Love Of My Daughter Ch. 02

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I swam in that twilight world between sleep and wakefulness, as though dreaming but half aware that I was dreaming. It was dark and warm and I was naked. I felt hands on my body, touching my neck, my breast, my belly, between my legs. Gentle, loving hands that knew my desires and cravings. I felt myself melting inside, in the dark warm core of my womanhood. Juice welled up in the depths of my love canal. I tried to touch those hands that were caressing me so exquisitely but I couldn’t find them. The hands were now parting my thighs, seeking and finding their humid target. Now my lips were parted and a finger was slipped inside, then two, no three. A fingertip teased my clit and I began to shudder. I felt my woman-cum oozing out from my vagina and dribbling down between the secret space between my two lower holes. My pelvis twitched and jerked as my arousal mounted towards its climax. The fingers changed their position and began to pull my lips apart, no longer gently. Then a fingertip pressed hard on my clit and my whole body bucked and spasmed, I came, my love juice spurting from my hole. Breathless and gasping I cried out, uttering the most unladylike filth “Ohhhhhhhh!! …Fuck! …. Fuck me, fuck my cunt! … Fuck me, fuck me up my sopping wet cunt! …. Ohhhhhhhh!! …Fuck it hard!!…Rip it apart!!!…Aaaaaagghhhh!!! ……”

For a few moments I was not aware of where I was, but as I awoke realisation came that the hands giving me pleasure had been my own, still wedged in my soggy wet gash. My fingers were covered in my cunt juice and I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply, savouring the heady aroma. I remembered the previous day and evening. And how my daughter Lauren had made me defecate onto her apron-clad lap, and made love to me in the shower.

I felt the cool air on my skin and saw that I was not only naked but uncovered, the top sheet pushed away. It was normal for me now to sleep in the nude. Underneath on the lower sheet there was a slimy wet patch from my secretions, rapidly cooling and sticky. It would eventually dry to leave a stiff round stain on the white cotton. At Lauren’s suggestion I had placed a waterproof undersheet on the bed, partly to protect the mattress and partly to retain the essence of my womanly pleasure on the very sheet I would lie on. It made me feel naughty to anoint my sheet with my outpouring from my orgasm, and to accentuate it and prepare in advance by use of such a device.

As my eyes at last came open I saw my daughter had entered my room and was standing with the tea-tray. She must have witnessed my display. She poured a cup, placed it on the bedside table and approached.

“Mommy, you are very lovely when you lie nude on your bed.” Lauren was naked except for a pair of white cotton panties, which I noticed were damp at the crotch. She drew close and gently stroked my breast and nipple. She kissed me full on my lips and pushed her tongue onto mine, then whispered in my ear, “and even more so when you cum …. and so wet …. so wet. I love to see my Mommy naked and wanking herself. And Mommy likes to be naughty in front of her teenage daughter, doesn’t she?”

I reddened and nodded, unable at this time to admit my depravity verbally. Knowing that Lauren had seen me naked on the bed and finger myself was so debasing, but exciting too. It shocked me deeply that I had willingly, actively even, degenerated from a normal responsible mom to being an eager partner in all my daughter’s filthy games. Yet deep inside I craved this role, the depraved mom. I craved the most forbidden acts, the most humiliating scenes. Even the thought was enough to make me moist. And I knew there would be more dirty things we would do, I would do. I craved to explore this taboo world. I sipped my tea, thinking about the day ahead.

Still nude, I went into the bathroom where Lauren was sitting on the toilet with her white panties down at her knees. She looked….. so innocent and so mischievous at the same time. I tried to read her mind and then took a deep breath, knowing what she wanted me to do, and knowing it was what I wanted too.

“Does my little girl want to see Mommy take a piss?” The words were out. I was giving expression to my desire to share our lewd desires, in a way that would have been unimaginable not long ago.

“Yes, Lauren wants to see Mommy piss in the shower, the way she does it when nobody is there to see.”

