Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

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I lay there on the bed, completely naked, feeling vulnerable and so embarrassed at being caught this way. I am lying on my back, my knees cocked up and spread open very wide. The phone is clutched tightly in my left hand, my right hand rubbing furiously at my slippery bare pussy.

The look on your face is hardly readable. Part lust, part anger, part amusement at my obvious discomfort.

“By all means, don’t stop on my account,” you say sternly. “But do tell your other lover goodbye.” It is not a request but an order.

“Yes Sir,” I answer and hang up immediately without an explanation to the other person.

You pull one of the hotel chairs to the end of the bed and sit, casually crossing your legs and making yourself comfortable. “Now, continue my show.”

I am trembling still, my lust not diminished at all, but actually enhanced by the shame I feel at being caught. I can look straight down between my knees and see your eyes burning back at me.

“I can see by the flush of your skin that you aren’t very far from orgasm. Push yourself there quickly but you may not cum until I give permission. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper, fearing how hard it will be to hold back. The sweetest torture I can imagine.

“Now,” you prompt. “Rub your clit. Let me hear you whimper for me.”

It only takes a minute or so before I reach a fever-pitch again. My fingers are so wet, I can feel the juices running out of me and down to my ass.

“Please,” I ask you, “I am close, I need to cum.” I am so afraid you will tell me no.

“Beg me,” you tell me, relishing my discomfort.

“Oh Sir, please! It hurts so much to hold back this way. Please may I cum?”

“The pressure is uncomfortable?” your voice is a low growl, making chills on my skin. Making it more painful to hold back.

My words are lost in imploring moans.

“Put your arms behind your head,” you tell me and I can barely believe what you’re saying. It seems I can’t take my hand away from my pussy.

“Obey me now or I will walk out the door,” you state very simply.

The most punishment I’ve ever received was a blistering spanking when I came too fast, but today I know you are very serious. I disappointed you and let you down and you are not playing games with me.

Drawing strength from the fire in your eyes, I stop rubbing the throbbing clit and put my arms behind my head, my fingers entwining and gripping.

At the foot of the bed, you lean forward, but not near enough to touch me, only to examine.

“What a beautiful little pussy,” your words are smooth, your tone even. “So wet, so puffy with excitement. Once my sweet, obedient slave, and now just a common little slut.” There is disgust in your voice and I am filled with shame. So much in fact that tears pool in my eyes.

“I’m so sorry…” I begin to say but you cut me off.

“I did not give you permission to speak to me, did I?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then you be silent and endure my anger. You caused it, you will enjoy it.”

Your eyes roving over my skin does nothing to lessen my agony, it intensifies it. I can’t help my hips moving up and down slightly, pumping to the same rhythm my fingers had played before. The need for release is so strong that my mind is cloudy and confused with it.

“Stay still,” you say. It is nearly impossible to do.

I close my eyes and bite my lip, so afraid now of what will come. I hear you digging into the bag that you always bring to our meetings… you call it our toy bag. When you begin to speak again, I look at you and see you holding the nylon restraints.

“What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for you, dear? Since it seems your arousal and need for orgasm grew out of control because I was a few minutes late.” My cuffs clank on the bed as you drop them beside me and move down to my feet.

“I don’t deserve to cum,” I tell him, knowing this is what you want to hear. My voice is low and sad.

“No, you don’t deserve to,” you say as you loops the restraint around one of my ankles. It is tied to the leg of the bed and you tug it tightly and move to the other Starzbet one. “But that is not how you will be punished.” You secure the other ankle… leaving me spread-eagle and feeling very vulnerable. Next you move up to my left arm, still not looking at me while you talk. That hurts the most.

“I have always believed that the punishment should fit the crime, and in this case, there is a much more fitting punishment.”

I want to ask you what you mean. My fear is growing into a knot in my stomach, but I know I can’t speak until you tell me I can. But you only continue in silence now until both my wrists are cuffed tightly to the rails of the headboard. You pause for a moment to look down at me, naked, wide-eyed, completely at your mercy.

When you shake your head, I can’t stop the tears that pool in my eyes. You only turn away and reach into the bag again. This time you pull out a black scarf. Folded, it obscures my vision completely. You tie it around my head, taking away my primary sense.

“Don’t go anywhere,” you laugh darkly. Straining for every sound, I hear you leave the room. At first I am terrified that you have left me alone completely, but then I realize you have only gone into the restroom. I hear you punching buttons on your cell phone. Though I can hear you speaking, the sound is too muffled to make out your words.

