Last nights dream…

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As I lay there in the dazed feeling of just waking up, I think to myself “Did that happen, or was it a dream?” Of course it was a dream but I had just waken up from the best dream I’ve ever experience not knowing what to think about it. Well let me start at the night before as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I start to think about this girl I had met the other day. She wasn’t my usual type but she was beautiful. She had died black hair with streaks of orange and red. She is one of those “scene” girls or alt girls. The body on this girl was only imaginable. Her breasts were cute C cups, the waist of this girl was perfect and slender, and her arse seemed like it was sculpted by god himself. Lets just say she had a PERFECT body and an amazing gorgeous face to go along with it.
Anyways, I digress….

As I lay there in my bed thinking about this girl, I close my eyes and try to imagine her being with me and only me. I soon fall asleep after thinking about the stuff I would do with her and what it must be like. My dream begins with me sitting on the couch watching some show about animals on the television. As I am sitting there, I hear a knock at my bedroom door and I wonder “who could it be?” As I stand up to walk over to the door I realize that I am not in my room but some room that I have never seen before. It was painted a dark blue and had posters of bands and drawings on the walls. As I am looking around the person at the door was getting aggravated and started to knock harder. I walk over to the door and open it. I was as shocked as ever to see who was at the door, it was her! The girl of my dreams was at the door of HER room which I was occupying. As she walked in, my jaw dropped because she was wearing the hottest outfit I had ever seen. She was in short booty shorts, and a black mesh shirt with a black satin bra. I could see her lovely nipples poking out of the bra as they were rock hard. So she started walking over to the futon and sat down.

“Are you going to join me?” She teasingly said as I just stood in awe.

“Uhh, Ummm, Ya! I’ll be there once my legs start working again.” I said as I stumbled over to her and sat down. She just giggled a little and turned the channel to some movie. I was just sitting there next to this wonderful girl and I FROZE. I could’nt Sex hikayeleri think of a word to say and nothing to do. I just sat there, totally blank.

As I slowly open my eyes I realize that none of this is true, I am not fully away but awake enough to know the worst. As I am laying there I start to get that urge to go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I start urinating. After I’m done with my business, I start to walk back to my room thinking that I just ruined the possibly best dream on my life. I lay down and just think of what had happened and before I knew it I fell into the coma known as sleep.

“Are you going to watch the movie or gawk at me all night?” Edlyn had stated.
“Well maybe if the movie was more interesting than you.” I said. I had actually started my dream back where I left off! This has never happened to me before but I wasn’t going to let anything stop it.

“Come here, Lay your head down on my lap.” She said as she waved me on over. I wasn’t expecting this but I did as I was told. As I was laying my head down in her lap, it got cold, VERY cold. My hands felt like they were in a bucket of ice water. I slowly move my right hand underneath her thigh, I look up at her in a look of acceptance. She sort of shudders as my frozen hand touches her thigh. She looks down and just smiles without any words.

“Gosh, my hands are freezing!” I state, as I move my other hand in between the lower part of her thighs.

“Ya they are, you look like your freezing, lets lay down and cuddle.” She says as she gets up to change the futon from couch mode to bed mode. She lays down in front of me and starts to undress. She slowly wiggles her booty shorts off and I instantly get a hard on. She starts to take off the rest of her clothes, I than look down and I see that I don’t have any clothes on either.

“I could have sworn I was wearing pants!” I slowly comment to myself. She didn’t say anything, she wasn’t much of a talker as you can see. She just looked at me with a puzzled look. “Never mind my pants, lay down and grab some covers.” As she lays down and pulls the covers up to our necks, it feels like every care and every worry just melted away. I didn’t care about anything but her at that moment.

As we are laying there cuddling, I slowly Sikiş hikayeleri start to manuever on top of her and just look into her eyes. They say the eyes are the opening to the soul, I now believe that this is true. She looks back at me and lock eyes. I start to kiss her starting her forhead going down to her nose, cheak, and lips. As I work my way down from her face to her neck, she shudders with pleasure. She started bucking her hips up and down, arching her back, and letting out quiet moans. I start to suckle her nipple, circle it with the tip of my tongue. I start to rub every part of her body as if I am giving a massage. This drives her crazy, once I started to sensually massage her chest and paying special attention to her nipples, she can only groan and under those groans are hidden words.

“Oh.. that… OH.. feels. so….. GOOD.” I can barely understand what she is trying to say. As I work my way down, kissing her stomache and running my tongue all over her body, she is just in ecstacy. Once I get down to her mound, I can smell her sweet pungeant smeel coming from her wound that never healed. I breathe hot breath on her inner thigh and tease her pussy with words until she wants it so bad that she grabs my head and forces me into her lower lips. As I work my way around her perfect cunt, she moans and bucks at every stroke of my tongue. She is my puppet now, I can make her do anything I want.

“Oh my dog, Your’e gonna make me cum!” She SCREAMS as I start to suckle her clitorus and tongue fuck her. “Jesus christ, this…. feels…. so… DAMN….. GOOD!!!!” SHe barely gets the last few words out of her mouth as she has an ecstatic orgasm. Her whole body is shaking with pleasure, I can feel her juices flow into my mouth, so sweet and wonderful. I didn’t want to waste any of those juices and lapped them up like a dog.

“I am ready….” Was all she said once she had finished shaking from pleasure. I quickly slither back up to her face and look her straight in her eyes. I thrust my hard dick into her amazingly tight vagina, she lets out a muffled scream as I thrust deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

“Holy shit your are so tight.” I said as I started to slow down because I was already almost ready to cum.

“No, I just think your big!” She Erotik hikaye said, I didn’t think I was big but maybe she was just saying that in the heat of the moment.

“I am about to.. you know, what should I do?” I quesitoned her as my member started to throb.

“Anywhere you want baby.” As she was saying this I took in out and postured up ready to explode. As I stroke my throbbing penis getting it to the point, she sat up and started to lick it and took over the stroking with her own hand. All I could think was how wonderful she was going to look drenched in my cum. She stuck out her tongue and my dick just pulsed, filling her mouth with my warm cum. It covered her face, tongue, and parts of her chest. I fall backwords because I had lost all of my energy, she layed on top of me covered in cum and just started playing with it. She licked her fingers and cleaned up some with her hand and started rubbing her pussy with my cum as if it was lube.

“I’m not done yet!.” She said with that always sexy but devilish look, she took her finger and scraped some cum off of her chest and started fingering her asshole with it. She did this for maybe 10 minutes while I watched and waited for round two. Once I was hard again, she turned around and presented me with that perfect as I was talking about earlier. She lowered herself onto my now hardened cock and just started stroking her backside up and down, back and forth on my dick. I lost track of time, It felt like eternity of pleasure. She had two more orgasms as she was bouncing up and down with my cock in her ass and fingering herself with my cum. I started to get that feeling again and she just kept going, faster and faster. I could’nt stop it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I started squirting rope after rope of cum into her arse. She just kept going and going, and she came one last time as my dick started to go limp in her ass. She leaned back and layed down on my chest with her head resting just below mine. My dick was still in her ass and limp.

“It’s time to wake up.” She said,

“No, No, just a little longer!” I beg into her ear but it is too late. As I lay there in the dazed feeling of just waking up, I think to myself “Did that happen, or was it a dream?”

The End.

I would like to hear a lot of comments and such. This was my first story and I’m wondering whether I should keep writing or If I am a lost cause. Please leave a comment once you are done reading, tell me what you thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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