Lots of Sex Lots of Ways Ch. 02

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Lots of sex, Lots of ways, 2

In the car park B climbed out naked shielded just by the car, opened to case on the back of the Ute and pulled on a loose sun dress as I stuffed my painful erection back into my jeans. I got out to join her and went into the restaurant to have some lunch. We were both a bit flushed and disheveled, nothing too bad but noticeable if you were taking notice. We ordered and took a seat, a cold beer each and waited for our steak and chips, road food.

B was chatting about the clubs in the town, she’d lived there when younger and as a wild young thing with a liking for Ganga and speed she’d played in a lot of places, been thrown out or banned from a few and been a ‘dirty girl’ in all of them.

She was describing being picked up by a woman, a prostitute one night, how she’d been taught to fist this woman, punchfuck her and use a huge strapon when she suddenly stalled.

“Go on, don’t stop now! Did she really like it that hard?” I said.

“It’s him!” She almost whispered.

“Who?” I asked looking around.

“The fucking truckie. He’s sitting at the back table with those other three.”

I looked over and sure enough there was this mornings trucker fucker talking to three other men, clearly other truckies and indicating by nods of his head that he was telling them about his luck earlier.

“Oh dear, is my little black slut being discussed?” I asked evilly

“Um, I expect so. They’re all looking over here.” B replied quietly, almost coyly, a bit embarrassed, a bit excited.

I was enjoying this, I smiled and shifted my seat, moving around to sit next to B instead of across from her so we both faced the group. I leaned across to her, licked her ear whispering,

“I’m going to let them gang-fuck you slut!”

B shivered, and squeaked insincerely, “No you can’t!”

I slid one hand beneath the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her waist.

“Spread. Show them the fun bits.”

B spread her thighs. She was on remote now, still randy anyway and now being exposed in public, expecting a lot of cock real soon, real dirty.

I slid four fingers into her cunt, pulled them out and had her lick them clean while staring at the four truckies a few tables away.

“Lucky it’s not crowded or you’d be arrested and have to suck cop cock.” I teased.

B moaned, loud enough for them to hear.

“Are you really going to make me fuck them all?” She asked pleadingly, greedily.

“Make You? You want to don’t you slut!”

“Yes, yes I do. I need to be fucked with lots of big white cock. Have them Fuck all my holes and fill me with cum.”

The last word loud so they could clearly hear. She licked her lips, pointedly staring at their crotches below the table as I played with her cunt beneath our table. I was kissing her neck and describing how I wanted her to get every hole filled again, how I wanted her ‘airtight’ 3 cocks at once stuffed in every hole, how I’d clean her up once she’d ‘been used.’ B was leaning back in the booth chair, legs spread, eyes closed as I delved deeper into her cunt and filthy mind.

Suddenly there was movement at the booth, the four of them had come over, one had taken a seat at either end of the seat we occupied whilst the other two took the chairs opposite from where I’d moved earlier.

B sat up quickly, “Oh they’re here.”

I kept my fingers inside her but sat back a little.

“See anything you like gentlemen?” I asked.

One, a big man, maybe 55 years old, 150kg, 2m tall answered,

“Todd here” indicating Bs fuckstud from earlier, “says she fucks and sucks real good.”

I nodded.

“Says she swallows and takes it up her shitshute.”

“She does in deed.”

B not a shy girl or backwards at coming forwards then broke in, “So big bay, want to take me for a spin? Think you can handle this little black duck?”

They all smiled. The ‘big boy’ spoke,

“There’s a shower room out back, just for truckies, the management won’t see a thing.”

B smiled, my hand was almost inside her by now as she ground down on it, the thought of being taken out back and gang fucked was now on her.

I pulled my hand out, it slurped loudly and I spoke up, as I wiped the slop on her dress, across her tits with her clearly erect nipples,

“This is B, she likes LOTS of cock, LOTS. You can have her one at a time or all at once but no hitting or damage. Just fucking, any hole, bareback. Make her airtight, all three holes at once. What do you think?”

B was smiling and nodding.

The four men looked at each other, nodded and ‘big boy’ replied.

“5 minutes out through that door.” Indicating a plain white door next to where they’d been sitting at the back of the restaurant. “You gonna watch?”

I turned to B, “You want an audience my little black slut?”

B now beaming with lust nodded, her own hands unconsciously slipping into her gaped cunt and stimulating her excitement further.

