Living Out Linda’s Fantasy

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Saturday afternoon, Linda drew a bath for me. It had jasmine scented oil, and was just right. I stripped off my clothes and sank into the warm, refreshing water. As I relaxed, Linda got naked. I thought she was going to join me, but she grabbed the shaving cream and a razor. She told me to relax while she shaved my legs. I lifted one leg up and let her get to work. Before long, both my legs were smooth, and shiny. Next she shaved off what hair I had on my chest, and my underarms. Then she told me to stand up, so she could trim my ‘bush’. She took off all the hair on my balls, and shaved my pubes so that just a small patch was left above my dick.

I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with this, but I knew it meant kinky sex, so I went along with it. My dick was semi hard the whole time. I assumed that Jimmy was coming over for another kinky evening of sex with us. Ever since his last visit, while we made love she often made me tell her how much I liked wearing panties and sucking his cock while she watched. I was aroused at the thought of doing it again.

After she was done, I dried off and met her in the bedroom. She went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of red satin panties, and a matching satin bra. She threw them to me and said, “Here, put these on.”

As I pulled the panties up my freshly shaven legs, I thought for a second that by pulling these on, I am an active participant. This time, I couldn’t pretend that I was being made to do this. It kind of scared me for a second, until the cool smooth satin was on my ass, and around my cock and balls. Then my dick began to swell, and my stomach did a little flip, and I decided I didn’t care. This felt wonderful.

As I finished putting the bra on, she pushed me onto the bed, and climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately. Her hands were rubbing my ass through the satin, and it felt great. I could have cum right there, but she stopped. She grabbed my hair, and slapped my face lightly.

“You’re going to be the bitch tonight,” she said with a smile.

She got up and handed me some black thigh-high stockings. They felt SO sexy as I pulled them up my smooth legs. I was really starting to feel the part of the bitch. I stood up, and Linda applauded.

“Nice legs, bitch,” she said. Then she whistled. I blushed a little, not knowing how to react.

She took my hand and led me back into the bathroom, where she started to apply my makeup. I never dreamed she would go this far, but there I was looking at myself in the mirror as she applied foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. The whole thing took over a half an hour, and was not much fun, but the end result was good. I looked very feminine when she applied the lipstick. (It was about the same shade as the panties and bra I was wearing).

She lead me back into the bedroom, and showed me how I looked in the full-length mirror. It was unbelievable! I looked very much like a woman. I started to get hard again, and she wrapped her arms around me and started fondling me through the panties again. Her caress through the satin was so erotic I thought I would explode.

Linda saw the big spot of precum on the panties, and slapped my ass. She said, “Look what you’ve done to your panties. We can’t have that.” She pushed me onto the bed, pulled down my panties, and started to suck my dick. I don’t think it took 2 minutes of that before I was cumming in her mouth.

When I was done, she climbed up over me and kissed me with her mouth still full of my cum. We kissed for a while, trading the salty cum back and forth, until she abruptly stopped. She slapped my face again, and harshly said, “Swallow, bitch”! So I swallowed.

I suddenly felt very intimidated, and submissive. She could sense that, and told me, “That’s not the last load of cum you’re going to swallow tonight,” and she laughed. She went down and sucked my dick some more, until I was soft, and all the cum was drained out of it. I lay there and wondered what she meant.

When she was finished, she went back to her drawer, and pulled out another pair of red satin panties, and threw them to me. I took off the ones I had on, and put on the clean pair. She had gone to the closet, and brought me a white blouse, and a half-slip. “Here, bitch. Put these on” she demanded.

I put on the blouse first. I noticed in the mirror that you could make out the bra I had on underneath. “Stop checking yourself out, and get dressed, Little Miss Priss,” she told me. I pulled the slip up, and tucked the blouse into it. As soon as that was done, she handed me a black nylon skirt. I pulled it up and smoothed everything out. Linda wrapped a thick shiny red belt around my waste, and buckled it.

“Too bad my shoes don’t fit you. Everything else does,” Linda said. “We could save allot of money, if we could share clothes all the time,” she laughed. With that, she turned me around to look in the mirror. I was stunned. I looked very good as a woman. I probably couldn’t pass, Bostancı Escort but I was very fuckable, I thought.

“Let’s do something with your hair. Get a chair and bring it in here, so I can curl your hair,” she said. I left for the kitchen, and felt very self conscious, as if someone might see me. At the same time, I was turned on by the thought of being seen. It seemed like it took forever to get back with a chair.

