Like Father, Like Son Ch. 02

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Xenia left the living room with the porno flick still playing and Nicholas standing in front of the leather sofa, waiting for her to come back. His pants had dropped and were gathered around his feet. He stepped out of them. His socks were flopping off his feet, dirty at the soles. He took the socks off and let them drop near the pants that lay in a heap on the floor.

Nick couldn’t deny that he wanted to know what his father’s involvement with Xenia was. Obviously they were fucking—how else would she know anything about his cock? It wasn’t like she was a doctor or anything. Still, Nick couldn’t imagine anyone like his dad being with anyone as sexy as this woman was. Xenia barely knew him and she had given him the best blow job he’d had ever. Just the mere thought was making him hard.

He stroked his cock absent-mindedly, occasionally rubbing his balls with his other hand. This was going to be different than all the girls he’d ever slept with. For one, they were all white– well, one was Asian, or almost was, as she left before the deed could be done. But Xenia. Xenia was not only black, but she was the blackest black person he’d ever seen. Her skin was like a piece of dark chocolate, the kind that is really expensive– and less sweet than bitter.

Nick looked around the room and wondered where he should be when she returned. He sat on the chair. The leather loveseat was comfortable, but it felt sticky against his naked butt– maybe from the hot chocolate he had spilled on it. He glanced around the room more. There was the rug, in front of the wide-screen T. V. It was off-white, shaggy– or furry, he couldn’t tell exactly which. At any rate it looked warm, inviting, and like a good place to get laid.

Nick pulled his shirt and sweatshirt off and walked over to the rug. He was standing on it in his bare feet when she walked back into the room.

“Are you ready?” she asked. She was naked, her sleek black body with all its curves standing before him. His cock rose, becoming longer and harder, just at the sight of her. “I see you are,” she replied, with a little smile. Xenia picked up the remote and turned off the T. V. , then dropped the remote, with a clatter, on the coffee table. When she walked over to him they were standing face to face– with her heels off, they were the same height. She ran her fingers through his dirty blonde hair. “You need a hair cut,” she said, tugging playfully at his hair. Then she gave him a long kiss, forcing her tongue between his lips and sucking gently. Nick returned the kiss, letting his own tongue enter her mouth. Her full lips were moist and incredibly soft.

Xenia laid Nick down on the rug and kneeled over him, running her long dark fingers over his pale body. His chest was covered in soft brown hairs and punctuated by two pink nipples. She teased his nipples with her nails until they hardened. Nick started Betturkey to say something, what he wasn’t sure of, but she put a finger to his lips to quiet him.

Next, the slim, dark woman raised herself a bit so her pussy was hovering over his face. She slid her fingers over her neatly trimmed mound and let one finger slide down the shiny black hairs, then underneath her, until the tip of her finger disappeared into her slit.

Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of it. The dark shiny curls, the hint of color he detected in the inner lips. He could smell her– a musky mix of roses, sweat, and sex. He breathed in as he watched, his eyes glazed over, his cock hard.

“You look like you’ve never seen pussy before,” she said in a gentle but slightly reprimanding voice, still working her finger in and out of her pussy. She gave a slight moan, then asked him, “How old are you?”

“Twenty….almost twenty-one,” Nick replied, voice strained. It seemed an unlikely question considering their activity, but he was too enthralled not to comply.

“Have you seen black pussy before?”

Nick shook his head and swallowed hard.

“So you haven’t licked black pussy before either…have you?”

Nick shook his head again.

“Or fucked…”

Nick shook his head.

Xenia tilted her head to the side, arching her back slightly as the muscles in her belly tightened. With her free hand, she parted the outer lips of her pussy to reveal the deep, reddish pink inner lips. It was then Nick saw her clit, the firm, round member hooded in more deep reddish pink flesh. She was rubbing a finger of her left hand in circles on it as she fucked herself with what was now two fingers instead of one from her right hand. She bucked gracefully back and forth, fucking her fingers and moaning. Xenia started making a hissing sound, in between sighs, which would’ve frightened Nick if he weren’t so turned on. Suddenly Nick was felt something wet spatter all over his face. Xenia was easing the massaging of her clit, but now she was groaning, as her orgasm waned.

Nick was amazed. She spurted her juice all over his face. He tasted some of her juices as it trickled down into his mouth from his lip. It was salt and milk with a little bit of tang. Now his cock ached, standing stiff and upright in the open air.

When her orgasm waned a bit, Xenia’s attention finally turned to him. “Come hear, baby,” she cooed softly, in a voice that until then, he didn’t think she could have. The harshness was gone. She put her hand under his head and lowered her pussy to his lips. “Lick it, baby,” she whispered.

Nick let her cum-wet pussy lips meet his, then stuck his tongue out to delve in. Xenia held her pussy lips open and let his tongue dart around her inner lips and at the entrance of her slit, lapping up her juices. “That’s it, baby,” she whispered, Betturkey Giriş moaning as she pressed herself against his face. “Eat it, baby…eat that pussy.”

