Last One To Know, Chapter Nine

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Last One To Know, Chapter Nine

Tammy, Beth and I had set for hours and listen to Dad share some of the pain and despair he and Mom had gone through growing up. Mom was still setting on Dad’s lap with her arms around his neck. She had tried several times to talk, to add to what Dad was telling us. Each time she would start crying and just couldn’t get the words out. Dad pulled her closer to him and kissed her in the cheek.

“Okay kids, I think we need to take a break, your Mom and I need a little private time together“. Dad picked her up in his arm and started walking to the bedroom. The three of us continued to set on the couch as they left the room. None of us spoke, I think the three of us was busy digesting everything Dad had told us. Beth laid her head in my lap and her feet in Tammy’s lap and was asleep in just a couple of minutes. When I looked over at Tammy she had laid her head back. I thing we were all exhausted from all of the emotion.

I let my head fall back and dozed off. I though I had been asleep for a short time but when I woke the room was dark and I knew I had slept for several hours. I looked to see that Tammy and Beth was still asleep. Just as I lay my head back again the room lit up. It startled me and when I jumped I woke Beth and Tammy. Dad and Mom was standing in the doorway smiling.

Dad was still naked but Mom was wearing a very thin crimson colored silk robe. I could see the outline of her body including her tits with her nipples pushing hard against the silk. I could feel my cock twitch and start to rise a little. Beth laughed as my cock pushed against the back of her head. She looked up me at smiling and said” she does look so eatable don’t she”? “For sure” Tammy said before I could reply.

Dad suggested delivery pizza and we could continue with our talk. I ask if he thought we should wait till another day. “No, we are going to Dave and Kay’s tomorrow and we need to take care of this before then. Tammy ordered the pizza while I went to my room to get a pair of gym shorts to slip on when the pizza arrived.

We all settled back in as we were before and Dad told us he would cover everything as quick as he could. He told us if we had any questions we could ask when he kind of got us up to date. Dad reminded us that he had set everything up so Mom and Grandma Kate could take care of the sell of the property, his older brother Mack was still on the run and his uncle and two cousins hadn’t been seen since his Mother’s death.

Mom, Kay and Kate saw Dad off at the bus station. Two other guys from Dad’s class was leaving at the same time so he has someone he knew to make the long trip with him. They were all surprised when the Army Recruiter showed up to see them off. They all shook hands then he pulled Dad to the side and told him he knew he had been through a lot in the past few weeks. He encouraged Dad to pour himself into his training and it would help take his mind of all that had gone on. He also told Dad he thought he was going to make a good soldier and could make a good officer.

Things seem to be going great. Dad was doing well in basic training and already taking some collage courses. Mom and Kay were both working with Mr. Garrison’s son on the dairy farm and Kate was working part time in the Mr. Garrison’s office at the lumber yard. Mom and Dad was writing every day keeping each other up to date on their day to day happenings.

Dad graduated basic tanning with honors and was coming along well on his collage courses. Dad told Mom that his next training would be there at the same base and if he didn‘t take leave he could start training in a little over a week. Grandma Kate suggested that Mom and Kay go to spend a few days with Dad. The girls left the day before Dad‘s graduation and was there the day after. He took four days off and got a motel room in the town near the base.

Dad rented a car an picked the girls up at the bus station and offered to take them to lunch. They both laughed and told him they were intending to eat a lot but food would have to wait Mom told Dad she dad some news about his brother Mack. The Sheriff caught up with them just as they were boarding the bus. He give her a copy of a report for a police department in New Mexico . Dad ask her to read it as he drove. The reported stated Mack was in a bar fight in a small local bar and he pulled a knife on one of the men but the man stabbed him first and Mack died at the scene. The Sheriff told them everything would be taken care of out there. Mom pointed out one thing that had confused her. At the bottom of the page was a State Trooper’s name. Mom ask Dad if he remembered the name. Dad looked then remembered it was the same Trooper that had investigated both of Dad’s parents death. Dad wondered what the hell he would be doing in New Mexico. No matter all that was over and done with now.

