Late Night Work Out

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It was just after 2am when Steve pulled into the car park of the 24hr gym, the lights were still on and lit up the completely deserted workout area inside. As he got out of the car and carried his bag of gym equipment towards the door, he saw another figure moving through the shadows on the edge of the car park heading towards the entrance. Steve wasn’t overly worried about being attacked, at 6-4 and 260 pounds of pure muscle he wasn’t exactly an easy target for a mugger.

He walked into the lit entrance way and swiped his 24hr access card to open the door. The dark figure moved into the light behind him and held up his own 24hr access card in way of greeting.

“Strange time to meet someone else going to the gym” Said the new guy. He was at least half a foot smaller than Steve and with his skinny arms, he didn’t look as though he spent enough time at the gym.

Steve just grunted his agreement. He didn’t really feel like talking to this guy who would probably just use the elliptical runner machine and finish with some stretching on a yoga mat.

They both went into the gym and then split up to go their separate ways. Steve went and got changed and when he got back the guy was busy lifting the free weights that the girls use when doing a step class. Steve tried to block out the presence of the smaller man while he went through his back and arms routine. His muscles looked great in his tight singlet, it was a shame that there were no women in the gym to watch him as he pumped out a fifth set of dumbbell curls.

He caught a glimpse every now and then of the skinny guy doing some stupid stretch or using the machines at a pathetically low weight, but found it much more interesting to focus on his own bulging muscles. He loved it when the veins started popping on his biceps as he worked his way through his arm routine.

“How much can you bench press?” The sound of the dweeb talking pulled Steve out of a particularly focused flexing session.

“What?” He asked a little irritably, reluctantly looking away from his reflection to stare at the guy who was now standing by the bench press machine.

“I have been given these arm straps that are supposed to add 20 pounds to the amount you can bench by holding the bar to your hands better.” He said a little awkwardly, obviously not comfortable under Steve’s cold stare.

“They worked for me, but I don’t bench very much anyway so I wondered if they would still work for someone who could actually bench a lot. You look like you can bench a lot.” His voice trailed away almost apologetically.

Holy shit, was this guy coming on to him or something.

“I can bench 280. So probably two of you.” Said Steve. Giving himself another quick look in the mirror.

“Wow. That’s amazing.” Said the guy, sounding shocked. A little too shocked, thought Steve. Almost like he didn’t believe him.

“I think that these weight straps are actually supposed to be for proper weight lifters like you.” The guy said sadly, he looked down at his hands that still had the wrist straps on. They looked just like the straps that Steve used when doing dead lifts to help hold onto the bar, but he had never heard of anyone using them for a bench press.

“Are you sure you’re supposed to use those for a bench?” Steve asked. The guy was probably just an idiot and using them wrong.

“Yeah, they are made for it specifically.” He said sounding a bit happier now that Steve was interested.

“Do you want to have a go with them? I would love to see someone actually lift 300 pounds. That just doesn’t seem possible!”

Steve had never been able to lift 300 pounds, it was one of his training goals and had been for a while. He didn’t know whether it was a mental block or he had just reached his limit but the 300 pound press had always just eluded him.

“Can you spot me with those little arms?” Steve asked. He stood up and flexed his muscles as he walked over to the bench press.

He may as well give it a go he thought, who gives a shit if this little dweeb sees him fail at the 300. At least no girls would see him struggling to lift a weight. As long as the skinny guy could actually spot him if it gets too heavy.

“I’ve spotted for people before. I can definitely help you bench 300.” The guy smiled and seemed to be getting excited at the prospect of being involved in something as awesome as a 300 pound bench press.

Steve chuckled a little to himself that the dweeb thought he would be helping. He lay his wide back on the bench and shuffled into place under the bar.

“How much weight do you want to get started with?” The guy asked him.

“Put on 240 and then we’ll go up by 20 with each lift.” Said Steve positioning his hands in the correct place on the bar for maximum power lifting.

“Do you want to try these?” Asked the guy, pulling the Velcro straps from his own wrist and holding them up for Steve to see.

“Sure, may as well see if they work.” Steve doubted they would make much difference, but he was always looking escort bursa for ways to improve his lifting.