I turned to face her, looking her directly in the eyes, parted my legs to display to my sexy daughter my shaven twat and mound, then relaxed the muscles that control my bladder. I was ashamed but excited by this naughtiness and no longer nervous. Her eyes were riveted on my slit as the urine began to gurgle in its passage from my bladder. After the first few yellow dribbles emerged the flow quickly increased to a strong jet as I pissed hard and long. The sounds of fluid impinging on the white enamel of the tub merged with the more sibilant hiss as it erupted from my urethra. Lauren’s hand was between her legs while she, as though in unison with sisli escort me, urinated into the bowl. Just after the sound of her flow subsided I saw her expression change. She tensed for a moment but then her face relaxed into a dreamlike expression and I heard a loud “plop”, followed by two quieter ones. What a perverted spectacle we must have made, my own daughter watching me urinate in the tub while she urinates and defecates in the pan.

“Oh Mommy, I just shit into the toilet bowl, it’s all stinky Sorry, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No honey, of course mommy doesn’t mind. I always said you should empty your bowels regularly, and first thing in the morning is the best time. Would you like Mommy to check your pretty little botty is nice and clean.”

“Please Mom, I often find it hard to wipe myself completely, and I don’t want to make my panties dirty when I put them on for school.”

She pushed her panties right down and stepped out of them, and came to the shower. She bent over and held her bottom cheeks apart, as though she did this every day. Her beautiful slim body was a wondrous sight with her buttock cleft delightfully exposed, and I supported her by keeping one hand at her tummy as she was leaning forward. Her brown rosebud gaped open from the recent expurgation of her stool and there were copious remnants at the exit and coating the inside of her crease. She must have squeezed her buttocks together as she finished defecating. I stroked her ass cheeks gently, almost caressing the soft smooth skin of her firm globes, and spirally in towards her filthy crease. My heart raced at the nastiness of what I was going to do. I ran my fingertips along her brown furrow, smearing her fresh excrement further along its length. I brought my hand to my face and stared closely, and sniffed the foul mix of aromas.

“Oh yes, Lauren, you are a bit dirty in there. Mommy needs to get you nice and clean. Just let me work the shower onto you.”

I turned on and adjusted the flow to a comfortable strength and temperature, and let it rain onto here filthy crease. Gradually the dark waste was dislodged and her pink-brown puckered hole and crease was restore to it proper cleanliness and beauty. I gently brushed the last traces with a cloth and turned off the flow.

“Don’t move just yet, honey. You don’t want to get any soreness because it is not properly dried.”

I took a fresh warm towel from the rail and dabbed away the excess water and then finished drying her body, and mine, and finally applied a liberal amount of talc to her nether regions.

Lauren then got ready for school and as I showered I thought about my day ahead. I had to return to the lingerie shop and confess my crime of soiling one of the garments when I tried it on yesterday. I was nervous at having to do this, and decided to dress very conservatively in the navy blue business suit I used to wear when I worked as an accountant. I selected a like blue silk blouse, stay-ups, a half slip and smart low-heeled shoes. I was going to wear the white lacy bra and cotton panties, but then realised that all the only white panties I had were the ones I wore yesterday and they had become badly soiled.

I looked on the floor of the bathroom and saw that Lauren had been wearing those same ones, and must have had them on last night. The same stains were visible in the back of the crotch but the gusset was now damp and slimy and smelt strongly of her vaginal secretions. I thought what a dirty girl she was to put on my soiled panties and wear them in bed, obviously she has masturbated repeatedly to get them into such a state. I was about to put them in the hamper when it occurred to me that they were the perfect garment to complete my attire. My outward appearance would be stylish and immaculate, but unknown to anyone I would be wearing a most filthy item of underwear next to the most intimate part of my body. I felt extremely wicked as I pulled them on. I shivered as the cold dampness of the gusset came against my outer lips and sensitive perineum, while the traces of dried faecal matter made their presence felt against my buttocks. I walked around the house with nothing else on, even while eating a light breakfast, deciding to don the rest of my outfit only just before I went out.

I was glad to be wearing the suit as I thought it would convey an air of strength and would give me more confidence. However, I was nervous as I entered the store, and I was not sure how I would explain that I had tried on some lingerie the day before and the sexy feeling of the material on my skin had made me so wet that the juice from my vagina had spurted and copious soaked the gusset of the pretty satin teddy. I approached the counter where I was met by a fresh-faced young salesgirl, not much more than 20 years old, slim and with brunette hair which cascaded softly to her shoulder. She wore a pale grey and skirt and white blouse. Her name, Jenny was printed on her badge. She looked rather sweet and innocent and I felt more easy to be escort istanbul talking to her. She greeted me politely and asked if she could be of assistance.

