Leah , Lucy’s Sorority Show

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Big Tits

It will always be one of my most amazing memories, and among the most daring moments of my life.

I’d been stripping for over a year. At first it was in clubs, but increasingly I took private jobs for parties and individuals. A popular booking was girl-girl shows, and for that I partnered with my friend Erica. She wasn’t my girlfriend, but we enjoyed a friendship with lesbian benefits both public and private. We didn’t have to fake our affection.

So it was nothing unusual when we took a gig at one of the local university’s sororities. It was the same university that my genius little sister had just started attending, but I didn’t think anything of it. It was a sorority that had a reputation for being lesbian-oriented, and I knew for sure that Lucy was neither a lesbian nor interested in sororities.

At least, I had thought I knew those things.

As Erica and I took to the temporary stage and began to dance, one of the first audience faces I connected with was my sweet little sister’s, frozen and wide-eyed.

Well, fuck.

But the show must go on, as they say, and I steeled myself to just keep going.

Erica and I had done this show a hundred times, and though we changed it up and improvised and sometimes got carried away, it was easy to just put myself on autopilot. My partner was in top erotic form, and she was wearing a perfume that reminded me of the nervous excitement of our earliest lesbian shows, so I had little trouble finding my groove…and Erica’s.

When I glanced over during one of the hottest parts of the act, after we’d just switched from a passionate sixty-nine to the ass-to-ass double dildo finale, my sister was still watching but her expression had transformed from shock to cheering enthusiasm.

“Holy hell, Leah,” said Lucy, as she cornered me after the show. “I had no idea you were stripping.”

“I had no idea you’d be at a sorority party,” I replied. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.”

“I admit, I was shocked,” my sister confided, “but not embarrassed.”

“Does this mean you’re a lesbian?” I asked. “Being here, I mean. I didn’t know.”

“Bi since last year,” she said. “But I’m probably fooling myself about any lingering interest in men.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I’m not going back.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” my sister asked.

“No, Erica and I are just friends who work together,” I answered before adding: “But sometimes we…let’s just say we enjoy more rehearsal time than is strictly necessary.”

My sister laughed at that.

“She is ridiculously hot,” Lucy noted. “And wow, can she eat pussy!”

“Oh you saw that part?” I said, blushing in spite of myself.

“I think you were having too much fun to notice but you backed that ass up right in front of me for the 69,” my sister said. “I never saw a close up like that before.”

“Fuck, sorry,” I said, almost crimson with embarrassment. “I made myself forget you were even in the room.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry,” she said. “It was amazing.”

There was a special lilt in her voice that put me at ease. Even though I’m the older sister, Lucy has always been the ultra-smart one and I sometimes felt inadequate compared to her talents. Her acceptance and praise mattered more than I cared to admit, and also yes, I was kind of proud of doing my job well.

“We’re doing at least one more show later,” I stated confidently.

“So this time I won’t be there uninvited?” Lucy joked.

“Yes,” I said, seizing on it. “Yes, you’re totally invited. Front row seat if you want.”

“Cool,” said my little sister.

“So are you pledging to join the sorority?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m the type, but I decided it was really important to my future plans,” she answered. “The connections. The doors it opens and whatnot.”

“That Andrea chick is the one who hired us,” I said. “I don’t know if she’s the boss, but she is seriously alpha.”

“Yeah, she’s the president,” my sister confirmed. “Making a good impression on her is important. She was undressing me with her eyes earlier, though, so I think she likes me well enough.”

“It don’t think there’s anything wrong with using your sex appeal to get what you want,” I said.

“Definitely,” Lucy agreed. “I’m not the innocent some people think.”

Across the room, I could see Andrea speaking with Erica and handing off an envelope, presumably payment. We’d already been paid when we showed up, so this must be something extra.

She cast her eyes around before spotting me and made a beeline across the large room.

“You,” said Andrea, then spotted Lucy as well. “Oh, and you. Okay this is perfect.”

I raised an eyebrow.

Andrea addressed me directly.

“What I want, instead of doing another show with Erica,” said the president, “I want you to do a strip show with one of my pledges. I will pay you an extra $300.”

“I’m okay with—” I began to say, but then noticed my sister gesturing frantically behind Andrea, her finger pointing back and forth between me and herself. “What exactly did you Escort bayan have in mind?”