The guy deftly attached the wrist wraps around Steve’s large arms and then secured them to the bar before wrapping the end back onto the Velcro on the inside of Steve’s wrist.

“Are they tight enough?” The guy asked.

Steve pulled on his hands but they were attached securely. He couldn’t even slide either of his hands along the bar. How the hell had the guy managed to use these by himself? They didn’t budge an inch and you couldn’t undo the Velcro unless you had another free hand.

Maybe he used his feet Steve chuckled to himself, that would explain all the girly stretching.

“Okay, here goes the weights.” The guy loaded the bars and Steve lifted the barbell easily off the rack and did 3 quick presses.

“Put another 20 on.” He said shortly.

There was a soft clink on either end of the bar as the guy slid the weights into place.

Steve again lifted the bar and lowered it carefully to his chest before pushing it back onto the rack quickly. Maybe these wraps were actually working, that felt pretty good.

“Okay. Lets do 280.”

There was another clink on either end of the bar. Steve focussed on his breathing, then on his muscles and lifted again. The bar was heavy, but he managed to get it off the rack and lowered it to his chest. He took another breath and then breathing out he slowly pushed the bar back up and onto the rack.

“Wow. That was impressive.” Said the guy. “I’m ready to spot you if you are ready to go for 300.”

He said enthusiastically.

“Okay, load another 20 on.” Said Steve. He felt strong and confident. Maybe these straps really do work. Steve had tried 300 pounds a number of times before, but he felt like he could really do it tonight. He started to channel his energy, he focused on the ceiling and took a deep breath.

There were some more soft clinks, as the guy added weights. Obviously they were out of the 10 pound weights because he heard him put another 4 weights on each end before returning to the centre of the bar and taking up the spotter position.

“Ready?” The guy asked taking a grip on the bar.

Steve answered by pushing up on the bar, ready to set a new personal best on the bench and probably a gym record at the same time. The bar was crazy heavy. It was amazing that 20 pounds could make such a difference. With the help of the skinny guy spotting him, Steve managed to lift the bar off the rack but he couldn’t lower it properly. He knew it was too heavy immediately and had to lock his arms to stop it falling on him.

“Put it back on the rack.” He managed to say, desperately trying to hold the bar up. His arms started to give a little and the bar slowly sank towards his chest against his best efforts.

“Just let it lower to your chest and then we can do a big lift together.” Said the guy, still holding some of the weight.

The bar continued to lower until it touched Steve’s chest. It was taking all of his strength to stop it from crushing him.

“Get it off me!” He gasped, his arms starting to burn. The weight of the bar on his chest was starting to push the air from his lungs.

“Just a minute. I know something that will help.” The guy darted quickly away from behind the bar leaving the full weight of the barbell on Steve’s chest.

He knelt down the far end of the bench press and pulled something from his gym bag before Steve felt him attach some straps to his legs. It felt like another weight strap around each of his ankles and he came back into position trailing some wire cable with metal clips on the end.

“Okay. On the count of 3 we lift together.” Said the guy now grabbing hold of the bar again.

Steve just grunted and took as deep a breath as he could in preparation.

“one, two, three!” Steve pushed with everything he had left, his arms burned and he could feel them starting to give out. With the help of the skinny guy he managed to slowly lift the bar back onto the rack and dropped it into place with a yell of triumph. Steve’s arms felt like jelly and his whole body ached from the effort. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back on the bench.

“Just one more to go.” Said the guy who was still standing over him.

“What?” Asked Steve opening his eyes to look up at the man. When he did look though, he found the guy was now kneeling down over him and before Steve knew what was happening, he had fastened a collar of some kind around his neck.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!” Steve roared and started to fight violently against the arm straps that held him to the bar. Nothing moved.

“That really was impressive.” Said the guy. There is over 400 pounds on that bar, we almost didn’t get it back off you.” He grinned at Steve who was still squirming against his restraints.

The skinny guy pulled on some cords and Steve felt the collar tighten as his neck was pulled down onto the bench. The cables that were attached to his bursa merkez eskort leg straps pulled tight too, looping over the barbell and lifting his legs unwillingly from the ground. Steve tried to kick against the cables but as he arched his back to throw his weight into it, the guy tightened the cables quickly and stopped Steve mid kick. Within seconds the cables were pulled right back so that Steve’s legs were extended back over his head and his butt was pulled unceremoniously up off the bench. He must have tied the straps to another machine behind them because Steve was bent in half with his neck and shoulders the only thing supporting his weight while he looked helplessly up at his own thighs.

