Master Robert’s gift

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Author’s note: Master Robert and his slave, wife, submissive Anna are back (see my stories “Anna’s Punishment and reward” and “Anna’s new regimen” on this site). Re back. You don’t have to read them to understand, but in case you already did. Here are a few basics to refresh your memory: Robert Masterton, A former football star, now turned self-made millionaire, lives as Master to his wife and “pet” Anna, who aside from being ‘his’ in their private life, is the Vice president of Finances for a multi national Fortune 100 firm. Special thanks go to my patient beta reader Andrea.

Summary: returning from a business trip Robert tells Anna about his journey and has a surprise for her.


It was late afternoon on a Thursday. Robert Masterton turned his key in the lock of the front door of their house. He was looking forward to see his wife and pet again after three and a half weeks in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo to check on his local offices and inaugurate the new Tokyo office. He was half an hour early because his flight had ridden in on a tailwind for most of the time. So, he did not expect to find his beloved submissive already waiting on her knees in her spot on the Persian carpet in the corridor.

Having finished all of her preparations for her Master’s return Anna passed through the corridor when Robert returned. She recognized her Master and hurried towards the door. By the time she had reached the Persian carpet Robert had pulled his suitcase inside, closed and locked the door again. To say that she had missed him very much during his absence would have been an understatement of massive proportions. She had dreamed of him every night, the whole night. She had dreamed of being made love to, gently and firmly, of being taken in her mouth, her sex and her anus, of feeling him inside of her, of being allowed to enjoy herself, of being denied her release.

She had dreamed that he would come home and make love to her and then tell her that from now on they would always follow the rules of her stage II regimen, that it would be normal for them and would no longer be reserved for times when her Master felt that she needed a special punishment. She had dreamed that he would make her crawl all the time and that she no longer would be allowed to talk about herself in the first person, except when at work. She had dreamed that he had decided that he wanted her to wear a clear sign of his ownership and would have his initials branded on her outer labia. She had dreamed that he would give her so much maintenance discipline that not a day would go by without her being in pain one way or the other. But none of this had made her love her husband and Master any less in her dreams or made her not crave to obey his slightest order. Now, he was back and the dreams had no power against the reality of his presence. Now, he was back and she did not need the dreams anymore.

Anna crossed the carpet as fast as the eight inch hobble chain between her ankles and her six and a half inch high heels allowed, raised her arms and stretched them over her Master’s head. Robert pulled Anna closer, against his front and raised her up, but he still had to lower his head to be able to look into her eyes.

“Hello, my darling, my pet. I missed you. It’s good to be home again.”

“I missed you as well, Master, so much, you have no idea. I hated every single night I had to spend without you, my Robert, my beloved Master. Even being locked up in one of the cages did not make me feel safe and secure. I missed you so much, Master. Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, my pet. I did. It was everything I had hoped for, very successful, but the next time I’ll have to leave for such an extended trip I will not leave you behind. I will take you with me. Without you everything is only half as fun. Just talking to you via the video phone is by far not enough. It made the whole situation bearable but I will not willingly put myself in such a position ever again, sweetie. We will find a way for you to connect remotely to your office while we are gone; that way you can still work while I do my job. And now, my pet, tell me: Have you been a good girl while I was gone? I know you have been good and obedient up until yesterday evening, doing all your chores and everything else I have asked of you. Has anything happened in the meantime, sweetie? Or why are you wearing a hobble chain?”

“Yes and no, Master. When we spoke yesterday, you told me that when I did my mandatory masturbation before going to sleep, I should give myself an orgasm. I’m sorry but I have to tell you, Master. I failed you. I tried very much to come, but I could not. I tried but I was not able to give myself that last decisive push. I tried to tell myself that I was only obeying your orders but without your tangible presence my imagination was not good enough. I failed you, Master, please punish me for disobedience,” Anna rushed those words out and pressed herself even closer against his body Sahabet as if in search of protection; her whole body was slightly trembling, and she did not dare to look her Master in the eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, calm down. I said you should come, I did not tell you that I wanted you to come. I did not order you to come. I said ‘should’ as a strong suggestion not an order. You did not disobey me. In fact I’m glad that you were not able to come. I have been looking forward to see you come for the first time after three and a half weeks of abstinence.”

Robert put his hands on Anna’s buttocks to get a better hold on her. She flinched at the touch, almost imperceptibly but for her experienced Master it was as plain as day to see. “What happened, baby-girl? Your buttocks can not still be that sensitive from the buttocks’ maintenance on Friday, almost a week ago.”

“No, Master, the cane marks are from earlier today. Master Charles called today shortly after lunch. I was busy with two other calls I had to put on hold to talk to him though I really did not want to but I knew that I could not keep him waiting or make him call again. He wanted to reassure himself that his duties as my guardian during your absence really ended today or if he should expect me tomorrow morning to ask for my Friday maintenance session. I was not in the right frame of mind to stand on protocol: so I ended the call before Master Charles did.

“About an hour later Master Charles came to my office, took me to the disciplinarian room, made me bend over the spanking horse and gave me a solid caning with the fiber glass cane. The way he had put my hands on the front legs of the spanking horse was uncomfortable; so I changed my grip. Master Charles then gave me six additional strokes for breaking position, thirty-six strokes instead of thirty. He ordered me to hold my position after he was done and wrote a note for you with suggestions on how to complete my punishment for disrespect and uppity. He put the note in a white envelop, made me thank him and left. I put it on the Island in the kitchen for you, Master.”

“Pet, do you think that you deserved to be punished? Or do you think that Master Charles overstepped his boundaries by caning you outside of a maintenance session?”

“I should not have ended the call before Master Charles did. He was right. It was disrespectful and irreverent. I deserved the caning, and whatever other punishment you deem appropriate, Master. Master Charles was not talking to the Vice president of Finances of a multi-national company. He was speaking to the submissive of his friend, a submissive his friend had left in his temporary care. My thoughtless actions insulted Master Charles. It was his right to administer punishment for those transgressions in your absence. Do you want to have a look at his suggestions now, Master?”

“Do you know what he had in mind, pet?”

“No, Master, he did not find it necessary to tell me. The white envelop has your name on it I would never open that without your permission.”

“It can wait. Now, tell me about the hobble chain.”


During their talk Robert had carried Anna past the living room to their bedroom and deposited her on the bed, face first. He inspected the cane marks. Charles was more than just proficient with the cane. The marks would be gone by the next morning, but the skin would still be tender for a few more days.

“Just as I should have expected Charles did an excellent job with the cane, clear, individual marks without any crisscrossing, very thorough. Depending on how you react tomorrow morning, I might take it easy on you during your maintenance sessions, but I won’t make any promises.”

“I do not deserve your leniency, Master.”

“That’s for me to decide and for you to accept, baby-girl.”

“Yes, of course, Master.”

Robert caressed his pet’s flanks and buttocks with so light a touch of which a casual observer would never think the former football player capable.

“The hobble-chain, pet. Why?”

“Just a precaution, Master. I put it on to prevent myself from running at you and jump your bones the moment of your return. It worked. It served its purpose. I would be very grateful if you could take it off again, if it so pleases you, Master. I know that though I’m allowed to put on disciplinarian item as I deem fit when you are not around, Master; I’m not allowed to remove them without your permission.”

“Not right now, sweetie. I first want to put my suitcase in the laundry room, change into something more comfortable and read Charles’ recommendations. Stay where you are, I’ll be right back.”

Robert knew that Anna would not even move a muscle without his permission. He slipped into a pair of sweatpants and a muscle t-shirt, picked up Charles’ missive from the kitchen. Pushed his suitcase in the laundry room and came back.

He sat down next to his prone wife and opened Charles’ letter. Charles expressed his disappointment Sahabet Giriş at Anna’s unexpected actions and described his outrage at the way he had been treated by his friend’s submissive wife. In addition to the caning he proposed to keep her in a strict bondage for at least twelve hours, followed by another caning after the end of the bondage session. He also proposed that Robert should lecture her on the proper ways to treat another Dominant and ban her from the bed for at least a couple of days.

“I guess Charles already told you what you did wrong while he punished you.”

“Yes, Master. He reminded me that with asking him to take care of my maintenance discipline you gave him temporary authority over me and that it was his duty as my temporary disciplinarian to make sure that I understood the consequences of my actions. I do not remember everything he said, Master, at one point I was too busy focusing on trying not to scream in pain. When he made me wait while he wrote the note for you, my Robert, he emphasized that his wife would not get off this easily had she acted that way with him.”

“You do not seem to be very contrite about your lapse in judgment, pet. Before I decide if or if I will not follow Charles recommendations I need to know something. You know it was wrong to end the call before Charles had dismissed you; you know that action deserves to be punished. Would you have told me about it if the good Charles had not taken matters in his own hands to drive the message home?”

“Yes, Master. I would have told you. I knew it was wrong the moment I had ended the call. In a way I was relieved when he came to punish me. It made me feel less guilty.

“It balanced the scales, at least in my mind. I should have remembered what Megan told me one night in a cuddle pile. She said that a spanking or caning is never the only punishment her Master imposes. It’s always accompanied by some sort of bondage and additional chores or maintenance sessions. So, Master have you decided if you will follow Master Charles’ recommendations?”

“You’re really nosy, my pet. Has no one ever told you that patience is a virtue, baby-girl?”

“In my book patience is completely overrated. For the last three and a half weeks I have been patient. I have done nothing but long for your return, dream about your strong, loving hands touching my skin, fantasized about your beautiful tool embedded deep inside of me, making me come again and again; imagined how it would be to get to taste you again, to swallow your wonderful seed. I missed you so much, Master.”

“You, my pet, are very eloquent and usually flattery will not get you anywhere, but I also missed you while I was gone. I never thought that I would one day say and mean that, my Anna, but I’m addicted to you. I had more than enough opportunities to have my needs taken care of by willing women, but I was not even tempted. Without you at my side, my own hands were enough, but you are here now. And it’s time. Just thinking about your sweet lips around my shaft makes me hard, but not as hard as letting you do it yourself will.”

Anna slid from the bed and knelt on the floor; Robert raised his hips and Anna pulled his sweatpants down. The tip of his cock was pulsing slowly and it was already half erect. Anna bent forward and touched his freshly epilated balls with the tip of her fingers.

“No teasing, baby-girl. Get to work. By the way I have a surprise for you.”

Anna stopped what she was doing and looked up to her Master with big, curious eyes, “A surprise? I love surprises, Master, will you show me?”

“It’s not the kind of surprise that can be shown or unpacked or something. I’ll let you know when I think that the time is right and now no more about that until I say so; back to work, sweetie.”

Anna answered with actions not with words. She closed her lips over his moist head and started to lick. Robert’s reaction was almost instantaneous. His penis grew and he groaned. He reached for her head as she had known he would, but he did not push her deeper than she went willingly. Robert knew she would go deeper and faster soon, and leave him no choice but to come or make her stop, but he did not want her to stop not any time soon. He had been patiently waiting to first fill her mouth and throat with his seed and then later take her pussy and make her scream his name.

But first it was Robert’s turn to moan and finally scream when Anna pushed his head as deep in her throat as it would go, way past her usual gagging point. She swallowed everything he had to offer and only pulled her head a bit back when his ejaculate started to slow a bit. She wanted at least a small taste of his divine cum. She knew she had missed his taste but she had had no idea that she had missed it that much, that he tasted so wonderful. Then she waited patiently for his penis to shrink again but before it was back to his normal flaccid size, Robert grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and pulled Sahabet Güncel Giriş her up on the bed. He held her in his arms and stroked her back. He was tempted to pat the welts on her butt cheeks but she felt so nice resting on top of him all mellow and relaxed and yet, his nose told him, extremely aroused. Robert knew she had every reason to be but he did not plan on giving her her much wanted release any time soon.

“Now, my sweet pet, do you intend to feed me or will we have to go out?”

“I prepared one of your favorites, Master, it only needs a few finishing touches. Hungarian goulash with hand made pasta and green salad, and a nice bottle of Spanish red wine that has been breathing for the last two hours.”

“Sounds good, baby-girl. Now go and get started. I’m hungry. Besides the hobble chain stays in place. I like the way it forces you to walk. It emphasizes the play of your muscles. And, sweetie, I want you to set the table for two.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, baby-girl.”


Robert complimented her on her cooking and asked about her work, in more detail than he had during their daily video sessions. Robert took his after dinner Brandy in the living room while Anna cleaned up the kitchen. When she was done he made her sit on his lap, started to play with her nipples and breasts and at her prompting began to tell her about his trip.

“Hong Kong was your first stop, Master, right?”

“Yes, baby-girl. I’ll never know why some people find that city so extremely appealing. It’s full, no overcrowded and dirty, no filthy and loud, no deafening and hectic, no chaotic; and I swear with every visit it gets a bit more oriental and less ordered. There are parts of the town that don’t have any street names at all or at least a numerical system that helps to distinguish one house from the other.

“Master, I don’t want to contradict you, but everything you just said is also true of where we live. New York is re-known in the whole world to be full and dirty and loud and hectic, but you once told me that you would never want to live anywhere else. Yes: it’s all of that but it’s also quiet and beautiful and peaceful and friendly. I’m sure if one knows where to look you’d find the same is true for Hong Kong.”

“Maybe, sweetie, and maybe the next time I’ll go there and have you with me we’ll find those peaceful and beautiful spots together.”

“I would like that very much, Master. Except for not liking the city, how was your trip? If I remember right you went there to make sure that the new security systems work according to your specifications.”

“Yes, Anna, I did. The installation was almost complete when I came to the office, as had to be expected there were a few glitches that had first to be ironed out. It was more work than I had foreseen but less demanding than I had feared. I had planned for four days of fine tuning, but with the help of my head of security I got it done in three. The next day we had a little party and the day after that I took the next flight out to Beijing.”

“I went to the office right after I had checked in at the hotel. I was a day early and a few of my people were a bit nervous at having been surprised. I looked through a couple of active files after I had a short talk with my new office manager. The official reason for my visit, just like in Hong Kong was supervising the installation of the new security measures, but I also wanted to gain a first hand impression about my new manager: A young man named Tanju Man.”

While talking Robert played with Anna’s nipples and breasts and flanks, occasionally he let one hand slide down her belly and dipped a finger in her wet folds. Her clear and evident arousal made his cock stir in his pants, driving them both crazy with want, but he told himself to be patient and that he had the whole night to get reacquainted with his beloved wife. Anna had her head on his shoulder and moaned softly at his insistent, teasing ministrations.

“His predecessor though having been highly recommended had been such a disappointment. He had embezzled money and had been stupid enough to get caught with the hand in the cookie jar, almost literally. The audition team stopped him when he was in the middle of wiring a sizable sum from a corporate account to his private account in Nassau. So, having him replaced and file civil charges against him was a no-brainer.

“Getting the security system running this time took only two days, because I already had a pretty good idea about its weak spots. I was tired when I came back to my hotel room after a full day at the office. When I entered the bedroom I found a naked young woman lying on my bed. She jumped up when she saw me and got down on her knees and started to kiss and lick my shoes. I pulled her up and ordered her to stop. Her back had been recently whipped and there were cane marks on her buttocks. She was about five foot six tall with long, dark shiny hair and a very slim figure. I told her to calm down and tell me what she was doing in my bed and asked who had let her in. I pulled her over to the bathroom and made her wear a hotel-issued terry-cloth robe. I made her lie down on the couch and took a seat on the couch table to find out what she had to say.”

