Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 07

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Mmmmmmm…Cock, mouth watering cock, I love it. Being the powerful lady that I am, finding it is no trouble. There are many kinds of cocks. Bent cocks, straight cocks, small cocks, cut cocks, uncut cocks, big cocks, round cocks and hard cocks. I’ve had them all! They are delicious and I can never get enough of them, who need Baklava, Kanafeh and other Syrian desserts, when you could have cock?

I’m married to a very powerful man, who has a very senior position in the Syrian government, I cannot say who he is, but I can say he’s a top decision maker. But in the bedroom, he doesn’t give me what I need and is very shy, thus I’m forced to look elsewhere for my carnal pleasures. This is too his benefit, I’ve whored myself to help his political position, by sleeping with key figures. It’s a sexual House of Cards in Damascus.

Being a tall, fair, slender and fashionable woman, I’ve no problems attracting male attention. I can overwhelm foreign dignitaries’ with my British English, my Syrian charm and my knowledge of French literature, economics and computer science. But I think my tongue is what intrigues them most of all. I can do magic with my tongue and an ice cube, the Syrian sexual House of Cards and I’m at the centre of it. Call me Emma and we’ll get along just fine. How do I find cock? Well I have a network of informers, let me tell you about what happened last week.

I received a phone call from Safaa, she’s the daughter of the Grand Mufti of Syria, she told me a hot guy had cum in her pussy and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in cleaning up? Naturally, I was and so I went to her apartment and found Safaa lying on her bed with her legs open. I crawled onto the bed and using my two fingers, slid her pussy open and saw cum spilling out. I then moved in, stretched out my tongue, and scoped up some cum.

Creampies are a rare treat, tasting male and female cum mixed together, is something beyond special. Today, I have a special assignment, my husband is having trouble with the army, he fears there is a lack of unity. There are rumblings among the top-brass, my husband fears munity and a possible bursa escort coup and they fear a possible purge from the government of the armed forces. It’s my job to help persuade them to stop.

I only know one way to stop them. I am meeting with the commander of the Air Force, a senior commander of the Fourth Armoured division and a leading general. They knock on the door and I get the gentlemen to take a seat.

(Air Force Commander) AFC: “I’m sorry, but these stories of a punch are untrue.”

(Fourth Armoured Division Commander) FADC: “But your husband’s paranoia is beginning to trouble us.”

(Leading General) LG: “We hear rumours of treason, we hear rumours of purges. Your husband is planning on removing us, is that not so?”

“Gentlemen,” I now open my legs and the short black cocktail dress I am wearing allows the guys an interesting view. I then cross my legs again, “This talk of a purge is nonsense. My husband understands the important work you do and has no doubts about your loyalty. But you know, as well as I, that these are distressing times and our country is on the verge of the abyss. And there may be officers, who may not have the country’s best interests at heart.”

FADC: “That’s nonsense! We are loyal to Syria. I can assure you of the loyalty of my men.”

AFC: “As can I.”

LG: “Me too.”

AFC: “The real question is, how do we know, you’re telling us the truth?”

LG: “Yes this situation seems more complex, that you have led us to believe.”

“Well gentleman, let me provide you with the necessary assurances, which will un-complicate the situation. I didn’t want to do this, but you leave me with no choice.”

I uncross my legs, get up off my seat and walk towards LG. I stare down at his crotch and bite my lips and lick my lips. I slowly go down and kneel, I undo his belt, open the button on his pants and unzip them. “Gosh, you do drive a harsh bargain. I can see why you’re the top general.” I slide down his underwear and his average size cock hangs out.

My red nails poke his manhood, I then rub and drool on his cock. kestel escort I lick the top and bottom of his cock and by now, the other two commanders have emerged either side of me. They unzip their pants and yank out their cocks. Using my mouth, I start to suck LG off, while my hand strokes and massages AFC’s cock. FADC waits patiently, eventually; my free hand is now stroking and rubbing his cock in too.

I begin to wonder, if I have bitten of more that I can choose? I spit out LG, and shove FADC into my mouth, I am really cock hungry. I swallow, gulp, guzzle, regurgitate and spit. On repeat, always on repeat. I spit FADC out and immediately take AFC, his cock is perhaps the tastiest. While I suck away, FADC, moves behind me and forces my butt into the air. He lifts up my dress and pulls down my panties.

I feel his cock teasing my butt cheeks, oh the gentle rub sends my body into a tingling sensation. “Ahhhh.” I scream, while FADC inserts his massive cock into my anus, he clearly takes no prisoners. He begins pounding and the sound of his balls smacking against my butt and his aggressive grunting, making it sound like animal sacrifice is taking place.

AFC’s cock is still in my mouth and I can feel my mouth salivating, but because of FADC, trying to control my movements proves difficult. I am simultaneously giving LG and handjob and a rather violently aggressive one at that. I am squeezing his cock so hard, it’s beginning to turn blue and I am forced to release my grip to take the pressure off.

LG get’s up off the chair and stands behind me, as does AFC, there is basically a line forming behind me. After FADC’s done, LG has a go and after that AFC. My asshole is over-inflated and my cheeks incredibly red.

But these horny men are not done yet and neither am I. LG sits back down and I sit on his lap facing away from him, he slides his cock into my dying ass, and I jump up and down with my hair flying around in the air. AFC then positions himself in-front of me and rubs his juicy cock against my outer virginal lips. He’s getting so hard and he slides that hard thing, gürsu escort through my lips and into my inner sanctum. Two-dicks inside me and I am to make it a third.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and my husband flings through, he is shivering and crying and holding his cock.

Husband: “Whhhyy..Oh God, why? I thought you loved me? I thought we had something special? And now I find you with my generals?”

The generals start laughing, “Baby, I do care about you. This is all for you. Now stop crying and let me finish off, if you promise to be quiet, I will let you stay and masturbate in the corner. If not, go and run my bath!”

Husband: “Why are you so cruel?”

“Why are you so weak? You don’t satisfy me sexually, thus I go else ware! And I wouldn’t need to do this if you were a better leader; you’re not half the man your father was!”

I turn to FADC, “Come on, stick that thing into my mouth. Come on, I want it. Let’s pretend he’s not here.” FADC sticks his cock in my mouth and the other two resume humping. My husband is still crying and screaming, but is also tossing himself off.

Husband: “Oh God, so cruel. But still so good.”

FADC goes deep-throat and I feel, as if, my throat will rip in two. AFC is pounding my pussy hard, my body is really sweaty, and my Husband is still crying. AFC stops pounding and he now switches places with FADC. FADC wastes no time and resume the pussy assault, but AFC now tastes even more interesting, because I can taste my pussy on him too.

Twenty minutes pass and by now all three men are ready to cum, I jump off LG and get onto my knees and open my mouth. LG, FADC and AFC stand above-me with their cocks out, tossing themselves off. FADC cums first, he squirts me in the eye and then he cums down my face, mouth and tits. AFC targets my hair, mouth, my eyes and my back. And LG, hits whatever clear patch remains on my face.

Each man walks over to my husband and pats him on the back as they leave.

FADC: “That’s some women you got there. An excellent negotiator, she provided us with the assurance we need and you can count on our loyalty.”

AFC: “Cheer up, Mr President, politics is cruel.”

LG: “If it’s any consolation, she’s better that my wife.”

I now get up and head straight passed my husband, and hit the shower. I am safe in the knowledge that Syria is safe for now, but for how long?

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