Kitten’s Submission Ch. 02

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This had not been part of his plans. As a confused, frustrated man tried to gather his wits about him, Lurker knew that he had given in to simple animal lust. Not that there was anything wrong with that, under the right circumstances, but now was not the time and place.

Lurker rose from his seat. Kitten watched as the expression melted from his face. The sight was as much fearsome as it was arousing. Briefly turning his back to her, he seemed to be rummaging through a drawer. When he turned to approach her once again, she could see that he was holding several items in his hands and he was again displaying that self-confident air about him.

Upon reaching Kitten, he grabbed a big handful of her long brown hair and used it to pull her head back against the wall, in a position where she had no choice but to make eye contact with him. In a sharp, raspy voice and a steely determination in his eyes, he growled, “That’s not quite how we play the game around here. You’ve been bad, and now there’s a price to pay.”

With that said, he held up the objects in his hand. One appeared to be a large leather animal collar, very stark, strong and business like in appearance. Another was clearly some type of blindfold. The third item was nothing Kitten had ever seen before. It appeared to be another type of collar, but it looked as though it had a leather ball attached to it. All too soon, she would discover its purpose.

“As much as you might be scared to admit it, you are mine now!” Lurker’s words echoed in her head, although she had now doubts about their meaning. She felt his powerful hands encircle her neck, but oddly felt comforted rather than threatened by their presence. As he removed his hands, she realized that he had fastened the leather collar around her neck. “Let this collar serve as a reminder of who’s in charge here.”

Hearing the words caused Kitten to swallow hard. Once again Lurker had grabbed her by the hair, this time forcing his mouth upon hers, his tongue invading her mouth. Just as quickly, he pulled away and left her with a gaping, hungry mouth. Before she could react, Kitten’s mouth filled with the strong, distinct taste of leather. A strap was fastened behind her head. She tried to talk, to yell, to scream, but it was to no avail, nothing but a stifled mumble could escape her gagged mouth. In an act that was likely to blow what was left of her sanity, Kitten’s vision went black, as her eyes, one of her few remaining sources of power, were covered with a stout blindfold lined with sheepskin.

He stepped back ever so slightly to examine his work. Kitten, thinking about the intensity of this latest development, felt a chill come over her. This was clearly not fear that was overtaking her. No, this was something much worse. This was unbridled lust and anticipation.

Although she could no longer see the powerful man before her, his image was burned into her mind. The very thought of him caused a new flood of wetness between her thighs.

She wasn’t sure if it had been minutes or hours, but he spoke again, “Now, this looks a little more appropriate. You’ll stay this way until I feel that you’re ready for something else.”

Once again he grabbed her hair and she imagined by the heat of his breath that his face was dangerously close to her own, although she couldn’t be sure. The raspy voice resumed its animalistic growl, “You know what I’m after. It’s something I can’t take by force. My prize is your complete submission, given willingly. I want you to beg me to take control!. You might not think that you’re capable of this, but I know differently. You’ll give it to me, it’s only a matter of time and that’s something I’ve got plenty of.”

“Until that time”, he began again, “there are a few rules around here and you will learn them. First and foremost, orgasm is an ultimate destination, a reward for good behavior, for pleasing your master. You will have them when I say it’s okay to have them and no other time, regardless. You will speak only when spoken to and you will only address the question at hand. You will eventually refer to me as Master. That is when I will know that your training is complete.”

With that said, Lurker released his grip on her hair, hair that had now taken on a wild look all of its own. She could feel him move away. He returned to his seat at the table, much more pleased with the situation than the last time that he was seated there. As he watched the rivers of hot sweat course down her body and watched the raw energy cause her muscles to twitch, he wondered about the thoughts that must be racing through her mind.

Kit had expected the blindfold, had even expected the collar, but the gag was something that had never entered her mind. She’d never even considered it. Now however, having been faced with a further obstacle, she felt something take hold of her, deep and powerful, and strong. Anger.

