Like Minds Ch. 02

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This is a work of complete fiction, and any resemblance to real persons or events is unintended and purely accidental. All characters are over 40.

This story contains descriptions of male bisexuality, hence it being catalogued in Gay Male. I do hope you enjoy and follow the storyline, and recommend for context that you read the previous chapter prior to reading this one.

Story Tags: gay first time, bisexual male, cum eating, golden showers, piss drinking, prostate massage, auto-fellatio, sexy spit play, sodomy, ass licking.

Approx. 6000 words.

~ . ~

April 2000. Chicago, IL

Continued from Chapter 1.

“Speaking of wining and dining,” I suddenly realized, “I should get to work on our dinner. But first, how about a quick rinse in the shower. Join me?”

There was plenty of room for both of us standing in the large tub, and we made out for a bit beneath the gentle spray of the shower-head, devouring and savouring the semen-flavoured wetness from each other’s mouths. Suddenly I felt something else – a second warm stream hitting my genital area.

Alex was pissing on me!

I broke out in laughter – how could I react any differently? I looked down at him going back and forth, and then pointing it up toward my chest.

“That’s my first golden shower! How generous of you,” I blurted out sarcastically, unable to keep myself from laughing.

Not only did I find this novel situation rather comical, I found it downright erotic as well – joined as we were and so into each other sexually.

“I wasn’t sure if you would appreciate it, but went out on a limb anyway,” he uttered submissively, his pale yellow stream now faded to a dribble.

“Maybe I can find some for you too,” I hinted, as he massaged my ball sac with his soapy fingers.

“I’d like that,” he replied, looking up at me with smiling eyes.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, and a few seconds later managed to coax out a modest flow, and Alex directed it over his beautiful cock. Watching him engorge so soon after he’d nutted was a clear indication that this was something he was really into.

I’d never really craved engaging in this particular activity before, beyond a mild curiosity. However, the seed thus planted, I had no doubt it would be something we might revisit later, as our relationship deepened.

As I was finishing we kissed passionately again, then got back to the business of cleansing each other before stepping out and drying off.

We headed for my kitchen, remaining comfortably naked. I cracked us each a beer and set to work, and we chatted while I chopped, diced, rolled and sliced.

I’d worked in an old Greek family restaurant in Toronto – it’s probably long gone now – as a student at York University in the mid-70’s, and had learned much from the grizzled old cook between long bouts of drudgery of scrubbing pots and pans and peeling potatoes. Alex seemed spellbound as he watched me whip up a spanakopita and stewed lamb, and even helped with some of the grunt work.

Once everything was done and either in or on the stove, we switched from beer to red wine and lounged on my sofa, flirting and teasing each other and playing with our re-awakening cocks.

“May I ask you a few personal questions, Rick?” Alex asked.

“Of course, anything. Shoot.”

“Have any of your previous girlfriends sucked your cock after you’ve cum in their pussy?”

“Just one, the girl I lost my virginity to – the only one I was with who even liked the taste of herself. But none of the others seemed keen for that sort of thing. I can’t imagine why not..”

“How about the opposite – have you ever gone down on a woman after you’ve cum in her?”

“Oh yeah. Love a good creampie.”

“So you enjoy the taste of your own cum as well?”

Alex’s line of questioning was having an obvious effect on my arousal, and he smiled as his eyes darted between mine and my now-raging cock.

“Yes, of course. Why do you ask?”

“Indulge me, please, I’m only trying to gauge your kinkiness scale,” he answered, his hand gently stroking my shaft as he spoke. We kissed some more before he continued his interrogation.

“You felt really good licking my ass. Done that before, then?”

“Oh yeah, as long as it’s clean – and even sometimes when it isn’t. I’ve done that for all of my lovers, but alas, no one has ever done that for me – before you came along, anyway.”

It went without saying that he was the first man I’d done this with.

“I love anilingus, giving and receiving, same as you. I could do it for hours on end. Wanna sixty nine for a bit?” He asked.

“Sure!” I answered enthusiastically, and we wriggled ourselves lengthwise on the sofa on our sides facing each other, but positioning ourselves to reach our lower nether-regions .. balls and ass that is.