As soon as they walked in the motel the girls started pulling off their cloths. Dad just followed right along and all three we stark naked in short order. Dad took a minute to admire to two luscious bodies before him. Kay ask Dad if he could restrain himself long enough for everyone to clean up a little. He told them he would make them a deal, one good blow job to take the edge off and he was up to what ever they wanted to do. Mom dropped to her knees and started licking on Dads cock. Kay went around back, pulled his legs a little further apart and started liking and sucking his balls from behind.

It had been a long time and Dad knew he would not last long. Sure enough he could feel the load building and Mom could feel it too and started going deeper and sucking harder. Kay sucked one of Dads balls in her mouth and that was enough to drive him over the edge. He was groining out loud as he filled Mom’s mouth with all his stored up cum. Kay backed off and told Mom, “don’t be a greedy pig, you need to share”. Mom pulled Kay by the arm as she clamped her hand down on Dads cock. Kay took over to receive the remaining cum. Mom raised up to meet Dads lips and shared his own cum with him in a passionate kiss. Kay licked Dad’s cock clean then shared a cum coated kiss with both of them.

Kay grabbed Dad by the hand, picked up a bag and lead the way to the bath room. Dad knew Kay was a real ass freak and she would be sure they were all cleaned up in that area. They all went through their enema then took a shower together in the small shower. They soaked in the hot water, giving each other soap massages. Kay wasted no time moving from one to the other spreading their ass cheeks licking and tongue fucking their ass. Then she stood up and backed up to Mom and Dad and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She smiled at then and said “one a peace to start if you don’t mind. Dad and Mom put their index fingers together and pushed them into Kay’s soaped up ass. She lean forward to give then better access , threw her head back and let out a loud moan. “Oh fuck I love this, one of you add another finger. Mom nodded at Dad and he added his middle finger..

Kay was really getting into it, she had two of her fingers jammed to the hilt in her pussy, her thumb massaging her clit and rocking back and forth on the three fingers in her ass.. She started getting shaky in the knees and Mom and Dad had to help hold her up. When she started Cumming she started screaming and her pussy was squirting so much it looked like she was pissing . Mom moved around and caught some of it in her mouth. As soon as Kay settled down they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, dried each other off gaziantep lezbiyen and head back to the bedroom. Dad told us he could give us more play by play descriptions but it would be easer to just tell you that in the nest few days we indulged in everything of pleasure we could possibly come up with out.

The first evening we went out to dinner we went to a local stake house that was known for it’s fine beef and good service. We were just being seated with I saw Dave Bower by himself at a table near us. He and I had gone through basic training and were often paired as a team. Kay give him the once over and then the smile crossed her face. Dad ask if she would like for him to invite Dave over and got and instant YES! Mom laugh a little and told Dad that was fine with her. Dad spoke with Dave and he readily agreed to join then.

Kay and David hit it off from the very beginning and he was nothing but a gentleman the entire evening. When we left Dave waked Kay to our car. He held her hand as they walked but made no attempt to kiss her.
When we got to the car Kay made the move and give Dave a long goodnight kiss.

As soon as we were in the car Kay ask Dad if thought he was a virgin.. He and Mom both laughed and Dad told her he didn’t think so but he may not be accustom to the kind of relationship we had in our families. She laughed and said “ not a problem, I’ll train him. Mom ask what she was talking about. Kay smiled and told them that was the man she was going to merry. I remaindered her she had just met him and it had not gone any further than a goodnight kiss.

Kay ask if we would be upset if she spent the remainder of her time with Dave. They told her that would be fine with them if Dave was willing. Kay smiled and told us not to worry, he will be.

Next morning Dave was waiting for Dad at the main gate. He was asking Dad one question after the other about Kay. I told him “why don’t you ask her your self, she is very interested in you but you need to be careful. She can be very wild“. He was grinning like a shit eating possum. So started the story of Kay and Dave and as you can see it has worked. out well

Everything went will for several months. Dave and Dad had different training courses but spent a lot of time studying, hanging out and talking a lot about the girls. Kay was right, Dave was hooked. Dave and Dad were studying together one even when Dad noticed Dave seemed to have something on his mind. Dad ask him if something was wrong. Dave told him he was not sure. Dave told Dad that he has a sister living ion the east coast. Kay has been talking with her writing quite often. Dave said that he and his sister Gail had been talking and he told her that he intended to merry Kay as soon as he got settled in.

