Lisa Missed The Bus and Her Cherry

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Very special and big thanks to redwing2655 for his editing expertise, which made this story great. This is my second submission and appreciates your comments to get myself improved and encouraged.


Kenneth Wagner was flabbergasted!

He couldn’t decide if he was insane or not. An hour ago, he was a king. Now, he’d been reduced to shit! At the age of 43, an executive for a multinational group of companies, he had always maintained his status, in and out of the office, among his community and his near and dear ones.

But what happened a bit ago changed all that!

Visuals of the last hour unfolded in his mind. He could not erase the images from his memory, nor reverse the activities that took place.

It was around 3.00pm Saturday when several of his teenage daughter’s friends assembled in his house. They had gathered before leaving for a party hosted by another girl, to celebrate her graduation. Gatherings at his home were regular occurrences. Since his daughter had been 14, her friends had used the house as a friendly haven. Now, his daughter was growing up, having turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. None the less, her friends still used the house as base for their various activities.

The girls were cracking jokes and chattering cheerfully around the pool. Kenneth was with them, as usual. A concerned father, he was always there a part of the group whenever he was around. The girls always seemed to welcome his presence. He has been associated with this bunch of playful teens since they were all 14. Kenneth always treated his daughter Debbie’s, friends with caring and respect.

That said, over the last couple of years, he had secretly admired their growing bodies, budding breasts and developing curves that transformed their childish bodies into breathtakingly beautiful teenagers. He had a few favorites, especially Elsie, Karen, Kelly, Wendy and Lisa. All were slender and cute, sharing a resemblance with his daughter Debbie. Wendy and Kelly seem to be born coquettes, with an amazing talent for teasing. He’d had numerous encounters with both that had put him in difficult situations. Of all, though, Lisa was the most beautiful girl in the pack. She was innocent looking and comparatively tranquil. All of them had been in his fantasies for many years. In fact, he had already taken their cherries during many of his dreams.

Today, Lisa didn’t turn up in time to go to the party. The rest of them waited a while, trying to contact Lisa on her mobile without success. Finally, they decided to go on to the party. It was getting late and they were getting hungry. The party featured a BBQ feast, so, even in the absence of their friend, they left to satisfy their appetites.

Kenneth was aroused after his time with Debbie’s friends and waited until they left to obtain relief. This wasn’t a usual happening, since his wife deserted him about three years ago. At 5’11” tall, he took care of his body with regular workouts, maintaining an attractive appearance. His black hair was graying at the temples, which made him look mature and intelligent. Ken had just settled down at his computer, logging in to his favorite website to get a suitable erotic story. Just then, the doorbell rang.

He was surprised to see Lisa standing outside with an innocent smile.

“Oh dear, you have just missed the bus!!! They just left for the party!!”

“I overslept and got started little late” she answered.

“Debbie was desperately trying to call you on mobile?” Ken complained.

“Yeah, I had it on my bed while I was sleeping and forgot to bring it” said Lisa, dejectedly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drop you at Emily’s place. Make your self comfortable I’ll be ready in a minute” Ken volunteered.

“No Ken, that’s OK. In fact, I don’t want to go. I’m tired and it would be very kind of you to just let me use your pool to relax. It sure is a hot day and a swim would be just the thing to cool it off.” Lisa said in a persuasive tone.

“Well you haven’t had to ask for my permission to use the pool since you were a child.” replied Ken, looking at her slender body and admiring every inch of it. Lisa’s presence sent shivers through his body. Especially as he realized that would mean he and Lisa were going to be alone in the house. Standing there in the door, he couldn’t help but look longingly at her young body,

“I really appreciate your letting me use the pool” said Lisa, pretending she didn’t notice what he was staring at. She had first seen that same attention when she was 14 and starting to develop. Ken would watch her as she walked into the spare bedroom to get dressed after a shower or swim. Today, she didn’t mind him watching her like that.

“You can use Debbie’s room” said Ken, watching her teenage body from behind as she strolled into the house.

“Thanks, I’ll be right back”, said Lisa as she disappeared toward the bedroom.

He appreciated what he saw. The rhythmic movement of her round firm ass and her gorgeous, babyish body Cami Halısı caused his penis rise to a semi erection.

