Lost Creek Wives’ Club

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Anal Fucking


The following is my first truly fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted is purely fictitious, as well as the story line. Except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in the imaginary role of the lead character, so in some ways it’s a fantasy of mine. And it will be a long story with multiple parts, so please bear with it.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


Once Maureen and I refilled our wine glasses we made our way back to her living room from the kitchen. When we reached the wide archway leading into the living room we paused to view the activity taking place. As we were, Maureen seductively rubbed her free hand up and down my bare back, and occasionally over my also bare ass. It even found its way between my bum cheeks where she made it a point to teasingly probe my anus. It seemed she was wanting more in the way of love making in spite of us both having intense orgasms not fifteen minutes earlier. But it’s not unusual for her. I’d swear more than once, she’s orgasmed a dozen times when we all get together like we were.

As for the activity taking place in the living room, it could only be described as a lesbian orgy. Excluding Maureen and I, there were nine other members of our exclusive wives’ club participating in one form or another of Sapphic love making. All paired up in couples except for a single trio where Carol was fucking Louise from behind with the biggest strap-on dildo imaginable, while Louise was bent down busily dining on her next door neighbor’s pussy.

After about five minutes of enjoying Maureen’s incredibly soft hand and skilled fingers as we watched the others enjoying themselves, Maureen said…”A penny for your thoughts Lacey. You look like you’ve never seen our friends pleasuring each other before.”

“In some ways I probably do. Every time we get together like this I’m amazed the way we do, and what takes place at times.”

“Why’s that? You having second thoughts?”

“No Maureen. Quite the contrary. I was just thinking about how all this came to be. Pretty incredible when you think about it.”


It all started innocently enough about three years ago when a few of us living in an upper middle class subdivision in Lost Creek Township would meet regularly for an afternoon coffee, or occasionally something stronger, to share any recent gossip. As for the subdivision, it’s very upscale in that the homes are expensive for the area, although well worth it as far a value for your dollar. A comparable home on either coasts would easily cost triple, or quadruple, what you’d pay for one here. But due to the cost, nearly all are owned by well to do middle aged or older couples where the husbands do very well in their respective professions or businesses. Very few young couples, especially with children, due to the cost of the homes. And the one good thing about the subdivision being located where it is on the outskirts of a mid-size city, is there is very little turn-over, or transients. Most everyone are native Midwesterners and long time residents. And most are also empty nesters for those who had children, with only two in our club having a full grown daughter still living at home.

As for the wives, hardly any work, although many did when first married. Not that they need to now due to their respective husband’s successful businesses and/or careers. But some do charity work, or work part time to keep busy. All take care of themselves physically and are very well “maintained” in the true sense of the word when referring to a woman. As a result, nearly all could be described as attractive. Some are outright stunning for their age, and would easily put women ten to twenty years younger to shame.

If there would be any downside to the near “idyllic” lifestyle, it would be most of the wives have a less than “fulfilling” sex life. A lot which has to do with many of their husbands being workaholics. Or the fact they take numerous business trips, which would work to our advantage, but more on that later. Of course there are a few exceptions as with yours truly and Maureen, and a couple of the other wives. But to a lesser degree for the latter.

This brings me to our regular social get-togethers, which Maureen with my help organized, and which during the earlier ones, we never discussed our personal sex lives. But it suddenly changed one day once we were all friendlier and more comfortable with each other. But prior to, it was easy to surmise many of the members had problems with their sex lives, although initially no one openly discussed it. You were only able to deduce it through subtle innuendos or veiled remarks.

The day it changed was during one of our earlier get-togethers when we consumed more wine than coffee. Beşevler Rus Escort I don’t remember exactly how the subject came up, but I do recall Carol, being the one that was fucking Louise with the strap-on dildo, boldly shared her first experience with lesbian sex in college. And being encouraged by a bit too much wine, was very explicit and detailed. More importantly, she made a point to express how her sex life wasn’t what it use to be and how she seemed to be thinking more and more about her past lesbian experiences, which opened the flood gates. By the time our get-together ended, just about everyone expressed the same concern. Being their sex life wasn’t up to par, or as they’d like it to be. And shared very openly why.

