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Sophia sat and stared out at the moonlight shimmering on the lake. This was the last night of her spring break, and she’d hope it would be something wonderful. Donovan had brought her here along with his friends. She’d hoped that this meant he wanted them all to spend time together, which would lead to acceptance of their relationship. However, she’d been quickly shunted to the side as they played Xbox and drinking games.

She knew that this was everyone’s time to unwind, but she had thought that they would unwind together on a trip as a couple. She had been able to get some rest, and she’d caught up on her readings. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible trip, but it wasn’t the trip she’d wanted. Sophia gazed out on the lake and wished again that she’d gone to Curacao with her parents. She’d be tanned and relaxed.

The water was tempting, but she was by herself on the beach, and she knew the dangers of going into the water at night without another person around. Still the water looked enticing, and she needed something to take her mind off the issues with Donovan.

Since there was no one around, Sophia just slipped out of her top and shorts, leaving her with just underwear on. She padded out to the edge of the shore and dipped her toes into the water. It was bracing, but not too cold for her. She walked in up to her calves and looked around. The peace was what she needed.

She moved out into the water, deep enough so that she could raise her legs and paddle. She was careful not to go too far. She wasn’t sure that anyone would notice her disappearance until the last game was over.

She took some strong strokes toward the shore, making sure that she could see the beach at all times. Looking up, she was taken by surprise when a young man, probably her age started walking down the beach. He wasn’t anyone she knew. It definitely wasn’t one of Donovan’s friends.

He had dark hair that melted into the night and long legs that strode quickly across the sand. He was thin, but his arms were well-muscled. Sophia thought that he was talking to himself. His mouth seemed to be moving yet she couldn’t see anyone else on the beach. It may have been the dark or the distance, but he appeared to be alone.

Without warning, the man tripped and fell flat on his face. Sophia tried not to laugh, but she doubled her pace and made it to shore to help. She realized that she was clothed only in her wet underwear, but the man had not yet moved. She ran up on the beach in time for him to turn and look at her.

“So I had witnesses to my gracefulness,” he asked.

Sophia bit her lip as not to laugh and nodded. “Are you okay?” She extended a hand, but he ignored that and managed to stand up.

He was about five inches taller than Sophia. She put him about 6’2″ and his physique was even better up close. He was standing close to her, and she could feel his eyes check her out from head to toe, with frequent stops at the wet underclothing.

“I’m Ben,” he said, finally extending a hand. Sophia took it in hers and shook. His grip was firm and warm. She realized how cold the weather was out here as she felt his warmth.


“So what are you doing out here besides watching me look like an idiot? Didn’t your mother tell you about swimming alone?”

She smiled at him, since she’d been thinking the same thing. “Yeah, she did, but I was careful. I looked for great whites and kept close to shore.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Smart, pretty and funny. Just my luck to meet you on the last night of my trip – or should I say vacation?”

Sophia groaned, which she felt was the reaction he wanted. He gave her a big grin, which brought dimples to his cheeks. His smile was infectious, and despite her fight with Donovan, Sophia found herself smiling back at him.

Ben must have taken this for a sign of affection. He leaned in for a kiss. Sophia thought about pulling away, but instead she waited for the brush of his lips against her. The kiss was gentle and sweet, like he Urfa Escort was. His arms were still at his sides, being a gentleman. Sophia leaned in and pressed her lips more tightly against his. He seemed to gasp in surprise, but while his mouth was still open, he took the opportunity to brush his tongue against her lips. She parted them and let him enter her.

She was surprised at his reaction. Sophia had not come down to the beach to find someone else. She’d come to be alone and think. Sophia doubted that much thinking was going to go on now. The brush of his tongue against hers sent a chill down her spine that reminded her she was desired.

Now he slid his arms around her. The warmth of his body let her forget that she was standing in her wet underwear. He didn’t’ seem to mind that he was getting wet either. Their kiss continued as he stroke her tongue with his and gently wrestled it.

He broke away from her and leaned back to see her better. “Are you okay with this? I mean, it’s sudden.”

She smiled at him. “More than okay.” She leaned in towards him again and pressed her lips against his. His arm tightened around her, and she could feel the excitement between his legs.

They began to kiss again, now with greater passion on Ben’s part, apparently since Sophia approved. His hands now ran up and down her back which was still damp from the water. He was still dressed, and Sophia could feel where his shirt was sticking to him because of her own dampness.