She told me to set it facing the mirror, and came over with a curling iron, and started to curl my hair. I asked her, “What are you up to with all of this”?

She said, “You know Jimmy’s little sister, Laura”? “Yes,” I replied. Linda got very serious and said; “I’m going to tell you something about her that you can never tell anyone. Promise”?

“I promise,” I said. I noticed that my voice inflection was softer than usual, as if I had begun to take on the part of a girl.

To make a long story short, Linda told me that Laura had gone on a date with a guy in high school, and he took her out on a back road and raped her. When she got home, she told Jimmy, who put a plan in action. She made another date with the guy, and had him take her back to the same place. When they were both naked, she laid on the horn, and Jimmy and 4 of his gay friends jumped out of the woods, and dragged the guy out of the truck, and beat him up. Then they made him put on Laura’s clothes, and they gang raped him.

“When she told me about it, I had to pretend to be shocked, and repulsed, but my pussy was dripping wet thinking about it.” Linda told me. “When Laura told me that the guy came, without anybody touching his dick, I thought I was going to cum, myself,” she went on. “Feel my pussy,” she told me. I put my hand on her pussy, and it was drenched. She was VERY turned on.

By the time she was done telling me, she was also done with my hair. It looked very nice. I had been turned into an attractive woman. I didn’t spend much time admiring it, because she took my hand and lead me to the downstairs family room. “Make us some gin and tonics. I’ll be right back,” she told me.

As I was making the drinks at the bar on the one end of the room, I heard her talking to someone on the phone. I couldn’t make out what she was saying, and the call was very brief. When she came back, I handed her a drink. She sat down, and told me to walk for her. As I walked across the room, she was telling me to sway my hips more. And when I turned, I should let the skirt fly a little. After several trips, I was getting the hang of it, and enjoying the feel of the various fabrics on my body as I moved.

Linda got a compact mirror, and lipstick out of her purse, and told me to freshen my lips for her. I did so, and just as I finished, the door burst open. I was terrified! Here I was dressed like a woman, fixing my lipstick, and somebody was coming in. I shrieked like a girl.

In walked Jimmy and three other guys, all of them smiling at me, and chuckling. “Nice job, Linda,” Jimmy said to her. The others mumbled their approval as well. I wanted to shrink away and disappear, I was so embarrassed.

Jimmy threw me a pair of 3-inch red leather heels, and said, “Put these on, bitch. I bought them for you.” I sat the lipstick and compact down on the coffee table, and started putting the shoes on. I decided to just go along with whatever was going to happen.

When I was done, and stood up, I looked at Linda, and her eyes were sparkling, as she looked at me. Then I noticed that the four guys were looking at me like a piece of meat, too. I decided that this wasn’t so bad after all. I started to walk like Linda had instructed me before. This brought whistles from the guys, and even Linda. I turned, and walked seductively to the far end of the room, and Linda followed me. “Nice ass, baby,” one of the guys said.

“Wait till you see,” Linda told him. She put her hand on my shoulder to stop me and told me to lean forward a little. She bent over and pulled my skirt and slip up slowly, showing them the top of my stockings, and finally my panty covered ass. I was treated to shouts and whistles from the guys. I wasn’t feeling embarrassed anymore, in fact, I was getting horney again.

Jimmy came over and wrapped his arms around me, holding my arms at my sides. He started to grind his crotch into my ass. I could feel his hardon rubbing up against my ass. I was unable to move, and it felt great. The satin felt so sexy on me as he ground into me.

Meanwhile, Linda and another guy were moving the coffee table out of the way. Jimmy suddenly spun me around and shoved me towards the guys. Because of the heels, I tripped and fell, my face coming to rest right in front of one guy’s crotch.

Linda was back on the couch by now, and she said, “Pull out his dick and suck it like a bitch.” They all laughed, and at that moment it hit me. I was going to be used by these four guys for whatever they wanted. I was a little frightened by the thought, Anadolu Yakası Escort but I pulled down his zipper, and reached in to pull out his cock.

It was already hard. This was only the second time I had ever seen a hardon besides my own. His was as long as Jimmy’s but not as thick. “Come on, suck it,” Linda shouted. I took it into my mouth and began to suck him off.

