Keeping Up with the Neighbors

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Melinda, or Mel, as her friends called her, is a mid-30s Italian girl who had lived in the same neighborhood for the past decade. She owned a modest home on a quiet street where she spent most of her time gardening and working out her tight, tan body. Most of her neighbors were older couples, so, beside friendly conversation, she didn’t have much to do with them.

Only two people lived close to Mel with whom she had meaningful relationships: her younger sister lived a few blocks away, and her sister’s ex-boyfriend lived just one street over from Mel. The relationship between Mel’s sister and her ex was certainly a complicated one, and Mel not only knew all too much about it but was also a big part of why it had gotten as complicated. Several years ago, when Mel’s sister first started dating this guy, whose name is Jay, Mel had invited him over with innocent intentions, but one thing led to another until she shamelessly seduced him before the night was over.

Obviously, that incident threw a wrench into the dynamic. Mel had always been and remained honest with her sister, so the misstep did not remain hidden. While as much as possible was forgiven, the dynamic among the three individuals was forever changed, as much as they pretended that everything was normal.

What ensued was a relationship between Jay and Mel that was as on-and-off as Jay’s relationship with Mel’s sister. For the next few years, whenever Mel and Jay were single at the same time, they would end up spending a lot of time together since they lived so close to one another, and it was inevitable that the two would end up in bed. To say nothing of their personal chemistry, there was an intense physical attraction. Mel had a gorgeous, dark tan, long brown hair, usually with red highlights, brown eyes and a tight, thin body, thanks to all the exercise. She was about 5’3″ and couldn’t have been much more than 100 pounds. Meanwhile, Jay was about 6’0″, similarly thin and athletic with white skin, blue eyes and short brown hair with a matching beard.

When they weren’t dating other people (and if Jay were dating, it was usually Mel’s sister), Mel and Jay were having plenty of sex with each other. Jay especially liked Mel because she was sweet, friendly and non-judgmental. It was very difficult to rile her up or provoke her to act petty or passive aggressive. Mel liked spending time with Jay because he was smart, funny and thoughtful. The two continued to play around between other relationships until Mel committed to a different relationship of her own that lasted more than a year. When she broke off that relationship this past spring, Jay and Mel were both single for the first time in more than two years.

When Jay caught wind of Mel’s new relationship status, he began to include Mel’s street on his jogging route again with hopes of crossing paths with her when she was out gardening or working out. He used to always jog past Mel’s house back when there was a chance of spending alone time with her, which obviously had fizzled out over the past couple years. In fact, on one occasion a couple years back, just his act of jogging by and seeing her in her front yard had resulted in a steamy session on Mel’s kitchen floor. Now that they were both single again, Jay hoped to recreate that situation.

Mel couldn’t help but think about Jay often as well. Of course, she knew he was single because he had been dating her sister. Mel knew it was more than likely a bad idea to desire her sister’s ex-boyfriend, but Mel couldn’t help herself. She knew he was still living just one street over, and she noticed his jogging down her street again. Even though she was very attractive, she didn’t have a lot of options when it came to sex because she didn’t put herself out there at all. Beside, none of the guys should would meet on occasion had the combination of physical attraction and social chemistry that she had with Jay, especially now that her recently failed relationship was done for good. She did have a casual date planned for later in the week with a guy who just moved in down the street, but Mel wasn’t thinking a lot about it. The guy was kind and attractive and everything, but Mel was much too distracted by Jay lately to be serious about anyone else. In fact, she was put more thought into doing her gardening with hopes that Jay would run by than she was with her upcoming date, putting on makeup just to work the dirt in front of her house.

Jay considered simply calling Mel for days on end but he wasn’t sure it was a good idea because of his situation with Mel’s sister. He knew he would eventually cross paths with Mel or move on altogether, so he continued to go about his routine and see where it would take him. Mel, of course, didn’t dare reach out to Jay, since she knew it wasn’t her place. It was bad enough that she was lusting for her sister’s ex; she couldn’t be the one to initiate it.

