Lorna, Paul , Kate

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“Fuck it,” Lorna decides, blowing out a ribbon of pale blue smoke. She turns to me, eyes glinting beneath her unruly blonde fringe: “Where are you going when this place shuts?”

“I don’t know,” I tell her, truthfully. “Home, I suppose.”

“Come back to ours,” Paul urges. “I’ve got some beers in the fridge.”

“Yeah,” says Lorna. “Come back for a drink.”

“Okay,” I reply.

I don’t know if I knew what I was going back to theirs for or not, on reflection. It could be that I entertained a notion, a fantasy, but when it happened it was at once surprising and surprisingly low-key. It almost seemed like a dream, not as significant as a moment like that should, not at all.

My next coherent memory of that night is of kneeling in the middle of Paul and Lorna’s cluttered living room, a beer in my hand and my mouth clamped around one of Lorna’s nipples. Her body is pale and fleshy; big arse, big tits. She’s wearing nothing but a pair of pink briefs, her hand busy down the front of them as I make a meal of her breasts.

“Oh yes,” she breathes as I push my hand in there too, grasping at hot, wet, hairy flesh. “Oh, fuck yes…” She isn’t looking at me; her eyes are closed. Her tits bounce and wobble as I roughly wank her off, fingers tangled with hers.

Paul watches from the couch, jeans around his ankles, a bottle of Grolsch in one hand and his erect cock grasped in the other.

I push Lorna’s panties down past her hips then get down the task of masturbating her with both hands. She opens her eyes, lips glistening, laughing breathlessly as I go back to suckling on her nipples. She arches her back, head back, and I kiss her gleaming neck, making her gasp. Paul wanks slowly and takes a pull on his beer, seemingly content to watch me push the sighing, groaning Lorna face down on the carpet, clumsily pushing one of her knees up into her stomach to create enough room for me to take her from behind.

My memories grow blurry again for a bit after that. I don’t remember how my cock gets from her cunt to her arse, it just happens. She does not seem to mind; quite the opposite. The main thing I remember about the next half an hour or so are the sound effects:

“Oh, God…” Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap-slap! “Oh…God…” Slap-slap-slap! “Oh…” Slap! “Oh…” Slap! “Guh,” Slap! “Guh-God…” Slap! “Oh,” Slap! “oh…” casino siteleri Slap-slap-slap-slapslapslapslapslapslapslapslapslap!

The next thing I remember clearly is pulling out of her, dribbling a long, gluey string of semen over the carpet as I rise to my feet. Lorna’s gaping black arsehole contracts reflexively behind me, her whole body shuddering in what might be ecstasy or possibly disgust. Above the pink underwear that is still tangled, sodden, around her thighs, her big, round buttocks are dead white, like a fish’s underbelly, glistening with sweat and spit and spunk. I can still taste her arse, even if I don’t remember licking it. There is a large red handprint emblazoned across the right bum-cheek, where I slapped her while I was bum-fucking her. It glows rosily in the middle of all that pale, wet skin.

Paul takes his turn while I watch from the chair, sliding his engorged prick easily into the hole I’ve already lubricated for him. Lorna moans and sobs as he vigorously buggers her, taking no prisoners. One of her arms is pinned beneath her body as she continues to masturbate furiously. Paul has hold of the other one, bending the arm painfully behind her back.

I watch him scream obscenities at her, calling her a whore and a slut and a bitch. Lorna orgasms loudly, momentarily drowning out his shouts; he puts a hand on each buttock and pushes her bodily away from him, unsheathing his shiny, sticky cock. He stands there proudly, squirting white gouts of spunk that splatter and trickle over Lorna’s back.

She rolls on her side, struggling to free her sperm-soaked briefs from her legs, then drops them and lies back, naked, laughing breathlessly again and giving a groan of exhaustion and soreness.

I sip beer, silently watching the hairy crack between her legs as she spreads them. Paul goes out of the room for some reason. I wonder if they want me to stay the night, hoping they do because I so very badly want to do Lorna again, and again, even more roughly and dirtily than just now.

I put the beer aside and squirm myself down on the floor beside her, kissing her breast and then her hip. She smiles at me, and then lets out another little sigh as I put my head down between her legs and start hungrily lapping at her.

