Locker Room

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Jenna was finally able to get into the shower in the locker room. She was still pissed that the other girls had hidden her clothes and shower supplies all over the locker room after their college swimming class in the pool. She didn’t understand why the girls would pick her out as the person whose things should be hidden. Whatever, she would just have to move past it. She went back into the very nice shower room at her college to try and get a quick shower in before her next college class.

Before going to the shower she looked at herself examining her naked body as most girls do. She felt like she had a little too much weight around her stomach and she wished she could be a bit skinnier like so many of the other girls. Though she did have to admit her extra weight did give her some great curves. She turned to the side and admired her thick butt, which she ran her hand along squeezing it gently. She then checked out her breasts in the mirror. She was definitely very proud of her Triple D breasts and groped them for a bit. She had to stop herself though or she would just start masturbating in the locker room. Jenna shook her head to bring herself back to reality trying not to think about how long it had been since she had last gotten laid and walked into the shower room.

She quickly turned on the shower making sure to try and get it nice and warm. Once she felt the water was warm enough she stepped under the shower and began getting her body wet. She pushed her hair back underneath the water enjoying the warm water cascading over her body. All the sudden the water went ice cold and Jenna jumped out of the water with a scream.

Shit, Jenna thought to herself, all the girls must have used all the hot water while I was searching for my stuff. Jenna was standing just out of the freezing water shivering wondering what she was going to do next. I really need to get a shower before my next class, Jenna thought to herself. Finally she thought of the perfect solution. She could go to the boy’s locker room and take a shower there. The boy’s practice had ended slightly before the girl’s practice so surely all the boys were done with their showers now since guys take much less time in the shower. Jenna turned off her cold shower and wrapped a towel around her body and snuck out of the girl’s locker room. She looked down the hallway and saw that no one was there so she quickly walked across the hallway to the boy’s locker room. Jenna looked around the boy’s locker room and it seemed like no one was there.

“Hello,” Jenna yelled down the locker room hallway. When no one responded Jenna took that as a sign that the locker room was empty. She then proceeded to the boy’s shower room and seeing no one there she assumed that she was good to take a shower here. She removed her towel and turned on one of the showers. She was relieved to find that the water was very nice and warm.

“What are you doing in here?” said a guy from behind her. Jenna yelped and grabbed her towel to cover herself turning around to the guy who had suddenly entered the shower room.

“Where did you come from?” she asked the guy who had surprised her.

“Hey I asked you a question first. You do know that this is the boy’s locker room not the girl’s?” he asked her giving her a quizzical look.

Still trying to cover herself with her towel Jenna said, “Yes I do know that this is the boy’s locker room but there was no more hot water in the girl’s locker room so I came over here. I announced myself before I came in here and no one said anything so I thought the locker room was empty. Why didn’t you say anything when I said hello?”

The guy looked back at her and said, “Sorry I actually didn’t here you say hello because I just came through the other entrance from the outside of the building. I was just running around the track for some exercise and thought I would come in here and get a quick shower before going to my next class. My name is Matt by the way. Sorry I surprised you again. You know if you want to stay here that’s okay I’ll just take my shower on the other side of the shower room. Are you okay with that?”

Jenna looked back over at Matt and said, “Yeah that’s okay but no peeking at me alright?”

Matt smiled at her and said, “Well I am a little disappointed that I won’t get to see more of that great body of yours but I can certainly promise you that I won’t peek on you during your shower.” Matt then walked over to a shower head on the other side of the room and started setting his stuff down to get ready for his shower. Jenna blushed slightly at Matt’s compliment about her body before turning back around to get into her shower. Jenna continued rinse her hair and then she reached down to get her shampoo to put it in her hair. While she was reaching to get her shampoo she took a quick peak at Matt’s body. It was obvious he must have spent a lot of time running because he had very strong legs and a slim build. She also couldn’t help but admire his strong butt, which Eryaman Rus Escort looked very firm along with his strong legs.

Jenna was about to turn back around and wash her hair when suddenly Matt turned around washing his hair and Jenna had to hold back a gasp because when Matt turned around Jenna saw one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen hanging between Matt’s strong legs. Even though his cock was still completely soft it hung long and heavy over some equally large testicles. Jenna had never seen a man who was so well endowed and Matt wasn’t even hard yet. Jenna was trying to turn away and stop staring at Matt’s large cock.