Kay has ask Gail if she could move in with her and finish school there. Dave said he knew something was going on but he didn’t know what. He also told Dad that Mom and Grandma Kath had written Gail and told her she would have the money to pay her own way if she could just stay with Gail.

Dad called Mom and she told Dad there was a collage near Gail’s that Kay wanted to attend when she graduated. Dad knew there was more to it than that and he though the knew what the problem was but he couldn’t get away to check it out.

Dave told Dad things had been worked out and Kay was moving in with Gail in a week. Dad ask Dave if he knew why she was so anxious to move. Dave told Dad he was not sure what was going on, he knew something was wrong but he didn’t know what. He told Dad that Kay had been talking a lot with Gail but she wouldn’t tell Dave anything except she was looking forward to Kay moving in.

Dad said he thought about it a long time then told Dave there was something he needed to tell him about our families. Dave laughed and told Dad that wouldn’t be necessary, Kay had told him everything the second night they were together. Dave told Dad he wouldn’t go into details at the time but he could tell him that Kay would fit right in with his family.

Dad called Mom early next morning trying to get her to tell him what was going on. Mom told him everything was alright but Dad knew that was not true. Mom’s voice was very shaky and it sound like she was crying. He ask if his Uncle Buck and his boys had come back home. It took Mom a while to answer. She told Dad someone had told her they had seen them around the community.

Dad knew what the problem was and he called back when he knew Mom would be in school and talked with Grandma Kate. She started crying as soon as she answered the phone. She told Dad the bully boys were back and they had beat and raped Kay and Mom. That was the reason Kay was moving in with Gail. She ask Dad if he could get Mom away from there

Dad‘s training course would be complete on Tuesday and Mom graduated on Thursday. He told Kate he would be there on Friday. He would get a room at the motel and he would meet them there. Dad was living on post at the time. He talked to a couple of buddies that lived off post about a place to rent. One of them told him that his landlord had a one bedroom apartment over his garage that he might rent. He called and made an appointment for late that evening. As soon as he got out of class he went to town and bought a car then went to check out the apartment. He told the landlord what he was planning and he was cool with that.

He went back to the barracks and packed the things he needed for the trip. Tuesday was mostly about graduation and awards so Dad was out of class before noon and on his way. He make a couple of stops to pick up some things he was hoping he would have a chance to use. He picked up a cheep plastic rain suit, three new hoe handles, a small bow saw, three packs of sash cord, a pack of rubber gloves and a enema bag.. He stopped at a rest area and took a quick nap and was at the motel by the middle of the afternoon.

He had called Kate and told her about what time he would be there. He sas Kat’s old car in the parking lot when he pulled into the motel. He got a room and the three of then went inside. He was shocked and angry when he got a close look at Kate and Mom. They both had lost weight, their eyes were red from crying and he could see several burses of both of them.

Mom was hugging and kissing Dad as he held her in his arms. Kate started to speak but Dad held up his hand and stopped her. Mom brought two bags in with her and told Dad she had a small bag in the car. Dad ask Kate where her bags were at. Kate told him “ Honey I’m not going, just get Kathy out of here and I’ll be okay with that“. Dad told “ No way my sweet darling, both of you are leaving this shit hole tomorrow or we all stay here.

Mom told Dad she had so hoped he would do that. If she stays here they will kill her too. Dad told them he was going to take them back home for Kate to pack what ever she needed while he run a little errand. After Dad drop Mom and Kate off he drove straight to his uncles house.

When Dad pulled up in front of the house his youngest cousin Jeff was setting on the front steps. When he saw it was Dad he jumped up and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING HERE WIMP ASS, I’m gonna kick your fucking ass” as he run at Dad with his fist clinched. Dad caught him with a round house on the left side of his head. Jeff went down to his knees. As he attempted to stand Dad landed a round house to the right side of his head knocking Jeff the ground. Dad then applied a choke hold until Jeff passed out. Dad took hold of Jeff by the ankles and drug him up the steps, through the house and into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he brushed everything off the big kitchen table, picked Jeff up and through him across the middle of the table. He took a section of the sash cord and tied his hands and feet to each other under the table.

