Lovers,Fighters Ch.02

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You were getting nervous, it was almost 15 minutes past seven. You had agreed to meet up again with Greg from the gym. If things went well, you would not only end up getting thoroughly fucked again, but maybe a boyfriend wasn’t out of the question.

If he stood you up however, it would be a big black mark towards his chances with you. Finally to your relief a sexy black GTO with red racing strips roars up, giddy and hopeful you ponder whether you should go out and see who it is. You don’t have too, you phone rings and as you answer you are greeted with the same solid tone that drew you him in the first place.

“Hey I’m outside, you ready to go?” A deep male voice spoke through the microphone.

“Yes, I’ll be right there.” You reply realizing a breath you didn’t know you were holding. Rushing outside to meet him, your flip flops clattering down the sidewalk as you races to his car.

Hopping into the passenger’s seat you were greeted by that solid unwavering smile. You had never really seen Greg out of the gym, and what you saw you liked. Matching his car’s interior, he was black and red. A form-fitted red graphic T-shirt, a shield with chains emblazoned on his chest. Fitted black jeans slightly worn, it was an outfit that suited him nicely.

The drive was short, turned out he lived in an apartment complex only five minutes away. Suddenly shy you couldn’t find anything to talk about on the drive over so it was Greg who broke the silence, “Sorry I’m late, had to go shopping for dinner.” He said indicated to a shopping bag in the backseat.

“It’s alright Greg, it gave me enough time to get ready for tonight” eager for the opening you asked. “So, what is for dinner?”

“How does sweet and spicy chicken stir-fry, with a fresh herb salad and chocolate swirl cheesecake sound?” He answered in a steady tone.

“Are you shitting me?” You blurt out. You had been expecting pizza or something, not a bloody three course meal.

Greg laughed and shrugged “What can I say, I love to cook.”

“I should start calling you Chef Greg, imagine what the other girls at the gym would think about a guy who is fit AND can cook.” You teased.

“I’d rather you didn’t, I’d have to beat them off with a spatula. I prefer not to be distracted at the gym.” Greg joked backed “Unless it’s you of course.” he amended quickly.

“Damn straight, I can distract you whenever I want.” Smirking to yourself, standing straight up in your seat and provocatively displaying your chest. You had made sure you had picked the best top to showcase your considerable assets.

“Of course, you can distract me anytime you like” he smoothly returned. His eyes accepting the offered view before snapping up and catching your gaze and locking it for a moment with a warm smile. His eyes shifted back to the road and your eyes fix on his lap to see any reaction, but this time those jeans hide any sign of the large cock you knew he was hiding.

Pulling into the parking garage and making the way up to apartment. It was a nice building and as Greg fit his key into the hole you wonder what would be on the other side. Inside was a spacious two bedroom apartment, his furniture was modern and tasteful. Everything was clean and simple apart from the fact that half the living room had been converted into a training room. Crash mats, heavy bags and a large shelf lined with gloves, guards and pads.

“We going to be Tekirdağ Escort using those later I presume?” You say coyly, remembering the previous nights naughty experience sparring with the lean fighter in the kitchen.

“Well, you wanted to learn, and I’m more than happy to teach.” Moving into the kitchen you see a vast array of cooking utensils. He wasn’t kidding, he looked as comfortable in the kitchen, as he did in the gym. Already washing the vegetables, then chopping them finely and placing them into metal preparation bowls. He had the spices lined out in neat order, you almost expected him to start narrating like he was on a cooking show.

You wanted to sneak up behind him and feel that tight ass in your hands. Something kept you at a distance, despite what happened last night he had made no indication if sex was on the table tonight. You got the feeling he was playing nice, and not trying to not pressure you. The way things turned out last night, it was a rather unorthodox way to ask someone out. Unsure of what he wanted or where things stood you and not wanting to screw things up you simply waited.

“Please feel free to look around, and make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?” He asked not looking up distracted by the food.

“Yes please! Something with vodka if you have it would be great.” You reply, a drink would help you loosen up and relax.

“I know just the thing” Pausing his work and washing his hands, he reached for a glass and made what looked like screwdriver with sprite added in.

Taking the offered drink and taking a sip, it was delicious. As the alcohol entered your system you felt the warmth spread over yourself, especially between your legs. As he worked you watched in mild interest, letting your gaze run over his strong shoulders. His movement’s as fluid and graceful here as they were in the gym. Smoothly orchestrating the little kitchen with a steady execution that made it clear he has had a lot of practice.

Looking him over, you let your gaze fall over him, checking out his ass debating again walking up behind him and groping whatever you could.

A large ceramic bowl holding the chicken coated in spices. Once the vegetables where chopped, Greg placed them in a frying pan with olive oil and left them while he turned to the chicken. Mixing additional spices and sauces into the marinade.

“Where did you learn to cook? Most of the guys I’ve known have no idea how to even make toast.” You ask, trying to concentrate while you fight yourself with the idea of skipping dinner and getting him to take you right then and there. The thoughts of last night’s events were making you horny and eager for him.

It also didn’t help that you had spent most of the day slowly rubbing your clit thinking about him, never letting yourself get off since you were going to see him again tonight. You had yet to eat anything however, and Greg’s cooking smelled so good. Shrugging aside your dirty intentions you decided to wait…at least for now.

Chuckling he replied. “I’ve been cooking for myself for seven years now. I never really had any formal training, but I’ve good senses when it comes to taste.” He wasn’t kidding, he offered you a small spoon and asked you to taste for spiciness. It may have smelled good, but it tasted amazing. The flavor was great, the different spices blending perfectly and sending waves of taste over your tongue. The spiciness Tekirdağ Escort Bayan tingled and was noticeable but not overpowering.