It didn’t last long though, only a few short seconds- just long enough to make her rebellious spirit cry out. xslot Just long enough for her body to gather its strength and rein in the adrenaline coursing through her and turn it into resolve. Just long enough for her to know that, without a doubt, she had already won control of him. Any man that had to take away so much, in order to keep control over himself had already lost.

She started laughing… the gag muffling her voice, her body twitching against the wall, but she knew he heard and saw her. Knew too that he’d misinterpret that sound to be terror, or fear, edging its way into her system threatening to take over. That’s what she wanted. She wanted him to believe he had the upper hand, because in the end, the only person crying out, begging for anything… would be him.

Born of strength brought on by years of experiences he could know nothing about, Kit relaxed her body and prepared her mind. Listening and waiting, she sagged against the wall preparing for a long day, working to control her body’s reactions, working to control the lust. Over her own body she had ultimate control.

And through her mind, taunting and whispering, the words kept coming…

“Bring it on… I’m ready for you… I will call no man My Master…”

And her laughter continued, edging just past the point of what some people would consider sane.

As Lurker watched, a strange change seemed to overtake this beautiful creature before him, a change he was not sure was for the better. What started out as a mental challenge, another notch on his belt, had somehow turned into something much, much more than that.

As one who was used to being in control, he was reaching the realization that he was not, not this time. Deep inside his mind, something pushed the panic button. His thoughts were a confused mix of sorrow, failure, excitement, attraction and most of all confusion.

Clearly, this woman had him under her control. He knew it. Worse yet, she knew it. Confused as to what his next move should be, Lurker sat and stared. If Kitten had been able to see his face, she would have noticed that his confused emotional state had caused something resembling small tears to well up in the corner of his eyes. Just how was it possible that this woman had affected him so profoundly?

What would Lurker do?

As Lurker regained control of his own mind, the very control that he had unwittingly surrendered to the women he so intently stared at and so intensely wanted, he had lost all concept of time. It could have been minutes or hours, he knew not which. That didn’t matter now. All that mattered is that he was back in control of his own mind and the big picture was coming into focus, a little clearer with each cleansing breath.

Assessing his situation, one that continued to present a new, unexpected challenge at every turn, he had two priorities in mind. First, he had to make sure that he would never repeat the episode just ended. He had to maintain a clear mind. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, he had to convince Kitten that giving control to someone else did not have to be a bad thing, so long as it was the right person that she surrendered to. Lurker knew that he would never hurt this extraordinary creature, not intentionally so, anyway. His goal was to allow her a scenario wherein she surrendered control to him, therefor allowing her to experience pleasures that she would otherwise never allow herself to experience. It was a world of intense emotions and sensational highs, with a time for tenderness and compassion when all was over and done. The very thought of it can be terrifying to most people, but those who experience it appreciate the new level that it has taken them to.

In her current state of sensory deprivation, Kitten’s remaining senses seemed somehow sharper. Her head cocked from side to side as she listened for signs of movement. Her glistening skin tingled in anticipation. What would his next move be?

She felt his presence, she knew he was close, but she could not figure out his next move. Suddenly, a drop of ice cold water broke the tension and found its mark on her right breast. Kitten lurched, only to be held back by the restraints. Time seemed to stand still as the droplet rolled down along her tender flesh, stopping at her nipple. For what seemed an eternity, the droplet hung off the end of the hardening nipple. Without warning, another. And another. Before long, it seemed as though it was raining ice water, but only on the right side of her chest. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it was finished. The last of the melted ice cube had run out of Lurker’s grip. Although she could not see it, she could feel it and Kitten could never remember her nipple being that big, that erect, that alive. Lurker was tempted to grasp it in between his fore finger and thumb. He went so far as reaching for it, only to pull back. Kitten, sensing his movement, instinctively tensed up. As a parting gesture, a long, hot tongue appeared between his lips. xslot Giriş He ever so delicately applied its heat to her frozen nip. She bit down hard on the gag and let out with a muffled squeal. In the moment that it took to react, he stepped back, leaving her to tremble in anticipation of his next action.