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Mastering Submission Ch. 16

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In the manner of Gregory Maguire, who provided us with a version of the childhood standard The Wizard of Oz through the eyes of the “wicked” witch, I have re-written my favorite BDSM story, Both Master and Slave, written by Martin Sharpe (published in 2001 by Silver Moon Books in Great Britain), from the point of view of the submissive, rather than the Master, who was Mr. Sharpe’s narrator. I hope that fans of the original book will accept my version for the tribute that it is meant to be.


Long before Sally came to live with us, Master and I had discussed what historical figures influenced the manner in which Master exercised his domination. I was surprised to learn that Master credited Carl Maria von Clausewitz, the great military theorist, as his strongest influence. According to Master, von Clausewitz believed one must gather all one’s forces and hit one’s enemy where he was weakest. Master, in his inimitable way, had taken this precept and applied it to his practice of dominance, but by standing it on its head. Master did not hit or in any other way attack a submissive at her weakest point. Rather, Master does the opposite: Master uses the greatest force on the parts of a slave’s body where she is least vulnerable to damage. Master’s belief, honed over years of dominating slaves, is that, when punishment is applied correctly, the human body can take more than most people would believe.

Master was fond of stating, for example, that we humans have an immensely strong rib cage, particularly if it is struck with a relatively large instrument. To Master’s way of thinking, this concept naturally led to the boxing matches that made the three of us famous in London S&M circles. It became so popular we did guest appearances in Manchester, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Over one weekend, we even performed at a party in New York.

It took a long time to persuade me to play this particular game, because I did not think women should box and, depending on my brain to make a living, I feared Master might get carried away and hit me on the head. My fears were silly, really, as a good master never gets carried away, and I knew from personal experience just how good a Master my Master was!

Perhaps it’ll be clearest if I told you about one of our shows, exactly as it happened. Not the first one, which we staged at one of Dave and Fuckpuppet’s torture parties, but later when we’d worked out a smooth routine.

Master drove his two slaves to a big house in North London, in St. John’s Wood. Though it was a fine evening, we walked up to the imposing front wood wearing those raincoats you see so much of around S&M parties.

It wasn’t a fancy dress affair, though there’s an element of dressing up at every S&M function. There were masters and mistresses in fine leathers, slaves wearing collars and leashes, and one gorgeous redhead had her head sealed into a steel cage, but the guests were there for the action, and already you could hear the sound of whips cracking and the moans of slaves in pain.

We weren’t the only ménage a trois, either. A stunning, willowy blonde was hanging upside down against a wall while two black men dressed as sailors whipped her breasts and the fronts of her thighs. Another unforgettable sight was a dark haired beauty standing tied to a pillar, everything except her head and her large breasts swathed in cling film, while a scrawny urchin with a crew-cut and a ring through her nose stuck drawing pins into the flesh around each nipple, working outwards to make a complete brass bra. There were so many pins embedded in that soft flesh that the weight of the metal was dragging the breasts down. We stood and watched as the mistress pushed in the last one and grinned. “A hundred polished pins,” she told her slave gleefully. “That’s a dozen more than last time. You’re a shining example to every other bitch in the room.”

Sally and I were transfixed at the sight of this pinned slave. With Sally it was pure lesbian lust; what I was feeling was fear and curiosity, wondering what it would be like to be tied up and pierced again and again, on view to the casual partygoer. We stepped up for a closer look. As well as the drawing pins embedded in the breasts, each nipple was skewered with two long needles. Strangely enough, the slave’s face looked impassive, as if those tortured globes of flesh belonged to somebody else.

“Can I touch?” Master asked.

“Be my guest,” replied the mistress.

Master ran the palms of his hands over the heads of the pins, and the girl winced.

“Smack them,” the mistress suggested. “That’s what she likes.”

Master did so, and the slave moaned.

“They’re very beautiful,” Master said.

“Thank you. I’m going to make her wear them home and sleep like that,” her mistress smugly replied.

Master shrugged. “I was hoping to watch you take them out. You’re a lucky woman. You’ve got yourself a very fine slave.”

“Thank you, Master,” said the slave through gritted teeth.

“Shut your face,” Master Sahabet growled. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Master turned to me, and said, “As I’m always telling you, Meat, no matter how great your tolerance becomes, a way can be found to test you still further.”

I nodded, awed.

Both Sally and I kept looking back as we walked away. That sight, I knew, would haunt our dreams.

On the other side of the same room, a sweet little curly-headed blonde was standing on tiptoe by the window, nailed by her tongue to the window-frame, breasts flat against the glass. I later learned that her piercing was nothing more advanced than the stud in many tongues these days, but the effect was spectacular — of course, the fact that an elderly man in a morning suit was busy marking the woman’s shoulders and buttocks with a cane added to the effect!

Before I began submissive service, my only personal experience with piercings was having each ear lobe pierced once, so the piercings I saw at parties usually took me aback. Not just because of my conservative professional image, I was relieved to have Master explain to me that he does not care for permanent slave piercings — Master believes piercings spoil the line of lovely breasts, noses or cunt lips. Of course, this did not mean that Master could not employ temporary piercings when he felt they were useful in immobilising a slave with a ring or a hook.

Anyway, to return to that St. John’s Wood party, our host (a young man wearing slave trousers with holes in the back to show off his already beaten buttocks) greeted us enthusiastically. “Thank you so much for coming,” he said, leading the way. “Everyone’s dying to see your performance.” This was clearly true: masters and mistresses broke off from the action to watch us. When we got to the room set up for us, Sally took our coats and piled them neatly on the windowsill.

Sally was wearing nothing but a bow tie and a pair of white cuffs on her wrists. Master had black boxing shorts, with high black lace-up boots.

As we arrived, Master leaned over and told me he thought I looked glorious. I was lightly made-up, my hair done in soft curls. Sally laced lime green boxing gloves onto my hands, which matched my boots and the silk dressing gown over my shoulders with the word “champ” embroidered on the back in purple silk.

Master strode about the room, laying a length of scarlet cord into a square. Then Sally helped Master put on his boxing gloves.

By now the sounds of whippings and moanings had died down; everyone crowding into the one room. Even the brass-breasted girl with the drawing pins in her chest was there, and the girl with the pierced tongue had been set free to enjoy the show. I knew that Master was well-acquainted with many of these people personally, and most of the rest by reputation. Master murmured to both Sally and to me that, to have so many respected masters and mistresses gather round to watch, was an honour indeed.

“Listen up,” Master told the crowd. “This cord represents the boxing ring, so stay outside it. Someone get me a stool for the corner.”

Master hit his gloves together, and I shrugged off my silk gown. I had many humiliation outfits, but this was far and away Master’s favourite. I was wearing nothing but those boxing gloves and boots, with a fair imitation of the Lonsdale Belt slung round my hips. The only thing on my as yet unmarked chest was a touch of lipstick on nipples that were already hard with excitement. I had come a long way from that first party when I wore the beekeeper’s outfit. I stood, proud and virtually naked, accepting the admiring glances of the crowd. We met in the center of the room with our Assistant Cunt acting as referee.

“I want a good clean fight,” Sally told us, “with lots of pain. Shake hands and come out fighting.”

Master adopted a boxer’s crouch and Sally rang a bell to announce the start of the first round.

I raised my gloves above my head and danced towards Master, ready for the first blow to fall, reveling in the knowledge that a whole room full of people loved me with their eyes. After shuffling around the ring a little, Master caught me in one of the corners. A straight left flattened one breast; a right hook set the other one swaying.

The action was tough and violent, but every movement was utterly controlled. The blows that landed on breast flesh were hard enough to sting, but no more. The punches on the ribs were much fiercer. Now and again Master would land a really hard one between the tits that would send me staggering back into the crowd. Strong arms grabbed me and shoved me back into the ring for further punishment.

All eyes were on the loser. When I grunted at a particularly savage blow, women in the crowd let out little cries of sympathy.

Sally walked around us, pretending to referee the match, watching my face in case the combination of pain and the attention of all those masters and mistresses made me come. If a sudden orgasm Sahabet Giriş made me lose my balance and fall, Sally would step forward and catch me. I, of course, never attempted to hit back at Master, and Master didn’t hit below the belt or lay a glove on my face, though my chest was taking one hell of a beating.

After a few minutes Sally rang the bell. I sat on the stool as Sally fanned my face with a towel and Master danced around the ring, hitting his gloves together and threatening the slaves in the crowd. Now and again, if Master thought it would be welcome, Master would punch a proffered breast, but mostly Master just dazzled us all with his footwork.

Then Sally rang the bell for the next round.

When I rose from my stool, I knew it gleamed with my juices. Another slave, a little Chinese girl, dropped to her knees and deftly licked it clean. By round three, the crowd was beginning to get into it, calling out shouts of encouragement:

“Hit the bitch!”

“Whack her tits!”

“Show her no mercy!”

By the fourth round, the crowd had fallen silent again, everyone in the room staring at my chest. Master landed a fierce left that had my sweat spattering across the faces of the crowd. The right that followed caught me full in the chest and sent me staggering. The eyes of the masters and mistresses glittered. The slaves looked shocked; one or two were actually crying.

By now I was letting out little grunts of pain and excitement as the punches landed on me. The essence of a performance like this is that it combines theatre and reality, illusion tempered with the genuine pain proven by the light bruising on the breasts and the heavier marks on my sides. The end was getting close, now: I had taken an enormous battering. I was tiring, but at the same time becoming more and more aroused. Master began to step up the punishment, hitting me hard on the breasts, building up the intensity until the blows on my tits were strong enough to shake my whole body, and until my breasts began to become discoloured by the rain of blows.

This was the fifth round (the most I ever went to was seven). By now, the ring had changed shape. This always happened towards the end of our displays. At the start, the crowd would form a neat square which we would dance round and then, as I stopped moving and it became a simple one-way slugging match, the audience would break ranks and move in closer. I am not even sure they realised they were doing it. In any case, each boxing match ended with a crush of people round us waiting for the last blow to land.

Master was no longer dancing on tiptoe; Master was flat-footed, exhausted, pounding away, his desire building with every blow that fell.

As the punches grew harder, I was no longer aware that we were putting on a show for the roomful of people honouring me with their attention. My imitation of a boxer’s footwork had reduced to a rhythmic swaying from side to side. My nipples were erect, girl juice running down the inside of my thighs. My eyes were hooded, in an erotic parody of a boxer who had taken too many blows to the head. My sight and hearing had closed down, all my circuits concentrating on what was happening to my skin. Master nodded to Sally, who moved in closer. I slumped to my knees, the sign Master had been waiting for. Master stepped forward and knocked me flat with a light punch to the chin.

Master had taught me that, to a true slave like me, being hit can be as arousing as having my clit licked. I lay at Master’s feet, rubbing the laces of my gloves against my nipples and moaning. Nothing existed but my body, and what had happened to it.

Sally stepped forward, counted me out, raised Master’s hand in victory and then dropped to her knees. Sally pulled down Master’s shorts, and sucked Master off, directing his sperm onto the mass of overlapping bruises on my chest, and onto my face.

Master dropped to his knees, Sally crouched down, and the two of them held me and comforted me on the slow journey back to reality. The crowd was silent now, impressed and shocked by the scene that had taken place in front of them.

They fell back as Master and Sally raised me to my feet. I beamed with pride, all trace of shyness gone as Sally and Master stood on either side, holding my hands. The crowd broke from its spell and burst into tumultuous applause, and we bowed.

Afterwards Master wandered round the house with a slave on either arm, enjoying the action taking place all around us as masters and mistresses, inspired by our show, laid into slaves inspired by my docility and tolerance to accept even higher levels of pain.

“Assistant Cunt” was exactly the right title for Sally, because Master concentrated most of his attention on me. Though Master fucked, buggered, and whipped both of us mercilessly, more often than not Sally was called on as witness and helper while Master worked on me. Just by standing there and holding the equipment, Sally put new life in all our games. Sahabet Güncel Giriş Sally added intensity, and a sense of ceremony, that brought every scene to a different level of power.

* * *

One rainy Sunday afternoon, Sally helped Master hang me in a big leather sling suspended from the beams in the Music Room. The room was a blaze of lights, all the overhead bulbs burning and every moveable lamp in the flat carried upstairs to shine on my suffering body. The scene Master set was stunning: Master in his best dominance leathers, Sally in a vinyl maid’s outfit, and me absolutely naked except for leather restraints on my wrists and ankles.

“Both you two bitches are going to love this,” Master told us. “Assistant Cunt, slip a raincoat over those maid’s clothes and go out to the common for stinging nettles. Make sure you get plenty. And you can pick up a few dock leaves.” While Sally was out, Master killed time by telling me exactly what was going to happen.

When Sally returned, she stripped off the mac. “Pull down the top of your uniform,” Master ordered. “Nice and slow; I want to take a good, long look at your tits, because I’ll be working on them next week.” Sally obeyed. She reached up and perched the maid’s cap on her dark, frizzy hair, and then busied herself preparing a tray which she showed to me: nettles, clothes pegs, a row of bulldog clips attached to a length of flex, a thin paddle made from solid hickory, like a slightly broad school ruler, and a tiny nipple whip made from the finest kid.

On Master’s command, Sally covered my eyes with a scarlet scarf, knotted it firmly, and stood by to hand the implements to Master one by one.

Before Sally had me safely blindfolded, I watched Master set up a camcorder on a tripod, train it at my breasts, and then put a microphone near my mouth to pick up my screams. I knew that Master was not doing this to create something he would treasure — we had discussed how the infamous Spanner case in 1990 had showed how dangerous it was to keep a record of erotic torture in Britain. Master’s practice was to play it to me after the session was over, reminding me how brave I had been, and then Master would wipe it.

I heard Master switch on the camcorder as I felt Master’s hand kneading my breast flesh before pinching it between wooden jaws. To start with I just lay there, enduring it quietly, but my mind was frantically reviewing all the things Master had promised me whilst Sally was outside — I knew Master’s plan was to take me further, maddening me with pain. As the forest of pegs grew, firmly planted by Master on each of my breasts in turn, I ground my teeth together and moaned, legs writhing, straining against their bondage.

“Lucky little slut, isn’t she?” Master asked.

Sally didn’t answer.

“Speak up, Assistant Cunt. I can’t hear you,” Master prompted.

Sally sighed, “Yes, Sir. Meat is a lucky little slut.”

Master spread his fingers to strum the tips of the pegs before twisting them one by one, and I sang out my agony.

“Listen to that, Assistant Cunt,” Master ordered. “She’s enjoying this. Hear how much she appreciates my attentions.”

Next, I felt Master attach crocodile clips to each nipple, pulling first one and then the other, making the focus of my pain shift from side to side.

“What do you think, Assistant Cunt?” Master asked. “She seems to be having a good time, don’t you think?”

“Definitely, Sir,” replied Sally sullenly. “The bitch loves every minute.”

“Pay attention, dyke whore,” Master said harshly, whilst removing the pegs one by one from my breasts. “Your desires are showing.”

“I was just feeling sorry for her, Sir,” murmured Sally apologetically.

