Late Night At The Office

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You call me to say you are going to be late, very late, work has piled up and there is no way you can leave it till the following day. I had been so looking forward to seeing you but understand that sometimes work has to come first.

Then I have an idea, and I decide to surprise you.

Time moves on, the building empties and you are the only one left there, the sun goes down and you turn on the radio and listen to some gentle music as you work. The phone rings and you nearly fall of your chair as your concentration is broken. You answer and recognise my voice as I say.

“Good evening sir, I’ve got your food order here, can I come in please.”

Puzzled you reply “Of course i’ll let you in, just give me a minute.”

You put the phone down and wander through the darkened building to the door. You open the door, peer out and see me stood in the shadows, waiting to be let in, you beckon me in and close the door behind me. I follow you to your office, neither of us speaking. As we enter the light, you gasp as you see me properly. I place the basket of food on the floor and walk slowly round your office, letting you look at me fully.

I’m wearing high heels, black stockings, a tight leather skirt and a transparent black blouse. I smile to myself as I can see the effect my outfit is having on you. As your eyes travel over my body I feel my nipples stiffen and I know that you will be able to see this. I walk over to you, slide my arms round your neck and give you a long slow smouldering kiss, your arms encircle me, pulling me tight to you, your hands sliding down my back. I moan into your mouth as your fingers caress my bum, pulling me closer, our kisses become more urgent and I slide my hands down your back and give your buttocks a good squeeze.

We stop kissing, breaking apart for breath, our hands still exploring each other. I smile at you and say,

“Surprise, bet you weren’t expecting this, but I knew that if I didn’t do something, you probably wouldn’t eat tonight”

We kiss again, one of your hands slides in between us and gently begins to caress my breasts, you feel my nipples harden and press against the thin fabric of my blouse, still kissing me, you make me walk backwards, till I feel the edge of your desk against the back of my legs.

I sit down and wrap my legs around you, keeping our bodies close together. You slide Samsun Escort both your hands down my legs and then slowly slide them back up, this time inside my skirt, we both moan at the same time as your fingers slide over the lace tops of my stockings and onto my bare flesh, your fingers move further upwards and you sigh as they meet no resistance, I’m not wearing any panties and all you can feel is my warm, moist, smooth pussy.

All the time, kissing me, you feel round the back of me to find the zip on my skirt, you undo it and I lift myself off the desk so you can slide it out from under me, your fingers grazing gently against my bare bum, making me shiver with anticipation. you turn away from me, grab your chair and sit down in front of me, your hands taking the opportunity to caress my breasts, the nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric, you stand up and kiss each nipple through my blouse, seeing and feeling me jump as you kiss them, as if I’ve just received a small electric shock.

Sitting down again, you turn your attention to my pussy, hearing me moan as you gently stroke all round it. I lift my legs up and put them on the chair, giving you an unhindered view, you look at my juices glistening there and breathe in deeply, inhaling my musky aroma. You begin to kiss one of my thighs, starting at my knee and working upwards, my body shivering as you move closer and closer to my waiting pussy, you’re an inch from it, I can feel your hot breath but you control your desires and begin to kiss my other thigh, again starting at the knee. Your hands hold my hips, stopping me from sliding off the desk in my excitement.

When you reach my pussy this time, you kiss it, I moan and push my hips up at you, rubbing myself against your lips, you push your tongue out and taste my juices, sighing in pleasure at their sweetness. you carry on kissing and sucking my exposed clit, having the satisfaction of feeling me tense as a mini orgasm courses through my body.

But we both know this is only the beginning, you don’t stop, your tongue darts out and gently licks my open pussy lips, making me shudder again and lift my hips from the desk, you push me back down and bury your head between my thighs again. you kiss, nibble and lick your way over all my pussy, slipping your tongue deep inside me, fucking me with it, I start to shake as Samsun Escort Bayan you, lick all round my soaking pussy, your face now covered in my juices, your tongue gently encircles my unhooded clit, teasing me, my body tensing as you get closer and closer to it.

