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All this entire true story is based on one of my reader’s request and it’s written from his words.

It happened in the summer of faraway 1978 in Houston, Texas. It was a usual place like many others throughout the world and one of those usual locals Joush Stine had been very interested in military stuff since he was a child.

He did his best to join the army and it was his cherished dream. Joush had to be good trained in subjects like Maths to win home. Despite it, the guy happened to be a really lucky bastard: he was enrolled and taught to operate a multi-dollar helicopter. It looked like his dream came true and what could a usual boy dream about? His military service lasted for 3 years, but Joush didn’t even notice how fast the time flew! He already guessed about giving his life to the thing he managed to do the best, but the boy gave it another thought. It was a very enormous step forward in the future, but Joush hadn’t enjoyed his young life yet. Any life adventure only begins at his age: college, girls, parties and girls again. Thus, the guy made up his mind to have a break before going into the aviation field.

He was always easy to get along with and made friends fairly easy with many guys of about his age in the neighbourhood. All they were very happy to see each other again like in the old times. Of course, the first thing the guy and his close friends did when they had met was throwing a chain of wild parties. As a rule, there were his friends and a pile of hot chicks who were seeking for fun. It goes without saying that Joush and his friends were lucky enough to screw girls from time to time, although it’s the usual thing that happens at all parties.

Besides, Joush Stine also was a smart guy and knew that his fun time would be through some day. He had managed to save some money when he was in army and thought about the best way to deposit them. It occurred to Jeff and he invested them in the lawn service. There were a lot of houses in many of Houston’s neighbourhoods where elderly folks lived and they were happy to pay someone for keeping their lawns up. It wasn’t a hard work, but it gave the guy a good income.

At 22, Joush was 5’ 11” tall and about 185 lbs. The guy was average built at all, but muscled due to regular lift-weighting and exercises at a gym to keep fit. Thus, his shoulders were broad and arms were sort of muscular. Girls always found him attractive and they liked to say it to him. Especially his dimples on the cheeks when he smiled and stared with his good brown eyes made all girls crazy. His appearance often helped him to get into girls’ hot pants.

As to Jeff Simmons, he was about the same age, but 5’ 8” tall and about 195 lbs. The guy was broad-shouldered and nicely-rippled too. Basically, Jeff was a stocky built guy with a few red freckles on his face. His hair was red and shoulder-length, but his eyes were hazel. All this in complection made him handsome-looking.

All in all, they both were very attractive guys like all their friends who could hook up with almost any girl they wanted and they often did it.

Joush and Jeff looked like many others dressed in uniform in other services: the guys wore loose fitting overalls, light blue in colour. The colour was very pleasant for eyes and reflected the sunlight well enough. They tried to keep up as many lawns as they could and they were very friendly to all owners. On top of that, the guys were handsome-looking and it helped them very much.

One day they were doing their usual stuff, mowing lawns as usual. The guys were dressed in running sweats as they had to carry lawn equipment from place to place and tried to be through as fast as they could. Jeff and Joush did one lawn after another until they reached Charlesetta’s house.

They rolled the mower and carried the hedge trimmers there, but planned to use her rake for leaves since they were lazy to go back to their truck to grab it. The guys never acted like this before, but Charlesetta herself often told them to use anything they needed. They knew it was in her tool shed. The woman had a large nice backyard and the tool shed was in the southeast corner of the yard that was partially hidden by some young pine trees.

Joush and Jeff entered through the gate of her driveway and walked up to the house. When they stepped on her porch, Joush rang the front doorbell to let Charlesetta know that they came over to do her lawn.

They rang and rang but there was no answer. The guys guessed that she was away. They glanced at her garage door and it was closed. So there was no way to see if her car was inside. Joush and Jeff became disappointed, but the guys had to do their duties. They left the porch and walked straight to the tool shed. As soon as they had approached it, Joush and Jeff heard a dog whining and it sounded like it came from within the shed.

“Hey Jeff!” Joush whispered to his partner. “If I were you, I’d open this goddamned shed door carefully or some stupid doggy could bite your ass, buddy!”

Jeff was smart enough and understood that Joush’s advice was very reasonable. Joush watched Jeff slowly opening the door and his friend’s eyes went really wide.

