Let’s Get Butched!

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Big Tits

Warning: This work of fiction contains scenes of women having sex together, without men. If this offends you, do not read it! People who complain to the authors here about the content of their stories are, IMNSHO, just like people who move next to the airport and then complain about the noise… Constructive criticism is always welcome, but closed-minded rants have no place here.

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It had been a crazy week… No, really it had been a crazy MONTH! Normal work, plus studying for and then taking my finals would have been enough, but work was insane, too. The outside auditors were here for their annual visit, then the home office decided to send a group of internal auditors at the same time. Dealing with two groups of auditors at once… That was the worst… They were all boring AND annoying, all at the same time and both of them keeping me from doing my job…

Anyway, now that was over and I needed to cut loose. I had heard about a new lesbian dance club, so I decided to try it out. I had been increasingly horny, it had been over a month since I had any sexual contact other than BOB, my “Battery Operated Boyfriend.” I needed to find a sexy woman, to be held, to be touched, to kiss her, and feel her skin next to mine. Okay, I’ll be honest, what I REALLY needed was to get my brains fucked out!!!

I had prepared myself for this night. The two prior nights I had masturbated, teasing myself until I was excited but not letting myself cum. Pinching and pulling my nipples, teasing my pussy, rubbing my clit, sliding my fingers inside, getting myself all wet, imagining myself in a hot 69 with a sexy girl, just not allowing myself that release I so desperately needed. Same with that afternoon, I spent a LONG time in the shower, teasing my breasts, rubbing my mound, giving myself a fresh shave so my pussy was smooth and bare for the activity I hoped I would be getting that night. I had spent the last two days walking around in a horny buzz, knowing that I would find a sexy girl to relieve that itch deep inside me…

That night, I dressed in a sexy outfit, a little red halter top and a white, hip hugging mini skirt. The top was skimpy and showed my navel and a lot of my flat stomach between it and the top of my skirt. The skirt came only a few inches below my ass, showing lots of leg. Underneath, I was wearing only a tiny thong, really just a little square of white lace held up by thin strings low across my hips and down the crack of my ass. My erect nipples were poking through the top, clearly visible against the fabric. I am small, only 5’2″ and around 105 pounds, but I knew I looked hot that night…

I decided to really splurge, so I took a cab to the club. I wanted the freedom to get crazy if I wanted to, and having my car would have hampered that. I am just too practical to drive drunk…

I arrived at the club around 10 o’clock, and went inside. It was dark with lots of flashing lights. The music was loud with a pounding bass, but not so loud that you couldn’t carry on a conversation. It was busy but not too crowded, and I was able to find an empty table for two in a corner. A cute waitress took my drink order, and I sat back to survey my surroundings. I love watching people any time, but especially women in a situation like this when they are sizing each other up sexually. I would have sworn I could smell the scent of aroused pussy, but maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part…

I looked, but other than the bouncers at the front door, I couldn’t see a single man… The club was full of women of all shapes and sizes. From the biggest, burliest “bulls” to the tiniest little “femmes.” Personally, I have always liked “girly girls” and especially taller, slender ones – big girls usually just don’t do it for me.

I looked around, and could see all kinds of sexy activity throughout the club. On the dance floor, two girls were stripped to just thongs, and they were slow dancing, grinding against each other. They had their arms around each other and were kissing passionately, each had one hand cupping the other’s asses, their other hands were on their partner’s breast, pulling and twisting at the erect nipples, while they humped each other’s thighs to the driving music. A very hot sight, indeed!

The waitress came back with my drink, and she leaned way over as she set it on the table. Her skimpy top fell open so her breasts were completely exposed, and I could see her dark nipples were erect. She gave me a big smile and rubbed her legs against mine. I smiled back, and pressed my thigh into hers. She leaned close and whispered into my ear, “I get off work at one, and hopefully get off right after that, if you’re interested…” then ran her tongue around the inside of my ear.

