the innocent, but everything else is the real deal.

me: hey Mr.Z is it too late to ask you a question?

[It took like an hour for him to respond…I thought he wasn’t going too]

MrZ: Hey Sara! No, it’s not too late. Whtcha need?

me: Oh, good, I thought you old guys went to bed at like 8 🙂

MrZ: HaHa. Only when we’ve been up late the nite b4 looking 4 our dentures.

me: Hehe. And here I thought they were real.

[After that we talked about the report & we got into a tiff about what is and isn’t literature…I wanna use Black Company’s characters and he doesn’t want me too, boring stuff for you I’m sure 🙂 So toward the end I turned it up a notch…]

me: so, do ya really like my shoes or do you just say that to all the gals? [cliche, I know, but I was tired!!!]

MrZ: Yes, I do, and no, I don’t. I’ve always thought you have a cool sense of style.

me: hmm…so is it just the shoes or do you have an opinion about the rest of my outfit?

[there was a long pause here…like ten minutes. I started to fret and stuff]

MrZ: No…I think you’re a cool dresser, you don’t follow fads like most of the students.

me: Do ya have a fav?

MrZ: I think everything you wear looks great.

me: LAME

MrZ: Not going to let me off the hook so easily?

me: Nope

[another long pause]

MrZ: I think what you wore today was, um, cool.

me: Well you gotta pick another, I can’t wear that again this week.

MrZ: Oh I get it.

me: It’s about time:) Well?

MrZ: I really shouldn’t tell you what to wear.

me: hehe, o cmon MrZ, you’re not tellin me what to wear, you’re just helpin me pick out my outfit. Ya know I need allz the help I can get.

MrZ: Other folks might no see it that way, though.

me: who’s gonna no?I promise I won’t tell a soul…not even my best friend. Promise. Please!!

MrZ: Well, ok. U wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, a gray skirt with purple & black stockings. You had a black tshirt with a cool jacket, and your black boots.

me: my Docs?

MrZ: Yeah.

me: hair up or down?

MrZ: Down.

me: ok! thanks MrZ! You made my morning that much easier! Now I don’t even hafta think about it!

MrZ: hehe…anytime.

me: o you said it now! gnite!

MrZ: Good night, Sara

Not much, I know, but it was a start. The next day I wore the outfit, just like he wanted me too. He couldn’t stop looking over at me, and I think maybe he got nervous that some of the students might notice, so he didn’t say anything that day or the next. That was on a Friday. That night, very late, I finally got a text from him…

MrZ: stll awake?

me: Oh my! You’re the last person I thought I’d get a txt from in the wee hours of the mornin

MrZ: i almost didnt text you. arent you up past your bedtime young ldy?

me: HA! I don’ have a bedtime MrZ.

me: wat happnd, did your gf let you sty up afer watchin the late late show?

[I know he’s not married, but I wanted to make sure he didn’t have a girlfriend or anything before I took it further. He also tells me that I don’t have to call him

Mr.HisRealLastName but I can call him by his first name when we’re not at school, but to protect his identity I’m gonna keep referring to him as MrZ]

MrZ: hehe…no, unfortntly i don’t have a gf right now, so i dont have anyone to send me to bed on time.

MrZ: your outfit looked great today, btw.

me: aww..thanks! Do you need me to come over and make sure you go to bed on time? [I couldn’t resist bursa otele gelen escort that one…too easy!]

MrZ: Sara, i didn’t know you were so cncerned with my welfare! Im flattered!

me: that hurts, MrZ ya knw I care!

me: Ok, I really just wanna get outta the house. I’m bored!

MrZ: Ahh, the trth comes out. j/k.

MrZ: That’s ok, sara, i dont mind being a vehicle to alleviate your boredom

me: Good, you shouldn’t. You should consider yourself lucky.

MrZ: i do, but why, specifically?

me: Welllll you’re the only teacher that gets to help pick my outfit for one.

MrZ: and it looked great on you, 2

me: plus since you seem to not realize how dang cute you are it makes talkin to ya that much more fun.

me: thanks!

MrZ: Thanks, sara, that means alot, especially comin frm you. Just plz dont say that arnd anyone

me: oh gosh take a chill MrZ, I’m not a blabbermouth!!! Do ya actually think i’m gonna say something to my gfs?

MrZ: Sorry, sara, its just that i really shouldnt even do this. i could get into a lot of trouble jst talkin to you outside of school

me: not a word, MrZ. Promise. So why do you talk to me if it could get ya into so much trouble?

MrZ: I was afraid youd ask that….

me: Well??? Don’t think for a sex i’m gonna let you off the hook so easily!

me: er…sec…hehehe

MrZ: hmmm…why do you talk to me when you could talk to any guy in school?

me: No dice, I asked you first!

[it took him awhile before he wrote me back, I think I had him sweatin a bit!]

MrZ: well, for 1 you are vry cool, and youre open and not judgmental, youre always nice to everyone, and you dont treat me like im just your english teacher.

me: Thanks! Are those the only reasons?

me: Why do you say I could talk to any guy in school…which is so not true btw…

MrZ: You dont let anything slide, do you?

me: Nope!

MrZ: Ok…you got me…youre also the prettiest girl in school. thats why you could talk to any guy in school. you can have your pick

[He is BLIND]

me: Aww…you think I’m pretty MrZ?

MrZ: Of course i do. liek I said, I think youre the prettiest girl in school.

me: Now you’re makin me blush…flattery will get you everywhere.

MrZ: is that so?

me: depends on where you want to go…

me: you do want to go somewhere, don’t you MrZ?

MrZ: i’d be lying if i said otherwise

me: question…

MrZ: Yes?

me: What would happen if someone…say the principle, got ahold of this convo?

MrZ: *sigh* should i save myself the trouble and turn in my resignation monday?

me: Don’t be silly, MrZ, I’m not that cruel, I just wantcha to know I have you by the balls now 🙂

MrZ: im…i’m speechless

me: Good! Now, what am I wearing Monday?

MrZ: sara, you have to promise me you won’t do anything like that. seriously, i could get into big trouble.

me: MrZ! I’ll pinky promise Monday at school if it makes you feel better. As long as you’re nice to me I would never do anything like that.

MrZ: As long as i’m nice?

me: yup. so…Monday?

MrZ: you could wear that skirt you wore thursday.

me: should I plan on sitting up front again?

MrZ: you….that wasn’t an accident, was it?

me: MrZ, I know how to sit 🙂

me: you were sooo busted, but sooo cute about it at the same time.

MrZ: i think you are the coolest girl i have ever met!

me: Thanks! i’m hittin the sack, g’nite MrZ! Talk to ya later!

MrZ: goodnite, sara!

We didn’t talk for the rest of the weekend. Monday and Tuesday were busy days for both of us, so even though I got a look and a compliment when I walked in with the skirt on Monday, we haven’t really had much time to flirt or chat. I hope to change that later in the week, but we’ll see. I’d like to say there’s more to it than this right now, but hey, that’s life!

In chapter three I’ll give you all the juicy details, and maybe have a new choice for you to vote on, till then, this will have to do!



Let’s move on to a saucier subject, my bf, who we’ll call Taylor.

Taylor is my age. She’s a full blooded Scot, like my dad: the light hair, the rosy cheeks, the pale skin, the fiery temper, the works. As I mentioned in the first chapter, I gave Taylor her very first orgasm.

Here’s the story:

Taylor’s mom has this totally sweet collection of old vinyl records from when she was in high school back in the day. Taylor has ‘inherited’ most of the collection, but we’ve always suspected that she’s kept her best stuff hidden from us girls. The weekend before it happened, we were rooting through her closet looking for them while she was out. We didn’t find the records, but we did find this curious pink box. Inside was this little remote controlled thingie that turned out to be a vibrator. Both of us had a huge laugh about it and put it nilüfer escort back. It looked to me like her mom never even used it. I didn’t give it another thought, until the next time I slept over.

It was late, and we were huddled up in her room talking about boys, which led to talking about sex, which naturally led to the conversation about her never having an orgasm.

“Never?” I asked.

“Never,” she replied.

Not in a dream, not by herself, never ever had the big O. Taylor is really shy, and very self conscious and not at all comfortable with her body, even though she’s gorgeous. She tried to do it herself, but she just couldn’t. I had the same problem before I got my psas, so I totally understood where she was coming from. then she hits me with the big surprise. That day, before her mom got home from work, Taylor went and got the vib from her closet and hid it in her room. She had tried to use it earlier but chickened out. She wanted me to do it for her. So I did.

She went to the bathroom to put the thing on. I turned the lights off and sat on the floor of her room. She came in a few minutes later and got in bed. We never said a word. I turned it on and after a few minutes I could hear her breathing from where I was. I couldn’t see anything, but the sound of her was totally hot. It was almost better, being in the dark, I think. A few more minutes passed, just me and her, and then I could here the sound of the bed as she starting moving, then everything got very tense and still and I heard her suck her breath in. After that I heard her moving around and she took it off and went to the bathroom. I rolled over and went to sleep. We never said a thing about the next day or any time after that.

Neither one of us considers ourselves to be bi or lesbian, but I guess you can say we are curious about it.

I talked to a couple of the guys from Lit about it to get their advice. One said that the next time I get myself off, I should think about her. If it is a turn off, I’m not bi, and I should probably just drop it. The other said I should masturbate in the bed with her while she’s falling asleep to see if it’s a turn on for me. Yes, I know he was just saying that to get his jollies off, but I decided to do it anyway.

First, I masturbated thinking about Taylor. At first, it was very weird, I almost had to stop ‘cuz it was turning me off. But as I laid there touching myself I realized there was something that turned me on about her. Hold on, cuz this is going to sound kinda weird.

I’ve always had this thing with hands. Not a sexual thing, but I just think they’re neat and they say a lot about the person who owns them. Taylor has these perfect hands, her skin is pale, her fingers are long and straight, and her nail polish is always chipped up or half rubbed off. I find that so hot for some reason. That and the cool rings and bracelets she always wears. I can’t explain it more than that. It’s just hot for me.

So as soon as I focused on that, bam! I had a really strong orgasm. It was so quick and hard it caught me off guard, and it’s hard to surprise yourself!

Once I realized that I was ok with the idea of getting a little frisky with Taylor, I went to plan B. The next time I slept over at her house, we hung out and did all the normal stuff that we always do. That night, she gave me the bed (she only has a twin, so usually one of us takes the bed and the other takes the sleeping bag). Luckily, it was cold that night so I asked her if she’d rather just share the bed so we could keep warm. She was cool with it and jumped right up under the covers.