“So you should,” Master replied, “Because it’s not over yet.”

Immediately, I felt the breeze as Master picked up the narrow wooden paddle and began beating my swollen breasts as if they were the buttocks of a naughty schoolboy, making breast flesh bounce, bringing me to a place somewhere between orgasm and insanity. Then Master quickly removed the alligator clips before applying strokes from a tiny whip, stinging my nipples, making them swell harder than before.

“Master, it’s too much,” I whimpered. “I can’t take this.”

“Yes you can, you lying bitch,” Master replied. “You can take far more. And you will.”

“How many clothes pegs did she have?” Master asked Sally.

“Thirty-four, Sir,” Sally immediately replied, “seventeen on each breast. Plus the crocodile clips on the nipples.”

“Do you think you could take that many pegs?” Master asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Sally responded. “My breasts are bigger.”

“Good answer,” Master said. “How many strokes of the whip have I given her?”

“Sixteen, Sir,” Sally replied.

“Not nearly enough,” Master said. “But I’m tired. You’re the maid, Assistant Cunt. Go downstairs and get me something to drink.”

“What would you like, Sir,” Sally asked.

“That depends on Meat,” Master said, “what would you prefer, my darling?”

“Lemonade,” I said hoarsely. “I’d love a taste of lemonade.”

“So be it,” Master said. “Get me a glass of lemonade, Assistant Cunt. With a straw so I can make loud slurping noises while I’m drinking. That’ll make her feel even thirstier.”

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Little Nobody Ch. 02

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Please read chapter 01 of this story if you’d like it to make sense.


They didn’t so much sleep, as doze. Sean had flung his arm possessively over her, laying on his side – leaning into her. His chin on her shoulder. She was too dazed to move anyway. Their breathing settled slowly, into a rhythm – one rhythm. Lacey let it lull her, soothe her. She watched his chest rise…and fall for – she didn’t know for how long. It felt like a dream. She didn’t want to wake up and deal with what was happening. She didn’t think she could. So she sank into his breath, her chest matching his like the waves on an ocean. His eyes were closed but his hand began to move over her body. His hands were warm, and becoming strangely familiar on her skin. The sweat on her skin had dried now, to a film of cool salt. He licked at her shoulder, kissing and licking and tasting her skin. Slowly lazily his hand explored her. It was gentle but she knew he would not tolerate any ‘fight’ or resistance. He ran it in circles over her stomach, played with her neck, over her shoulders and arms. When she finally did start to move, her thigh rolled sideways and she let out a ‘urgh!” as it smeared in a sticky, cold pool of semen. He laughed at her when he looked down and saw. She flushed hot and angry.

“All right little plaything… I guess I should clean my toys before I put them up for the night,” he chuckled and she looked confused. A little slow on the uptake.

“YOU. You are my toy. Idiot!”

Lacey’s head was a hot muddle as she tried to wake herself up. She felt like she’d been run over. She ached inside.

“You’re going to go to jail for this eventually you know?” she muttered.

“I doubt that Little Nobody,” Sean said casually as he scooped her up. “And you forgot something.”

“Sir..” She said sullenly.

He lifted her easily, like she weighed nothing and carried her behind that tiled wall. Inside it was a shower, with a little fold out wooden bench which he set her down on. She leaned weakly back against the wall. It was cold pressed into her sticky hot back and woke her up a little more.

“Spread your legs, little nobody” he said quietly, reaching for the shower head.

“Why do you think you’re not going to jail? You already told me you wouldn’t kill me if I did as I was told. You’ll have to let me go eventually.” She was getting bolder, for some reason she felt she could. He pried her legs apart, when she didn’t comply.

“But you’re not doing what you’re told.” He grinned. She released the pressure and allowed him to spread her legs, looking away to the side. “What do you say?” he pushed. She pouted. He grinned. Was she playing his game now?

“Apologize slut!”

“Sorry..” she muttered sullenly.

“Apologize properly-” and he raised his hand till she flinched and quickly blurted

“Sorry Sir!” She had shut her legs as she flinched. He pushed them apart again and she let him.

“The reason I won’t go to jail, little nobody, is that I know you. I know what’s in you. And when I let you go – and yes – I will let you go, when that time comes you won’t want to go. You’ll come back.”

Lacey laughed, but it died away as she caught the look on his face. It was a dark, and fiery. She choked on the laugh, it echoed hollowly back to her. She looked down, trying to avoid him.

“Look at me.” Sean hissed and he crouched with the shower head between her legs as she tried to obey him. The shower head had good pressure and the water was warm. He aimed it directly at her clit. Lacey jumped and covered her pussy with her hand, trying to avoid the water. He sighed. It was a dangerous sigh. His chin jutted out, Lacey could tell he was frustrated. He stood and went to the little sink, and produced from a drawer a roll of tape. He quickly wrapped it around her thighs, and wove it through the slats on the wooden seat until her thighs were firmly lashed to the seat, spread wide for him. He resumed washing her tender abused little cunt.

“If you put your hands back anywhere NEAR your cunt, I’ll lash them to the shower piece up there and leave you here all night to squirm with the water directly on your clit.” She looked at him, trying to size up the threat. She didn’t think he was bluffing. She gripped the seat’s edge with both hands and steeled herself.

“Sir, its just so – EEEK!!!! Sensitive …. SIR please ..OOOOOooh,” and her hips gyrated Starzbet uselessly as he tortured her with the water. Sean only smirked and added soap, carefully soaping and then rinsing every little fold. Her pubic hair had been in a neat little triangle but he grabbed a razor and told her to stay very still, before shaving every little bit of modesty away from her lips. Lacey whimpered nervously, trying to stay in place. It tickled. He pressed the razor into the soft skin of her stomach as he finished, a quiet but clear threat. And then the rest of the little black hairs were chased off her skin, and down the drain.

Now he soaped the rest of her body, cleaning the grease from her neck, running his big hands all over her wet skin. Lacey knew she was enjoying this far too much. Her muscles ached from where her shoulders had been tied at an odd angle and he was working his thumbs into them just right. He smirked as she made little noises of enjoyment.

“We’re going to do one more thing before bed Little Nobody,” he announced, and she looked up at him apprehensively. He pulled the blindfold he’d had on her earlier from a hook on the wall, and slid it back over her eyes.

“What are we doing Sir?” She asked, trying to steady her voice. It was so disconcerting when she couldn’t see what he was doing. She didn’t expect him to answer.

“Testing you, I need to learn just a little bit more.”


“Whether or not your silly little mind understands what I’m doing or not does not matter. Figure it out, or don’t. My results will be the same,” She could hear him moving around as he talked – setting things down. She thought he was directly across from her. She heard the little trolley with towels on it being wheeled around. What in the hell was he going to do to her now?

She heard something electrical hum. Then stop. Then he stepped closer and something jingled and suddenly his thumb flicked her nipple. He pinched and pulled and flicked at them relentlessly until they were standing upright and Lacey had screwed up her face to keep from whining out loud. He was attaching something, pinching them with little clips and she couldn’t help but let out an “ahh!” as he tightened them on her tender flesh. Her breasts throbbed, and her clit pulsed in response. There was a chain connecting the clips on her nipples, she felt it laying cold against her skin. It made her shiver.

“How does that feel?” he asked her.


He slapped her tits lightly, a warning. It made her jiggle and the chain moved.

“What do you mean SIR,” she corrected quickly.

“I want you to tell me how it feels. How do your tits feel? Listen to your body bitch.”

“Um.. I don’t know? How the fuck do you think it feels? It hurts!”

“Stop thinking about the pain. Listen to your whole body. Is your clit throbbing?” And he ran a thumb ever so lightly over the top of her clit hood.

“Y..yes Sir.”

“So you like the pain?”

“No Sir.”

“Then why is your clit throbbing in response to the clips on your nipples?”

Lacey flushed. She did not know an answer.

He reached out and messed with the chain, and when he let go she was squirming as something heavy was tugging on the chain, pulling her tits down and making it hurt even more. Something weighing it down.

All of a sudden a bright light FLASHED in her face and she cried out in surprise. “What the fuck?”

He did not answer.

“Sir?” and then she heard the noise of a camera lens zooming – and another click. She was being photographed. Holy shit…

“I’m taking your picture Little Nobody,” he muttered. “I’m taking a picture of you naked, your legs spread like a little slut, tied to my chair. Your little ‘just fucked’ cunt spread and open for me….juicy, pink.. your nipples hard and weighted down,” The camera clicked again. “Your clit is huge. With every word I say it’s growing did you know that? It is throbbing with every flash of the camera. You whore.”

She shook her head and fought the ropes, trying to close her legs. He laughed and the camera flashed again and again. She was fumbling with the ropes with her fingers trying to untie them. One step forward, a clink and a tug and her arms were cuffed behind her back. She arched her back, writhing.

“Sit still.” he ordered.

She froze. Something rattled. Suddenly he was pushing something wet and cold between her pussy Starzbet Giriş lips, inside her.

“Ice for your frigid little pussy,” He chuckled to himself. “I’m going to make that pussy burn with cold little girl.”

She panted, and it felt funny but she did not squirm. Silence. She got the feeling he was just sitting back and watching. And then the cold began to hurt. It ached. She whimpered and wiggled and tried to push the cube out.

“Sir, sir, it hurts,” she begged. “It’s burning!”

“How does it feel, slut?”

“Aaaahhh!!! Take it out! PLEASE I”LL BE GOOD. PLEASE SIR!!”

He responded by adding another weight to her nipples, she moaned and arched more and then the camera flashed again, over and over.

Then something whirred, and he was holding something buzzing – vibrating, directly on her throbbing, fully exposed clit. She SCREAMED then, the sensations too were intense. Bucking and grinding and begging for release. Somewhere behind her, the camera (had he put it on automatic?) was flashing every few seconds.

“That’s my little cam whore – arch that back slut. You like this. You like this pain.” He told her again, without any question in his voice. She hung her head and moaned, like the slut he said she was. Somewhere inside her, she knew she believed him. Something rang true.

The vibrating thing went away, and a clamp – another one, was put directly over her clit hood. She squealed, it was so cold. The throbbing felt like something would burst. He was linking it to the chain between her breasts, so that when she arched her back – which was entirely involuntary at this point, it tugged all three points tight. The burn from the ice was finally melting… she felt the cold slick of water slipping from her burning little cunt. The ice cube was replaced quickly and deftly by something slick and round and… vibrating. It wiggled inside her, and she squirmed like nothing else. She was humping the air now and he pushed a button, on a cord between her legs and the vibrations became stronger still.

“Are you going to cum Little Nobody?”

She nodded, too ashamed to say it. Something whipped her thigh then – it STUNG like a mother fucker. She hissed, whipping her head around.

“From now on every time you don’t address me correctly you will be caned.”

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!! Please -” He whipped the other thigh with that long thin stick.

“I’ll ask you again, are you going to cum SLUT?”

“YES SIR” she hollered, and he brought the cane down on her sides, tits, as she writhed…. loosing any control.

Then he ordered “Cum NOW slut!” and her body obeyed. It was as if the order bypassed her mind. She just came, like he’d pressed a button. She convulsed, her pussy tightened, squeezing the vibrator inside her so tight. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. Her face burned. Her body throbbed. Her pussy gushed around that little egg. And the camera flashed away, over and over and over.

As she rode out the fog in her mind Sean began to pull the trappings from her body. He switched off the camera, and yanked the still buzzing egg out. And he pulled the clips off. He did not unfasten them, he just PULLED so that she screamed with every little final tug on the sensitive skin. Finally, the cuffs, the tape from her legs and then the blindfold. Lacey blinked dizzily in the light. She made the mistake of meeting his eyes. They searched her. Burning with a strange light in them. It unnerved her. It made her throb.

He moved the little table with the towels out of the way. She could see now the little tripod, the batteries, the egg vibrator, the cup of ice, and the clamps all laid out. It made her shiver. Across them all he laid the cane. The sting of it she could still feel in long sharp lines across her skin.

He moved forward to her then and taking the shower head in one hand he turned it on cold. Ice cold. And he hosed her down like he was washing a car. Coldly, from a distance. Like she was something dirty, to be rinsed down. Lacey drew her knees up to her chest in shock, shivering under assault of the water.

“It’s cold…. stop, please Sir!” she pleaded and he ignored her. Like he couldn’t even hear her, he rinsed the sweat from her body.

Then turning the shower off, he grabbed the camera and left her sitting there. She was not tethered, or restrained – and he had not told her if he wanted her Starzbet Güncel Giriş to follow or to stay. She shivered and hugged herself, leaning back on the seat. Her stomach tied itself in knots. What had she done wrong now? He was impossible to please. He was insane… surely. Wasn’t there a mental hospital in these hills somewhere. Maybe he was a patient… she almost laughed aloud. She knew it didn’t fit.


Lacey sat there waiting, assuming he was coming back shortly. She heard him moving around in the room outside. The little jingle as he started his computer. Finally, after what seemed like forever she was freezing so she gingerly got up and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself. All of a sudden he was standing in the little doorway to the bathroom. His hands on his hips. She dropped the towel and froze.

“I don’t remember telling you to move little nobody,”

She stared at the ground, shivering.

“Did I say you could move? Did I say, “Get yourself a towel, little nobody. Help yourself”?” He was speaking in a low, low tone. She shook her head.

“No Sir, but you didn’t tell me what to do.”

“You do not do ANYTHING without being expressly told to do it.” He had a robe in his hand, she assumed it was for her as he was already in one.

“This was for you,” he confirmed. “But because you helped yourself without asking, you have forfeited the privilege. You will be naked tonight for me.”

“But Sir, I’m Cold…”

“And I should care because?” She shut her mouth as he hung the robe, that warm fluffy looking robe carefully up on a hook.

“Follow me, little nobody,” and she was suddenly aware that it was a chilly night as she entered the main room again. Her toes curled, she felt so exposed. He pointed to a spot beside the desk on the floor. “Sit.” and she knelt down, toes curling under her butt. He tilted the laptop a little so she could see. He had a half smile across his face. She saw why, and shivered.

There, displayed across his desktop was her picture. She was arching towards the camera, her shoulders pulled back, her mouth open, tits pressed forward. The weights pulling her tender pink nipples down, and tugging on her clit. She was pressing so hard, the tape was digging deep ridges into her splayed thighs. Water ran all over her shoulders. Her cheeks were pink.

Lacey stared. Her mouth was open she realized as he closed it with a firm finger and thumb. He bent down to her ear.

“Ever seen yourself like this little nobody?” She shook her head.

“No Sir.” She found herself staring at the floor.

“How does it feel? How do you look?”

“Like a slut!” She blurted it out before she had even thought about it. He smirked.

“That’s not a bad thing girl. Not when you’re a slut for me. Not when it’s the way you are on the inside. It’s a lot better than hiding it all behind that -” and he pointed to a laundry basket in which the remains of her bulky school uniform lay. She covered her tits with her arms crossed across her chest.

“Sit here, and watch the rest of the slide show until I come and get you. Do not look away. Understand?”

She nodded.