Then the guy heard a women’s voice yell, “Oh my God! No!”

Joush immediately recognized the voice. It was Charlesetta Dolan’s. She was a voluptuous, sexy-looking divorcee in her late 40. The beautiful ebony woman of about 5’ 4” tall and 140 lbs. Her smooth teasing tan brown skin complection with pear-sized boobs, slightly plump belly made everyone crazy, but her bubble-shaped ass with a deep cleavage could make anyone cum in the pants at once. Her face with sexy-looking eyes and mouth that looked like it was made for sucking cocks was beautiful. The most amazing thing in her was her adour. If somebody didn’t like her body, her sweet odour would imprison anybody forever.

When Jeff opened the door wide, Joush’s jaw dropped. The thing the guys had been staring at hadn’t ever been seen by them. That beautiful woman was tied butt to butt with that huge scraggly-looking mutt.

“Holy shit!” Joush and his friend cried out at the same time, standing there shocking.

They had never seen any intercourses with animals and they always considered it some rumours, but the guys were sawing it with their own eyes now.

When they got accustomed to that sights and their gift of speech returned, the guys noticed another mutt. It looked like the mature woman was blowing him off. Charlesetta’s house robe and a pair of her tiny black silk panties lay on the workbench that was next to her. The guys couldn’t be left unnoticed and the woman was in a hurry to explain all that, crying but the guys didn’t listen to her. It was absolutely new for them and they didn’t consider it a yuck.

“There’s no need to do it, Mrs. Dolan!” Jeff told her in his good-mannered tone. “Of course, if you let us watch you!”

Charlesetta didn’t give it another thought and relaxed as the mutt kept on fucking her. The woman gave no resistance this time and became overtaken with excitement. Those guys watching her in action were a certain excitement for her and they felt horny as they watched her.

She got down to sucking one of the dog’s cock with constantly increasing enthusiasm while the other, a big scraggly-looking mutt, was tied to her very hairy cunt, butt to butt so to speak. The outline of this dog’s huge knot was clearly visible around the opening of Charlesetta’s pussy for the guys as he was trying to pull his squirting cock free of her hairy hole.

Jeff and Joush were staring at the dog’s constant tugging for several minutes and couldn’t still believe what they had been witnessing. When the brute’s spent cock finally popped free, a good quantity of cum splashed out of her stretched pussy.

“Holy shit!” Joush cried out in shock and added. “Just check it out, man!”

They both couldn’t believe the size of that mutt’s red cock. It was at least 9 inches long and a couple of inches wide with a knot the size of a large orange. A flood of hot thick canine gravy came pouring out of Charlesetta’s wide gaping pussy, soaking into her wiry bush. All that cum was dripping down on the floor and a pool of slimy spunk appeared beneath her in a while.

Barking, the dog that had just fucked her ran out of the shed and Charlesetta stopped sucking the other dog’s swollen cock. She was an ever-willing woman and turned her bubble-shaped ass towards him quickly so that the dog knew what was going to happen. Instinctively, that dog quickly mounted her sexual black body.

His huge cock entered gaziantep lezbiyen her cum-dripping hole easily. The dog sunk all of it, including the hardball size knot deep into her spasming belly in one hard thrust. He immediately started pounded her pussy fiercely without waiting for her to get accustomed to the cock’s size.

The guys stood with wide opened eyes and still were out of this world. They didn’t consider it any disgusting at all and felt their cocks tingling now and then. Joush’s cock was getting stiffened as well as Jeff’s and they thought about having their luck with Charlesetta after the dogs had been through with her.

The mutt kept on poundering the ebony woman hard for good ten minutes before depositing his boiling nut juice into her. Then this dog’s long red cock pulled out of her with a loud slurping pop, just like the first dog’s and a heavy flood of canine cum came pouring out of Charlesetta’s sloppy cunt. The shed’s wooden floor had already been cum-stained considerably, but Charlesetta didn’t give it a care at that moment.

This mutt’s cock was dark red and so long that it was brushing the wooden floor leaving wet trails. He ran away out of the shed like the previous one, barking over the block.