“I want you to help this one,” Andrea gestured back to Lucy. “Since I can see she’s already taken an interest in you. And that can decide whether we let her into Lambda Epsilon Sigma.”

For the second time in less than an hour, my little sister’s sweet face was marred by shock. She instantly regained her composure as the sorority president turned to face her.

“Thanks for the opportunity,” she said, putting on a brave face.

As much as it also shocked me to do a girl-girl show with my own sister, I knew getting into the sorority could mean so much to her future. I wasn’t willing to be the reason she didn’t succeed.

Moreover, Lucy couldn’t raise the objection that the party stripper was her older sister. That would not make a good impression on these upper class sorority snobs.

It was a do or die moment for her.

This was also my field of expertise, and my pride wouldn’t let me fail in my sister’s eyes. More than anything though, my loyalty and love for my sister was foremost among my conflicted emotions.

“She’ll do a great job,” I said, confidently. “I can tell.”

Lucy anxious expression barely softened but her eyes met mine.

“You can be ready in half an hour, I assume?” said Andrea, and left without waiting for an answer.

“What am I gonna do?” my sister asked, once we’d retreated to the side room that had been set aside for the performers. “What are we gonna do?”

But the answer was obvious.

The best strategy was the most daring one. The unthinkable one. There were many tricks to make the audience think they’d seen more than they’d really seen, but there wouldn’t be time to teach my sister all the things I knew.

“Do you trust me?” I asked my sister.

Lucy nodded.

“Do you love me?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied. “But you know what she’s expecting. She wants more than just a strip tease.”

“This is important for you, for your future. So here’s my crazy idea: let’s go out there in half an hour and give them a sex show that will blow their minds,” I said. “You and me. Two lesbian sisters. Making love in front of everyone.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped, but she raised no protest. I don’t think she’d expected me to embrace the idea. In fact, I think she expected she was going to spend a half hour convincing me.

“First, I need you not to be nervous,” I said. “I know it’s nerve wracking. We can do this. And it will be amazing.”

I took my sister’s hands in mine and gently pulled her toward me.

Then I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her.

Lucy didn’t resist. In fact, she responded even more strongly. Her hands embraced my face and her tongue met mine.

“Do you mean it?” she asked after several seconds of making out. “Can we do this?”

“I’m yours,” I said, leading her to the small sofa. “I would do anything for you. I love you.”

She sat and I stood in front of her. I put one leg up and let my skirt ride up until my panties were exposed.

Regardless of our sexuality, regardless of the obvious mutual attraction that we were even starting down this path, we were both unsure in the face of the massive taboo. If we were going to do this, we had to get past that hurdle quickly.

“Touch me,” I said, drawing her hand to me. “I’m your sister, but tonight I’m the beautiful stripper you want to make love to.”

Her fingers ran along my thighs, so tentatively at first, but then with rising confidence.

I took off my top and started playing with my own nipples.

Lucy’s eyes went wide.

“Can you help me warm these up?” I asked, in my sexiest voice.

Cautiously, my sister reached for my breasts. Her soft touch drew a sigh from my lips.

I sat myself on her lap, facing her, and started to open her shirt. She helped me remove it, and reached behind to release her bra.

“Mmm, I haven’t seen your titties since we were teenagers,” I said.

“I’m still a teenager,” she said with a smile. “Until next month anyway.”

“Yummy teenage titties,” I said, touching them.

Lucy arched her back with excitement, only bettering my access. I leaned down and took one of her breasts in my mouth.

“Oh my god,” she said. “Omigod, omigod.”

After a minute, she insisted on returning the favor, hungrily suckling at my chest. We were both starting to breathe heavily.

“I’ve got two matching pink baby dolls and panties in my kit for us to wear,” I told her. “It’ll only take a few minutes to get dressed and fix our lipstick.”

“Fix our lipstick?” she asked.

In answer, I put my mouth on hers and we started to seriously make out.

My sister hummed in agreement.

When we finally stopped to catch our breath, I said “That gives us ten or fifteen minutes extra to get so worked up we won’t have time to be nervous.”

“Show me the sexy lingerie first,” Lucy asked.

