Kim , Kate Ch. 03

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I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of my readers who have waited patiently for the next part of this story. I hope it lives up to all your expectations. I love constructive criticism so if you have advice on how to make my writing better I would love to hear it. However, if you do not like the story’s I like because of the topic or if all you have to say is “that sucked” then please do not bother commenting.


It was March, almost time for spring break. I was excited. It was finally time for Kate to meet my new girlfriend. We had it all planned out. Kim’s parents were going on a cruise for spring break. Kim had been invited but she choose to stay behind with me. While they were gone, Kate and I would be staying at Kim’s house. This was something that neither of us had done before. It had been Kim’s suggestion. Her parents are very well off and have a huge house. It would be like staying in a luxury hotel. There was a hot tub, heated pool, game room and a full bar. Kim had assured me that her parents wouldn’t notice.

“They expect me to have parties while they’re away. I do nearly every time. So they wont notice at all if we drink their alcohol and stuff. My dad even left me the key to the bar.”

There were other reasons to stay at Kim’s house also. For one, Kate would feel completely out of her element and powerless. It would make for a perfect environment for her to submit to us. When I told Kate that we would be spending spring break at my girlfriend’s house, she seemed resistant, which only proved that it was a great idea. Not only that, but Kim was hoping to have some friends over too. It would make for a great place to publically humiliate Kate. Kim talked excitedly about how she would have Kate wait on everyone at her party and boss her around in front of everybody. I was still a little unsure about giving Kim that much control over my wife but, just like everyone else, I was having trouble telling Kim “No”.

Spring break arrived quickly and there was excitement in the air. Even Kate who hadn’t liked the idea was starting to get anxious. I knew she was ready. It had been months since I had allowed her to orgasm and I had kept her on edge pretty much the whole time. We hadn’t had sex since before Kim and I started dating. I gave Kate a very specific packing list for the week. I told her to pack underwear for the week and one formal dress and a nice pair of heels that matched. She wouldn’t need any more clothes than that. I expected her to be exposed the rest of the time. I also instructed her to bring her leash and the arm and leg restraints from her bed. On the drive over she would wear a black dress, heels, her chastity device and her collar.

“Make sure you look presentable,” I told her. Her hands were shaking when we pulled out of the drive way.

Kim’s house was on the other side of the city. It took us twenty minutes to get there. Kim hadn’t been exaggerating. Her house was nearly a mansion. I knocked on the door and Kim answered. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and was wet, as if she had just gotten out of the pool. She had a piercing hanging from her belly button. I suspected that she had chosen to dress like this for shock value. She wanted the first thing Kate saw to be her perfect body. Kim threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hungrily. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed my hands down her back. As we kissed I let my hands slide down inside her bikini bottom. I could smell the sweet scent of coconut tanning oil on her skin.

“Baby!” she cried excitedly. ‘Im so glad your here!”

I glanced sideways at Kate. She was in shock. Her mouth hung open, her face was pale and her eyes were watery. No tears yet, just watery. I let her enjoy the sight for a moment before we moved into the house.

Kim took my hand and led us inside. “Welcome!” she said. showing us around. The entrance way was huge. Everything was white and clean. The floors were tile and the ceilings were high. I could see the pool through a glass door that was opposite the front door. There was a stairwell leading up to the second story on the right. Kim led the way upstairs.

“This is where we will sleep,” she said, indicating the room at the farthest corner of the hallway. Kim’s room was huge, she had a four poster king sized bed, two walk in closets and an on suit bathroom with a jetted Bostancı Escort tub and a separate shower. I set my luggage down on the floor.

“This is great Kim, thanks so much for having us,” I told her. Then I pulled her close and kissed her on the cheek. Kate looked like she was starting to recover from her shock.

Kim led us back down the stairs and through the dining area on the left. She showed us the kitchen and several more bathrooms on the ground level. There was also a five car garage and a home gym. On the opposite side of the house from Kim’s room was a much smaller and unfinished bedroom. It was about the size of Kate’s room at home. There was a twin bed and a dresser in the room. It was still nice, just small.

“This is where you will sleep,Kate” It was said with finality. Kim’s tone suggested that that his was an order, not an offer. Kate and Kim made eye contact for the first time. This was an important moment. Would Kate resist?Tell her to go to hell? I could see the fire in Kate’s eyes for a moment, then it subsided.

“Okay,” she said in a weak voice.

“I want you to call me ma’am,” Kim responded to her almost at once. Even I was a little taken aback but I didn’t say anything.

Kate stuttered, “… wh… what?” she asked, as if she hadn’t understood.

“I want you to call me ma’am,” Kim repeated, this time more sternly.

There was a moment of silence and then Kate answered, ” Yes, Ma’am.”

It was done. In that moment I knew that Kate had accepted my relationship with her student and would submit to her.Kim beamed with excitement.