We said our good-nights. She rolled over, and so did I, so that our backs were to each other. I waited just a minute or two, not long enough for her to be completely asleep but close, and I slid my hand down between my pjs and my undies and went to work. I was so nervous that she would hear or feel the movement of my hand through the bed that it made what I was doing even more intense. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, and it was such a turn on for me. About two or three minutes into it I felt the bed shift as Taylor rolled over and faced in my direction! I froze and just knew that I had been busted for sure, but she never said anything, so without looking back I started doing it again. It didn’t take long for me to climax, and it was so hard to keep the bed still and keep from making a noise that it made it even that much more intense. I waited for another minute or two, and then I rolled over to see if Taylor was awake or not…I still wasn’t sure. Her eyes were closed, and I wasn’t about to say anything, but when I rolled over I guess I shifted the air under the sheets and I could suddenly smell myself from under the covers. I don’t know how else to say it…I just wanted to die right there.

Taylor never moved, never gave any sign that she was anything but asleep, so after a few minutes, I closed my eyes and went to sleep myself. That was one of the most erotic moments of my life!

That was just a few nights ago, and I’ve been thinking about it since. Of course, the guys I talked to on the Lit forums want me to go for it, but this is my best friend we’re talking about here. If I mess it up, I’m out a friend, and I’ll have to deal with all the drama that comes with it.

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A Night in Three Parts

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Big Tits

I tingle, shivering with anticipation as I hear your keys in the lock. Lights are low, candles are burning, music playing softly in the background. Thankfully, dinner is keeping warm in the crock pot. No worrying about setting the house on fire tonight. (the kitchen anyway!) I’ve been waiting for you to come home all day. Wanting you. Thinking about you.

When you finally open the door, I’m standing there holding a glass of wine for you and a note. You walk into the house, drop your bag and take a long look at me. I’m wearing a collection of your favorite items. My sexy librarian glasses, hair in a messy bun, red bra and a soft, black low cut sundress with a billowy skirt, oh and heels that bring me to your exact height. You smile me at appreciatively. I hoping it’s because of what I’m wearing and not because of the wine, but it doesn’t really matter. The look you give me gets me hot and wet.

“Hi handsome,” I whisper, holding out the glass of wine. You walk to me, take my other hand and tug me towards you, and we kiss. Our lips meet gently at first, then I nip your lips with my teeth and you growl in that way that drives me even more mad. You pull back, burying your face in my neck, nuzzling and nibbling until I have goosebumps and my nipples start to harden.

“Hi, lover,” you sigh between nibbles.

As difficult as it is, I extract myself from your arms and hand you the wine glass and note. You take a sip, looking quizzically at the note, which has

written on it, and then me. I shrug innocently and gesture for you to sit down in your armchair. You unfold the note and see that the word OBEY is neatly written in block letters. You look me in the eyes and smirk. Again, I smile innocently. You start to say something, but I climb onto the chair and straddle your legs. I lift the edges of my sundress to drape around you and you catch the briefest glimpse of the thin black, sheer panties I’m wearing.

Placing my index finger against my mouth, I whisper “Shhhhhh” as I wink slowly at you. I slide my finger over and around my lips making sure I have your full attention before my tongue slides out to wet it,. Keeping my eyes locked on yours, my finger slips slowly between my lips and out again even slower. I place my hot, wet finger against your lips, teasing and pressing.

“Come closer,” I urge, bringing my head towards yours. We kiss slowly. I love the feel of your lips, the way you slide your tongue out to meet mine and the the taste of your skin, slightly salty and smelling of cool, crisp outdoors. Somehow you find the presence of mind to put down the wine glass and the eskort bursa note flutters to the carpet. Your hands slide into my hair tugging it free from the messy bun and I shake it loose. I can feel you getting hard beneath me. I adjust my positioning so I can feel even more and when I do, you groan with pleasure.

“Yes, baby?” I tease you, “What do you need?” punctuating every word with a kiss. You move your hands to my breasts, fanning your fingers over them, squeezing softly.

“These,” you whisper, “I want these. Now.”

“Oh really?” I say, “Too bad you’re not the boss” I lean over, pressing my breasts more fully into your hands, reaching down to pick up the note card and dangle it in front of your face. I slide myself off your lap, purposefully with more bumping and grinding than actually necessary and stand next to your chair holding out my hand. “Stand up and strip,” I tell you. You look at me with narrowed eyes and start to protest. “Stand up and strip” I repeat more firmly, tapping the card on my palm.

“Fine.” You stand up and I promptly take your place in the chair. I scoot back, smooth my skirt down around me and watch you eagerly. Kicking off your shoes and stepping out of your socks takes just a moment and then you’re taking off your shirt. I’m watching you, you’re watching me. Your fingers easily undo the belt buckle and you wink at me. I laugh. We’re both thinking the same thing. I kneel on the chair so you can lean down and kiss me. My hands rest on your waistband and fingers slip inside. I feel you jump.

“Sorry love, cold fingers” I exhale.

“It’s not the cold, it’s you. I love feeling your hands on me,” you squeeze out before our lips meet again. My hands travel across the front of your pants, feeling your arousal. The heat, the hardness, the pulsing. I slide my hands up and down the length of you, slowly and then more quickly. You moan with pleasure and move yourself out of my reach.

I pout but only until I see you unzip and push down your pants and boxers and step out of them. It’s a good thing I’m already sort of sitting down because the sight of your naked body makes my knees weak. We lock eyes again, speaking wordlessly, smiling that secret smile only lovers understand. I reach out to touch you, sliding my fingers over your erection, tugging you closer. I lean towards you, breathing in your scent, caressing you with my hair and the side of my face, and place my mouth against your hip, flicking my tongue on that spot I know you adore. I feel your knees buckle and the intake of your breath.

“Oh, God,” you whimper, “that feels bursa yabancı escort amazing.”

I place one hand on that hip for balance and the other I place between your legs, cupping you. I love the weight and feel of them in my hand, I can tell you’re getting even harder, the more I lick and massage you. I lean back and look up at you and see that you are watching me. I smile and blow a kiss to you.

“I want you to touch yourself while I’m occupied with these other parts of you,” I say, “and I want you to keep watching me.” You nod and start stroking yourself, never taking your eyes off me. I start making big long licks up the side of your hip.I can feel you stroking next to my face and sometimes I even feel your knuckles brushing my cheek. I slide my mouth down the inside of your leg, licking, kissing, nibbling. I am still cupping you in my hand, and I can’t resist sucking them into my mouth one at a time. You groan and stop stroking for a moment to catch your breath. You look down at me sucking you and I loudly express my enjoyment. I move to your other leg, kissing my way up your hip and electrifying you on this side.

I turn my head to watch you and realize you are so incredibly hard. I can see drops of moisture leaking from your cock, I move my face closer to your hands and stick my tongue out. As you stroke, I start licking you. You move closer to get more of my mouth on you and sigh with pleasure as my tongue meets your fingers too. I can tell it’s not enough for you, that you want more, need more so I reposition myself in front of you. “I want to suck you until you come,” I purr, “baby, let me taste you.”

I open my mouth and wait for you to slide inside. You groan again as you carefully push yourself into my waiting mouth. I moan with pleasure as I feel your hot hardness fill me. My tongue slides over you, still brushing your fingers as you pump in and out. I use my teeth to scrape you softly…all the way out….all the way in. I pull your hands off and place them on the sides of my head. I want you to control the rhythm so I can concentrate on making you come. I place my hands on your hips and pull you closer, deeper, I want to take in as much of you as I can.

Deep, slow, hard. Then soft nibbles and licks. I start cupping you again in my hand, massaging you, squeezing gently, tugging. I can hear you breathing harder, moaning more. I take my mouth off you and start stroking you quickly. “Come on baby, come for me,” I urge you. “Look at me. I love this. I love making you feel amazing. Excited. Horny. I love knowing you’re bursa merkez escort going to come all over me. I love knowing that I’m going to lick you clean afterwards.”

You groan again, “Baby” is all you manage. I put just the tip of you in my mouth, sucking hard and doing a twisty, stroking motion with my hand. My tongue slips lower to lick that sensitive area, softly at first, then harder. I’m getting so turned on, my panties are soaked and I’m squirming. “I’m gonna come, baby,” you gasp and pull back.

I keep holding you and licking now from bottom to top like an ice cream cone. Long, big licks with short fast strokes. “Come, lover” I coo between sucks. You moan one last time and then come with a hard shudder.

You look like you’re about to fall over, so I swap places with you on the chair. You lean your head back, close your eyes and place your hand on my head. Leaning forward, I continue stroking you for a short while and lick you clean, as I promised. Then you pull me up into your arms and wrap them around me.

We lay tangled together in the chair for a few minutes, breathing heavily, and then I tug you up. “You’re not done yet, lover,” I say.


“Yep. Didn’t that note card have

written on it?”

“Yes,” you draw out, “how many more are there?”

“Oh, just two more, but until you find the next one, you’re still on OBEY mode. Sooooo, unbutton my sundress.”

“Gladly!” You start unbuttoning, brushing your fingers and hands over my aching breasts. I try to control my breathing, but you can tell I’m turned on. Finally you slip the dress off my shoulders and down my arms trapping them against the sides of my body. You grin wickedly at me, stroking your fingers up and down my cleavage, leaning down and nuzzling them with your face.

“Kiss them,” I gasp.

You lean closer, placing soft kisses on the upper part of my chest, nibbling soft bites, laving with your tongue to soothe and then sliding over to a new place. This continues for an indeterminate amount of time, days, weeks, years…I have no idea until you tug me to my feet, turn me around and start to unhook my bra.

While you’re kissing the back of my neck, and working on those hooks, I reach into my bra and pull out a second note card. You look over my shoulder as I’m pulling it out and I can feel you laughing silently. As you unhook the last clasp my bra falls to the floor and my breasts tumble free into my waiting hands. You reach around me and pluck the note from my fingers. It says


“I love you,” I say.

“I love you,” you reply.

“Open it” I give one last order.

First, you turn me back around to face you and you hold my face in your hands and kiss me soundly. Then you open the note. And grin. Of course I already know what it says, but you show it to me anyway.

In the same block lettering it says MAKE ME BEG.

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A Threeway Checkup

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We were off to my Dr’s appointment. I had to see the Dr. for a checkup. The examination room was a beautiful shade of teal. The curtains were long and flowing. The table was a cold beige.

The nurse came in and made me get undressed before the Dr. came in. We were waiting a while. When the nurse comes in and tells us she will be doing the initial exam.

