Lesson One

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The doorbell rang.

I glanced at the clock. 8:59 AM.

“She’s right on time,” I thought as I walked to the door.

I was expecting Suzy, a neighbor girl, who lived a few houses down on the other side of the street. I opened the door, and there she stood in jean shorts and a halter-top. How she has changed, I thought.

I remembered Suzy as a pre-teen who baby-sat my children. I remembered Suzy as a busy high school girl involved in many activities who still was able to be an honor student. I remembered Suzy as she planned for college and the going away party we had for her.

I had watched her grow from an awkward adolescent into an attractive young lady. Dark brown hair flowed from her shoulders halfway down her back. Her brown eyes sparkled. She had developed a fine figure. She displayed ample breasts, a shapely derriere, and well-defined thighs and calves.

Suzy spent one year in college, then had to drop out due to financial difficulties. She was now taking classes at the local junior college and doing house cleaning to earn extra money. That is why she was now standing at my door.

I invited Suzy in, gave her the list of chores, showed her where the cleaning supplies were located, and told her that I would be in the study. I went into the study to catch up on some Email correspondence and do some research on the Internet.

After an hour or so, Suzy stuck her head into the study and wondered if she could ask me some questions. “You sure can, Suzy,” I answered. “What’s on your mind?”

“Well,” she replied, “I’m not quite sure how to begin.”

“You know me well enough to say what’s on your mind, Suzy. Just ask whatever you would like,” I encouraged her.

“OK, then. Here goes. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about sex. All though high school I was so busy that I never got into sex like a lot of the other girls. And last year in college, I was kind of afraid to get too involved Escort Pendik with any of the boys. I just don’t have any experience and I was hoping that you could give me some direction.”

“Have you ever had sex?,” I asked.

“Well, on Prom night I did it with a boy, but I didn’t know what I was doing and it was over so fast. Other than that, all I ever did was kiss and let boys feel me and feel them if they asked.”

I quickly thought about Suzy’s request and how I might help. “Suzy,” I said, “I think the secret to sex is to know what you like and what you want. Have you ever explored yourself and discovered what feels good to you? Have you ever brought yourself to an orgasm?”

“No,” she replied, “not really. Every now and then, in the shower or in bed, I would feel myself and get tingly feelings, but I never actually made myself come.”

“I have a suggestion, Suzy. I will help you discover what feels good to you. And you won’t have to feel uncomfortable because I won’t even touch you.”

“That sounds great, when can we start?”

“How about right now,” I suggested. “Let’s go into the bedroom and get started.”

Suzy followed me into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and told her to stand in front of the mirror. “Close your eyes, Suzy,” I said. “Start by running your hands over your breasts. Cup them in your hands. Feel your nipples. Squeeze and twist your nipples with your fingers. Can you feel them beginning to get hard and stand out? Are you feeling anything in another part of your body?”

“Oh yes,” she replied. “I never knew that feeling my nipples would feel so good.”

“Now, Suzy, open your eyes and begin unbuttoning your blouse. Good. Now feel your nipples through your bra. Still feel good?

“Still feels good,” she said.

“Unclasp your bra and let it fall. Keep caressing your breasts and tweaking your nipples. Watch yourself in the mirror while you are playing with your breasts. Are you feelings becoming more intense?”

“Uh huh,” she said.

“Close your eyes again and caress your hands downward. When you reach your shorts, unbutton them but don’t pull them down. That’s right. Now, put both hands into your shorts and move them slowly until you can feel the hair and your mound. Take one hand and go back to caressing your breasts and nipples while you explore between your legs with the other. What are you feeling?”

“I feel all warm and like my stomach has butterflies and like my skin is too touchy.”

“Open your eyes,” I said. “Pull your shorts down, now your underpants. Look at your body. You are a woman. You have a wonderful body. You are a sexual being. You have a right to sexual satisfaction. Run your hands over your body. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensations.”

“I never knew my body could feel like this,” Suzy said excitedly. “I love these feelings!”

“Go lay on the bed, Suzy,” I ordered.

“Now, Suzy, begin caressing your body. When you find a place that feels good, linger there until you want to move on.” As she was feeling her breasts and nipples, I said, “Take your breasts in your hands and move your head downward. Take one of your nipples into your mouth. Run your tongue around it. Nibble on it. Suck gently. Now, the other one.”

I noticed that her hips were moving and low moans were coming from her throat. I encouraged her by saying, “Let your body move any way that feels natural. Let whatever sounds you want to make out of your mouth.”

She began to writhe her hips more rapidly and the sounds were becoming more sensual. “Suzy, move one hand down between your legs. Find your sex lips and caress them. Do you feel them beginning to swell?”

“Yes,” she answered barely able to say the word.

“Place a finger on the opening. Slowly caress up and down the opening. Work your finger farther inside. Can you feel your inner lips? Good. Move your other hand down, and caress them. Can you feel yourself getting wet?”

Unable to talk, Suzy simply moaned.

“Now go inside your inner lips and caress from the bottom upward. Don’t go too high yet.”

I could see that she was becoming excited. She was making low guttural sounds and moving her body even more rapidly.

“Suzy, trace one finger slowly toward the top of your inner lips. When you find a little knob, begin moving your finger across it and around it” When she reached her clitoris, she arched her back and almost lifted off the bed.

“Keep playing with that knob. Tweak it. Twist it. Do whatever you want with your other hand.” She grabbed a nipple and began to squeeze it furiously.

Suddenly, Suzy experienced her first orgasm. She screamed with delight. She shuddered from the sensations flowing through her body. Her juices covered her thighs and hand. “Don’t stop, Suzy. Bring yourself to another.” And she did. I encouraged her to continue. She had an orgasm and then another before slumping exhausted into the softness of the bed.

I said nothing as I watched her lie there until her breathing returned close to normal. “Suzy,” I told her, “you are a very fortunate young woman. You have a sensitive body that is capable of many orgasms. You have learned to please yourself. And when you begin sharing yourself with others, you will find that the sensations are even greater.”

Suzy leaned up on one elbow and said, “I had no idea my body could feel like this. Thank you for showing how to satisfy myself.”

Suzy dressed herself and got ready to go.

She stopped at the door, turned, and asked, “Is there more you can teach me?”

“Very much more,” I assured her. “When you come again in two weeks, we will have another lesson. In the meantime, practice satisfying yourself every day”

She smiled, “That’s my homework? I don’t mind doing that kind homework!”

I smiled back, “I’ll see you in two weeks then.”

“You bet,” she winked as she walked out the door.

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