She slid her fingers under the hem of his shirt, and brushed the skin on his stomach. He had a light dusting of hair around his navel, and Sophia was now curious to see where it led. Ben moaned into her mouth when she pushed two fingers under his waistband. She like the way that he responded so easily to her touch.

The fingers came out from under his shirt. Catching the hem of the shirt, she lifted it up and Ben helped her take it all the way off. In the moonlight, she could see the rounded pecs and the flat stomach. She would definitely have noticed him if he’d been at the lake at the same time as her. His arms were thick through the biceps but not overly worked. Her hands slid up to his shoulders and rubbed them. He still seemed a bit tense.

She broke off the kiss, and her mouth traveled down his neck, taking little bite marks along the way. Sophia knew that she would leave an impression on him that would last a few days at least.

She moved her mouth to his pec and lapped at the nipple. It responded quickly, tightening and getting hard. His head fell back as he enjoyed her movements. He let out another moan, and this time Sophia had to quiet him. “You don’t want anyone to find us,” she said, stopping what she was doing for a minute.

He laughed and looked at her hopefully as if encouraging her to continue. She did. Her tongue trailed along his pec and over to the other nipple. She licked at it and teased it with her mouth. She shifted so that her abs were pressed against his erection. She didn’t touch it, but she pushed against it hard enough for him to bite his lip.

Ben beckoned her to stand up again. They kissed again. The moment was different. The chaste kiss was gone, and Ben kissed her now, hot and wet and full of desire. She could feel her own desire rise up inside of her. Now Ben’s hands ran over her body, caressing her hips and back and coming to rest on the back of her bra.

She decided to help things along. “On the front,” she said, popping it open in a single gesture. Her breasts met the night air, which made her nipples start to stand at attention. It was a new sensation for her. She wasn’t the type to go topless in public.

Ben’s mouth was on the right one in an instant. He continued to brush his hands over her skin as he lapped at the nipple, licking it with the entire length of his tongue. Sophia knew that she was getting aroused as he continued the motion. She could feel new moistness between her legs, a type that hadn’t come from swimming in the lake.

Ben Urfa Escort Bayan was still wearing jeans, and now Sophia unbuttoned the waistband and tugged them down. He was wearing dark colored boxer briefs, but she could see his hardness through the fabric. When she got them to his knees, Ben stepped on them and managed to get them off.

Now she could feel the heat between his legs as they pressed together. When she looked down, she could see a small wet spot where his dick was drooling. She liked knowing that she had caused this.

Sophia slid her hands around Ben’s waist, and again she slid fingers below his waistband. This time she went deeper with them, and she could hear the ragged sounds of his breath as he tried to concentrate on her.

Her hands moved back to his sides, and she pulled the boxer briefs down to his knees. His dick snapped back and slapped his abdomen, leaving a trail of his pre-cum on him. The dark trail of hair traveled down from his navel to a thick bush around his member. “Do you have a blanket or something?” he asked, signaling his intentions. Sophia had wanted to suck him, thinking it would be hot to taste his juices. She liked the thought of driving him wild and being in control of his orgasm. It wasn’t something that she got to do often.

“I do, if you have a condom,” Sophia replied. Ben’s eyes widened, and the grin on his face grew even broader.

“Let’s get the supplies and I’ll meet you back here,” he said, still grinning.

Sophia spread out the blanket on the sand, and Ben fumbled with his pants for a moment, minutes later he returned with a thin foil packet.

Sophia leaned back on the blanket and looked up at the stars. There were so many, and they were so far away. She wondered if these other worlds had problems like her own.

Ben stretched out beside her. His erection brushed against her leg. His fingers now traced along the waistband of her panties. She knew what would happen next. Ben moved his fingers between her legs and pressed on the cotton fabric. It was damp now from the lake and her desire. She wanted this – him.

He crooked his fingers on her panties and began to pull them down. She raised her hips and then moved them up and down quickly to give him a taste of what would come later. He moaned softly as he pulled down the panties and watched the show. His desire for her was undeniable.

She rest back on the blanket again. Ben ran his fingers between her legs again, and this time there was no fabric to stop him. A single finger slid effortlessly into her. She gasped slightly as it penetrated her. He moved it back and forth in her, pushing it all the way in to the knuckle and pulling it out again to the nail. He was slow and methodical in his method, teasing her and building her own desire.

