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Always a big admirer of a muscular physique I searched for muscle worship sites on the web. I went through many but was never enamored enough to stay. Finally I found the site of Ty Forrest and I was captivated by his good looks and phenomenal physique.” This man has it all” I thought. There were many photos on the site, showing that beefy body in different poses. My favorites were the ones in a leather cap carrying a whip. I could imagine him standing over me, muscles flexed as he strikes my backside with that whip.

There was a live web-cam on the site and I decided to take a look. I logged in and there was this Herculean man bending and flexing. Every muscle well defined. I had to get him into a private chat. He was very friendly and playful and I felt comfortable telling him what I wanted, what I needed. I asked to see his ass and he happily obliged. Looking at that hard round ass made my cock begin to throb and try its best to break free. He turned around and I got my first view of his great cock, even flaccid it was huge! I asked him to squeeze those big round balls. As he did I began to do the same, imagining his hands on me. I was completely transported as he complied with my every wish.

For the rest of the evening I could not get him out of my mind. The way his muscles strained as he stroked that long, thick cock, his powerful leg muscles squeezing tightly together as he stroked himself to release. My own release had come long before but my eyes refused to break free from the sight.

I was exhausted from a long day at work and fell asleep thinking of him. Images came to my mind as I slept, soft, misty pictures of bulging pecks and hard abs flexed to perfection. Enjoying these visions I fell into a deep sleep.

A hand touches my shoulder and I awake to find him there, smiling at me. He pulls me out of bed and scans my body with piercing blue eyes. I reach out to touch that hard gaziantep escortlar body and he slaps my hand away. “Touch me without permission again and I will be forced to punish you.”

He pulls me to him forcefully. Powerful hands grab my hair as his lips take mine in a voracious kiss. I feel hot breath on my ear whisper “I know what you want.”

His voice is rough and raspy with a heavy Australian accent. My body quivers with anticipation, imagining all that might be in store for me. He slaps my ass and tells me to stand in front of him.

I stand in front of him completely nude, completely vulnerable. To my great excitement he is wearing the same leather outfit from his website. He walks around me in a wide circle, inspecting my body, his eyes burning my flesh. He stops in front of me his blue eyes examine me from under the leather hat brim. He slowly pulls on leather gloves using his teeth to pull them tight.

He moves behind me once more and I begin to shiver. Cool leather slides down my back as he caresses me with his gloved hand. He moves in behind me and I feel the heat of his body, every muscle presses hard against me. His gloved hands roam my body freely and I feel the heat of his breath on my neck. My breath quickens and I feel lightheaded leaning my body against his. Leather-clad Hands move up my ribs to light on my chest, thumbs tease my erect nipples and then a scintillating pain shoots through me. His fingers pinch my nipples and release, then pinch again much harder. “Do you like that?” he whispers in my ear “Is that what you need?” Hardly able to speak, a breathless yes escapes my lips. He pushes away from me and moves in front of me. His eyes settle on my growing erection. I stand there, nipples burning and my body aches for more of his touch, his warmth on my body. The look on his face is stern and I know he is displeased. “Did I tell you to get an erection?”

His voice is curt and loud I jump slightly from fear and excitement. “Bend over” he orders “hands on the bed.”

I obey immediately and bear my ass to him. He begins to knead and caress my ass with those leather gloves on. The smooth now warm leather on my skin is almost more than I can take and I begin to moan. A sharp whack on my ass lets me know this is not allowed and another stinging blow lets me know I will be harshly punished. He continues to punish my sore backside striking harder each time. My cock threatens to explode the pleasure is so intense. Finally he stops to admire his work, caressing my red, swollen ass with gloved hands. His hands leave me and I stand, arms braced on the bed, legs trembling. He doesn’t speak for several minutes but I can feel his eyes on me, he hasn’t told me to move so I remain there anxiously waiting for more of his touch. I am completely at his mercy. I hear something hit the floor but I remain still, footsteps move toward me and I feel bare hands squeeze my ass.

“You are such a good boy,” he tells me “You like your ass spanked don’t you?” I start to reply but before the words come out he swats me several times in rapid succession. The sting is incredible his bare hand feels so good. He seems to sense that I can’t take much more. Strong arms pull me up and flip me around. Our hot lips meld together in a passionate kiss his powerful arms hold me while his long tongue takes possession of my mouth.

He takes my hand and guides it over his chest and down his hard abs. I realize that he is now nude and my pulse races. He allows me to worship his hard body, touching every flexed, perfect muscle. He grips my shoulders and pushes me slowly onto my knees. My eyes open wide with excitement seeing that huge cock in front of me. I eagerly wrap my lips around the bulbous head and begin to suck. His cock grows so large in my mouth that I almost choke. I try my best to swallow him. He grabs my head and starts pumping that monster in and out of my mouth. “Yeah, suck that big cock!”

Hearing him say the word “cock” in that accent sends me over the edge. I grab his firm ass and pull him into me, wanting to devour every inch of him.

I feel the sweat pouring from his body and every muscle in his body is tight and hard. His huge thighs bulge and flex as he force-feeds me that hard cock. He is pumping hard, hitting the back of my throat with each powerful thrust. I squeeze those large round balls and his fingers threaten to pull the hair from my scalp. “Shit yeah, squeeze those balls,” he orders. I happily comply and my own balls begin to stiffen. His cock lurches in my mouth and I feel his entire body become rigid. Knowing that I am giving him so much pleasure and feeling his body pressed hard inside and against me sends an unbelievable wave of pleasure through my body. My cock spasms and I cum with such force I almost pass out from the release.

Ty shoves that monster cock against the back of my throat and shoots stream after stream of sweet cum into me. I suck down every drop knowing he will be angry if I’m sloppy. I continue to suck his great cock until not a drop is left and then I make sure to lick him clean.

I look up into those deep blue eyes and thank him for allowing me this pleasure. He pulls me up and wraps those arms around me his warm sweaty body presses against mine. I am so weak and shaky he is holding me up. I relish in this moment, absolutely under his control.

He picks me up and carries me back to bed. He lowers me gently down and pulls the blanket over my quivering body. “You are such a good boy ” he tells me. “Next time, if you are good, I will fuck that tight ass of yours.”

A twinge of excitement and fear shoots up my spine at the thought of that enormous dick in my ass. I am so totally exhausted that I can’t help but fall of to sleep. Dreams of him fill my night, dreams of all the adventures yet to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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