He was just finishing up with Jeff he heard a noise down the hall and saw his uncle buck and oldest sun Tim coming out of one of the rooms. They didn’t see Dad as they walked down the hall. When they saw Jeff laying across the table they both run into the kitchen. Dad was standing next to the kitchen wall and both men run past him. As his uncle started turning toward him Dad landed a right hook square to the side of his nose and the blood flew as he heard bones crack. His uncle dropper to the floor with both hands covering his face. Tim lunged at him, Dad side stepped and caught him with a chop to the back of the neck. Tim hit the floor face first and Dad was on him with a choke hold until he passed out also.

Dad had all three men laying across the table with their wrist tied to their ankles. All three were conscious now and doing a lot of hollering and cursing. Dad used the bow saw to cut about two foot off the end of each hoe handle, went to the first bedroom he come to and pulled a sheet off the bed, ripping it into strips. He put on the rain suit, a pair of rubber gloves and laid the enamel bottle out on the kitchen counter. He reach around and unbuckled each of the men’s pants, then pulled them down around their knees exposing their ass, cock and balls.

Dad walked around, took each man by his hair, pulling their head back till he was eye to eye with each of them He ask them each “ do you know who I am, do you know who is doing this to you.” They were cursing and threatening him and told him, Hell Yes, WE Knew Who YOU ARE and it will be your ass when we got loose. Good, Dad told them, I want you to remember me and this day for the rest of your lives..

Dad found a cup of old bacon grease on the stove. He scooped up some with his glove covered fingers, pulled his uncle’s ass cheeks apart with his other hand then covered his asshole with the grease. His uncle was pulling at the cords that held his hands and feet while screaming threats at Dad.

Dad told them he wanted them all to be quite, knowing they would not. His uncle screamed “when I get loose I’ll kill you, you bastard“.. Dad took the long section of the hoe handle, stepped to the side of the table and give his uncle a home run whack across his ass. A huge whelp imminently rose on each ass cheek. Uncle Buck screamed in pain as Dad repeated in a calm voice “I want you to be quite”, Tim was twisting and pulling, trying to get free. He screaming like a wild animal. Dad move to the other end of the table and give him the home run whack. Jeff screamed once then the room was quite.

Dad applied the grease around each asshole but he didn’t penetrate any of them. He took the two foot section of the hoe handles and starting with his uncle he pushed the sections over half way up his ass. He grunted and moaned but never spoke a word.

As he stepped over behind Jeff he heard him start to cry. Dad walked around and looked to be sure and found that all three of them were in deed crying. Dad smiled as he walked back around the table. He told Jeff to get ready, he was next, knowing JEFF would tighten up. Dad shoved the handle in Jeff’s asshole then moved on to Tim.

When he was through there he stood between Jeff and Tim and started quickly fucking the handles in and out of their asses. Then he moved over to his uncle and repeated the same thing. He stopped, went and filled the enamel bags with very hot water. He returned to his uncle and pulled the handle out of his. The end was covered with shit and blood. He shoved the tube of the enamel bag up his gagged open asshole.

When he released the clip and the hot water started flowing his uncle started to beg. Dad told him to shut up or get another whack on the ass. When the bag was empty Dad jerked the tube out and jammed the handle back in before anything could come out. He repeated the same on the other two.

Dad went through the cabinets until he found three large cast iron frying pans and a large pot. He went to his uncle, placed the pot up by his ass then pulled the handle out. He was able to catch most of the shit water as it shot out then quickly shoved the handle back in his ass. Dad moved on to repeat the same action on Jeff and Tim

Dad then filled the enamel bag about half full. Starting with his uncle he went one by one pulling the handle out, filling their gut with the water then shoving the handle back in. The kitchen was now smelling like an unclean shithouse. Dad took three strips of the sheet and placed them in the pot of shit water. Just to be sure he was safe he pulled on a second pair of rubber gloves.

He took three more strips of the sheet and loosely tied it around each of their heads. They were still crying and trying to watch Dad as he moved about which was a little difficult because of the way they were tied and the handles shoved in their ass.

