Lily does as she is told Pt1

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Lily sat flicking between tv channels. She had no interest in watching any program but she had to keep herself occupied somehow. She had been waiting for this day for weeks. In her fantasies maybe months or years. She stood up and checked herself in the mirror again. She was looking exactly how he told to. Luke had kept telling her how perfect she was but he had never actually met her. What if he didn’t like her? She was not sure she could stand the crushing disappointment. Her previous relationships had been awful. She had been mentally abused and continually put down by men. She had really chosen partners badly. In her mind, this was her last chance. Luke seemed so compatible. They had chatted online for two months and they had so much in common. Not the least their sexual desires and fantasies. But so much else. Luke had taken total control of this relationship and Lily loved that. She trusted him completely. But she was smart and knew how badly online stuff could go in real life. So that just added increased nerves. Her hands were literally shaking at the prospect of meeting Luke.

She looked back in the mirror. She considered herself quite plain. A little over 5’3” with ginger hair. Not dark red but actual ginger. A few freckles too but her concealer managed to cover those. She wore the pale red lipstick he requested and the blue eye shadow. She was wearing the drop earrings he had sent her. She thought she look okay. She had picked a light blue skirt – that was about the only thing he had left as her choice – but even that had to be the right length. Just above the knee. A white button up shirt he had told her. Nothing fancy. And matching colourful lingerie. She had a nice blue set she had been saving for some occasion. This was going to be that occasion. Luke had conceded that she could wear flat shoes as Lily really did not like or suit heels. Maybe one day she will wear them for him. She thought she might like him to fuck her whilst wearing them. But that was some way off yet.

She glanced at her watch on her right wrist and then fiddled with her charm bracelet on the left. That was another gift Luke had sent her. He had been so generous. He had to be too good to be true. He told her he was wealthy. Property investment he said. But other than the gifts he had sent, she had no proof of that. He was devilishly handsome too. Or so he appeared in his pics. They had never video chatted so she had no proof of that either. They had spoken on the phone so she knew his voice. He sounded so lovely. He was so complimentary to her. Told her how beautiful she was and what a lovely sexy voice she had. He made her feel sexy when he spoke to her. And he was funny. Luke made her laugh. She had been through some dark times recently but meeting Luke and chatting with him had lifted her spirits right back up again. Her family had noticed the difference in her. They were curious about him and she told them almost everything she knew. What she had not told them was that they met in dom/sub chat room. Not sure they needed to know that. Lily had always identified as submissive. In all aspects of her life. She wanted someone who could take charge. Luke seemed to be that person. He was 34 years old, eight years older than her and the perfect about of experience to be able to control and care for her. Too good to be true. He had to be.

Lily had told a friend about Luke. Told her she was meeting him and when. gaziantep rus escort She was going to text her to let her know that she was safe and that he turned up. They even came up with an escape plan to get rid of him if he wasn’t who he said he was. A safety net had been put in place. But she hoped she wouldn’t need it. She was desperate not to need it. Her thoughts had run away with her a little and it was now 6.59pm. He said he would be there at 7pm. She didn’t really doubt it. When Luke told her something, he had a way of making her believe it. His voice and the things he said invoked such trust. The second hand on the kitchen clock ticked round that last minute. Lily watched it as her breathing got deeper and deeper. Suddenly she could hear a car pull up on the driveway. She crossed her fingers and closed her eyes. Seconds later there was a tap on her kitchen door. Lily had told him to come round the back to avoid the neighbours seeing and that was also how she mainly entered the house herself. This was it. Was her life about to change or was this another loser?

She opened the door and beamed a huge smile. Luke stood there smiling right back. It was her Luke. The one in the pics. Even more handsome in real life. He handed her a large bouquet of flowers. Lily hadn’t really even noticed he was carrying them, or the overnight bag, she was so pleased he was real. She accepted the flowers and also a kiss on the cheek. She ushered him inside and started looking for a vase for the flowers. She was babbling to him about his journey and how lovely the flowers were. What she really wanted to say was ‘YOU’RE REAL’. She finally dumped the flowers in the vase and drowned them in water. She could arrange them properly later. She pointed towards the lounge.

“Shall we go through?” She suggested. Luke ignored her momentarily. He moved towards her slowly, raised his right hand to her cheek and pulled her towards him. His hand still on her cheek and his other one now on her waist, he kissed her. On the lips. Her beautiful red lips. It was a soft lingering kiss. Firm but gentle. It turned Lily inside out. Her head was spinning. When the kiss stopped, he took a step back.

“Hello Lily. I’m Luke. Pleased to meet you.” What a fucking introduction! Lily thought to herself. I want to marry this man.

They sat on her couch side by side. Close together but not making contact. And they chatted. Seemingly for ages but don’t ask Lily what was said because she was oblivious. She was happily chirping back to him and smiling constantly but her mind was racing and her brain was flooded with endorphins. She couldn’t recall being this happy. Ever. After maybe twenty minutes of this, Luke edged closer and put his arms around her waist. He began kissing her again. Similar to before but this time with his mouth slightly open. He held her upper lip between his two lips and run his tongue across it. Then did the same with her bottom lip. She pressed her lips back hard in response and then felt his tongue delicately enter her mouth. Again she responded and their tongues touched. This lasted for about a minute and finished with Luke giving her a soft kiss just on her closed lips. She sighed and he cleared his throat.

“How about a cup of tea?” He asked. All this kissing had given him a thirst apparently.

“Of course,” Lily replied. Very rude of me not to have offered.

“Not at all princess. We were busy.” He called her princess. She had seen him type it to her but this was the first time she had heard him say it. She felt like a princess too. She floated into the kitchen and came back with a tray with two cups of tea and some cake she had baked.