By the time that he added a second finger, Sophia was hungry for him. Now the fingers moved faster and occasionally they bumped against her own pleasure zones. The sensation was delectable. She wanted to scream out with desire, but she remembered what she’d told him about being quiet. She bit her lip and tried to relax as his knuckles rubbed up against her again. He knew that she wanted this. She could feel the trickle of her own juices running down her leg as she rested there.

He pulled out for a second, and she swallowed hard, both from missing him in her and the thought of what would happen next.

He kissed her deeply, pressing his mouth against hers. His kisses now were deep and sloppy. She responded in kind, expressing her own wants in the kiss. She saw his arm move, and now a third finger filled her. The sensation drove her mad. The fingers pressed against her walls and he rubbed against her each time he thrust in or out. The constant pressure sent shivers down her spine, and she could feel the heat inside of her building.

The sensation was overwhelming, and yet she wanted more. She bucked her hips towards him, pressing his fingers deep inside of her and then resting them against Escort Urfa the blanket to move them back out. Ben stopped his hand and let her do the work of moving. Sophia bit her lip hard and focused on the feeling.

Ben pulled his fingers out. “I think you’re starting without me,” he said with a grin. He put his hand in front of his mouth and licked the fingers. No one had ever done that with Sophia before, and she found it oddly erotic.

She smiled back at him. “Then you’d better try to catch up,” she said as a challenge.

Ben moved so that he was on top of her now. His weight was resting on his elbow on either side of her. She spread her legs so that he was between them, able to enter her when he wanted. He was pressed against her opening, and she could feel the wetness of the head of his dick tease her lips.

He stayed motionless for a moment before he shifted. Sophia looked at his face; his eyes were closed, and he looked like he was in deep thought. Then he moved. The head pushed into her slightly. He inched into her slowly, moving in and stopping several times.

He was big, much larger than Donovan. He pressed against her walls, and his shaft pushed against her own pleasure zone. He stayed deep inside of her before he started to move. His thrusts were slow at first, taking his time and making sure to brush up against her walls. He knew what he was doing. She balled her hands into the blanket, trying to stave off her orgasm. She wanted more of this before it was over.

Ben got into a rhythm with her. He wasn’t too fast, but he pushed in deep and then pulled nearly all the way out. Each thrust pushed her closer to the edge. He looked down at her. Now his eyes were open, though hooded and thick with desire. She wondered if her own lust and yearning were visible to him.

Perhaps he could see it, because his pace quickened. She pushed her hips towards him, making the undeniable slap of flesh against flesh. The night was silent around them except for their thrusts and the quick panting of their breath. Ben looked at her. His face was flushed and his eyes glazed. With a grunt, she could feel his spasms inside of her. He moaned, but continued to push deep inside of her. Sophia couldn’t hold back much longer. The heat inside of her exploded into light, and she felt wave after wave of warmth lap over her body like the water had earlier. Her skin was slick with sweat now, and Ben began to slow his pace, finally stopping.

He tugged himself out and took care of the condom. He rolled onto his back, and his hand found hers. Their fingers intertwined, but neither one of them spoke. Sophia just drifted with the pleasure, watching the stars and listening to him breathe. Being with Ben was relaxing and pleasant.

Finally he rounded up his clothes and began to dress. “My friends are going to wonder what happened to me soon. I have to get back. We’re leaving early in the morning. Can I call you or text or?” He left the question open for her.

Sophia thought for a moment. She toyed with the idea, but she knew that a one-night stand would never become a relationship. She’d have to find that closer to home and with someone she got to know better. This was a pleasant diversion from Donovan and her issues with him. “I’d like to, but you know…”

He nodded, looking a little chagrined. “Yeah, I know. Long-distance and we didn’t have a lot of time to get to know each other.” He gave her a wicked grin as he finished the sentence, and Sophia nearly relented. He was cute and very willing.

Ben kissed her again, a fairly chaste kiss that was more like their beginning than the end. He walked away, turning back several times to look at her before he disappeared into the dusk of the woods in the distance.

Sophia looked at the retreating figure and then sat down on the blanket. The night air was cool now that she was naked and perspiring. She found her own clothes and dressed again. She stretched out on the blanket and watched the night sky.

At some point, Donovan came into the clearing. He reclined next to her and clasped her hand, reminding her of what she’d just shared with Ben.

Sophia squeezed his hand and knew that things with Donovan weren’t likely to change – and she was unlikely to make a change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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