After everyone left for the day, and while I was helping Maureen clean up things…”Seems our little social took an unexpected turn today from our usual topics of discussion.”

“Yes it did Lacey, but I’m not surprised. It was only a matter of time.”

Up till now, and while Maureen and I have been the best of friends for nearly five years, we rarely ever talked about our own personal sex lives. Current or prior to our marriages, other than to express neither of us had any complaints. That is until Maureen asked…”Since Carol brought it up, and if you don’t mind me asking Lacey, have you ever had sex with another woman?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised since it was the main topic of our social, but I was. And it was an easy question to answer since I never did…”No I haven’t Maureen, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t thought about it.”

While I was just about to ask if she ever did…”In what ways Lacey?”

“You could say I’ve become curious about it. More so in recent years as Jim (who is my husband) and I began watching porno flicks together, which included scenes of women having sex together. In some ways it’s my favorite part of the ones we watch. Not forgetting how I was approached in college by a couple of friends. I was more than satisfied with my heterosexual sex life at the time, and in spite of being tempted to take them up on their offers, I decided against it. Unfortunately, I kind of regret it now.”

“Have you and Jim talked about you being curious?”

“Yes we have. Couldn’t help but not to since it was hard for him to not notice how hot and bothered I would get during the lesbian sex scenes.”

“I find it interesting you do…not that there’s anything wrong with it. Now if you don’t mind me being so bold, do you fantasize about having sex with other women? Probably a stupid question since I’m sure you do after explaining how you get turned on by the lesbian sex.”

Even though it was new territory for Maureen and I to be discussing, and I wasn’t sure where she was headed with it…”Once again, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t. And before you ask, yes I have masturbated while fantasizing about it. Now if we’re going to continue this conversation, I could use another glass of wine.”

After we got more wine, and were sitting together on one of her two sofas…”It’s time to tell me Maureen, why you’re so curious if I ever had sex with another woman, or if I fantasize about it?”

“Fair enough question Lacey? And since you’ve been honest with me, I’ve been attracted to you ever since we’ve known each other, which would obviously suggest I’ve probably had sex with other women. But it’s been years since I have. Certainly not since we’ve moved here.”

“Then when you say you’re attracted to me, I assume it’s safe to say you mean in a sexual way, which surprises me. You’ve never let it be known you are. Not once have I ever had an inkling you were, or else I simply missed it somehow.” Which I obviously had to. Although Maureen is not normally a touchy feely kind of person, I suddenly realized she had been with me at times when we were alone. But I never gave it any thought. “Then there’s the age difference between us. I would think you’d be more interested in someone more your age, or younger.”

As for the age difference, Maureen is fifteen years younger than me. Early forties to my late fifties. As for her physical characteristics, she’s a very attractive woman. About my height at five foot five, with chocolate brown shoulder length hair. Lovely facial features with dark brown eyes, a beautifully shaped nose, and nice full lips. Especially her lower lip. Plus cute little dimples at the corners of her mouth whenever she smiles. As for her weight, she’s probably a tad heavier at around 140 pounds versus 130 for yours truly, which her big bust would have a lot to do with it. Very big busted, with the biggest breasts of anyone in our social group at what I’m guessing is a good 38D. Maybe a double D. Lovely bum and very shapely legs, which regular daily walks keep both in good shape. Pretty feet too, and while not pretty as mine, she keeps them equally and as nicely pedicured.

Surprisingly her husband is my age. When they first Cebeci Rus Escort moved into our subdivision, I thought she might have married him for his money, but quickly learned it wasn’t the case. They are truly in love and dedicated to each other, and it’s the second marriage for both

“I was never very overt or forward Lacey, or tried not to be, so it’s not surprising you didn’t notice, which was probably a good thing. After a while, I backed off figuring it was best to leave well enough alone for fear I could possibly ruin the good relationship we developed by offending you since I couldn’t tell how you felt about such things.”