“Yes, perhaps you can help me. But first I must confess that when I was here yesterday I was trying on some of your nice range of nightwear and I accidentally leaked from my vagina and soiled one of the garments.” “Oh, that is no problem. Our range is of special quality design and material and it is quite often a lady becomes turned on by the feel. We are more than happy if our customers undress completely so as to experience the special feel of the material against their skin, including down there.”

She had lowered her voice when speaking the last phrase, smiled and blushed slightly.

“But surely you saw the notice asking you to notify a member of staff so we can take care of the soiled garment. Otherwise it can be most embarrassing if another customer tries it on and finds it is soiled and damp from someone else.”

Now I was most embarrassed and ashamed, realising how my action could have caused quite a problem for the store. My face felt hot and I must have been blushing deeply. It was very difficult to get the words out, “Er, …. oh dear …. I really am sorry, but…. ur …. I had not seen any notice …um …. I put it back without telling anyone. I realised it was wrong ….Oh dear ….. is there anything I can do to make amends? Perhaps ….er …. I can pay for it now.”

The girl looked rather uncomfortable, and was clearly embarrassed for me. After a few moments she said she could not say what I could do but asked me to wait and she would talk to the manageress. She soon reappeared at the counter with a strikingly fit looking lady of about 50, Mrs. Harnett, according to her badge, with short blonde hair. She was dressed in a white blouse, that fitted her closely and was thin enough to allow her white bra to show through, and a black leather calf-length skirt which likewise fitted her quite closely. Her dress and demeanour made her look rather severe, and I wondered whether she was going to reprimand me. I was not sure whether I dreaded or welcomed it. As if to answer , I felt a frisson of excited tension and a well of juice flowing from my core. My panties were becoming wet with the new outpouring from my vagina.

“Come into my office, please Ms ….”

“Jenkins,” I completed the address and followed through into her office. behind.

She pointed to a chair by her desk. I sat forward, on the chair, tense and uncomfortable. She left the room for a minute and returned with Jenny and another female assistant. She was very different from her colleague. She was made up and attired like a punk, with spiky black hair and a ring through one nostril, through her eyebrow and several in each ear. She wore a short black denim skirt and a tight gray tank-top which showed off her pierced belly button and extensive tattooing round her waist. I looked at her and the manageress I noticed that despite the contrast in presentation there was a strong a resemblance. The image of one was refinement and elegance, the other raw and strident.

The manageress turned to her young assistant.

“I’d like you to repeat and show to me in front of Ms. Jenkins what you found when you checked the stock yesterday evening.”

The second girl had a small store carrier bag from which she took from it and placed on the table an article of clothing and unfolded it. It was the same white satin outfit I had soiled the day before.

“Well Mom, I was tidying all the clothes and making sure they were in the right sections like ….. Well, loads of things get tried on and get out of place and need to be refolded and hung nicely, the way you showed me. Yeah, among that new line of bedtime outfits, I found the one here it was a bit creased and I couldn’t get it nice and smooth. Then I noticed it was damp in the crotch and a bit stiff where something had dried around that area. I first thought something must have spilled but then looked closer and reckoned someone had put it on and wanked in it. I knew you are very particular about the condition of all the items here in the store, you’d be very angry if a customer found anything like that.”

“Thank you Terry, you did the right thing. I am sure you would like to hear what Ms. Jenkins has to say about it.”

The superficially formal address that she used to me and my appearance as a mature and respectable businesswoman served only to heighten my sense of shame and humiliation. It was especially painful to admit my act in front of the three woman, whose appearances and manner seemed so different – the sympathetic young salesgirl, the stern manageress, and her hard, butchy daughter. They all looked towards me, expectant, judging, condemning?

Contrite, I repeated what I said earlier to the salesgirl, but I felt much worse in front of all three women.

“Describe in more detail, more explicitly exactly what happened. Please be very graphic, don’t be shy about making reference şişli escort to your body,” Ms. Jenkins.