Since, he was smaller than Jimmy, I found I had more room to play with it. I was bobbing my head up and down, with my lips very tight around his shaft. At the same time I found I could rub my tongue up and down that “V” shaped cleft under his head. That’s it, slut. Suck me just like that,” he said.

Linda was watching intently, and asked, “Do you like that, whore”?

That gave me an erotic rush, as I felt the hem of my skirt brushing my knees, and his hands on my head, holding me so he could pump my mouth better. “MmmmHmmm,” was all I could say, because I couldn’t get his cock out of my mouth.

I heard Jimmy unfastening his belt, and pulling down his zipper. When I heard his pants hit the floor, I knew what was next. We had had oral sex before, but this time, I knew he was going to fuck my ass. I was afraid, but I had been curious about it, so tonight was going to be it, I resigned.

Linda and the guys started to undress, and I felt Jimmy’s hands on my hip. He lifted me up so that I was on my hands and knees. This caused the cock to slip from my mouth, as my head was much lower now. The guy I was blowing took the opportunity to get undressed.

Jimmy lifted my skirt, and slip, and pulled my panties down part way. I felt him smear some lube on my ass, and he rammed 2 fingers up my ass, all at once. It hurt, but he kept going, jamming his fingers in and out hard.

The other guy was naked now, and he knelt in front of me, and slapped my face with his dick. I opened my mouth and he slid his dick back in. Now I had Jimmy pumping my ass and another guy pumping my mouth. I felt like a submissive girl, being used as a slut.

I looked over at Linda, and was surprised to see that she was sucking some cock, too. That turned me on, and I began sucking harder.

Jimmy pulled his fingers out of my ass, and quickly got behind me and put his dick up against my ass. “This was it,” I thought. I couldn’t really move, because Jimmy had my hips, and another guy was holding my head, and shoving his meat in and out of my mouth. I didn’t think I wanted to get away, anyhow.

“Linda, stop sucking cock, and watch me fuck this little slut,” Jimmy said.

Everybody cheered, and Linda came over and slapped my ass. “Be a good fuck, slut,” she said.

With that Jimmy rammed his dick all the way up my ass. It hurt like hell. He pulled it all the way out, and rammed it back in again. I was trying to scream, but the dick in my mouth muffled the sound. I tried to move my mouth off him, but the guy just held tighter, and kept stuffing his cock into my mouth.

Jimmy kept ramming his pole into my ass as hard as he could. There was nothing pleasant about it. He was making sure it hurt. He was raping my ass, right in front of Linda, who was now masturbating furiously. “Rape the bitch, Jimmy! Rape her,” she shouted, then began cumming like crazy.

I realized that Jimmy wasn’t going to stop until he came, so I started to squeeze him with my ass on the backstroke. My strategy paid off, because he soon said, “I’m going to cum in your ass, bitch.” This set Linda off cumming again, and the guys all cheered. Jimmy slapped my ass hard, and it made my asshole suddenly tighten around him even more. It hurt like hell, as he swelled up and began to pump his cum up my ass. I could feel my ass getting all squishy, and as he finished pumping his cum into me, it finally was much easier to get his cock in and out of my ass. Not that it was really pleasant.

Finally, he pulled out of me, and slapped my ass again. “Thanks for the fuck, bitch,” he said.

By now, I had stopped sucking the cock in my mouth, from all the pain, so he pulled out of me, too. I kind of collapsed on the floor, with my skirt around my waste, and my panties around my knees. I was exhausted. Linda came over and sat her self down on my face. Her pussy was wetter, and more engorged than I had ever seen it before. “See what you do to me, bitch,” she said. She rubbed her pussy all over my face, and I was soaked.

After a minute she got up and went back to the couch. Linda asked, “Who’s going to fuck her next”?

The guy I had been blowing said he would, and lifted me back up onto my knees. “Oh no,” I thought, thinking how much it hurt when Jimmy fucked me. He held my hips, and stuck a few inches of his dick into me, and stopped. Maybe it was because he was smaller than Jimmy, or maybe it was because of the cum acting as a lubricant, but it didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt good. He wasn’t pumping in and out, he was just moving it around in my ass. After a few seconds he slid it Ataşehir Escort in farther, and stopped again. This time, when he moved it around it felt even better. He kept doing that until he had his dick all the way in, and then he started slowly sliding in and out of my ass.

I started unconsciously moaning, as it felt good. Jimmy looked up and said, “The bitch likes it”!