As we licked and fingered each other’s holes, he continued his detailed line of questioning.

“Do you enjoy kissing me after I’ve licked you here?”

“Immensely. I’m very Çankaya Escort orally inclined, if you haven’t figured that out already,” I chuckled. “I find it equally erotic to experience your hunger for my mouth after I’ve gone down on you too. Is that also true for you?” I asked, before plunging my tongue right back into his ass again.

“Yes — ooh..” He moaned in response. “You and I are so much alike.”

He immediately reciprocated, and the room filled with slurping sounds as we engaged in this very intimate coupling for several more minutes.

“How about sucking cock. Had you ever fantasized about doing that, before we met at the pool?” He asked, his finger now replacing his tongue and gently rubbing all around my opening.

“Well there was that brief attraction when I was young, but at that time I never thought about specifically doing that over any other activity. I was very naive about homosexuality back then – and what men did for each other that precluded the involvement of a woman – which probably was a factor in me not pursuing it at the time.”

I felt one of his spit-slickened fingers now slip deeper inside me and begin to massage my prostate, and I reciprocated in kind before continuing.

“But once I hit my late thirties, I began to wonder about it – about actually doing it. Maybe it was porn that was the catalyst, I don’t know. I just got off on watching cock-sucking videos and imagining what it might be like to be the woman in that scenario. Until I met you, I never would have been able to summon the courage to go out and look for it though.”

“Did I meet your expectations?”

“You exceeded them beyond what I’d imagined. I loved the act of submitting to you, more than I ever thought I might. I’d gladly get down on my knees for you anytime Alex,” I added, and slid his semi-erect and profusely leaking cock into my mouth to slurp up his juices.

“So you’ve never tasted another man’s cum, then..”

“Well, I think maybe I have, but not intentionally though..”

“I’d like to hear more about that.”

“Oh, this one girlfriend I was doinking in high school, I later found out she was fucking half the school hockey team at the same time she was dating me. I don’t know how many times I started eating her out, and thought, wow, she is so amazingly wet. It took me a while to realize the she tasted the same before and after I fucked her.”

That prompted a good natured laugh from my companion.

“So you don’t mind the taste, then? — Of cum, that is.”

“No, I love it – and yours is very sweet, no bitterness whatsoever. What’s your secret?”

“Healthy diet, exercise, hydration and .. pineapple juice. A big glass every morning does the trick.”

“Well I’m getting on that program then!”

“I’m so glad you’re telling me all of this. I think it’s important to open up about ourselves to prospective partners.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I told him.

“And we should also talk fetishes. I want you to confess everything you would want, and not want to do in a relationship with me and I will to do the same for you. There’s no better way to assess compatibility than that. Honesty up front. Are you ready to get into the dirty details?”

“I sure am. Let’s go for it,” I suggested, taking another gulp of wine.

“OK. Let’s start with one the milder ones. You and your girlfriends ever get into pee play?”

“No, never. I did mention it once to a previous lover, a long time ago. But it was met with shock and derision, so I never brought it up to anyone again.”

“Well you won’t get any of that crap from me. How would you feel about feeding me your piss?”

I admired how candid Alex was being with me – it was the sort of conversation I never had with past lovers, but probably should have in hindsight.

“I would gladly do that, if it was something you craved.”

“Would you kiss me after I took your piss into my mouth? My face covered and dripping in your nectar?”

“Yes, of course I would. And,” I added, “I would gladly drink in yours too. As long as we were all well hydrated.”

“Have you ever tasted your own?” He asked.

I hesitated a bit before answering, somewhat embarrassed by what I was about to reveal.

“Y-yes, I must admit, I have. One day after a few beers with friends after work at the pub, I came home, cracked another beer, read a story on-line that just happened to feature that very subject-matter, and then got into the tub for a leisurely soak. It wasn’t ten minutes later I had to go, but I was too lazy – and too comfortable – to get out.

“I held off quite a while, but then, bulging full from all the beer and with faded inhibitions, thought what the fuck – and let it go right there in the bath tub. I don’t know what got into me, but I aimed it right up into my mouth, curious about what it would be like. I was actually surprised that it didn’t taste all that bad. I have to admit, I’ve even done it a couple of times Keçiören Escort since, but can’t unless I am very well hydrated.”