It was only a matter of time before the two finally ran into each other. It’s not like it was unlikely, şişli escort since they lived so close and were both keeping an eye out for each other. It occurred on the day of Mel’s date with the guy down the street, actually. Jay, shirtless and wearing gym shorts, slowed to a stop in front of Mel’s house as soon as he saw the slender Italian goddess watering her plants. Mel was wearing a tight tank top, sports bra and short shorts, all of which showed off her tight ass, firm breasts and just a peak of her flat stomach. Her long brown hair was up in a bun while the sun showed off the red highlights. It wasn’t the type of outfit that girls wore in porn, so to say, but the way it looked on Mel always got Jay’s attention. If he could get her hair down, he thought, she would look even more stunning.

The two chatted in the yard for a few minutes before Mel invited Jay inside. Ever since his breakup, Jay had been exercising a lot more, and Mel noticed right away from his muscular arms and chest. Mel always looked terrific as always, so Jay couldn’t help but shamelessly check her out constantly as they caught up. She noticed and she liked it. It made her feel hot and got her worked up. Over the course of the next hour, those looks turned to compliments which turned into overt lust. That was when Jay did get Mel to undo her hair, letting it fall straight, just past her shoulders. While Jay did like that outfit on Mel, he decided he’d like it better on the floor than on Mel’s toned, tanned body.

The undeniable energy between the two drew them together in a kiss. Clothes began to come off as they headed to Mel’s bedroom, a place to which Jay was no stranger but hadn’t been in a couple years. It took one motion for Mel to strip Jay out of his clothes, since he was in only shorts and boxers, which came off together. With his mouth on Mel’s, Jay pushed Mel’s shorts down as well, revealing a sexy black thong. He pulled away to help her out of her shirt, and Mel removed her bra, letting it join the heap of clothing on the floor. Wearing only her thong, Mel smiled seductively as her naked counterpart took a seat on the bed and watched the Italian bombshell make a slow, sexy strut over to the mattress with him. Before she climbed in, she pushed her thong to her ankles and kicked it aside so that they were both completely naked.

They shared another kiss, and then Jay rolled over so that Mel could lie on her back and spread out her body on her bed. Jay knelt between her thin legs, slowly lowering his face to her pussy. He could feel the heat emanating from her cunt and knew she wanted him bad. Mel was breathing deeply as she anticipated Jay’s next move on her. It had been a couple months at this point since she broke up with her boyfriend, and, as part of the decline of that relationship, they didn’t have sex for the final three months of it. Mel hadn’t gotten laid in almost half a year, and now that she was naked in bed with Jay, she needed it. It wouldn’t be the first time Jay busted a slump for her. In fact, the first time they had fucked was because of a similar dry spell.

How this outrageously sexy and very sweet woman could go this long without getting some would always puzzle Jay. If it meant he got to be the one to finally get her off, though, he was happy to oblige. He teased Mel for another minute or so, kissing the inside of her thighs, licking her taint and beside her labia until he finally pressed his tongue against her warm, wet love hole, pushing slowly into it as the girl cooed and moaned. Mel was incredibly wet and had been for a long time already. Now she was soaked as Jay’s tongue made love to her pussy. Mel writhed on the bed and moaned, running her hands through Jay’s hair as he pleasured her.

Jay spend the next few moments orally pleasing his ex-girlfriend’s sister until she had an orgasm. Mel kicked her legs up and cried out as she had her first climax in far too long. As Mel was still coming down from her peak, Jay had scooted up her insanely tight body and hovered over her stomach. Mel was surprised, expecting Jay to finally take her and ravish her like they both desperately wanted. Jay, on the other hand, wanted to prime them up even more for just another moment, choosing to slip his rock-hard cock between Mel’s luscious boobs for now. Mel, catching her breath, squeezed her boobs together and grinned as her friend proceeded to fuck her tits like he had often done back when they were semi-regularly sleeping together. She liked the feel of that hardon sliding between her breasts and tried to lick the tip of his penis each time it poked through them. Meanwhile, the sight of Mel’s boobs pressed together around his cock was almost as intoxicating as the feeling of them against his member.

Jay groaned with pleasure as he pumped his dick between those sexy boobs and then moved on to Mel’s pretty mouth. Mel giggled a little and then opened wide, taking him in past her teeth and sucking hard on the tip of Jay’s penis. As Jay pushed more istanbul escort and more of himself into Mel’s mouth, the pretty Italian girl slurped up some precum as she beat off the base of his cock, which continued to pump slowly and gently toward her throat. Jay fucked Mel’s mouth for a couple minutes before they were both on edge. Mel, particularly, couldn’t stand to wait a minute longer. She pulled Jay out of her mouth, looked him right in the eyes and said, “Fuck me!”

