Kelly Ch. 05

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Parts 1 through 4 are entertaining, but not mandatory before reading this. There is an Amanda that fits the physical description (she is a lovely lady), but her role in this story is completely fictional.

I hope you have enjoyed the earlier parts of this work of complete fiction, and enjoy this one, too.


The days dragged by in school when all I wanted was to spend time with Kelly. It was so nice just to be with her, talk to her, hold her hand. I wanted to make love with her, too, but we didn’t spend time alone for the rest of the week.

Kelly’s parents would be gone Saturday night, and she wanted me over for dinner. I couldn’t wait, and Saturday morning passed too slowly.

Saturday afternoon, my phone rang.



“This is Amanda. Amanda Burke?”

Amanda Burke! Another object of lust throughout my high school years. Calling me? I pictured her: a full six feet tall, she was built like a runway model with incredibly long legs, world-class tush, slim waist, and a nice chest. And she had one of the most beautiful faces on the planet. Very long, straight blonde hair, large grey eyes, high cheekbones and luscious lips. She was the type of gorgeous that made any male drool.

I remembered one day at school when I had rounded a corner only to be confronted by a perfect ass on someone squatting to retrieve books from the bottom of a locker. Tight jeans hugged every curve. Then, when she stood up, she just kept rising and rising to her full six feet, with a wonderful hourglass shape now on full display from behind, pale hair hanging down almost to her waist. A pleasant memory.

Amanda was nearly thrown out of school for wearing a miniskirt so short the guys later joked that we could have walked underneath it without ducking. I remember the legs on display with that skirt. The administration wanted her to go home and change. The guys held a protest outside principal’s office. It was 1973, when such protests were pretty common. The guys won, and I remember seeing her in the cafeteria, up on her toes to reach something, the skirt climbing higher. I later had many a wonderful fantasy of coming up behind her, peeling down her panties, and fucking her with that skirt on. She was a long-time object of my fantasies. One time, I almost hit my ceiling when I ejaculated, thinking about her while jerking off.

But what could she want with me?

“Hi. What’s up?” I asked.

“Justin, are you doing anything this afternoon? I need help with math before the final next week.”

“Uh, sure, I could help, I guess.” Knights can never resist a damsel in distress, and besides, I was good at math.

“Great! How soon can you be here?”

“Let me gather my stuff and I’ll come right over.”

“OK. Do you know where I live?”

“Yeah.” Four years of lust didn’t pass without research.

“Thank you, Justin. It’ll be worth your while. See you soon!”

Now, what did that mean? I gathered my book and slide rule (no calculators yet) and drove over. I thought about Kelly. I needed to be on time for supper. Would she understand? Would she be jealous or mad at me? It was too late, I’d have to handle it. Why was I even doing this?

I was definitely not prepared when Amanda met me at the door in a very skimpy flowered bikini and a short white terrycloth robe, open at the front. Her hair fell loosely on the robe, framing her beautiful face. Her body was in the same style as Kelly’s: built for speed rather than comfort, and just as incredible. She caught me staring.

“Like what you see?”

“I’m sorry, Amanda, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“It’s OK. I like it when men admire my body.”

Gulp. What was going on? “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Come on in,” she said, opening the screen door, “Do you want something to drink?”

I walked in the entryway. It was a nice house in the better part of town. Amanda’s family was well-off. “No, thanks, not right now. Let’s get to work.”

“I’m using the den,” she said, “Walk this way.” And she led me down the hall. Like the old joke, I watched her move and thought to myself that I wouldn’t dare walk that way.

Once in the den, she plopped on the floor by a math book, already open, with her papers spread around. She patted the floor beside her and gave me one of the most radiant smiles I’ve ever seen. I sat cross-legged beside her.

We chatted. I had never really talked to her before, never having been able to overcome my painful shyness and insecurity. She talked about tennis – she was a ranked player, and horseback riding, which she loved. I imagined her for a moment as Lady Godiva, naked on a white horse with her long blonde hair.

I talked about school, going to college, and basketball. She was nice. Really nice. I was having a good time. A lot of time passed. I thought about Kelly and decided that we’d better get to work.

“I just don’t get this stuff,” she said with consternation.

We worked through several problems. She was smart, and a quick learner. She was getting the hang escort bayan of it. Or, she already had the hang of it and didn’t really need math help.

I was explaining a problem when I suddenly realized that she had shifted slightly, and gotten much closer. In fact, her bikini-clad breast was gently rubbing my arm. It moved as she breathed. It felt really good.

