Kim Ch. 01

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The doors of the elevator opened and Kim wheeled to her apartment door. Using her key she unlocked the dead bolt and the door knob. She pushed the paddle knob down and then pushed the door open with her wheelchair. The door to the fully accessible apartment was wider than normal and she had no problem getting through it. The door closed on its own after she cleared it. Kim locked both locks and wheeled into the bedroom to change clothes. She pulled alongside her bed, locked the wheels on her wheelchair and transferred her bottom to the bed using her arms and hands.

She wore a business suit with slacks, blouse and jacket. As a lawyer in a large office she had to dress well. She did not see many clients but was responsible for looking over contracts for large corporations. Her work came from the partners of the law firm who passed the work on to her to get done. She had been out of law school for almost five years and loved her job.

She removed the jacket, pulled her leg up to the bed with her hand and removed the low heel shoe. She unzipped the hidden zipper that ran from the ankle hem up the outside of the pants leg to her hip area. She repeated the process for the other side and was soon in her thong. As she finished with each leg she let it drop back down the side of the bed where it flopped around some. Both of her legs were totally paralyzed from her hips down from polio. She was only 7 months old when she contracted it and it really played havoc with her body. She had a fairly pronounced scoliosis (curvature) in her back and her overall growth was stunted. Her right leg was almost 2 inches shorter than the left. Her legs and feet were small and very atrophied as there had been very little growth when she was young. Her torso was also short and small.

She used a custom Quickie ultra light wheelchair. She had never been fitted with braces. The foot rests were at different heights to accommodate the difference in the length of her legs. The back of the chair was canvas to make sitting all the time more comfortable as it formed to her scoliosis better than a hard back. The wheelchair size was about half way between a child’s and adult’s chair. Whenever she transferred from her chair to something else she had to use her hands to move her legs after her. She did have full feeling everyplace in her body. She had a little difficulty sitting up and had to be careful to not fall over.

Kim removed her blouse being careful to not topple off the bed. She did not have a bra on because she had so much trouble finding one that fit properly. With her small torso and the scoliosis, the band just did not fit right. Her breasts were on the large side, C to D cup, and firm. There was no sag. When she wore a jacket it did not matter if she had a bra on. If she did not wear one, she was very careful about the type of blouse and/or sweater she wore. If she could stand she would be just short of five feet tall. She weighed about 90 pounds.

She transferred back into her chair and went into the bathroom. At work or when out, she self catheterized or sometimes wore a Foley catheter and leg bag if she knew her schedule would cause problems getting to the restroom. It was also hard to get onto the john so cathing was much easier away from home. She transferred to the john and did her thing, wiped and got back into her chair. A shower always refreshed her after work so she wheeled into the big stall, transferred to the bench, pushed her chair out and slid the glass door closed. The water felt great and she spent several minutes just letting it spay down on her. Another advantage of where she lived was unlimited hot water. She then washed and when done pulled her chair back in, put a towel on the seat and moved out to dry off.

Back in the bedroom she slipped a sleeveless t-shirt on and headed to the kitchen. She fixed a chef’s salad and some iced tea and ate dinner looking out over the city. Her apartment was on the 18th floor of a high rise and she loved the view. After she had the dishes out of the way she went into her office and booted up her computer. Kim had not had to bring any work home with her tonight so she started surfing the net. About two months ago she noticed another female in her office that used crutches and it looked like HKAFO braces. Kim found her quite attractive and started to thinking she had never had a relationship with either a male or female. Kim also seemed to have some type of feelings about this other girl being crippled. Something stirred in her as she watched her walk.

After thinking about it for a while, she had put a couple of profiles on disabled dating sites a couple of months ago. She even got brave and listed herself as bi-curious. She had several replies in her mail box and went through each of them. As usual most were either crude or from much older men. There was one that piqued her interest. It was from a female that was also bi-curious, had a spinal injury, was about the same age and lived in the same area. The mail seemed friendly and asked several questions about Kim. She decided she would düzce escort answer her and see what happened. She wrote up the answerer telling her about herself and some things she was looking for. She was very honest in describing herself and mobility issues and sent the reply off.

