Love’s Embrace

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“Oh God, Chrissie! That was so amazing!”

I shook my head, trying to wake up from what felt like a deep sleep where I’d had the most erotic dream. Then the realization hit me that I was laying on a bed, stark naked with my arms around Beth, my best friend. Freaking out, I jumped out of the bed, my bare feet hitting the hardwood floor of the old house that we’d been exploring. I looked around wildly as the briefest flashes of the night pierced my brain. My lips were still tingling from a kiss we’d shared and cum, still sticky and glistening in the moonlight, coated my fingers as I stood there in shock, trying to take it all in.

Beth, a look of concern on her face, climbed off of the bed wrapped her arms around me. “What’s the matter baby?” she asked. I could hear the genuine tone of concern in her voice.

“Jesus Beth!” I said, my voice shaking. “What the hell happened? The last thing I remember is walking into the study!” I slowly sank to my knees and leaned back against the bed.

“Um, Chrissie? That was an hour ago. You mean you don’t remember a thing?” I shook my head no. That’s when we both stopped speaking. The sound of a sigh, not in sadness but in pleasure, emanated from…somewhere. Somewhere close. Then the bed creaked loudly, causing us both to jump to our feet. Then I heard the words breathed into my ear.

“Thank you.”

I screamed, causing Beth to scream too. We grabbed our clothes, laying in crumpled heaps on the floor along with the backpack and ran down the stairs and out into the chilled Halloween night. My hands were shaking so bad that I could barely get the key into the lock but as soon as I had the doors open, Beth and I jumped into my car. Turning the ignition, the engine roared to life and I floored the gas pedal, driving to my home as fast as I could

***Earlier that night***

Why the hell did I let her talk me into this, I thought to myself as I drove Beth and myself to the address she’d given me. It’s not like I was afraid. Far from it. But, Halloween was supposed to be fun! Getting dressed up in my sexy school girl outfit. Going to parties, Getting drunk. Trying to get laid. You know, normal fun stuff. Not traipsing around an old house that was supposedly haunted and should have been condemned.

It was early but the full, bloated moon still shown down upon us as I pulled up to the house. It was one of those stereotypical Victorian style mansions. The windows, or what ones that were still there, reflected the moonlight back at us. I shivered at the sight a little as the reflected light seemed to give the house multiple eyes. Eyes that were staring at us, unblinking in their gaze. Beth squealed like a little girl who’d just gotten a pony for her birthday. “Oh God, Chrissie! I can’t believe that were actually doing this.”

“Yeah, that makes two of us.” I replied as I opened the door. Beth hopped out of the car and pushed forward the seat so she could grab her backpack that was filled with all sorts of electronic “ghost detecting” equipment. Powerful flashlights, EMF detector, infrared camera, a couple of mini tape recorders and a couple of something’s Beth called REM pods. “You know your dad’s gonna freak when he finds out you blew your inheritance on all of this shit.” I said as I locked up the car. It’s not like I had anything of real value in it but I didn’t want to come out to find that some asshole teenagers had decided to “trick” me as a “treat.”

“Yeah, when I have my own ghost hunting show, then I’ll tell him.” she said as she shouldered the bag and began to walk to the house. I sighed, hoping that this phase wouldn’t last too long. Beth was like a forest fire. Burning with intensity at the latest thing that caught her fancy but, just as quickly, dying out when the next thing came along. Ever since she’d gone on that ghost tour and snapped Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort a picture of a “genuine” phantom, Beth had the idea that we would be the next famous pair of paranormal investigators. I thought the picture just looked like a bad photograph. But hell, who was I to judge. I’d been tagging along with her crazy ideas ever since we were kids. It was actually kind of fun in a lot of ways. Beth was always more popular than me with her gorgeous body, outgoing personality and willingness to spend a lot of money on her newest fancy. All I had to do was to keep up.

The KEEP OUT sign failed miserably at it’s job as Beth and I walked up the cracked walkway to the porch. There was a slight breeze that blew through the chilled air at that moment, causing me to wrap my arms around myself and shiver. Our footsteps echoed loudly as we climbed the wooden stairs onto the porch. The door, it’s paint flaking off and weathered with age, provided a greater deterrent than the sign as Beth, when she tried the doorknob, found out that it was locked tight. Stamping her foot in frustration, she began to look around, trying to find a broken window to climb through, I guess. Like a smartass that I was, I reached around her and, grasping the old fashioned iron wrought knocker, clanked it on the door. She shot me a look as I shrugged, giving her a slightly sardonic smile. “It’s polite to knock first.” I said, pulling back.