She was knocked out of her stupor by Matt saying, “Hey if I can’t peek at your sexy body than you can’t peek at me.” Jenna blushed bright crimson and turned away from Matt to get focused on her shower. She could hear Matt chuckling behind her and couldn’t believe that she had been caught checking out his big cock, though his cock was awfully big and she could feel herself getting a little wet between her legs.

Eventually she heard Matt speak again, “Though if you do want to check me out you are more than welcome to check me out. However, if you are going to be checking me out it’s only fair that I get to check out your sexy body.” Jenna continued rubbing soap all over her body while facing away from Matt trying to ignore her desire to check out his body again, though she could feel her pussy getting wetter and it wasn’t just from the shower. Finally she couldn’t hold back her desire anymore and turned back around to face Matt. She saw that Matt had definitely been peeking over his shoulder to see if she would turn around and look at him again. Once Matt saw that she had turned around to face him he took that as an open invitation to turn around and look at her. Once he turned around to face Jenna she had to cover her mouth to hide her gasp as she saw Matt’s cock again which was now fully erect.

Matt smiled at Jenna’s reaction and looked down at his cock before wrapping his hand around it and saying, “Sorry but I can’t control it when I’m around such an attractive curvy woman.”

Jenna smiled back at Matt from his compliment and said, “You really think that I’m that attractive?”

Matt looked back at Jenna and said, “Absolutely you are incredibly sexy. I mean I enjoyed checking out your sexy ass earlier but you look even better from the front.” Jenna continued to look at Matt as he stroked his cock while looking at her still not quite believing how big Matt’s cock was.

“You really think my body is that sexy? I think I could lose a little bit of weight,” Jenna said shyly as she regarded her naked body.

Before Jenna had a chance to belittle herself anymore Matt quickly said, “You are absolutely gorgeous and maybe you aren’t super skinny but that just gives you more curves. Maybe some guys don’t like that but it’s a huge turn-on to me when a girl has such beautiful curves like you do.” Jenna smiled at Matt’s compliments. She realized that Matt was staring at her body even harder and then she noticed that she had subconsciously brought her hand between her legs and was toying with her pussy while Matt stared at her hot body and stroked his huge cock.

“Well it seems like you enjoy checking out my body as much as I enjoy checking out your body,” Matt said as he noticed Jenna playing with her pussy. Jenna blushed red again and started to pull her hand away from her pussy. Matt walked over to Jenna and grabbed her arm and brought her hand back down between her legs.

“No don’t stop its really hot,” Matt said as he gazed into Jenna’s beautiful big blue eyes. Jenna looked up at Matt nervously as she continued to play with her vagina while Matt looked at her. Matt then leaned down to kiss Jenna and started to make out with her. At first Matt kissing her took Jenna aback but his passion drew her in and she brought her hand away from her pussy and wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her. Matt enjoyed feeling Jenna grab hold of his body and he also enjoyed feeling his hard cock pressing against her soft feminine body.

Jenna could feel Matt’s hard cock pressing against her and was once again amazed at how large his cock was against her body. As their kiss got more passionate Matt reached down to grab Jenna’s large ass and felt her groan into his mouth. She loved feeling his hands groping her ass. It had been so long since she had had sex with a guy and she was really enjoying all of the attention that Matt was giving to her body. However, she wanted to get a better feel of this big cock against her stomach so she reached down and grabbed a hold of his thick member.

Matt groaned into her mouth and then broke apart from the kiss and said, “So I see that you got your hands on what you really wanted. Does it meet your approval?”

Jenna was slightly embarrassed by Matt’s very open question but responded by saying, “Yes Sincan Rus Escort it definitely meets my approval. Actually I’ve never seen a cock so big before. How do you go running with this big thing in your shorts?”

Matt chuckled at Jenna’s last question, “Well its usually much smaller when I go running, but then again I’m not usually being distracted by a very attractive naked girl when I go running. And if I may say so you are quite an attractive naked girl. I would love to get my hands all over the rest of that naked body.” Jenna smiled at Matt’s continued compliments of her body.