“Feeling how I do, I probably wouldn’t have been offended. At least not now. Actually I’m flattered you’re attracted to me, and interested in having sex with me. While I didn’t mention it earlier, whenever I fantasized about having sex with another woman, you came to mind more often than not. So if your ears ever started ringing, you now know why. The only other person I ever fantasized about was Carol.”

“I can appreciate fantasizing about Carol, especially since she’s more your age and a beautiful woman. But knowing you fantasized about me, makes me regret I backed off. As for the age difference, it’s never entered my mind. You’re extremely attractive for your age. Any age for that matter, and John (being her husband) has mentioned more than once how beautiful you are, which always made me jealous. Not forgetting how much he adores your subtle but sexy personality. Whenever we’re all together, I can always count on some of the best sex with John afterwards. No doubt in my mind he’s fantasizing about having sex with you rather than doing it with me.”

At that point, Maureen stood up, and after grabbing my now empty glass went to get us more wine. When she returned, she sat practically right next to me. Close enough so I could smell her always exquisite choice in perfume. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent since I often use it myself.

After taking a sip of her wine and placing her glass on the coffee table she moved even closer before saying…”Now I’m not letting you leave before I get to at least kiss you Lacey.”

All I could think of was Maureen had to be psychic or something since the same thought crossed my mind during our conversation…”I’m almost embarrassed to say, there’s nothing I’d like more Maureen.”

With that said she cradled my face in both hands before kissing me very affectionately. Her lips were soft as powder puffs and after about ten seconds of one of the most sensuous kisses I ever experienced she very seductively ran the tip of her tongue across my lips before breaking away.

After I let loose with a deep sigh, and as we looked at each other…”Wow Maureen, that literally took my breath away.” I then took her face in my hands and kissed her, but more passionately with a slightly open mouth as the sides of our noses gently rubbed each other’s.

Maureen’s reaction was almost immediate as her tongue ever so slowly parted my lips before inserting it into my mouth, which tasted delicious when it first did. The next thing I knew we both had our arms wrapped around each other and were exchanging saliva as our tongues explored each other’s mouths very lovingly.

I once read somewhere that kissing another woman for the first time with feeling is something you’ll never forget, but never gave much credence to it. That is until kissing Maureen. It literally caused me to break out all over in goosebumps, and for my clit to tingle. My toes even curled, which made me thankful I removed my sneakers when we first sat down. I didn’t know what kind of an effect it was having on Maureen since it wasn’t a new experience for her, but if we kept kissing like we were, I was most definitely going to orgasm.

Just as it felt like I was, Maureen suddenly stopped kissing me. Soon as she did, she leaned back with her eyes tightly closed and head raised upward. While gasping for air, her whole body began to shake, which startled me…”You okay Maureen? What’s wrong?”

I thought for sure she was having some kind of fit or seizure as it didn’t dawn on me what was actually occurring.

It was a long few seconds before she lowered her head and answered…”God yes Lacey.” Then after taking a deep breath and calm as could be…”There’s nothing’s wrong sweetheart. I’m perfectly fine. Couldn’t be better actually, but I’m so sorry if I alarmed you in any way. I simply orgasmed.”


“Really! And for someone who’s never kissed another woman before, it’s probably a good thing. At least like you just did me. I’d hate to think of how many hearts you would have broken.”

“Very funny Maureen. But I’ll have you know, you scared the shit out of me. And if it’s any consolation, I felt like I was about to orgasm myself before you a kibosh on it. Couldn’t believe I was going to. Pretty incredible, and I don’t think I ever felt that way from kissing Kolej Rus Escort someone.”

“So you’ll know Lacey, it’s the first time I ever cummed from just kissing anyone. Now, I have a confession to make. I lied to you when I said I wasn’t going to let you leave until I kissed you.”

“Now what?”

“Since I orgasmed, I’m not going to let you leave until you do. And since you nearly did, it shouldn’t take long. And don’t dare argue with me. Just do as I ask and I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Doesn’t sound like I have any choice. But what do you have in mind?”

