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My lady and I were in the clothing optional section of the resort; we were in the hot tub, we were nude. We were amazed we had the bravery to be there, our room was not in nude section but the hot tub in our section was full of drunks. We had seen the nude area hot tub a few of times since it was close to the gym and it had always been empty. We we did not expect company. We soon got some.

A brassy blonde about our age, (forty-something), joined us and said, “Hi, I’m glad to see I will have some companions tonight, sitting out here alone gets me depressed. Jerry shot his wad and is already asleep so he’s no company.”

Sandra and I inspected her and saw a fine looking woman with slightly sagging tits and slightly rounded belly, just like us. As she sat next to Sandra I noticed the woman staring at her tits, Sandra’s tits were still magnificent. The woman submerged completely in the water and helped herself get up by putting her hand on Sandra’s thigh.

“My name is Miriam, I have been here three days, four more to go.”

Sandra introduced us and Miriam got comfortably close to her; their thighs were in full contact. I could see all four nipples were fully erect by then and my cock was rapidly becoming so.

Sandra was a straight-laced, sexually cowardly woman but I knew she had always wanted a lesbian affair. She had chickened out of one while in college but not until after she had an orgasm. Twenty years later she still felt guilty about not returning the favor.

Sandra reached over and began to caress my now hard cock. Miriam’s hand was again on Sandra’s thigh.

“He has a nice one, the best thing I can say about Jerry’s is that it’s still functional, although not for very long.”

“This one is a marathoner, it has outlasted me several times.”

“Lucky woman,” Miriam said and moved her hand higher on Sandra’s thigh. They chitchatted about unreliable cocks and men for a while as Sandra slowly masturbated me and as Miriam caressed Sandra’s thigh.

Sandra fell silent for a moment and I saw Miriam’s hand was draped over my woman’s pussy. Sandra rejoined the conversation for a while until she moaned. I kissed Sandra and slid my hand to her tit.

Sandra moaned again then slid slightly forward on the bench and opened her legs. escort bayan Miriam immediately understood she had been invited and slid three fingers into Sandra’s pussy and began to rub the clit with her thumb. Sandra’s ride was frantic from the start and she careened through two orgasms.

Miriam slowed her assault to give Sandra time to recover but soon found her own pussy covered by Sandra’s hand. I could see no fingers. At first Miriam simply enjoyed the contact but Sandra apparently found Miriam’s clit and she was suddenly gasping for air. Miriam had an orgasm.

The women paused for kisses, those were tongue filled kisses which they enjoyed a lot more than I had expected.

Miriam then leaned past Sandra for me to kiss her. I looked at Sandra and she nodded so I gave Miriam a nice kiss and accepted her tongue in my mouth.

There was contented silence for a while then Sandra remembered that my cock was in her hand. She asked Miriam to sit on the other side of me and help her with it. She did and as soon as my cock was in Miriam’s hand Sandra let go of it and after leaning over me began to kiss and suck Miriam’s tits. I again kissed Miriam.

A few minutes later Miriam asked Sandra, “Please?”

Sandra sat up on the ledge of the tub and pointed at her pussy. Miriam knelt in front of her and began to eat her then Sandra said to me, “Fuck the hell out of her.”

I stood behind her and slid my cock into Miriam’s pussy and began a hard fuck that soon had her in a train of orgasms. After she loudly groaned into Sandra’s pussy they switched places and Sandra began eating pussy as I fucked her hard. Her loud orgasm was not completely muffled by the pussy in her mouth but it did produce a big orgasm for Miriam.

We stopped and sat as before but as soon as Miriam could breathe normally she gave each of us torrid full tongue kisses and left.

After a few moments Sandra said, “That was fun, I would do it again. I would not swap I don’t think, but I was very turned on watching you fuck her, probably because I knew you would not cum in her pussy. I think I will invite my college roomy to visit. I need to repay her favor.”

“Will I get to fuck her too?”