Big boy rose and went to the Anadolu Yakası Escort kitchen serving door, “Those two steak and chips, hold them for a while. I’ll let you know when they’re needed.” Then he made his way to the door opened it and nodded for the rest of us to follow.

The four truckies stood and B stood with them, I remained sitting,

“I’ll be along in a minute, I’ve something to collect from the car.” The five of the disappeared through the door which swung back closed as I saw B being groped openly.

I made my way out to the car and pulled out the play bag, it contained our toys, ropes, cuffs, dongs, etc but picked up a bottle of poppers. I figured that B would need them if they all forced themselves into her at once. Even her capacious holes would have to stretch. I wasn’t going to cum until she was tied up in the suite so I stood by the car opened my jeans and adjusted my tightly attached cock-ring so I wouldn’t soften or cum. My balls immediately ached even more, my meat turning darker purple and swelling to its maximum 8″.

I reentered the restaurant and asked for a six pack, the woman behind the bar looked questioningly at me.

“Refreshments for the boys and girl.” I explained nodding towards the truckies shower room.

She shook her head but handed over the beers.

I made my way through the restaurant to the plain door and pushed it open, I could here B and the men already going for it. She was giggling and squealing, they were making obscene comments as she apparently danced for them.

I stepped through the door letting it close behind me and moved up the short corridor and stood outside the shower room, I listened.

“So little woman, you like LOTS OF COCK A LOT, do you?” It was Big boy.

“Oh Big Boy I just hope you’re as big inside them jeans as you are outside, Todd there filled me real good this morning but I never get enough of BIG WHITE COCK in my little black fuck holes.” B was playing the part, black slut for cock.

“She swallowed me to the balls straight off this morning and took it up her shitshute without any lube, just cunt juice.” Todd was adding some details, “I told you she fucks like a banshee, holes wide open and easy to pound, aren’t you slut?”

“You know it. That big ol cock of yours really touched the sides this morning, it got me all ready for a week of fucking. My old man is taking me to town to use me up. Who wants me?”

A heard all of them agree and B giggle and squeal. “Come on boys fuck this little black fuck toy.”

A sort of roar happened and I guessed B was being raped by four truckies so I waited a couple of minutes, she was gurgling happily from what I heard and I decided to step into the room.

I saw Big boy lying on his back on a bench in front of the showers, he was as big down there as he was everywhere else and really thick 9″ cock was being steadied by B as she lowered herself onto it. The other three were naked, Todd was really impressive, 10″ long, thick and veined, curved to the left, the other two had reasonable cocks, 6-7″ but they were rigid with excitement and B was urging them on.

“Come on boys, three holes no waiting.”

She plopped herself down on big boy, it seemed to slightly hesitate as it entered but then she just swallowed it into her cavernous cunt with a slurping sound. Todd offered the other two a go first as he’d, “fucked the arse off it this morning.”

They stood to either side of Bs head and she grabbed their cocks, one in each hand and began to wank them simultaneously, taking each in turn into her mouth to suck as she rode big boy and moaned.

I just lent back on the door and watched my painful cock throbbing, I could feel a dribble of precum running out the eye.

Seeing both the others fully occupied with Bs’ mouth Todd stepped up behind her.

“Hope you’re ready honey cause I’m revisiting your shitshute and this time I’m going to fuck you hollow.”

I heard this and my cock ached and I knew B was creaming, she loves dirty rough sex and just seeing how BIG Todd was would make juices pour out. Still a huge cock stretching out her already fucked hole while Big Boys thick 9″ was fully engorged inside her loose cunt would be filling.

B moaned around the two cocks in her mouth she was trying to swallow both at once! I stepped away from the door and pulled the bottle of poppers out of my pocket. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my aching cock, it bounced large and purple, my balls were really aching now. I stepped up to the group, just inches from Bs naked body, her dress was torn on the floor, they’d apparently ripped it from her and I just knew she’d loved every second of it. I showed the small bottle to the group, they didn’t seem to know what it was except for B who nodded even though her face was full. Todd was just squatting over the bench behind her, the head of his huge cock pressed against her dark pucker, even fucked as it was the cock inside her cunt made her anus tight for a change. I opened the bottle Kadıköy Escort and sniffed deeply, the drug coursing through me straight to my balls and arsehole making me want to bury myself in B and get my hole stretched! My cock leapt in response and dribbled.