The guys kept silence and caught a deep breath as it happened. They had raging hard-ons in despite of this disgusting situation. Jeff and Joush rubbed their uniformed crotches although they didn’t suspect it. The ebony woman was worried how these young guys would react on her intercourse with the dogs and was happy that they didn’t leave her.

As soon as she came to herself, Charlesetta slowly stood up, showing off her luscious body. Staring at us, she picked up her black panties and took them on, covering her well-used cum-dripping pussy. Then she threw her sheer house robe over her slender shoulders and made her way to the guys. The ebony woman was swaying her sexy hips playfully. When she stood in front of their faces, the guys didn’t still believe what they had been watching. Her sweet adour imprisoned them and only her hands gently squeezing their cocks through material brought them to reality.

“I hope you enjoyed my performance!” she said, smiling. “If you didn’t, your cocks think in the other way!”

Charlesetta constantly smiled, showing her white even teeth and her tone was very playful. The guys didn’t know what to do: they guessed that she wanted them, but she could kick their asses away if they acted wrong.

Laughing, the woman started her way to the house and both guys made up their mind to play big. They followed her. As Jeff and Joush walked behind her, they enjoyed her bubble-shaped ass swaying like a jello. They thought that they were dreaming, but they weren’t.

When the guys stepped inside the house they became surprised how big it was. There were many rooms and they were well-furnitured. Charlesetta led the way as Joush and his friend looked about the rooms. Every detail attracted their attention very much until they reached the room where the woman wanted them. They could feel a style everywhere.

The room where they finally appeared was huge and bright. Although there was much furniture, the young guys only noticed a lovely king-sized bed with a very soft comfortable mattress, because their dirty minds were filled with animal desires. The young guys were extremely excited that they forgot their manners and flopped down on it.

“Wow Jeff! That’s really cool!” Joush cried out with excitement when he turned out on the soft bed.

Jeff followed Joush and threw himself on the bed too. The guys started kidding as the ebony woman dressed in a very revealing outfit stood in front of them and enjoyed their emotions. She came up to the windows and let pink curtains fall down. The room got immediately lit with warm rays and dirty thoughts occurred to all them.

Then Charlesetta came up to them again and said, “I need take a shower after such a hot day if you understand what I mean, horny guys!” she grinned and added, “You can help yourself while I’m away! You can find some cold beers in the ‘fridge if you are 21 already!”

The ebony woman blinked at her joke and the guys laughed out loud. Of course, she knew that they were younger, but the woman was in the mood to be playful a bit. Charlesetta saw that they were easy guys, the type Charlesetta always liked. The ebony woman was staring at their charming teen faces and couldn’t help saying something dirty.

“Am I right, my deck hands?” she asked coily, licking her pouty lips slowly as she knelt down and placed her hands on the guys’ crotches.

At first the guys couldn’t say a word when the hostess started rubbing their raging hard-ons through the overalls. Joush and Jeff spread their legs wider instinctively and it was more comfortable, but they were in anticipation of her hands getting their cocks out. Theses guys were sure that they were self-conscious enough and could do whatever they wanted now. On top of that, Joush and Jeff were afraid of being dumped after Charlesetta mentioned the age.

Joush was the first who had reached his limit when the woman’s hands squeezed their cocks so hard that some pre-cums appeared on their piss-holes, “We ain’t 21 else, Madam but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t gonna screw!”

At that moment the guys thought about how great it would be to fuck this MILF and Charlesseta liked his straight speech and the hard shafts ready for action in her hands. She released her grip and stood up.

“When I’m done showering, I’ll take care of these for ya’ll!”

As soon as she said, the woman turned around to walk off, but Jeff was very excited and couldn’t control his emotions any longer. He stretched out his hands and grabbed her both ass cheeks. The guy literally started dry humping her, humming something. It made him so crazy that he couldn’t stop doing it. Her black skin and sexy features drove them crazy as well as the mind-driving scent she wore.

“I’m gonna give it all to you baby!” he murmered and slapped loudly on her ass making it bob up and down.

Charlesetta sort of giggled and said, “Ok, I’ll see what you can do!”

With those words the ebony woman managed to get freed and she left the room at last. Charlesetta knew that these guys were going to give their baby-making cum to her very soon. She looked forward to it and was in a hurry to take a shower.

