Laura Lee

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There’s a first time for everything, right…

The time when Laura-Lee and me went down by the creek near her Pappy’s cabin.

I’ll never forget that smile she flashed at me when I was delivering a cord of wood to her Pappy’s place. Fine place old man Wilkerson had, all tarred up, nice like, between the logs. In the bush, life is right hard, for sure, but he seemed to be doing ok. To bad about his wife, dying like that and all but they did have one before she passed. Ah, Laura-Lee.

When I wasn’t doing my chores I was dreaming about old man Wilkerson’s daughter, Laura-Lee. Thinking of her night after night was my one and only pleasure. Right pretty she was, for sure.

Well, let me tell you, after delivering the wood to old man Wilkerson, he paid me and up and left for town. Seems like he was waiting for me to arrive before he set out to buying his groceries.

All of a sudden, Laura-Lee and me was alone. As I parlayed earlier, Laura-Lee has certain effects on me. I couldn’t hide the fact I liked her no matter how hard I tried. She kept remarking on that, pointing and a giggling, causing me unabashed embarrassment.

Before bursa escort I knew it Laura-Lee had led me down to what she kept referring to as her special place near the creek. The water sparkled before my eyes as Laura-Lee said to me.

“I don’t like spiders and snakes, but that ain’t what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool”

Now I may be dumb but I couldn’t help myself. So I up and kissed her full on the lips. Sparks flew as our internal lamps lit on fire. Before I knew it, Laura-Lee was pawing at me with unbridled passion. Taken a little aback, I pushed her away. This couldn’t be happening. Me? And Laura-Lee?

Laura-Lee slapped me hard in the face at that point. Then, all of a sudden she started to crying and all.

I was a mite confused and couldn’t understand what she was blab-ling on and on about.

After she stopped hiccupping I asked her why she had done hit me and all.

“Because, I like you.” She replied.

Who would’a thunk.

“Laura-Lee” I said. “My brain don’t work right when you’re near… you sure smell nice.” I blurted out.

“So do you, all sweaty like”

This time I didn’t bursa escort bayan stop her as she tugged at my shirt. Before I knew it, she had me naked and lying on my back, the soft peat moss molding itself to my form.

“Have you ever done this before?’ She breathed in my left ear as she caressed my stomach with her fingertips, slowly rubbing up and down, her forearm lightly brushing my aching manhood.

I couldn’t talk, her doing that and looking like she did.

‘My, Oh MY’, I thought, as suddenly my cock erupted, spewing semen forth in an awful frenzy.

“Why, I never…” Laura-Lee giggled as she watched me twitch and groan, covering my chest and stomach with my seed. “You are excited, aren’t you?”

“Can you do it again?”.

“Laura-Lee” I said. “I…, what the hell, come here and let me show you”

With that I done showed her some of what I dreamt about all those long nights laying in my bed. First I kissed her neck, just under her chin. My tongue somehow found her nipples as my hand gently moved up and down on her sex. Feeling somewhat invigorated I lifted up her ass bursa merkez escort and pulled down her shorts.

There it was, Laura-Lee’s wonderful mound. It was everything I had dreamed of, and more. The slightest touch of it made me harder and happier than I had ever been.

“My, my” Laura-Lee panted. “You know what I like”

She was wriggling and moaning as her hand grabbed my pecker and started to squeeze it over and over. I was leaking something fierce when suddenly she started to rub the palm of her hand around and around on the end of my dick.

I was panting like a lizard on a rock and so was she. No matter what she was doing to me I was determined to feel her squeezing some on my finger.

As my dick started throbbing a second time, my probing finger was gripped tight. She started bucking up and down faster then I want to repeat. My whole hand was drenched as her body convulsed, again and again. Once again I came, overwhelmed by her orgasm.

After a time or two she looked me in the face and gave me a big kiss.

Seemed to me like she wanted to continue but she said it was time to go back to the cabin as her Pappy would be home soon.

Right she was as no sooner had we gotten back when her Pappy’s truck started meandering up the road towards the cabin.

He seemed right upset to see me still being there and whilst I was running towards my truck I swear I did see Laura-Lee smiling at me.

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