In few minutes, Ken heard the sounds of Debbie’s room door closing and the opening of the sliding door to the backyard. He walked downstairs to the visitor’s washroom, where he had good view of the pool area. She was wearing a multi coloured bikini. Her budding breasts were barely covered by the bikini top and the bottom was cut low, covering very little of her tight round ass. Ken could not take his eyes off the teen’s almost nude body. He eyed the space between her legs, covered by a tiny triangle of cloth. Suddenly he had an urge to smell the aroma of her teenage pussy.

He walked back to Debbie’s room. As he expected, Lisa’s clothes were neatly piled on Debbie’s bed with her cotton briefs on top of the pile. That was just what he was hoping for!

Ken took Lisa’s pink panties and sniffed the tiny crotch, which is still gave a hint of her warmness. The strong scent of her pussy induced a full erection and Ken started stroking his shaft while wearing her panty on his head in a way that kept the crotch pushed up to his nose.

Then it happened! Ken got caught red handed!!!!!

He was about to shoot his load when, from nowhere, Lisa entered the room.

“Oh God…… Ken!!! Oh…… Sorry, I’m sorry” said Lisa, as she turned and vanished from the room.

Kenneth Wagner is flabbergasted!


It was all an accident. He would swear that. He never meant it to go as far as it did. But it happened so quickly, so unexpectedly that, at the time he didn’t even realize what was happening. How could anyone blame him? It could happen to any man.

Ken needed to apologize. Not only apologize, he needs to know what Lisa thought about the embarrassing incident. He went to visitor’s washroom and went out to the pool. Lisa was nowhere to be seen, by the pool or in the backyard. Ken looked for her in the poolside changing room, the front garden and a spare bedroom. Where was she? Had she gone home? How can she do that in a swim suit? Those questions tugged at Ken’s mind.

Dejectedly, he went upstairs and entered his room. As entered, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was Lisa, lying on his bed staring at him, clad only in her tiny swim suit. For a moment he didn’t know what to say.

“Liz, I’m sorry….I’m terribly sorry about what happened.” Ken stammered. “It’s my fault and I…I… really don’t know what to say” Ken stammered.

“No Ken, it was my fault. I should have knocked before entering the room. So I interrupted you. After all, this is your house.” said Lisa gesturing at the tent in his pants.

“No I… I… mean about sniffing your panty?” said Ken in a guilty voice.

“Oh, forget it! How many times have you done it? I am sure you’ve used Debbie’s as well. I think it’s pretty normal for a man…wanting to smell pussy, I mean” said Lisa, closely monitoring his reactions and body language.

Ken was shocked. “What? How did you know I’d done it before? How come you think it’s normal?” asked Ken.

“Forgive me Ken. There are enough of your soiled shorts in the laundry room. There were instances when I’ve put some on and roamed around this house the whole day, just thinking of you!” Lisa smiled at him and answered.

“Oh God!! Does Debbie know about that?” Ken exclaimed. At the same time, Ken became convinced and relieved that there would be no repercussions over what had happened in Debbie’s room. But he still had a half-naked young girl on his bed and wondered where things are going to end. It’s evident that Lisa was up for mischief. The question was, how far would he let it go?

“I think all girls do what I did and all men do what you were doing little while ago. Debbie’s probably no exception! Anyway that’s not my problem.” said Lisa directly, staring at the bulge that became more visible with every beat of Ken’s heart. “I can see MY problem clearly. It’s kind of obvious, Daddy, that, I interrupted you at a bad time and you’re suffering because of it!”

When Lisa called him Daddy, he got chilled. It gave him the feeling that he was contemplating incest with his daughter. “You interrupted me, before I could cum. It doesn’t go away on its own for quite a while” said Ken, looking at her near naked body, with lust in his eyes.

Lisa found it difficult to look Ken in the eye, glowing as they were with lust. But today, she was purposely late to Debbie’s place with a purpose and a plan. Things that had happened made putting that plan in play a lot easier. “What can I do for you Daddy?” questioned Lisa playfully.

She was certainly a stunning girl but, because of her age, society prevented him from doing with her what he wanted. If anything goes wrong, he knew he’d be in trouble. Still, could he resist?

“You’re beautiful, Liz” said Ken in a husky voice, staring at her stunning teenage body, almost in disbelief that this was happening.

“Daddy I’ve Cami Halıları never seen a real live penis and now I want to” Said Lisa in a sexy voice, removing her swim suit and dropping it to the floor. Totally naked, she walked towards him. Ken has never seen anything like her! My God! She’s so sexy. So beautiful! He thought.