“Yes Sir.” and she tilted her chin back up to the screen and he put the pictures on a slide show that filled the whole screen. He left her sitting there, she could hear him moving around the room behind her. Stacking pots and pans in the sink, checking locks etc. She did her best not to turn away and watch what he was doing. The pictures flashed across the screen, one after the other. She flushed, and felt the heat return between her legs. She wanted to turn away, as she watched the pink lines appearing on her skin where he caned her, his hand appear where he held that long vibrator to her clit, but for all she knew he was staring at her from behind to make sure she was watching.

She blinked. He was right, she’d never seen herself like this. Not just tied and tortured but… on fire. Finally the cycle was over. He must have taken over 100 pictures in that short time. She flushed and looked at her knees. She felt his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her. She rose, giddily a little having knelt for so long. The floor had made little pink lines across her shins.

“You look good in stripes” He chuckled, running his fingers over them as he led her back to the bed. He tied her to the headboard again, but the cuffs were looser this time. She had a lot of movement. She laid down, grateful to be in the warm bed. It was chilly even with the fire he had started across from the bed. It glowed, and he laid beside her. The last thing she saw before she fell asleep was the flickering light over his chest.

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Long Distance Pt. 03

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Many thanks to ViWriter for helping me edit this story.

It’s not required to read parts one and two first, but this story assumes you have, so some things may be confusing if you haven’t. The most important information to know is that Julia is wearing a remote-controlled vibrating clit ring that can detect how close she is to orgasm and tease her accordingly.

Contains: bondage, exhibitionism, orgasm control/denial, dominant/submissive, a bit of humiliation, and some mild breathplay.

“Oh my God,” Julia said, her hands going to her mouth.

“Hey, Jules,” Kelly murmured, offering her the bouquet of red roses. Julia accepted them after a pause, her astonishment fading into a wide smile as she inhaled the sweet scent. She took a moment to enjoy the lovely flowers before lifting her eyes to Kelly. Her wife was dressed in a well-tailored black suit that showed off her tall, slim form, a small smirk on her lips at Julia’s surprise. Kelly was all sharp features and lean physique to Julia’s more rounded face and comfortably curvy figure, and she looked just as good in a tux as a dress. In the few black-tie events that Julia had been invited to as Kelly’s plus one, her wife always wore a suit to counterpart her flowing dresses and displayed her wedding ring prominently, keeping her arm around Julia’s waist or shoulders and pulling her into kisses whenever it was even slightly acceptable. Two women just walking around together might be mistaken for friends, and Julia got so wonderfully shivery at the dominant show of mine that Kelly put on to let everyone know what the score was. Although the formalwear brought back good memories, she felt positively underdressed compared to her wife, standing in the doorway just wearing her normal office clothes.

“I wasn’t expecting the…” Julia waved a hand at Kelly’s outfit. “But God, it’s sexy.” Her wife looked good in a suit, and after the day of frustrating teasing Julia just wanted to push her down the hall and into bed. She stepped forward, pressing up against Kelly’s chest and going onto her toes for a kiss, then sniffed as she pulled back, smelling more than just the roses and her wife’s cologne. “Is that chicken?”

Kelly smiled. “Close your eyes. No peeking.” Julia obeyed and felt her wife’s hands rest on her shoulders, gently guiding her forwards. The smell of food and sweet cinnamon grew stronger as she was walked to the kitchen table, then she heard a chair being pulled out as she was directed to sit. She carefully settled into it as another dragging squeak suggested Kelly seating herself, and there was a faint metal noise. “Okay, you can open them.”

Julia opened her eyes and found herself at a fully-laid table. Their best silverware and plates were already set out, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Candles dotted the room, providing a soft luminance and filling the air with a delicious spicy scent. Kelly smiled at her from the other side of the table, holding up the lid of a covered dish to reveal a steaming plate of sliced chicken to go with a large bowl of salad.

“This is amazing. Thank you.” Julia grinned, her eyes sparkling. Kelly knew all her favorites, and even if her wife wasn’t the best cook she was incredibly sweet to do all this.

“I’m glad you like it.” Kelly’s smile turned into a smirk, and Julia felt the toe of her wife’s shoe against her leg as it teased up to the edge of her skirt. Her arousal, briefly forgotten in the reveal of dinner, immediately flared back up. Her wife was very thoughtful in other ways, too. If she had gone to this much trouble in the kitchen, Julia could guarantee she went to just as much if not more trouble in the bedroom. The thought made her shiver with a frisson of excitement, goosebumps raising on her skin.

Kelly served out the food and chatted with her as they ate, perfectly normal except for the gleam in her eyes as she played footsie with her denied wife. She slipped her shoe off at some point to better tease Julia and casually set her phone on the table, letting her see the upside-down controls of the app that had so wonderfully tortured her from all over the world. Julia inhaled sharply when the vibrations suddenly started up again, glad that she was almost finished eating. The food was delicious, albeit simple, and she wanted to enjoy the rare occasion of tasting her wife’s cooking. That proved extremely difficult when Kelly scooted forward to rub her foot against Julia’s damp panties, making her groan into a bite of chicken. She scraped the last few scraps of lettuce off her plate and downed her wine, flushed and breathing harder. Kelly grinned.

“You seem to be in a hurry.”

“I- I’ve been waiting all day.” Julia wiped at her mouth with her napkin and pushed out her chair, about to stand up.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Kelly said amusedly, holding up a finger and leaning in on her elbows. “You’ve been waiting all day, and you’ll keep waiting until I say.”

Julia wavered, then sat back Starzbet against her chair, a tiny frustrated noise escaping her. She loved it when her wife ordered her around, but all she could think about were the minutes of the evening slipping past that could instead be used by Kelly’s fingers, or Kelly’s mouth, or Kelly’s strap-on to turn her into an orgasmic puddle on the bed…

“Patience.” Kelly reached across the table to take Julia’s hand. “I’ve got something special planned, but don’t think I won’t deny you just because I’m being romantic.” Julia’s eyes widened, and Kelly grinned. “I want you to be good for me. Okay, babe?”

Julia nodded, shivering with submissive excitement.

Kelly waited just long enough to establish her dominance before standing up and walking around the table to Julia’s side, offering her hand. She took it and stood, allowing her wife to lead her down the hall. The door to their bedroom was closed, and Kelly ushered her inside before shutting it behind her. Julia looked around, confused. Almost every chair in their apartment was in here, including the folding ones they used when they had guests, all arranged facing towards the large bed. Kelly pressed up against her back, arms sliding around her waist as she murmured in her ear.

“I told you I had something special. I’m going to fulfill one of your fantasies.”

Julia tensed with realization even as she trembled with arousal, her hands coming up to her wife’s arms. “K-Kelly-“

“Shh…” Kelly kissed her earlobe, tightening her arms around Julia. “Do you trust me, Jules?”

“Y-Yes, of course, but…”

“Say it for me.”

“I…” Julia took a deep, shaky breath, and let it out in a heavy exhale. “I trust you.”

“Good.” Kelly gently rubbed her stomach, pressing a kiss into the side of her head. “I promise you, nothing bad will happen. I know your limits.” She turned Julia around, meeting her lips in a sweet, reassuring kiss. And another. And another, this time not so much soothing her anxiety as stoking the burning need between her legs. Kelly’s fingers pulled at the buttons of Julia’s blouse as soft noises escaped from between their lips, Julia submitting to her wife’s tongue when it pushed into her mouth. Her top was pulled down her arms and tossed away, and Kelly’s hands slipped down to her waist, tugging at the zipper of her skirt until it piled around her ankles.

Julia allowed her wife to lead her to the bed between fierce kisses, her heart pounding, wondering what Kelly could possibly be planning. She trusted her wife, totally and absolutely, but she couldn’t stop the nervousness from building inside her as Kelly guided her to lay down, breaking away from her lips. She reached behind Julia to unclasp her bra and moved to tug her damp panties down her legs, exposing her slick folds and swollen clit to the cool air. One of her guesses for what the night might hold was proven right when Kelly pulled up a padded cuff from under the corner of the bed where it attached to the leg, gently bringing her wrist up to it and fastening the strap to leave her arm bound. Her breathing grew shallow as Kelly restrained her, stretching out her limbs one by one until she was spread-eagle on the center of the mattress, naked, soaked, and truly helpless.

“Do they feel alright?” Kelly murmured, kneeling at her side, and Julia nodded, biting her lip. The cuffs were comfortable even when she tugged at them, not tight enough to be painful but nowhere near loose enough for her to slip free. Kelly shifted off the bed for a moment to step over to the closet and returned carrying a heavy cloth blindfold. She placed it over Julia’s eyes, carefully securing it around her head. “Can you see anything?”

“No,” Julia mumbled, her world completely dark. She wriggled a little, rubbing the back of her head against the bed to see if she could shift the cloth, and found that she was staying blind until her wife decided otherwise.

“Alright.” Kelly leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Julia’s lips. “Remember, just trust me. This is your fantasy.”

Kelly’s weight on the bed shifted away, and Julia heard the bedroom door open and close. Then, more faintly, the front door opening for a longer time before closing. Her heart slammed in her chest, her palms slick against her fingers as she curled her hands into fists.

The door opened again, and she heard what was unmistakably the sound of people shuffling in. She tensed on the bed and lifted up her head, furious humiliation rising to heat her whole face. She fought the cuffs uselessly, her chest tight, knowing she was completely exposed and dripping wet. She wanted to scream, but there was something about the quality of the noise that didn’t seem quite right and she suddenly remembered Kelly’s words. This is my fantasy. Just my fantasy. Oh God, but it feels so real.

Kelly came back, clambering onto the bed to kneel between her legs, and there was a creak of chairs and Starzbet Giriş rustle of clothing as everyone sat down. Julia shivered as Kelly rubbed a hand over her stomach, tense and needy, mortified even though she guessed the truth. It was impossible not to imagine those seats filled with people, their expectant, hungry eyes watching her tremble under Kelly’s touch as wetness drooled down from her lower lips. The ring began to vibrate in a slow, teasing pattern, just stimulating her enough to be frustrating.

“They’re here for you, babe,” Kelly murmured, her hands trailing over Julia’s body, rubbing from her thighs to her breasts for a brief squeeze before she leaned in to plant a kiss just below Julia’s navel. “They want to see how beautiful you are.” She kissed lower, at the top of her smooth-shaven mound. “How wet you are.” She brushed her lips even further down, just above her slick, swollen heat, smiling as Julia tried to lift her hips into the touch. “How desperate you are.” She planted a tiny peck over Julia’s clit, making her gasp. “How mine you are.” She took the sensitive nub into her mouth, swirling around the little buzzing ring with her tongue.

“Please,” Julia moaned quietly, her thighs tensing to try to hold Kelly in place as she pulled away.

“We’ve barely even started, Jules. I’d be depriving everyone of a good show if I let you come now.” She felt Kelly shift position, moving forward to straddle her stomach on the bed. “And you aren’t the only one they’re watching.” Julia heard the rustle of clothing, then something being tossed off the bed. A few moments later, Kelly’s dress shirt startled her by landing over her face. She inhaled sharply against the warm cloth, her world filled by the sweet scent of her wife. There was a soft noise of appreciation from the crowd, and Julia felt a completely irrational surge of jealousy. That was her wife.

“It’s a shame you can’t watch me. It’s been so long since I’ve stripped for you…” The weight against her stomach shifted when Kelly leaned forwards to lay uncomfortably on Julia’s chest, breathing a little harder as she struggled out of her pants. Julia could feel her wife’s breasts pressing into her, nipples stiff where they rubbed against her skin. She desperately wanted to see Kelly, but that would ruin the whole point of the blindfold.

Kelly straightened up, pulling away the shirt to press two of her fingertips against Julia’s slightly-parted lips and into her mouth. Julia sucked at them without prompting, circling her tongue around the intruding digits until they were dripping with saliva.

“I love when you do that without me even asking,” Kelly murmured, pulling her fingers back and trailing them down Julia’s bottom lip, down her chin, down her neck until she ran out of wetness and returned them to her wife’s mouth. “Sucking on my fingers in front of everyone, just because you want to be good for me… it’s so dirty. So hot.” Julia’s face burned, a muffled noise slipping past Kelly’s fingers as she dutifully slathered them in spit. Kelly rubbed them over her cheek this time, leaving her face sticky and damp. “Fuck, I could do this all night. Just make you do this naughty, pointless thing over and over again because it turns me on… and God, does it turn me on.”

Kelly lowered her hips, grinding into her wife’s stomach to let her feel the wetness coating her bared folds. Julia moaned around her fingers, writhing against the restraints, the vibrations keeping her turned on but not even near orgasm. She wanted to have real stimulation, to come, to touch her wife, to pleasure her to a screaming climax. But more than any of that, she wanted to submit to her. And so she just sucked at Kelly’s fingers, pouring all of her needy desperation into the act and imagining a roomful of eyes on her as the noises grew increasingly sloppy and wet.

“Fuck, Jules…” Kelly stroked over her wife’s hair as Julia bobbed her head onto her fingers, flushed and panting. “You’re so perfect.” She pulled her hand away, and Julia let out a low whine, straining blindly forwards. She felt a wad of cloth pressed against her mouth and accepted it without thinking, finding a familiar flavor in the soaked fabric. “I was dripping all fucking night, imagining you right here. That’s what you do to me, babe. Enjoy that taste.”

Julia moaned around the panties, another drop of her own wetness rolling down to the bed. She felt her wife adjust over her stomach and heard a soft, slick noise as Kelly gasped, her legs tensing. “F-Fuck. I’m so turned on.” Julia’s eyes widened behind the blindfold and she tried to lift her body to grind into Kelly’s crotch, but she was only able to feel her wife’s fingers pumping into herself.

“‘Hlease,” Julia mumbled around the silky fabric, tasting her wife’s arousal, feeling it, hearing it, and unable to do anything about it. She loved pleasuring Kelly, and now that it was actually possible it was being denied to her. Her Starzbet Güncel Giriş wife having an orgasm right on top of her was just cruel.

“Mm- speak up, babe,” Kelly teased, knowing exactly what she was doing. “I don’t think they heard you.”

Someone in the audience cleared their throat, and Julia felt her cheeks burning. “Hlease!”

Kelly’s fingers pressed into her mouth, tugging out the panties. “What do you want, Jules? Tell them.”

Julia trembled, hearing her wife’s soft groans against the background noise of the crowd. “Please… let me make you come…”

“Mmm… that’s very tempting.” Kelly leaned over her, her breath hot on Julia’s face as she murmured, “How much do you want to make me come?”

“I really want to…” Julia answered, not sure what her wife was looking for.

“How far would you go?” Kelly asked, her voice low and husky as she moved her mouth close to Julia’s ear. “Would you let me sit on your face until I came, even if you couldn’t breathe?”

“Yes…” Julia said, squirming under her as she imagined her wife’s thighs locked around her head until she passed out.

“Would you let me grind against your clit, even if I turned on the shocks?”

Julia tensed, breathing hard and fast, unbelievably aroused. In a tiny voice, she mumbled, “Yes…”

“Would you voluntarily give up your orgasm, just to please me?” Kelly murmured right in her ear, gently taking the curve between her teeth and nibbling as Julia went rigid.

Give up her orgasm.

Willingly denying herself, after all this.

Just to give Kelly pleasure.

“…yes…” Julia whispered, barely audible.