There was no more delay. Jay slipped down from Mel’s face, now kneeling between her legs again, holding her right leg up with one hand while his other hand guided his phallus into her tight womanhood. Mel was so wet that Jay had no trouble pushing his big cock into Mel’s tight pussy. Amid moans and gasps, the two worked the phallus deep into Mel’s holy temple until Jay was balls-deep inside the hot Italian girl. Once inside, Jay lay down flat on top of Mel, her breasts pressed against his chest, mingling trace beads of sweat together as their bodies finally joined in blissful sex. They kissed as Jay began to fuck Mel, sliding his prick in and out of her tight, wet hole. Mel moaned into Jay’s mouth and wrapped her arms around his back, sinking her nails into his flesh while her legs wrapped around him, her ankles crossing at his back. Jay cursed as the girl pushed him as deep inside her as she could, and he continued to fuck her, going harder and faster until his balls were slapping against her taint as they had passionate intercourse.

The couple was feeling so hot that there was no need to change their position. Mel arched her back and met as many of Jay’s thrusts as she could by pushing up her pelvis when Jay pushed forward, thrusting deep inside her center of sin. They were both now coated in sweat, which mixed as they fucked like animals on that creaking bed. Their moans and cries traveled throughout the small house as they enjoyed the most fun either one of them had experienced since perhaps the last time they slept together. Jay had been worried that the memory of fucking Mel was better than the real thing. It reality, he had forgotten just how blissful it was.

Jay pumped hard and fast into Mel, railing her until he felt an impending orgasm. “I’m gonna cum on your face!” Jay announced. Mel grinned and nodded her head, on the brink of her own climax, hoping to achieve it before Jay pulled out to unload all over her pretty face. The moment was shattered, however, when the doorbell rang.

“Shit!” Mel cursed, closing her eyes as she lost her edge, thrown off by the sudden interruption. She didn’t even consider who it could be or the fact that whoever it was undoubtedly heard their shouting during the most passionate and intense portion of their fornication. Jay was frustrated too, pulling out of Mel and lying beside her as they caught their breath, both deprived of their orgasm. The doorbell rang again, and Jay asked Mel if she was going to get it. It finally dawned on Mel to check the time, and only then did she remember it was her date for tonight!

“Fuck!” she yelled, jumping out of the bed, without telling Jay what was going on. She grabbed the bedsheet and wrapped it around herself. In the moment, she didn’t craft a clever plan. She just hurried down the hall wearing only a bedsheet that was more see-through than she realized and went to the door where, sure enough, her date was waiting with as much patience as he could muster.

On the other side of that door was Shane, another 30-something adult who, like Jay, was about 6′, had blue eyes, white skin and an athletic frame, though stockier than Jay. He had moved in down the street a few weeks ago and had noticed Mel just a few days later when she was working out in her garage. He had been immediately taken back by her beauty and figured it wouldn’t hurt to get to know one of the neighbors. After taking a couple opportunities over the next couple weeks to talk to Mel whenever he saw her outside, he mustered the confidence to ask her to join him for a casual dinner at the end of the week and was delighted when she accepted. Of course, he knew nothing of her current personal situation, much like he hadn’t a clue as to why she was making the noises he had just heard her making when she should have been getting ready for their date and was now wearing just a bedsheet when she greeted him at her house that evening.

Mel apologized profusely, saying she had lost track of the time. It was obvious to Shane that there was more to it; namely, the reason she had lost track of time. The messy hair, the thin sheet clinging to her sweaty body, the redness in her face, neck and chest all indicating arousal all pointed to the fact that she had been having sex. Also, he had, of course, heard the moaning and shouting of two people nearing climax. It initially filled Shane with discouragement, as it wasn’t ideal to be picking up a girl for a date who was busy fucking someone else. However, he couldn’t help but notice that beşiktaş escort the bedsheet wasn’t hiding much, and he liked what he saw. Before Mel had even made it up to the door, Shane was getting hard.