“Good,” she said. ” Now you should know, the same rules apply here as they did at your own house. Any time you are outside of this room, I expect you to be naked except for your collar and your chastity belt. That is how you will present yourself at all times unless your husband or I specifically tell you otherwise. Also, that is the last time I will refer to Joshua as your husband. While he and I are together, he is my boyfriend and is nothing to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kate answered.

“Good,’ Kim continued ‘YOU may not refer to him as your husband either. When he speaks to you you will answer with ‘yes Sir’ and should you find the need to mentioned him to another person you can call him ‘Mr. Johnson’ not Joshua and refer to me as ‘Miss Brennan’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kate replied again. Her eyes were cast downward.

” Okay!” Kim said excitedly, clapping her hands together. “We will leave you to get unpacked. When you finish please meet us by the pool.”

Kim and I left Kate in her room. On the way out I noticed that there was a sliding lock on the outside of the door, as if to keep someone inside. I wondered if that had always been there or if it was special for Kate.

I changed into a pair of trunks and met Kim by the pool where she was soaking up the sun. She was sitting on a wicker lawn couch. I sat down beside her.

“What was that?” I asked her.

“Sorry,” She said, making sad eyes at me. ” Was it too much? Are you mad at me?”

“No, no,.. ” I assured her. How could anyone be mad at someone with such beautiful eyes. ” I was just surprised is all. I didn’t expect that.”

“Sorry,” she said again. ” But it’s okay though, right? If I boss her around?”

“Yes, baby.” I assured her. “You can make her do whatever you want.”

Kim looked so excited to hear me say it. ” I’m so happy that I finally got to put that bitch in her place. Look, feel how wet that made me.”

I slipped my hand inside her bikini bottom and felt between her legs. Her pussy was freshly shaved. Her smooth soft skin was slippery with moisture. I pushed a finger inside her. She was soaking wet and her pussy was on fire. She moaned a little and I swirled my finger around her clit. Her hips bucked against my hand. Kim smiled seductively and looked over her shoulder, behind me. I turned and Saw Kate standing in the doorway. She was naked, just like Kim told her, except for her chastity belt and her pink collar. I took my hand away from Kim. Kim beckoned Kate with her finger.

Kate ringed her hands in front of her as she walked towards us. She looked at the ground. Kim tossed a cushion onto the concrete and indicated for Kate to kneel. She did so without hesitation.She Ümraniye Escort was kneeling just in front of Kim.

“Kate, I’m glad you could join us. I wanted to talk to you some more.” Kate remained silent as Kim spoke. It must have been weird for her to hear Kate use her first name like this, when she was so used to being called Mrs. Johnson in class. Kate and Kim’s relationship had been a teacher-student relationship in which Kate was expected to be superior. Now that had been flipped upside down.

Kim took my hand and moved it to her thigh. It was a show for Kate of course. Her eyes were fixed on my hand as I explored Kim’s inner thigh.

“How long has it been since a man has touched you like this Kate?” Kim asked.

“Three days,” She said. She was referring to the last time I had brought her to the edge of orgasm before ruining it.

“How long has it been since you came?” Kate looked embarrassed. She was uncomfortable sharing such personal information with her least favorite student.

“It’s been four months, Ma’am” she answered.

“And the last time you had sex?” Kim asked.

“Six months two weeks,” Kate didn’t meet Kim’s eyes.

I continued to stroke Kim’s thigh as the talked. I let my fingers go all the way up to the edge of her bikini bottom, making sure to graze her pussy lips, before I retreated back down her leg. I could see that it was driving Kate crazy to watch me touch Kim.

“Thats so sad,” Kim told Kate. “Maybe… no never mind.”

“What is it? ” I asked Kate, wondering what idea she had.

“Well I was just thinking maybe if she does a good job this week, you might let her cum?” Kim asked innocently. I regarded her skeptically.

“Maybe…” I said reluctantly.

“But only if she does a good job,” Kim added quickly. “And I’ll judge how good she’s been.”

Now I understood. Kim wanted Kate to be on her best behavior and she was going to do it by taking control of her orgasm. Now Kate would have to spend the whole week sucking up to Kim if she wanted to have an orgasm and I could see in her eyes that she definitely wanted to have an orgasm.

“Okay,” I said. “That sounds like a plan. If Kate makes you happy this week and is a good girl, then I will let her have an orgasm at the end. But only if you decide that she deserves one.”

“Perfect!” Kim exclaimed. “I love this plan. Kate can you go get us some drinks, There is margaritas in the refrigerator and glasses in the cabinet on the right. Babe do you want anything” she asked turning to me.

“Do you have any beer?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, “Is Blue Moon okay,”

“Sure, thats fine.” Kate rose to go get our drinks. Kim called after her.

“There are some water bottles in there too for you to drink if you’re thirsty.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you,” Kate responded.

The rest of that evening was amazing. Kim and I lounged by the pool, talking and drinking and Kate ran around trying to meet Kim’s every need. She got us refills, pillows and blankets, food, whatever Kim asked for. When she wasn’t actively serving Kim, she was kneeling quietly off to the side waiting for orders.