Then I smelled it. TABU was by no means an expensive perfume, but to me it was pheromones in a bottle. TABU never failed to excite me. And here was Amanda Burke, my heartthrob, pressing into my arm and smelling of TABU. Wow.

“I don’t really understand how you use a slide rule for this problem. Can you show me?” With that, she moved over and snuggled in to sit between my legs, pressed against me. The only way I could hold the slide rule was with my arms around her, and my chin over her shoulder to see. Her long blonde hair tickled my nose, but smelled so good. Clean hair and TABU. Dynamite.

“Show me,” she said, and put her hands on my knees. I showed her how to use the slide rule for that problem, and for several others that she asked me about. She was attentive, but once again I got the sense that she understood more than she was letting on. Her hands now rubbed the outsides of my thighs. I was wearing gym shorts, and she tickled a little when she rubbed. It felt really good. My head spun.

“Justin, let’s take a break.”

“Good idea.”

“Now would you like something to drink?”

“Sure,” I replied, “What are my choices?”

“I have a bottle of champagne I could open.”

I was stunned. Champagne? “Champagne? That’s for celebrations.” The old days. When they tried having the drinking age be eighteen.

“I feel like celebrating,” she said, “It’s left over from my 18th birthday. And besides, I’ve finally gotten you here.”

My head reeled. Finally gotten me here? Amanda Burke! Finally getting ME here? This was weird.

“No thanks, Amanda,” I said, “I don’t drink. A Coke would be fine.”

She looked disappointed, a little pout furrowing her brow. “Are you sure? It’s French! And it would be fun to celebrate!” She looked at me with those grey eyes. I have always been a sucker for beautiful eyes and long hair. I could feel my toes melting. I needed to remember to inhale. I did. TABU. Inhaling didn’t help.

“Yes, Amanda, I’m sure. A Coke would be just fine.”

She got up and moved – I can’t say ‘walked’ because ‘walked’ just doesn’t describe it – out of the room. She returned a minute later with two Cokes. Setting them on the end table just in reach, she sat next to me on the floor.

“Justin, you’re a nice guy!”

“Ouch! Said as if you’re surprised!”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. I’ve just never really talked to you before today, and now I know what I’ve been missing. A really nice guy who’s also really tall.”

“Thank you, Amanda. I think you’re a nice guy, too.”

“Oh, stop it!” and she slapped my arm. We laughed.

“Don’t worry, Amanda, you’re about as far away from being a guy as anyone I can imagine. “

“When’s your birthday?” she asked.

“Just after Christmas,” I said.

“You mean you’re a Capricorn?” she asked brightly. “That’s perfect! I’m a Taurus.”

So was Kelly, and Kelly had said that it didn’t get better than a match up of a Capricorn with a Taurus. Trouble. I could smell it beneath her perfume. Did I want trouble? Was that why I was here?

“Why haven’t you ever asked me out?” she asked, looking through me with those incredible grey eyes.

“To be honest, I have always been too afraid.”

“Too afraid? Am I that scary?” She moved even closer, her breast pressing my bicep.

“No, I’m that shy,” I said, averting my eyes. I couldn’t hold her gaze and smell her perfume at the same time.

“What is there to be shy about? I’m only a girl,” she said, laughing a sparkling laugh, and squeezing my arm.

“Amanda Burke, saying that you’re only a girl is like calling the Mona Lisa only a painting, or a Ferrari only a car,” I said.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Rejection. Being laughed at. Making a fool of myself. It petrifies me to call a girl. What if her parents answer the phone? It’s scared me for all high school. It’s why I’ve never really dated.”

“I wouldn’t have rejected you or laughed at you,” she said quietly, looking at me steadily. “I wish you had called me. Or talked to me in school. It feels like we’ve wasted four years.”

“Amanda, if the truth should be known, I’ve had a crush on you for four years.”

“You have? And you’ve never done anything about it?”

“Nothing,” I said, “other than lust from afar.”

“So, it’s lust is it? Shouldn’t I say something about liking the person inside?” she said with a lilt to her voice that was intoxicating.

“But I don’t know the real you. So I could only lust after the you that I saw. And to be honest, there was a lot of lust. I used to go find you in the halls between classes just to see you. I snuck a peek at your schedule in Guidance so görükle escort I would know where to go each period. It was a pretty serious crush.”

