Kathy at Eighteen

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As Rosa bounced her ass gleefully on Dutch’s massive erection, she failed to notice her daughter Kathy peeking in at them as they cavorted on the bed. Kathy’s eyes widened at the sight before her and she bolted back to her bedroom before her mother noticed her standing there.

Huddled safely under her blanket, Kathy listened intently to the faint sounds coming from the next room. Without straining her ears Kathy could discern muffled groaning, and the sound of their bodies rocking the bed.

Kathy decided that her mother was making the “Mmmmm! Mmmm!” sounds.

And that the: “Ugh! Ugh!” grunting was the guy. Kathy wondered if it was the same one her mother had been mooning over for the last couple weeks.

“Yeah, right there! Yeah, lick it there!”

‘Oh, God,’ Kathy thought, ‘my mother’s a slut.’

“Ohhh, God, don’t stop baby, don’t stop!” Rosa wailed as Dutch slammed into her.

They were still engrossed in their marathon fuck when Kathy left the house and headed for school.


At eighteen Kathy was already well on her way into womanhood. Her breasts were almost fully developed and while she would add to their fullness over the next several years, she was already a full-sized 34 C. Kathy had been gifted with a pair a great looking legs; a woman’s full ass and fair skin like her grandmothers. The blonde hair flowing down across her shoulders was a bequest from her father’s genes.

Her first period had occurred during her thirteenth year, shortly after that her breasts began to develop and the boys grew interested in her. Her mother had warned her about them and prepared her for their groping and unkind words and she managed to avoid them. Her mother had not cautioned Kathy about girls however, and during her eighteenth summer vacation she had her first sexual experiences.

It was just Peggy Stinson, her best friend and Kathy hanging out in the park one Tuesday. Peggy shocked her by asking bluntly, “Do you like my titties?”

“Uh, yeah, they are nice,” Kathy managed to reply, although her throat had suddenly gone dry.

Peggy pressed on with a knowing grin. “See how they stick out?”

As Kathy’s eyes focused on her friends budding breasts which were much smaller than her own, Peggy thumbed her nipples under her blouse, making them hard.

Kathy swallowed, entranced by the fact that they were sticking out, more than hers ever did and she wondered about that. A minute later Kathy also wondered why Peggy was breathing so heavily, and furtively looked around to make sure they were alone and not being observed by anyone nearby.

Peggy’s eyes searched her face as she asked, “Do you ever touch yourself?”


“You know. Down there.’

“Peggy!” She protested and blushed deeply at the embarrassing question.

“You do, don’t you?”

Kathy was tingling in her crotch and wanted desperately to sooth it until it went away.

“Can I?” Peggy inquired, and before Kathy could respond, she felt Peggy’s hand under her skirt and moving up her thigh to her panties. Mortified by her friend’s actions she clamped her legs together and trembling with fear said, “Peggy, stop it! Stop it right now!”

“Let me do you! Peggy croaked.

“Do me?”

“Yes, let me do you.”

“Peggy I don’t understand. Why are you acting this way?”

“Kathy, tell me the truth, have you ever touched yourself down there?”

“Of course I have,” Kathy replied, but she was confused, yes she had touched herself. That was obvious, she washed herself everyday.

“I don’t mean bathing. I mean putting a finger inside you and tickling yourself.”


Realizing she may have gone too far, Peggy backtracked. “You’ve never?”

“Peggy, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I better start from the beginning Kathy, then maybe you’ll understand what I’m talking about. About two months ago I was taking a bath and I touched myself down there.”


“It felt so good I kept at it, you know, and all of a sudden my finger slipped inside my puss and I was thrilled Sincan Escort to death!”

“Get out!”

“No! I mean it! It felt wonderful and I kept on doing it and the more I did it the better it felt. That’s why I wanted to touch you so you could feel good too.”

“I don’t believe you Peggy.”

“Alright, maybe I wasn’t thinking about you as much as I said I was. But what I honest to God want is for you to touch me there. That’s why I wanted to do you, so you would do me too.”

Kathy had been following her friend, but now was lost and confused. “Peggy, what are you talking about?”

“Do you trust me?”

“I honestly don’t know at the moment,” Kathy sighed.

“Please let me touch you and you’ll see what I mean.”

With some skepticism Kathy was about to decline her offer, but then she realized that she was getting warmer down there. “All right,” she murmured, “but easy, go slow and don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t, I promise.” She said softly. Kathy, growing aroused for the first time in her young life hadn’t even heard her.

“Lean against the tree, Kathy.”

She did as asked and said, “Peggy! I’m not comfortable like this.”

“I won’t take long Kathy,” Peggy was aroused herself.

“No, I don’t mean that. I’m gonna fall. Wait a second.” And she sat down at the base of the tree, closed her eyes and opened her legs for her friend’s invasion.