Linda came over, and grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to look at me. She asked me, “You like getting fucked, you little sissy slut”? Just then he hit a spot on my prostate that made me moan loudly. “Yes,” I said, meekly.

“Me too,” she said, “Somebody fuck me.”

One of the guys came over, and she got on her hands and knees, so I could see him enter her pussy. He slid his dick into her cunt easily; it was so wet and ready. He started fucking her hard, and she came almost immediately.

I was getting into being fucked, too, and we were both moaning from the fucking we were getting.

The guy she had been sucking off came over and knelt down in front of me and roughly shoved his dick in my mouth. “Suck it, you whore,” he said.

Once again I had a dick in my ass and one in my mouth, but this time I liked it. I was still moaning from the fucking I was getting, but now my mouth was full of cock, and not much sound came out. I began to really enjoy it. As the guy pushed into my ass, I used the momentum to go down on the dick in my mouth. As he pulled back, I lifted my mouth up his shaft. It was a nice rhythm.

“You slut,” Linda said, “You cock sucking, fucking slut”! With that she came again.

The guy fucking her said he was cumming, and she stopped him. “No! Cum in her mouth,” she told him.

He quickly came over and replaced the guy who was fucking my mouth. The smell of his dick, mixed with Linda’s pussy was very strong, as he smeared his cock all over my face.

“You like that, bitch,”” he said, and then he shoved his dick into my mouth all the way to my throat. I started to gag, but Linda, said, “Swallow his cock, slut.” He was pushing to get more of his dick in, when the guy fucking my ass suddenly pushed hard. I relaxed my throat, and it slid all the way in. My nose and chin were sloppy wet from Linda’s cum in his pubic hairs. There I was, dressed like a girl, with my panties down, and 2 dicks all the way into me. I felt like a total slut, and my girlfriend was there to watch the whole thing.

The guy fucking my mouth started to moan, and Linda told him to cum on my face. He pulled out, and I stroked his dick a couple of times, and a huge glob of cum shot out, hitting me in the cheek, and the bridge of my nose. He stuck it back into my mouth, and I sucked more cum from it. “Don’t swallow, bitch,” Linda told me, so I didn’t. I just kept sucking as more and more cum filled my mouth.

When he was done, he pulled out, and sat on the floor. Linda came over and pulled my head up by the hair, and slapped me hard. That caused some cum to spill out of my mouth, and run down my chin.

“Blow bubbles, bitch,” she said, and slapped me again. I pursed my lips, and blew a big bubble with the cum. She burst it with her finger, and it splashed onto my nose and face lightly.

She slapped me again, and said, “Blow cum bubbles, you slutty cunt.”

The guy fucking me slapped my ass hard, and I involuntarily swallowed all the cum. That made Linda, and the others laugh.

Suddenly, I felt the dick in my ass swell up, and he started to thrust hard. My ass was stretched out and pressure was on my prostate. It felt SO good. He began to cum, and that squishy feeling was back again. He pumped a few more times, and then collapsed on my back. Soon, he pulled out and rolled off me. I fell to the floor, too.

There was still one guy who hadn’t cum yet, beside myself. He came over and rolled me onto my back, and pulled my panties off. Then he hooked his arms under my legs and bent me in half. He was face to face with me, as he slid his cock into my ass.

“My turn to fuck you, you disgusting slut,” he said.

He slid in and out easily, I guess because of all the cum in my ass and the 2 previous fucks I just had. The angle he was fucking me at caused constant pressure on my prostate, and I started moaning like a girl, because it felt so good.

Linda looked at me, and said, “You like being a slut, don’t you”?

I was in kind of a dream state from being ridden like a bitch, and I said, “Yes.”

“Tell him,” she said, “Tell him you like it, whore.”

I started saying, “I like it.” Then, “Yes”! Soon, I was shouting, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder”!

I was in a frenzy trying to get as much of his dick into me as I could. I was fucking him back, like I had done this a million times. Soon, I felt myself start to cum. My ass tightened around the dick that was fucking me, and I came. Each time I shot, I felt my ass tighten around him. I had my arms around him, trying to pull him deeper yet. I had cum all over my skirt, and belly, and I was loving it.

Then it was his turn. He tensed up, and started cumming deep in my ass. I squeezed, and milked him for all he could give me.

Soon, he rolled off me, and after a few minutes, Jimmy said, “Lets go, guys. We’re done with this bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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