Lucky Guy Pt. 08

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I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide me feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don’t read.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

I ask Eva to marry me

Eva and I slept late Monday morning as we were exhausted from the night’s activity. We both dressed in business attire because we were having lunch with Angela and Stanley. We checked out of our hotel and left our bags at the front desk. Our first stop was Tiffany’s. This weekend had convinced me that Eva really loved me and I wasn’t just a rebound selection from Max.

I told Eva we were going to buy Denise a gift and we were. As we walked in a female sales representative asked me, “Can I help you?”

“We want to look at engagement rings.” I dropped to one knee, took Eva’s hand, “Will you marry me?”

Eva teared up and said, “Yes. Now get off your knee and kiss me.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly. I whispered in her ear, “I really do love you Eva and want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

She whispered back, “I really love you Lance. You know now you aren’t just a settle for me. I really want to live with you the rest of my life.”

I said, “Yes, I am convinced. Now pick out what you want. If we can’t find it here there are plenty of other places.”

The sales representative said, “Congratulation. Can I get your names?”

I said, “I am Lance Padmore and this is Doctor Eva Baumann.”

She said, “I am Sierra. Doctor Baumann, we will find something you like even if we have to custom make it?”

Eva said, “Oh, I am sure you will have something here. I am happy to have Lance, so anything would be okay with me.”

I said to Sierra, “Show us some of your higher end rings.”

We spent a little over an hour before Eva was satisfied with a ring. I knew Eva wasn’t ostentatious and would have to be pressed into something I thought was worthy of the event. I kept having to push her to the higher end selections. She did pick out a beautiful set of rings. Unfortunately, the rings needed to be resized so she couldn’t wear the engagement ring out of the store. They promised to have it ready in two weeks and shipped to Eva’s house. We also bought a choker for Denise with two dangling gold charms one engraved with Fatty and the other with an L. They had it wrapped for us by the time we were ready to go.

As we walked to meet Angela and Stanley for lunch Eva took my arm between her breasts and said, “You have made me so happy. I can’t believe you did this. When did you decide?”

“Well truthfully, I was hooked the night you and Emma convinced me I was the one you wanted. But I have been worried that I was just a settle choice. This weekend made up my mind. I am such a lucky guy to have found first Terry and now you at just the right times in my life. I want to be your L forever. Really I just needed to be confident in myself.”

Eva smiled, “You are such a silly boy, I knew it was you from the moment Emma helped me understand what was happening to me. We have both been lucky. Me first with Max and now you.”

We met Angela and Stanley at a very nice 5th Avenue restaurant. Both were dressed in the New York top of the line business attire.

Angela said, “I am so glad you have joined us for lunch.”

Eva said, “We have some big news.”

“What is it?”

“Lance and I are now engaged. He just bought me this engagement ring from Tiffany’s.” Eva showed her a picture of it from her phone.

Angela said as she got up to hug Eva, “I am so happy for you and Lance. But really I’m not surprised.”

Eva asked, “Why is that?”

Angela said, “To start with you two are clearly more than friends. Lance had talked about you for many years. Then when I saw you together it was like two matching pearls. You just went together. Lastly, at the party was the last piece of the puzzle. Eva, you need a Dom and Lance fills that role quite admirably.”

Lance said, “You have it all right. I love Eva very much and probably have for a long time. Neither of us can replace our first loves but we have made new loves. I do believe Eva loves me for who I am.”

Angela asked, “Any ideas on the wedding date?”

Eva said, “We really haven’t discussed it much but I really can’t see much reason to wait long. Do you Lance?”

“Not really. We will let you know as you as soon as we decide.”

Stanley finally said, “I think you are both lucky. You are made for each other.”

Angela said to me, “Have you made a decision on my offer?”

“I have. Let’s work together. Send me the paperwork and I will have my lawyer look it over.”

Angela said, “That is great news. You sure took your time about it.”

I smiled and said, “I was just trying to make it hard.”

Angela smiled, placed her hand on my groan, winked at Eva, “Oh, I know I can make it hard, big boy.” We all laughed.

“Do you have a first project in mind?” I asked.

“Yes, there is gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları a building in Greenwich Village that we are bidding on that is owned by the same people who owned the building you did so many years ago. If I tell them you will be the lead, the work is ours.”

“Is Andy still the person to contact?” I asked.

“Yes,” Angela answered.

“I will call him and commit to doing the work for you. He and I had a good relationship.”

Angela said, “Sweetie, that would be great. Let me get some bubbly and let’s toast to long term relationships.” Angela raised her hand for the waiter who was there in seconds and the champagne showed up in minutes.

“Here’s to the happy couple,” Angela said.

We drank. I raised my glass and said, “Here is to a successful partnership.”

Angela said, “Here, here. We were always meant to be business partners.”