She was a beautiful woman. Long black hair pulled back into a tight bun. Lips so wet and pouty. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. And her body was like an hourglass. Her tits were so perky I thought they might pop out of her uniform. I could tell you liked her.

She asked me to pull my top down so she could examine my huge chest. As she started feeling for lumps, my nipples started to harden. I was mortified. She just said it was normal to be a little turned on. Then she started to lift my blanket off my legs. She had to look and see if I had any issues down there. She then saw I was soaking wet. She eskort görükle smiled and said it would help if she could massage my clit. What was I going to say, no!?! She then put my legs in stirrups. She asked if you would play with my tits while she squeezed some lube onto my nether region. I was moaning just from the anticipation.

She pulled my clitoral hood up and started to massage my throbbing clit. I felt electricity shoot up my back. I reached over and freed her luscious breasts. They had the most sexy little nipple rings. I told her to bring them to my face so I could feel her beautiful pink nipples. I took her tit into my mouth and sucked generously. I bit her nipple ring. She really liked that.

I knew n it was time to unbutton your pants. I pulled them down and your cock was so hard. It had a little pre cum glistening on the tip. So I lapped at it to get every little drop.

She then decided to take my pulsing clit into her mouth. I felt I was kestel escort going to cum to quick and she knew it. So I decided to go down on her instead for a while.

We switched places and I bent over and pushed her skirt up around her waist and buried my face into her dripping cunt. You loved her nipple piercings. So loved to grab them between your teeth.

I then got on top of her and put my pussy in her mouth. As she lapped at mine. You came up behind me and and slowly put just the tip of your dick into my gushing slit. And pulled it back out. Then a little more until you finally buried your member into my pussy. All the while she was lapping at ur balls and my clit. You would pull it out and jam it into her mouth and then back into me. You pulled my hair back while you rammed into me. I then decided to turn around and put my pussy to her pussy.

Our buttons were melding together with such ferocity. U buried your cock deep in her bursa sınırsız escort throat while I vigorously lapped at ur balls. I thought u might come then and there.

I told u to come and fuck us. I turned around and lay my back to her chest. Then u come and jam ur stiff wet cock into my hot dripping pussy. I receive you so deep inside me. You then take it out and slap my clit with ur dick. I scream in such delight. She reaches around and pinches both my nipples as she cups my breasts in her warm hands.

You take your cock and slam it into her all the while slamming into my clit. I feel her start to buck back at you. As her clit rubs on my ass. She let’s out a high pitched moan and starts to cum all over my rear. And then you switch back to me. Fucking me so hard I thought I might fall. Then she takes my clit between her first finger and thumb and pinches and rubs until it’s too much. Then I start to feel the orgasm rise from my toes. And I start to cum in such waves grabbing ur cock with my pussy so hard. I think u liked it because u started to slam me with such force that I felt your cum squirt into me and then run down my ass.

We collapsed in a sweat and cum filled lump. We quickly got dressed and made our next appointment.

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The Breeder Pt. 09

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Author’s Note: This story contains three horny werewolves (FFM), breeding/impregnation, anal sex, and more. All characters are 18+. It is not necessary to have read the previous installments in this series, however, doing so may give you some background on repeat characters. ©WednesdaysCoffin2020. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides Literotica.com without prior authorization in writing from the author.

I believe that there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding as to what this series is, so I want to reiterate that these are interconnected stand-alone pieces. This is not a novel and these are not chapters – they are meant to be quick erotica pieces and nothing more. If you are curious about Connor and Aurora’s first meeting, however, I refer you to “The Breeder Pt. 04” and there is also “The Breeder Pt. 07” that features Aurora and Connor.

* * * * *

Speechless, the Alpha stared in awe as the pack’s newest breeding female lay in the center of her small room plunging four fingers between her legs and begging to be bred. Dewy tears in her stunning blue eyes and moisture obvious on her inner thighs, Raven was sobbing as she pleaded for a release from her desperate need. Next door, Aurora was doing the very same thing, and he and Connor had both bred the she-wolf multiple times throughout the weekend in hopes of aiding her pain. Unfortunately, it seemed that this fierce heat was spreading like hysteria throughout the Breeding Rooms. In fact, there was talk that another new she, Sirenia, was now suffering the very same symptoms as Aurora and Raven. Unless they were able to quell the outbreak, no doubt, there would be more.

Rubbing his temples to try and ease his growing anxiety, the powerful wolf sighed and attempted to force a reassuring smile for the sake of the young female. “Raven,” he spoke softly as he gestured toward the tiny little she, “please come with me.”

She jumped up quickly, bouncing her naked body and giggling with relief as she trotted toward his outstretched hand. “Are you going to fuck me, Alpha?” she purred as she rubbed her erect nipples all over his arm. Yesterday she had been a determined and yet still somewhat timid virgin, and today she was practically humping his arm as he guided her into the hall. This heat, he noted to himself, moved inexplicably fast. Whatever had caused it, it seemed likely to afflict the entire she-wolf population if answers couldn’t be found quickly and suitable precautions taken.

Taking her hand in his much larger one and guiding her gently, he responded with a soft rejection. As he knocked on a nondescript white door, he began to explain. “You’re going to visit with Aurora, okay? We’re going to try an experiment to see if any physical contact will staunch this heat. And while you two ladies are getting acquainted, I’ll find a wolf to entertain the two of you. Sadly, I do not have the time to play today, but I will make sure that you ladies are in the very best of paws.”

“Who’s Aurora?” the nineteen-year-old perked up at the mention of another she-wolf. Her gemstone irises glinted in the overhead lights as she smiled with glee. “Will she play with me?”

Just as the dark-haired beauty began to rattle off her listing of curious questions, the door creaked open on an intriguing scene. Aurora was sitting in the corner of her room, her back pressed into the wall and her chest thrust forward as she plunged her entire fist into her glistening pink pussy. “Please fuck me,” her sweet soprano mewled breathlessly into the empty space. “Please, goddess, I need it again. I’m so hungry for it! I’m so wet, why am I so wet? I can’t stop it!”

The Alpha bit his lip in frustration, willing his cock not to respond to the sight as he shut the door and walked tiny Raven into the room. Gesturing toward the moaning redhead, he blushed. “Raven, this is Aurora. Can you two make nice while I find someone to take care of the both of you?”

Goddess bless her, the miniscule little teen practically pounced on the older she. Red and black hair clashed as the two females instantly cuddled together in an intimate embrace, and the Alpha spun on his heel to exit, nearly colliding with his Beta. The bearded wolf smirked. “Two for the price of one, eh? You must love me!”

The Alpha shook his head slowly and jabbed a finger into the center of the other wolf’s chest. “They are both experiencing this lunatic heat and it’s only getting worse. Aurora is spiking a dangerous fever and Raven is not far behind her. Can’t you smell how strong their scents have grown in just the past twenty-four hours?”

Connor ran a hand up through his brunette locks and smirked. “Am I supposed to object to the scent of wanton sex?”

Sighing, the Alpha continued his speech. “Can you spend your day with the two of them? Try to get Aurora with a pup so that this will hopefully pass. I’m assuming it’s some mysterious form of hysteria and I don’t want it catching on to any of the other she-wolves.”

Lowering porno his voice as a seriousness shifted over his facial features, the Beta winced. “Sirenia is in the same state: masturbating for hours, trying to suck her own nipples, sobbing, begging to be bred by anyone. She’s teetering on the edge of a fever, as well, and doc says that she’s sweating enough that he’s worried about dehydration. Do we have any idea what this thing even is? Why is this happening?”

The Alpha paled at this news. “I do not know, but I hope that we can stop it before it spreads beyond the ladies who are already affected. Do your best to try and sate these two, and I will find someone else to visit with Sirenia.”

Connor bobbed his head in quick, stern acknowledgment and then, forgetting all seriousness, he raced over to the pile of naked she-wolves and cheered. “I won the fucking lottery today! Hello, ladies!”

The Alpha frowned. “Do not shift into your wolf while breeding either of them, and do not do anything to harm either of the ladies. Also, Raven just lost her virginity yesterday so go easy on her. She’s likely still sore and not prepared for your usual sexual gymnastics.”

Turning to the dainty teenager, Connor wiggled his dark brows playfully. “Oh, really?”

She glanced up from between Aurora’s perky breasts and giggled. “I need more, Beta. My body is on fire with need for a wolf’s touch. Once was hardly enough—I need another wolf inside me.”

Eyeing his Alpha with comedic amusement, Connor showed his brilliantly white teeth in a dirty leer. “Do we want this one impregnated, as well?”

Considering this, the Alpha frowned. “I would prefer if she was allowed a bit longer to adjust to the rooms. After she has been here for about a week, then I will sit down and see if she truly wishes to be a breeder—but first this heat has to pass so that she can think clearly.”

Plunging his large hands into the pockets of his black jeans, he shrugged. “I would prefer that you not seed her. She is still quite young and I’m not sure she fully understands what a pregnancy will mean for her future. Aurora, on the other hand, definitely wants a pup. She made that abundantly clear to me before this whatever it is hit.”

His Beta mockingly saluted. “Ay, ay captain. Impregnate the redhead with the luscious titties, do not impregnate the fragile little thing with the tiny titties.”

The Alpha shook his head in a blend of amusement and exhaustion as he exited the room and locked the wolf into the space with the two females. Inside, neither of the shes paid the Beta any attention as they continued devouring one another. Already positioned into a sixty-nine, Aurora was fiercely licking and sucking on the younger she’s glistening folds as Raven languished the redhead’s swollen clit with amorous slurps.

After watching the pair for several minutes and growing stiff with their moans, Connor growled. “The two of you smell fucking amazing. Whatever this heat is, wherever it’s coming from, it smells like dirty, messy romps on autumn nights, rolling in the leaves as our beasts rut beneath the moon. My wolf is desperate to escape and taste each of you. He wants to knot both of your beautiful bodies and fill you with his litters.”

Acknowledging his presence for the first time, Aurora glanced beyond the horny she who was timidly riding her face and began to whimper. “Connor, you’re here. Please Connor, please fuck me. Your fat cock is exactly what I need inside me while I eat out this baby she. Please fill me! It hurts to be empty! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it’s only getting worse.”

Raven buried her face into the vulva beneath her and began to tongue fuck the other female, growing excited with the sound of Aurora’s dirty pleas and escalating coos. Mesmerized, the teen watched as the wolf abandoned all of his clothing in a flurry of movement, then kneeled between Aurora’s legs. His upper chest was coated in a mat of dark hair that echoed his bearded face, but it was his manhood that demanded her attention as she licked her lips and ogled his flesh.

