Kevin’s Private Humiliation

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His leg felt like it was encased in concrete and it hurt, a deep throbbing ache that matched his heartbeat. Oh, man, did it hurt. He opened his eyes a crack and shut them again, his only defense against the spearing sunlight. Conscious now, the memories poured through his mind like water over a dam at warp speed. The Kawasaki 600, a stretch of open highway spread out in front of him, the needle approaching 90 mph, when out of nowhere stepped a deer, right in his path…spinning, sliding into the woods, a tree looming, a spiral of sky and sun and leaves and ground, and then nothing. Oh god, the bike. His precious bike, only 3000 miles on it, pristine, his pride and joy… Where was it? Was it drivable? How much was it going to cost to fix it? Could it even be fixed? And his insurance…well…that would surely go through the roof if they didn’t drop him like a hot potato. It was all too much and he slipped into unconsciousness again, unaware of the morphine which had just been pushed into his IV.

“Rise and shine, sleepy head!” The voice broke through his drug-induced haze and jarred him awake again. He was dimly aware of a nursey-type person unpacking some items on his tray. “It’s time for your bath!”

Bath? Did she just say bath? He looked at his leg, hanging from the ceiling with wires and pulleys, feeling as though it weighed three hundred pounds, give or take, and then glanced toward the bathroom door. How in the hell did she think he was going to get himself to the bathroom, much less into the bathtub? And was a bath really such a good idea with a case on? Weren’t casts supposed to stay dry?

His mouth was dry as he tried to talk. “I…who…where…”

The nurse turned around and smiled, and he got his first look at her emerald green eyes, framed by long eyelashes. “Kevin, you’re in the hospital. You had an accident, but you’re going to be okay. You broke your femur, and you had to have surgery to set it. It’s a good thing you were wearing your helmet or you’d probably be dead, the way you hit that tree.” She had continued setting things out on his tray while she talked to him, and he found himself absorbed in watching her line up soap, lotion, several washcloths, three towels, and a basin. Her nails were short, and from his semi-reclined position, he couldn’t see a ring on her left hand.

“My name is Erin, and I’ll be taking care of you today. I’m just going to get some warm water, and we’ll get your bath over and done with in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” She disappeared, basin in hand, into the bathroom, where he heard the sound of water running. Erin, he mused. Fitting, given her fiery red hair that was pulled back at the nape of her neck. It looked curly as well, but it was hard to tell, the way it was tied back. He wondered if she was Irish, too. As she returned, carrying the basin with two hands, it finally registered what she meant. She wasn’t going to take him to the bath, she was bringing the bath to him. And that meant two words, the two words that sparked many a male fantasy: sponge bath.

Erin pushed up the sleeves of her blue scrubs, which fastened up the front, and snapped on a pair of matching blue rubber gloves, the kind his dentist wore. The sound of latex snapping against skin reminded him of some BDSM movies he’d seen, and he had a vision of a dominatrix donning on latex gloves for a very personal examination. Kevin suddenly became aware of his near-nakedness, a thin hospital gown and a sheet were all that concealed him from Nurse Erin. xslot Thank heaven he didn’t have a roommate, so there wouldn’t be any witnesses. As it was, he was already beginning to harden beneath the sheet, and he prayed that she wouldn’t notice.

First, Erin stripped his hospital gown off, making sure the sheet still covered him from the waist down. “Don’t you worry about a thing,” she said, as she dipped the washcloth in the water and wrung out the excess. “I’m a pro.” A squirt of soap on the washcloth and she started washing him, first one arm, then the other, using another washcloth to rinse off the soap as she went. He was pleasantly surprised at the water temperature, which was nice and warm but not hot, and he felt himself relax in spite of his apprehension at being bathed by a stranger. She didn’t talk while she washed him, leaving him wondering what she was thinking about as she worked him over.

She leaned over him to rinse his other arm, and in doing so, her full breasts were in his face. He could see how they strained at the fabric of her scrubs, and wished they were free from their fabric prison, his to taste and suckle and lick as they dangled in front of him. He estimated that she must be a full C cup, maybe nearly a D. With her red hair and pale skin, he could imagine pale pink nipples and areola crowning those milky white orbs. This was not helping him get rid of the erection which had begun to assume larger proportions.