The bathroom was large like any room in her big house. It was tiled from top to bottom. There was a large sunken tube to lay in it, a sky-blue glass shower booth in the corner and a vanity table with a variety of cremes on it by the booth.

Charlesetta entered the bathroom without locking the door in behind herself. She shrugged her sheer house gown down and it fell down on the polished tiled floor. The woman came up to the booth and switched on the hot tap in order to warm the shower booth up. Then she made her way to the table and glanced at her reflection.

While Charlesetta was in the bathroom the guys kept on sitting on the bed in silence until they heard water’s noice. They understood that they had some time for themselves.

“Man, you did see what a fucking whore she is!” Jeff said.

“Yeah, dude!” Joush agreed. “Surely, we’re gonna have fun now!”

The guys gave fives and laughed.

“Man, bring beers in!” Jeff ordered like Joush was a butler.

“Certainly, sir!” his friend replied in a stern tone and bowed down.

As soon as Joush had done it, he stood straight and laughed out loud at his artistic skill. Then the teenager ran to the kitchen to grab some cans. He wasn’t surprised by her kitchen’s size, it was large like anything in Charlesetta’s place. He came up to her steel LCD-displayed refridgerator and opened it.

“Holy crap!” Joush exclaimed as he saw the refridgerator’s content.

The woman lived alone and had so much products in the refridgerator. The guy couldn’t understand why she had such a big refridgerator for herself. He grabbed a 6-packs and closed the glossy door. On his way back Joush grabbed several ripe apples. When he was passing the bathroom, the guy stopped there fancying dirty images of Charlesetta.

As soon as the shower booth had become steamy, the woman sliced the door open and entered it. She stood there under warm water stream that fell down on her. Charlesetta planned to take a short shower and continue her sex escapades. She bent down and pulled her sexy underwear down her lovely legs. The woman stepped out of them when they appeared on the floor. Charlesetta clearly saw the crusted cum on them. Instinctively she moved her hand down her body until it turned out on her love mound. Two fingers slid easily into her slippery pussy and she wanted to masturbate, but the woman didn’t want to make her young friends wait too long for their entertainment. The stream made her long hair wet and gleaming and poured down her excited body.

Charlesetta slid her cum-covered fingers out of her pussy and washed it away in the stream. The mutts’ cum started dripping down out of her hairy pussy and the woman tried to wash theirs cum away too.

When she finally managed to wash all cum away out of her pussy, Charlesetta turned off the tap. All her body had been covered with shining water drops. She came up to a towel holder and rubbed her body dry, but left her hair wet. This woman adored them glistening. Then she came up to the vanity table to put on some perfume. Charlesetta smellt herself and a sweet odour liked her very much. She guessed that the guys would also like it very much. Happily, Charlesetta made her way to the guys without putting on any garments.

As she walked down the corridor, the woman heard their loud laughing voices and their dirty jokes. Although she didn’t like that speech very much, Charlesetta understood that boys would be boys and they were on the edge.

She entered naked the room erotically and the guys jaws dropped with beer cans in the hands. They couldn’t tear their eyes away from her stark naked luscious body. It was glistening in the light and the guys’ eyes ran up and down her slutty body. As for Charlesetta, she felt like a teacher for these shy guys.

“Guys! Are you still dressed? I thought you jerked off your snakes as I was away!” the woman said in her tern voice and the guys listened to her carefully. “Time to get naked!”

Charlesetta smiled showing her white teeth and the guys were in a hurry to get rid of their uniform.It didn’t took much time for them and the woman liked what she saw. Their bodies were young and well-built, but their cocks were the most interesting feature that she liked mostly.

Joush and Jeff climbed up the king-sized bed. They laid in the centre of it and spread their legs wide. The guys fisted their cocks so that their shafts became vein-covered and very inviting as Charlesetta snaked forward between Jeff and Joush. When the woman reached her destination, she grabbed their swollen shafts. It was like the strongest jolts running through the bodies for both guys. They weren’t stupid and moved their hands away from their cocks immediately. The guys understood that it was time to meet the things they had been waiting for a long time.

Charlesetta held their shafts by the base without stroking them and asked, “Guys, I see you trained not only your muscles!”