Kelly made a low, satisfied noise in the back of her throat. “You’re such a good girl.” She kissed the side of Julia’s head. “So good for me. So perfect.” She leaned back and repositioned herself, shuffling forward over Julia’s body until she knelt over her face. Julia felt something be pressed into her hand and curled her fingers around it, recognizing the shape as a clicker. If she pressed it, it made a soft tick, and if she released it, it made a much louder pop. She shivered, knowing what her wife had in mind, and squeezed it tightly in her fist.

“Here’s your reward, Jules. Enjoy it.”

Julia felt a drop of wetness touch her cheek a second before the warm weight above her lowered onto her face, smothering her in Kelly’s heat and arousal. She began to eagerly lap at her wife, prompting a groan. “God, you love this so much. But I think I need to show you just what your choice means…”

Julia moaned into her wife’s folds as the ring gave up on teasing her and jumped straight into pleasure, vibrating intensely against her clit as Kelly grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her forwards. Despite all the teasing and dirty talk, Julia was struggling for breath by the time she neared the edge, jerking her arms and legs desperately as her lungs screamed for air. Kelly held her tightly as she fought and pulled, the animal need for oxygen becoming stronger than her will to submit.

Julia released the clicker with a pop as her vision started to fade, and Kelly immediately let her head fall back to the bed. She dragged in shaky gulps of air as her clit throbbed, the ring stopping just when the hot tension in her stomach was about to snap. She wasn’t sure if she needed oxygen or pleasure more.

“You okay?” Kelly murmured, stroking her hair as her breathing grew less ragged, and Julia nodded. After letting her rest for a while longer, Kelly pulled her wife’s head back between her legs, setting the ring into motion once more and moaning as Julia worked her tongue against her slick folds and swollen nub.

This time Julia reached the edge much quicker, and she struggled against the cuffs as it faded away. Kelly didn’t stop grinding on her face, keeping her held down as she was pushed to her peak for a second time. Julia bucked her hips into empty air as she was denied and the grip on her hair was finally released, leaving her to flop back to the bed breathless and red. Kelly was panting too, and she murmured, “Catch your breath, babe. I’m not stopping until I come.”

Julia shivered, her chest heaving, and eventually felt Kelly’s hands weave in her hair, forcing her face back into her wife’s dripping heat. Kelly shuddered, clutching at her tightly as Julia licked for all she was worth, the burning ache in her abdomen being drawn out to the breaking point once again. Kelly’s thighs trembled and clamped around her head, holding her in place as she moaned and rolled her hips into Julia’s hot tongue.

“Fuck- fuck- fuck, Jules!”

Kelly’s back arched, squeezing Julia’s head between her legs as she came undone against her wife’s mouth, moaning, tensing, her stomach spasming as the pleasure coursed through her. Julia squirmed underneath her, desperate for air and release as her own orgasm was left to fade away at the last second.

Kelly fell back, leaning against her arms, letting Julia’s head drop from between her thighs as both of them gasped for breath. After a few moments, she moved off Julia, flopping down next to her and cuddling up to her side. Julia could feel her wife’s heart racing in time with hers, gradually slowing down as they panted.

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Louis Choses Another Ch. 2

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In chapter one my petite Filipina seemed a bit on the feisty side. After I slapped her into submission I instructed her to sink herself on my cock as I was standing. She was only 4’10 and 95 pounds, and as my cock is 7″ and very thick it was a very challenging situation. After I jacked myself off with her body I lifted her off and handcuffed her. Right now she is on her knees with my cock at her lips.

With my hand gripping her short hair and my cock at her open mouth I paused. I looked at her tear stained face, at her small mouth. My cock was as wide as her mouth. I wondered if I would be able to fit.


She looked up at me, her face one of fear and resignation.

“Do you think you can take this cock in your throat?”

With a gulp she cried out “No sir, your too big!”

“You may be right, however we have to try.”

Roughly I shoved just the head in her small mouth. Her lovely lips were stretched around the base just behind the head.

“Use your tongue whore.”

She started to swirl her tongue around my cock head. I began little in and out movements. I looked down at this petite beauty, very brown, handcuffed on her knees with my cock in her mouth. I gripped both sides of her head and thrust my cock to the back of her mouth. Barely four inches was inside her face. It looked like she was trying to swallow a Coke can.

I began to fuck her mouth. Strong thrusts in and out. She was moaning in a most delicious way.

“I don’t want to feel any teeth, never touch a cock with a tooth” I threatened.

For a few minutes I just used this little mouth. Her mouth was wide open and her brow was furrowed. Why did this slut make me impatient? I usually always use the throat, but not today.

I withdrew my cock from her mouth. She worked her jaw and ran her tongue over her lips.

“Okay slavewhore, I’m going to use your ass.”

She looked at me in stark fear. She just shook her head from side to side.

“Please sir, please, there’s no way you would fit in there.”

I reached down and put my arm around her middle and lifted her up, off the floor. I carried her over to my desk, where I moved all my toys over to one side. I dumped her Starzbet face down on top of the desk.

She was crying openly now, begging me to not do what I intended. Her toes barely touched the floor. Her hands looked lovely with the handcuffs on. I spread one leg wide and tied it to the leg of the desk. Then I did the same with the other leg.

I went around to the front of the desk and squatted down and looked at her face.

“Are you going to obey your man after today?”

“Please don’t….do that to my butt” she pleaded.

With a sigh I said “wrong answer.”

I went around to the other side where she was spread, tied and cuffed. I cupped her small wet pussy, which caused her to make incoherent noises. I went down to my knees behind her, my face right at her pussy.

I leaned in and inhaled. Her musky scent was heavy. I gripped her little butt cheeks and spread her wide. A wet little slit, dark brown on the outside, pink on the inside. North of there the wonderful little puckered hole of her ass.

I leaned in and drove my tongue at her pussy. Starting at her clit I gave her a big lick up her slit. She gasped, her back arched and she started shaking. Another big lick, like a cat, lapping her pussy. One after another. I turned my tongue sideways parting her folds. I swirled my tongue around her clit. Her head was turning from side to side.

I pressed my face into her cunt, my tongue spearing her hole. Munching away at her, licking and lapping. She was moaning like she was hurt. Her pussy was getting very wet. Her hands splaid in the cuffs.

I moved up and tongued away at her asshole. Pushing and swirling, probing her little hole. She screamed out, her hips moving.

I quickly stood up and she gasped at the sudden removal of my tongue. I patted her ass, spreading her cheeks. I picked up my bottle of oil and squirted some on her asshole.

She just laid her head on the desk as I pushed and rubbed at her. I squirted oil on my cock and lathered myself up.

Damn, she looked so small. I brought my cock up to her asshole and pressed. She stiffened and her body had a nice sheen of sweat on it.

“Sir, please take off these handcuffs.”

“Are Starzbet Giriş you going to obey your man from now on” I asked?

She hesitated, then “yes sir, I will.”

I removed her cuffs and she moved her arms up and gripped the front of the desk. She seemed to tense, I saw her knuckles whiten where she gripped the desk. She knew what was to come.

“Have you ever had a cock up the ass?”

“We tried once sir, but we stopped after I told him it was painful.”

“Well you had best relax because it will be painful but I will not stop.”

As I pressed forward with my cock her shoulders hunched. Everything was so oily. My cock head strained against her little hole.

“Press out slave.”

She thought for a bit then I felt her press her asshole back to me, pushing out. I nudged forward, my cockhead slid inside.


Her head came up and her ass gripped my cock like nothing before. We were both breathing hard. I squirted more oil down there. Her asshole looked painfully stretched around my cock.

“Just relax right here girl.”

I stayed there letting her get used to me. Her breath was short and fast. A bit at a time I moved back and forth. A sliver at a time I advanced.

“Oh sir, sir, sir you too big, too big.”

I sneered as I looked at her ass gripping me, her head moving side to side.

“Your my little ass whore, aren’t you?”

I pushed another inch up her. She was beside herself with the sensation. I squirted even more oil at our meeting place. Her ass felt smooth, hot as she held me tight. Her little brown ass against my thick white cock. I pushed and pushed, then pulled back. Slowly fucking my little ass slut.

Her forehead laid on the desk, her whole body shaking. Four inches of cock inside her tight asshole.

“Little slut?”

Slap! on her ass.

“Yes sir?”

“Resist me.”

“What sir?”

“I want you to resist me, like your life depends on it.”

“No sir, just use me and get this over with.”

I reached over and picked up a riding crop. I brought it down on her hip.

Whack! she screamed. Again, whack!

“Oh, damn you!”

“Resist Starzbet Güncel Giriş me!”


She started to struggle, lifting herself up. At which point I held her down by the back of her neck. As she moved around my cock slid in another inch. She was really trying to get away, her hands lifting and hitting back at me. She jogged her hips from side to side and I thrust, and buried myself in her.

She screamed out and was bucking away. Oil was seeping out of her ass. I reached up and held both her wrists to the desk. I pulled back, my cock almost out. She writhed underneath me. I thrust! all the way. Head shook and she said no.

Holding her down as she struggled I fucked the tightest ass I’d ever had. Long strokes. She was powerless as I held her down. I let go of her wrists. She tried to get up. I lifted her upright, her tied feet off the floor.

I held her around her middle as I fucked her wonderful ass. I plucked away at her nipples with my other hand. Mauling her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples. I lifted her on and off my cock, her ass loosening up a bit. She was just moaning with each thrust.

I pushed her down again on the desk and started to fuck her as hard as I could. Wham! wham! wham! driving into her. The desk shaking, her body like a limp doll at this point. I felt myself boiling.

I nutsack tightened up and I felt it building. I gripped her hips hard as I fucked this little asshole. This little brown cunt. My slave.


Without warning I exploded in her ass! She cried out at my brutal explosion. Jets of hot sperm flooded inside her. I leaned into her, thrusting away like a madman. Her ass an oily mess.

When my head cleared I found myself still slowly thrusting inside her now loose ass with my softening cock. She looked unconscious, not moving. My cock slipped from her asshole. I watched her lovely little hole slowly shrink back, cum leaking out from it.

I reached down and untied her legs from the desk. I lifted her and carried her over to an easy chair where we both flopped down.

After a bit she opened her eyes and stared out into space. I watched her as I slowly caressed her body.


“Are you going to behave when you get back home?”

I slowly squeezed her breast.


“Yes sir.”

“However you may need another visit, perhaps in a bit you will come back, yes?”

“Yes sir, I think I will come back soon.”

“Good girl.”

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Lucia Comes Home

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It’s a rare occasion when I beat Lucia home from work, but tonight, I did. We’re both professionals; we both work late. But usually, I work later than she does. Tonight, I was home by seven, even after stopping at the grocery for a roast chicken and some fresh rolls. But not home long enough to change out of my suit before she came home.

Lucia, ten minutes after. She walked in with her tight grey business suit on, with matching grey silk stockings–stockings, not hose–and modest, business-appropriate heels, her hair in a professional bun. I met her at the door, handed her a glass of white wine (a Manhattan in my other hand), and pulled her head in for a deep, long kiss. She broke the kiss, let her hair down and shook it out, and took a sip of her wine.

“Mmm, I missed you,” Lucia said. I missed her too. Told her. Then, I told her, “you know how to show me.” I led her by her hand into the living room, where a fire was just starting to go, let her take a long sip of wine while her eyes locked onto mine, and then took her glass. “You know what to do.”

Lucia knew to dig into her purse for a ponytail band before putting the purse down on the glass coffee table, and to put her hair up. She knelt down, unzipped and unbuckled my pants, slid them down my thighs and to my ankles, and took my cock into her mouth.

“Lucia.” She looked up. “We’ve been over this. What’s a good little pet supposed to do before she takes a cock in her mouth?”

“Shit. I’m–she’s supposed to have her breasts bare.”

“Her what?”

“Her tits. She should have her tits bare.”

“Good. Well, then.”

Lucia stood back up. She took off her grey suitjacket, folded it neatly, and placed it on a leather stool that was near our coffee table. She undid her eggshell-blue blouse, and did the same. Her pale ivory bra, being relatively complex in its construction to contain her beautiful, and surprisingly large (given her frame) tits, was tougher to remove, but in a couple of deft movements, it was gone, and on top of the neatly-folded blouse and jacket. Lucia looked at me. I looked into her eyes, down to her wonderful tits, back up to her waiting mouth, and then again into her dark brown eyes.

“Lucia, please Starzbet resume.”

She dropped instantly to her knees again, lifted my cock with her left hand, and started to kiss the top of its length. I grew slightly harder at this and petted her head with approval. “The other side,” I instructed.

At once, she switched her attentions, lifted my cock higher, and started kissing the underside. Now, of course, I became full.

“Open, Lucia.” She did. She guided me into her mouth and started to work the first half of my shaft with her lips and tongue. Her eyes never left my face, although mine often left hers–to look at her naked tits, to look at her kneeling posture, even to look lovingly at her clothing, neatly folded on the leather stool. At once, I grabbed her ponytail with my right hand, and pulled her into me. Her nose touched my skin. I could feel her throat contracting and trying to reject my cock, but I kept her pulled in. Her breathing became less irregular, and more smooth, as her body naturally learned to relax, let my cock in, and as she began to breathe through her nose very smoothly and evenly. Some women like yoga; this was Lucia’s yoga.

I began to fuck her face, but after about a minute, I stopped. “Lucia, I want you to lick and suck each of my balls. Gently. And I want you to touch yourself while you do it.”

She stuck out her beautifully long tongue, and started lapping at each of my shaved balls, while she moved her right hand between her legs and pulled aside her panties. I watched her take one testicle and then another into her beautiful mouth while she fingered her nearly-shaved pussy.

“Lucia, you are doing wonderfully. You have me nearly ready to come. Finish it,” I instructed, “and keep pleasuring yourself.” And she did. She moved her mouth back onto my cock, and between her pretty, full lips, manipulated me so wonderfully that I soon erupted into her mouth, allowing her to take in every salty drop. I let her continue to kiss my cock and balls while she rubbed herself to orgasm.

“Stand.” She did. I took her right hand in my left, and raised it to her lips. “Kiss it. Smell and taste how pretty you are.” She kissed her hand, gave her middle finger Starzbet Giriş a light suck, and offered it back to me. I, of course, kissed and sucked each finger slowly and in turn; I enjoyed the fingers that had not touched her as well as the ones which had. We looked each other in the eyes again, and kissed deeply again. “I love you, my sweet little one.”

“I love you, too.”

I pulled up my pants, straightened my tie, and smoothed my jacket. “Let’s eat,” I said. Lucia picked up her blouse and slid her arms into it, but knew enough not to button it.

With our careers, dinners are often random. Tonight, we have some store-bought roasted chicken and some fresh rolls, but we also work together to whip up a quick cucumber-and-tomato salad and to put out some olives. At an eight-person dining table, I sat at the head and she sat immediately to my right. Candles were lit. We ate slowly in our dining room, and talked as a couple talks, while we ate and drank our wine.

This is how we eat on a nightly basis; we are not a couple who jams pizzas into our gullets when we get the chance to enjoy each other’s company with no interruptions. We cherish our time together. We finished in slightly under an hour; Lucia and I do not rush through our meals. We enjoy our food, and we enjoy each other.

“Is there dessert,” Lucia asked. Of course, there is. But that is to come later.

“Lucia,” I said. She looked up with those big, chocolate-brown eyes. “What is a woman to do before she begins a blowjob?”