Next, Erin moved to his chest, working the rough washcloth under his arms, across his collarbone, and down to his stomach. She was businesslike and efficient, her face registering no emotion as she rinsed the lather off his midsection. She uncovered his uninjured leg and worked the soap into a lather as she scrubbed him from toes to hip. Maybe she’ll leave Mr. Happy alone, he thought briefly. Maybe…but no, she had finished rinsing his leg and had uncovered his groin, exposing Mr. Happy to the bright morning sun, and to his dismay, Mr. Happy was very happy to see Nurse Erin.

His cock had risen to attention as she had rinsed his thigh, the touch of her hand and the pressure of the washcloth just close enough to excite him. That, and the scent of strawberries emanating from her hair as she leaned over him, her breasts just centimeters from his lips, yet hidden from his sight. There was also something strangely erotic about being so helpless while she performed such an intimate task.

“Well, well, well…what have we here?” She stood there staring at his erection, and his face began to burn. How utterly humiliating, Kevin thought to himself, as he willed his body to redistribute the blood to other parts of his body, to no avail. The more he thought about his erection, the harder it became. Honestly, he could not remember the last time he had been this aroused.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Kevin was incapable of speech, he was so embarrassed. “I cannot believe that a man like you can’t control this response to a bath. I’m just appalled.” Her words were harsh, but there was a teasing quality to her voice, almost flirtatious.

“I think you’re going to have to wash that yourself, young man,” she said sternly, as she handed him the warm, wet washcloth. Kevin gingerly accepted the washcloth from the nurse. “Let’s go. We don’t have all day. Hurry up.”

He wrapped the washcloth around his erect cock and gasped. The roughness of the washcloth, combined with the warmth, raised his arousal xslot Giriş another notch, and he closed his eyes as he adjusted to the sensation.

“Wash it,” she commanded. He began to stroke his cock, wrapped in the washcloth, his movements rapid. “Stop. You’re doing it too fast. Slow down. We’re in a hurry, but not that much. I don’t want you to give it a lick and a promise. You have to clean it thoroughly. I can’t leave here until every inch of you is squeaky clean. Open your eyes and look at me.” Kevin slowly opened his eyes and met the green eyes of the red-haired nurse. Eyes locked, Kevin began to stroke his cock again, acutely aware of how his movements were much like those he used to masturbate.

“Grip it tightly, Kevin. I’d hate for your hand to slip off.” He wrapped his hand more tightly around his member, using the same firmness he used when pleasuring himself. “Good, very nice. Now stroke it.”

Stroke it? Maybe she meant wash it. Well, whatever she meant, he did it, stroking –washing – his cock from base to tip and back down again, never moving his eyes from hers. His breathing quickened as she watched him. Silently, she reached for the washcloth, and he handed it to her, thankful his task was complete. She dipped it into the basin of water, rinsed it out, and squeezed the excess water out of it before handing it back to him. He looked at her with a questioning look, unsure what else she wanted him to do. “Your balls. They’re dirty, too.”

Cupping the washcloth in his hands, he used it to cradle his balls, gingerly washing them, the contact only serving to further harden his cock. Wordlessly, she held out her hand for the washcloth, dropping it with a splash into the basin, and then passed him a towel. He quickly dried himself off, and returned the towel to her, his eyes still riveted on her face.

“Am I done now?” he asked, suspecting that her answer would be no, his cock still standing at attention, twitching a little as the water evaporated in the cool air.

She smiled a slow, sexy smile, and winked at him. “Of course not,” she said. “Hold out your hand.” He held out his hand, and she squirted a hefty dollop of lotion into his palm. You’d better put some lotion on as well. Dry skin is a very common problem here in the hospital.”

“I, um, I’m not sure I need lotion on my, um…”

“Say it, Kevin. You’re not sure you need lotion where?”

“On my cock. I’m not sure I need lotion on my cock.”