“Well what’s stopping you Matt?” Jenna said as she grinned at Matt. She then took a step back and spread her arms exposing her fully naked body to Matt’s wanton gaze. Matt whistled his approval at Jenna’s gorgeous, curvy, naked body. Matt loved gazing at Jenna’s body but he wanted to enjoy it more by getting his hands all over her body. Matt smiled and then walked up to Jenna and started aggressively kissing her neck while reaching down to grope her large breasts. Jenna groaned in his ear while Matt molested her curvy body. She loved feeling Matt groping her tits and she had always enjoyed it when guys kissed her neck but now she wanted to please Matt like he had been pleasing her so she reached down to grab his hard cock. She could feel his thick cock throbbing in her hand as she stroked him. Jenna then pulled Matt’s face away from her neck and brought him up to her face and she kissed him deeply before breaking away from the kiss and kissing her way down his body. She then kneeled in front of him while still stroking his cock.

Normally she didn’t like giving blowjobs but staring at Matt’s huge cock and feeling it in her hand she couldn’t resist putting his swollen cock head in her mouth. Matt groaned in pleasure when he felt Jenna take his cock in her mouth. It had been quite a while since he had last hooked up with a girl and having someone else taking care of his cock was very nice. He was enjoying the blowjob that Jenna was giving him though it was clear that she didn’t give many blowjobs since it wasn’t the best blowjob he had received. Thought he decided to keep encouraging her.

“Yeah Jenna keep sucking my cock. You’re doing a great job,” Matt moaned to Jenna while running his hand through her hair. Jenna looked up at Matt with her beautiful blue eyes and just that look was enough to make his cock get harder in her mouth. Jenna continued to suck on Matt’s cock feeling it get harder in her mouth. Finally though Matt was ready for more and he reached down and pulled Jenna’s mouth off of his cock.

Jenna looked up at him curiously, “Was I not doing a good enough job?”

Matt smiled at Jenna while he leaned down closer to her and said, “You were doing a great job baby. I’m just ready to return the favor now.” He then put his arms around Jenna and brought her back to her feet. He then held her and began kissing her deeply while slowly leading her to one of the shower benches. Once he reached the bench he gently pushed her back and had her sit down on the bench. Once she was sitting on the bench he kneeled down in front of her and gently pushed her knees apart revealing her beautiful small pussy to him. Matt took a moment to gaze at Jenna’s beautiful pussy. He could tell she must have a pretty small pussy because her lips were barely pulling apart despite how aroused she must be.

After a moment though he knew staring would be enough and he wanted to dive in and taste that little pussy so he bent down and began by gently kissing each of her inner thighs right at the crevice where they joined her hips. Finally he wanted to taste Jenna and gently ran his tongue along the entire length of her slit before reaching the top of her pussy where his tongue just grazed her clit and this brought an aroused moan from Jenna, which he was very proud of causing. He then decided to have a bit more fun and slide his tongue inside of Jenna’s pussy where it was finally revealed just how wet she was for him since when he opened her pussy with his tongue he was greeted with a lot more juices than he expected. However, he had no problem lapping up all of the juices that Jenna was producing since they tasted great. He continued licking her pussy and enjoying her delicious taste while he could hear Jenna’s moans getting louder and loader. Finally he pulled up for a moment and looked at Jenna’s face, or at least he tried to. Jenna had her head tilted back in pleasure and Matt couldn’t see her face beyond her huge breasts.

She then looked down at Matt and said, “Why did you stop? I was getting really close.”

Matt smiled at her and said, “Just wanted to let you know that you taste fantastic. One of the best pussy’s I’ve ever tasted.”

“Well if it tastes so good get back down there and keep licking me until I cum,” Jenna groaned in mock disappointment. Matt just smiled at her before diving back down Etlik Rus Escort into her delectable pussy. This time though he wanted to get more of a feel for the situation and slide a finger insider of her. Jenna moaned in pleasure as soon as Matt’s finger slid inside of her and it wasn’t hard to tell why. Matt realized is initial assessment of Jenna’s pussy had been correct as she had a very small pussy and he could feel the muscles of her vagina already gripping his finger. Gosh, if her pussy does that while my cock’s inside of her I’m not going to last very long at all. I better make sure I make her cum right now so she can enjoy her pleasure, he thought to himself. Matt then renewed his efforts to make Jenna cum and cum well. He could hear Jenna moaning a bit louder as he worked her closer to orgasm.

“Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh Oh yes don’t stop,” Jenna moaned as Matt got her closer to cumming. Finally she reached the final point and couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Ahhhhhhh Yesssss Ahhhhhh Oh I’m cummmming,” Jenna groaned as her body shook from Matt’s licking tongue and penetrating fingers. As soon as Jenna came Matt could feel her pussy grip his fingers really tightly and her legs started shaking like crazy. Matt tried to keep his tongue in contact with her pussy for as long as possible but eventually he pulled his head away from her shaking body and just watched her go through her orgasm while keeping his fingers working inside of her. Jenna looked like she was having quite a powerful orgasm while Matt watched and fingered her. Her eyes were rolling back in her head as she kept leaning her head back and her legs were shaking with spasms. Finally Jenna reached down and pulled Matt’s hand away from her pussy and he just stood there gazing at Jenna’s wonderful orgasming body. Even after she pulled his fingers out of her pussy her body still shook for a few more moments while she came down from her orgasm.

Once Jenna finally came down from her orgasm and started breathing normally again she looked up at Matt who softly chuckled at her overly aroused state and said, “Wow that’s one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever seen a girl have.”

Jenna blushed bright read before saying, “Shut up its been a really long time since I’ve gotten pleasure from anyone but myself.”

Matt leaned back down to kiss her again and said, “Does it look like I care? I love it when a woman is able to let herself go and have a passionate, pleasurable orgasm like that. Plus it means that I did a good job pleasing you, which makes me happy.”

Jenna quickly kissed him back before responding, “Hey now to get too cocky yet. You just showed me what your tongue could do. Now I want to see what this cock of yours can do to me.” She then reached down and gave Matt’s long stiff cock a very firm squeeze.

Matt groaned as she grabbed his cock before saying, “Oh I’m not allowed to be cocky yet am I?”

Jenna just smiled and said, “Well I guess with a cock this big you are allowed to be a little cocky but don’t let it go to your head yet. Oh and while that last orgasm was a little more intense than usual because I hadn’t cum in a while. I do tend to have pretty intense orgasms so lets see how hard you can make me cum with this big, fat cock of yours.”

Matt smiled at her and said, “Well I guess I’ll have to take that as a challenge from you.” He then leaned down to kiss her again while he grabbed his cock with one hand and positioned it at her entrance. He slowly rubbed his fat cock head against Jenna’s pussy lips, spreading the moisture from her recent orgasm so that he could penetrate her a big easier. Finally he felt that she was ready and he started pushing his cock inside Jenna’s pussy. Even with just the head of his cock in Jenna’s pussy he could feel her vagina gripping his cock and it was clear that she could feel his dick stretching her out cause she had already thrown her head back on the shower bench and her mouth was a gape in pleasure. Matt continued to push his cock inside of Jenna and could just barely feel her pussy giving way to his large intruder.

“Oh yeah ohh your cock is sooo big,” Jenna groaned as she felt Matt’s cock stretch her wide open. Finally Matt stopped for a moment and pulled his cock back before pushing it back inside of Jenna again. The whole time he was moving his cock inside of Jenna he could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping his cock. Holy shit this girl’s pussy is amazing, he thought to himself.

“Jenna you have the best pussy I’ve ever been inside. It’s so tight and snug and yet still so warm and inviting. Gosh you feel good on my dick,” Matt groaned as he continued to push his cock inside of her. Jenna smiled at Matt before groaning again as he pulled back and the pushed his cock back inside of her.

“Yeah your dick feels pretty good to me too ahhhh,” Jenna groaned to Matt as he finally got his cock all the way inside of her.

“Oh my gosh Jenna you actually took all of my cock inside of you. Gosh I can feel you squeezing and massaging my cock. How does it feel to you?” Matt asked Jenna while staring down at her beautiful naked form while he pushed his cock nice and deep inside her one last time.

“Deep ahhhh sooooo deep ahhhh,” Jenna moaned to Matt. Finally Matt decided it was time to really make Jenna feel what he could do with his cock and he started really fucking her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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