While I was digging through my stripper kit, my sister quickly took off the rest of her Bayan escort clothes. She came over and removed my skirt from behind while I finished searching.

“Holy shit, this is the wildest thing I’ve done,” she whispered. “You are the best sister ever.”

I looked back and watched my sister while she tugged my panties down to my knees. I saw her staring between my legs, transfixed by the sight of my bare pussy.

“No touching yet,” I said. “We have to save something for out there.”

Lucy jittered in frustration and gave me a pout.

I turned to face her, lingerie in hand at last.

“There’s some thigh-high stockings to match, if you like,” I said.

“Ooh, I like,” my sister said.

Lucy was waxed to smooth perfection between her legs. I don’t think I’d ever seen her pussy before, but it was basically like looking in a mirror.

We shared another urgent and drawn out kiss. After a few more minutes, we reluctantly stopped to get dressed up.

“Are we going to do everything?” she asked. “I mean, what are your limits?”

“You absolutely cannot put a spiky dildo in my ass,” I joked. “But you can touch or kiss me anywhere. You can lick me anywhere.”

I could see my sister react to the word ‘lick’.

“Same,” she replied. “How much time do we have left?”

I hugged her as I answered, “Maybe ten minutes.”

Now in our outfits, we stroked each other’s bodies as we kissed. My sister was palpably just as excited as I was.

There was a knock on the door then, and Andrea’s voice gave us a five minute warning.

“Sooner is better,” said Lucy. “I am so turned on right now.”

“Me too, sis,” I replied. “This is going to be amazing. Just follow my lead, okay?”

“Okay,” she replied.

We composed ourselves, cleaned off our smeared lipstick and reapplied fresh.

Andrea knocked again, then entered.

“Are you ready-…oh wow,” the sorority president said. “Are you ever.”

“Your attention,” Andrea announced. “Pledge Lucy will now be trying to win your approval with a display of dance skill and girl-on-girl erotica.”

The DJ fired up the first of the two songs we’d get, as the all female audience gathered in the main room to watch us. I entered first, with Lucy trailing behind me. Even after more than a year as a stripper, I had a jolt of nerves, so I could only imagine what my sister was feeling. But turning back to face her, Lucy looked absolutely composed and maybe even enjoying being the center of attention.

I held her close and we danced on the spot, gyrating against each other. Lucy ground her crotch against my leg.

“I love you,” I said, directly into her ear.

We enjoyed a smoldering kiss, and then I trailed my tongue over her skin on my way down her body. Kneeling before her, I turned her around, tested the firmness of her ass cheeks and drew approval from the gathered crowd.

Lucy arched her back and pushed her ass toward my face. I planted a few kisses.

With a tug on her hips, my sister took the cue to kneel down in front of me. She turned her head back to face me and kissed me over her shoulder while I cupped her breasts. Her body was trembling slightly, but I was certain it was excitement more than nervousness.

Then my fingers started to loosen the little bows that held the front of her baby doll closed. Lucy was eager to shed the garment, and I made an exaggerated display of teasing her nipples. They were already hard as nails.

I picked her up and we danced around the ‘stage’ area. At different points, I stopped and showed off suckling at my sister’s breasts so everyone had a chance to see.

Lucy didn’t miss a cue, and made a point of showing how much she was enjoying this.

After another circuit of the stage, I made a pouty face and gestured to my own baby doll. Lucy took her time, and began to undo the bows, kissing the bare skin of my chest as it came into view.

I hid my breasts after she’d lifted the straps off my shoulders and let the baby doll fall away. My sister cupped my hands and kissed me hard. Soon we were embracing, and our breasts pressed together.

When we parted, my sister leaned down and suckled on my left nipple for several seconds.

“Dance to the other side, and get on your hands and knees,” I said in her ear. “Then do what I do.”

She followed my instructions, and once she was on all fours I got into the same position beside her but facing the opposite direction. I started stroking her ass with one hand, and my sister did the same to me. Soon enough we were stroking each other’s panties, and then stroking between each other’s legs.

Oh my god, I’m stroking between my sister’s legs!

Through the fabric, I could feel the heat and dampness of my sister’s soft pussy. We both firmly pressed our fingers against each other’s slits. After our smoldering warm up in private, we were both slick with excitement.

Just as we were finding our rhythm, the first song reached its end.