“If she wants you, she is a lesbian. You can fuck me while I eat her pussy altıparmak escort bayan though.”

“That I really liked. By the way I can see my cum oozing out of your pussy.”

“That looks so cool. Can you handle me one more time tonight?”

“I think so, lets walk to our room on the beach, we will know before we get back.”

“Let’s walk back naked.”

“Until we see kids, then we wrap towels around us. You sure are brave all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, ask me to marry you again.”

“Will you marry me?”


“Why the change of heart?”

“When you were fucking Miriam you were looking at me and smiled every time she brought me off. You have as bad a case of me as I have of you.”

We were past the pool and the café and walking down a very dark moonless beach when we removed our towels and were again naked’

We saw the resort’s beach loungers were stacked up on the beach except for one; there was a couple fucking on it. “My cock is ready again,” I said.

“Even though my pussy is still oozing cum it is ready for you.”

Sandra took a lounger from the stack and placed it next to the young couple.

“That is a good idea you two have,” she said to them and coaxed me onto my back and straddled me. The girl astride her lover smiled and resumed fucking her man as Sandra began to fuck me.

Both women had orgasms then we heard people coming. Sandra took my towel and placed it over the girl’s ass then did the same for us. Two couples walked by and we said hello. They walked on and the ladies resumed the fuck to another orgasm then paused as one of the couples returned, took down a recliner and began to fuck.

“Don’t stop fucking because of us. And thanks. This is his best erection in months.”

They were perhaps in their mid fifties, very slim. Their fuck was slow, Sandra and I were going faster and the youngsters faster still but all three women squirmed and groaned into orgasm simultaneously. I refilled Sandra with cum and apparently the other guys filled their woman’s pussy too.

After deep kisses to their men the ladies got up and kissed each other lovingly and we went our separate ways to our rooms.

Sandra and I left the next day. We married nilüfer eskort three weeks later. Even our children said, “It’s about fucking time.”

Her college roommate Cassie visits us every three months or so but so far hers is the only pussy Sandra will eat. I have not asked nor have I been asked to fuck her but all of us love sharing the same bed.

She will slide her tongue on my cock as it penetrates Sandra’s pussy when they are in a sixty-nine. Cassie will at times put her tongue between my cock and Sandra’s pussy when I take long strokes. As my cock slowly re-enters Sandra’s pussy it gets a complete tongue massage on the way in. She has at times guided my cock to her mouth. Sandra whines when she does that but so far has put up with the delay.

Sandra understands what is going on and loves it. When Sandra has to pause eating Cassie’s pussy I am always asked to keep it wet and I enjoy doing that, and apparently so does Cassie.

Once, when Sandra and I were fucked out Cassie draped her body over mine as Sandra went to sleep. My cock still had some rigidity to it and slid into her pussy. She said, “Hmmm, that felt better than expected.”

She gave me a long kiss as she pressed her pussy to my cock then slid off me and curled next to Sandra to sleep.

“It will be nice to fuck her too whenever that happens.’ I thought before I joined them in slumber.

I did not have to wait long. The next morning I woke up to kisses from Sandra but she was not the one fucking me.

“Cum in her,” Sandra said to me the left to make coffee.

Cass was very much enjoying herself and had a very nice orgasm. She kissed me and went to join Sandra in the kitchen. Three minutes later Sandra came back to bed, straddled me and fucked me with purpose. I ejaculated into her as she had an orgasm.

“OK, one I love you. You will hear that a lot for the rest of your life. Two, you may fuck Cass anytime she needs a fuck which I expect will not be rarely. Three, all your cum is mine. Coffee should be ready.”

“I love you, thanks for loving me.”

We kissed until we felt Cass plop in bed so I got up in search of coffee.

Several minutes later they joined me in my patio still nude and Sandra announced, “Cass has decided she is moving here. She got a job offer from the resort and is taking it. Until she can find her own place she will be living with us.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just kissed both.

That was two years ago and no one is looking for a place for Cass to live in. Maybe in another two years. Maybe not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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