Lorilei Found Out

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This is probably the final Lorilei story. The other stories have no particular order – just random fantasies of a dirty old man, but this one should probably be read last.


So there I was, in a place I had wished to be many times. If I had a buddy to share these fantasies with, instead of posting them on Literotica, I might have said, “I almost slept with Lorilei!” After his mouth fell open in disbelief, I would have let him in on the joke, “She slept in her bed, and less than 24 hours later I slept in the same bed.” At which point he probably would have punched me, so I’m glad I’m doing this instead.

I was visiting my daughter for the weekend at college, and since her roommate, the lovely Lorilei, was going to be gone for the weekend, she offered let me use her room so I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. Given the many inappropriate fantasies I have had over the last few years about this girl, it probably wasn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t resist. And given I was just a lecherous old fool, I also couldn’t resist a little snooping around. I discovered her birth control pills, which meant this weekend while she visited her boyfriend at another college she was probably fucking his brains out, the stupid – but lucky – bastard. And I found that she was, as expected, a perfect 34C, my absolute favorite. I closed the drawer with a sigh, thinking of how I would never be so lucky to see those lovely bras holding her equally lovely breasts.

Saturday night when my daughter kissed me good night, she told me that she needed to go out in the morning, but I could sleep in since Lorilei was not due back until late. I slept that night naked, feeling a bit guilty at my perverted action, but also aroused at the thought of my skin next to her sheets. The whole situation had an effect on my subconscious, as I had a number of rather naughty dreams involving Lorilei.

Sometimes in a dream you aren’t aware it’s a dream, no matter how crazy things get; other times you think, “Yeah, this is a dream, cool.” I was having one of gaziantep escort bayan reklamları those dreams, where Lorilei was down between my legs, with my hard cock going in and out of her mouth. I was really getting into it, even though I knew how ridiculous it was, which meant it was definitely a dream. So I was rather upset that I felt myself waking up, and that this dream was going to come to a close. But the strange thing was, I still had the feeling of the most amazing blowjob happening.

As my eyes opened, I was shocked by the sight – my dream girl was actually stretched between my open legs, her head moving slowly up and down as she took the length of my cock into her mouth! She must have realized that I had woken up, because she turned her face up towards me, and let my cock slip out of her lips.

“Good morning, Mr [Real Name],” she said. Then she smiled and said, “Or should I call you ‘Mr. Mann’?” With this, she slid my cock back into her mouth and continued her work.

Not completely awake, I was a bit confused. “Oh my God, Lorilei is sucking my … wait, WHAT did she call me???”

Seeing my confusion, she stopped sucking and said, “I guess you didn’t know I read Literotica, huh? I really enjoyed your stories, particularly the Lorilei ones. It wasn’t that hard to figure out you had written them.”

As she went back to her task, at first I was distracted from what was happening – this was certainly not what I expected would happen if she somehow found out. But it didn’t take long for me to realize none of that mattered, all that did matter was I had my ridiculous, foolish fantasies coming true, and I focused on the beautiful young woman giving me the blowjob of my life.

It was just like I had imagined it, and like nothing I could ever have imagined. Now that I was fully awake, she gazed up at me as she sucked, her bright blue eyes shining with lust. Her lips were so full and soft, her mouth warm and inviting, as she slowly moved her gaziantep escort resimleri lips up and down my shaft. Occasionally I could feel her tongue rubbing along the bottom of my cock, and as she went deeper and deeper, I began to feel the head poking the back of her throat as she reached the bottom. Looking down at her, I drank in the view of her naked body, the curve of her back running down to the fullness of her ass, with her shapely legs stretched out beyond. And it appeared that she enjoyed doing this almost as much as I was enjoying it being done to me.

I was swiftly reaching the point where I could no longer take it, when she let my cock slip out, and looked up at me. With a grin, she said, “So, was it everything you thought it would be? Am I a ‘world class cocksucker’?”

I recognized that she was quoting one of my Lorilei stories, and I replied, “God, yes, you are even better than I ever imagined!”

“Well, good,” she said, as she continued to stroke me firmly, “just as you said in your stories, I really DO love to suck cock. And you have a really nice one to suck. I noticed we never fuck in your stories, but I’ve just got to feel this thing inside me.”

With this she sat up, straddled my hips, and holding my cock straight up, lowered herself onto me. I heard her sigh as I felt her hot, wet pussy take me in, and felt her weight on me as she bottomed out. She started a slow, sensuous rhythm, taking me deep inside her, and then lifting until I almost fell out before dropping down again. I tried to take it all in, my first view of her magnificent tits, so full and firm, the bright pink nipples pulled up tight; the curve of her waist down to her belly with just a hint of roundness; the peek of her fabulous ass as it dropped repeatedly to caress my balls. Combined with the incredible tightness of her pussy around my cock, it was just about more than I could take, and when she sped up her thrusts, her breasts began to dance on her chest in a most delightful gaziantep escort bayan sitesi manner.

As much as I enjoyed watching her tits bounce as she fucked me, I felt the need to feel those things in my mouth. So I pulled myself upright, while she continued to move her pussy up and down my cock, and managed to latch on to one of her rock hard nipples with my mouth. I sucked hard on it, while reaching back to squeeze her full ass, and felt her shake with delight. On my way to capture the other nipple in my mouth, I saw her face, and the desire I saw there made me pause. She moved her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth onto hers, slipping her tongue into my mouth. Like everything else, she knew what she was doing in her kiss, and when I pulled myself away, we were both out of breath.

“I hope you’re about ready, ‘Mr Mann’,” she gasped, “because I am! I need you to come inside me, please! I’m on the pill, so come inside me. I’m ready, and I want us to come together.”

She picked up the pace, hammering my cock into her repeatedly, and I knew this was it. I felt my balls pull up tight, and then I blasted out inside her heat. As the first shot went into her, I felt her body tense and shudder, her arms wrapping tightly around me as her orgasm struck. She continued to quiver as my cum shot deep inside her, my arms pulling her tight against me, her arms wrapping around my neck as our bodies molded together. I felt one last jerk of my cock as my orgasm finished, and she had one last shake of her own, before I fell backwards on the bed, and she went with me.

For a while we just laid quietly together, her hair fanned out across my chest, as I gently caressed her back and tight little ass. My cock was still in her, but it was beginning to soften at last and began to slip out. I wanted this to last as long as I could, not wanting things to end and return to reality. After a bit, I felt her take a deep breath, and she lifted her head, parting her lips as she raised herself up to me. I leaned down and kissed her lips lightly, and she smiled a sweet and sexy smile.

“God, that was good, I can’t believe that finally happened. So, ‘Mr Mann’, you going to write another story now?”

I smiled down and her and said, “I suppose I have to, huh?”

She nodded her head, and said, “Absolutely, looking forward to reading it. And next time you’ve got to cum in my mouth, I really want to taste you.”

Next time?

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