She felt her skirt rising up on her thighs and hoped no one could see what she was doing. And when Peggy kissed her pussy through her panties, she screamed in surprise and belated pleasure.


“Don’t tell me that hurt.” Peggy said and pressed her mouth against her once more.

“I thought you were going to touch me!”

“I did touch you.”

“No! You kissed me.”

“That’s a touch too. Didn’t you like it?”

“I loved it! Do it some more.”

Peggy’s head disappeared under her skirt and Kathy tingled all over when her lips nibbled at her pussy. ‘It’s wonderful,’ she thought and wondered what else lay in store for her. She didn’t have to wait to long. Peggy pulled her panties to one side and for the first time actually pressed her mouth against her pussy. It was as if she’d touched a live wire. Electricity soared through her and she quivered with excitement.

From under her skirt she heard Peggy giggle and say, “Do you know you’re absolutely drooling?”


“Oh, yes!” She giggled and licked Kathy up and down as her friend shivered at the initial touch of a tongue on her moist labia.

“So . . . Kathy, do you . . . like it?”

“Yes,” she replied, her voice gone bone dry.

“Oh!” Peggy chirped. “You should see this!”

Worried about what her friend had damaged, she asked, “What is it?”

“I really don’t know, but as far as I can tell, you have a little penis down here.”

“Don’t fool around Peggy!’

“Not kidding. What I see is kinda like a fold of your skin parted or something and this tiny little penis popped out.”

Grimacing fiercely, Kathy spat out, “I don’t have a penis damn it! I’m not a hermadike or something!”


“Hey I only touched it,” Peggy said contritely.

Gulping for breath, Kathy stammered, “That . . . that was awesome!”


“Again, do it again.”

Peggy touched her clitoris again and once again Kathy screamed with pleasure. Unable to resist Peggy licked it with her tongue and Kathy came for the first time in her young life.

Not fully understanding what she had done to Kathy, Peggy continued with her licking and nipping and sucking. All the while telling Kathy how juicy she was.

Wave after wave swept over Kathy, but Peggy kept going, greedily lapping up her juices until Kathy passed out. The next thing she remembered was Peggy shaking her, asking if she was all right.

“Wow!” Kathy managed after a time.

“Was that really your first time?”

“Yeah . . . wow!”

“Let’s go to my house. We have about two hours before my mother comes home Etlik Escort from work.”

The girls ran to Peggy’s and after entering up the stairs to Peggy’s room where Peggy promptly stripped and fell back on her bed, spreading her legs wide apart.

“Now it’s your turn, Kathy.”

Kathy stared at her friend’s nude body and felt herself becoming eager to touch her as Peggy had done to her.

“How shall I start?”

“You liked my titties before, so why not start there?”

And so Kathy knelt between her thighs, leaned forward and kissed her pert nipple. It stiffened even more.

“Ummm, that’s nice,” Peggy purred. “I like it if you go slow. You know, just take your time.”

Kathy did take her time, and found she was truly enjoying this forbidden activity. She sucked and bit and licked and chewed to her heart’s content with Peggy writhing nicely beneath her. Finally, Kathy reached between her friend’s legs and located her pussy.

Peggy had an abundant amount of pubic hair and Kathy curled a finger around several strands. Peggy moaned expectantly. Kathy let the hair go and continued her exploration discovering her friend was sopping wet. Tentatively, she inserted her finger into the entrance of her friend’s cunt and when it met with no resistance, added a second. Peggy was moaning and thrashing her pelvis in time to Kathy’s fingers as they sank into and then out of her slippery pussy.

Curious now, Kathy dipped her head to examine her friend’s pussy. She gasped when she first saw it. It being Peggy’s swollen clittie poking out from behind its cover.

“So it’s true,” she said in wonder, “We have pint-size cocks.”

And wanting her friend to feel what she had, Kathy lightly brushed her palm over it.

Peggy shuddered.

“I found yours,” she whispered touching it again. Peggy shuddered again and when Kathy began to actively stroke it, Peggy came violently.

“Are you coming?”

“Yes! Coming!”

“Wow! Keep coming Peggy, keep coming!”


And that was the beginning. From that day on, there wasn’t a day that passed that Kathy didn’t finger herself, or have someone finger her, Peggy mostly; and there was a boy or two, but she retained her virginity. She learned about handjobs that fall in school and she gave her first blowjob shortly thereafter, but more about that later.


Kathy still stunned by what she had seen her mother doing, bummed a joint from a girl she hardly knew a block from school. It wasn’t her first joint, but she didn’t have all that much experience with it either. All to soon Kathy realized the drug was getting her even more aroused. She entered the school and went directly to the girl’s toilet.