“Since you’ve fantasized about having sex with me, I’m sure it included me going down on you so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But since we’re running short of time, and I already had the pleasure of an orgasm, there’s no need for you to do anything.”

At that point, she stood up and moved the coffee table from in front of us. She then undid my jeans and after asking me to raise my bum removed them along with my panties. When she saw how wet they were…”You weren’t kidding when you said you were close to an orgasm.” Then she brought them up to her nose and after taking a deep whiff…”Oh my, I can’t believe how heavenly your scent is. I can’t wait to smell you directly from the source.” Which made me blush.

Before throwing my panties aside, she took another deep whiff of them and made it a point to look me directly in the eyes as she did. With me now naked from the waist down except for me peds, she knelt in front of me and removed them…”I always admired your pretty feet and exquisite toes Lacey, and I wish we had more time so I could make love to them. But since we don’t, I need you to scoot your pretty bum to the edge of the cushion and then raise your legs and hold them up and back for me.”

Things were moving so fast I didn’t give her request a second thought and simply did as she said. Plus I was enjoying the way she took control of things and seemed determined no matter what, she was going to go down on me to make me cum.

Once I raised my legs I realized no other woman ever had a view of my cunt and asshole like Maureen now had, and I couldn’t help but wonder what her first impression was. Especially with her being fifteen years younger. As though reading my mind…”My God Lacey. What an incredible pussy you have. Along with your pretty rosebud. I always envisioned you’d be special, and I’m pleased to say I’m not disappointed. And while I thought about teasing you before going down on you, there’s no way I can now.”

Once again I blushed…”You’re just being kind Maureen, and exaggerating for my benefit.”

“Far from it Lacey. You have the pussy and anus of a twenty year old. And I love what little hair you have. Not forgetting the beautiful color like winter wheat and how silky it looks, which confirms you’re a natural blonde. And talk about a clitoris to die for. I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure to tongue and suck one as big.”

“Now I know you’re exaggerating. While it might be big…it’s not that big.”

“That’s your opinion Lacey. Take it from someone who’s sucked on a few love nubs in her time, you’ve got a pretty big one and I can’t wait to wrap my lips around it.”

With that said, she dove face first straight down on my cunt and began licking very forcibly up and down between my inner lips. Soon as she did, it felt like someone was stroking my pussy with a cattle prod. Long stiff, and what can only be described as electrifying tongue strokes from my anus up to my already swollen clitoris, and back down again, which had me quivering crazily. Over and over, all while making it a point to linger occasionally for a brief second or two to lick my bumhole and love nob. And when she didn’t hesitate to lick my anus, it pleasantly surprised me. It’s something I truly enjoy, besides it telling me a lot about her.

It wasn’t long before she had me regretting the fact I was holding my legs for her. Nothing I wanted more than to hold her head as it glided up and down over my pussy.

Eventually she focused her full attention on my fuck hole by first swirling her tongue around the opening before inserting it deep as she could and face fucked it. And while it was hard to be sure at the time, she seemed to have an exceptionally long tongue. At least longer than my husband’s, and anyone else whoever tongued it. Felt incredible, especially when she would swirl it around inside.

Finally she paused to catch her breath and when she did I was amazed how soaked her face was. It glistened with my love cream and was literally dripping from her chin.

“My God Lacey, you sure do generate your fair share of pussy juice. Not that I’m complaining as it tastes simply delicious.”

“As for more than my fair share, I think it has a lot to do with how good you’re making my pussy feel. You’re one amazing tongue-fucker, and you’re making me wish you were more determined with your advances before giving up on me. But I need to forewarn you, when I orgasm, I can cum pretty heavily. So you need to be prepared.”

“Thanks for the warning Lacey. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.” After which she went straight for my clit by first swirling her tongue around it before taking it between her lips. Once it was, she sucked it so intently I swore it doubled in size. It swelled so much, I thought for sure it was going to burst.

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