Kim then visited some of her other sites, a growing number had to do with devotee stuff. Kim had read a lot about who they were and felt she was becoming one herself. She seemed to be more and more turned on by her own issues and when seeing other crippled people, male or female. The pictures she looked at were either about paralysis or amputees. She had never had any type of sexual encounter with either sex and was a virgin as far as having a male or female touch or penetrate her in any way.

She had been masturbating for several years and had several “toys” in her bedside table. She used her hand or a toy several times a week to get off. Like most women that will accept the fact, she was much more likely to get herself off multiple days and times just before and during her period. She had never talked to another woman about this but from what she read, she seemed to be normal and did not fight the urge. Kim also liked the stories in Literotica especially the fetish ones. Kim started reading one about a devotee and paraplegic. As she was reading she got an indication that she had mail waiting. She clicked on the symbol and her mail came up. It was an answer already from the girl she just sent a reply to.

The mail indicated she was very excited to get a reply to her mail, that it was her first profile and first contact. She gave a phone number and asked if Kim would call her as she hated to type messages back and forth. She also added that she was a typist at work and more typing at home was not what she needed. LOL

Kim read some more then decided she would call. The name the girl had given was Libby so she dialed the number. Libby answered on the first ring and Kim introduced herself. They started talking and asking each other questions. It seems that Libby had a spinal injury from a bike accident in the area of T-9. It was an incomplete injury meaning she was totally paralyzed but had feeling in parts of her lower body. Her bladder sphincter was closed so she has to use catheters but she had good bowel function. Kim told her about her use of catheters. Libby said the insides of her legs have feeling and so did a lot of her pelvic area.

Kim told her about her stuff and gave a good description of herself. Libby was quiet for a while and then asked Kim if she worked in a law office. Kim said yes and it hit both of them at the same time that they both worked in the same place. Libby was the girl Kim had seen and had her eye on. They both talked about if they should continue and Libby said she wanted too and asked Kim to please do so also. Libby had seen her several times since she started working there and had wanted to meet her very much. Kim said she would have to think about it and asked her several questions about where she worked and who her supervisor was.

Kim then asked her about the bi curious category that was in her profile. Libby was very open and said she had spent one night with her female college roommate and the next day was when she was injured. They had never seen each other again after only one hospital visit and Libby had never been with another woman or man for that matter. She had enjoyed the encounter and wanted to try it again. She also wanted to be with a man some time. Kim told her she had never been with either and wanted to try both also. Libby asked Kim why she wanted to be with a woman and Kim said she did not have a definite answer to that. She admitted that she thought her body might be a turn off for a man. Libby spoke up and said that she did not think that would be a problem at all.

Kim asked her if she was a devotee and Libby did not know what that was. In a way Kim was surprised with her having been crippled so long. Kim suggested she look it up on the internet and they would talk about it later. It was Thursday night and Kim finally asked Libby if she was free for lunch on Saturday. She told her she was interested in meeting her. Libby said she was and they agreed on a time and place. Kim said she had one last thing she wanted Libby to know; she was very open and honest and expected Libby to be the same way, to say what was on her mind and to tell Kim her honest thoughts. Libby promised to do so.

Saturday came and Kim was getting ready for lunch with Libby. She was in a quandary about what to wear. She decided that a short skirt and blouse, without a bra, but with a vest would be ok. Libby might as well see her legs. Kim wore very little make-up and had short hair that did not need a lot of care. She drove a van with a side lift for her wheelchair. The driver’s seat was gone so all she had to do was pull up to the steering wheel and fasten her chair down. She started to the restaurant which was not that far away. Since it was Saturday she had called edirne escort and made a reservation. She asked for a table that was out of the way and told them she was in a wheelchair.

