Kelsey Tries to Help a Client Pt. 02

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Part II

Kelsey worked her normal shifts at the clinic during the week uneventfully. Her last session with Saul was burning in her mind. She knew she was both in control and also in a position to really help Saul with his problems. Even though she knew that there might be some ethical concerns at her clinic, she at least told herself that it was happening at her private office and so she didn’t mind taking the reigns and doing what she thought was right.

Saul worked his job through the weekend and rest of the week as normal, but, he spent every morning and night obsessing over the doggystyle photograph of Kelsey’s ass and pussy she sent him under the guise of exposure therapy. He was fairly unathletic, slightly overweight, and had a long term obsession with pornography that left him wholly unattractive to the kind of women who he had sensitized himself to online, which were super hot athletic young women that he would readily cum too when masturbating.

The last session with Kelsey felt like a dream to him, he remembered how her wet pussy gripped his condom covered erection like a hot slick folds of silk and forced him to ejaculate incredibly hard into the condom. It seemed unfair that he should be allowed to attempt sexual intercourse with her but not be able to last long enough to actually enjoy it.

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Saul: “Same time tonight right?”

Kelsey: “Hi Saul! Yes, same time. See you then!”

Saul: “See you then!”

Kelsey took the hour before Saul showed up for therapy to search for the porn that she intended to use as a tool during their session. She found a 15 minute compilation of men having sex with various women doggystyle, and ejaculating onto their asses and pussies. She dragged the video into a new window and minimized it on her office desks computer.

Next, she moved the coffee table in front of the client couch in her office to the wall, and she laid out 3 yoga mats onto the carpet, and then covered them with a big soft blanket. Once the office was complete, she decided to have a look at her closet for her outfit.

Kelsey was incredibly hot. Barely 5 foot tall, and a former cheerleader, she had a certain soft wisdom that other girls of her caliber lacked. She wasn’t necessarily traditionally beautiful, but her incredible body, tight athlete’s ass, silky wet and hot unfairly tight vagina and taught breasts with puffy nipples combined with her open and caring and spiritual attitude made her nearly irresistible. In fact, she was so sought after, that she ended up not seeing anybody at all, maintaining a nearly sexless life as a new adult. Saul was giving her something she yearned for. A fixer upper of a man, and sex.

She reached in the closet and grabbed black lace lingerie. A string thong with mesh covering her pussy and a sheer see thru bra. She threw on black yoga pants over it with cutouts showing the skin of her thighs on each side, and a white sports bra covering the see thru lingerie bra.

Saul left directly from work to her home office. His boxer briefs were wet with precum from being nervously half erect almost all day.

Saul: “Hello??”

Kelsey: “ Hi hi! Come in Saul!”

Saul sat in the office chair, Kelsey sat on her leg in her therapists computer chair, one side of her tiny ass hanging over her leg. She typed his attendance into the excel sheet.

Saul: “Hi there, nice setup today!”

Kelsey: “Yes! Thank you, I had to make some room for today’s treatment session.”

Saul: “Gotcha, yeah I figured that’s what it was for.”

Kelsey: “Well good, so on that, let’s talk about how your week has been. So how have you felt since our first session?”

Saul: “Honestly great and also not so great. I’ve been thinking about it non stop and I almost failed my no orgasm allowed week every day. I’ve been jerking off thinking about it everyday…its literally a miracle I haven’t accidently cum on accident. I wanted to fuck you so bad, and you gave me a chance to fuck you using a condom for safe sex and I literally failed. You were way too tight and wet at the same time. It felt impossible.”

Kelsey: “So it sounds like there’s been some anxiety surrounding having sex with me…I’m sorry to hear that! Just know that this was only session number 1, and you are in line with exactly what’s expected at this stage. That’s a normal response Saul!”

Saul: “Well thar’s good to hear…”

Kelsey: “You spend a lot of time worrying about how fast you ejaculate…. But what if I told you the truth about how it was for me during our safe sex?”

Saul: “Oh god.. I dunno if I even want to hear it to be honest… It was the best sex I’ve ever had by such a huge margin, and it was probably pathetic to you.”

Kelsey: “Well Keçiören Escort would you like me to tell you the truth or not?”

Saul: “ ughh… fine.. go ahead.”