“Justin, that’s so sweet! You did that? Just to see me? I’m really flattered. But all the more disappointed that you never acted on it.” Her smile could light up the night sky, and it was beamed directly at me. Whew. I could feel sweat on my brow.

She leaned in still further, and I realized that the smell of TABU originated between her breasts. I looked down at her bikini inside the terry robe. There they were, all right. Two of the loveliest breasts imaginable, only inches away, barely covered by flowered material. As she leaned forward, she hunched her shoulders a little in a way that accentuated her cleavage.

She caught me again. “Like what you see?” she smiled knowingly.

“If I didn’t, I’d be dead,” I said, looking away. “But I’m sorry, and I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” she said gently. She reached out and stroked my cheek. “My parents are gone until late. Let’s spend some time together. You can get to know the me inside. And maybe act on those lusty feelings.” With that, she leaned in a little more and brushed her lips against mine. It was as if she were plugged into the wall. I felt what seemed to be an electric shock at the touch of her lips. Incredible.

“Justin,” she said, pulling back, “I noticed you long ago, and I have wanted to be with you for a long time. Now I find you’re nice, too. I want to know what it’s like to date somebody much taller than me! I want to wear heels!” She giggled.

“I’ve always wanted to date someone as tall as you. And as beautiful.”

“Thank you, sir, for the compliment.” She beamed another steel-melting smile. When she did, her eyes had a sparkle that lit up the world. My toes curled.

“You may call it a compliment. I call it the truth.”

Unbelievable! One of the most beautiful women in the world, wanting me! She moved in again, kissing me.

Her mouth felt so soft. Talk about dreams come true! Once again, I felt like there was electricity in her lips. Mine literally buzzed. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue. That made me wake up a little.

I pulled away. “Amanda, I’m sorry, but there’s somebody else in my life.”

“That’s OK,” she purred, “I’ll never tell.” And she closed in again. Her hand found its way behind my head. She pulled me close and tried to kiss me deeply.

I pulled back and stood up. “It’s not like that. No matter how beautiful you are, and how sexy you are, I can’t. No matter how much I have liked you before, it’s not right to do anything now. I can’t betray her trust.” I was working hard to say that. Amanda was completely sexy. Completely intoxicating.

Lust welled up, and I could feel the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. It wasn’t clear which would win.

“She never needs to know,” Amanda said, “What happens here stays between us.” She dropped her terrycloth robe. She stood up before me, wearing only the smallest bits of cloth. I took in her body. Wonderful breasts, tight tummy flaring to slim hips and incredible, long, well-muscled legs. I love it when you can see just a little curve of the belly and just a little protrusion of hip bones, all coming together with a tightness that makes you want to spend hours kissing and licking the tummy regions. Amanda had it all, perfectly. So did Kelly. I had to remember to breathe.

“I can’t Amanda. Please don’t make this harder for me.”

“No one else ever needs to know. And Justin, I want you.” She moved closer. She pressed the full length of her exquisite body against mine. Her perfume was thick, and made me dizzy. Or something was making me dizzy. “I know you want me, too,” she whispered in my ear, “And I want you so badly,” she slipped her arms around my neck. I felt weak in the knees.

“Ooh, Justin! She had a hand around my neck, she whispered fiercely in my ear. “I’m ready to love you. I want to love you until you beg me to stop. And I’m ready to take care of you better than anyone you’ve ever had, especially Kelly.” She squeezed me passionately, kissing my neck, biting and sucking it, nibbling my ear. I noticed I wasn’t pulling away. I was entranced, completely under her spell. I was losing. Then, what she said hit me. I backed away fast.

I gaped. Her eyes went wide and she clapped her hands over her mouth. She realized her mistake, which gave it all away.

“How do you know about Kelly?” I said, suddenly angry.

“I heard it through the grapevine,” she said, unconvincingly.

“And how do you know if Kelly and I have had sex?” I had to word that carefully.

“Well,” she stammered, “I just assumed that you would have. And if you hadn’t you were probably frustrated and ready for me.”

“It doesn’t add up, Amanda. What’s going on?”


“Oh, come on. You didn’t really need my help with math! Why did you get me here?”

“Because I wanted you.”

“Why, all of a sudden, did you decide to take bursa elit escort the initiative?”

Amanda started to cry. “Kelly put me up to it. She asked me to see if I could get you to make out with me.”

“Why? Why did she ask you?”

“She knows you liked me. I think she thought it was a test.”

“And what about you? What if I’d given in?”