It wasn’t shocking for Mel to do something like greet a stranger while wearing a bedsheet, but even she realized the folly of her hasty decision quickly. She was mortified that she hadn’t taken just a minute to clean herself up again and throw on a robe before she greeted Shane. It wouldn’t have been a hard sell to say she was just getting into the shower. Alas, it was too late now. As her mind raced for something to say, a thought came to her that forced a sly grin across her face: she would invite Shane to join.

Mel knew for a fact that Jay and his buddies had teamed up on her sister from time to time. She thought it was hot but never had the confidence to pursue something like that with her own ex. She hadn’t thought about it for a long time, but she knew Jay would go for it, though maybe not with a stranger. The only question was how Shane would react. However, Mel had nothing to lose. Shane was a near-stranger to her, and if her suggestion turned him off, nothing changed.

Shane wasn’t sure what was going on, but he liked the grin on Mel’s face and the tone she used when she opened the door and said, “Care to come in?” At the very least, he figured he’d get to fool around with the hot brunette before she got ready for their date. While it was obvious someone else had been there, Shane figured the other guy probably bailed out the window by now.

Jay was still waiting in Mel’s bedroom, in fact. He didn’t know what was going or who was at the door. He figured it was some salesperson or something and that he and Mel would pick up where the left off once Mel sent that person on his or her way. He listened carefully and was surprised to hear Mel invite the person in. He was even more surprised when Mel asked Jay to come out into the hall – a surprising twist for Shane as well.

Jay did as he was asked. He had put his shorts on by now and didn’t have a shirt to put on, so he went out into the hall in just the shorts. He had Mel’s sweat and scent all over him, so if there was any doubt to the visitor of what had been going on, that doubt would be put to rest. Mel introduced the men to each other and explained what was going on. The fact that Shane had made it through the introductions gave Mel a heightened excitement that her drought was going to buried in an extraordinary way today.

“Jay was just helping me get ready for our date tonight,” Mel said to Shane. “You’re just in time,” she added, as if it were her plan all along, though both men knew clearly that it had not been. “Can you help him get me finished?”

Both Jay and Mel wondered how in the world this stranger would react to such an outrageous proposition. What they didn’t know was that Shane thought the idea of two guys sharing a sexy girl was hot as hell. What had been disappointment a moment ago was unbridled excitement now. He had gone into this date expecting a low-key and probably awkward evening to now getting to double-team the girl with another guy before they even had dinner.

Shane agreed, and Mel squealed with excitement. Jay, who was no stranger to a threesome, was excited as well. Even though his first climax with Mel in two years had been foiled, he never thought he’d get to double-up Mel with another guy. Like Shane, he thought a girl who could handle multiple men was the hottest kind of female. In that moment, Mel catapulted up his list.

Mel asked Jay to show Shane where the bedroom was as she cleaned herself up just a bit in the bathroom. She decided to toss aside the sweat-soaked bedsheet and wrap herself in a towel instead. Then she headed down the hall to meet the boys, whom she expected to find awkwardly silent. However, they were chatting comfortably, much to Mel’s delight.

“Pick up where we left off?” Mel asked Jay. Jay sat up from the bed and approached Mel, taking her in his arms and kissing her as his hands settled on her ass, against the towel. Shane was rock hard now but unsure where or when he came into play. After a couple minutes and Jay’s shorts dropping to the ground, Mel looked over at Shane and beckoned him over. Then, Mel reached down with one hand to stroke Jay’s cock while she used her other hand to assist Shane in taking off his button-down shirt. Once the shirt was off, Mel dropped to her knees, her hand still beating Jay off, and she waited for Shane to undo his jeans and pull down his pants and boxers, exposing his dick that was just as hard as Jay’s. Without a word, Mel grabbed Shane’s penis and was now jacking off two guys at once.

Mel looked up at the two men and smiled as her hands ran back and forth, up and down those hard, long shafts. Both men were moaning and praising their shared girl. Shane was especially in disbelief as he was here just to pick up the hottie for a casual date, and now he was getting jerked off by her while she handled another man simultaneously. As these thoughts went through his head, Mel leaned forward and began to suck his cock, making him moan louder. Then she turned her attention to Jay, sucking him off while still stroking Shane.

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