Dad moved in front of his uncle, pulled one of he shit soaked strips from the pot balled it up then held his uncle’s nose until he had to open his mouth to breath. When he did Dad shoved the shitty strip into his uncles mouth. He place his hand over his mouth until he could pull the strip up to cover his mouth. He pulled it tight, making sure that it went up in his mouth and not over it. He did this so if any of them started puking it would run out of their mouth and not choke them to death.

Dad moved on until the task was completed on all three men. Then his final task was to take one strip of the sheet, twist it to make it like a small cord. He tied one end around the head of each man’s cock, then another strip around their balls. He tied the ends to the cast iron frying pans letting them hang down until they almost touched the floor.

Tim uttered, ”please don’t do this”. Dad gave him a whack with one of the handles and told him to shut up. Dad took the remaining shit water and poured evenly over each mans head and body. By this time the small was enough to make you puke which is just what his uncle did. Dad just stood and watched as he puked his ass off.

Dad started cleaning up. He removed his rain suit, tied a knot in each leg then gathered up the remainder of the items he had brought with him. He used the pants as a bag and put his stuff in it. He washed up the pot he had used and returned it to the cabinet. As an afterthought Dad retrieved one of the handles and give each man one more good whack across the ass. He put the handle back and walked around in front of the table squatted down till he was at eye level with the three men. He told them to listen and listen well. Just so you know the tears in your eyes and the puke and shit running from your mouths brings joy to my heart. You will not die from what I have done here today, I don’t want you dead, I want you to live and remember.

Dad moved over in front of his uncle, looked him in the eyes and told him “ I know you and these assholes had something to do with the death of my Dad and you were either involved or knew about the death of my Mom. I want you to remember this day and that I could have kill you any time I wanted. I want you alive and remembering what it was like. Now you should know I’m about to leave and if I ever see anyone of you for the remainder of our lives you are a dead man. As you know by now I’m not the wimp kid I used to be. I can kill you in a dozen different ways and that’s what will happen if I ever see any of you again and it will be a slow death.

Dad turn and walked out of the house and return to pick up Mom and Kate. It was a quite drive back to the motel and neither of the women ask Dad where he had been or what he had been doing.

When they arrived at their room Dad told them the shower was very small and they could only shower one at a time. Kate went first and when she walked out of the bath she was wearing a long nightgown. Mom and Dad had undressed and was setting on one of the beds. They looked at Kate then at each other and smiled. They walked over to Kate, reached down and each took a side and pulled the gown up and over Kate’s head.. Dad told her “Mom, nothing changes between us. You are part of us and everything we do. You never slept in a gown before and you don’t have to now. He kissed her on the cheek then on the lips and Kate return his kiss.

Mom was next in the shower then Dad.. For him it was more than just a shower. It was like he was washing away a lot of hurt and anger that had been with him for so long. He felt clean and refreshed and ready for the next step of a new live.

When he returned to the bedroom the women were setting on each side of one of the beds. Although there was two beds it was obvious they intended for the three of them to sleep in the same bed. Dad walked over and Mom patted the middle of the bed. Dad lay down on his left side, Mom spooned in front of him and Kate did the same in the back. It felt so good to Dad to have the two warm bodies on either side of him. The three of them cuddled together and fell into a very peaceful sleep.

Dad woke just before sunrise trying to focus on where he was and what was going on. He was laying on his back and he could feel the worm bodies on either side of him but there was a change in their position. He was aware of a most pleasant feeling in his groin area. He raised up onto his elbows and looked to see two heads moving around between his legs. Mom lifted her head and Dad could see that she had the head of his cock in her mouth. Kate was licking and sucking up and down the shaft. He could feel a gentle hand massaging his balls.

Both women stopped and looked up at Dad “Good morning” they said with a big smile. Are you about ready to cum my love? Dad nodded his head. “Good, we need a favor” Mom said. In case you are not aware of it your mother-in-law to be is a real cum freak and she was wondering if maybe you could fill my pussy full of cum and let her have an early breakfast.

“Yes, I would love to do that but there are conditions”. “And what would that be my love” Mom ask? “She has to share with us”. Kate said “ that will not be a problem, there is a really big load of cum here” as she stroked Dad’s balls.