Our conversation was having the obvious physical effects, and we were pretty close to the edge of yet another orgasm. We both took a break from our mutual cock-sucking and I flipped around to get on top of him.

“Have you ever engaged in cross-dressing?” He asked me point-blank.

“No, that’s not something I’ve ever really thought about, or have come across in my experience,” I answered honestly. Being very masculine and adorned with dark hair over my body, I could scarcely imagine seeing myself as in any way feminine.

“I would probably look rather humorous if I did..” I added with a chuckle.

“Would it turn you on if I did it?” He asked.

Gazing at his chest, the idea did seem tantalizing, and I told him that I would be open to that, if it was something he enjoyed.

From the moment I’d first seen them, I felt strangely drawn to Alex’s breasts. They looked very effeminate with larger than normal nipples and areoles than I had seen on any man – more like one would expect to see on a youthful, small-breasted woman. I kissed and teased them, as he held my head against them and moaned with pleasure at my attention.

Alex was completely hairless other than his head, and a mere dusting on his armpits. The thought of him in woman’s lingerie – a visual I had not thus far entertained in my imagination – came to the fore and not surprisingly gave me a rise. If anyone could pull it off, he could.

“Well so far I think we’re both on the same page. Now, here is a biggy,” he said, changing the subject once again. “What are your feelings about engaging sexually with other partners? Is that something you would entertain, or would you prefer a strictly exclusive relationship with me?”

Knowing a bit about Alex’s fuck-buddies, I figured this would likely come up; and I’d already had a chance to give it some thought.

“I have to confess to being practical here. I’ve been in relationships where extramarital sex has worked, and in others where it didn’t. Honesty – to me – is the most important component of it.

“If you’re like me,” I continued, “then if you see me deriving pleasure with others in a nonthreatening way, you will be totally non-jealous, and take great joy at sharing in my ecstasy, as I would yours. But if you are not, then you will feel lonely, isolated, and double crossed.

“I’ve thought about you with Hans and Rita. I’d never want to deprive you of that relationship, and if the three of you are all agreeable, I would love to join in that with you – even if only to watch.”

“That’s awesome – and more than I’d hoped for,” Alex reassured me. “I’ve already told them all about you and I can’t wait to introduce you. I guess you could say that we’re in a polyamorous relationship; I’m not currently intimate with anyone else – besides you, of course. And I have no intentions on expanding to other partners.”

I pulled Alex into a kiss, our faces both smelling of each other’s sex.

“What about BDSM — do you enjoy being dominant or submissive?” He asked.

“Well I’ve always been the dominant male figure in past relationships. But what you showed me today – well, I would love to explore more of that side of me too.”

“Do you like to .. discipline? Or be disciplined?”

“Well, I think there’s a little of that in all of us,” I answered candidly. “I’d love to explore my limits on both sides of the fence with you, Alex, and your limits too.”

Alex shuddered just a bit, as though he got a chill. But I sensed that it was out of thrill and not fear, and our kissing became all the more intense.

“I would really enjoy being tied up and flogged, and forced to submit to your will, Rick.”

I pinned his arms back, and aggressively rubbed my cock over his, the pre-cum leaking from us making both of us slick with desire. I wanted him so bad, and went down on him again, pushing up his legs and licking his ass crack with vigour and purpose. I lifted his hips up and spread his cheeks exposing his hole in all its glory.

As I held him like that and licked him there, he curled and bent at the spine to give me even better access. I marvelled at how close the end of his cock came to his lips – perhaps only three inches away. Had he been fully aroused, I surmised, he might just be able to reach it.

I reluctantly filed that thought away for later though – I could tell from the smell of the food cooking that I would have to break away from our coupling and tend to it, and apologized for having to do so.

“Hey, don’t apologize for cooking me dinner!” He exclaimed.

“We should really eat I suppose..” I added, my stomach beginning to growl with anticipation. We were well into our second bottle of wine already, and both of us were buzzing nicely.

~ . ~

Dinner was everything I expected and more, especially having someone to Etimesgut Escort share it with. Alex was so impressed that I thought he might have a spontaneous orgasm right there at the table.