“Yes, you do. You don’t really have a choice. Get busy.” Her tone left no room for negotiation – or refusal.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he whispered, as he wrapped his lotion-covered hand around his stiff cock and began to rub the lotion in, stroking with strong, firm strokes, from base to head, and every few strokes he’d stop and rub the lotion into his testicles before returning to the shaft. He was so turned on, and he wanted so desperately to finish himself off.

“Faster.” Erin’s breath was noticeably faster and more shallow, and he could see a faint flush on her cheeks. Was it possible that she was also turned on? He stroked his cock faster, the lotion easing his efforts tremendously. Why had he never thought to try using lotion when masturbating before? It made his strokes so much smoother and better simulated the feel of a woman’s juices on his cock.

Kevin abandoned the charade of applying lotion to his cock and began to jack off in earnest, the speed of his strokes matching the speed of her xslot Güncel Giriş breathing. Her eyes were half-closed now, and her hands were rubbing her breasts through the scrubs, pinching her nipples as she watched him work his throbbing cock.

His orgasm was building, and he could feel his balls tightening up. His hand was moving fast now, almost a blur as it slid up and down the shaft, pulling his orgasm upward. God, it felt so good, and he loved watching Nurse Erin’s arousal building as well. He had long since abandoned any worries about someone walking in on them. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes locked with hers as he grew even closer to cumming. He was so close…so incredibly close… Her hands pulled open the front of her scrubs, the snaps popping open, revealing her heaving breasts encased in black lace. The sight of her creamy white breasts spilling out of the jet black cups was almost enough to make him spill his seed right then. Her fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples through the bra, squeezing and massaging the surrounding flesh as she did so. He couldn’t bear it anymore. The sensations were so intense that his eyes closed and his head dropped back against the pillow.

“Oh, yes, yes,” he moaned, his orgasm imminent. Just as he was about to explode, he felt a strange tightening at the base of his cock, and the urge to cum was abated somewhat. He looked down to see her fingers encircling the base of his member, squeezing him to the point where he was unable to cum.

“What the…??” He couldn’t believe it. Just what the fuck did she think she was doing?

“You haven’t been given permission to cum. And you certainly didn’t ask permission.” She held up a small rubber ring. “So I’m going to slip this nice little cock ring on your dick and it’s going to keep you hard but prevent you from cumming. Don’t even try to masturbate – you’ll end up hurting yourself.” With one swift motion, she had that cock ring down around the base of his penis, and he could feel the pressure it exerted on his engorged cock, preventing the blood from flowing back into his body and not letting him ejaculate. She snapped up her scrubs as she continued, “I’ll be back a little later, after I finish my rounds, to check on you. Perhaps then you’ll have thought enough about the importance of obedience and permission.”

Erin quickly and efficiently cleaned up the things she had assembled for the bath, and poured the water out in the bathroom before returning with a fresh pitcher of water. “Enjoy the rest of your morning, Kevin.” She headed for the door, and paused when she reached it. Looking back over her shoulder, she added casually, “This afternoon, I’ll be bringing in a student nurse to teach her how to give an enema. I’m sure you’ll be a very cooperative patient, won’t you?” Without waiting for an answer, she walked out the door, leaving him hard and horny and dreading afternoon rounds. He closed his eyes again and willed his erection to disappear.

“Kevin? Kevin? Wake up….” The voice was soft and gentle. He didn’t want to wake up, didn’t want it to be time for afternoon rounds, but the voice was persistent and his cock was so hard…

“Yeah? What?” Kevin opened his eyes to see his mom standing over him. “Mom? I’m ok, honest.” He reached for the blanket to make sure his erection was covered. He didn’t want her to see the cock ring Nurse Erin had put on him before she left this morning. He could only imagine the questions it would bring.

“I know, honey, but you’re going to be late for work if you don’t get up now.” Work? But his leg? Wait – his leg was…fine? How…oh….man….a dream. It had all been just a bad dream…. But that didn’t explain the unfamiliar cock ring still wrapped snugly around his erection….

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