Nick answered the encouragement by holding her firm black ass in his hands and burrowing his face deeper into her crotch. His nose rubbed against her pubic bone; His tongue searched out every area of her pussy. He sucked and licked, then lapped up the juices as Xenia came again, oozing more of her clear, tangy cum on his face.

“Mmmm,” she said, with a smile, running her fingertips through his hair. “I wouldn’t have taken you for such a good pussy-licker. You’re almost as good as your dad.” Xenia lifted her cunt away from his face and moved her body down his so she was kneeling with her hips hovering over his. “Maybe you’re as good a fuck, too.”

Before Nick could say anything, Xenia slid her cunt, wet with his spit and her pussy juice—down over his cock. He instinctively thrust up into the tight warmth. He felt the shag of the carpet tickle his lower back.

She held his hands at his side as she worked her pussy up and down his shaft steadily, but Nick continued raising his hips to meet her. He groaned as he felt the veins in his cock being urgently stroked by the walls of her dark hole. Her dark brown tits were swaying back and forth as she fucked him. When she noticed him watching them, she leaned forward and forced him to take one in his mouth. He sucked at the puckered nipple and moaned as she fucked him.

“Oh yeahhhh,” Xenia groaned, panting as she worked. Her body came down with a thud every time she filled herself with the entire length of Nick’s young white cock. She gripped her cunt muscles tight over it, just to hear him gasp. She liked the idea of taking him. She liked how compliant he was.

Nick hadn’t said much through the whole thing, but when he was about to cum, he told her so. He was afraid she might not be ready, that it might be too soon for her. He didn’t want to upset her, especially if this could all happen again. But when he cried out, “I’m gonna cum!” Xenia tightened her cunt muscles around his cock again and worked her pussy on him as if it were spindled to his dick.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck …ahhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh….” Nick shrieked, his face contorted, as he let go of a month’s load of cum. His limbs tensed, and he thrust his hips upward, pumping spurt after spurt of thick, white sperm into her dark hole.

“…give it to me…give me that cum, baby…,” Xenia whispered again and again, as she milked him, bucking her body against his.

Nick’s body relaxed, seemed to collapse underneath her. He batted his eye lids to keep the sweat, dripping from her forehead, out of his eyes while still gazing at her. Xenia was sitting on him with his cock still in her, her long dark legs laying along side his.

“Young boys get hard quick,” she cooed, looking down at him, her face close to his. “Do you think you can get hard and fuck me again?”

Nick gave Xenia a tired smile. “Yeah,” he replied.


Miles away, Stanley Hahn was looking out the window of his office which– from the fifth floor –gave a poor man’s view of the city’s business district. The snow was falling hard, hiding the grime of the smoke stacks bordering the city line. The initial clutter of traffic was waning simply because, today, smart people left work early.

Stan had wanted to leave early long before news of the storm. He knew Xenia was flying in for a few days and he wanted to meet her at the airport, or at least get home early enough to stop over for a little “refreshment”—a dry martini and a wet fuck. Instead, he juggled paperwork and endured– or dodged–endless phone calls from his wife.

10:00 am– “I’ll pick up Nicky from the airport.” 12:06 pm– “Do you think I’ll be able to get Nicky from the airport before the storm hits?” 2:00 pm– “Oh gosh, I hate to be out there picking up Nicky and get stuck in the storm.”

Stan got the idea from the second phone call. On the third, Stan replied. “Don’t worry. Stay home. I’ll ask Xenia to pick him up.” This had settled Caroline immediately.

How Xenia had gotten to be a trusted friend of Caroline’s was as good as anybody’s guess. Twenty years living in the Northeast did nothing to mentally or physically acclimate his wife to snow, but four months made Xenia someone she trusted enough to pick their only son up from the airport.

Stan finally left work around 7 pm. The roads were empty except for DOT trucks that were diligently plowing and salting the roads. He navigated his way through the first few miles of his commute thinking of Xenia– the sleek darkness of her legs, the way her nipples swelled after he sucked and bit them. The inner lips of her pussy weren’t just a fleshy pink, but a deep vermilion, a color that vibrated even more when she was wet and swollen. Vermillion, from the bottom of her slit to the turgid flesh that covered her clitoris.

He might be able to sneak over to Xenia’s by parking his car around the corner and entering her house through the back door. He’d have to eat snow walking the tract, but it would be worth it. When he got there, he’d lick her for hours, while she tugged his hair so hard his scalp would redden and throb. He would endure the pain because he knew he would soon return it– by flipping her over on her hands and knees, grabbing her short hair with both his hands and pulling her head back with it while ramming his cock into her. He would only turn to tenderness when he fucked her asshole, and even then, the words that would come out of both their mouths– as he inched the length of his dick into the small, slowly relenting hole– would be just as brutal.

He couldn’t get enough of her. She brought him out of a dull middle-class life into something that made him feel again. He would have her. And he would have her tonight.

-to be continued-

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