You come back into the room and I hear one of the chairs being dragged across carpet, nearer to me. I feel your presence close, then feel your breath on my cheek.

“You’re trembling, little one,” you observe, no discernible emotion in your voice. I trust you with my life but this tone coming from you is unnerving.

“You know that I’ve never hurt you. I hope you trust me enough to know that I never will.”

“I do, Sir,” I risk speaking. “I do.” My voice has a tinge of panic around the edge. I know your next sentence will begin with “but”.

“But you know there are consequences for breaking my rules. And the consequences have to be such that you will remember them and never commit this offense again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s all I’m going to say about the matter. It’s all I want to hear you say now too. Just remember these things…your safe word, that I have your best interests in mind, and I am fully in control. If you call out for me, know that I will hear you.”

The implications behind your words were mind-numbing. As I lay in silence with nothing to occupy my mind but my fears, they are growing exponentially. I am not aware of the passing of time but when there is a loud knock at the door, I nearly scream in alarm.

“Be calm, pet,” you pat my forehead as you rise and move away from the bed.

I find myself actually struggling at the restraints- the first time I have ever really done that in fear. I want to see who is coming in, I need to know! My struggles accomplish nothing. I can’t see who’s there but the room begins to feel full.

The newcomers do not speak but I hear murmurs of appreciation as my body is inspected. I can feel their eyes on me. A hot blush covers all my skin and I almost miss the sounds of clothing being removed. There is no way to tell how many are here.

When the first hands touch me, I fight down the urge to call out your name. If I say your name, will you come to me? If I beg you to make this stop, will you? If I shout out my safeword “red”, will you send them all away, untie me and hold me tight? Or would you be even more disappointed in me, in my show of cowardice. I don’t want to cause you more disappointment, it hurt me too much to put distance between us. I resolve to keep my mouth closed and to endure whatever you deem necessary to teach me my lesson.

There are so many hands on me that I can’t count them all as they begin to move. Hands on my face, my breasts, my stomach, my pussy, my thighs, even my feet. The sensations quickly become confusing as I feel a mouth kissing my neck, I feel someone sucking on my toes. One nipple is being pulled between finger and thumb and the other is being nipped with teeth. I cry out, trying to pull away but I can’t move.

Hands on my thighs pull Starzbet Giriş my legs apart as far as the restraints will allow. A finger rubs across the bare lips there, immediately bringing a flood of wetness. Another hand opens those lips almost painfully wide and a tongue now runs down the slit. It becomes hard and presses inside the hole it finds. As it fucks me that way, there is a finger stroking the clit faster and faster.

Despite the fear – or maybe even because of it – the sensations are wonderful. I arrive at my first orgasm just as someone presses a very hard cock to my lips.

Knowing I am obeying my Master, I accept the cock and eagerly suck it. All the hands touching me now seem to blur into one wave of pleasure. I moan as a hand squeezes one breast roughly.

Just as the orgasm subsides, the tongue is replaced by something much larger and much harder. The man slowly works it inside me and immediately begins to pump me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. Almost like a piston.

It pushes me quickly to the next climax, causing me to suck the cock in my face even harder. Before I cum, I feel and taste hot semen shooting into the back of my throat. I swallow what I can and choke on the rest.

There are tingling, tickling touches on my sides, my shoulders, all over my skin. I feel an almost continual shiver, not unpleasant at the beginning, but the repeated involuntary muscle contractions are beginning to hurt a little.

I feel the man fucking me suddenly stiffen and press in so deeply that I gasp. He is filling up my pussy now, more hot cum inside me. I feel my thighs wet with it, his and my own, I know it is running down the crack to my ass.

When he pulls out, I am lifted just a bit, enough to slide a thick pillow under me and lift my ass to be more accessible. My fear now is of being penetrated there. Except for Master’s fingers, nothing has ever gone there. I am certain it will hurt more than I can stand.

I don’t have time to think of that further because someone is kissing me now. Soft lips, the scent of a light perfume. There are women here too? I have only been with a woman once and didn’t really like it that much, but if that is what you want…

She kisses me hard, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth. I cannot help but kiss her back, sucking her tongue, sucking her lips and tasting the lipstick she wears.

Someone is licking between my legs again, sucking on my clit, lapping up the cum that was left there. Maybe there are other submissives here?

Again I cry out, feeling two fingers penetrate my pussy. It doesn’t seem they are fucking me, they are merely spreading my wetness. In alarm, I realize they are pulling it down to my virgin asshole.

I try to struggle but the hands all over me don’t let me move at all. When the two fingers press slowly into me, I scream, but it is muffled by the girl’s mouth. She kisses me long enough to take my breath away and then I feel something heavy indent the pillow on each side of my head.