“I’m going to fuck her,” the Beta informed the teen in his raspy baritone. “I want you to lick and suck on her clit while I penetrate her, okay? Make her scream and beg us for more, Raven. Help me drive her wild so that she squirts all over my fat cock.”

Happy to be given instructions by the handsome male, Raven wrapped her pink lips around Aurora’s clit and sucked the nub hungrily. Developing a ferocious pace, she began to torment the older she with her kisses and licks as she watched, wide-eyed, while the wolf aligned his purpled glans with Aurora’s juicy entrance. Pre-cum was already dripping from the plump tip, its viscous scent oozing across Raven’s nostrils and increasing her heat. When she allowed her tongue to snake forward and sneak a taste, the wolf growled deep in his chest, something so bestial that she felt a tremor between her slick thighs.

Lying beneath Raven’s petite body, but also driven wild by the smell of the male’s fluid, Aurora mewled into the raven-haired she’s pussy as she continued to lick and suck on her folds and clit. Teasing the younger breeder, she set a languid pace as she began tongue-fucking Raven’s tight slit. Just as the teen began to mewl in ecstasy, the redhead felt her own sex beginning to stretch to accommodate Connor’s penetration.

Raven’s blue eyes continued to widen in shock at the super close-up view of the hard length that was sinking between Aurora’s dewy red curls. Slowly, torturously spreading her open with its gooey purple helmet and causing the other she to vocalize her pleasure, the penis seemed tremendous this close. And his scent, she nearly sobbed, his masculine scent was overpowering as it filled her nostrils and made her skin itch with desire.

Driving the redhead beneath him wild, Connor parted her folds with his thick tip and then remained still while the she bucked and begged for more. Her dainty fingers frantic, she alternated between grasping handfuls of Raven’s jet black locks, forcing the teen’s tongue onto her swollen clitoris while she reached out to try and force the wolf closer. But all he did was smirk defiantly down into her heated eyes as he avoided her hold and watched her struggle.

Observing the veins that ran across his shaft, the plump ridge of his glans, Raven found herself enchanted by the Beta’s sex. Resting her cheek on Aurora’s flat abdomen, she snaked her tongue out and licked the organ as the wolf continued to torment his victim, driving her wild as he allowed her to adjust to his intrusion. Aurora howled and sobbed, nearly forgetting about the other she’s swollen clit that was resting over her.

Burying just an inch at a time, Connor drew out his penetration and caused the heat in the room to flare. The aura of their desire hung heavy in the space, creating a fog that drugged the three creatures and only fueled their romp further. As the Beta began to move, his thrusts growing in length and power, Raven’s oral attention to his steely shaft brought a lupine grunt from between his lips, and he reached down to cup her chin. “Do you like watching me fuck your friend, teen wolf?” he demanded in that lurid baritone. “Does it turn you on to taste her juices on my cock?”

Aurora moaned. “Oh sweet goddess.”

Finally allowing himself to plunge fully into her depths, Connor’s heavy balls began to loudly slap the redhead’s ass as he thrust his hips violently. “Watch me fuck your friend,” he demanded of Raven. “Watch me beat her pussy up with this cock while she begs me to knot her and fill her with my warm seed. And when I’m done with her, maybe I’ll take another one of your virginities, little she. Would you like that?”

“Oh goddess,” the redhead squealed as she felt his balls slap against her ass yet again. Wiggling beneath Raven and losing her focus on the young she’s clit altogether, she moaned. “You’re going to fuck her ass, aren’t you? She’s so tiny, Con, you’ll break her!”

“I like to break shes,” he roared as he somehow managed to amp up his pace to something even more extreme and brutal. Flesh pounded flesh roughly and Raven’s head bounced atop the she-wolf’s abdomen as the redhead was filled roughly over and over, her sex making a series of squelching noises with each insertion as the male grunted wildly.

Wrapping a hand into Raven’s dark locks and holding her tightly, his voice shifted to something that was animal. “Look at her, Aurora. Look at how miniscule that little body is—she will be so easy to destroy. Don’t you want to watch her overflow with my release as it leaks out of her battered holes? You can drink my cum out of her asshole, whore. Or should I do to her what I did to you for our first time?”

Clutching her full breasts as best she could with the girl lying on top of her, Aurora purred wildly. “Fucking hell, Con. You say the dirtiest shit! Does she even know what you like to do to shes?”

His baritone nearly a bass growl, the wolf eyed the black-haired beauty. “I enjoy plunging my cock as deep inside a she’s walls as I can get and shifting while buried inside her. She can’t help but cry out as my cock grows and it forces her painfully wide.”

“It hurts so good,” Aurora sobbed as she squeezed her erect nipples. “It feels overwhelming.” She gasped as he plunged especially deep, ramming into her cervix as she cried out. “Please fill me so that my belly grows,” she pleaded, writhing beneath the weight of the other she. “I need this heat to end, Con. I’m desperate for it to end!”

Raven nibbled on Aurora’s clitoris as the wolf continued to fuck her, eventually beginning to grow erratic in his thrusts as he and the she-wolf traded perverse sentiments. When he knew that he would explode at any minute, he gripped a handful of Raven’s black locks again and held her in place. “Get ready for it,” he roared as he thrust deep into the older she-wolf and emitted a series of bestial sounds. “Stick that tongue out, teen wolf, and get ready to clean her sloppy cunt!”

Raven was trapped in his grip as he issued an eerily lupine sound and pumped the other she full of his seed. When he eventually pulled out of Aurora’s battered cunt, he shoved the younger she’s face toward her leaking folds. “Clean her up,” he directed as the copious mixture of his fluids and her moisture began to slide out from her puffy folds. “Clean her cunt, little she.”

Titillated by his harsh dominance, Raven feasted on their joint release as it bled from between Aurora’s thighs. Sucking it loudly and plunging fingers into the other she to get more, she put on a show for the wolf as he sat back and began to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Still high from her orgasm, Aurora simply lay back and panted for breath, still rubbing her palms over her sensitive breasts.

Her ass in the air and wiggling as she feasted on the other female, Raven was sure to make plenty of noise as she licked, sucked and fingered Aurora. Connor watched, his cock beginning to twitch again as his eyes focused on her tight ass. The only way to fuck a she-wolf and not risk impregnating her was to get creative, and he prided himself on his extremely perverse mind.

He forced himself to move away from the she-wolves’ beautiful bodies, and knocked on the door with a devious smirk pressed across his lips. He whispered quickly to the guard, who nodded and then called to someone else. Minutes later, he was handed a small bottle and the door was again locked loudly behind him.

Turning to the pair, he waved the item in the air triumphantly. “This is what I need to guarantee that you fucking love what I’m about to do to you, tiny little thing.”

Nervous, Raven glanced from the sexy, sweaty wolf to Aurora who was lying on her side and mewling. “It’s happening,” she was chanting softly as she ran her hands all over her flat stomach and up to her perfectly rounded breasts. “Oh my goddess, I can actually feel it. It’s happening.”

Kneeling beside a somewhat fearful-eyed Raven, the wolf sniffed the air and smiled warmly. “She’s impregnated, little teen. I can smell it on her. Do not be afraid, okay? While it’s not normal that a she-wolf can feel the moment of conception, it is also not entirely unheard of. She’s not in any pain, alright? I promise you. What she is feeling right now should be her heat abating as her body begins to prepare for the pregnancy.”

Aurora mewled with joy. “I feel amazing,” she agreed as she continued to worship her own flesh. “I feel so strong and yet I feel exhausted! Is that normal? I feel alive and bone tired at all once.”

“Yes,” the wolf nodded as he set the small plastic bottle aside. Biting his lip from chuckling at her choice of words, he smiled warmly. “Do you want me to call them to take you to another room, or do you wish to stay and play with our tiny teen-wolf?”

Yawning, the redhead shut her eyes and began to slowly sit up. “Please, the room. I can’t possibly fuck again—I need to finally sleep. I already feel cooler, calmer; my skin isn’t itching to be touched. Now that the heat is gone I can finally sleep—thank the goddess.”

Nodding, Connor placed a gentle kiss onto her forehead as he set his large palm onto her abdomen. “Thank you, sweetness,” he purred tenderly.

Before she could open her mouth to question him, the wolf stood up and went back to the door. He issued a series of commands, and a guard covered her in a silk robe before guiding Aurora out of the room. Raven watched, her nerves spiraling out of control now that she was alone with the male. Her blue eyes were widening as she assessed his movements, as he held a hand out to her. “Come, little Raven. I’ll take you back into your room and we can play there. They will want to clean Aurora’s space and prepare it for your new neighbor.”

Guiding her back to her original room, he shut the door and knocked three times before gesturing for the nude she to take a seat atop her mattress. Without hesitation he sat down beside her and placed a comforting hand onto her thigh. “You seem calmer. Are you still in heat?”

She nodded. “I think so, yes. It’s hard to think of anything but sex, and my pussy feels like it’s electric. I just want to have an orgy and get filled in every hole.”

“Sexy teen wolf,” he began to purr as he twirled a tendril of her long, silken locks around his finger. “You don’t have to be nervous to be alone with me. I’ll only play the games that you want to play, okay?”

Raven bowed her head and looked away from his growing erection. Having witnessed his session with Aurora so up-close, she was well aware that he was large enough to spread her folds wide and stretch her petite body. This knowledge made the inferno flair across her skin as she experienced a simultaneous mix of fear and excitement.

He kept his hand on her thigh as he spoke softly in that deep, calming baritone. Like a talented hypnotist, he planted a sensual suggestion with his words. “Have you ever had a wolf inside your second hole?”

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Under The Sun Ch. 2

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Crouching, I cautiously peeked around the bushes that surrounded the outdoor shower where ‘P’ stood with his back to me beneath the gushing jets of water. Hardly daring to breathe I slowly began to stand, my eyes transfixed as I watched the water running down his tanned body as I tentatively started walking towards him. It felt surreal, like an out of body experience. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this; I was terrified but totally overcome with desire and unable to stop myself, even if I had wanted to.

The three giddy steps I took silently towards him seemed to take forever and as I stopped he seemed to sense someone was there and began to turn to face me. I was so close to him that I could feel the cool water splashing against my own naked body as he turned. He looked at me with a mixture of confusion and embarrassment but he made no attempt to cover himself. I stood inches from him, drinking in the view of his magnificent body as he tried to explain that he thought I was out because he didn’t see my car outside the villa, his voice sounded distant to me, detached from reality. As he continued to apologise in his own unique brand of English, I raised my hand and placed a single finger gently on his lips and he fell silent. I looked down to see that he too was becoming aroused and as I looked back to his face he softly took my wrist in his hand and began to suck my finger. Our eyes were locked together as I felt his other arm slide around my waist, gently pulling me towards him, the water cascading over both of our bodies as I went willingly to him. I pulled my hand back from his lips and replaced it with my hungry mouth and we embraced, my breasts pressed tightly against his chest as I felt his cock hardening against my belly.