When it started to get late Kim and I curled up under the blankets Kate had brought for us and watched the stars. I caressed her skin under the covers. Kate could see the movement under the blanked but couldn’t see anything. I knew that would cause her mind to run wild. I kissed Kim on the lips softly, and then harder. We started to make out. I looked to see if Kate was watching. Of course, she was. Kim notice too.

“Kate, come here,” she said. Kate moved closer to us and waited for orders.

“Yes,Ma’am?” she asked.

“My feet are a little sore. I could use a foot rub.” Kim kicked the blanket off her feet and exposed them for Kate.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kate said. Then she went to her knees and began massaging Kim’s feet. Kim laughed at her and then we started making out again.

I wanted to take things slowly. I felt like it would be more pleasurable for everybody that way. I cupped Kim’s face in my palms and kissed her slowly. Kim’s body was ready for more. I could feel her urging me forward. But I resisted and took my time. I worked my hands down her body slowly. I stopped at her breasts and took time massaging each of them. I untied her bikini Kartal Escort and rolled her nipples between my fingers. While I was caressing her breasts it occurred to me that Kate had still not seen how perfect she was. I pulled the blanket down and exposed her now topless body.

“Kate,” I called.

Kate looked up at me.

“I just wanted you to see how beautiful Kim is. Don’t you love how perfect her breasts look?”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded. “They are very nice.”

“Tell Kim how beautiful you think she is.”

Kate looked at Kim ” Miss Brennan, you are very beautiful. I can see why my… uh.. Mr Johnson choose you.” and then for brownie points Kate added ” You two make a great couple. You look perfect together.”

“Aww, thank you Kate.” Kim told her. “Now continue what you were doing.

“Kate continued massaging Kim’s feet and I went back to kissing her. I moved my hands further down her body and rubbed the skin of her abdomen and sides. I untied her bikini bottom and then let my hand slide over her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating off of her. I slipped a finger inside her and began to massage her clit. Kim began to moan. I rubbed her pussy and kissed her for several minutes. I could feel that she was about to cum so I increased my pace in an effort to finish her off. But to my surprise she pushed my hand away.

“I want her to do it,” she said indicating Kate.

Kate looked uncomfortable.

“Kate,” Kim commanded. “Eat me.”

Kate did not move immediately so Kim nudged her in the face with her foot. “Hey,” she said, “did you hear me?”

Slowly Kate rose and worked her way to Kim’s pussy. She was shaking. Slowly she lowered her mouth to Kim’s lips and began to lick. Kim put her hand on the back of Kate’s head and pulled her roughly into her. Kim rubbed her pussy all over Kate’s face.

“Babe, get my phone and take a picture.” Kim told me. I did it, without thinking.

Kate’s eyes went wide when she heard the camera click but Kim held her tightly so that she couldn’t pull away.

Kim’s hips bucked violently as she used Kate’s face. Her body began to shake and I knew she was about to cum.

“Oh god, oh god,” she said. From behind I reached down and took one of her breasts in each of my hands. I squeezed them hard. When I did Kim gasped. The orgasm had taken her breath away. She held Kate tightly against her as she came on her face. I wondered if Kate could even breathe. Finally Kim’s orgasm subsided and she released Kate. Kate kneeled in front of Kim, her eyes were cast downward again. I could tell she was uneasy about what had just happened.

Kim grabbed Kate by the face. I could see her freshly manicured nails digging into Kate’s skin. Her voice was cold when she spoke.

“I own you,” she said. ” Your whole life belongs to me now. If you don’t do everything I tell you to, not only will I take him from you forever, but I will make sure everyone sees those pictures. You will never work again. Do you understand?”

Kate’s eyes were wide. “Yes, Ma’am.” she said.

I started to pull down my shorts. I was ready to fuck Kim. Her threats had turned me on immensely. Kim stopped me though.

“Not yet,” she told me. “Not in front of her. She hasn’t earned that yet.”

Kim and I walked Kate back to her room. Once she was inside Kim slid the lock into place. We practically ran back to Kim’s room.

My clothes were off within seconds, and I was entangled in Kim’s arms.

“Your a monster,” I told her. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’m just having a little fun,” she said in a little girl voice. “Are you not having fun?”

“Oh I am,” I told her. I was tired of taking things slow. I need to be inside of her. Kim opened herself up for me and I dove inside. I shoved the full length of my cock inside of her with a single thrust. Kim gaped, and then wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned. “What’s gotten you so excited?”

I plowed into her like an animal. Hard. Fast. Kim cried out loudly. The sound of my balls slapping against her ass echoed in the room. I wondered if Kate could hear us all the way on the other side of the house. I hoped so. I drove myself into Kim. Each thrust was harder, deeper and faster than the last. Within just a couple minutes I could feel myself about to cum. My balls tightened and I blew a huge load deep inside Kim’s teenage pussy. Kim clung to me as I came. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me. She held me deep inside of her until every drop of cum was deposited. Finally, I rolled off of her, relieved. It was going to be a good week.

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