I then pressed the bottle to one of Bs nostrils, blocking the other so as she could breathe, cocks allowing she only got poppers. She moaned loudly past the two cocks.

“Now!” I called “JUST FUCK THE SLUT!” Big boy heaved his hips upwards causing B to grant as he bottomed out, one of them in her mouth shoved forwards and went balls deep, I encouraged them to alternate strokes,

“Balls deep each stroke, that’s what she likes, white cock down her dirty black throat.”

She sniffed, they shoved, she gagged and sniffed and slobbered eagerly.

Todd realised she had loosened up and he rammed himself into her ‘shitshute’ he groaned,

“I’m fucking in the loose slut.” He rammed forward again and B groaned but arched to give him deeper access even as she sucked and Big boy fucked her as deep as his 9″ could.

I encouraged Bs abuse and enjoyment, “That’s it fuck my black fuck toy. Fill her holes with white cock and cum.”

I took another big sniff of poppers,

“Fuck her deep!”

All four began to furiously hump my slut. The poppers were strong in the room and everyone was high and pumping for their lives. I stuck the poppers under Todd’s nose, he sniffed as he’d seen both B and I do and I watched as it hit him.

To B I said, “Baby, your arse is finished! Todd’s just had his first hit.”

B was trembling and squealing, now she screamed as Todd went berserk and was a blur as he fucked her now loosening arsehole. I could see signs of where he was tearing her a new one, tinges of blood, even from her loose sphincter.

“Good god. You gotta try that stuff fellas, it’s like being supercharged.” He called out

I offered it to each of them, they sniffed tentatively but then they all just went crazy and B became the fuckhole she wanted and they now needed.

I stuck the bottle tightly under her nose, she needed the muscle relaxant as four cocks ripped into her, they groaned and grunted, she screamed, gurgled, and fucked back as hard as she was able given how stuffed she was. I took a step back and the first orgasm struck.

The nearest one to me garbled he was “CUMMING.”

And stuffed Bs face holding her tightly to his groin. She was trying to push herself away but he wasn’t going and I could see she was going to faint. I just stuck the poppers under his nose, he screamed to pulled away, staggered back and slumped onto the bench against the wall behind me near the door. I was just in time to shove the bottle under Bs nose as she gasped for air but just got poppers and she began to pass out.

I warned the three still using her and Big boy and Todd held her up so they could finish using her. The other guy using her mouth began wanking off right in front of her lips eventually spraying an impressive load across her lips and across her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, leaving ropes of thick pearlescent semen as decoration. Big boy roared and heaved fully into B lifting her off her feet so that her cunt was fully stuffed, I could see his load squirting out past her stretched lips.

Todd just kept ploughing mercilessly having already pumped into B twice earlier and now just wanting to fuck her even harder.

B was a limp rag, Big boy held her down against his chest and Todd went crazy. He was calling her a filthy range of racist names, and completely pulling out before plunging back with in balls deep, his huge cock pounding her open and creating sounds which were similar to the gurgling a sewer makes when you unblock it, squelching, gurgling, deeply, liquid rumbling inside her guts.

Suddenly B began to squeal, a high pitched continuous noise, something I’d not heard before. She was cumming, Todd could feel her rectum tightly constricting around his invasive cock and described how it felt.

“Her shit-shutes just like a calf sucking on a teat. She using her arsehole to milk my load out of my balls.”

Then he buried himself in her and stayed still for a couple of minutes. Big Boy described how he could “Feel that dirty bastard pumping his load into her guts. It feels like it’s a firehose throbbing in there.”

B just squealed until her energy subsided and she whimpered to gasping silence. I was still a swollen purple cock with aching balls, nothing else seemed to exist. I’d watched for maybe 20 minutes as B was gang fucked to her current semiconscious condition. I sank to the bench near the door, next to the first to cum. His cock was twitching again and I longed to swallow it, right there in front of them and let B enjoy watching me be the slut.

Todd saw my look,

Hey Gary, stuff your sloppy cock in her sluts mouth. She’ll love watching her pussy take what she’s just had.

Gary looked sideways at me catching my eyes on his cock,

“You heard Ataşehir Escort him faggot. Clean me up.”

I was so horny I just bent forward and sucked his softened cock into my mouth. The taste of cum was strong, it seemed truckies stored their juices for some time between unloading. Todd slapped Bs arse,

“Look slut, your faggots cleaning up, right from the rod instead of out of your slack used up bucket like he drank my loads out of you this morning didn’t he!”