She could sense him across the room and thought that she was safe to relax, even if just for a brief moment. Lurker was anticipating this very move on her part. He extended a long bamboo cane in her direction. To it’s end was lashed an assortment of large feathers. Sensing that nothing was imminent, 10,000 volts of electricity surged through Kitten’s body as the feathers started a dance across her bare flesh. She wasn’t quite sure just what, and more importantly, who was causing this latest sensation. Such a contrast from the stark reality of the cold water, the tickling sensation was too much for her to handle. Although the gag hid her mouth from view, Lurker believed that she was actually smiling. After making several rounds of her exposed erogenous zones, the room grew still yet again.

He was approaching her yet again, this much she was certain of. She was right. Just what he was up to was the question. With tongue outstretched, he started a long, wet lick, one that extended from the delicate creases of her right wrist all the way to the soft, sensitive area under her right arm. For him, it was a wonderful bouquet of taste and texture, beginning at her demure, lightly perfumed wrist and its smooth yet somehow tough skin, the salty taste of her sweat as he traced his way along her arm, the firm, shapely contour of her muscles to the wonderful softness and musky scent of her fully exposed underarm. At the same time, he traced a similar path along her other arm, although this was not with his warm tongue. Instead, Kitten’s left arm was treated to a large chunk of ice. The combination was nearly too much, as she let out a long moan, surprisingly clear in spite of the gag.

With virtually no pause in between, Lurker spied his next target- a near perfect breast, heaving up and down under labored breathing. His tongue found the tingly spot underneath the soft mound of flesh. Kitten tensed and gasped. Lurker’s salivary glands went into overdrive as he moved in a spiral pattern around her excited tit, moving ever closer to the sensory trigger found at its peak. As his tongue crossed her areola, she exhaled hard and started to squirm. The appearance and texture of her areola began to change, taking on a rubbery texture and a deeply wrinkled appearance. The chains that held her wrists grew taught as Kitten relaxed her body and sank slightly, her weight being supported from above. The vision was clear in her mind and she liked what she saw. Just as she anticipated the feel of his warm lips and tongue on the rock hard flesh of her nipple, she was instead surprised to feel the clench of his teeth, biting down on the tender nub. It was a strange sensation, and her reaction surprised her. She would have expected to feel some sort of pain, but there was nothing even remotely like that. She felt a sensation of heat and an intensity the like of which had previously escaped her, as though every nerve ending in her breast was firing a message into the pleasure zone of her brain, all at once. As he relaxed his jaw, normal blood flow returned to her nipple, like water flowing through a newly opened floodgate and with it, brought yet another intense and oddly pleasurable sensation with it. A wet warmth spread through the nether regions of her womanhood, adding to the turmoil in her head.

It was as though Kitten’s body was reacting independently from her mind. Deep inside her head, Dirty Kitten wretched in disgust. How could her body betray her in this way? How could this experience, previously the subject of some of her worst, most disturbing nightmares, be causing her body to become so aroused? Yet reality showed it to be true. As much as she would like to steel herself against his advances and not give him the satisfaction of seeing her actually enjoy the sensations and responses he was eliciting in her, somehow she could not help it.

Lurker crossed the room. From a cabinet on the wall, he removed a low glass. He filled it half way with a honey colored liquid from a crystal decanter. He placed the glass upon the table, took his seat and smiled as he let the single barrel bourbon slide down his throat.

“Dear God”, she thought. “It was a damn good thing she still had her pants on.” If she hadn’t, she figured there’d be a pool of her pussy juice gathering on the floor giving further proof to her body’s betrayal.

She couldn’t seem to help it, her reaction. She should have been ticked at her the fact that her body was responding to his attentions, but she didn’t seem to be. What she seemed to be doing was losing her sanity! Cartman’s voice echoed through her head as she lectured her body into a safe distance. “You’re not respecin’ my authoritay!” Course, this made her laugh, xslot Güncel Giriş which again weakened her defenses.

She was shivering. Trembling. Cold. Her body begging for the heat of his mouth to return to her and warm her up- and yet at the same time, she was hot. So hot, so wet… God, she was soaked, and there were areas of her body begging to be touched. Swelling and expanding.