After what seemed like an eternity we broke off from kissing and I took a step back from him, panting breathlessly as I waited for him to make the next move. He dropped to his knees and placed one hand behind me, firmly grasping one of my buttocks before pulling me sharply towards him. I grabbed the shower pipe to steady myself and lifted one leg over his shoulder and pulled his head towards my sex, crying out when his warm mouth found it. I started to come almost as soon as he began to explore me with his tongue. What I felt was almost indescribable, it was like a total sensory overload; the water flowed over our naked bodies while he devoured my pussy hungrily, his rough stubble chafing against the inside of my thighs. His fingers gently brushed around the entrance to my anus as he slowly traced the folds of my sex with his tongue, I shifted position slightly as if to give him permission to explore further and understanding me, he gently began to finger my ass. It was too much to stand any longer and I let go, crying out loudly as he sucked and circled his tongue on my clitoris. The orgasm seemed like it would last for hours, I must have almost suffocated him as I grabbed the back of his head and pressed it hard into my groin. Eventually he pulled away and I sank to the ground beside him, barely able to stand. We spent a short time kissing slowly porno and deeply, I enjoyed the taste of my pussy in his mouth as I gently stroked his stiff cock.

He stood and offered me his hand, helping me to my feet he lead me away from the shower to the pool. Hand in hand we waded, naked, into the warm water and our lips met again, his strong hands finding my breasts beneath the water. I pulled away from him and moved to the side of the pool, stretching my arms out along the side with my back to it, lifting my breasts clear of the surface as he glided over to me.

He cupped one of my breasts with his strong, brown hand and gently kneaded it as his mouth found the nipple of the other one. I gave out a low moan and wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him to me and pressing the underside of his hard shaft against my pussy. I wanted him inside me so badly; I imagined his thick cock sliding into my tight, wet, pussy as I watched every inch disappear inside me. I began to slowly rotate my hips, gently grinding myself against him as he nibbled and sucked my hard nipples. His hand left my breast and slid down my body to find his cock and he began to guide it into me. Summing up all of my remaining willpower, I stopped him and swam to the other end of the pool where the gently shelving steps led down into the water. He swam over to join me where I lay on my back, almost completely out of the water, and lay beside me. I moved down to a lower step and positioned myself between his legs, his magnificent cock in front of my face.

He propped himself up on his elbows as I began to place sucking kisses up and down the length of his shaft before gently taking one of his balls in my mouth, lightly pulling and sucking it. He moaned his approval as I did the same to the other one and then made my way back up the length of his cock to the head. Our eyes met as I plunged my head forward, taking in as much of him as I could fit inside my mouth. I repeatedly slid my mouth up and down his length, slowly and rhythmically, taking it in until I could feel it touch the back of my throat. He moaned and writhed, desperately trying to prolong his pleasure, I sensed that he couldn’t take much more so I pulled back and concentrated my attentions on the fat head of his thick cock, flicking and pressing the underside of it until he finally came, crying out as he unleashed his hot come into my eager mouth. I remained still for a while as my mouth became deliciously full of his seed as I slid my tongue around his pulsating cock. When his twitching subsided I ran my thumb along his shaft to squeeze out the last of his semen into my mouth as I swallowed it down and we both collapsed and lay in the shallow water, exhausted but very satisfied.

I lay on top of the crisp white linen on my bed, watching the ceiling fan as it spun silently in the murky light of the bedroom. We had retreated there away from the harsh heat of the early afternoon sun and made love long into the afternoon until we had both fallen asleep in each other’s arms. He lay snoozing beside me as I reflected on the events of the day. It had been a simple plan, I knew he had to come here sometime this morning to replace the towels and bed linen and I remembered how he had used the pool and shower last time when he thought I was out. I had parked my car out of site at the side of the villa and waited in one of the unused bedrooms until I heard him splash into the pool. I moved to the main bedroom and watched him through a gap in the curtains as he swam naked, until he got out and went to the shower. The rest is history.

In between bouts of lovemaking we had talked, I found out that his name was Paulo and he owned the villa and two more like it. He planned to sell the other two at the end of this summer and move into this one and just work part time fixing up boats for ‘Idiot rich people’ down at the marina. I suspected that selling the two villas would make Paulo pretty rich himself but he was certainly no idiot, he had worked hard to get what he had and now he has it, he had decided that it was enough. He valued his freedom above greed and wanted to enjoy life, not spend it working like a mule until he dropped.

I told him about my life in London, my work and my disastrous relationship with Gary. When he had listened intently to every word I said, he told me that he couldn’t understand why I did a job that I hated, just so that I could live in a place that I hated, just so that I could do the job that I hated. When he put it like that it did sound pretty stupid, I had spent so many years carving out this safe little self perpetuating rut and running around in circles in it, and I had never stopped and wondered why? I guess it takes an outsider to see the stupidity of it all. I pushed all thoughts of going back home to London out of my head; it was hard to think about at the moment, especially after today. I slipped out of bed, took a quick shower and returned to the bedroom with a pot of fresh coffee and some fruit and croissants, just as Paolo awoke. We sat in bed and devoured them hungrily. I finished my coffee and brushed the crumbs from my breasts and I walked outside onto the veranda, grabbing my large bottle of baby oil. I stood for a while enjoying the cool evening breeze on my naked skin, the ocean looked black in the fading light and I could no longer tell where the sky finished and the sea began, the only clue that it was there was the faint sound of the waves crashing against the shore as it was carried up on the salty breeze.

I began to apply the lotion as Paulo walked out to join me; he took the bottle from my hand and began to massage the oil into my shoulders.

‘I have to go soon’ he said, ‘someone will miss me if I don’t get back home’

My heart sank; surely he would have mentioned a wife or lover?

‘y-you have a wife at home?’ I asked cautiously.

Paulo laughed, ‘No, I have a dog who will trash my house if I leave him much longer’

‘Oh I see’, my relief was more than obvious.

He squeezed out more of the oil onto his hands and finished the rest of my back, slowly working his way down to my buttocks before dropping to his knees and rubbing it into my legs. He stood again and applied more lotion to his hands and reached around me from behind and started to massage it into my breasts, I felt his stiffening cock come to rest in the crease of my buttocks as he gently rubbed it against my lower back. I gave out a low moan as one of his slick hands found it’s way down to my pussy.

‘Your not going anywhere just yet’ I said.

Paulo took a step back and I leaned forwards and gripped the balcony rail with both hands and parted my legs. He applied more of the baby oil to his hands and reached between my legs and began to rub it around my pussy. I shifted position slightly and his fingers soon found my anus, his long oiled index finger slid in with ease. I gave out little grunts of pleasure while he slowly worked it in and out as my muscles began to relax. He rubbed his hard cock with his free hand so that it was slick with baby oil and withdrew his finger before pressing the end of his cock against the entrance of my ass. I allowed myself to relax totally and moaned with delight as his thick cock slid slowly into my tight ass until it was all inside. I stood still for a while, enjoying the feel of him inside me and then I began to gently push back against him, making small movements as he held my waist, letting me set the pace. I began to rub my oily clitoris as we picked up the pace and I soon relinquished control to Paulo and he began to slide his cock in and out of me, he would almost withdraw from me completely and hold it for a few seconds until I began to shudder in anticipation then he would plunge it back inside me, thrusting it in harder each time, making me cry out. It wasn’t long before I began to come, I stopped rubbing my pussy and held onto the railings with both hands as Paulo’s thrusts became harder and more frequent until I felt him shudder as he too started to come, his cock began to pump hot cum into my ass as I struggled to remain standing while a powerful orgasm ripped through me in waves of ecstasy.

We stood for a while to catch our breath; Paulo was still inside me as I enjoyed the feeling of the warm evening breeze on my body as his cock slowly softened inside me, his cum running out down my legs in little rivulets. We showered together and then Paulo dressed and left with a promise to return tomorrow. I collapsed on the bed and within seconds I was asleep.

I woke quite early the next day and spent a lazy morning swimming and sunning around the pool. I was dozing on a sun bed, enjoying the feel of the sun on every inch of my body, the gentle sea breeze keeping the temperature in a perfect balance, when I heard a car pull up outside the villa. I shivered with anticipation as I waited for Paulo’s hands to find my body as I heard the gate swing open.

‘Good morning’ said Lucy as she dropped her suitcase on the floor as she stood at the bottom of my sun bed. My eyes flicked open and I jumped up in a state of shock and excitement, throwing my arms around her and squealing with delight.

‘I don’t believe it, you managed to come after all’ I said, ‘I thought it was someone else when I heard the car pull up’

‘Obviously’ said Lucy as she took a step back from me, looking at my naked body.

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Maria and Her Boys Ch. 21

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I am an older woman who craves sex with young men — much younger. The age they’d be if they were my son. And I have found some lovely boys who have been ripe and ready to meet my needs.

I was married. But after he left me for a younger model, I started thinking about my own youth. My wonderful first explorations with sex and with young men in my university days. I took a risk one time and seduced a healthy, virile young man into my bed. I have not looked back. I am in my late forties and there is room in my bed only for boys too young to have graduated.

All this I have confessed previously. Because I told myself they were harmless flings — not serious. Young men of nineteen or twenty soon to outgrow their youthful bewilderment. But I revere their young dicks, the way get so hard and throb so wonderfully — in my hand, my mouth and my pussy. And they can screw me over and over, especially after I have taught them to improve their stamina

It is primal and base and it thrills me each and every time. I need them for hot, sweaty and exciting sex and they deliver — again and again. But those young men are not for keeping. I have no need for a steady boyfriend. And it’s the natural order of things. In time they find nice girlfriends to take them away. A young man should be able to fall in love with someone his own age. Then I get to experience the thrill of the hunt all over again as I find another suitable young lover. Nineteen or twenty and with a lovely, rampant prick.

Matthew is all of that. And more. He has the mind of a sweet boy, eager to learn and to please me. He also has the body of a real man – big and muscled, hard and mouth-watering.

I could have Matthew in my bed every night, giving me regular and exciting sex. My boys always give me the most wonderful sex, perhaps because they don’t screw me every night. That is not the answer. Sex with Matthew is amazing and exciting. But I tried that with married life.