Kelsey: “I found that I really enjoyed the experience. I liked getting naked doggystyle for you because I knew how much you wanted me and how much you thought my ass is amazing, so showing you my ass and pussy was actually really enjoyable. Practicing thrusting felt really nice. And more than anything else, when you inserted your erection into my vagina, I really loved how you felt! Your penis head was so hard and its quite large! It felt amazing pushing past my pussy lips and entering me. And when you started thrusting into me because you were actively ejaculating, I absolutely loved how it felt! Your penis is really thick and it was super hard!”

Saul: “Ohh my.. wow. Okay then! I would have never imagined those words coming from you!!”

Kelsey: “Well I’m here to tell you my truth, and that’s it! I know it was hard for you, but even though it didn’t last long it still felt really good, so focus on that.”

Saul: “Okay, that’s fair enough. I still don’t see how its going to be better next time though..”

Kelsey: “Well, that’s part of it Saul, it’s okay now knowing and that un-knowing is something that you’ll have to get comfortable with over time.”

Kelsey: “On that note, today’s session is going to be a challenge and I’ve prepared some things to get us ready for the next steps. Sound good?

Saul: “Sure! I’m nervous, but what did you have in mind?”

Kelsey: “So today we are going to be attempting to have sex again as part of the next level of exposure therapy, but with a twist.”

Saul: “So what’s the twist then??”

Kelsey: “So there is a system here. We might as well just get started! Here, lay back onto the pillows on the floor that I put out, and we are going to just relax and enjoy some pornography together for 15 minutes.”

Saul: “Porn? Okay! Haha that sounds awesome actually.”

Saul laid down onto the floor and leaned back up against the pile of pillows, his legs spread out in a soft V shape. Kelsey dragged the window off her desktop and over to the big screen hanging on her office wall directly across from where Saul was laying. She hit play and the soft music began to play.

As soon as she hit play, she went over next to Saul and laid next to him on the pillows.

The first video clip started, and Saul saw a blonde athletic girl with pig tails, she was already doggystyle naked, and there was a large man behind her, with one hand on her tan’lined ass, and one hand slowly jerking off his large uncut penis. As he squeezed her ass gently you could see her pussy was wet already and they were both lightly moaning.

Saul’s penis began to stir in his sweatpants… Kelsey noticed the movement.

Kelsey: “I’m going to start touching your penis, just relax and enjoy the video, okay? Feel free to touch me anywhere you want to!”

Kelsey reached her tiny hand across Saul’s leg and grabbed right onto his penis head and gently moved her fingers all around it. On the screen, the male actor had begun swirling his penis head up and down the blonde girls doggystyle pussy.

Saul couldn’t hold back anymore…Kelsey’s hand squeezed his shaft through his sweatpants and it made his penis immediately reach its full and largest size erection.

Kelsey: “Here, lets just pull these down…”

Kelsey and Saul both pulled his sweatpants down and his erection bobbed straight up. Kelsey instinctively grabbed his penis in a jerking off grip and began lightly and slowly tracing the motions of jerking off onto his engorged penis.

On the screen, the male actor was having full sex with the blonde, and soon he was pulling out his pussy covered cock and spraying cum all over her tan lines across her ass.

Saul: “Ohh shit, ugghhn..damn..”

Kelsey: “Wow he came so hard…”

The room filled with silence, but the sounds of 2 porn stars moaning. Saul’s cock looked massive in Kelsey’s delicate hand. His precum was covering her hand almost completely.

Kelsey: “Here, let’s start working our way up in difficulty a little bit okay? Just let me know if you need a break okay?

Saul: “Sure”

Kelsey kneeled up facing him, letting his erect penis slap against his gut. She took her top off to her see thru bra. Smiling at him, she gently removed it showing Saul both of her bare breasts. She leaned forward and let both of her puffy nipples batter Saul’s erect penis head and smiled. She deftly dropped her yoga pants and panties down to her ankles and slipped them off.

Kelsey: “Here. Etimesgut Escort Lay back a little more…”

Kelsey got onto all fours, in doggystyle, and faced away from him, her face down by his penis, her ass and pussy up by his head. If she simply put one leg over his head, they would be in a full 69 position, but she stayed just off to the side, proudly displaying her amazing ass and pussy to him while she lightly and slowly jerked him off.