We ordered lunch. Stanley said, “Doctor Baumann, I have been considering your Investment Fund. I realize you limit your investors but would you consider taking on part of our portfolio? I am not satisfied with the hedge funds we are in now. I have read that you don’t want to run a large fund.”

Eva said, “Stanley, please call me Eva. Actually, I would consider it. I must be careful with the amount of money I am running because my algorithms might break down if the trades get too large. But I think I have room. I am sure you have a financial advisor. Have him call me and we will see what we can work out. After all, if Lance and Angela are working together then why not us. Gives me another reason to come to New York.”

Angela said, “You will be invited to our home anytime you are in New York but I have a feeling Annie and Edgar have already made that invitation.”

I said, “Yes they did but thanks anyway. We will try to arrange it so that we are in town for some of your parties. That was some kind of exciting last night.”

Stanley said, “They are usually on Saturday not Sunday. We just had so much going on, we couldn’t find another time. I was surprised with the showing last night. It was only down a little. We don’t always have them at our condo as next month will be somewhere else but you will get an invite. It will be in the Hampton’s, at a very unique house. You need to come just to see this place.”

I said, “We will see.”

We were almost finished when Stanley said, “Your flight is at five. Correct?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Then I want Eva to stop by my office. We many time make gifts of dresses sent to us to consider. As you know we are a large buyer for many of the stores around here. I would like to make a gift of clothing to you from time to time. We will call the first one an engagement gift.”

Eva said, “That really isn’t necessary. I’m not a clothes horse.”

Angela said, “Nonsense, every woman wants nice things. I understand you are far from normal but please accept this gift. Stanley would be hurt if you didn’t accept his gift.”

Eva said, “Well, I can’t say no to that. Oh, that reminds me, we have a gift for Denise. Can you give it to her?”

Stanley said, “I can do better than that, follow me and we will get your measurements. I will have Denise come down. I just love Mid-Westerners. You seem to be more generous than we New Yorkers.”

Angela said good bye with a kiss on the cheek for both of us. We followed Stanley to his office. He took us into an area with several people working with models.

He said to a pretty man named Bruce, “Bruce this is Lance Padmore and Doctor Baumann. They have just gotten engaged. Can you get Doctor Baumann’s measurements? I want to give her something from our excess inventory occasionally. But today it is an engagement gift.” Stanley looked to Eva, “The wedding gift will be something so expensively over the top that I am sure you will get mad at Angela and me.”

Bruce, obviously gay, said, “I have just the thing. Remember that summer dress we purchased for several of our stores at the beginning of the summer. I think one of the samples would be perfect for Doctor Baumann. Off with those clothes. They are just too bulky to wear while I take your measurements.”

Eva didn’t move, when Bruce said, “I am sorry dearie, we are so used to naked people around here I didn’t think. There is a screen over there, we can do it there for some privacy.”

Eva said after looking at me, “No worries. Here is fine.” As she said this she started removing her top. Just as she got to her panties and bra, Bruce said, “You can leave those on. Very pretty undies. Mister Padmore, you are one lucky man. This is a one gorgeous female.”

I said, “Thank you Bruce. You are right. Doctor Baumann is not only brilliant but also beautiful. I am one very lucky man.”

No one even looked at this nearly naked woman. As Bruce started taking Eva’s measurements Denise came up wearing a robe and said, “Hi, so good to see you again but not sure what to call you here. I don’t think I should address gaziantep escort bayan telefonları you the way I did last night.”

Eva laughing said, “I think Eva and Lance will work here. So good to see you again.” Eva hugged Denise, “We wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your, ah, service last night. Here is a little gift.”

I handed her the wrapped box from Tiffany’s. Denise took it saying, “You didn’t need to do this. I like the Samford parties as much as anyone. People are jealous that I get to attend.” As she took the box her robe gapped open just enough to see she was naked at least on top under it. My manhood stirred.

Eva said, “Nonsense. Open it.”

Denise looked at Stanley and he gave her a slight nod. Denise opened it and said, “Oh my goodness that is beautiful. I love the inscriptions on the charms. I understand Fatty but what is L?”

Eva smiled and said, “Last night we were playing Principal and Student. But most of the time I call Lance my L, meaning Lord to me. It is up to you. It can be Lord or Lance.”

Denise smiled at both of us, “I will choose Lord with your permission. This is so sweet of you.” She put it on her neck, looked in one of mirrors that were everywhere, “That is so pretty. I just love it but more important, I love the people who gave it to me. I hope you will be back often. I know that Annie and Edgar have already extended the welcome mat but know that you are welcomed at my little place also.”

I said, “Thank you Denise. Stanley and Angela have invited us to the party next month. Hope to see you there.”

Denise looked at Stanley, “If I get an invite, I sure will.” Stanley again gave her a little nod.

Stanley said, “Denise, they need to catch a flight this afternoon.”

“Yes Mister Samford. Thank you so much for this. It really means a lot.” She hugged Eva and then me, making sure we both got a good feel of her naked breasts.