He has become special to me in a way I never expected or wished for. Having tried to ignore my feelings about him, the truth is that Matthew is more than a fling. He stirred those feelings in me almost from the start. My emotions are complicated but I think perhaps the way I feel about Matt is the reason I’ve held back — sexually, I mean. I have made him wait compared to other boys. Because I feared getting too deep with him.

It is time to have a serious conversation. I need him to understand that I am not a substitute for a girlfriend. One day soon he will need to move on, find someone his own age.

But not yet. There are still many things I want to give him, to experience with him. And I know there are things he wants to experience that a girlfriend won’t. Things that he needs from me.

We were talking recently about sex and different positions. I confessed that doggy is probably my favourite position. It is by far the best way to take a young, hard cock and to feel him ramming his entire length deep inside. I didn’t tell him the other reason for my excitement — the simple act of exposing my body in that way, my big boobs hanging underneath, both my openings exposed and vulnerable.

Matthew told me he enjoys doggy as well. What young man wouldn’t? And he surprised me by asking about slapping — do I like a man to slap my bum when he is screwing me from behind? I knew what he meant. But I have never had any wish to be slapped, especially not in the middle of some fun sex play. Its true I have learned that some kinds of pain can be very enjoyable — when he bites my nipples or when he rams into me with his gorgeous manhood. I changed the subject then, as I usually do when Matt starts to ask about my sexual wishes.

Besides, I have already decided that I want to give Matthew something else that involves my bottom. One of the things I have been waiting and waiting to experience, afraid of my feelings. Lately, I have had a lot of masturbation fantasies of me in doggy position, imagining that I am watching in the mirror as Matthew holds me with his big muscles. I rub my clit and tease my entrance as I imagine him slowly rocking his hips as he forces himself inside me. And looking so small next to him, so vulnerable as he enters my forbidden place with his incredible cock.


Aaron is a welcome distraction from those more serious thoughts. He definitely is ripe for the picking, though I suspect he might have more experience than the boys I usually choose. But he showed interest in me from the start. Which made it easier to tempt him. At that age, just twenty years old, boys have so little self-control. We had established our ground rules — total discretion — and now I was ready to seduce him.

I’d given him the address of my apartment. I still felt as if I needed to make sure. So it would be a brief visit for his first time but that was suitable since he needed to keep his girlfriend happy.

Despite my reservations, I had my usual nerves and excitement. I tried to keep my breathing under control. porno But my heart was beating fast and my nipples were hard. I’d removed my bra and was wearing a buttoned shirt. It was all part of my plan.

Aaron looked quite beautiful at my front door. His long, blonde hair was in a bun even though he’d finished work early that day. Once again I was conscious of his height compared to me. Trying to hide my emotions, I hugged him — hoping he could not hear my pounding heart — and allowed him to kiss me. It was a nice kiss, I must say. Boys of his age usually require a lot of practice and I wondered if his girlfriend had tutored him

His hands wandered, making sure he felt my boobs as they pressed against him. I did not quite approve of that — not so soon. Was he eager or cocky? I could understand if it was lust since that was how I was feeling with a new young man in my home. Oh, but I am so much more experienced and I know how to put a boy in his place.

I would not take Aaron to my bed so quickly. We sat on my lounge and made small talk. Of course, for both of us that was a total pretence — I could rely on him being filled with lusty thoughts and, as for myself, my nipples were giving me away as they tried to poke through my shirt.

We kissed again and this time he grabbed my boobs. It was not a caress but a squeeze. I’d thought him cocky but it was arousing to feel such confidence. Though I am never surprised that young men want to test my big, firm boobs. Now was the time to begin training this ardent new boy.

“No, gently…” I breathed to him. And then, putting my hand on his, “Be soft to start…”

I pushed him away then. I was still unsure if Aaron had sufficient promise for me. Would he be compliant and well-behaved, as I insist?

“Show me a picture of your girlfriend,” I demanded, knowing he’d have a collection on his phone.

He was very uncomfortable as he scrolled through a small collection. And I was happy about that. She is very pretty and has a lovely, rounded bottom. Perhaps she’s even too good for him. I noted that she is almost flat-chested and supposed that was the reason he’d been so eager to grab at me.

But I was horny to the point of desperation. A new young man was in my apartment. And perhaps willing to do anything I wanted. I felt the throbbing in my vag. And the tent in his pants was obvious.

“Promise me you’ll be a good boy. I am warning you, if my ex-husband finds out it will be bad.”

He looked so helpless right then – so sweet. His eyes betrayed his fear and, at the same time, his lust.

“Kiss me again,” I murmured to him.

It was exciting to have control. I turned my body into his. Our arms slipped around one another. Again, I was pleased by his kissing.

“Yes, touch me,” I breathed.

This time his hands were much softer on my boobs. Little shots of electricity were zinging through me. Its not that I object to being a slut. But it has to be the right boy that I allow to take advantage. Aaron had not earned that right. Still, my instincts had been good and it seemed like he might become a competent lover, after all. And my need was irresistible.

“That’s better,” I told him, trying to make my voice firmer. “Now open some buttons.”

My hand reached down to his crotch. Oh, he felt so very hard and, I have to say, quite impressive. It was a battle to not rip his pants open right then. And I guessed that he felt the same as his trembling fingers fumbled at my buttons. He undid only two buttons but now he had his best view so far of my cleavage. I felt his dick stiffen in response as I tried to caress it.

“Its OK. Don’t stop,” I urged him softly.

Soon he had all my buttons undone — and now I had to help poor Aaron who I could see is not accustomed to women with more experience. So I pulled my shirt open, exposing my firm C-cups for him. My nipples were rock hard. My heart was really pounding. It was the first time to expose myself to my new young man. But I am in great shape and no boy can resist by my breasts. In fact, his eyes were agog and it needed only a silent nod from me before he put his hands on my bare boobs.

“Soft,” I reminded him. “Start gentle.”

Aaron was panting harder than me by then. Which is saying something because the sensations of a new boy groping me were exquisite. Yes, he is clumsy and needs to be taught. But I could feel my vag practically leaking with excitement.

“Kiss them,” I ordered and he did not waste a second before his mouth was planting soft kisses all over my boobs.

Fortunately, he knew enough to aim for nipples as well. I moaned softly as fresh jolts of electricity flew through my body.

“Good boy,” I told him. “You’re learning already.”

Aaron is keen but he has a lot to learn. That only made it more exciting to have a fresh, twenty-year old boy sucking and licking my boobs. I’m much better endowed than his girlfriend and maybe mine are the biggest he’s ever had. And since I was in charge, I could have more of his mouth on me. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him further into my bust.

“You like that, don’t you sweetie?” I moaned to him.

I needed more, though. Surely Aaron was ready. I grabbed at his penis again, trying to get a hold through his pants and feeling how big and hard he was.

“Take it out,” I ordered him. “Let me see it.”

That would be the first time Aaron had ever heard those words. To his credit, he did not hesitate. Perhaps he was afraid I’d change my mind. As fast as he could, he opened his pants and wriggled them down past his bottom. His erect penis was revealed.

Oh my, I almost could not believe my luck. It is mouth-watering — I would say more than seven inches long and thick to go with it. And he is circumcised, a lovely mushroom head on top of a handsome shaft with just a hint of veins.

In command of our play, I wrapped my fingers around him. From the corner of my eye, I could see the shock on his face. And my fingers felt the delightful throb of his dick as he let a randy older woman hold his manhood. I wasn’t sure who was enjoying it the most.

“Good boy,” I moaned gently. “Good boy.”

I closed my fingers a little tighter and gave him a first, exploratory stroke. He felt exquisite. I could hear his soft moans over the sound of my own ragged breathing. And I knew that my seduction had worked — my newest prey had succumbed and was ready to give me anything I want.

“Touch it,” I ordered with a dry rasp. How strange that my mouth was so dry when my vag was so wet. “Show me what you do.”

Shocked but wanting to please, Aaron took his dick in one hand and began, very slowly, to stroke it for me. It was breathtaking to watch a young man pleasure himself. Feeling extra wicked, I placed his other hand on my boobs, pressing against my C-cups. Staring at my chest, he reacted by increasing his stroking. My response was a gentle moan of delight.

There is always a point where a young man belongs to me — and this was it. My once cocky boy was staring at my half-naked body, groping my firm boobs while jerking his manhood for me. I shifted my position now, eager to be even more naughty, and was able to shove my boobs into his face.

It was intoxicating. I so wanted to suck that sensational young penis. I wanted to screw him. But this was not the time — better to tease him and make him wait, desperate enough that he will give me everything I want. But I reached down and my hand took the place of his around his dick. He was so incredibly hard. And throbbing in a very agreeable way. I stroked him firmly and pulled his mouth to a nipple. The little twitch in his young shaft made me groan even more than my flesh in his mouth.

“Shoot for me,” I ordered him. “Finish it.”

Aaron shot me a look of disbelief. But he was stroking his cock once again. I released him from my boobs and he shifted position, his grip tighter around that delicious shaft. Its electrifying to watch a young man shoot his stuff. I wanted it so badly right then.

“Yes, sweetie… its alright… show me that big load…”

His hand was moving faster. I could see how his dick had gotten harder as he thought about being allowed to shoot his stuff for a woman. And the veins on his shaft were really popping, darker and swollen as his climax approached. I rubbed my boobs for Aaron as I moved around in front of him. I wanted a good view. The poor boy had no chance.

“Gonna cum…” he panted, still in disbelief.

That was when he exploded — I mean, really exploded. I was not prepared for his force. His first shot flew right over my shoulder, thick and flying so fast. I was astonished. All my boys have power but this was so much. My Clayton had done something similar on our first time but Aaron blasted so high into the air. I didn’t dare take my eyes off him as that first shot flew over my shoulder and, I guessed, landed on my rug. I wondered if he might be abnormal but he made a funny little noise and a second shot flew almost as high before splashing on my shoulder and making a nice, sticky pool on my shirt.

I think I was wide-eyed with amazement. What a display. I was riven to the spot as he shot more and more — leaving a lovely trail of his stuff along my arm, on my shirt and even splashing some onto my boob. I’d hit the jackpot. Enormous shots of sticky stuff and such huge wads of it. He kept stroking, making his lovely sounds, and the stuff kept flying out of his dick. And his power went on and on until he had almost nothing left.

By the time he was done, Aaron had given me the biggest load I’ve ever seen in my life. It made a lovely mess on me — and the carpet. I was so very pleased. And impressed with my new boy. I noted that he’d even stained his pants. But the power of his orgasm was the most important thing. I bet his young girlfriend has no idea of what a virile young man she has.