I smell her arousal, I feel her heat as she lowers a well-trimmed pussy onto my mouth. I don’t want to lick her, I want to feel what’s happening to my ass, it hurts so much and feels so good at the same time.

The girl on my face grabs my hair and presses my face into her. She is wonderfully clean and already so very wet. Before I realize it, I am tasting her, licking her clit fast, feeling my third climax coming and wanting to make her cum with me.

I am sent over the edge when both my nipples are pinched viciously. I cry out and feel the spasms all through my body and the girl clamps her knees hard against my head. Her own juices flood my face and drip slowly down my chin. Before she climbs off, the fingers are removed from my ass and another thick cock rams into my pussy.

When the girl is gone, someone else begins to kiss me. A man this time, licking at my lips. Everything is starting to slide together into one feeling, I cannot tell one person from the next, or even one sensation from the next. Time has lost any meaning for me now. All I know is there seems to be a cock in my mouth, a Starzbet Güncel Giriş cock in my pussy and teeth on my nipples at all times. The sounds of moans and grunts and my own occasional screams fill my ears. I have cum more times than I can count and it is very obvious the punishment you have in mind.

Twice in all this I have your voice in my ear, checking to see if I’m okay. I want to tell you no, to make it all go away, but I can’t let you down again. That thought is driven away as I feel a cock pressed against my anus. That last virginity is quickly taken away in a haze of pain and pleasure. It seems maybe all the fingers have loosened me there sufficiently so that I only cry once. The tears aren’t so much from pain but because I had wanted you to be the first one to do that to me.

Enjoyment quickly begins to fade now. Muscles throughout my body have begun to spasm and cramp. With each orgasm, my stomach feels as if I’ve done a thousand sit-ups. My clit is swollen and so sore, yet every time it is touched, I begin to cum again. My body is out of my control.

I have been fucked so many times that I am raw and there seems to be no more moisture left to lubricate there, but still the assaults continue. My ass is burning as if the delicate tissues have been ripped. I want it to stop. I whimper and beg it to stop but a voice – your voice? – tells me that’s not the way to stop it.

At the point where I can bear no more, I scream your name. Before I feel you though, I find myself slipping away, taking the very last defense that a submissive has left. The ego’s last attempt to save some of itself. Because so much of myself and my will has been stripped away now, I sink deep inside, to the very core of me, trying to find even a little bit left. There is none. There is nothing left of me, nothing but the peaceful darkness where I am floating now. Nothing here but the familiar silver rope that I can grab and wrap myself in – the silver cord that is my Master’s voice. It is the only thing that will save me and bring me slowly back to the light.

It is as if I hear you calling my name from a great distance. I am pulled to you through the nothingness until I begin to feel again, begrudgingly. I want to continue the warm floating but someone is touching me. A sore spot, sending nerve signals all the way to my confused brain. I only want it all to stop now. No more. I could not reach a climax again now even if I desired it, even if you commanded it. My body is limp, I am unable to control it at all. The only thing I can do is weakly whisper, “No.” Still the hands are touching me.

Your voice is here now, close and clear. “Little One, you can stop it. If it’s too much, you know the word to say.”

I search my brain, hardly believing that such a word exists anymore. This torture has been going on for all eternity it seems. Was there ever anything before it?

I shake my head, tears flowing again. It is obvious now to you that the breaking point has been reached. “Red,” you whisper in my ear. “Do you remember ‘red’?”

Red lights, red signs, the color red. It makes things stop. You repeat the word again and finally through cracked, parched lips, I push the word out myself.

“Red please!” I sob. I’ve never had to say that word before to you, but I’ve also never disobeyed so badly.

As soon as it is out, all the hands immediately disappear. I am still so numb that I barely feel my feet being untied, barely know when the cuffs are off my hands. There is the sound of shuffling in the room but I pay it no mind because now I feel you on the bed beside me, lying full-length, pulling me tightly against your strong chest.

With one hand cradling me, you pull the scarf off with the other. The room is dim now but still painfully bright to my eyes for a moment. I squint and blink until I can see again and it is your face I am looking into.

“Are you okay?” you ask, brushing the sweat-damp hair away from my face.

I nod, pressing myself closer against your body.

“And did you learn anything from this tonight?”

“Yes Sir,” I whisper emphatically. I will never ever do anything to earn this again.

“Good girl.”

Those are the words I live to hear and I know everything is right between us now. I begin to drift away again into more darkness. This time it is only much-needed sleep, safe in my Master’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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