“C’mon daddy,” she said, taking hold of the top of his boxers, “Let me see your thing.” She pulled them down over Ken’s hips and knelt in front of him. His cock jumped out, throbbing in front of her as his underwear disappeared.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, touching his cock with her dainty hand. She wrapped her fingers around it and stared up at him. “It’s just so great, I never thought that it would be this big” she said, holding it and looking up at him.

Ken knew that his boner wasn’t a world-beater, perhaps just a bit above average at around 7”. When she described his cock as big, he immediately knew she was inexperienced and looking at her first cock.

Ken bent over to touch her shoulders, which made his cock back away from her face. She held onto his cock and said, “Don’t take it away, dad, I need it.” Ken straightened up, making his cock hit on her cheek. She giggled like a child, moved her head a little and kissed the head of his cock, then stuck her tongue out and licked it.

She looked up at him. “Is it OK for me to carry on? This is much sexier than I thought!”

“Well, I don’t know baby, if it’s OK with you, I’m fine. In fact I like it very much!” said Ken, as he pulled her face towards his cock and said, “Kiss it,” in a pleading tone. The little angel was more than willing. Lisa parted her tiny lips and took his cock between them, tasting a cock for the first time in her life. She put her lips around the head of Ken’s cock and starts licking and sucking.

“How do you like it baby?” asked Ken.

“It tastes kind of salty.” said Lisa.

“Lick the underside of the tip,” Ken instructed. Lisa obliged immediately. Her beautiful little tongue snaked out and licked the underside of the head of his cock. Ken almost exploded.

“Put it in your mouth” said Ken. Lisa put the knob of his cock in her tight little mouth. The sight of her dainty hand wrapped around Ken’s cock and her pretty face was too much for him. Ken pulled his cock out to prevent him from exploding. It came out with a slurp and a plop. Lisa looked disappointed.

“I’m going to cum,” said Ken, as her eyes flicked up at him. Ken felt his cock stiffen, jerk and shoot out a load. Lisa made a funny, surprised noise and pulled her head away. She got the first thick stream of his white cum on her lips and chin. The second stream hit her face, nose and cheek. As Lisa leaned backward, the next shot landed on her tiny breasts.

She had a good look at the action and asked, “Is it over?”

“Yeah, Ah at least for a while” said Ken. Lisa sported a big grin on her face, licked her lips and ran a hand over her face, gathering Ken’s cum. Then, she used the same hand to scoop the cum from her breasts. She held the hand close to her face and took a good look at it. She looked up at him, sniffed her hand, and looked at him again. Then, her tongue naked out and licked his cum off her hand.

“Mmm… not as bad as I thought” She looked up at Ken again and said “Next time, I’ll just swallow. This time you didn’t alert me”

Ken gazed at her pretty, cum drenched body, burning inside with lust. His great view of this beautiful teenager, with cum dripping from her chin to her tiny, perky breasts, was more than enough to maintain Ken’s hard-on, even after a massive orgasm. He couldn’t believe this beautiful eighteen year old girl was kneeling in front of him, licking his cum from her hand. He looked at her face again and couldn’t believe that those beautiful tiny lips were around his cock a moment ago.

“Do you think that I’m old enough to flirt with you?” she asked in a playful voice, gazing directly in to his eyes with her innocent smile.

“You don’t have to ask. There’s hard evidence right in front of your face!” answered Ken, looking down at her breasts. As she watched him admire her body. Lisa got up and lay back on his bed. Ken sat down besides Lisa’s beautiful slender body.

“Your thing is so big, daddy,” said Lisa, staring at Ken’s cock. “I can’t imagine how you put a thing like that into a girl?”

“Up to now, I haven’t met a girl who couldn’t take it” replied Ken.

“Were they virgins?” inquired Lisa.

“Well, a few of them were.” answered Ken, as he rested his hand on her bare thigh. She shrugged, but didn’t protest. His fingers crawled slowly up and down her thigh, lengthening the range with every stroke until reaching the bare triangle where her thighs met. He patted the soft flesh of her mound while pushing a finger towards her virginal crack. She gasped and tilted her head to watch. Slowly, his fingers stroked down into the crease of her pussy, sliding softly across her small clit. Automatically, she spreads her legs. She was dripping wet. He inhaled the feminine scent emanating from her childish love hole. It made his cock rock hard.