Libby was waiting in the outer reception area when Kim got there. Kim was a little surprised as Libby was in a wheelchair and did not have her braces on. She had a sun dress on that came well above her knees. Her legs were crossed and she had heels on. Kim noticed that the leg that was over the top of the other was very atrophied and the other was not quite as much. The dress was sleeveless and two or three buttons were undone showing some cleavage. She appeared to be a B cup and was probably braless as her nipples where showing through the thin material. Kim pulled her wheelchair up alongside her and Libby offered her cheek so Kim brushed her lips on it. They went inside and were immediately shown to their table. There were no chairs in the way so Kim thought Libby must have gone on in and checked arrangements.

They both ordered cold drinks and looked the menu over. Kim said she had eaten there several times and everything was good. The server took their orders and they settled in to get to know each other. Libby remarked about how good Kim looked today. Kim said the same thing and asked why she did not have her braces on. Libby said she mostly only wore them at work as it was easier to get around in the tight spaces of the secretary pool. She also liked the extra work it took to walk that way, good exercise. Kim remarked that she wished she could walk some times. Libby said she thought Kim would look good walking in braces.

Kim asked if Libby had found time to look up devotee on the net. She said she had and found it interesting to read. She did not think that she fit the description at this time but was interested in the concept. She indicated she wanted to talk to Kim more about it if they got a chance to be alone. Kim noticed Libby’s eyes kept looking down at her chest so she decided to remove her vest. Kim was sitting with her back to most of the other patrons any way. She remarked how warm it was in there and holding herself upright with one arm leaned forward and slid the vest behind her. Changing arms so she was still holding herself up she leaned forward again and removed the vest from behind her.

As she sat back she very slightly thrust her breasts out looking into Libby’s eyes and smiling. Libby’s eyes got wide and she said wow and then thanks to Kim. Kim said you’re welcome and reached her hand across the table and covered Libby’s. Libby said I see you are like me and have to be careful of falling forward. She took hold of a belt that was attached to the frame of her wheelchair and placed the strap below her breasts and fastened it to the other side. As she tightened it the material was pulled down slightly on her breasts showing more of the tops and sides of them. It also tightened the material so the outline showed more and it seemed to Kim that her nipples had gotten larger. Kim indicated she also used a belt she kept in her bag on the back of the chair for that same purpose. Libby grinned and said to keep you sitting up or to accentuate those beautiful breasts. Kim answered, yes.

They both were laughing hard when the server brought their lunch. They both realized that they were going to get along great after that. Libby asked if Kim pleasured herself and Kim said yes, do you? Libby said yes and when she had become injured she was anxious to find out just how much feeling she had. At first she had none and it stayed that way for over a year. She was very afraid she would be that way forever. She also wished she had been more sexually active before she was hurt. She also noticed that after a while her breasts and nipples became more sensitive and still were.

Kim told her she had started touching herself several years ago and has kept doing so since then. She said she had some toys that she used also. She was not sure how she ended up with large breasts as her mother and grandmother were quite small. Maybe a reward for being crippled she laughed. She said she wondered what it would feel like with someone else touching them as she looked into Libby’s eyes. Libby licked her lips and said you should find out. Kim held her eyes and said I think I will. Libby nodded her head at Kim’s chest and Kim looked down and saw that her hard and distended nipples were pushing her blouse out. She also felt wet between her legs. She looked back up to Libby and nodded her head in agreement.

Kim remarked about how good Libby’s legs looked and were they two different sizes. Libby said yes, for some reason the right one had not atrophied as much as the left. They were both totally paralyzed and at the same time. She said she had always favored the look of the smaller one. Kim asked what she could feel and not feel. Libby said no feeling from just below her chest down. She could feel along the inside of her legs from her crotch to her knees. Nothing below the knees. She could not feel the catheter elazığ escort going in her but she did have feeling in her clit, vaginal lips and vagina but not her cervix. She used to have cramps etc during her period now never felt any. She was really glad she had feeling in her pussy and did not mind not having it elsewhere.

