Katie’s Exploits Ch. 01

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When I saw him for the first time my breath had caught in my throat and my heart had palpitated. Sitting amongst the other professors he looked like a cat among pigeons. His 6’2 frame emanated raw sexual power and as he seemed to be teasing a blushing older female professor his sea green eyes crinkled merrily and deep grooves in his lean cheeks had dimples playing peek-a-boos on either side. His full sensuous lips pulled back in an open smile revealing gleaming white teeth which could be used for an advertisement. His chiseled nose and high forehead seemed a mark of nobility and the crown of auburn glory was marked with grays around the temples which gave him a distinguished air.

Suddenly he let out a bellyful of laughter and people around the room turned and smiled at him. It was then that I wanted to jump his long gorgeous bones. The older professor was laughing too and hitting him in a playful manner and the other fuddy duddy professors who generally are morbid mean brooders were eyeing him with warm approval. His charisma had blanketed the table and seemed to spreading around a feeling of well being around the university cafeteria in general.

Just then my Adonis-like boyfriend walked up to me with his food tray. Seeing my eyes on the red haired professor he said “That’s the new archeology professor who will be substituting for Professor Calvin. But the word is despite his looks he’s not into men or women just into ancient economic history.”

“Really?” I muttered and made a mental note to go to the library and read up everything on it. Taking a seat at the adjacent table I heard his baritone voice wash over me like a dark warm blanket in a cold winter night.

He was in a deep conversation but at my movements on the next table his eye automatically fell on me. He tipped his head a bit at me and went back to his conversation.

There had been no looks of appreciation directed towards me and unlike most women it didn’t bother me. I had reined in my looks by wearing baggy clothes and huge glasses which was quite unusual for a woman of my structure to do but I had reasons.

Back in high school boys couldn’t look beyond my 38DD breasts, clinched by a tiny waist and flared out hips. On more than one occasion an amorous teen wolf had pawed my breasts and whispered into my ear how he would love to invade and conquer my six footer proportions.

And on more than one occasion the guys who took me out came back to school the next day with a condition called the black eyed pea. Black eye for the black eye and pea for being squashed like a pea by my hammer fist.

By the last year of high school the boys naturally began to give me a wide berth. I was called the mean, frigid, brainy red haired Amazon.

I wore the badge with pride and while my friends lost their virginities in the backseats of cars and roach ridden seedy motels I satisfied my raging hormones with my fingers going up and down my clit.

Now in the second year of my college I was still a virgin even though I had the most gorgeous man as my boyfriend. We had met outside the library. His looks had made me tongue tied. His mop of burnished blond hair fell casually over his high forehead and when he smiled a dimple seemed to dance on his left cheek. Brown eyes sparkled with laugher and were complimented by sensual lips that always had a mischievous smile playing on them. However his striking looks were marked by a broken nose which apparently he got playing football. We had started talking and realized that we had the same likes and dislikes. Our outlook towards life was the same and we had taken up same courses to major in. We were together all the time. People called us soul mates like Beauty and the Beast. And I was the beast incase you were wondering. But there was that one big hitch .We did the whole heavy petting and panting thing but he never wanted to go all the way and I didn’t press the issue.

However, I have seen him take sidelong looks at the quarterback Patrick. And the looks had been pretty long and glassy eyed with his mouth slightly open. It gave me the sneaky feeling that someone wasn’t too sure of his sexual orientation. It was then that I realized that I was used as a shield to keep hungry women at bay despite the fact that we enjoyed each other’s company immensely. As a result of this revelation I stopped making sexual advances towards him and he didn’t seem to miss them. We became best friends under the guise of boyfriend and girlfriend so it wasn’t as if I was planning to be unfaithful.

Pulling myself out of my reverie I studied the professor and decided to launch an all out assault on him. I decided to take an indirect approach. Putting on a sweet smile I turned and tapped on Professor McCormick’s shoulder.

“Hi Professor – how are things?” In the last semester we had gone on a few digs with the Professor so he knew me well.

“Ah Katie how are you?” He smiled in recognition

The Professor was a good natured man, so engrossed in the past Bostancı Escort that many a times the present seemed to not exist for him and his wife in a slightly miffed tone said that his passion for discovery was her bane. But he was the best in his field, recognized as far as Oxford.