The audience was cheering for us.

Andrea tossed Escort a thick soft blanket out, setting the stage for much more intimate second half.

Lucy had the blanket laid out while I moved the clothes we’d already shed off to the side.

I joined her again in the middle of the blanket, and we had another joyous several seconds of making out while our hands roamed across each other’s matching bodies.

We were soon stroking the front of each other’s panties again, and quickly found a harmonious tempo as our hips gyrated to maximize our sisters’ touch.

“I’m going to lie on my back, and I want you to take off my panties,” I said.

My sister nodded and drank in the view as I settled back.

She was biting her lip and then she gave me a sexy smile.

Getting into position beside me, I lifted my hips to allow her to tease my underwear off. Lucy followed them all the way down my legs, then turned.

I hadn’t told her what to do next, but she began moving her way slowly up my body, planting kisses over every inch on one stockinged leg then the other. I spread my legs to accommodate her progress. Eventually she was kissing the bare skin of my inner thighs.

My sister’s face hovered right in front of my pussy, and she looked up at my with a smile that was electric. I was completely under her spell, as was the cheering audience.

She teased me even more with a few strokes of her tongue all around the edges of my vulva. Then she pressed three fingers against my pussy and just rubbed me there while our eyes were locked together.

“I love you,” she silently mouthed and gestured.

I thought she was about to go on me, but no. My sister crawled the rest of the way up to my face, planted a quick deep kiss, then got up. She stood over me, and slowly eased off her panties so that everyone got an amazing view. Of course, I had the best view of all from below.

I marveled at the confident and sexy young woman my little sister had become, just weeks shy of her twenties, as she revealed her slick pussy to me in the most erotic way possible.

Then she was kneeling over me and dangling her panties above my face. I craned my head and licked the sheer pink lace.

I was just so unbelievably turned on.

My sister kissed me again, and we swirled tongues for a few seconds. Then she started kissing her way down to my tits. Because of her inverted position, that brought her breasts over my face. We suckled at each other for a while.

When she moved again, she got as far as my belly button, where she twirled her tongue. We both had little outies, marking the spot where we’d both once been connected to the same womb.

I raised my eyes, and Lucy’s vulva was just a foot away.

Taboo be damned, I wanted my sister so much at that moment. I tugged at her hips and ass, urging her forward. Finally, she resisted no longer.

With just a brief shuffle, her knees settled on either side of my head and her pussy was right above me. Simultaneously, her face arrived between my own legs, and I could feel her hot breath washing over my cunt.

I spread my legs wide for her, and pulled her hips down toward my face.

Finally, just as her pussy arrived on my mouth, I felt my sister’s tongue pressing into the wet folds of my labia.

So this is it, part of brain was saying, this is what incest between sisters feels like.

Let me tell you, it felt amazing.

I don’t remember pussy ever tasting so hot and delicious.

I don’t remember the bliss of my swollen puss being eaten out ever feeling quite so intense.

The audience was hooting and cheering, and my sister and I just went right on eating each other out for the first time, consumating a loving twist to our relationship that I’d never imagined we’d explore.

Cruelly, I knew the song was soon going to end, and Lucy crawled off me and came back for one final kiss of the performance. How crazy it felt to be kissing my sister while our faces were smeared with the juices of our forbidden arousal.

The music ended as we got up.

There were waves of appreciative applause.

Andrea announced something about a new legend in the sorority’s history of pledge initiations, and vowed to personally kick the ass of anyone who voted against Lucy’s confirmation as a full member of Lambda Epsilon Sigma.

I was still stunned at what we had done, and more immediately I was still very very very turned on.

My sister and I curtsied politely, gathered our things and scurried off to the back room.

“Oh my good, that was amazing,” I said.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Lucy replied. “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much forever,” I agreed.

We kissed, still naked except our matching pink stockings, and I guided my sister back toward the couch.

With a wicked grin, she passed me a cushion to kneel on and spread her legs open to me.

“Let’s finish what we started,” I said, and then I proceeded to bury my face in my dear little sister’s quim for a delicious ten or fifteen minutes until she arrived at a shattering orgasm.

And when she’d recovered enough, we switched places and I got to experience the hilarious sight of Andrea walking in on us. I dismissed her with an impatient wave and she sheepishly withdrew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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