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Larry was a guy I shared an apartment with back when I was in my early 20’s. He was a beautiful man, the kind that girls, and I guess some boys wrote home to mama about. He was about 6′ tall with, with a muscular, lanky build. He had a sculpted flat stomach, and one of the most perfect asses I’ve ever seen. He had shaggy golden hair, and piercing blue eyes, reflecting what must have been Nordic genes.

I know he was also a true blonde, because I’d seen him come naked from the shower a few times, and the thick mass of soft curly hair above his cock was as golden as that on his head. Once, while he and I and some other friends were riding around in a pickup truck, He’d dropped his swim trunks and mooned us through the back sliding glass. Even the soft hair around his tight little anus was blonde!

I knew his cock was pretty good sized too, though I’d never get to see it hard, but I often dreamed about it, and had some wonderful stroke sessions thinking about his tight, pink, and definitely virgin hole!

He was a lot of fun, but straight, often having 2 or 3 different girls over in a week. I went to great lengths to hide the fact that I was gay from him, though I often snuck guys in after he was asleep, or when he was away for the weekend. Sometimes I even brought girls home to keep up that straight illusion, but I knew I preferred men.

One day I came home from work, and apparently Larry hadn’t heard me come in, because when I walked back to where our bedrooms were, he was lying on the bed with his shirt off, talking on the phone to some chick. His jeans were undone, and he had his wonderful piece of meat out stroking it! I’d been right about it being huge! It had to be at least 9″ long, and it was thick, and perfectly shaped.

He bursa eskort bayan was a vision lying there, with his dick in his hand, and his oh so succulent nipples exposed to me! My own big cock swelled in my jeans, as I watched him jerk his self! The shaft of his wonderful piece of meat was slick from the pre cum that was oozing from his piss slit. All I could think about was how good it would taste, and my hand dropped to my crotch, and I began stroking myself through my jeans.

He noticed me standing there staring at him, but surprisingly didn’t stop! Instead, he winked at me, and motioned with his head for me to come in! My God, this was too good to be true, and I thought I must be dreaming! I wasted no time gong in his room, and crawling into his king sized waterbed next to him. He told his girlfriend someone had come in, and he’d have to call her back. As he hung up the phone, I replaced his hand with mine, and began gently stroking his long, thick cock.

He lay back with his arms behind his head, and moaned sweetly, as I bent and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. The clear fluid flowing from his slit filled my mouth as I sucked him. It tasted so good, salty and sweet, and I knew he would soon shoot his load in my mouth! He arched his back, and let out a cry of delight, as what felt like a pint of hot cum exploded into my mouth! It tasted like nectar spewing form the cock of a golden god! I squeezed him, and sucked out every drop. When I was done, I collapsed beside him, and we lay in silence for several minutes.

Finally, he spoke, and told me it was the best blowjob he’d ever had, and the first from another guy. He told me he’d known for a while that I was gay, but had said nothing so I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, bursa merkez escort and that he was perfectly cool with it. I couldn’t believe it when he told me he’d always wondered what it would feel like to fuck another guy! I told him he could find out right then.

I went to my own bedroom and grabbed the lube I kept in my nightstand, and when I came back, Larry was completely naked. He looked so good lying there, all toned and bronze, one of his long lanky legs slightly bent in a provocative position. His long thick cock was once again in his hand. His big hairy balls hung down to hide his tight opening from my view.

I hurriedly, stripped my clothes off and pounced back into his warm bed, and began sucking his perfect cock again. He tenderly ran his hands through my wavy brown hair as I hungrily took his big piece of meat deep in my mouth. My lips made wet sloppy sounds as I sucked him once again to full hardness.

When his cock was ready, I took the lube, and greased it up with long strokes, making it slick from piss slit to balls. Then I straddled him and took his hand in mine, squirting some lube on his fingers. He knew what I wanted, and I soon felt his slick fingers at my yearning pussy hole! He forced 2 of them into me, fingering me a bit roughly, and before long, I was ready to take his man virgin cock into me!

I raised myself up, and lined my hungry anus up with the head of his thick, throbbing cock, and slowly began to lower myself onto him. He felt like a piece of hot steel going into me, and I moaned like a bitch as he filled me with his cock! It was as big and thick as some of the black guys I’d brought home with me, and as it slid past my g-spot, I knew it wouldn’t be long bursa sınırsız escort bayan before I shot my load on his gorgeous, golden haired chest.

I felt his hands grab my ass as he began thrusting into me, pounding me ever harder and harder! Both of us were making animalistic grunting sounds as he fucked me, trying to go deeper with each stroke! As his hands kneaded my ass like dough, I bent and sucked his rock hard nipples, tasting his salty sweat! As my lips found his, he fucked me still harder!

I felt the juices rising from my balls and through my rock hard cock shaft, and exploded them on his firm belly and chest. As I licked some of my own sperm from his hot skin, he drove his cock deep into me, and I felt my canal being filled with his hot cum! As I rose off him, my satisfied man pussy was wide, open, and wet! The product of our love was dripping from my opening down my thigh.

I gave him another kiss on his hot open mouth, then bent down and sucked him clean, squeezing every drop from his still half hard cock. Then I collapsed beside him, and asked him how he’d liked it. He said nothing had ever made him feel so right before, and he hoped it wouldn’t be a one time thing. I assured him it would happen anytime he wanted, and would always be our little secret.

We took a shower together then, as we would many times during the time we were together. Things had changed between us, and we both liked it. I let him try me in every position, and taught him the ways of sweet man on man love. I hoped one day to be the first to taste the fire of his tight little hole, that is when he was ready. For the time being though, I was happy to let him top me anytime.

I always wondered if he was gay to, or had I just opened feelings that were lying there waiting. He didn’t bring home many girls any more, and most of our nights were spent together in each other’s arms. Each time we were together I explored him more thoroughly, and eventually began to sample the taste of his tight hot little asshole.

Maybe one day I’d go there too! I sure hope so

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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