All I could do was smile and say “Mmmm… Definitely interested! Maybe, baby, we’ll see!” She was very cute but I hoped I wouldn’t have to wait all night to Eryaman Rus Escort find someone…

I sat back, took a sip of my drink, and took another look around the club. In one dark corner, I saw a goth girl sitting back in her chair, her skirt was up around her waist, and her legs were spread wide. She had one leg over the shoulder of the girl that was kneeling in front of her, licking her pussy. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back, and her hands clutching the hair of the woman in front of her, and I could see she was close to cumming. In another corner, two women were kissing, with their hands under each other’s skirts, obviously fingering each other. I had heard that this club could get wild, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. I knew I would love this place!

It didn’t take long before a big “bull,” complete with flannel shirt and heavy hiking boots, came over and asked if she could buy me a drink. I smiled and said, “No, thanks, I’m really looking for a ‘girly girl’ tonight.”

The crew-cut girl smiled back and said, “Aren’t we all? Good luck to you!”

I wished her the same, and as she walked away I sat back to continue my “people watching”. A few minutes later, a gentle tap on the shoulder got my attention. “Hey there, cutie, buy you a drink?”

I turned my head, and my first instinct was to say “No” but I didn’t say anything. This girl was also big. No, I take that back, she was HUGE! She was at least 6 feet tall and probably 200 pounds, and totally “built” with huge bulging muscles. Her biceps looked to be bigger than my thighs. Her face was really pretty, though, and her straight blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail that reached just past her shoulders. She was very tan, and was wearing a tank top and nylon shorts that showed off her muscular physique. She had to be a competitive body builder, no other explanation. Her breasts were tiny, but her hard nipples were visible against the thin fabric of her tank top. She had a thin waist, and very tan, muscular legs.

Like I said, ordinarily big girls don’t do it for me, but she was gorgeous, and the tap on my shoulder had been very gentle. Plus, I could admire the dedication that she had to get a body like hers, she had to be spending most of her life in the gym, lifting weights.

“I just got one, but please, sit down! My name’s Diana.” I extended my hand and she took it in hers and shook it, again her touch was very gentle. She released my hand and sat down, pulling her chair close to mine so we could talk comfortably without having to shout.

“Hi, Diana, my name’s Kristin. Nice to meet you. I haven’t seen you here before, I would have remembered you!”

“Well, thanks, it’s nice to meet you, too, Kristin. This is actually my first time here, but it seems like a fun club.”

“Yeah, it can be fun. I like it here, so many of the clubs get boring after a while.”

“I take it you’re a bodybuilder, Kristin?”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing it for almost eight years now, and I am getting ready for the Ms. USA competition in a couple of weeks.”

“Well, you should do well. You have an incredible body, Kristin!”

“Well, thanks, you’re sweet to say so, but sometimes I wish I had a regular body, like yours… I mean, I have to be SO careful about everything I eat, and how much I drink, and I take SO many vitamins… It gets to be a drag after a while. I mean, I don’t know what you’re drinking tonight, but I’m having plain water. No calories, no sugar, no sodium, no nothing… Plus, so much of the time I get stared at, like I’m a freak or something.”

“Well, Kristin, you have to remember that you chose to be a bodybuilder. And really, I’m sure that most of the people who stare are jealous, rather than thinking you are a freak.”

“Thanks, Diana, that’s so sweet of you to say… “

We talked about ourselves a while. She was 27, single, had not had a steady girl friend for quite a while. The last one had not been able to handle the dedication her bodybuilding required, the long hours at the gym after a full day of work. Kristin worked at a freight forwarding company, in the loading dock. Her boss was also a bodybuilder, so he understood what she was going through and made her schedule flexible for training and competition, and sometimes helped her out financially by sponsoring her travel expenses to the big meets.

I told her about my recent history, that I had been bi until my last boy friend cheated on me over a year before. That had been the last straw, and I had not been with a man, or really even attracted to one, since then. I loved being single, finding sexy girls to play with, but what I really wanted was a girl friend. You know, someone to cuddle with on the couch, to share the day with…

I asked Kristin whether female body builders were usually gay. I mean, the stereotype is that both men and Sincan Rus Escort women body builders are gay, but I know how often stereotypes are way off base. I mean, I’m an accountant, and I like to think I don’t fit the “boring” stereotype!