She sat down in the corner stall and spread her legs wide before starting to fondle her labia, tugging and stroking them until they had become full and stiff. She wished she had bummed two joints, wanting a second desperately at the moment, for she was very aroused. Holding herself open with one hand, Kathy started running her fingers up and down her slit pausing only to dip them into her pussy, then stroking back up through her folds until they found her stiff clitoris, which she caressed a bit before working her way down again only to push two fingers inside herself.

Pretty soon, she was lost in another world, as her probing fingers strove to bring on an orgasm. Panting furiously, she rubbed at her extremely sensitive clit, and, biting her lower lip to stifle the moans of pleasure, Kathy came, clamping her thighs around her hand as her cunt pulsated with the shock waves of her orgasm.

She sat riveted to the toilet seat; shuddering occasionally waiting to recover; yet somehow still didn’t feel satisfied, thinking that a hard, hot cock might just satiate her lust. And wondering if she might just find a suitable one nearby.

Someone entered the restroom. Kathy heard the heels clicking on the tile floor and nervously bit her fingernail. The stall door opened suddenly and a woman Kathy didn’t know Çankaya Escort was staring in at her.

“Excuse me!” Kathy said, and blushed when she realized the woman could see up her skirt. . “Oh,” the woman exclaimed as if she were surprised to find the stall occupied. Kathy raised her hand as if to signify it was all right; accidents happen and noted a slight smile on the woman’s face as she said, “I’m sorry if I surprised you.

But the woman didn’t back out of the stall as Kathy expected. Instead she took a step inside the stall and closed the door behind her, making sure it clicked shut. And before Kathy could protest, the woman kissed her passionately on the mouth; Kathy, in her aroused state, responded by opening her mouth and accepting the woman’s tongue.

Kathy’s cunt was on fire!

Things moved along quickly after that. The woman hoisted Kathy’s skirt up around her waist then knelt down and began to eat Kathy’s tender young snatch, occasionally banging her chin on the seat. Kathy reached out and ruffled the woman’s short brown hair as the stranger rapidly brought Kathy off.

After she’d finished, the woman kissed her again and Kathy tasted herself on the woman’s mouth. Kathy wasted no time in raising the stranger’s dress and stroked a finger across her dampened underwear. The stranger backed away and quickly removed her top, offering a breast to Kathy’s hungry little mouth then renewed her fingering of Kathy’s juiced up cunt. The young teen came and let the woman’s breast slide away. But not returning the favor never entered Kathy’s mind. The woman gave out a mournful sigh as Kathy touched her mons for the first time. They kissed again, this time like old lovers who were used to this activity. They held the kiss even as someone entered the restroom and sat down two stalls away and began to pee. After the other person left, Kathy buried her face in the woman’s crotch and sucked her labia through the gauzy material. The woman started moaning and begged Kathy not to stop. Kathy had no intention of ending this as she was enjoying it immensely.

The woman leaned forward and began opening several buttons on Kathy’s blouse and followed up by sending her left hand into the cup of Kathy’s bra. By this point Kathy had pulled the panties aside and was laving sucks and kisses on the woman’s bushy cunt.

“What . . .” (suck) do I . . . ” (suck) call you?” Kathy gulped and swallowed the accumulation of the woman’s juice in her mouth.

“Martha,” she panted, “Jesus you’re good,” and gripped Kathy’s nipple between her fingers and squeezed. It was Kathy’s turn to moan and she did, loud enough to scare the two of them back to the real world.

“Quiet!” Martha croaked, “We don’t want the whole world looking in on us, do we?”

“Mmmm,” Kathy moaned softly, her face pressed tightly against the Black Forest surrounding Martha’s cunt. Kathy elicited a pleasing moan from the woman by drawing little circles with her tongue. Suddenly Martha was bucking furiously as her orgasm hit. Kathy deserted her pussy and kissed her mouth, holding her tight as the tremors of her climax ran their course.

A few minutes passed before either uttered a word. Then Kathy asked, “Just who the fuck are you?”

Martha laughed as she pulled her panties back up and straightened out the lines of her dress.

“Don’t worry darling, we don’t know one another. Although if you want to know me better . . .” She scribbled a number on a scrap of paper and handed it to Kathy. “Call me any night after eight.” ***

An hour later Kathy decided to cut the rest of her classes for the day and convinced Peggy to join her. Peggy was incredulous at the story Kathy related to her.

“Unbelievable! And you have no idea who she is?”

“None. But she must have some connection with the school, or why else was she in the ladies room?”

“Think she might be a parent?”

“Hey, anything’s possible.”



“Wanna call Pete and Joey?”

These were two 18 years-olds who were no longer in school, but hung out in an abandoned building on Craft Street.

“You think?”

Peggy laughed. “They’ll want to get in our pants.”

“No thanks, I’ve had enough for today.”

“Really? I would have thought otherwise and you’ve stirred me up pretty good.”

“So go home to your vibrator and give it an endurance test. I’ve had more than enough for one day.”

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