Learning to Love Another Ch. 00 Intro

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Hi everyone. It’s me, Elain. I have finally managed to write out the promised continuation of my chronicle that I hinted at when closing my Learning to Love Myself narrative. I hope that you will find it worth the wait. It’s only been — what — ten years or so? A lot of life has happened since then, but it’s finally time to get back to this story.

If you haven’t read Learning to Love Myself and don’t plan to, let me introduce myself. I am: bisexual, redheaded, mechanical engineer, with natural 36E breasts, a longstanding addiction to masturbating, and a penchant for fitness swimming. Yes 36E, as improbable as that sounds or as cliché as it might be for erotica. If you doubt me, then you can pay for my bras. If you’re wondering about the “E”, I do mean E. Some say it’s the same a DD, but not in my bras. I’m bigger than a DD.

My best friend is Angel. She’s two years older and four inches taller than I am, part Portuguese via Brazil, long dark hair, olive skin and even bigger natural büyükesat escort breasts. We met a million years ago in college and had a wonderful on again / off again romance. It was Angel that helped me come to grips with my bisexuality, and even though we were sexually active with each other, she’s straight otherwise. A lot of this was described in Learning to Love Myself. Angel is the chief financial officer for a large acquisitions firm a couple of states away from where I live and married to chef Eric, the love of her life.

My partner and the love of my life is Tess. You’ll learn more about her as we go, as this current narrative covers the process of giving up Angel and finding Tess. It is really just a recounting of milestones and changes along the way; and while definitely a sexual journey, it’s also an emotional journey. Putting it all out on the page has changed my view of it all in both positive and negative ways. I’ve had to come to grips with regrets cebeci escort I thought I had already healed, but I also got to relive a whole lot of extraordinarily exciting and orgasmic experiences.

That said, be warned that I am free with my language. I can speak like a lady, because I am a lady, but that doesn’t mean I’m adverse to the fuckwords. Expect me to talk about my pussy and things I like to do with it. Expect me to describe a whole lot of fucking. There is also a fair amount of anal content, though none of it involves my particular rear end. If you’re not comfortable with these things and especially if you’re not comfortable with bisexuality, then this probably won’t be your cup of tea. There is a whole lot of pussy in this chronicle, but a few memorable cocks also make the text. I am, if nothing else, well rounded. You can interpret that however you want.

I also use the word “hetero” rather than “straight” and “gay” rather than “homo”. It’s just a preference kolej escort of mine. As I have lived most of my life as a bisexual person, and lately in a committed “lesbian-passing” relationship, I have learned that language around sexuality and gender is important. It’s also as varied as the people who use it. The most widely accepted term for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community is inclusively “queer”, but I also grew up in the time when that was a serious pejorative term. I haven’t yet embraced using that term for myself. However as I move through my forties toward the inevitable five-oh, I realize that being considered “queer” at fifty might just mean that a wizard and a bunch of dwarves might show up on my doorstep and invite me on an adventure.

If you get that, we can certainly be friends. I like the idea of tear-assing across Middle Earth on a Yamaha R6… though perhaps a KTM would be more appropriate. Enough — I digress in my nerdishness.

Other people that appear in this narrative may have had their names changed as it suited me to obscure them. If I put too many details too close together it makes finding these very real people too easy in the internet age, and I don’t want to do that to them.

I hope you like this continuation. I hope you feel it in your hearts and in your underwear. Nothing would make me happier.

— Elain

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