Saul: “My god Kelsey… your ass is amazing…aghh that feels good…. If you go any faster I’m gonna cum…”

Kelsey: “Well don’t cum yet Saul, here…see how this feels instead: “

Without warning, she stood Saul’s thick uncut penis up straight, pulled his foreskin back over his slimy golf-ball sized penis head and in one swift motion, placed his fully engorged 5 inch erection all the way into her mouth, letting his slimy head impact softly in the very back of her mouth.

She immediately withdrew his penis and licked the precum that was stuck to both of her lips.

Saul: “Ohh, OOhh! Kelsey! Holly shit… ughh… fuuuck.. That felt fucking incredible…”

Kelsey: “Yeah? You liked that huh… you taste good!”

As soon as she said those words, she went back down and immediately used her mouth to jerk Saul’s uncut erection off three times, each time striking his head against the back if her soft mouth. Pulling his penis out of her mouth for the last blowjob move, she swirled her tongue around his penis head in a fresh gush of clear slimy precum.

Saul was playing with her pussy and he realized how wet she just got…her tight little pussy was literally dripping with pussy lubrication after tasting Saul’s precum covered penis.

Kelsey: “I think its time Saul….”

Saul: “rnghhh… let’s see..”

With that, Kelsey turned off the porn and played the sound of crickets on a summer night to relax Saul.

She crawled over into the center of the yoga mats smiling, and seductively climbed into a full deep doggystyle position.

Kelsey: “Come here…”

She beckoned Saul and he shifted over on his knees up to her ass doggystyle. His penis was bare, without any condom on, glistening with precum. He places his hands on her tiny ass and let his penis bump up against her tight little asshole and rub downwards towards her wet pussy.

Saul: “Ohh babe…god you are tight..”

Kelsey: “Fuck me Saul…I don’t care if you cum!”

The command sent electricity through Saul’s whole body. He was just given the full green-light to have unprotected doggystyle sex with Kelsey’s tiny near virgin pussy.

He brought up his slick penis head to her pussy lips and tried to harness an “I’m gonna fuck this girl raw” attitude as good as he could muster. He aligned his bare head with the foreskin pulled back over his large head right below her asshole to the entrance of her very tight wet pussy.

Pressing in, it was miraculous- the precum that was slicked all over his head immediately met the wetness of her bare pussy and glided his head right into her vagina.

In a swift moment, his large head just popped fully into her pussy bareback, sending moans through both of them.

Saul: “Ohhhh my god Kelsey!!!

Kelsey: “ohh! …mmngh.. Now fuck me Saul!”

Saul grabbed both her tiny ass cheeks and went full “fuck it mode”, he rammed his precum covered thick erection directly into her tight hot snatch, his foreskin peeled all the way back by her tightness. He plunged his penis strongly four complete times into her without a condom and her pussy immediately forced him to start ejaculating more wildly than Saul ever had in his whole life.

Saul: “Fuuuuck Kelsey I’m cumming!! Rrraaah! AHhh! AAhh!! Aaaghh! AArgghnn! Annhg! Ahh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!

Saul was beyond himself. He hadn’t even realized that he let out 2 spurts of cumshot deep inside her wet pussy, but chickened out to release the whole cumshot inside of her. Pulling out in almost a kind of retreat because it simply felt TOO good, he pulled out and sprayed his cumshot all over her tiny ass and pussy. He had never seen that much cum before!

Kelsey: “ Ohh my god Saul! That felt amazing! I told you you could ejaculate inside my pussy if you wanted… “

Saul: “Ohh I did a little for sure, I don’t even know how it came back out! I was cumming so hard it was insane!

Kelsey towled off her ass and was smiling next to Saul, lightly jerking him off because she noticed that he never actually went soft after fucking her, he actually stayed hard after cumming.

They gently kissed and Kelsey kept jerking off his freshly ejaculated penis, sparking more precum to start flowing all over his penis head again.

Eventually, she Demetevler Escort smiled and without a single word got right back into the doggystyle position for Saul.

Saul knew what to do.

He kneeled right behind her again and aimed his swollen penis head right at her tight pussy again. This time, he slid his thick penis and head right into her tight snatch, placed both of his hands on each of her tiny ass cheeks, and began slow fucking her amazing pussy all the way to his balls.

Kelsey was beyond herself! She had expected Saul to cum within 2-3 pumps, but she was so unbelievably turned on from Saul cumming during sex a minute ago, that feeling the full strength of his uncut penis hard fucking her pussy 6, 7, 8, and 9 times right after that, was putting her over the edge! She was going to orgasm!