Taking my glasses off, I trained my violet eyes on Professor McCormick. He blinked under their sparkling effect and clearing his throat introduced me to the hot new professor “Katie this is Professor Dan Metellus. He will be teaching your class Far East trade routes for the year”

‘Yummy’ I thought looking into his baby blue eyes. I gave him a demure smile and said “It would be nice to hear your views on the impact Mongolia had on Europe due to the Silk Route, Professor.”

Raising his eyebrows he grinned at me and said “Professor? My dad is called that. Call me Dan.”

He shook my hand in a firm masculine grip ,watching my hand disappear into the fold of his fingers I wondered what it would be like to have my whole body enveloped in his arms and feel his warmth seep into my skin.

A disapproving sniff pulled me out of my fantasy. Dr Louise Beard apparently didn’t like Professor Metellus being on familiar terms with his students.

Dan however smiled and patted her on the arm and said “Come now Lou I’m just ten years older than her. And I like to be on familiar terms with my students”

‘Lou! No one dared to call that cold hard hag by that name.’ I thought and gaped at him

She smiled and said “It’s Louise but Dan you can call me whatever you want”

I couldn’t believe my ears that old witch wanted to get into his pants as much as I did.

Knowing I had way extended my welcome I smiled at all the Professors and told Dan that I would see him in class the next day.

Pulling my ever so gay boyfriend Kirk off his seat I quickly marched out of the library. I was panting with excitement and plans of seduction were flying through my mind and I decided to bunk the rest of my classes and go lingerie shopping.

Coming to a sudden halt I looked at Kirk and blurted out “Isn’t Dan ever so hot?”

Kirk smirked and smiled back “Yeah – after Patrick that guy is a slice of heaven. Did you see the perfect V his upper body made?”

I raised my eyebrow at Kirk and nearly told him that a straight guy wouldn’t have made that comment but then decided to keep my peace. After all Kirk had the best fashion sense and I wanted him thinking which teddy made me look sexy and not brooding over his suppressed sexuality.

Dragging him to the nearest mall I took him into the Victoria’s Secret store. When I came out of the changing room in a skin colored teddy a collective male gasp broke out and I knew I had to buy that teddy. It did wonderful things to my body. Cut real high it gave ample view of my smooth bottom, hugged my waist and pushed my breasts up. They seemed to look like cozy buddies squashed together. Pulling my hair out of a rubber band I gave it a shake and a guy clutched his heart.

Suddenly I heard low female grumblings and at least ten angry female eyes were boring up at me. Sheepishly I walked back to the changing room and when I came out Kirk and I were the only one left there. Deciding that time was of the essence with Kirk’s inputs I picked up a couple of lacy nothings and headed back home Batting down a visibly miffed saleslady, who had lost customers, we paid the not inconsiderable bills and left..

On reaching back home I casually told Kirk that I had invited Patrick as he needed help with one of the papers. Kirk’s eyes lit up like a kid getting toy train during Christmas. Trying to be nonchalant he asked “What time did he say he will be here?”

“He should be here any second.”

Kirk made a bee line for the bathroom and soon I had the shower running .

Shaking my head at the obvious crush that Kirk had on Patrick I went into my bedroom and changed into a faded shorts and tank top. I wanted Patrick to concentrate on Kirk not me.

The bell rang and I went towards the door. Patrick stood at the door juggling a few books and a six pack of beer. A smile spread over his dashing face “Let’s hit da books and maybe I’d get more than just help with my paper?”

Laughing up at him I told him that everything depended on Kirk’s reaction. Ruffling my hair, he went inside the apartment.

Walking into the living room he took his surroundings in and said “Nice.” And settled down on the couch and put the beer on the side table. He looked at home on the tattered couch. Being tall with broad shoulders he could have easily modeled for the cover of a romance novel. His long black hair was tied back with a leather thong and his ears sat very nicely next to a broad chiseled jaw. The chin jutted down showing a streak of stubbornness which was diluted by the mischievous brown eyes that sparkled all the time. His lean cheeks gave him the look of a hungry wolf which was complimented by a rogue smile.

I Ümraniye Escort knew he was gay by the hungry looks he gave Kirk and when they were in the same room the sexual sparks that flew between them were strong enough to a light bulb but Kirk being a stubborn jack-ass continued to call himself straight. And I was sick and tired of watching the cat and mouse game. I had a frank talk with Patrick and we decided that it was time for Patrick would make a move on Kirk and if things moved in the right direction I would make myself scarce.