Jeff couldn’t wait any longer and pulled her head to his cock. He was so persistent that the woman made up her mind to stop teasing them. She licked her lips again and stuck out her agile tongue out.

The guys had no small cocks and they were proud of them, but the ebony was very skillful in deep-throating. Jeff was shocked when Charlesetta managed to swallow his thick 8” cock in one gulp. Joush watched it and couldn’t believe his eyes too. It was so unbelievable.

As soon as she had swallowed it, her lips tightened around Jeff’s shaft, making it harder like never before. The guy let out a moan and threw his head back in pleasure. Charlesetta felt happy to see how much pleasure she was giving to him.

The woman was very good at it, but tried not to forget about his handsome-looking friend. Her hand was busy jerking off his 8 incher hard. His warm flesh excited her so much that her pussy clenched by the thought of being stuffed with it. Charlesetta couldn’t believe that she managed to put her hands on these well hung guys.

She didn’t have to be smart enough to understand that it was their first time with MILF. Charlesetta wanted to do her best. It was a great chance for her to have two young lovers at hand.

Her tongue started tickling the backside of Jeff’s cock as her nose was buried in his pubic hair. The tongue teased his shaft up and down. Charlesetta closed her eyes in pleasure and savoured the moment of sucking. The woman enjoyed the taste of his delicious pre-cum.

All that excitement drove her crazy and her pussy was getting wet. She felt her pussy tighten while she was sucking and stroking cocks. How much she wanted to cum now!

Joush felt the same. He looked forward to stick his cock into Charlesetta’s hot pussy and couldn’t wait any longer. The guy touched her hand that had been squeezing his veign-covered cock. The woman understood that she had to unwrap his cock. She released his cock from her grip and Joush was ready to fuck her hard.

Charlesetta produced slurping sounds very loudly during cock-sucking and it drove the guys mad.

In a hurry Joush slid out of this king-sized bed and stood behind her. He was staring at her bubbled-shaped ass high in the air and it was too much for him. The guy picked her hips up until Charlesetta appeared on all fours. She knew that the moment had come, but Joush wasn’t shy at this point and slapped her ass so hard that the woman startled.

She didn’t wait for the second slap and arched her back so that her dripping-wet pussy was on display now. The guy liked the look of it very much and he knelt down behind her. He put his hands on her luscious ass cheeks and the tip of his cock touched her pussy slit.

Surely, Joush wasn’t a gentleman when he buried his cock all the way in. It was so surprising for the ebony woman that she let out an audible moan.

As for Jeff, he was like in a trance as he heard her slurping sucking and his friend’s balls slapping against Charlesetta’s flesh, but the guy wasn’t going to open his eyes until he came in her experienced mouth. He could feel his cum boiling in the balls and knew that it wouldn’t take much time to squirt it. The guy was dreaming of coating her tongue and face with his white sticky liquid.

Joush knew that it would take not too much time to reach orgasm. He didn’t want to delay it, though. The sight of Charlesetta’s big ass slapping against his hips and the feeling of her juices pouring down his shaft and dripping down from it, made him crazy. Joush glanced at his friend and there was a pleasure on his face.

The room was filled up with loud moans and groans. Joush fucked her faster and faster with every thrust. His hairy balls were running in sweats and Charlesetta’s sweet juices.

“Oh oh yeah,” Joush screamed out, feeling his cum raising up his shaft.

The guy couldn’t wait any longer and sped up hammering the woman’s pussy like a madman.

Charlesetta’s pussy clenched tightly around his swollen cock as Jeff started shooting off. The hot stream of cum hit against the back of her throat and poured down her throat. The woman adored cum and it looked like she was a cum-addict. Charlesetta swallowed the enire cock so that no drop would be wasted. Her throat constricted with swallows.

The ebony woman could believe how much cum Jeff shot off. She thought that his streams of cum were endless, but they were finally over. Charlesetta had failed to swallow everything to the drop. Some thin streams poured down from the corners of her mouth. Jeff’s balls were covered with cum and saliva.