Suddenly you suck my clit and the surrounding flesh into your mouth, and you flick your tongue over the now erect sensitive bud. I grab your head, holding you there, grinding my pussy lips against your chin, covering you with even more of my juices. You carry on licking and sucking, your hands holding me as still as you can as my body arches and I scream out “don’t stop”. You suck and lick me harder, then you suddenly release my clit and plant your mouth on my open pussy, slipping your tongue back inside me as my orgasm begins.

You move your right hand and gently rub a finger over my clit, my hips lift off the desk and its all you can do to keep hold of me, yet somehow you mange to keep your tongue buried inside me, drinking all the juices my orgasm is producing. I scream out as I cum, and as I reach my peak, your tongue plunges deeper in me. you continue to lick and suck gently at my pussy as my body relaxes and regains its normal rhythm, my hands are still on your head but now I am gently stroking you as I whisper.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting this when I turned up with food for you”

You look up from between my wet thighs and reply “it’s not over yet.”

Smiling you stand up and lean over me, bending to kiss me, allowing me to taste myself as you swirl your tongue round my open mouth. I wrap my legs around you, and pull you tight against me, your hard cock pressing against my pussy, my wetness making the front of your trousers damp, I see it, and push you away from me saying,

“We’d better get you out of those before I do any more damage”

We stand up and I run my hand over the front of your trousers feeling your hard cock throb beneath my touch, I undo your belt and unzip you, slowly sliding them down and watching as your engorged cock springs into view. Gently I start to stroke it, running my fingers lightly up and down the shaft, rubbing the head, cupping your balls in my hand.

The chair is still behind you so I push you down onto it and kneel in front of you, I am just about to start to licking your cock, when you say, “Stop, I want Escort Samsun to see all of you” and you pull my blouse up over my head, gasping as you uncover my breasts, you reach for them and kiss each one, lingering on my nipples.

But I’m eager to taste you now, and I slowly run my tongue down your stomach, your cock twitching as I near it, I hold it at the base with one hand, the other hand gently massaging your balls, as I swirl my tongue round the head, first one way then the other, then I lick slowly up and down the shaft before taking the head in my mouth and starting to suck, tasting the precum that has appeared there.

You are moaning gently and getting restless as your excitement mounts. You push me away and start to stand, pulling me up with you, we stand together kissing, your cock pressing into my stomach, then you direct me to your chair and ask me turn round and kneel on it with my back towards you.

You stand behind me, your cock gently rubbing against my bum as you slip a finger into my pussy, I push back forcing your finger deep inside me. you take your cock and slide it over my wet pussy, covering it with my juices, rubbing the tip of it against my tingling clit. then you place the head of it at the opening to my pussy, feeling me tense a little as I feel its presence.

You slowly slide it in and I push back, accepting you, wanting you inside me, you grab the arms of the chair and push me slowly away, the wheels roll smoothly and your cock begins to slide out, just as it is about to fall out of me, you pull the chair back towards yourself, plunging your cock deep into me, making me gasp as you fill me completely, I start to pant as you slowly increase the tempo.

Your cock slides easily in and out of my pussy, your balls slapping against me as you plunge in me as deep as you can go, feeling me shudder with each stroke. Your balls tighten and you can hold back no longer.

You shout out that you are cumming and you bury yourself deep in me as jet after jet of cum flows into me. As you cum, my pussy clamps around your cock as I have another orgasm, squeezing you tight and milking all your fluids from you. You relax against my back, holding me and kissing the back of my neck as our combined juices begin to seep out of me.

You slip your semi erect cock out of me and sit on the edge of the desk as I stand up, turn round and hug you.

I say, “I’d better get dressed and go home now, you’ve got work to finish” and with a wink add “but maybe we can continue this later”

I get dressed, leave the basket of food on your desk and walk away, leaving you with a big satisfied grin on your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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