Letter To A Lurking Sub: The Meeting

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We’ve arranged to meet at a particular Hotel at a certain day and time. You secure a room and an extra key. You place one key in a sealed envelope and leave it at the desk with my name on it (as if a message) and go to the room.

As per my EXACT instructions, you prepare yourself. In this case, you must be wearing only a garter belt and stockings. You also must put on your makeup and best perfume. You now prepare the bed as instructed.

You set on the bed to complete my orders. Here you place foam plugs in your ears, all the way in, and add a second set to make sure you can’t hear a sound. Next, you place patches on your eyes and secure them with medical tape. You must not be able to see light of any kind. As a last measure, you place a ball gag in your mouth and fasten it tightly.

One ankle at a time, you attach chains you’ve already installed on the Starzbet lower corners of the bed to your ankles. Lastly, you reach both hands above your head, you ratchet the handcuffs you’ve fastened there around your wrists.

You are now spread out on the bed, unable to reach any latches that would allow you to escape. You are blind, deaf, and unable to call for help. You must wait for me to have my way with you before you can ever be free again.

Your heart begins pounding as you begin wondering…

What will you do if I don’t show up?

What if someone else comes into the room before I get there?

What would a maid do to you if she came in to change the towels.

What would the bellhop do with you if he came in to offer room service?

What if the desk gave the envelope to the wrong person?

What if someone accidentally Starzbet Giriş got into your room instead of theirs?

You know they can see you’re blindfolded and gagged, anyone that finds you could do anything they liked with you and leave, never to be discovered.

What if someone raped you and brought back some friends?

What if someone was there right now, watching you, planning what to do next and you didn’t know because you can’t hear or see them?

Heart racing, you can feel your nipples tightening, your clit moistening, your arousal becoming unbearable.

After an eternity, you feel a touch. A hand gropes your breasts and then your wet slit, moving to your ass.

“Is this the Master or someone else?” you wander.

The gag is removed and a cock is slipped into your mouth. You feel his body across yours as he Starzbet Güncel Giriş begins to lick and tongue your slit, squeezing your ass in the process. You have no choice, but to suck his member while he sends shivers up your spine with his mouth.

You are so helpless, spread there with no way of resisting, no way of knowing for sure who this is.

The cock fucks you from every direction it wants to. If you try to resist, you are turned over given a swat, then the cock is slid in your ass.

That’s the way it goes for hours. Fucking, sucking, licking, a torture of unrelenting pleasure, and over again. You are always blindfolded with ear plugs.

When he is finally finished with you he unlocks your cuffs. You set up and undo your blindfold. He is already gone with only a glimpse of the door shutting.

As you untie yourself and clean up you wonder, “Was he the Master? What does he look like? Was he alone?”

You’ve showed and just about gotten dressed. I enter the room and say “I’m sorry I’m late. Did you decide not to carry out my instructions? I thought you’d be on the bed waiting for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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