Kate put her hand between Mom’s legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy to be sure she was wet and ready. She pulled her fingers out and licked the pussy juice off them then helped Mom get up and straddle Dad. Kate took his cock and rubbed it up and down Mom’s lips a couple of times then held it in place as Mom lowered her hot, wet pussy down on Dad’s cock.

She started moving slow at first but soon was like a cowgirl riding a bucking horse. Kate had turned around and was now licking his balls. He knew it was not going to take long. It had been a while and he could feel the load building. He told Kate to move back so he could turn Mom over and let him on top.

They switched places and Dad started slamming his hard cock into Mom’s hot pussy. Kate move again and this time she was spreading his cheeks and pushing her tongue into his little rosebud. Mom pushed he ass up off the bed as she started to reach her peek. She was in another world shouting “FUCK ME, FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME MY WONDERFUL MAN!!!. Mom started to cum all over Dad’s cock. Kate was there to lick the juice off Dad’s balls

That was it, his first shot of cum was so hard it hurt a little but he kept pumping and the cum continued to flow. He filled Mom’s pussy till it was running out and Kate was thrilled to be there to lick up the mixed cum and pussy juice.

Mom and Dad just laid there for a minute catching their breath. Kate was kneeling beside Dad and as he pulled his cock out of Mom’s pussy she took him in her mouth and cleaned all the wonderful mixture off his cock.

Dad moved up out of the way to give Kate access to her daughters cum filled pussy. Just before she lowered her head to Mom’s pussy she looked at Dad and he could see the look of pure lust on her face. Dad smile and thought, like mother, like daughter. He could hear Kate licking and sucking on Mom’s pussy.

In a few seconds Kate raised up and pulled Dad to her, covering his lips with hers and pushed her cum coated tongue into his mouth. As he open wider she pushed a big glob on cum into his mouth and he swallowed, enjoying the taste of the mixture. Kate went back the Mom’s pussy and then moved up and held her lips just a few inches from her daughters open mouth. Kate let the mixture dribble from her lips into Mom’s mouth. She swallowed as she looked at Dad and smiled.

All this action had Dad hard again. Both women looked at it and smiled. Kate ask Mom and Dad, “do you mind if I have this one”. The both smiled and nodded. Kate got off the bed and went to one of her bags. When she returned she had a condom. She told them she would love to have it in her ass but she was not clean so she would like to use the condom if Dad didn’t mind.

While Kate was putting the condom on Dad, Mom held her hand over pussy and pushed down hard enough to get a little of the mixture out. She rubbed some on the condom then the remainder on her Mother’s ass.
Dad could tell by Kate’s moan that Mom had pushed at least one finger up her ass. Mom took Dad’s cock and lined it up with her rosebud. Dad expected her to ease down on his cock. That was not the case, in one quick plunge Dad was ball deep in Kate’s ass. She was full force bucking her hips back and forth, grinding her tight ass on his cock.

Mom moved up to the side of Dad leaving him with a clear view as she pushed two fingers into Kate’s pussy and massaged her clit with her thumb. She started sucking one of Kate’s tits. Kate’s head had dropped back on her shoulders, her mouth open and loud moans and groans coming from her. She started a high pitch cry that almost sound like a baby crying. Then she cried out the single word “Cumming”. Mom wrapped her arms around Kate to keep her from falling.

Dad was so caught up in Kate’s emotion he didn’t even realized he had cum. Not much but as Mom helped Kate climb off Dad’s cock he saw the cum in the small tip on the condom. He also noticed a little brown on the end of the condom so he was careful getting out of bed. He headed to the bathroom, removed the condom then headed for the shower. He heard both women come in the small bath room and he finished his shower and stepped out. Mom stepped in and Kate took the towel and dried Dad for head to foot, not missing the chance for a little suck on Dad’s limp cock.

When the showers were over they all went back to the bedroom, dressed and started loading their bags in the two cars. Dad told Kate when they left for her to follow him to the first town they come to where they could rent a tow bar then they could tow her car and all ride together.

All three of them expected this to be their last day in this community and was on their way to a new life for them.

End of chapter nine

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