“Fucking undo these straps you little fucking cunt!” Steve was in a rage now and fighting desperately against the restraints.

“I am going to fucking kill you, you little arsehole!” His fighting was achieving nothing. The cables and straps were so tight that the only movement was a slight bend in his elbows as he fought.

“Don’t be like that.” Said the skinny guy smirking at him.

“It is a shame to see such a beautiful body all covered in material like this.” He took something shiny out of his gym bag and walked around Steve’s head to start by his feet which were now behind his head.

“I saw you admiring yourself in the mirror.” Said the man. “Surely you want people to see you.”

There was a sudden cold feeling on Steve’s leg and the shink of metal on metal. The guy was using scissors to cut Steve’s track pants he realised in horror.

The cold metal slid up his leg to his thigh before sliding off him and starting again on the other side.

“Stop! Don’t cut my pants!” Steve yelled. His rage turning to desperation as he again tried in vain to get free from his bonds.

Within seconds, the track pants were cut free and the guy discarded them with disdain. Steve’s singlet was much easier to remove and a quick swish of the scissors saw it fall off in pieces.

Steve could see the guys face now while he pulled the remnants of the singlet away. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“You really do have a fantastic body.” The guy said. Sliding his hand over Steve’s abs and pecks. He let his hand rest on Steve’s cheek. “Beautiful.” Said the guy, seemingly to himself.

From his contorted position with his neck held down, his arms strapped to the bar and his legs curled back over his head, Steve could see little more than his own bright blue boxer shorts. He struggled to use his peripheral vision to see what the guy was doing.

“You won’t be needing these either.” Said the guy before unceremoniously yanking Steve’s boxers down his legs and back over his head out of view. There was the sound of snipping and then the boxer were pulled free of Steve’s legs.

Steve’s cock hung loose and was now pointing straight at his own face. Luckily he wasn’t that flexible so there was still a good foot of space between his mouth and the end of his flaccid dick.

“Well that’s a bit disappointing.” Said the guy, again standing beside Steve and leaning in to examine his dick.

“Does it get any bigger?” He reached his hand in and grabbed Steve’s dick.

“Don’t fucking touch me you sick fuck!” Steve yelled. He was even more outraged when his cock gave an involuntary twitch and started to harden.

“That’s not very nice language honey. Besides, looks like your dick likes the attention.”

“Untie me right now!” Steve screamed. His voice went shrill and he tried to yank his arms free again.

The guy started sliding his hand up and down Steve’s cock. He squeezed just under the head and slid the skin back before starting to wank Steve’s shaft. Steve fought against the blood that was now rushing into his cock and giving him a massive erection. He didn’t want to give this little faggot the satisfaction but he couldn’t help his dick from stiffening and growing in thickness.

Steve found himself involuntarily moaning as the pace of wanking increased

Suddenly, the guy released Steve’s dick and disappeared back behind his head. There was a creak as weight machines were moved somewhere out of Steve’s view and the cables attached to his legs were pulled further apart. First his left leg and then his right were tugged away from each-other until his outstretched legs were spread wide open.

Steve could now see back above his head when he rolled his eyes up and pressed down on the bench. What he saw next though made him wish that he couldn’t.

The guy came and stood between Steve’s outstretched legs touching the barbell that held his arms in place. The skinny guy had taken his own pants and underwear off to reveal a massive cock. It was semi hard and was already 3 inches longer than Steve’s now stiff dick. It was incredibly thick too, probably as thick as a coke can at it’s thickest point.

“Holy shit!” Was all that Steve managed as the guy brought his cock closer to bench and squatted slightly to rest his massive dick on bursa sınırsız escort Steve’s chin.

“Open up, it’s time for a present.” The guy guided the tip of his enormous dick towards Steve’s mouth and pushed the knob against his tightly closed lips.

“No fucking way!” He managed to mumble while still stopping the dick from entering his mouth with his lips.