“She should show her tits.”

“Good girl. Did you?”

“I didn’t, tonight. I screwed up.”

“Please go back to the living room, remove your panties, and come back to me.”

She did. I only can assume that they were folded on top of the bra and the suit jacket. I pushed my chair away from the dining table, and moved to the other end of the table, where there were no dishes. “Lay across my lap.”

She did. I pulled up her skirt and ran my hands over her amazing ass. Lucia is fit, but has a little flesh there, which is exactly what I enjoy. “Five,” I say.

“That’s going to make me wet,” she protests, “and ruin my skirt.”

“That’s why we have Starzbet Güncel Giriş a dry-cleaner.”


“No, no ‘but,’ I don’t care if she smells you on your clothes. And it’s ten, now.”

I don’t like to cause Lucia severe pain. She doesn’t really like to receive it. We have a slightly kinky relationship, but it isn’t pain-based. A little correction here or there, a little nudge in the right direction; that’s what we do. Both of us. So the first spank was designed to make contact and to remind, but not to really hurt. As were the next nine. There were no tears in her eyes when I was done and she stood back up. There was no real pain; it was slight. There was merely recognition between us, and of course, love and desire.

“You mentioned dessert,” I said. “I want mine.” I placed my hands under Lucia’s hip bones and lifted her onto the table, pushing her skirt up so that her beautiful naked bottom was right on the oak table. I spread her legs gently, and kissed each thigh before moving to her neatly-trimmed pussy. I kissed, licked, and sucked her to a very gentle orgasm, before looking at her beautiful eyes again. “I have dessert, if you want it.”

Lucia looked down at my pants. “I want dessert.”

“No, I mean it; I actually bought dessert. It’s a peach, something, I don’t know. With ice cream.”



Lucia looked back down at my pants. “I want a different dessert.”

We kissed again. For about three minutes, this time. I removed her blouse–no neat folding, here–and moved my mouth to her breasts. (They’re breasts when I kiss them. They’re tits when I talk to her about them.) I carried her up the stairs.

Lucia told me she wanted me in her mouth again. I had my doubts. I took the middle and ring fingers of my left hand and roughly–yet easily–slid them into Lucia’s pussy. There was almost no resistance, but there was a moan from Lucia’s mouth.

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

I let her take off my shoes, pants, and shorts while I undid my tie and took off my jacket and shirt. I laid back on the bed while she started on me with her wonderful mouth again, and again with those big brown eyes looking into mine.

“I changed my mind,” Lucia said.

“How so?”

“I want you to fuck–no, I want you to make love to me. Or fuck me.”



“My little one wants to be fucked? Or made love to?”


Of course, it ended up being both.?

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Lynn Meets Her Master Ch. 01

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She didn’t know how she got here. Well, technically she took a plane. But now she was walking through the gate and headed to baggage claim and her stomach was in unbearable knots. She was nervous, excited, curious, a little scared, and only slightly more aroused. Up ahead she saw a bathroom and picked up her brisk pace for it.

Cautiously she peeked around the bathroom it was surprisingly empty. Silently thanking whoever there was to thank she grabbed a paper towel and turned on the faucet. Slightly dampening the towel she blotted it over her face, careful not to ruin her carefully constructed make-up.

Now she thought about how she got here. A year ago she had been in an internet sex chat room and had some pretty wild cyber. It seemed harmless enough. Frank asked for her e-mail. After waiting a few minuets she agreed. They had been corresponding ever since. Sometimes 2, 3, or 4 times a week. Other times they went weeks without speaking. As their relationship continued the spoke more and more about what turned them on.

She figured she’d never meet him so she told him the truth. She liked sex, watched porn, masturbated almost nightly, and was strangely aroused by rough sex even submission. He’d told her about himself. What he enjoyed and how hard and throbbing her admissions made him.

Sometimes they would discuss fantasies in detail. Painting pictures to each other about what pleased them. Sometimes they’d involve each other, or other people.

Then the pictures came. He sent her pics of him as he thought about her. His body wasn’t bad for being 14 years her senior. Being on 22 she had mostly seen men in their prime. Even though he was not that young, his body was firm and his cock thick and uncut made her lower regions swell with arousal. That night she took pics of herself, revealing to him the wet spot in the crotch of her panties that had come from seeing his cock.

The months went on, and each told the other what they wanted to see in the pics. Every once in a while they would joke about meeting. She was sure the day would never come. And here she was standing in the airport bathroom, dressed as he had told her to dress. Would he be down there, even now? Waiting. For her.

The though sent both trepidation and excitement through her. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was parted in the middle, braids down the side. She wore a v-neck t-shirt that was tight against her 36C breasts and firm tummy. She tugged the hem down to reveal more of her ample cleavage. Her skirt was a short Starzbet black one she’d sent to him in a picture. Her feet were in Mary Jane’s and white socks with ruffles. It made her feel sexy to do as he asked. He liked to look at her so he should have a say in what she wore. Her legs, armpits, thighs, and cunt were freshly shaved. She’d spent all week preparing herself for this, and she was not going to cower in a public bathroom.

Giving herself a mental boost she headed to the baggage claim. The turnstile had already started and baggage began to filter on. She had no idea what he looked like from the neck up. But, he’d said, since he picked out her outfit, he would know her instantly. Trying not too look around too much, but still try and spy him before he did her she almost missed her luggage.

Chasing it down the belt, a man in a light cream blazer and dark tan pants reached down after her elusive bag. He turned to her as she came to a halt in front of him. “Thank you” she almost whispered. He wore dark sunglasses and rewarded her with a brilliant smile.

She’d noticed him on the plane. He sent her glances when he thought she wasn’t looking. She had an isle seat and since she more the skirt, sat with her legs crossed. Unfortunately that had gained her some unwanted attention from this man. Of course, she was too consumed with her impending meeting that she hadn’t even noticed half of his lusty glances.

“You’re welcome” he said with a warmth that radiated like his smile, but then he added in a soft undertone only she could hear, “my cum slut.”

She whipped her glare to face him. “How Dare…” She stopped her fierce retort and looked really looked at him. Could it be? His build was hard to tell, she’d only seen him with his clothes off… She’d never spoken with him on the phone, so she couldn’t tell his voice.

“Yes,” he whispered as he leaned close, “It is me, little one.” His hand slid between them and cupped her ass possessively. At that moment she was shore. He held her as if she belonged to him and him alone. He was her master.

Her breath released in a shutter, “get my bag, the blue one.” He told her. And giving her bum a little pat before she gained her composure and got his bag.

He walked her away from the baggage claim, towards the main parking garage elevator. When they were alone on the elevator he reached over and pushed the stop button. She held her breath as he turned to her. He let his gaze wander her body. His eyes ate up every inch of her. Then he Starzbet Giriş took off the glasses and caught her eye. “Well?” He asked. “What are you thinking?”

She couldn’t find the way to speak. “Come on, now.” He demanded, “We’ve always been so honest with each other in the past, Lynn. Tell me what’s on your mind?”

“I…” She gulped and tried again, “I’m nervous” she let out a little laugh before gaining more courage, “and scared, and light headed, and…”

“and…?” he prompted her.

She paused for a moment. “And horny, aroused, a little wet, I don’t know what I feel.”

He stepped close to her and thrust his groin against her abdomen, “Feel me.” He growled. And she did. He was rock hard, pressing against what little clothing she had left. He rubbed her hard, letting her be fully aware of how much he wanted her.

“Now. How do you feel?”

“I want…” she couldn’t bare to say it.

“Want what?!?”

“I want this.” She said as she pressed back against him. He stepped away instantly and released the stop button. She was breathing heavily as they stepped off of the elevator and into the garage.

With his hand on her back he directed her to a black Mitsubishi and opened the door for her. As she slid in he caressed his hand over her ass. When she was seated he moved into her side of the car and placed her seatbelt on her. Inspecting its security he looked her in the eye as he “caressed” her breast. He told her all she needed to know with that look. Her body was his, to touch and play with, and caress as he willed. And the thought of that, the recognition, and pleasure she took in it shone back through her eyes to him.

They drove in silence to the hotel. His hand he placed on her thigh and her caressed it for the whole drive. She looked over at him often, and watched him with wide-eyes wonderment.

“I had a fantasy about you once in this car.” He said. “You gave me the best head I’ve ever gotten.”

She blushed.

“You have beautiful lips.”

“thank you.” She said softly. She looked straight ahead for a moment. Then turned her body toward him. She rubbed her hand over his right leg as he drove and up, further up to his crotch. His cock was clearly outlined in his pants, hard and wanting. She caressed the bulge. “Would you like me to suck your dick?” She asked in what she hopped was a sultry voice.

“It would please me very much.”

He’d deliberately chosen his words. She had told him that all she wanted was to please him. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Now was her first chance. She made quick work of his button and zipper, quick despite the shaking of her hands. She pulled out his magnificent cock. A throbbing hard dick that she’d seen countless times on her computer screen, every time she had wondered what it tasted like. She’d thought about how she would please such a huge beast as his. He watched the awe that crossed her face as she finally revealed his cock, which had been hard since he’d gotten on the plane.

He’d bought the ticket for her. He was headed back home from a business meeting. However, his wife thought he was still on said business trip. He’d booked Lynn for his change-over flight knowing she would not be looking for him on the plane. He’d have time to observe her. Her growing excitement, trepidation, and arousal had all been present. She’d looked repeatedly through a binder, when he finally got a good look at it he realized it was their e-mails printed out. She was reading them, and from her flushed face clearly getting aroused. He thought he might have to take her in the bathroom, but they’d landed.

And now the cool air of the car was brushing his cock. Her hands explored it. Learned the texture, seemed to lovingly caress every inch of his swollen shaft. He glanced down as she bent her beautiful brunette head. Luckily they were at a traffic light when her lips first caressed him. A light scan that made him groan. That seemed to encourage her as she took him full in the mouth, causing his groan to draw out. His hand went to her head and tugged on her braid. She began to pull up and ask what was wrong but he merely pressed the back of her head, “Don’t stop.”

Lynn was amazed at her master’s response, and empowered by it. She took him into her hot wet mouth and caressed him in every way she knew how. Tongue, lips, saliva, all were tools in her arsenal.

The car eased to a stop but she kept sucking, his moaning became apparent, and then she realized the car was in fact off. He’d pulled over to take full pleasure in her mouth, and she gave him just that. Finally his hand pressed down on her as he pumped his load deep into her mouth. She gagged lightly but got most of it down. Then he lifted her head and looked at her.

His beautiful cum slave had his man-juice dribbling down her chin. “You are such a good whore.” She smiled up at him. She reached up to wipe away the delicious sperm. “wait.” He told her before reaching to the glove compartment. He pulled out a digital camera and snapped her picture.

He looked at the viewer and smiled. “Mmmm the first time I came in my dirty slut’s mouth.” Then he glanced up at her, “And there will be plenty more of these once we get to the hotel.”

-To Be Continued

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Majic Cont…

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Oasis stood in front of her mirror examining the fading marks left by the many attending her trial. Caressing them softly with her fingertips, she really only wanted them to stay. It had been two weeks since she had returned home.

The punishment’s final ten of the cane landed from Philippe’s own hand. He took his turn very slowly, drawing out the remainder, often times tracing his fingers along her back, or between her legs before each stroke. He wanted more and more to hear her deepening cries, could almost feel them, touching her skin. In his mind he kept hearing her say “Je t’aime Philippe” over and over. The last he delivered with no measured force, but knew it to be terrible, hearing her cries of agony.

The giant, with the last, took the cane from Philippe not expressing a word. Oasis lay very limp across the bent table, whimpering from the pain. She tried very hard to control this, but could not. When Philippe released her bindings, and held her close to him, she could only cry uncontrollably.

“Je t’aime Oasis,” he whispered softly, slowly rocking her back and forth, stroking her hair and face gently. His desire was to have her away from all of this. Helping her, he let Marcus guide them to his car. Entering the car, he laid her across the seat, her head in his lap, continuously stroking her. He could feel her slowly emerge from her state of release, as she responded to his touch.

Oasis tried to speak, but could only entwine her fingers with his, gripping them as tightly as she could. When she released them, he pulled her more tightly to him in a suffocating embrace. She could feel his need to posses her through it. It occurred to her right then, if she never took another breath, it would not matter, as long as she was held by him.

“I love you Philippe,” she whispered pulling away from him slightly, and searching his face. As he kissed her deeply, she could feel the parts of herself become one with him. When he only held her again, she could not feel any difference in their breath, or heartbeat. Her bottom hurt terribly, but even the throb coursing through her there, seemed in time with the rhythm they shared.

Lost in her thoughts she did not hear Philippe come in. When she felt him caress these same marks, she jumped slightly in surprise. In his other arm he held a foiled box to him. It was oblong and fairly wide, and looked like a gift. Seeing this reflection in the mirror, Oasis turned quickly to look up at him with eyes full of anticipation. Gifts were not a rarity, but each time he brought her one, she felt an immense pleasure in his thoughtfulness. Looking at him, she felt a little uncertain with his gaze. Usually there was an expression of his own pleasure seeing her excitement, but today his face bore only a thoughtful questioning glance.

“Open it my love. I found it on your doorstep when I came in,” he said, with a touch of reproach in his voice.

She took the box from him tentatively, and kneeled on the floor to open it. Intrigued as she was, she was still unnerved by his expression. Carefully she untied the bow binding the foil lid to the box. Pushing the lid away, Oasis gasped in surprise , as the contents revealed an incredible evening gown. Oasis stared dumbfound at the beautiful contents. The olive green color, the silky material, the design, all in perfect line with her tastes. She knew just by looking, the gown would fit perfectly. Raising her eyes to Philippe, she sought to find the words to tell him what an exquisite gift this was. Any words forthcoming were lost, as he strode out of the room.

Oasis followed his back out the door with her eyes. There was no question in her mind now, this gift was not from him. Though for practicality this was not something she would buy, but the perfection of her taste being so represented, she had to wonder who else would know her well enough to send her such a thing.

Impatient to try the dress on, Oasis knew it would be better to wait. Taking one more greedy glance in the box, regrettably, she returned the foil lid, and put the gift aside to find Philippe. She found him at the front door signing for another delivery. Stopping just short of the door, she tried to see what it was. Had she been clothed, there would have been no hesitation at all. She almost laughed imagining the expression from this delivery person were she just to walk up and nonchalantly take the package. She could imagine him to be a very young and naïve boy, maybe just out of school. His expression would be complete shock at first, but then something else. Desire, interest, pure lust of her? Knowing it would most likely be all three, she felt a twinge of satisfaction, and an arousal of her own. Seeing Philippe’s rigid stance, head bowed slightly from behind, she decided to head for the shower. Give him a chance to calm from these surprise gifts, and give her a chance to cool this arousal from her imagination. Surprise encounters would just have Starzbet to wait, at least she thought.

Closing the door, Philippe opened the jeweler’s box. He traced his finger along the delicate lines of the choker. Though the mixture of stones were cool to his touch, inside he felt an alarming heat rise, thoughtfully spreading through his entire body. He pulled the choker from the box, holding it at each end, eyeing it like an enemy, trying to reason the attack. Imagining this around Oasis’ neck, he could envision it being a jeweled collar, a perfect accessory for the evening gown, an elegant but quiet reminder of her ownership. Rational thought wanted to know the origination of these gifts, irrational jealousy brought the spreading heat to a central point. Oasis had gained the admiration of another, his conclusion, she would also gain the feel of his jealousy. Choker in hand, he followed her path to the shower.