“Hey Kirk” Patrick turned to greet a semi nude Kirk who was trying to sneak by to his room without being noticed.

Clutching his towel closer to his waist Kirk gave him a shy smile and stuttered something about becoming decent and practically ran into his room. Turning back to look at me Patrick gave me a wolfish smile.

“Go easy on him Pat, you may be his first. Let’s take it slowly shall we?”

Nodding his head in agreement Pat sighed and opened a fat text and we got busy.

A few minutes later a fresh Kirk joined us. Clean shaven, smelling of flowers he was a gorgeous sight for sore eyes. His wet blond hair looked like molten gold against his bronze skin. Patrick’s eyes followed him in appreciation as he took the chair next to him and I felt like a proud mother hen.

As we began to turn pages of the books and got into deeper discussions I began to feel the undercurrents running between the two. When Kirk passed Pat a book their hands met and Kirk sucked a breath in. I saw Kirk breathing fast when Patrick turned towards him and moved closer till he was whispering in his ears. Kirk stared into my eyes as Patrick’s breath caressed his cheek.

I just smiled and said “I have to put some of my new lingerie in. And I think Kirk can help you out Patrick.”

“Sure” said Patrick, gazing away at Kirk. He was in full seduction mode.

Kirk’s eyes pleaded with me. Giving a shrug I walked into my bedroom and closed the door.

I started to put my lacy transparent lingerie in the dresser and began to fantasize Dan’s reaction to them. I saw him kissing my nipples through a transparent pink bra while his big capable hand was massaging my wet clit through the high pink thong. A shiver of pleasure curled around my clit demanding attention. Lying down on the bed I began to caress my nipples under the tank top and pulled the zip of my shots down and played with my twin lips. A groan left my lips but this time the climax seemed to elude me. As I imagined Dan sucking my nub I began to pull, tug and rotate my clit. Frustration made me moan harder and I pulled my legs up. Masturbation no longer was enough I needed more.

Wanting to distract my mind and body I grabbed my jacket and decided to step out for a movie or something which would take my mind of the ardor I felt for Dan.

Lost in my thoughts I opened the door and stepped into the living room. A groan made my eyes fly to the cavorting men in the couch. Shocked I couldn’t take my eyes off the coupling bodies.

It was a sight Michelangelo would have loved to carve out of a smooth marble. They were having sex on the couch doggie style. Patrick’s head was thrown back in ecstasy. His mane of black hair was loose around his broad shoulders and as he pounded into Kirk a small moan left his delicious mouth. His broad hands played a dance of their own. One hand gripped Kirk’s waist and the other hummered his boy’s engorged penis. The Blond haired Kirk, humble in his position looked like an angel submitting to the dark devil. White skin melded with bronzed strength. The movement of lust and love began to pick up pace.

Transfixed by their carnal beauty I stood behind the couch wanting to see them both take their final gasps. My nipples began to stiffen and hot blood coursed down to pool around my cunt. This was no good, I was a voyeur. I had no business watching this intimate act. As I tried to tip toe out Patrick’s eye fell on me and he became still.

Kirk looked up and saw me. In his eyes pleasure was replaced with shock and regret.

Not wanting to spoil it for them I quickly said to Kirk “Baby its okay. There’s no problem.”

Kirk tried to move away only to be held in position by Pat who smiled at me and said “Would you like to watch us Katie?”

Knowing that this was the only way of convincing Kirk that I wasn’t feeling betrayed I sat down on the chair that Patrick was previously sitting in. Wearing a prim smile I pulled off my tank top and bra. My generous breasts lay open in the dim lights. The Patrick winked at me and asked me to take off my shorts too as the delights of pleasure were going to get better.

Kirk still looked a little unsure so I wriggled out of my shorts and sat back on the chair.

Kirk began to speak but Pat put a finger on his mouth and turned him on his back and woke his dick up again by licking and sucking his dick. And then he took the whole nine inch meat in his mouth Ataşehir Escort and began to work on the pipe. Kirk began to gasp and buckle under his attention. He grabbed Pat’s hair to pull away but Pat had other plans in his mind. He continued to suck on his dick hard and slid his hands under Kirk’s hips and cupped them hard.

