Laid Stupid Ch. 02

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So as it turns out he wants more as well!

I begin going over to his house on weekends and spending a good part of the day over there and having the most amazing play sessions. My body is learning to do things it never even thought of before and I have had plenty of experience but nothing compared to this. Nothing even close.

I have never been with a real Dominant man in my life. Oddly enough the first time I met him I knew he was the real deal. Not like so many of the fakes out there claiming to know what they were doing. Don’t ask me how I knew because he has never bragged, never rattled off a list of accomplishments. It was just an attitude he exudes. This is such a turn on to me.

So I go over again less than a week after the first time and he undresses me again. I don’t keep clothes on long around him and this is a big deal for a women that hates how she looks naked. But around him for some reason I feel safe and beautiful. He orders me to lay down and begins to play with me. How does he know my body so well? I know we are both learning each other but he already knows how to play me.

He begins by turning me face down and ordering me to lie with my palms flat on the bed above my head. He spreads my legs and begins to lick my ass and I begin to lose my freaking mind from the pleasure. I come from him licking my ass for heaven’s sake. We have already discussed that he demands anal sex and quite frankly I am ok with this. I like this man, I mean really like him. He then roughly turns me over and climbs on top of me entering me all in one motion. It feels so amazing, he fits so perfect.

He grabs both of my ankles and puts them on his shoulders pounding into me over and over and I begin to convulse with orgasm after orgasm. And finally after several body shaking orgasms, I actually pass out. Yes, I passed out cold. And he does not xslot panic just waits for me to come to. I come to and gaze into his amazingly deep blue eyes. Oh my, I am in trouble.

I am not sure when I realized that the whole casual playtime thing was maybe going to be an issue for me. I mean I have had lots of casual sex don’t get me wrong. This just feels different already and this scares the hell out of me. I was really just looking to experience what it feels like to be with a real Dom. To experience being played with, being taken in bed. I have begun to feel like I may be getting more than I wished for.

He sends me home that day with a rather large stainless steel plug in my ass with a pretty pink jewel on it. That damn thing really hurt going in but I wore it proudly. Even went home and cooked dinner for my family with it placed firmly in my ass. Why did I do it? Because he told me to that is why.

He played with me between us seeing each other as well. He would give me challenges that I could accept or not. As we approached a weekend he asked me if I was up to a challenge and without knowing what it was I accepted. A bit foolish! So my challenge was to wear an overcoat with NOTHING underneath it and go into my local store and buy lube and condoms. So first of all I did not own an overcoat and second of all our town is not really small but also not at all large. Not to mention that I am known a bit in our community. I was terrified.

As the day approached I began to feel like backing out. When I tried to use the excuse that I did not have an overcoat he basically told me to deal with it. Actually he told me to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. I accepted the fact that I agreed to something without thinking and went out and did just that. I drove to a local store bought a dress that resembled an overcoat and in xslot Giriş the parking lot stripped naked putting only the dress and a pair of high heels on. I then drove the short distance to the local store and took a few deep breaths and went in. My challenge was to flash someone if possible and buy the items while flirting with a cashier. I managed to do it without panicking and it was fun as hell. I felt so free.

I went over to his house later that day and he was so proud of me. I love being called his “good girl”.

Once again I did not keep clothes on for long after arriving at his house. I am discovering that sometimes he is edgier than other times. I love the edgy side of him. He gets a different look a slight shift in attitude. He is always Dominant in the bedroom, but sometimes he is so edgy it is so damn hot!

This day he orders me down on the bed face down and I get my first flogging and spanking. He begins by making sure I know my safe words which I do as mine are always the basics yellow and red. We have no need to use green he already reads my body enough to know. He begins with his very strong bare hands making loud contact with my ass over and over. He then switches to a flogger, which I love. The pleasure coupled with the pain is so fucking amazing. Then all of a sudden “thwack” I get hit with a mean nasty paddle and Oh My God it hurts. I yelped, yes actually yelped.

He immediately checks in with me to make sure it is not too much and we continue. He goes back and forth between his hands and different floggers getting me into subspace for the first time. I have felt amazing things during orgasm with him, even passed out but this was the most incredible feeling. I could feel every hit of the flogger and his hands but it was like I was floating above myself. I really thought this “subspace” xslot Güncel Giriş was a myth or at least something unattainable to me, until now.

He slams his hand in-between my legs and I am dripping wet from just the flogging and spanking. He immediately flips me over like it is nothing and takes me without hesitation. Once again I take a pounding over and over again for well over an hour! How does he do it? After over an hour of this he rolls off of me and I immediately clean him off with my mouth like I have been trained to do. Mind you I am not his submissive at this point, remember he already has a slave. Right now I am just a friend he is fucking but he has already trained me to do this for him.

I was so caught up in the pleasure I must not have heard my phone ringing and when I finally got up had several missed calls, from the husband. I get up still naked and call him back and he immediately begins yelling and carrying on. What happens next is so absolutely unexpected and amazing. He bends me over the bed and I feel the rush of lube running down my ass. All I can think is “you are going to do this now?” Yes, he is. He enters me as I am still on the phone and the pleasure is immediate. I begin to convulse from the first of many orgasms and have to get off the damn phone. I hang up having no idea of the conversation I just had and let the pleasure take over me. He is gentle this first time going slow and making sure I am ok. I place my hands above me on the bed and let it take over me coming again and again. Best. Sex. Ever. The sounds that are coming out of me are no longer human and once again I enter that magical place between being in my body and floating above it. He grabs me by the hair and rides me until I pass out again.

Later after he has held me while I come down from the incredible high I once again have to get up and go home. I get to go home with the smell of him and sex all over me. And I am a sight to look at, hair having the freshly fucked look and I am having trouble walking and balancing myself. But I manage to get in my car and drive home. Back to reality, for now! At least until next time. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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