Oasis did not just shower, she bathed in the caresses of the water over her body. Her soft expressions, and exhaled breathes of contentment were always enough to arouse him, even just to hear. He knew by the sound she was making, she was rinsing her hair. In his mind, he could see the water, the soap, cascading down the curve of her back, between the soft mounds of her marked bottom. He had not meant to shower with her, but to even see this image in his mind, he wanted to have his hands amidst his waterfall.

Oasis knew he was in the room with her. She had thought many times, he could be thousands of miles away from her, and she would still feel his presence. The water was soothing to her, but she burned with curiosity about what was delivered. Knowing better than to ask, she continued her shower ritual. Hearing the slight swish of the curtain, she smiled, eyes closed against any renegade soap falling around her. She felt a cool hardness brush against her nipple, forcing her eyes to open, to see what it was. Glancing down, she saw the choker wrapped in his fingers brushing one, then the other of her nipples, bringing them even more erect from the sensation. The rose gold contrasted in winking bleeps with the water and his skin. Even more striking were the alternating colors of green, red, and amber. No longer burning with curiosity, she tilted her head back against the water, enjoying the way he used this gift on her body. Feeling him trace the stones up to her neck, with eyes closed, she lifted her hair to allow him access. She felt him attach the clasp securely, the metal lay against her skin, warm, but not too tightly. Softly, she felt him trace the choker along her neck with his fingertips. She burned to move against him, her desire, the anticipation of his touch, brought her to madness sometimes. Raising her own hands to caress along his arm, she felt them pushed back abruptly.

“Please Philippe, let me touch you, let me caress you too,” she pleaded, sounding very childlike, her voice diminished in his rebuff. When he did not respond in voice, or continued caress, she stayed as still as her quivering body would allow, and let him inspect her, without further attempts to sway him. She knew from the set of his face, the expression in his eyes, passivity would gain her more.

Elegance, beauty, words that formed in his mind touching her skin against this intrusion from another. He felt her delight of such gifts, and wanted to punish her for it. Rational thought seemed to mock him. It did not matter, her delight came from his touch. Methodically he placed one finger under the metal against her throat. Feeling her swallow to adjust, he knew she could feel the pressure there. Slowly turning his finger, he grasped her throat, and pushed her back against the water until he heard sputters of breath, then pulled her forward again. She opened her eyes.

“Good,” he thought, there was uncertainty there.

Again he pushed her into the water, willing her to fight against this suffocation. Something, to give him more reason to punish her, other than his own jealousy. His inner request being granted when he felt her begin to struggle, her hands going around his lower arm in her silent plea. Pulling her down to her knees by this finger, under the provoking collar, she barely had time to breathe once, before her mouth was opened, and again denied breath. He could see her expression beneath the cascade of water. Her face a kaleidoscope, as he held her there. The water above them, her mouth filled with him. When she pulled at this jeweled collar he gave her a small reprieve before beginning again, slowly cutting her air. Feeling her throat constrict against him over and over, his moment of pleasure reached, only when seeing her eyes open beneath the water, this shower giving her face the river of tears he so often desired.

“Stay,” his only command when he left the shower, left her to enjoy her new gift. As he dried himself and dressed, there was at least some satisfaction to hear her gasps for breath Starzbet Giriş and choking sobs.

“Maitre,” Oasis whispered knowing he would not stay.

She stayed so as he left her, kneeled, her head bowed against the shower spray. The tears were her own, not created by 21st century plumbing. Trying to breath normally again, she bent her head back taking a bit of water into her mouth to ease her aching throat. Even after swallowing this, she tasted Philippe there. Her thoughts were not of how much she loved his taste, but of why he was being so cruel to her for something she had no control over. This choker burned her. There was no more excitement left in anticipation to know of such gifts. The water was turning cold against her back, and feet. She only hoped Philippe would allow her to get out of it soon. When she felt herself shiver involuntarily against the cold, she closed her eyes and tried to envision something with warmth, something that would take her away from this cold feeling, the water and his.

All Monsters Are Not Green

And more came…..

An invasion of flowers, so pungent, Oasis wanted to open all the windows to get some reprieve. The first and most elaborate came while she was still in the shower. Intercepted by Philippe, this intruder finally known to him.

“Stefan Von Straud,” Philippe spat in his mind. He should have guessed. A long time acquaintance going back as far, as the first years away from home, in school. Even then, a rivalry so open, there was not competition if one or the other were not involved. He gazed at the written script of the attached note. So precise and clean this writing, still the arrogance remembered. When studies took them to different goals in life, there at least, was a parting to soothe the seams in the lives around them, that always seemed to be aggravated. Stefan chose the arts, while Philippe chose the more intellectual aspects of learning. Two sides so different, but both learned with a passion to match each other. Philippe out of his own enjoyment of the opera, had followed Stefan’s success, their paths to occasionally meet, in gatherings such in the manner of Sir Blackheart’s style. Though he had not seen Stefan at Oasis’ trial, he knew the entire event had been orchestrated, and designed by him. Stefan had always had the ability to turn the objectionable into a tasteful production. The demand for his elaborate work, was known all over the world. Philippe felt this intrusion into his life, as only an instigation of past times.

Oasis sat coolly on the sofa watching her beloved reading this note over and over. Having been allowed out of her shower, she moved her feet along the rug, and rubbed her hands together trying to invoke more feeling to them. She did not understand the waves of emotion that passed over Philippe’s face while reading. With what she felt as disregard, he flipped the note to her.

“Do as you wish,” he almost growled, and left her sitting in confusion, as he walked out the door.

From lack of understanding, her first thought and response could have been, “I will!” but she had been with Philippe long enough to know, it was more wise to proceed with caution in one’s actions. Taking reign on her impetuous nature, she calmly sat the note alongside the table, taking great pains to focus on more mundane activities. Her first objective was to find a covering for her chilled body. Gaining the entrance to her closet, she pulled the door open finding her robes hanging from the back. The first, a bare silk wrap, she touched briefly enjoying the feel to her fingertips, but chose the last in the row. A very worn and well used terry robe, frayed along the elbows, something she had gained from her endearing Mam, something she could always feel the arms of comfort in when she wore it. Donning this around her, she smelled the age in it, even though it had surely been washed a thousand and one times. Wisdom, warmth, serenity, all the comforts of Mam, filled her heart. She felt she could now go forward, the robe around her, a shield for her. The very first and foremost in her mind, in her senses… something with these flowers!

Walking back from her bedroom, the cloying mix of scents assaulted her. Oasis appreciated the beauty of flowers, all kinds of them. Her gardens of summer were magnificent, her ability to tease and grow, a gift. This barrage of her senses came more from smelling the inevitable and underlying death that would come from these cut stems. If God gave her rights to command the season’s, she would choose only the Spring for birth, and the Summer for continuous growth. Fall and Winter would never have been known to mankind. Finding the envelope the note came in, Oasis called the florist to come back, and with further instruction, deliver the buds to the local charity hospice. An expected heckle ensued about the charges to do this, but with a grand smile, Oasis instructed them to charge it back to Starzbet Güncel Giriş the sender. She felt a small satisfaction knowing, this person that seemed to anger her Master, would at least know how she treated his gifts.

One of these gifts still burned her throat. Quickly she removed it, setting it on the table in front of her, glaring at it, as it glared back at her. Drawing her knees to her, she placed her feet at the edge of the chair, and gently caressed Philippe’s chain around her ankle. She wanted him to come back. Just to feel his claim to her, she wore so proudly, her body felt the intense desire for him. This token brought more feeling than any hard stones could ever do.

“Mon Philippe, mon Amour, mon Maitre….,” she whispered, “J’ai besoin de toi.” She did not want to do as she wished, but wanted what he wished. With an exasperated sigh, she decided to read this note. Gingerly, as if it would bite, she unfolded the paper and read.

Der schöne Oasis,

So often I work with beautiful girls, but none who could bring the universe to me as you showed this night I saw you. May I say? My eyes have never seen such heaven, nor my heart such regret to see this universe leave with my old comrade. It has not been often I envy his possessions, but you I would posses.

Join me Oasis for the opening of my next production, “Songs of the Soul”. If you must, you may bring him, but I would prefer to see your face flush with excitement over my work, rather than his proximity. You will have a private balcony for you, and your guests if you wish. I regret, I can not be there for your arrival, but will join you at some point during the intermission.

Wear my gifts, my tokens for you. They will pale against the essence you present, but the colors around your throat should make you feel quite at ease. Will you be my possession, just for one night?

Ich erwarte Sie,


It was cold, or was it? Oasis shivered in her Mam’s robe, the hairs along her arm raised, even to the nape or her neck. In one small moment, she went from one beloved, to a mere belonging. True, it was only one persons perception of her, but to have it named so boldly, could it be true? She felt the emotions pass along her face, and knew she must look as Philippe had while reading this, even if the emotions were different. An inner question could bring so many doubts, could also bring so many more questions.

“A possession?” she asked herself. “I am much more, you foolish inept man, and Master will show you, I know he will!” she hissed, pointedly to the most elaborate bouquet. The anger felt good, like fire igniting her blood. The melancholy question forgotten, this old friend of a feeling embraced. Quickly before the florist arrived, Oasis put her arms around these stems and lifted them from the vase, barely feeling the water trailing to her feet, and soaking her robe. The vase unbalanced, tipped like a drunken sailor, before falling sideways to the table and breaking, sending shards of glass onto and into the skin of her legs not covered by the robe. She winced only slightly, feeling tiny pricks on her bare toes, as she walked to her balcony with her laden arms. She watched after dumping them over the side. Her head felt a dizzy giddiness seeing each one touch the ground.

“A funeral for flowers,” she thought, “I wonder if I should send people?”


Days had passed, the choker and gown sat in the floor of her closet looking abandoned and lost. That morning while choosing her clothes for work, her foot accidentally kicked the lid, allowing her a glance once more of the gown. She had wanted to ignore these intrusions, but seeing the exposure brought back all of her feelings. She had not responded to this invitation, even though it was less than a week before the performance. Her feelings balanced between confusion and anger, because Philippe had been true to his words. He had not come by, had not phoned, he was letting her make up her own mind.

“Damn! I should have thrown these over the side too!” she said, with exasperation, and a slam of the door, making the door mirror warble uncertainly. Remembering how the glass shattered just from the vase, she put her hand to the mirror to steady it, and keep it in place. Seeing her reflection, arm up palm out, she thought of one word. Stop! It was a good sign. Stop this worry, stop this uncertainty.

Tracing her reflection with her fingertip, she felt a coldness pass along this finger to her spirit. Her finger reached her reflected shoulder, and continued to the place her physical heart would beat. Pressing this finger to the glass, until her nail was white underneath, Oasis thought her reflection looked like a backwards, one finger, pledge of allegiance over her heart.

“I pledge allegiance, to mon Maitre, who has not called or spoken for days….” She spoke trying to be solemn. Her laughter broke her reverie of cold. Seeing her laughter reflected, it was contagious, until she had to leave this mirrored person and dress, or be late for work. Her eyes were still moist from trying to stop, this utter foolishness of herself felt. Locking the front door behind her, she thought, “No reply to an invitation, is as good as saying, no .”

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After returning from a long and successful hunt, a young hunter of the Amazon spotted a particularly lovely-looking mango tree, picked a luscious fruit, sat against the tree, and took a bite. Unbeknownst to the hunter however, the tree was not just a tree. She regarded him with a negative predisposition because of his occupation, but otherwise saw nothing wrong with him picking a mango or two – no more than that, though!

The hunter considered the mango as the most delicious he had ever tasted, and began to pick a few more of the tree’s fruit. The nymph had been having an uneventful day as it was, and was feeling a bit daring. Although there was no wind this far below the canopy, she began to sway in annoyance. The hunter immediately perked his head in her direction, having felt the tree’s movements, yet clearly noticing a lack of even the smallest breeze to entice it. Intrigued, he stood up and inspected it closer.

She was initially surprised that the mortal had noticed, but she hadn’t been around many enough to know that they’re more observant and less foolish than she thought… Or at least this individual was, anyway. As a hunter however, he had been trained from childhood to be ever mindful of his surroundings. He slowly drew out his hunting knife before jabbing the trunk that jerked unnaturally in response. Having his suspicions confirmed, he realized that the tree was, in fact, an epimeliad! Feeling mischievous, he pulled off a few small leaves to entice the tree-spirit.

She noticed the look of realization and excitement on the young hunter’s face with dread and watched as he pulled leaves from her. It’s the equivalent of pulling a hair out, and although dulled, it was still painful and definitely annoying. She knew what he wanted, but that only hardened her resolve to stay in tree mode. The hunter, looking disappointed that the nymph was more or less unfazed by his antics, began to think of alternative methods by which he might get her to change form. He began to scratch the trunk, but after a while with no response at all, cursed mildly under his breath, the tickling affecting the tree even less than the pulling of her leaves had.

Growing impatient, he fished for the flint stone in his bag and hastily lit the driest stick he could find before sitting down again, this time facing the tree, and held the burning wood in front of what he assumed to be the tree’s face. She tried to ignore the flame, but she already hurt from before, and the pain was becoming too much to bear… After almost a full minute of it, she couldn’t take it anymore and was forced to her last resort, shrinking and softening into a white-haired nymph.

Disoriented from her shifting, the successful young hunter easily caught his prey in his strong arms. The epimeliad snarled and slipped out of his grasp with surprisingly fast speed, hissing at the hunter like a leopard from a good distance of three or so meters away. The man quickly jumped up and chased after her. Once again, the nymph as a reflex attempted to dig her feet into the ground to revert to a tree, but realized that she was standing on thin topsoil – impossible to root in. She instead turned around and leapt onto a tall, broad tree trunk and began climbing the generous amount of vines, narrowly missing the predator’s grasp.

Being a swift-footed man, he quickly caught up to her on the ground and – of course being skilled in tree climbing, – leapt up the tree behind her. She began to feel frightened – wondering what this man wanted from her.

Surely not mangoes!

Otherwise he wouldn’t have forced her into her true form! She climbed faster, and although she was but a sapling, she had decades of experience climbing trees. However she wasn’t used to being chased, and was panicky, slipping and falling a few feet. She scrambled desperately for grip and quickly found it again, but the hunter had managed to catch up to her when she had fallen, and was again able to grab a hold of her, this time in a stronger grip. He pulled her down, forcing her to relinquish her hold on the tree and pressing her against and it with his body.

He leaned forward and bit her lip.

The nymph yelped, (but not without a deep blush) wrenching her head back and began to squirm desperately. The huntsman wondered if this girl, this epimeliad, was truly this naive and inexperienced. He held tight to her wriggling form and again pulled her close before sinking his teeth in her clavicle. She gasped as she felt his teeth press into her collarbone, trying to jerk away again, but was pressed flush Starzbet against him and couldn’t move. He moved up her neck, the bites changing to nibbles, and to just kisses, going across her face and toward her lips.