“Oh yeah, and now the door will magically open.” Beth replied sarcastically as she turned the knob again. The door creakingly swung open. I turned to go to the car. “Come on, Chris.” Beth said, grabbing my shoulder. “The lock must be ancient. That’s all” Another breeze blew through at that moment, causing my ponytail to sway and land on my shoulder. Brushing back my hair, I gave her my most baleful gaze as she crossed the threshold and stepped into the old house.

The house must have been truly magnificent in it’s day. A large, spiraling staircase dominated the entrance hall. Off to the right was what appeared to be a dining room and off to the left looked to be a sitting room. Furniture, covered in white sheets and years of dust and cobwebs, were still there, waiting to be used again. I imagined what it would be like, sitting at the table, servants bringing out the food for the party that was happening. The fireplace would be roaring tonight, heating up the home as I flitted about, making sure my guests were comfortable, asking for more tea as I sat and listened to the latest gossip…Beth’s touch startled me awake. “Huh?” I asked, looking dumbfounded.

“I said are you ready to get started?”

“Oh, um, yeah. Let’s get this over with.” I said as she walked over to the dining table and laid her bag down, opening it up and pulling out the various pieces of equipment. I looked around, trying to take in as much as I could. The moonlight illuminated the front rooms with a pale whiteness enough to make out most details but the rest of the first floor was bathed in an impenetrable dark. Beth handed me a flashlight, a recorder, and some extra tapes as she took the EMF detector and began a baseline sweep. For the next half hour or so, I followed her around, asking questions out loud to an empty house with the record button on as nothing exciting happened at all. “Okay Beth, this is stupid. Can’t we go? I know of at least three parties that we can still make it to.”

“Come on, Chrissie.” she said, exasperatedly. “Just give me another hour, okay?” I gave her a sour look but nodded my head in acquiesce. “Hey, let me go back and get the camera, okay?” Beth took off before I could even respond. We’d been walking the first floor, slowly checking the rooms. Every so often, the EMF detector would ping a little and Beth would get all Yenimahalle Rus Escort excited, pressing record and asking “who is here with us” or “please tell us your name” but, aside from that, nothing. I heard her footsteps echoing in the dark as she ran back. I was alone in a hallway. There was one more room down here that we hadn’t checked yet. Having nothing better to do, I opened the door and walked inside. Hot damn! I thought to myself. I discovered the study! If there was one thing that I went all crazy for was books. There was a whole case of them, dominating the back wall. A writing desk was in the corner along with a couple of lounging chairs. On the opposite wall of the bookcase was a portrait of a young woman. A look of wistful longing was on her face as her eyes forever gazed lovingly at the volumes of knowledge, just sitting there, collecting dust.

My eyes focused on the lounging chair against the front wall. It was under a window that faced out to the hills in the distance. I would be sitting there, in my house dress, having selected Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to read again. How I love that book, with tales of knights and bards. Simone had just brought me tea and crumpets as I settled down. I sighed as she turned to leave. I surreptitiously looked at the way her body was encased in the maids outfit that she wore. Closing my eyes, I shook my head, trying to clear my mind of the impure thoughts that her body brought to mind. I started reading the book in my hands but it was of no use. Rising up, I walked over to the bookcase again. Putting back Chaucer, I selected Pierre Louys’ “Aphrodite: mœurs antiques.” I knew Father would punish me severely if he found out I was reading it but I also knew that he and Mother would not be back before nightfall, having taken the carriage to the town for a celebration. I feigned weakness, not wanting to fend off the hands of some ardent young gentleman all night. Mother had been doting on me lately to find a hand in marriage, not wanting me to grow alone into a spinster. How could I tell her that my feelings of passion were not of that for men. I knew that it would break her heart at the scandal that would cause, not to mention Father’s rage.