“I think I’m in heaven! But Pat I want to suck your penis. Please baby let me up. Oh this is too good.”

Patrick let the penis out of his mouth with a little pop. He turned his head smiled at me and said “We have to show Katie how to please a man. You told me she had her heart set on Prof Dan right?”

Kirk sniggered and said “Yes, show both Katie and me how to please a man.”

Making Kirk lie back Patrick ran his tongue on his collar bone and played with his balls with one hand. Hearing his groans and grunts, Patrick winked at me and moved down on Kirk. Nuzzling his curls he laid feather light kisses on his dick, a lick from the root to uncircumcised dick causing Kirk to move his head from side to side. And then I saw Pat’s hand go under Kirk’s balls and massage the area between the balls and arse hole. That raised my eyebrows and made Kirk let out a loud cry. His engorged manhood seemed to choke Pat but he continued to suck it to the back of his throat and began to massage his own prick.

Watching this erotic act between the two my nipples began to stiffen and my pussy became a mass of desire demanding satisfaction. Running my fingers on my clit I watched the gay act of love. The men changed positions and I saw Kirk loving Pat’s dick.

And he in turn pulled Kirk’s head closer towards his penis and began to sway slightly.

“Yes suck me hard, take it all in” Pat whispered in a hoarse voice. Kirk’s jaw seemed to be stretched to the limit and his cheeks seemed work on the dick real hard.

I heard Pat pant out “You give good head. I think you better stop I don’t want to shoot my load just yet. Come on, change your position I’m gonna teach you kids something new. Show me that beautiful ass of yours Kirk.”

Positioning his ass in front of Pat’s face, Kirk turned his head to look at him. Parting the white orbs Patrick looked at Kirk’s ass hole and suddenly delved between the cracks. I was shocked and aroused. My imagination let me know what was happening. He was probably licking his hole and pushing his tongue into the ass hole.

Kirk by then had lost his mind totally. He began to thrust backwards and Patrick reached between Kirk’s legs and massaged his hard balls and dick.

The sight was just too erotic for me. By now my clit was drenched with musky juices and I was squirming with unfulfilled arousal. Spreading my legs wide I struggled to gain satisfaction but my cunt seemed to have become a sucking mouth of pleasure. No amount of pushing, prodding or massaging seemed to do it any good .The pleasure kept building; the nub became more and more swollen. Moans began to escape from my throat. My back arched and fingers trembled. Breath caught in my throat but my pussy wanted a man. It didn’t grant me any satisfaction. Sighing in frustration I stared at the two lovers satisfying each other.

They changed positions and now were both feasting on each others’ dicks in a perfect eight. Licking, sucking and caressing each other I watched them cum hard and fast in each other’s mouth. I watched them buck against each other’s faces and the cum was so much that it spilled out of their mouths.

Getting off Kirk, Patrick sat on the floor and let his head fall back on his partner’s stomach and licked the cum that was on his lips. They both sighed in unison like satiated lions. The golden and dark kings of pleasure’s kingdom, lay content in each other’s companionship after playing hard but for me there was no peak to climb. I kept trying but then decided to abandon the act.

Hearing my cry of frustration Kirk looked at me. He left the couch and got down on his knees in front of the chair I was sitting in. Parting my legs a little more he buried his head in my bush. He began to lick my tender red lips in long deliberate strokes. His soft tongue rasped against their tender arousal. The pleasure shot down to my toes making them curl. Clutching his head hard in my lap I began to move against his face. My body began to wither and shake. Breasts bounced to the beat of love and the smell of sex filled my senses.

“More” I panted “I want more.” Suddenly I felt a mouth suck on my breast. Opening my eyes I saw Patrick sucking on my brown tit. He licked it , bit it and swirled his tongue . I held out my other breast for the same consideration. Laughing under his breath he switched attention but still fondled the nipple that he had previously been sucking on. My nipples and vagina became a triangle of pleasure. The two young energetic lions were making my senses reel with climax after climax. Their hands on my thighs, waist and bottom wove their magic. My multi-orgasmic state made me shout out loud . I clutched both the heads as the biggest heat of pleasure drenched my body and the aftershocks made my body quake and made me die a little death.

Opening my eyes I willed my rapidly beating heart to slow down. Looking that the two naked men sitting on my couch I felt a bit shy.

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