Jeff came to himself and his softaning cock slid out of Charlesetta’s cum-stained mouth. Then the woman stuck her sticky tongue and started licking cum off his hairy balls. She swallowed one ball after another, polishing them off. Just at that very moment Charlesetta began moaning very loudly and came enormously.

“Oh babe yeah! I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming!” Joush screamed out on the top of his lungs.

The guy was poundering the woman like a madman. She was cumming and her pussy tightened so much that Joush thought there was no room for his cock left. His cock gave the final stir and began shooting off thick streams. Joush froze as his juice-covered cock coated Charlesetta’s inner walls.

The three of them got lost in space and time. It was a perfect pleasure for the guys and they both knew that more would follow. The guys slowly got their cocks out of Charlesetta. Jeff’s cock was polished clean like he had taken a shower. Joush didn’t want to slid it out, because the woman’s pussy kept on milking his cock.

As soon as he had done it, a thick stream poured out of her mature pussy. Cum started dripping down on the bed-cloth from Charlessetta’s pussy lips and Joush’s cock.

Then the three of them flopped down on the blue bed and tried to recover their breath. Jeff stretched out a hand and grabbed a couple of beer cans. He helped himself with one and threw another to Joush. His friend caught it in the air and both guys cracked the beer cans open.

Jeff glanced at Charlesetta and said, smiling, “It’s no good for women to drink!”

He could fuck any situation up, but these guys’ laughter cheered the ebony woman up. She didn’t just know that they were going for another round, but Charlesetta wasn’t about to resist it at all.

Like Jeff, Joush was driven crazy with beer, anticipation of sex and sex itself. He wanted another round and put his hand on her ripe breasts.

Then he turned to her and glanced at her bit spunk-covered face. He lowered his young face to hers and gave a peck on her cheek. She was a very experienced woman and knew what was coming.

Squeezing her breast, Joush whispered her bare-facedly, “What about you being my cowgirl?”

There was no need for thinking it over and Charlesetta jumped on top of him. She was happy again at the thought of getting another intensive fuck. Saddling Joush’s body, the woman touched his cock and it was already hard. How much she liked the youths’ ever-hardened cocks!

The woman stroked it several times and directed to her dripping wet pussy. Joush just laid relaxed and enjoyed it very much/ Cum dripped from the insides of her pussy and lubricated his swollen cock properly.

Joush closed his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure as his cock started its way inside her warm pussy. As soon as his cock was burried all the way in Charlesetta started her marathon. Joush opened his eyes a bit and enjoyed the look of her bouncing ebony breasts up and down while she was jumping on his cock.

Jeff watched it without stopping gulping his beer. As time flew by he felt his cock got stiffened.

Charlesetta was impaled onto Joush’s huge cock and absolutely forgot about the second cock, although the woman was sure that his friend Jeff would join them sooner or later. She was in the seventh Heaven with hard cock pounding her slurping pussy.

In several minutes of watching Charlesetta’s hard pounding and slurping sounds of her pussy, Jeff was through with drinking. He creased the beer can loudly and threw it away on the floor. His hand instinctively moved to his cock until it squeezed his cock tenderly. He watched them and stroked his cock for about a minute when he made up his mind to join them.

Jeff wanted to set his cock in action. He raised up and made his way to Charlesetta. The guy turned out behind her back and watched his friend’s cock poundering her ebony pussy. Their mixed juices flowed down Joush’s swollen shaft.

Without giving it another thought, Jeff stopped stroking his cock and slapped her ass so hard that it rippled. It made her startle and let out a moan. Staring at the red fingertips he had left on her ass, the guy pressed his finger against her asshole. He was a real anal man, but he didn’t know if the woman let him do it or not. Jeff was surprised that her asshole wasn’t tight and she didn’t resist it at all. His finger to the knuckle entered her asshole easily.

“I’m sure babe you wanna be fucked! And fucked raw!” Jeff said matter-of-factly.

But the ebony woman didn’t say anything, just murmured something after the guy had added another finger and started sawing in and out of her brown asshole. Charlesetta liked her both holes to be stuffed and looked forward to his cock. All that time she couldn’t control her emotions and moaned louder and louder as she slid up and down on Jeff’s huge cock and Joush stuffed her asshole with two fingers. Joush could felt his friend’s fingers through a thin membrane that separated her holes. The three of them enjoyed the moment very much.