As they sat and drank tea, ate cake and chatted informally about work, life and family, Lily thought that this could not be more pleasant. Luke was a perfect gentleman. She mostly stared into his gorgeous brown eyes as they spoke but she also checked out the rest of him without being too obvious. His broad shoulders and wide chest impressed her most. He was wearing a Pierre Cardin button up shirt and whilst he looked quite elegant, the shirt was struggling to hold his masculine frame. His belted trousers fitted nicely around his squeezable bum and his shoes were beautifully clean and polished. Lily had a gut feeling though. Something was about to change. A skeleton he had to reveal. A lie he had told. There had to be something wrong. She guessed only time would tell. Lily finished the last of her tea and placed her cup down.

“That was lovely cake.” Luke commented. “I hope you’re not full though.”

“I am a little bit.” She replied with a puzzled look.

“Oh that’s a shame.” He paused slightly. “ Because you’re going to get a mouthful of cock now. “ Lily blushed. Not sure if he meant it.

Luke slipped off his shoes and stood up. He pointed to his belt and looked into Lily’s eyes.

“Really? Now? Here?” She queried with him.

“Absolutely.” Was his firm response. It was in a deeper voice than he had been using up to now. Lily trembled a little.

She stood in front of him and undid his belt. His trousers followed and he kicked them off. She folded them and put neatly to one side. After prompting, she then unbuttoned his shirt and slid it from him, folding it and making a nice pile of his clothes. He placed his hand on her shoulders and pushed her onto her knees. She stared at his boxers. There was a distinct bulge to one side. She gulped and slid her hand into the front slit of his boxers immediately finding the cause of the bulge. Her hand fitted nicely around his cock and she set it free. Her first look at his penis. It wasn’t huge but a good size. Six or seven inches and still soft. She put it into her mouth and began sucking. While it was still soft she could get almost all of it in her mouth. Her tongue worked around the head and underneath the shaft and soon it started to stiffen. It was now too big to swallow it all. And it got incredibly hard. It also stood perfectly upright and was almost pointing at the ceiling. So much so that Lily had difficulty in holding it horizontal to keep sucking on it. She was concentrating on the head mostly now, her lips working hard and her hand helping out too. Luke uttered a ‘fuck’ and so she knew she was doing a good job. It was one thing she was confident of. She liked to please.

As busy as she was down there, she tried her best to maintain eye contact. Luke looked down at her and played with her hair. Her gorgeous ginger hair. He really wanted to come across those near-orange curls. And her face. He had long thought of covering her freckles in his jizz. But they had plenty of time for such fun. He had a pussy to tame first. He helped Lily to her feet and kissed her deeply. He could taste his cock on her tongue. She could feel his cock pressing into her stomach. It was dreamily stiff. Alex reached his hand towards the top button of her shirt and played with the fastening for a second. Then without warning her ripped his hand down her front removing all the buttons and leaving the shirt in tatters. Lily gasped.

“Nice lingerie.” He observed. “I approve.” She wanted his approval. It made her feel good. “Let me see the panties too.” She thought that was a request for her to show them to him but it wasn’t. He had hold of her arms tightly and twisted her round so she was facing away from him. Now conveniently positioned facing towards the side of the sofa, he bent her over the arm and lifted up her skirt. The bottom part of the lingerie gained equal approval as the top. He ran his fingers across the silky material. Lily emitted a sound which was like a sigh but a higher pitch. Alex raised his hand and spanked her bottom. She shuddered in delightful anticipation of another. He did not disappoint. This was harder and more on the fleshy part of the cheek. It was a tiny bit painful. Deliciously painful.

Several more followed until her ass developed a glow. It was time now. He pulled at the gusset of the panties and moved them to one side to make way for his throbbing cock. Edging forward, the glans made contact with the hot, soft, wet outer lips of her pulsating cunt. He kicked her feet a bit wider so that she was at a better height and guided his rock hard erection inside. She bit her lip as she could feel his whole length resting perfectly in her vagina. He slid his cock three-quarters of the way out and thrust it back in. He timed his thrust perfect with his hand as he spanked her again. She yelped.

“Do you like that?” He asked in a rather non-polite way.

“I love it. I fucking love it. Give me your cock!” She urged.

“No. Beg for it. You don’t demand.” The reprimand hurt her more than the spanking.

“Sorry sir. Please can I have your cock?” He paused. “Please sir?” She was forgiven. He rewarded her with several more full length thrusts and the same number of spanks. He pushed her head down so that it was now below her hips and her ass was up in the air. He took a handful of her hair again and used it to gain purchase as he slammed his manhood into her increasingly soaking hole. The deeper he went the more his balls swung and hit Lily’s clit. Nothing could excite her more. Being fucked and controlled by Alex was the best. Maybe one more thing could push her over the top. Yep, there it was. She felt his seed shoot out of him and mix with her own cum. Jets of it. Wonderful. She felt it a little inside of her but even more when she stood up and it oozed through her lips and trickled down her leg. Warm and comforting.

She hugged him in post-coital bliss. He held her in his arms and kissed her softly on her forehead.“I have something for you.” He told her. She made a purring sound.

“Oh, what’s that?” She replied curiously. He went to his overnight bag and unzipped a side pouch. He clasped the contents tightly in his hand and walked back towards her. He was still naked and Lily was mesmerised by his beautiful cock swinging side to side as he walked. When he reached her, he made her turn around again. She felt something tightening around her neck like she was being strangled. Then it loosened and she looked own. She was wearing a collar. A patent leather collar. She put her hands up to feel it.

“You belong to me now.” Alex whispered forcefully. Lily beamed.


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