“Some are, some aren’t… Like of the four girls in my workout group, two are gay, two are straight. One is married with three kids! But me, I’ve been gay all my life, never been with a man sexually even once. I just never really had any desire to.”

“But you are so gorgeous… I am surprised that the guys don’t flock after you!”

“When I was younger, yes, all the time… But now, not so often. I think that I intimidate them a little. Which is fine with me, I don’t have much use for guys except as training partners.”

“Well, I can understand that. Most guys are pretty useless…”

The music stopped for an instant, then started up again. Kristin looked at me and asked, “Dance with me, Diana?”

“Yes, I’d like that…”

She quickly stood, and offered her hand. I took it, and again was surprised at how soft it was. That’s another huge turnoff to me about the “truck driver” types – I absolutely HATE rough hands. One of the things I love best about being with a woman is her soft smooth hands as she explores my body…

We started dancing to a fast song, and Kristin was remarkably light on her feet. We danced for several songs, then a slow tune came on. She looked at me and reached her hand out to me, and I stepped close to her. She slipped her hands around my waist, and I put mine around her neck and lay my head on her massive chest.

Dancing with Kristin like this brought back a memory for me… When I was in college, I had a boy friend that was on the football team. He was a big guy, and I do remember that I enjoyed the feelings of, ummm, not domination really… Maybe it was just a feeling of being safe, swallowed up in his arms. But in the year-plus since I had gone off men, those thoughts had never really entered my mind.

I was surprised to admit it to myself, but I was getting turned on by this sexy woman. Even though she was extremely muscular, she had a very soft touch. Her one hand was lightly stroking my bare back, while she held me close with her other arm around my waist. My head was even with her breasts, and I could feel her hard nipple against my cheek.

I arched my head up, and nuzzled her ear. “Mmmmmm, Kristin. This feels sooooo wonderful…” I whispered and then sucked her earlobe.

Kristin’s response was to slide her hand down so it cupped my ass, and pull my hips even tighter against her. I stepped sideways a little, then forward so that I was straddling her muscular thigh. My skirt rode up a little, and soon I was grinding my thong against the skin of her bare thigh.

I turned my face and gently bit her hard nipple through her top. She gasped, and her hand clutched my ass even tighter. She raised her leg so my feet were off the ground, then began moving me forward and back, riding her huge thigh. I KNOW she could feel how wet I was, because my thong was absolutely soaked…

I turned my face up to hers, and we kissed. Her mouth opened and her thick tongue pressed forward, between my lips. I sucked gently on it for a moment, then opened my mouth wide. Soon our tongues were dancing wildly, wrestling. Her tongue was deep down my throat, and I was sucking her tongue and moaning softly into her mouth as she continued to slide me up and down on her thigh.

The song ended, and we reluctantly broke the kiss. I slid down Kristin’s thigh and back onto the floor, standing next to her, our arms still around each other. I had been horny when I walked in the door. Watching the other women playing earlier had heightened that feeling. And now, Kristin had me totally turned on… I would never have believed it an hour earlier, but I was so ready for this big muscular girl to fuck me!

We walked back to our table, and when Kristin sat in her chair I sat in her lap, across her huge thighs, with my arms around her neck. I leaned in close and whispered into her ear, “Do you have somewhere we can go? I REALLY want to be alone with you, Kristin…” Then I ran my tongue around the inside of her ear, then sucked her ear lobe again. Her sharp intake of breath and soft little moan told me all I needed to know, that she wanted me, too…

She turned my face to hers and we kissed again. Kristin’s large, soft hands were exploring my body as I sucked her thick tongue. She slipped her hand under my top and took my erect nipple between her fingers. Kristin pinched it hard, almost painfully so. I moaned and arched my chest forward, pressing my breast harder against her hand. She cupped my breast, easily holding it all in her large hand, then rolled my nipple between her thumb and finger.

I had one arm around her neck, and with my free Etlik Rus Escort hand I reached for her breast. It was very small, but the nipple was very long and fully erect. I pinched it between my fingers through her top, and she moaned into my mouth. “Mmmmmmm…”

I broke the kiss, and looked into her deep blue eyes. “I’m serious, Kristin, let’s go. I want to be naked and next to you, NOW, and I want to do more with you than I would feel comfortable doing here, okay?”