Then Jeff got his finger out of her asshole and stared at her puckered hole getting closed? But it was loose already for it and left opened a bit. As he watched, he grabbed his cock in his fist. Then he tried to take a very suitable position for fucking.

It occurred to him to try something new just at the moment he was ready to stick his hard cock into her ebony asshole. Joush and Charlesetta froze in awaiting Jeff’s cock in her ass, but Jeff started driving it into her stuffed pussy stretching it wider. Jeff felt the woman’s body stiff but she kept silence as his cock slowly entered.

Joush froze in anticipation of a coming action. He had never tried double vaginal penetration and considered that it was impossible, but he was mistaken.

Even if Charlesetta’s pussy was stretched and slippery it hardly took two young huge cocks inside. It took her breath away and she tried to get used to them. The guys felt her tension and waited for her to relax.

It didn’t took long for the three of them feel comfortable and they started their threesome.

Both guys tried to get into the right rhythm and they succeeded in several moments. Charlesetta felt two young swollen cocks hammering in her pussy. She had never felt so stretched and stuffed like this before, but she enjoyed it anyway.

Joush liked that feeling and the way the woman’s flesh slapped against his flesh. Her slurping sound made him crazy and he knew that he would cum in no time.

Jeff was in a hurry to grab his cock by its girth and got it out. Charlesetta immediately felt a bit empty and loosened. It made her confused what it was all about, but the woman calmed down in a moment.

This time Jeff started driving his swollen juice-covered cock into her ebony asshole. Joush was waiting until his buddy drove his cock all the way in. Jeff’s cock entered inch by inch until the guy buried it to the balls.

It was surprising but they found the right rhythm at once. Charlesetta liked the way two cocks poundering in both holes of hers at the same time.

Jeff knew that there were only several thrusts left for him to cum. He sped up thrusting back and forth and Charlesetta’s moves and moans drove him crazy. She moaned louder and louder and their pace became faster and faster.

The woman was coming to orgasm as Joush did his final thrust. He couldn’t believe that he shot off another portion of thick cum. It was the second time in a row. His young cum coated the insides of her bowels. Charlesetta began excited more and more as his wasted cock kept on sawing in and out of her asshole.

As soon as he had been through with her, Joush froze there enjoying the feeling of the woman’s pulsating muscles. He felt his buddy’s cock poundering in her rectum and her pussy clenched tightly around his cock.

Finally Jeff stopped and got his cock out of Charlesetta’s well-used asshole. Joush was glad to come back into action and resumed hard pounding.

It didn’t take much time for him to feel the woman’s pussy clench tightly around his cock. Charlesetta was in the seventh Heaven and she was having an orgasm. It was too much for her to experience so much excitement for one day. Juices were squirted on Joush’s cock coating it thickly.

Jeff closed his eyes and threw his head back in excitement. At that very moment he felt his cum squirting and mixing with her sweet juices. It was one of his best orgasms. He adored the sensation of Charlesetta’s pussy milking his cock properly.

In several moments of savouring their pleasure, the three of them were on the bed trying to recover.

They had enough for this day and started chit-chatting. It hadn’t lasted for too long before Jeff led it to his favourite topic, it was sex.

“You are something, Charlesetta!” he said, smiling and leant to her to put a kiss on her lips. “I’m sure if there is the entire batalion, you’d fuck’em all!”

“Surely, I could,” the ebony woman was shy any longer and smiled in return.

“I’m sure that you’d be able to wear them out!” Joush played his part in conversation.

“I think you should give me a try!” Charlesetta said, licking her lip.

“Ok, we’ll think it over!” Joush said and added, “but it’s time to be through with your lawns!”

Nobody said anything to it and they got dressed. They had too much work to do this day…

It goes without saying that there were more sex sessions of her with these guys. The guys often took their turn after her dogs had been through with her, but it wasn’t a problem for them. Their fun became more ragious when they invited their friends for having “a fiesta” with this ebony woman.

It was the experience no one of them could forget and remembered about it all their lives. They were very sad when Charlesetta moved to the west coast of the USA in the early 90’s and they hadn’t heard from her since then.

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