The guy leant over a bit further and took hold of Steve’s balls.

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way.” He said. “Either way, you are going to be a good boy and do as you are told.”

He squeezed Steve’s nuts. Hard. Steve screamed, he couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t a manly yell, but a proper teenage girl seeing a mouse scream. His scream was cut short by the intrusion of a massive cock into his mouth muffling any sound.

“I can’t believe you managed to take it in. You have an impressive mouth.” The guy said as he continued to force his cock between Steve’s lips.

“Let’s see how far you can take it.” The guy started to rhythmically push his dick further into Steve’s mouth. He couldn’t take the length or the girth and was soon gagging and spluttering over the massive dick. The foamy saliva seemed to encourage the guy to push a little further and after a few minutes of sliding out and in, he managed to push his knob passed the entrance to Steve’s throat.

“That’s a good cock slut!” The guy cooed. Steve couldn’t make any sound apart from a gargled choking noise. He was actually having his throat fucked by some skinny runt in the gym. He couldn’t believe this was happening and he certainly couldn’t believe that this guy’s cock was so much bigger than his!

The guy stopped thrusting when his dick was fully inside Steve’s throat. His big clean shaven balls were resting humiliatingly over Steve’s nose and eyes.

The guy leant further forward over the barbell and lowered his head to Steve’s exposed arse. His butt was pointing almost straight up at the ceiling and the guy grabbed his cheeks and spread them roughly apart. There was a nasally sucking sound and then the guy spit a wad of goop onto Steve’s asshole. This spit was quickly followed by a finger, rubbing the saliva into his anus before sliding the tip inside his arse.

Steve tried to scream, he tried to fight and he tried to spit the cock out of his throat, but all he managed to do was choke himself further and cause the guy to moan his appreciation.

A few seconds later and the guy was fingering Steve’s ass. He slid his index finger quickly in and out, starting with small short movements before ploughing right down to the bottom knuckle. The guy slid his other hand under Steve’s hips to again take hold of his cock. The fucking traitorous thing was still resolutely hard despite the depravity he was experiencing.

The guy started to simultaneously finger fuck him, wank him off and stuff his throat full of cock. Steve’s eyes were watering and he was struggling to breath only through his nose.

The finger fucking and wanking became more rigorous and Steve could feel his cock becoming harder and harder with each stroke.

“Does my little cock sucker like getting fingered does he.” Asked the guy. He slid his cock slowly back out of Steve’s throat and let the massive cock, now soaked in saliva and hard as a steel rod, rest on Steve’s chin. The guy slid forward slightly and lowered his own ass down onto Steve’s restrained face.

“Lick my ass.” He said with such authority that Steve almost obeyed without even thinking.

He tried to protest but his words were muffled by the pressure of the guys butt on his face.

Steve felt the guys grip on his cock release and then felt as he grabbed his balls again. He didn’t wait for him to squeeze them again, he jammed his tongue into the guys ass crack and sought out his tight hole.

“Yeah, that’s a good little bitch. Fuck my arse with your tongue.” He started to grind against Steve’s face.

Steve made his tongue as stiff as he could and poked the end up into the guys ass. The pressure on Steve’s balls released and the guy started his wanking and fingering combo.

The guys probing finger found something in Steve’s ass that made his dick start to jump and intensely pleasurable sensations started to pulse unbidden through his body.

The guy lifted his arse off Steve’s face and allowed him to take a big gasp of air.

“Now for the main event!” The guy said, slapping Steve’s face with his enormous cock once before walking around the side of the bench. He climbed up onto the bench to stand over Steve’s exposed ass and leant over to spit between his butt cheeks again.

Steve knew what was going to happen and he couldn’t keep the fear from his voice.

“Please don’t. Please…I’ll do anything!” He begged as the guy pushed the tip of his massive cock against Steve’s tightly clenched asshole.

“I know you will baby. You don’t really have a choice.” The guy laughed.

“Right now, I want you to loosen your pussy up for me or else this is going to really hurt.” He slid the end of his swollen dick up and down Steve’s crack, sliding the mix of their spit into his exposed ass.

“Please!” Steve sobbed this time. The tears from gagging on the guys cock mingling with his frightened tears of desperation.

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