I blushed deeply as I tried to form the words to describe my response, in terms that referred to my most private parts. “… I was sorry, I couldn’t help my response I undressed completely because I wanted to feel the smooth material caressing my body …… As soon as I put it my nipples became hard and I felt so sexy …… I moved around in the cubicle to make the material rub against me ….. But when it brushed against my mound and the outer lips I felt myself getting wet inside ….. I tried to take it off but the juice gushed out of my vagina so fast and soaked the crotch.”

The enforced recollection, or maybe the humiliation at recounting the incident was turning me on again. My nipples started to harden and must have shown prominently through my bra and blouse, and the moist again began to build up deep inside me, as though my cervix had become a fountain of female sex-juice. My damp and soiled panties were becoming even wetter.

“Did you touch yourself?”

“No ….. yes, I stroked my body through the material, but not down there. Well, not until after I took it off.”

“So you were completely naked in the cubicle and you masturbated to get yourself off.”

“Yes, I couldn’t help myself.”

“What a nasty, depraved lady you are. You came here, in your elegant clothes, looking for all the world as a responsible and mature adult. Then you stripped off in the cubicle, put on item of clothing and allow yourself to be so sexually aroused that you gush cunt-juice and ruin the material. And then you frigged yourself to climax. You behaved like nothing more that a sex-crazed slut. Is that right, you crave for sexual gratification.”

Another gush of juice flooded into my panties. I could almost smell my own desire.

“Yes, I want sex all the time. I came here to try on your sexy underwear and lingerie. I wanted to feel them on my skin.”

“Did you try any other items?

I admitted I tried some underwear and a baby-doll nightdress, but I did not soil them.

“I’d like to see how you behaved in the cubicle, I think you would like to do that. Undress now and put that on again. Then show us what you did to yourself. Show us what a filthy depraved slut you are, Ms. Jenkins. Wait, let us first see you in your underwear. ”

In desperation I looked at them all, one to the other in turn. The manageress, Mrs. Harnett looked implacable and unemotional, but I was sure she was relishing the spectacle. I imagined she would get off on my humiliation. Alison appeared to be absorbed in the scene, and I could the excitement in her eyes. Her nipples were standing out against her T-shirt and I was sure she was turned on by the sight of an elegantly dressed, older woman do something obscene. Jenny seemed to be lost in thought, partly embarrassed and partly fascinated. Perhaps she imagined herself in my place. Her gaze was lowered, avoiding any eye-contact and she was blushing as though ashamed at her own part in what was happening.

My thinking brain was appalled at this scene, and the spectacle I was going to make of myself; another part, more basic, was revelling in the debasement of having to submit to the demand. What would be most humiliating was I would not be able to avoid displaying myself my filthy panties. I was excited by my own humiliation and by the depravity of my excitement.

Alison took a hanger and assisted my by taking my clothes as undressed. First my jacket, the easy part. I started to undo my skirt when Mrs. Harnett ordered instead, “No pull your blouse from your skirt, unbutton and remove it.

My fingers trembled as I nervously undid the buttons. I felt vulnerable with my torso exposed, but for my white bra still affording my breasts their modesty. I then unfastened my skirt, lowered and stepped out of it. Alison carefully took the garments and arranged them neatly over the hangers.

Mrs. Harnett remarked, “I am pleased you wear an underskirt, most appropriate for a smart business lady. Continue.”

The worst moment arrived, when I had to show myself in my underwear, my filthy, shit smeared, cum-sogged panties. I slowly pushed down the elasticated waist of my half-slip, now very self conscious. The brown smear must have been visible through the damp cotton. The wet patch seemed to cover most of the lower section and would be easily noticed. There was a gasp from Jenny and sounds of delight from Alison, when they saw the state of my panties. The manageress was impassive.

“Now strip off your bra and panties but give your panties to me.”

I unhooked my bra, letting my ample breasts hang and my turgid, dark nipples display themselves lasciviously, testifying to my arousal. Last of all I pushed down my panties and stepped out of them and handed them over. She held them open and looked inside, then felt the wetness.

“What a nasty lady you are. Well, Ms Jenkins, under your smart attire you delight in wearing heavily soiled panties. Does that make you feel wicked? It looks as if you went to the bathroom and forgot to wipe yourself, then pulled your panties up again. And they are soaked with juice, fresh cunt juice, you must have been creaming all the time in here.”

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