“Good boy,” I breathed, this time showing him a look of disbelief. “You liked that.”

I was almost sad not to have had him in my mouth. And, at the same time, glad that I’d tested him first, since it is obvious that this boy will probably drown me. I enjoy my young men because of the sheer volume of their baby-making stuff – always more impressive than older guys. But Aaron had made my head swim with delight. I knew I must have that young dick in my mouth and in my vag – soon.

He was more or less speechless at my performance. Young girlfriends are too shy, or scared, to ask their men to jerk-off for them. Now Aaron understood the advantages of being bedded by an older woman. In his eyes I could see that I’d taken him out of his comfort zone. It was satisfying to know that I’d put him in his place. If not, I might have forced him to screw me there and then. But I stuck to my plan. I’d send him home and make him wait for our next time together.

I fetched some wipes for him and got myself a clean shirt, making sure he got another good view of my bare boobs as I walked through my apartment.

“I hope that you lick girls,” I asked him with a wicked grin. “You know — eat pussy.”

Aaron nodded and, with a slight blush, pretended very bravely that he is all in favour of performing oral sex. I don’t quite believe him but, then, my mission is to teach boys like Aaron how to have sex like a real man. He will learn. And I gave him a little kiss as I showed him to the door.

“Always behave,” I murmured in his ear. “Then I can invite you over again.”


I did mention that Aaron is about seven inches and also thick. The size of a man’s penis seems so important to us all. I always tried to feign disinterest – until I started my new sex lifestyle of screwing boys. Of course, at that age, every male has a fantastic cock that gets hard almost instantly. And they all throb in a way that I am sure would overcome even a size handicap. In my experience, its older men who tend to be disappointing. Or perhaps that’s a reflection on my husband.

I have to judge Aaron by comparing him to Matt. Yes, I did it — I measured his penis. Matt was game for it and, of course, he had no trouble staying big and hard for me. It was fun and I made sure to compliment Matt on his size and prowess. He has no idea that I was comparing him to other young men.

For some reason it was extra satisfying to know that Aaron can reach such a number. It seems appropriate since I have seen for myself what his dick can do — shooting so much stuff and so high in the air.’

Though I can assure you that Matthew measures up very well. He is well over six and a half inches long. And a little over six inches around. I suppose that makes me a lucky woman. I admit I adore his fabulous young dick. I stroked and sucked him afterwards and made him give me a lovely, warm load all over my boobs.

I am guessing, but that makes my Clayton more than six inches. A very nice size and it always satisfied me.

My ex-husband, it is clear, was less than six inches. Perhaps that is why his younger girlfriend sent him packing. I don’t miss his penis at all.

I do have fond memories of a one-night stand — a guy called Gary who said his was eight inches. I remember it was a magnificent-looking specimen and I remember how it felt to be filled by him. But I have been thinking about the boy from the train, surely the biggest yet. I need another penis like that, even if just for one time. So I am on the hunt again.


My fun with Aaron had not dampened my desire for Matthew. If anything, I was even happier than usual to see Matt on that Saturday after lunch. There was some guilt, I know. And wanting to prove to myself that he is still my number one boy. But I will say that I often feel extra horny after a mid-week encounter with another young man. For some reason, naughty liaisons only stoke my hunger. That was certainly the case after Aaron’s wonderful display.

Plus, this time I was going to cross a line with my sweet Matthew. The thing I’d been waiting for was going to happen that day. I was nervous as well as feeling very aroused. But I was ready to give us both a session we’ll never forget.

I was naked when he walked in my door. First thing I did was to go to my knees and suck his beautiful manhood. I knew that my nosey neighbour had seen him arrive. The thought of being so dirty and wanton made it essential that I had Matthew’s penis in my mouth before he’d even undressed.

I licked his freshly shaven balls. My hand was wrapped around his shaft, already throbbing for me, as I lathed my wet tongue all over his sack. And I grabbed his hard butt, pulling him to me as Matt allowed himself the pleasure of thrusting his hardness into my soft, warm mouth. Its exciting to feel him thrust into my mouth and I feel safe with him. Though safety was not front of mind given that I was on fire with need.

Holding his hand, I led him to my bed. I knew he was watching my toned, firm bottom as we walked. It was deliberate of me to have his focus on my bottom. And his rampant dick would have been bobbing nicely, ready to plunge into me. I did not make him wait.

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The Love of My Life Pt. 07

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The Love of My Life — Part 7

This is the continuing anthology of my sexual awakening by the man whom I married and love to this day.

It is a warm summer’s evening. The sky is clear, not a breath of wind. I have taken Rob to my favourite spot on the northern prairie, on a gravel road atop a small hill. Farmhouses are in the distance, the golden wheat in the fields spread out below and around us. To the west, the sun is above the Rockies many kilometres in the distance. I lean back into the warm embrace of my “Cowboy”, the nick name I have given my city slicker boyfriend.

As I bask in the surprising warmth still radiating from the sun, I feel Rob move his hands from around my waste and undo the clasp at the top of my summer dress. He slowly moves the zipper down, gently pulling the dress off my shoulders and letting it fall to the gravel below. I make no sound in protest, holding my breath, surprisingly aroused and undisturbed by this exhibitionism.

I close my eyes as next I feel him unclasp my bra. I raise my arms and bend forward a little as Rob slowly lifts my bra straps over my shoulders to let it drop to the ground as well. He does not reach for my breasts, which ache for his touch. Softly his touch lingers upon my back, caressing my shoulders, my ribs and tummy, until I feel him hook his fingers into either side of my panties. He bends slowly to one knee, pulling my panties down to my ankles. At his touch, I lift one leg, then the other while he pulls my clothes away from me. I stand with my feet, shoulder length apart, naked to the world save for my running shoes still on my feet. Slowly Rob raises his hands following my legs to my ass. His left hand continues up my spine then around to my tummy. His right snakes between my legs, his thumb pressing upon my anus, his fingers spreading the lips of my labia. I am wet, aroused and my breathing has become more shallow. He nips at the left cheek of my ass as he pushes his fingers featherlike over my clitoris. I thrust into his hand, want more pressure on my clit.

“Let me in,” he breathes into the small of my back. I know what he wants.

“No,” I moan in response. Roughly he plunges two fingers into my cunt, and once more demands that I let him “in”. I relax, push back my ass and try to relax as I feel his thumb popping through into my rectum.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me,” I respond. I pull away from him, and turn towards the front fender of his Audi. Spreading my legs, I bend over, supporting my upper body on my forearms upon the engine hood. With my most sultry look and voice, I look back over my shoulder at Rob.

“C’mon Cowboy. Fuck me!”

I turn to face the vista below, and wait for the feel of his hips against my ass, the thrust of his cock into my cunt. But Rob insists on teasing me. He pushes me further onto the hood of his car and grasping my outer thighs, lifts my feet off of the ground. Instead of entering me, he slides his cock first back and forth between the cheeks of my ass.

“Are you ready to give me your ass,” he growls.

“No, please, you are too big,” I moan.

“Maybe you need to come first, and then I can fill your ass?”

“Yes,” I respond. “Please stop teasing me and fuck me now!”

But again Rob defies me. He pulls back, lifts me higher and pushes his cock past and through the lips of my pussy, slowly sawing his cock back and forth along my clit. I moan in frustration and lust when ….

My alarm goes off. A huge sense of disappointment comes with my waking. I want to resist my growing consciousness, desperately hoping to get back to that hill on the prairie and feel him entering me. Instead, I am now awake, alone in my bed with fingers moist from my pussy. I give voice to my frustration — Rob is back in Toronto for the summer, and I am lying in his bed, masturbating in my sleep.


The spring of 2007 had brought about a great many changes to my life. Laura, my room mate and best friend from childhood, had completed her B.Sc. in computer engineering near the top of her class. Most of her classmates had flocked to Silicon Valley to earn the big dollars, but Laura had been awarded a huge grant to enter the Ph.D. program at Caltech on the promise she would return to teach in Canada. As Laura put it, three or four years in Pasadena had to be better than wintering in Edmonton, Alberta. Which meant I had to find a room mate.

Of course my boyfriend Rob had offered the immediate solution — give up my apartment rental and share with him the two bedroom luxury condo owned by his grandfather, with the second bedroom being our combined offices for school work. The idea of waking up to this man every morning was incredibly appealing, and to my surprise, my strict Catholic parents didn’t appear to be fussed about their daughter shacking up with her boyfriend. Rob was now 22, going into second year law next year, and I was about to turn 25 entering third year medicine. As mom said, “You’re both mature adults. Do what you feel is right.”

The summer had however porno been lonely. Laura and I gave up our apartment at the end of April, she moving home for the summer. Med school classes went for a month longer into May, and Rob had helped me to move into his place before returning to Toronto at the end of April to spend the summer working with his grandfather’s business group. Since his teenage years, Rob had been learning his grandfather’s business as the still unknown heir apparent to this large manufacturing and retail conglomerate — unknown because Rob didn’t share his maternal grandfather’s surname. He had risen from being a single outlet employee in high school to a well paid summer intern with various divisions as part of a corporate grooming of bright upcoming student talent, all he believed without the interference of his grandfather. His real schooling about how to run the companies came every summer night over dinner with his grandfather.

I on the other hand had spent a few weeks at home in June, and then begun “clerking” at the local university hospital system where U of A med students spent a year starting July 2. Our education for twelve solid months was working at the very bottom of the medical food chain with interns, residents and attendings and completing research and other papers designed to demonstrate that we were still learning something. In 2007, we were exempt from any employment standards — expected to put in twelve hour shifts, ten days on, then four days off to recover; nine days on, then five to recover. Thank God we didn’t have to work graveyard.

While Rob and I tried to talk nearly every night, occasional phone sex had been a very poor substitute over the summer and with the end of August in sight, I was beside myself with yearning for his return at month end.


It was after 8 o’clock in the evening in mid August when the condo’s land line phone rang. That was a rare happening, as both Rob and I relied almost exclusively on our cell phones, the land line coming free with the internet provider to the condo. I saw it was a (416) number, and curiosity caused me to pick it up on the fourth ring.