One thing was missing however, it wasn’t very sweet. When you mentioned it his eyes locked on yours and tasted a small spoon of something. He leaned in and planted a sudden kiss on your lips and accepting it with pleasant surprise. You realize that he just ate a tablespoon of honey, the sweet taste of his lips blending with your own spicy lips creating the perfect balance. Savoring the feeling everything slows to a crawl as you both enjoy the long kiss.

Until pulling back and returning to work, Greg returning to a soft smile “How was that for taste, better?”

Blushing furiously you manage nod, still breathless and at a loss for words.

“Good, it took quite a while to get that flavor just right. Never had it quite like that though.” He said smiling that calm confident smile, his amazing hazel eyes showing just a hint of mirth.

Once everything was finished we sat down at this small table and you find yourself ravenous, everything just tasted so good. You devoured all three courses. Conversation from there was pretty standard for a first date, likes, dislikes, plans for the future. You learned that Greg had just graduated university. He planned to become a police officer, but that had fallen through because he turned out to be colorblind.

You turned out to have a lot in common and except for his odd taste in music, which could be overlooked because he also enjoyed your tastes as well. Once dinner was finished with Greg asked if I would like to work on some more grappling. The thought of Greg and the feel his hard body pressing against you again was too much to pass up. “I’d love too, but I’m afraid I forgot bring my gym clothes. So suddenly feeling wicked you peel your dress off leaving you in your panties and bra. So I guess you will have to grapple me like this.”

“I think I can manage.” Greg said smirking deeply. Now there was no hiding the bulge in his jeans.

“Can we play a game?” you asked an idea forming in your dirty mind.

“What did you have in mind?” Greg asked raising an eyebrow

“Its simple, you win I’ll lose a piece of clothing. You explain, “If I get off all your clothes then I get to have you, however I want. Beat me twice, and I’m yours tonight, however you want.”

“Sounds fair enough.” He agreed

Either way you know that the lust that had been building inside you would be satisfied. With that, he stripped off his shirt and jeans. You now know why you haven’t seen a hint of his shaft earlier. He was wearing tight black Tudo shorts, the tight material concealing and did a great job giving you a great view of the treasures underneath. I had the feeling that Greg wouldn’t hold anything back this time.

Your instincts were right on, because before you could even react Greg had you on your back pinned. His body pressed firmly against yours, he let his hips press down onto yours teasing your pantyline. Your freshly shaved pussy begged for the attention attention and you couldn’t put up any resistance.

As he let you up, you peeled off your bra and let your breasts out. Your nipples hard, erect and it was all you could do to keep your hands up and away from your panties. You circle each other for a moment until something inside you gives, and Escort Tekirdağ you pull your panties down and offer yourself up. “God I give up Greg you win, just please fuck me.”

Greg looked floored at the sudden offer, but he recovered quickly stepping forward and pulling you into another long kiss, his hands exploring your body and fingertips brushing your wet pussy. You go down to your knees and yank down his shorts, taking his shaft in your mouth with little ceremony. He is hard and eager, his hips gyrating uncontrollably as he lets out a gasp. You blow him with all your fervor and pent up lust.

He pulls you back and lays you back down on the crash mats, he takes his turn giving you head. Lapping at your eager pussy lips and giving you some release. His skillful tongue is quick and he focuses on your clit. While he makes out with your lower lips it’s all you can do to hold on, grabbing his head and pulling him closer to you.

Squealing in delight, He gets you super close to climax. As you feel yourself building up to cum, he breaks off and puts the head of his hard cock up against your clit. “Please, don’t stop, give it to me” you beg desperately.

As Greg spears you, you climax for the first time, as your orgasmic shuddering tight pussy gets fucked and you start losing focus as the waves of pleasure wash over you.

Greg is certainly doing his part, staying on top of your bucking hips and fucking the daylights out of you. As you hit each orgasm until you can’t count how many you’re at, all you can feel is that hard shaft pumping between your legs. You’ve drenched him and yourself in your cum, but now what you really want is to feel him cum inside you. So you start fucking him back and egging him on.

He can do little to resist and his thrusts become staggered as he loses control inside you, the warmth of his seed filling you up inside, giving you one final orgasm before he collapses on top of you. “Fuck, that was great” Greg sputters, confident tone shattered for a moment as he gasps for air. Something about that was immensely satisfying seeing a crack in the persona and knowing you caused it.

Both parties seemed content to lay there on the floor, Greg played with the ends of your hair while you traced lines into his shoulder for a while until Greg suggested we take a shower.

Helping you up he lead you to the bathroom, the smell of cum and sweat was thick in the air and looking into the mirror you caught a glimpse of yourself, naked, flushed and with Greg’s white cum visibly dripping from your pussy.

Hopping in the shower, you let the water wash away the sweat, it was very refreshing, even if it messed up your hair. Greg joined you and began soaping up your shoulders, the thought of his cum dripping from you still in your mind. You took a little soap in your hands and reached back with one hand and rubbed his half-hard shaft. Greg began soaping your breasts and your rubbing was quickly turning into a rough hand job.

Greg was hard again, and didn’t take any time bending your forward and entering you from behind, placing your hands against the shower wall and letting the water wash over you as you let Greg fuck you. It felt amazing, your pussy was already sensitive and all that cum made for a very smooth slick access. That hard shaft pumping into you didn’t take long to take you to another hard orgasm. Which then set Greg off and he was more than happy to refill your pussy with cum.

After the shower, Greg carried you to his bed, the sheets where so soft and between the food, the drinks and fucking you fell asleep almost instantly, drifting off to sleep and looking forward to waking up beside him.

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