“Dad, I… I am a virgin!” said Lisa in a trembling voice.

“I’m not surprised to hear that. So, what do you want me to do? Do you want to remain a virgin, even after today?” asked Ken.

Lisa knew exactly what she wanted, even if she didn’t know how to make it happen. “Not exactly, I… I… don’t know dad. Whatever you want” answered Lisa, ambiguously

“Lisa, you’re very young and I have to ask you to be decisive and very sure of what you want. Otherwise we have to stop right now!!” said Ken, with concern in his voice. Inside, though, Ken was desperate to fuck this sweet young thing.

Lisa was taken aback by his comment. She didn’t want to miss this opportunity, after coming all this way, especially as she had planned to loose her virginity tonight.

“Dad, I want you to be my first. Please make me a woman. Take my virginity now.” Lisa pled as she lay back on the pillows.

Ken crawled on top of her, laying his body over hers and spreading her legs. That made his iron hard cock press against the soft, warm mound of her pussy. Lisa worked her hips up and down to get her pussy to rub against Ken’s hardness. Ken kissed her lips lightly, then moved on to the softness of her small breasts and licked her nipple. Lisa moaned with ecstasy as his hot mouth closed on her erect bud, his tongue circling it hungrily. She’d never felt anything like it in her entire life. His sucking made her hips move up and down with urgency. Ken slowly moved his lips downward, across her belly to her mound. In the process, his hands reached around to caress her ass. He squeezed her cheeks, kneading them with his hands.

As Ken moved between her legs, she closed her eyes and moaned softly. He had a good close look at her sweet little pussy. He parted the tiny lips of her cunt with his fingers and pushed his tongue between them, softly, like a paint brush, and licked her young slit. Lisa wrapped her legs across his back and pulled him to her cunt, rocking her hips towards his face. Lisa’s hands were on the back of his head, urging him on. She was totally turned on and knew what she wanted. Ken was more than happy to oblige.

She cried aloud at the feel of a man’s tongue licking her clit for the first time. She pulled Ken’s head tighter against her and spread her legs as wide as she could, allowing him to penetrate her with his tongue, which snaked up and down, stimulating her clit. As Ken continued, Lisa started a slight rocking motion, as if she were riding his tongue. With his experience, Ken could sense her passion rising, as she started pulling him harder into her pussy. He had the feeling that she is going to cum.

“Oh Oh Ah… Ah Aaaaa No.. no… Ken…Noooooo” she moaned as her first orgasm ripped through her little body. Her clit went into overdrive. She locked his head between her thighs in an effort to get him to stop.

No more dad, please, no more,” she begged. But her slim body betrayed her as she continued to rub her pussy against Ken’s mouth. Finally, she stopped moving, with Ken’s head in her hands. He looked up and saw her eyes closed and mouth open, gasping with the pleasure.

He crawled up and kissed her mouth again, letting her taste the juices from her own cunt. The position they were in made his iron hard cock press on her wet slit. It aroused her so much she was trembling. Ken has no idea how anxious she was to be fucked by her best friend’s dad. He moved his hips, sliding his cock over the moist, soft lips of her cunt. She responded with a deep groan.

With their lips glued together, he used his legs to push hers apart. Lisa knew what was coming next. She lay there as Ken positioned himself, reached down and placed his cock head between her pussy lips. He pushed forward slightly and her outer lips wrapped around his cock head. He looked into Lisa’s eyes and realized that she was completely ready to give her cherry to her best friend’s dad.

Lisa realized that she needed to help him any way she could. She raised her legs, bending at knees until her thighs pressed against her small breasts. She moved her hand down, holding the lips of her cunt apart while Ken guided the head of his cock into her tight little pussy. She looked ready to take him in full, like an experienced slut. She didn’t realize that her tender hymen would stop her, at least temporarily from taking it too deep.

Ken felt himself sliding into her an inch at a time. He saw the pain on her face. Her childish canal was very small and, though well lubricated from his oral attentions, she was still very tight. Ken was on his knees over her, with the head of his cock about two inches inside her tight hole, when he confronted the wall of her cherry.

“It hurts, dad” she said.

Ken held her lightly around her hips and said “Don’t stop now. Relax baby. Relax your all muscles. It’s almost in.”

A tear swelled at the corner of her eye. He wiped it away with his thumb. She tilted her head up and kissed him, her lips smacking on his. Ken moved his hands down to her ass and pulled her up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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