A deep male voice on the other end introduced himself as Rob’s grandfather, Lorne. I immediately became aware of the genetic source of Rob’s wry sense of humour. Lorne said that since he had heard that I loved his grandson, that seemed the common thread upon which to start to build a friendship between us. After establishing I was free to chat, I spent the next twenty minutes being charmed by this gentlemen as he coaxed me to do most of the talking about my family, studies and interests. Realizing that it was starting to near midnight his time in Toronto, I told him I didn’t want to keep him up. At that, Lorne got to the point. He understood from Rob that my birthday was next week. Would I have a break in my hospital clerking duties before Rob had to return to Edmonton? When I told him I would be having five clear days the following week, he said he wanted to give Rob and I a mini-vacation if I had a valid passport. When I replied in the affirmative, he promised his office would send the travel details to my email address before I was home from work the next day.

“Where did you have in mind,” I asked?

“Let me surprise you,” he said, and wishing me a good night, he hung up.


Flying executive class from Edmonton to Vancouver was a treat. Seeing my boyfriend for the first time in nearly four months in the Air Canada lounge at YVR was a longing fulfilled. Walking later that evening through the resort into a prime ocean view grand suite at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii was a complete mind blower.

I walked around open mouthed as our bell boy deposited our bags and gave us the tour of the suite before Rob sent him on his way with a generous tip. The suite was bigger than Rob’s condo. Although past midnight for both our time zone internal clocks, Rob opened the fridge to find it stocked with California wines. Quickly opening and pouring each of us a healthy amount of chardonnay into acrylic wine glasses, Rob toasted our “First Honeymoon” and after a couple of sips each, put down our glasses and took me into his arms.

“Grab your glass and let’s find the shower,” Rob said. Reaching for my hand, we proceeded to the back of the suite where a glass door led to a fully enclosed room lined with lava rock and stone walls, open to the sky, and one very large rain shower head the size of a pie plate.

The air was warm. A light gentle breeze from the ocean gently fell upon my face. The lighting was subdued and appropriately romantic as Rob turned on the shower. Slowly, we took turns removing each other’s clothing between kisses until finally, we were naked and in each other’s arms. Our tongues began this gentle dance as I pressed my breasts into Rob’s bare chest. Separating his legs, I forced myself upon his right leg as I relished this welcomed make-out session with my man, grinding my clit upon his hip. Pulling back my head, I gently pushed my tongue into his ear, holding his head with my left hand, and stroking his hard cock with my right.

“Fuck me now,” I breathed into his ear. “I need you to fuck me now and really hard!”

When I tried to pull him back into the bedroom, Rob responded with “First we get clean before we get really dirty,” and with that, pulled us both under the warm shower. Pumping shower gel into both hands, he began to soap down my shoulders and breasts. Then with the water spraying my back and below, his soap lubricated hands pushed me with my back to the stone wall out of the shower spray. Aggressively kneading my breasts, his thumbs and forefingers pinched my nipples and caused me to moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Next Rob pumped more gel into his hands, and turning me around so that my hands were pressed to the wall, Rob soaped down my back, my ass and moving to his one knee, both of my legs. Rising to take me in his arms and rub my soapy naked front against him, I moved continuously, thrusting my breasts across his pectorals and his cock against my tummy before he pulled me back under the showerhead to rinse me.

I had discovered Rob had two fetishes: my ass and legs in expensive silky pantyhose alone; and my ass. He was determined I felt to fuck me in my ass, but had over the school year only teased my anus with the insertion of a finger or two, or the threat that someday my ass would be his completely. Thus I was not surprised with his putting a soapy finger past my anus and into my rectum, which he began to push against my female parts from the inside of my ass. This I allowed for a minute or two, before pulling back and telling him it was my turn.

“Turn around and lean your hands against the back wall,” I told him as I reached for the pump bottle of shower gel. Applying the soap first to his back and shoulders, I reached around him and soaped his chest, cock and balls as the water showered down upon me. Grabbing more soap, I then dropped to one knee to soap his ass and legs, then spun him around to rinse us both off again.

“I’m not finished with you yet, Cowboy,” I told him as I rose to my feet. “Hands against the wall again, and spread your legs”.

“Such a bossy kid,” were his words as he complied.

Grabbing a handful of gel, while rubbing my pussy against his hip, I placed the soap at the entrance to his anus. When Rob gasped in surprise, I gently admonished his reaction. “Now baby. How often have you told me to trust you, relax and to let your finger into my ass?”

Frankly I was shocked at my level of arousal at the threat of turning the tables and finger fucking his ass. I had come a long way from the vanilla good Catholic girl Rob had first met last October in Edmonton. As he relaxed, I pushed one, two then three of my longer fingers into and out of his rectum with my right hand, squeezing his cock with my left. Grinding my pussy hard against his hip, I gently bit his shoulder as this 6’3″ mass of masculinity surrendered to this perverted game of me masturbating him while I finger fucked his ass.

“It’s not “gay” for me to want to do to you what you do to me, you know,” I told him. “How does it feel?”

“Different, I don’t know.”

Pushing my fingers to rub against his prostate, I whispered into his ear, “Different bad, or different good?” Sensing his hesitation, I pushed harder against Rob’s prostate and concentrated my other hand on the crown of his cock.

“It feels good, doesn’t it Cowboy. Kinky, perverse, but you love your girlfriend finger fucking your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he whispered in reply, perhaps too afraid to really admit it.

Sensing he was close, I pulled out of his ass and swung him around to face me as I dropped to my knees. As the shower poured water onto my head, I took his cock as deep as I could into my mouth, and plunged my fingers back into his ass. Sucking his cock with all the vacuum I could create while continuing to massage his prostate with my long fingers, Rob grabbed my head with both hands and began to fuck my face. Then hearing him groan in release, I felt the jets of his cum in the back of my throat. As he writhed, I continued to suck all of the cum he had yet to give into my mouth until Rob, unable to take any more, pulled himself out of my grasp and sat down in front of me under the shower. I grabbed more shower gel to wash my hand, and crawled into his lap, where we continued to make out.

Looking into Rob’s eyes, I grasped either side of his head. “I am still waiting to get fucked, Cowboy! What’s it going to take to get that cock of yours hard and ready for action?” Still enjoying the dominant, a role I too rarely got to play, I stood up to put one leg over his shoulder and force my pussy into his face, leaning my hands against the back stone wall for support.

It might have been the pent up desire. It could have been the taboo kink of so dominating Rob as I had done for the last ten minutes. Perhaps it was the open sky, stars above with the warm shower water cascading over my back and shoulders as I felt him grip my ass with both hands and plunge his tongue between my labia and against my clit. No doubt it was all three, but as my orgasm began to build, I kept waiting for it to come. Instead, it just kept building to a level I rarely experience. Finally, I began to shake and nearly collapsed as my orgasm erupted. For the second time in our lovemaking, I felt myself squirt into Rob’s mouth. Sealing his mouth to my cunt, Rob drank my juices, then helped me collapse back into his lap until I was recovered.

Drying ourselves with the huge Four Seasons towels, we returned to the single bedroom with its King size bed. Our bodies dry, our heads wet, we nevertheless fell into one side of the bed. We had been in the shower for nearly half an hour, and it was now past midnight at the resort, nearly 6 a.m. Rob’s time, 4 a.m. mine.

“You need to sleep more than I need to be fucked Cowboy,” I whispered as I gently kissed his chest. Hearing his deep breathing, I cuddled into his body until sleep took me as well.


Rob and I are still together after fifteen years because our euphemism for sex — “play” — was and remains only a small part of the deeper relationship between us. We still enjoy just being together, and that was how we spent most of our time at the Four Seasons.

At least twice a day we would make love — often slow and sensuously. However most of our time was spent enjoying the sun, pools, ocean beach and fabulous food the Four Seasons had to offer. Rob was equally needy with touches and hugs, to remind us both that we were back together.

My 25th birthday arrived midway through our mini — vacation. Rob of course insisted that we have a very romantic private dinner brought to our suite. I had decided it was time that I gave in to his second fetish.

After dinner when room service had taken away our dishes, the two of us sat on the lanai facing the ocean. It was dark, about 8:30 in the evening, the beach was virtually deserted. Our suite had two large sliding glass doors that when open, gave us a floor to ceiling opening at least 8 feet wide with a view directly onto the beach and ocean. We sat there on the couch, sipping wine, my calves in Rob’s lap as he lazily stroked my legs. I excused myself, and headed towards the ensuite bathroom. Enroute, I opened the night table on my side of the bed and grabbed the small bottle of KY Jelly that I had brought with me to Hawaii.

I had been practising over the summer, occasionally inserting fingers, later hair brush handles into my well soaped rectum while masturbating in the shower. Although I was hesitant to try taking Rob’s much longer and thicker cock into my ass, the very taboo nature of such an act combined with my wanting to give my love what he wanted had motivated me. Now seemed the perfect opportunity given how relaxed and happy we were back together after the summer separation. I pulled off my clothes and spreading my legs while bending over the counter, I pushed large dabs of the KY into and around my anus and rectum. Washing my hands well, I returned to Rob wearing only a soft T-shirt.

Walking into the “living” area of the suite, I was keenly aware that with the sliders wide open to the ocean view, anyone could see, or more likely hear any “playtime” I might encourage with Rob. Perhaps that’s why I kept on my T-shirt. My nipples pebbled as Rob’s eyes and face lit up as I slowly returned to where he was sitting on the couch. Dropping to my knees, I placed the bottle of KY on a side table, and reaching for Rob’s shorts and underwear, pulled both off of his legs. I had thought to take his cock in my mouth to get him really hard, but the sight of the KY bottle already done the job.

I straddled Rob, and began kissing him, taking his cock in my hand and rubbing it alon my pussy and clit.

“I have to be in control,” I said. “Nice and slow, and I will try to give my ass to you.”

Rob cupped my breasts in my hand through the soft cotton of my T-shirt as we French kissed and I continued to slide the pussy lips up and down upon the back of his cock. Rising up, I placed his cock to the entrance of my pussy, and slowly lowered myself.

“Oh, so good, so full,” I moaned into his ear. “Do you want to fuck my ass?”

“Oh God, yes,” Rob whispered in reply.

“Then don’t move Cowboy.” With that I reached for the KY and rising up on my knees, pulled Rob’s cock from my pussy. Squeezing a large dollop of KY onto the crown of his cock, I coated it liberally with my before grasping Rob’s cock and presenting its crown to my anus.

“Don’t move until I tell you,” I said looking into his eyes. Closing mine and willing my ass to relax, I lowered by ass a little, letting the full crown breach my anus and the entrance to my rectum. I remained absolutely still, eyes closed, silently chanting to my self to, “relax, relax, relax ….”. When I felt ready, I continued to slowly lower myself down, taking more and more of Rob’s cock into my ass. In what seemed much longer than a minute or two, the cheeks of my ass were flush to Rob’s thighs and I felt this incredible, perverse fullness.

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