The lascivious words entered my mind and caused a flutter in my heart. I was alone in the house except for Simone, the other servants having the night off. Dear Simone, with her raven dark hair and delicate features, always there with her soft hands to help lace my corset when I had to leave, to help me disrobe upon my return. I laid down the book as my hand trailed down my dress, over the swells of my bosoms. My breath caught as my other hand pulled at my dress, causing the hem to rise to mid thigh as I leaned back in the chair. I felt the tips of my breasts harden under the silken material as my other hand reached down and under my dress. I touched my undergarment, rubbing my clitoris through the material for a moment before pushing the fabric aside and playing with my most intimate area. My breath caught again as my fingers touched the wetness that had leaked from my body. A long, low moan emanated from my throat as I began to rub myself most lewdly. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. If only Father knew of what was happening in his favorite room. What would he think if he found his only daughter pleasuring herself while thinking of the servant girl that she’d been lusting over.

I must have made more noise than I thought as Simone entered the room again. Our eyes met just as my cunny spewed forth its nectar. For a moment, time stood still as we looked at each other. I swear the devil influenced me as I rose quickly, walked over to her and kissed her hard on her lips. Her breath tasted of jasmine tea as I enveloped her body with my arms, holding her close. At first, the shock of my actions caused Simone to freeze in uncertainty. But then, I felt her hands begin to rub me as she returned my kiss with fervor. I smiled as I pulled back from her ruby lips. I took her by her hand and led her to my room. It was always my favorite place as Father had let me decide it’s colors. Muted pastels of pink and blue with accessories of ivory white greeted us as I opened the door and entered.

Simone gasped as I began to disrobe her, removing her maids uniform as I’d done many times in my mind before. I knelt down, gazing at her silken drawers and began to undo her garter holding up her stockings before lowering each one down her leg, my hands caressing her all the while. Grasping her panties, I slowly exposed the downy hair that covered her most precious of treasures. Dewy drops of her arousal glistened in the candle light as the aroma wafting to my nose caused my mouth to water and my desires to rise. I stood up, gazing into the now naked object of my passion. She started to speak but I shushed her with my finger pressed against her lips. I didn’t want to break the spell that had formed around us. My hands went to my clothes and I disrobed in an almost frantic fashion.

Finally, as naked as she was, I guided her to my bed, laying her down upon it. Kneeling at her side, I just looked at her body. At last, the woman I’d been lusting for so long was lying there, awaiting my wordless commands. I felt my chest swell with desire as I bent over and began to suckle her breasts as a newborn hungry for her mother’s milk. My hands roamed the soft contours of her body and I heard Simone let out a gasp of pleasure as I ran my fingers through the covering of hair on her mons venus. My fingers ran between her legs, parting her outer lips and touching her inner wetness as I switched to her other breast, lightly nibbling and suckling on her nipple.

As much practice I’d gotten in pleasuring myself over the years, I knew what felt good. I pushed two of my fingers into the entrance of her womanhood as my lips trailed up her body and found her most willing mouth. We shared a deep, soulful, loving kiss as I brought pleasure to her, my fingers scraping and pressing against her inner wall. Simone arched her back as her cunny poured forth onto my hand. She screamed with passion into my mouth as her body shook with the force of her orgasmic release.

We laid there on the bed as I stroked her hair lightly with my other hand. Simone gazed into my eyes, smiling contentedly. I rolled over on my back, my legs spread openly, invitingly. She began to kiss me, tentatively at first, but then with more passion as I reacted instinctively to her ministrations. Simone paused at my breasts, pushing them together to form a cleavage that she ran her tongue through, then giving each of my nipples a loving kiss. I closed my eyes and smiled, my body writhing on the bed at the tenderness of her kisses and caresses. Then, my beautiful lover moved lower down my body with her exploration. She ran her fingers through the hair on my mons as I’d done to her before moving her body between my legs. My eyes flew open and my breath caught as Simone used her tongue to clean up all of my nectar that had been leaking from me. She then spread the lips of my cunny open and began to give me oral pleasures. I’d never experienced anything like this pleasure before. I let out a long and sensuous moan as her lips and tongue brought me to the highest crests of orgasmic bliss before pushing me over.

Nothing, in all of the books I’d read and my fevered imagination could compete with the feeling that was flowing through me at that moment. Waves of pleasure, crashing down upon me like the ocean on the beach, flowed through my body. I saw stars in my eyes and felt my consciousness leaving me as I laid there. I barely even recognized that Simone had curled her body next to mine, holding me gently against her naked flesh. Finally she spoke. “Oh God, that was amazing.” I smiled at her odd choice of words but let out a contented sigh of agreement. The bed creaked as I rolled over, kissing my lover on her lips.

“Thank you.” was all I could think to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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