B opened her eyes and watched as I sucked Garys cock then licked his balls. He pushed my head down further and slid forward on the bench,

“Eat my arse faggot.”

I stuck my face into his groin and licked at his arsehole, I rimmed him and sucked his balls until he cock was once again proudly stiff.

“Well sluts slut, which end is it going to be?” He asked, knowing he’d be emptying into me soon enough.

B croaked a reply, “Fuck my Faggots arse. Fill him with cum so I can fist him.”

Gary pushed me away so I was kneeling on all fours, my arse towards him, facing B, he knelt behind me and dragged my open jeans down my thighs exposing my arse. I felt hm spit on my hole and then the head of his cock press against my puckered hole.

B spoke again, she was coming around with the thought of watching me get fucked,

“Give him the poppers honey. Let him really enjoy your big loose faggot fuck-hole, just like I do.”

My cock jerked with excitement as B announced my anal servitude to these truckies, these strangers, these gang-bangers.

I passed the poppers back to Gary.

B was now taking interest, “put your cock right against his hole,”

Gary did just as she instructed and his glans seated into my hole.

“Now hold the bottle to allow you to sniff up a big dose through one nostril while you block the other.”

He made to do so.”NOT JUSY YET!” Shouted B

“As you inhale ram your hips forward as hard as you can and tear his faggot hole open so it drags against the skin of your hard juice filled truckie cock.”

Gary did as he was told. He sniffed and heaved his hips forward driving his cock balls deep into me. I squealed in delight, unashamed delight, he groaned in drugged pleasure and B crowed in perverted disgusting lust. She was always saying she wanted to watch cocks filling me with the lube she really wanted to fist me with. She called out instructions and encouragements,

“That’s it Gary, fuck the faggot, feel his warm arsehole opening up warm and soft for your big cock. Feel how you want to breed my slut, fill him up so I can punchfuck him later.”

I was groaning, Gary was grunting. Suddenly someone grabbed my head and pulled my face upwards, Todd had his giant cock, covered in cum and Bs arse juice right before my face.

“Tell him slut. Tell this faggot what you want to see.”

B gleefully joined in, “Suck it poof. Suck that huge dirty cock down your throat. Show then how I skull-fuck you with my strap-on.”

I opened my mouth willingly and sticking out my tongue licked then sucked Todd’s messy cock. He groaned, “You filthy faggot Cock sucker.”

Then he began to skull-fuck me. As Gary ploughed my arsehole, Todd ploughed my gullet. I was spit roast and in pig heaven. My slut partner was loudly enjoying my debauching even as four men’s semen was leaking from her body. Big Boy had lifted her off himself and was standing in the shower washing himself down, the other face fucker was sitting next to B watching his mates use me. B instructed them to

“Sniff” they did and to my thrill my abuse increased in intensity.

“Make him sniff.” They did and I was soon ramming myself back not Gary and gurgling happily as Todd’s balls rested on my chin, his glans 10″ down my throat making it swell so B and the others could see just how deep he was.

I just wanted cum, up my arse, down my throat, all over me, just gang fuck Bs slut. Get him ready for her to fist!

Todd and Gary didn’t last long, even though they’d cum, Todd at least three times, the poppers and extreme perversion drew their balls tight and I was soon eagerly feeling a load coat my bowels and soon after Todd’s cock throbbed across my tongue as I suffocated on his huge cock. I was beginning to pass out when he pulled free and I sagged to the floor, head down arse up.

B was now sitting up and clapping the performance. “Thank you gentlemen I’ve been waiting ages to see him stuffed and being bred. I just love how his hole is still open and Gary your cum’s dribbling out, see, you’ve bred a faggot.”

I moaned in frustrated lust and excitement. My cock was now aching more than ever, my balls cold and almost black where they were tied off.

Big Boy was now drying off, he was a huge man and his cock while not as long as Todd’s was thick. Todd and Gary were showering while Brent the second face fucker was still next to B who was slowly wanking him.

She turned to Brent, “you’ve got a nice cock, which hole do you want, there’s 5 to choose from?”

Brent was sitting back enjoying her ministrations, “your arse, but make your faggot eat my arse while fill you.”

B smiled and made it happen, “You heard him faggot. Crawl over here and lick Brent’s arsehole. I expect you to get your tongue right up there and lick him out slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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