Clenching the muscles in her pussy, and gyrating her hips just a little, was doing nothing to ease the hardened bud that resided there. In fact, if she could have rubbed her legs together, she would have been able to cum with a fair amount of ease. But that effort was ruined by the leg restraints, so she just stayed there against the wall. Waiting. Her mind in turmoil and fighting for control.


She needed it. Wanted it. Craved it. But slowly she was realizing that perhaps she was losing it… and the panic she felt at the idea helped her to once again put her body on stand-by. To wait.

She was not going to give in to him. She still wanted to control him- own him. To push him past whatever boundaries he had set for himself- and if she could control herself, she knew she could do it. Her one weapon was knowing how much he wanted her- and he did.

All she had to do was wait him out. That and ignore the area of her body that was slowly taking over her mind. To relax the tension that had the muscles in her body bunched and anticipating his next move.

Savoring the last of his drink, the smile on Lurker’s face grew. As he watched the increasingly uncomfortable gyrations of Kit’s body, he knew that she was on the edge, that she would soon be his. As long as he didn’t lose it, that is.

He approached her like a lion, about to take out a gazelle. As his mouth hungrily devoured a tender breast, his hands worked frantically to unfasten the waistband of her tight leather pants. As his hands worked to tug skintight leather down over her full hips, his mouth continued its work. His path no longer blocked by the offending pants; he was somewhat surprised to find that her treasure was not covered by any panties. Immediately, Lurker’s hand plunged into the hot, dripping wet folds of Kit’s most cherished secrets. As two stout fingers invaded her inner depths, her whole body shuddered as she threw her head back and moaned. Had it started? As Lurker hungrily explored her inner treasures, it seemed as though the final act of this drama was being played out.

Suddenly, Lurker seemed to snap back to reality. Damn, he thought. It’s happening again. As his frantic breathing began to settle down, he once again marveled over the power of this woman. He was playing right into her hands, and the thought of it terrified him.

Carefully freeing her hands from the shackles, he secured them behind her back inside a large leather sleeve. He then bent to unhook the short chains that secured her legs to the floor.

In one swift, fluid motion, he picked her up over his shoulder. Moving as though her weight had no effect on him, he carried her to a leather-covered table. Around the table were, among other things, a vast number of d-rings and other tie points. A rack displaying neatly coiled rope and various sizes of leather straps was adjacent to the table and some type of rope and pulley system seemed to be mounted to the exposed beams of the ceiling overhead.

Kit’s arms were stretched above her head. A fur-lined cuff was carefully fastened around each wrist, and each cuff tied off to a d-ring at the head of the table. One at a time, the ankle cuffs were detached from the spreader bar and secured firmly to the corners of the table, in a manner not unlike her wrists.

Once securely tied, Lurker removed the blindfold from Kit’s beautiful green eyes. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she began to look around her new environment. The flow of wetness from deep within her pussy puddled on the cool leather top of the table, presenting an interesting contrast against the tender flesh of her ass.

Her mind racing, her body on fire, her thoughts were focused on only one thing… the growing anticipation she felt bubbling up from the depths of her body, a body that had betrayed her. A body that wanted nothing more at the moment than for this man to possess her.

When the last refuge of her clothing had been removed, and her pussy had been exposed to the cool air, she had felt her clit expanding to almost painful awareness. Her moist folds swollen and ready to accept him.

She was shaking, trembling, ready. When his hands had touched the very heat of her, she had been so close to shattering the feeling was almost unbearable.

Her body relaxed a little as he freed her from the restraints and carried her over to lie down. Oddly, she felt protected… cared for. She should have been wary of the new position, but she wasn’t. There was something in his touch that let her know, finally, that he would cause her no harm.

He removed the blindfold and as her eyes slowly adjusted to the light she looked at him. His eyes were dark and intent, and she could see the passion lurking in their depths. It sent shivers of excitement shooting down her spine because she knew there was more to come.

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