It was only then that she realized that this young mortal wanted sex, this realization accompanied with feelings of defiance. Surely no mortal could satisfy a nymph! She deemed him unworthy, attempting to slip out of his grasp again. Instead of pinning her to the tree again, the hunter let go of the hold he had on the vines and still holding the girl fast, the pair fell the few meters to the ground, their fall slowed and smoothed by the vines of the tree. The epimeliad kicked and pushed at the man, trying to get distance between them.

“Who does this girl think she is?” He thought irritably.

“You need to calm – down –” he murmured as he pushed the tree-girl into the soft ground, holding her limbs away from his body, and bit her neck hard enough to leave a faint mark. As if to answer his unstated question, she managed as she struggled, although not very strongly:

“I-I am an epimeliad! A diety! You – you can’t d-do this to m-me…!” She manages as she’s helplessly pinned to the ground, limbs held fast and useless. She studied him, wide-eyed and wounded-looking, searching his blue eyes for some hint of letting up. But alas, there was none, only a hungry, lustful gaze. He again bit her neck as she whimpered softly,

“Please… n-…” but doesn’t finish, a deep blush spreading to her cheeks as she becomes aware of the electric feel pooling at her sex. The hunter loosened his grip slightly as she finally stopped flailing beneath him. He bites her again, more softly this time, and from there, with alternatively tender and fierce nibbles, moved up her neck until he reached her mouth and pressed his lips forcibly against hers. She quickly noted that his hold had relaxed and decided to attempt an escape, lurching from his grasp, but not fast enough as the bigger male pushed her into the ground roughly, looking annoyed. The nymph’s eyes follow his as they trailed up to the copious amounts of durable-looking vines in the near vicinity and then came back down as he grinned knowingly at the girl he had in his grasp.

Her heartbeat quickened.

Although the hunter was by that point rather displeased with the nymph’s behavior, he spoke to her remarkably calmly:

“So that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Mmm… Well, that’s fine by me – it’s more fun this way, anyway,” he added with a beam. He reached over with one hand, easily restraining her with the other, and grabbed a bundle of vines, which he quickly used to bind her, wrists to each other and ankles to a pair of nearby trees. She writhed beneath him, but his hold was strong and merciless as he tied her limbs together. It suddenly hit her that – although she had never worn a stitch of clothing in her half of a century-long life, this – lying with a man’s Vienna sausage hinting at his intentions through his pants – is the first time she has ever felt truly naked. She was thoroughly terrified, but simultaneously hugely turned on…

Her writhing and squirming only aroused the hunter further as he threw off his clothing. He ran a hand, with very little of his prior gentleness, through her hair before impaling her with his swollen cock. She cried out, back arched in the sudden, shocking pain, her eyes beginning to prick with hot tears as he suddenly popped her cherry, not to mention the splitting sensation of her tightness being stretched so ceaselessly. She stayed frozen in place, trying not to move due to every shift caused her terrible splitting pain. Inadvertently her cries as well merely turned him on further and he didn’t slow down at all, thrusting into the nymph formerly untouched by mortals and deities alike.

Tears streamed freely down her cheeks now as she struggled to breathe through the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. Somehow through the subsiding agony, she still managed to receive some sort of pained pleasure from this. He again bit into the soft flesh of her neck, running his hands all over her smooth form as he pounded his spam porpoise deep within her. She had given up on attempting to form the words to beg him to slow down or to be gentler, knowing that if she’d said them he would likely ignore her. Despite this, she found herself unintentionally relaxing – all except for her pelvic muscles, which unintentionally remained tense and unbelievably tight.

The young man noticed her begin to relax, and at this Starzbet Giriş slowed his movements slightly. To compensate, though, his thrusts became that much more powerful. The nymph was forced into the ground repeatedly as her captor’s thrusts became more violent, she whimpered and cried out alternatively, useless hands and feet clenching and unclenching in their bonds. She was surprised when she felt the hunter working at the vines on her wrists, freeing them. She looked up at him, visibly curious to see what she would do with this bit of freedom. She didn’t waste a second before darting her hands toward his hips to restrain them.

She was surprised when he did slow to near stopping, and looked up to see him looking at her peculiarly.

“Please… Just… Just slow down a little… It hurts…” she begged quietly, her eyes glazed with tears.

Surprising even himself, he couldn’t help but perhaps take pity on her and listen to her plea, and slowed to a much less violent pace. She breathed deeply, as if it was the first breath she’d taken in years, and shut her eyes, slowly removing her hands from your hips as he – slowly, now – crashed in and out of her. After quite some time she even indulged in thrusting back after quite some time – a daring move, as she hoped he wouldn’t pick up the pace again.

Upon her return of his thrusts, he again picked up speed – but only for an instant, slowing again somewhat with her reaction of digging her long nails into his back accompanied by an immediate pained cease of movement. Now bucking back minimally, she began to breathe heavier, her sparse twitching turning to responsive thrusts. The hunter sensed the shift in attitude,

“Ah, noowww you’re being a good little nymph, aren’t you?”

Another blush crept up her cheeks as she submitted wholly,


The edges of his lips turned up slightly, somewhere between a sincere smile and a sly grin. He pulled his hips back slowly, drawing his rather bloodied manhood out before plunging back in causing the nymph to yelp again as he suddenly began to pick up speed, although the discomfort was much less prominent that time. Finding the current position becoming somewhat of a bore, the hunter suddenly got off of her and unbound her legs. He barked orders at her,

“Get on your hands and knees! Quickly now!”

Off-put by his sudden withdrawal and then angry orders, she hesitated for a moment, looking a bit defiant. The hunter wasn’t pleased by her lack of obedience. He grabbed her by the hips and forcefully twisted her around, pushing her head toward the ground. Startled and offended by his sudden take on manhandling, the epimeliad scooted away just as he went to re-enter her, making him miss, his tip poking into her upper thigh instead.

“Really? Reeeeally? Are you sure you want to do that? Remember who is in control here.”

“No! W-wait!” she began as he worked on tying her legs down again, this time even more restrictively than the last. She lay there for a moment of fearful anticipation before he dramatically pierced her from behind. The nymph gasped/cried from the sudden intrusion, realizing that this wasn’t nearly as pleasurable without the epitome of her nook being stimulated. With regard for neither her pain nor her pleasure because of her poor behavior, the hunter thrusted deeply and powerfully. She once again began to cry, pleading him to stop, begging her apologies, but the words were muffled as she was pushed over and over into the dirt with each of his plunges.

Unable to hear her words but still mildly curious of them, he slowed his thrusts, but was equally ready to assume an even faster pace if she decided to misbehave again. She breathed heavily as she was allowed some leverage to at least place her head on her crossed arms. He was pleased that she had had gained enough sense to not act up again, and he rewarded her by maintaining these slower thrusts, his hands holding her hips as he pumped in and out of her,

“You didn’t have anything to say, did you, my little nymph?”

“N-no…” she whimpered, shuddering and fully realizing that she was truly yours, whether she liked it or not. He ran his hands through her now quite messy hair, pulling back – still gently, again in reward for not being a bad little nymph – in time with his pelvic movements. Hoping he wouldn’t notice, she – without permission – curled a bit more to allow herself access to her neglected pleasure-nub, rubbing it in sync with your thrusts above her. Ever mindful of his surroundings – for he must Starzbet Güncel Giriş be, as a hunter of various dangerous beasts – he did notice his quarry’s self-pleasure

“…And just what do you think you’re doing, little one?”

She froze instantly, looking over her shoulder for a brief instant before breaking eye contact and acting as if nothing had happened.

“Did I tell you to stop? Nooo, I’m quite sure I didn’t.”

She smiled weakly for the first time during this whole engagement and hesitantly returned her fingers to where they were, continuing. The young man chuckled a little, thrusting deeper than he had this entire time, surprisingly gently, causing you to gasp – but not this time – entirely out of pain. The nymph’s hand suddenly dropped as he reached her cervix, becoming weak with pleasure has he brushed against the sensitive area over and over.

She couldn’t tell if the pain or pleasure were more prominent, nor could she tell which she enjoyed more. The hunter, finding this ever more pleasurable, continued to penetrate as deeply as he could. The epimeliad threw her head forward, spreading her legs apart even more and riding back eagerly, tensing and untensing rapidly, beginning to let out desperate moans. Her movement, tensing, and moaning pushed the man right to the edge of climax as he forgot his slow pace and again moved quickly and powerfully, pushing you against the soft earth. The nymph – panting now – felt his hot genetic material jet into her, and realized she didn’t have much time to climax herself. She began to buck back harder than she had ever before, hoping she could draw out his orgasm out long enough to share her own.

The hunter jerked his head back and continued to push into her wildly, her bucking succeeding in prolonging his orgasm, for at least a while. But the couple of moments were all she needed as she spilled over the edge too, lower body going numb with pleasure as she writhed and collapsed beneath him. The thoroughly spent – and equally pleased – hunter withdrew once more, this time sitting upon the dirt next to her. The nymph rolled over, her arms splayed, still breathing hard, and her eyes finally opening.

“And what do you think happens next, young mango tree?”

Her eyes drifted up and focused on him as he spoke. “I… I should kill you for defiling a nymph…” – she pauses to breathe – “but… You proved yourself in the end…” She closed her eyes again, and tried not to think about the sticky substance between her legs she was sure were her own blood and fluids from the both of them.

“Haha, you? Kill me? You’re a funny one.” He smiled a sort of one-sided grin, “and defile? You enjoyed it as much as I did, don’t deny that.”

He reached over and untied the vines binding one of her legs, and cut the other from where it was anchored, but left it attached to her just in case.

“I could have a leopard on you in moments….” she mumbles stubbornly, not looking at you. “And what’s this? You’re keeping me here?”

“And I could have this knife in your throat even sooner than that,” he retorted, and she frowned at the graphic threat, placing a hand protectively over her neck subconsciously. “Oh, you’re free to leave. But I don’t think you will. You can kill me at any time, right?” And at that, he turned her head and made her look him in the eyes, “Then why haven’t you?”

Ignoring his second comment, she was forced to look at you

“…. Because… I don’t enjoy killing. And… And it’s a lot of work – maintaining all this -” and she gestured to the forest around her “- it’s sort of nice to take a break… Having the responsibility forced out of you… and I suppose for that, I thank you, even if you are a bit cruel.”

He laughed again, and cut her remaining bond,

“You are quite welcome, nymph.” And he moved closer to her and again sank his teeth into her collar once more. She shuddered under his touch, then pushed him back,

“I have a name, you know. I’m not quite that feral. I’d prefer if you addressed me as Aamra.”

“But of course, Aamra. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

She looked at him as if he were an idiot.

“You chased me up a tree and fucked me against my will, there wasn’t really a time to introduce myself…”

He winked at her again – “You were the one who ran up the tree! – and why? Perhaps I merely wanted to engage in a pleasant conversation!”

“You and I both know that’s not what you wanted… I ran for a reason.”

But the young hunter just smiled at her teasingly. She took a breath before standing, glancing at the mess between her legs.

“I am going to wash in the river. If you ever want to… see me… again, then leave me a sign on a mango tree. I will find you.” And without a backward glance, she disappeared into the trees.

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Master Calls

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“Hi Kitten. What are you wearing now?”

She could feel the heat rushing to her face as she squirmed in her chair feeling the desire building in her. The funny thing was she hadn’t realized how much she missed him to until just then. “Well let’s see today I’m wearing black jeans with a green camisole and boots.”

“Ah babe you know just how to get to me.” As always he was warm and soft yet so powerful. “Come on now tell me everything.”

Before she knew what she was doing she was telling him everything. Starting with the jeans she was wearing and how they fit tight in all the right places. She told him how they clung just right to her hips showing off her ass. Then describing the camisole she had on that was daringly low exposing her cleavage. She told him that she wasn’t wearing a bra and how her pierced nipples were poking at the fabric. “Oh my dirty little slut.” he said openly thrilled by her revelations. “Touch yourself for me.”

“I can’t do that what if Missa comes in.”

” You know you want to. You know you want to let loose and be wild for me. We both know you want me to teach you things.”

On impulse she found herself locking the door and turning down the lights. Of course she wanted to. He had started that fire in her. The fire that would always start as Starzbet a tingle at the base of her spine but would soon spread through her and take her over. Without thinking she reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her breasts.

“Are your nipples hard my whorepet? Remember you have to tell me everything.”

“Yes Master they’re so hard. They’re hard wanting you to touch them lick them, suck them.” The fire that had been slowly building in her had reached the boiling point now and she gave in to the desire he had kindled in her. Taking a deep breath she let herself go. “I’m sitting here at my desk all alone playing with my hard nipples just for you Master. Oh Master you can’t believe how wet my pussy is getting just knowing I’m touching myself for you.”

“That’s my girl, my cock is so hard right now imagining you in my mind touching MY pussy to please me.”

She leaned back in her chair listening to his words as her hands roamed over her breasts pinching and pulling at the hard nipples. His words were hypnotic as he brought out the wild cat in her. She was sure her blue green eyes were filled with lust as she let her hand go lower. Driven by desire she unsnapped her jeans and let her hand slide inside searching out her wet pussy.

“Play with my pussy Starzbet Giriş kitten go ahead do it for me.”

She couldn’t keep from smiling as she told him “I’m already there.”

“Oh yes finger my pussy run your fingers through that opening of yours. Tell me everything. Tell me how swollen your lips are. Tell me how hard your clit is but most of all I want to know how much you want my cock in you.” Squirming in her chair she told him how turned on she was how swollen her clit was and how she wished he was there to fuck her, how much she needed him to fuck her. “Tell me how many fingers you have buried in my pussy.”

Hardly able to breathe she gasps as she tells him “I’ve got two fingers shoved deep in your pussy for you. But I really wish it was your tongue sliding in and out of me.” But eventually her words were replaced by moans and the sound of her labored breathing as she fingered her pussy for his pleasure.

“Oh yes slut. I love to hear you moan knowing it’s all for me. But most of all I love how you are opening up and becoming one with me and also hearing you being so willing with me. We have such a hi level of trust between us now.” His words were bringing to her mind her own images and all she could do was listen to him talk. In her mind she could see him Starzbet Güncel Giriş walking to her desk and lifting her from the chair. She could almost feel his touch on her skin as he talked of pinning her against the wall with her arms high above her head. She could feel her body ache and burn as she pushed her fingers deep in her dripping pussy imagining that it was his hard cock fucking her. She could feel her thighs trembling at the thought of him spreading her legs wide all the while hungrily sucking her breasts. Her nipples ached as she thought of him licking first one and then the other. But when he told her how he would take her pinned against the wall and fuck her hard and deep she completely gave in. At that moment they both knew that she totally belonged to him.

“Cum for me kitten. Call my name as your pussy explodes.” Hearing those words was all it took for her to go over the edge The orgasm came rushing over her like a tidal wave wrapping itself around her. Screaming his name over and over as she exploded her juices flowing for what seemed like hours. And yet she kept fingering her pussy like a woman obsessed pushing deep in her folds until she finally collapsed in her chair completely spent.

“You loved that didn’t you babykat? You love being wild and wicked with me and only for me? You love it when I’m able to bring you to these states of arousal.”

“Yes Master. I love being the wild woman you know I can be. You bring out the cat in me.” as she answered with a smile on her face as she slowly came back to earth…

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