Kim told her she would like to see her in her braces sometime and get a closer look. She asked Libby if she liked being seen in them and she said yes she did. She felt sexy with them on and had been hit upon by some men but had never let it go very far. Kim told her that was probably a devotee thing and Libby said she wondered why that had happened. Libby said she crossed her legs when in her chair and that way she did not have to strap them down to keep them from falling off the foot rest.

They finished lunch and after Kim had paid the bill asked Libby if she would like to come to her place. Libby said she would enjoy that very much. Kim told her to follow her home and park in the handicap spot at the front door. She would park her van in the garage and pick her up in the lobby as she came up. Kim did not put her vest back on and there were lots of eyes following them out and they both noticed it. They got back to Kim’s apartment and she showed Libby around. Libby said she needed to use the bathroom to get rid of all the fluid they had at lunch. Kim asked if she needed any help and Libby smiled and said not this time but she would the next time.

They had ended the tour in the living/dinning room looking out over the city. When Libby came back from the bathroom, Kim pulled alongside Libby’s chair and they were facing each other. After a few seconds Kim pushed Libby’s dress up her legs to get a better view of them. She touched them and Libby said she could not feel that. As Kim moved her hand and fingers towards the inside of her thighs she said she could now feel what was happening. Kim was touching her left leg and started rubbing her hand up and down the inner thigh from her knee to over half way up where her dress kept her from going any higher. Kim looked up into Libby’s eyes and said her legs were very beautiful and sexy, especially the left one. Her hand had stopped and she said she would like to see the rest of them.

Libby reached out and cupped Kim’s breast and said lets go into the bedroom and look at each other. Kim led the way and again they placed their chairs alongside and facing each other. Libby unbuttoned Kim’s blouse and helped her out of it. She lifted each leg and removed the flat shoe. As Kim lifted herself Libby pulled the short skirt off leaving Kim in only her thong. Libby reached out and took Kim’s breast in her hand again hefting it and then rubbing and pulling on her already hard nipple. She did the same with the other one. She looked at Kim and said help me with my dress so we can get in bed and I can use both hands so I don’t fall out of the chair. Libby unbuttoned Libby’s dress and pulled it from her as she lifted herself.

They moved over to the bed and watched each other transfer into bed. They both had to do almost the same thing as their paralysis was very similar. Kim had pulled the covers back and they lay by each other on the top sheet. Nothing was said and Libby pulled Kim over on her side and she met her and they kissed for the first time. The first few were cautious but fairly quickly the passion built. Kim opened her mouth and probed Libby with her tongue. She immediately responded and they French kissed for some time. Libby’s hand came up to Kim’s breast and started feeling her all over. She broke the kiss and moved her head down to a nipple and sucked and nibbled at it. She finally looked up at Kim and said she had wanted to do that for a long time. Kim smiled and said she had wanted it done for a long time also.

Libby pushed Kim on to her back and went to work on her breasts using her mouth, teeth, hands and fingers. She spent a good 15 minutes doing so. Kim just lay there with her arms spread enjoying what was happening to her for the first time in her life. Libby started moving her head down Kim’s abdomen. She reached her sparse pubic hair and kept going to her thong. Libby pushed it down Kim’s legs and off. She pushed Kim’s legs open and with some difficulty moved herself between them. Libby stopped her kissing for a while and examined Kim’s legs from pussy to toes finally saying she thought they were very sexy. Kim’s flaccid feet were bent over straight with the toes touching the sheet. She kissed her way back up to Kim’s pussy and when she got there she looked Kim in the eyes. She kept looking at her the whole time she ate her. Kim was in heaven. She had read many times about oral sex but never expected it to be happening to her. Now it was.

Libby bent Kim’s legs back alongside her hips and opened them wide. She noticed how long and large her vaginal lips were. Kim’s short torso made it very easy for Libby to reach her arm up and grasp one of Kim’s breasts as she ate her. For a while she paid little attention to her clit but finally latched on to it and that sent Kim over with the biggest and longest orgasm she had ever had. Libby almost came with her as it was her first time for doing what she was doing. She loved how Kim tasted and the reaction she had gotten out of her. Kim finally stopped Cumming and just lay quietly for a while.

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