She gave me a big smile. “Yes, Diana… I want that, too! My apartment is only a couple blocks from here. Let’s go!”

We left the club and stepped outside onto the street. My nipples were already hard from my excitement, but they got so hard they almost hurt when the cool night air hit them. Kristin laughed and tweaked my nipple; I did the same to hers. Her nipples were very long, they were sticking out at least an inch and a half.

I took her hand, and stepped close to her. Kristin put her big arm around my shoulders, and I leaned in closer and slipped my arm around her waist. My hand slid down and I cupped her ass as we walked. It felt so nice, totally safe, being with this very muscular, yet very feminine and sexy woman. We walked the short distance to her place mostly in silence. Personally, I was enjoying the closeness, feeling her soft body next to mine but still feeling so safe in her arms. Plus I loved feeling the muscles in her ass tighten then release as she walked.

She broke the silence by pointing out the gym where she worked out, when we walked past it. Even though it was late on a Saturday night, the lights were blazing and several large men were lifting weights, grunting and laughing with each other. There were no women in the gym then, and Kristin said that her group was about the only women that went there, and they all worked out together just about every day in the late afternoons.

We got to her apartment, and not surprisingly it was pretty spartan, though I could see it was really clean, which I liked. She took my hand and gave me the “grand tour”… The kitchen was small, and a blender sat on the counter with a large can of what I guessed was some kind of supplement next to it. The living room was also small, just a couch with a stereo and a small TV. But I was blown away by the bedroom. It was large, and beautifully decorated. A frilly comforter, lots of pink accessories, and a little teddy bear sitting on the pillow on the queen size bed.

I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud. Kristin gave me a funny look.

“What?” she asked.

I slipped my arms around her waist and snuggled in close, then said, “I’m sorry, I just never expected your bedroom to look like a little girl’s room. I love it, though… It’s cute, and I think it fits with your personality. You are so unlike the few other female body builders I’ve met, the others were all super-aggressive dykes, very pushy. You are so soft and feminine, totally opposite from how you look!”

Kristin frowned and said, “I’m guessing the other ones you met were at least a couple of years ago, right?” She had her hand on my cheek, tenderly stroking it. She had a wonderful touch, light and feathery, so unexpected and such a turn-on from this big, sexy woman.

I nodded my head, and she went on. “There used to be a LOT of steroid use among body builders, men and women both. It causes very aggressive behavior, and especially among women. About two years ago they were banned for most international competitions. I never took them, I am lucky to have a frame that will support all these muscles naturally.”

She held me tightly. “But enough about that… I didn’t bring you back here to talk about other body builders and steroids…”

I slipped my arms around her neck, pressing my body tight into hers. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that… Kiss me, Kristin…”

Kristin’s hands moved under my skirt, right to my ass, and she pulled me in close as we kissed again. She pressed her thigh forward between mine, and I opened my legs. Kristin easily lifted me up by my ass, and once again my feet were off the ground and I was riding her thigh. Her large hands were cupping my ass cheeks, moving me forward and back, grinding my mound into her muscular leg.

She slid one hand inside my thong, and moaned “Mmmmmm…” into my mouth when she found how wet I was. Her fingertip slid forward, along my wet slit, and I moaned and opened my legs further. She slid her fingertip into me, getting it wet, and I rolled my hips back against her hand.

Kristin’s finger felt huge against my pussy, and when she slid it inside I couldn’t help but moan louder. I was soaking wet, and her finger felt amazing inside me. She started fucking me with her finger, using long deep strokes. I have never been with ANYONE with fingers as long, and it felt incredible.

I had my legs wrapped around her thigh, and Kristin started walking, carrying me effortlessly. After a few steps, she stopped, then she gently lay me down on my back on the bed. She stepped back, and quickly skinned off her tanktop, shorts and thong so she was standing nude in front of me. She was totally shaved, which didn’t surprise me. Female bodybuilders usually wear very skimpy bikinis during competition, to completely show off all their muscles.

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