Kelsey: “Ohh!!! Ohhh! Saul!! Don’t stop…ohh! I think I’m gonna orgasm!!!”

Saul was in completely virgin territory. He had never fucked a girl this long before, and this was his first time having sex without a condom on too. When Kelsey said she was going to orgasm, realty came crashing down onto Saul and it was simply too much.

Saul: “I’M CUMMINGG!! AAAAGHhhh!! Ahhhgh! AAAhhhgh!! ARRGGGHn!!!! RAAAHg!!!! Aaaaaaaa!!

Saul rammed his penis inside Kelsey’s pussy as deep as he could while unleashing powerfully strong sprays of semen each time his penis reached maximum depth. 10, 11, 12, 13 thrusts deep into her tight pussy while spraying cumshot deep inside her tiny pussy…

Thrust 13 was the moment Kelsey’s reality came crashing down: All of it. She felt his penis throbbing in size as he shot his cumshot as deep as possible into her pussy. As she realized the fullness of what she was doing- letting a therapy client use her nearly virgin pussy, fucking him unprotected and taking his cumshot in her pussy… she couldn’t take it any more: thrust 14, thrust 15 while spraying hot semen deep inside her wet pussy raw:

Kelsey: “Ohh.. OhhHH… OHHH! Saul!! I’m cumming Saul!! Ahhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! OOOhh!!! Ohhhh! OHHHHHH!!!!!

She shoved her tiny ass and pussy back and forth on Saul”s ejaculating penis as her vagina convulsed in unexpected orgasm. They were both completely absorbed in the throws of orgasming.

Saul: “Oh mmy fucking God!!”

Kelsey’s orgasm right at the end of Saul cumming fully inside her somehow and how she suddenly started fucking him so wildly hit his penis is such a way, his orgasm was immediately triggered again, right at the right moment to catch Saul off guard.

Saul: “Ahh Cumming again! AGGHH!! Ahhh! OhhH!!! AAHH! Ohhhhh my god… Ohhhh! Ohhggn.. Ahhhh!”

That was it for Saul, Kelsey’s bare pussy had drained the last remaining semen from his swollen balls in a double orgasm. Her pussy was completely full with Saul’s cum. He slowly withdrew his penis from the confines of her hot pussy. The feeling was simply beyond incredible.

Kelsey: “Oh my God Saul.. that felt amazing…. Good good gooood job…”

Saul: “I can’t believe I was able to fuck you Kelsey… It felt incredible!!! You made me cum twice it was insane..”

Kelsey: “You made such good progress today, I can’t believe it! You did really well for the first time trying unprotected. I mean yeah you came really fast still, but the second time, you were actually fucking me, I was so surprised, I orgasmed… I can’t believe you made me orgasm Saul!”

Saul: “It felt so good I didn’t even know which way was up!”

Kelsey: “Well its all up from here for sure, I have a feeling you are going to make quick progress from here on out. We’ll have to get creative to keep the pressure and challenge increasing on you as we go!”

Saul: “Well I definitely trust you to do that…”

Saul left Kelsey’s home office and went home. He had cum 3 times during their session and was exhausted. His mind reeled. He simply could not believe that he just spent the last hour and a half orgasming inside of a tight ex cheerleader’s pussy as deep as he could without a condom. It was basically his dream come true, and there Kelsey was, doggystyle literally asking him to fuck her until he ejaculated inside her. His mind could barely reconcile that it wasn’t all a dream.

Kelsey slowly cleaned up the home office, rolling up the yoga mats. There was a few spurts of semen on one of the mats… without even thinking, she licked them semen up into her tongue and savored the taste of Saul’s cum. Her t shirt was balled up on the couch, covered in Saul’s shiny cum from his first initial premature cumshot. She grabbed it, brought it up to her face smelling it deeply while smiling, dreaming. Two large dollops of cum that she had wiped off of her ass were sitting in large wet spots on the shirt. She used her tongue to glide all around the large dollops of cum, getting the tip of her tongue completely covered in Saul’s cum.

Her attention fell right to her pussy that was still gushing wet, post orgasm and after getting 2 absolutely huge cumshots inside her. She sat up on her therapists couch and opened her legs. She slid two fingers right into her tiny pussy and was immediately turned on by feeling them gliding in on Saul’s cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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