“That was the best meal I’ve had in months – hell, probably in years. What do you do for an encore?” He asked.

I rose up from the table and knelt down right beside him.

“I take you to my bed and waylay you, that’s what I do.”

We kissed for a few moments, then he answered me.

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you come with me to my bed and have your way with me there?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed.

I was anxious to get a look at his place anyway – I’d heard when I moved into this building that the upper floors where he lived were all condos, but at the time I got my apartment none were available for viewing. And besides, I wanted to rent for a year before buying and get a feel for the market before I started looking in earnest.

Alex insisted on helping me clean up the kitchen first, which we did before taking the stairs up the west side of the building two levels to the 21st floor. His was the first door on the left – 2102 – and what an elegant flat it was.

There was at least double the floorspace of my apartment, a spacious kitchen, a sprawling living room overlooking the lake to the north, and a wrap-around balcony. Top that off with two bedrooms, both with ensuite baths and a two-person jacuzzi tub in the master, and you have a truly top-shelf bachelor pad.

I was all but drooling as he gave me the tour, especially at his oversized tub, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Care to share a soak?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

“I’d love nothing more!” I answered.

As he filled the tub with hot water, he showed me how he liked to prepare for ass play, using a syringe and warm water to rinse out his rectum.

“Just a little bit, three or four times, cleans you out nicely. That way, if you are in a committed relationship, you can bareback with confidence.”

“Speaking of..” I interjected; “I didn’t bring a condom with me. Do you want me to get one?”

“I’m good without it if you are,” he winked at me. I gushed over his confidence in me, and couldn’t wait to feel him bare. And after all, we had both just been tested.

When he was done his clean-out, I repeated the same procedure, under his guidance.

“Not too much at a time,” he cautioned, explaining that doing so would be counter-productive. I took his word for it.

We turned on the jets, climbed into the tub and proceeded to lather each other up. Once thoroughly clean, we played with each other’s cocks under the bubbling waters, as our mouths joined in co-exploration. Kissing was definitely one of Alex’s strong points, and the variety of things he could do with his lips and tongue amazed me.

“I want to taste your ass again Alex. Before I fuck it, that is.”

“How about right now?” He replied, turning and kneeling invitingly in front of me.

“Oh yeah..” I said, burying my face in his crack.

The more I rimmed, reamed and rammed my tongue deep into his ass, the more I craved exploring even deeper.

He moaned, groaned and wailed as I gave him a long and languid round of anilingus – I must have eaten and fingered his ass for a good twenty minutes. He rocked gently back and forth and his ass all but came alive, opening and closing, pushing and pulling, squeezing and releasing my tongue and fingers as I offered them into his depths.

I found his prostate and massaged that as he’d done for me earlier, his reactions leading me to his sweet spot and telling me exactly how much pressure he liked.

As he squirmed with glee, he confessed his need to relieve himself before moving on to other pleasures.

“Would you like to taste me now?” He asked, standing and turning to face me.

I think both of us had anticipated that things were heading in this direction, and though we’d drank a lot of wine, we also drank plenty of water as well. Yet still, his invitation made me shudder with nervous expectancy.

“Yes, I would, Alex. Quench my thirst for you – please..” I told him, opening my mouth in willing submission. I’d never tasted another’s piss, but now craved his more than anything.

Well, he certainly did give it to me, and a substantial volume at that.

For the first few seconds, I took hold of him and sprayed it all over my face, drenching myself in his nectar. Then, I bravely aimed the clear stream for my open mouth, filling it to overflowing, and taking my first taste of another’s into me.

The taste and smell of him was indeed very innocuous, and I took several gulps of him down with ease as I looked up into his eyes, allowing all that I couldn’t keep up with to cascade down my chin and chest.

When his stream finally began to wain, I took his whole cock into my mouth, sealing around the base with my lips, and drank the last bits that he gifted me as he stroked my head affectionately.

I sucked him back to life, and felt him rapidly engorge, pushing his throbbing head deeper and more firmly into my throat.

“Do you have some for me too?” He asked inquisitively.

I just smiled and stood up, and we kissed for several moments sharing the taste of him before he fell to his knees looked up into my eyes, and opened his mouth to reciprocate in kind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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