* * *

“Are you coming back to ours again?” asks Lorna, with amerikan ruleti a smile that shows her dimples. Her lips glisten wetly. I want to shove my building erection between them and mouth-fuck her till she chokes.

Instead, I play it cool: “Just the two of us? What about Paul?”

“Paul’s fine with it,” she insists, “as long as I tell him all about it later.”

I let her persuade me. We’re both in the mood for something a little unconventional, it seems. Just fucking wouldn’t cut it for either of us any more; even anal starts to lose its novelty when you’ve done it as many times as I have to Lorna. So we end up standing in the living room, me with my jeans around my ankles and her with her top pulled down to bare her tits. We both wank ourselves to orgasm, her on her knees at my feet, me with my cock aimed at her face. I go off-script by shoving it in her mouth when I’m on the point of coming, but she takes it in her stride, swallowing every drop. She’s not quite finished when I am, so I eat her cunt until she is. Then we take off the rest of our clothes and go to bed together.

“That was so fucking perverted,” she giggles as we hold each other in the dark. “We’re a right pair of weirdoes, aren’t we?”

“What about Paul?” I ask again, loving the feel of her soft tits against my chest, wondering if it’s cool to love Lorna too, considering the type of relationship we have.

“Paul’s fine,” she murmurs, mouth touching my ear. “We should have videoed that – he would have had a right laugh at it.”

“Would it have turned him on?”

“Mmm, yeah,” she muses. “I would have ended up with a sore bum.”

“Does he ever fuck you in the proper hole?”

“He likes fucking my bum,” she informs me. “So do you, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I confirm.

“Well, I like having my bum fucked,” she replies, “so everything’s alright. Bums are for fucking and cunts are for licking…”

* * *

Kate as it turns out is Lorna’s friend. Mid twenties,, but still dresses like a student, with messy curly dark-red hair piled on her head. She has deep dimples when she smiles, golden brown eyes and skin like milk, every inch of it I can see covered with freckles. Fucking gorgeous, in other words.

Predictably, after much consumption of beer and pot, the evening turns to dirty group avrupa ruleti sex. That’s a given at Paul and Lorna’s place. I bugger Kate in the middle of the living room while our hosts watch. The freckles cover her entire body, including her tight little arse-cheeks. Fantastic. I come so hard I nearly pass out, filling Kate’s arse with sticky white spunk. Then Lorna licks it clean while Kate sucks Paul off. I watch, exhausted but happy, from the couch.

Then the ladies spend an hour making each other orgasm repeatedly while we menfolk recover and drink more beer. It’s a nice show, and by the time it’s finished I’m more than ready to take both of them on at once. Paul urges me to do so, content to watch for now.

I fuck Kate in the cunt for a change, with her on her back and her feet somewhere up near my ears. Lorna sits on her face and fondles her tits while I kiss and lick Lorna’s in turn. When Lorna’s come again, which doesn’t take long, we change position slightly and I fuck Lorna doggy (in the cunt again, for the sake of novelty) while she rug-munches Kate to a screaming, carpet-clawing climax bigger than any she’s had so far. I squirt again, hard, into Lorna’s hot, wet interior. My balls feel like they’re imploding.

Kate and I then curl up next to the armchair to watch Paul mouth-fuck Lorna vigorously, eventually shooting his load all over her face, her tits, the carpet and one arm of the couch. It’s an impressive effort.

“These two are fucking mad,” says Kate, approvingly, as she lights a cigarette.

“Been coming here for long?” I ask.

She misses the lame pun: “Met Lorna at college a few years ago. I’ve been her and Paul’s fuck-buddy ever since. You’re new, though, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I confess.”

“Well, I like your style,” she smiles, showing her dimples. She has dimples in her arse too, or does when it’s clenching around a guy’s cock at any rate. “You’re a pervy fucking bastard,” she tells me. “I like that.”

I laugh, and put my hand on her cunt just because I can. I masturbate her slowly as Lorna and Paul wrestle on the other side of the room. She’s all orgasmed out, but she seems to like the sensation of being rubbed. She sits in my lap, and the feel of her soft buttocks squashing against my thigh makes my cock and balls tingle again. I awkwardly loop one of her arms behind my head and start mauling the tit on that side with my mouth. She moans softly and takes another drag on her smoke.

When she’s finished smoking, Paul comes over and we take her together, me in her arse and him in her cunt at the same time. Lorna wanks herself off as she watches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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