“I was ready to give you everything you wanted, Justin,” she said, once again looking at me with those incredible eyes, “Because what I said about noticing and wanting you was the truth. I do want you. Forget Kelly, I want you for me.”

“So, we could have even gone to bed? You wouldn’t have stopped?”

“No,” she said in a tiny voice, “And I still won’t stop if you want me, because I still want you.” She sobbed.

Crying women are my downfall. It’s that knight thing. I reached out and held her to me. It was not lost on me that she was essentially without clothing. I stroked her back as I held her. “Amanda, you’re about a week too late. If I’d met you before Kelly I would be here, not there, enjoying a dream come true. But that didn’t happen, and I’m in love with Kelly. She’s been the other girl in my four-year fantasy world, and almost by accident we’ve gotten together. Amanda, you’re basically a nice lady, and incredibly beautiful. I’ve had a nice time talking to you and getting to know you. You’re wonderfully sexy. Really sexy. But you’re the second sexiest girl I’ve ever known. Kelly is the first. But I gotta tell you, double-crossing Kelly isn’t good, or honest. Even doing as she asked isn’t a nice thing to do to me. What’s worse, what do I do now about Kelly?”

“I don’t know, Justin,” she sniffed and wiped her eyes, “But know this: she’s really flipped for you. She cares about you a lot. So be careful, and gentle. And if things don’t work out between you two, the invitation is open here.” she looked at me deeply with those incredible eyes. Whew. She was alluring. I smelled TABU.

“I’d better go.”

“Are you sure, Justin,” she said, pressing her long, tall, shapely, nearly-naked body against my long, tall body. I must admit: I had a long, tall erection, too, that I’m sure she could feel as she pressed against me. I had to get out of there fast, before the little head took over all thinking from the big head.

“Yes, Amanda, I’m sure. And thank you. I’m honored, and flattered.” I kissed her cheek.

She smiled that breathtaking smile. “She’s a lucky lady, Justin. You’re pretty special. That makes it all the more disappointing that I didn’t win.”

I blushed deeply, “Amanda, you almost did.” I left her in the den. Was I stupid? Crazy? Or just deeply in love with someone equally as beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside? I had just passed up the opportunity of a lifetime. And now, I was really mad.

I headed straight to Kelly’s. She opened the door, surprised that I was earlier than agreed, and then shocked at what she clearly saw as my anger.

“Kelly! Why? Why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Don’t give me that. You know what I mean. Setting me up with Amanda Burke.”

Her eyes went wide. “She told you?”

“Kelly, I knew something stunk from the moment I got to her house. None of it made any sense. And when I said I couldn’t because of you…”

“Couldn’t what?” Kelly asked.

“Couldn’t go to bed with her,” I replied hotly.

“Go to bed? It had gotten that far?” Now Kelly seemed mad.

“No, it hadn’t gotten that far. But she all but offered, and I refused.”

“She wouldn’t have done it,” Kelly said confidently.

“Don’t be so sure,” I said, “She basically admitted that she would double-cross you to get me.”

Kelly’s eyes went wide again. “That bitch! She said that?”

“Yup. She said she’d had her eye on me for a long time. And that you knew I had had a crush on her before you and I got together. Was it the truth? Would she really have screwed me? I don’t know, but it sure sounded like it. And Kelly, let’s face it, she’s an incredibly beautiful and sexy girl. Did you know that she’s a Taurus, too? I’m still not sure what that means, but it seems important to both of you. It was a ready-made disaster except for one thing.”

“What’s that?” asked Kelly, tears streaming down her face.

“I LOVE YOU, YOU JERK!” I shouted loud enough for the whole neighborhood.

She burst into tears. I held her close, but I was still steaming mad. She burrowed into my chest, her hands over her eyes as she sobbed. I’d had enough of crying women for one day.

“Justin, I didn’t want to hurt you. But I needed to know.”

“Know what? That I’m human? That I can be tempted just like anyone else? That in the end I love you more than even Amanda Burke could tempt me?”

“I needed to know that you’re not a jerk,” Kelly said, sobbing.

“Why can’t you trust me? Why can’t we be happy and love each other? Why did you have to do this?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s hard for me to trust, too. I don’t know.”

“What would you have done if I’d screwed her?”

Her voice was tiny. “I would have died.”

“So what am I supposed to do now?” I asked, still pretty angry.

“Forgive me? I’m so sorry, Justin.”

“I’m so sorry, Justin,” I said, a mocking tone entering my voice. “Somehow that just doesn’t do it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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