Bruce took measurements of every part of Eva’s body. I could see that this situation was stimulating Eva’s sexual appetite. Someone had brought the dress Bruce had suggested and placed it on the rack next to Eva’s business clothes. The dress was a light sun dress, stripped cream and yellow, spaghetti straps, and loose fitting.

Bruce said, “That bra won’t work with this dress. Let’s see what it is like without anything. Now do you want to go behind the screen?”

I said, “No I think she will try it here.”

Eva nodded, reached behind her, removed the bra and handed it to me. She was standing staring at Bruce, wanting him to say something. Bruce said, “You are one lucky man. While not my cup of tea, but you have a lovely set. I think you will need a different bra.” Eva’s tits don’t droop much for DD’s. After studying her breasts, he said, “Wait here a minute.”

He went to a store room and came back with a strapless bra with a band around the bottom of his breasts that held a half shelf bra. Her nipples were visible and standing out. Bruce placed the bra on her and helped her into the dress. It was very pretty on her and looked very comfortable. It showed just enough cleavage and just short enough to be interesting but not provocative. There was also a light linen jacket which Bruce had her wear.

Bruce said, “Beautiful and it fits perfectly. What do you think?”

Eva looked in the mirror, “It is very comfortable but I really don’t think I can accept it.”

Stanley said, “If you like it please take it.”

Eva looked at me, “I think Stanley really wants you to have it and it would really be a comfortable traveling outfit.”

Eva said, “Thank you, Stanley. I like it very much and this is very sweet of you.” Eva hugged Stanley.

Stanley beamed, “I like making beautiful women happy. Dipak is waiting to take you to the airport. You need to leave now to make sure to make your flight.”

Eva and I said our goodbyes. Dipak dropped by the hotel, picked up our bags and headed to the airport.

Eva removed the jacket, reached around me kissed me and whispered, “I am happy and hot. Want to fuck your fiancé for the first time on the way to the airport.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” She removed her panties and pulled her dress up to her waist as I slipped down my trousers and underwear. We kissed while fondling each other. She was already wet; I think from showing off at Stanley’s office or maybe she was excited from the engagement. It didn’t take long before I was hard and ready to fuck.

Eva straddled me and slipped my hard penis into her wet vagina. I pushed the spaghetti straps off her shoulders while Dipak was driving in the middle of Manhattan. The dress dropped into a puddle around our joined bodies. I then pulled the strapless bra off her breasts.

Eva smiled, “You are going to show my breasts to anyone driving by.”

I smiled, “Actually, to anyone walking by also. Wave to your admirers if anyone sees you.”

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Dipak was observing our shenanigans. gaziantep escort bayan videoları I said, “Wave to Dipak and give him a good view.” She did and gave him a little wave, then turned back and pulled my head between her breasts. We stopped at a traffic light. I looked up and saw a group waiting to cross the street were staring at this gorgeous woman fucking me. “Give them a wave.” She looked out the window and gave them the queen’s wave.

Dipak moved on. She was enjoying this so much and was in no hurry to finish me. Plus, it felt so good, I also didn’t want her to move much so we could at least enjoy our ride out of New York making love. Dipak had to stop at several lights and at each we made fans. Eva slowly rocked back and forth and continued to look for people along the way to wave to.

As we were approaching LaGuardia I said, “I love you so much Fatty. I really don’t want this to end but we are close to the airport.”

Eva kissed me deeply, picked up her pace and said, “I love you my L. This feels so good. You are so good for me. I want you to enjoy me.” She was breathing very hard; her neck was turning red from the orgasms I could feel her having.

“I am loving this but I am ready to cum, baby.”

“Let me have it, I want to feel it leaking out of my pussy all the way home. Oh gawd that feels so good, I can feel your penis growing. I can feel your cum.”

I filled her vagina as Dipak turned into the airport entrance. Eva kissed me one more time, put her hand between her legs and slipped her panties up to hold my juices in. She said, “Let me clean you up.” She bent over and licked my genitals cleaned. She pulled her bra and dress straps back in place as I pulled my clothes back in place.

Dipak helped us out with our luggage. I said, “Thank you Dipak. Can I give you something extra?” I reached for my wallet.

“If I took your money, Mister Samford would fire me. Besides, you gave me a nice show. I am going to have fun screwing my wife tonight thinking about the show.”

“Okay, thank you. Fatty give him a hug instead.”

Eva hugged Dipak. As we went through security Eva whispered, “If they check, they will find a big deposit between my legs. I can feel it seeping from around my panties and down my legs. I am sure people will smell me.”

“They will think it is just perfume.”

That night I slept with Eva. I started moving into her house the next day. We decided I should move in with her and leave my house for John. We called both John and Emma with our news the next day and both were excited.

John returns home and starts work with Max Construction

John finished his two weeks in the Marines and returned as planned. The agreement was signed between Sam, John and Eva. Eva offered to give John the shares as he worked in the business only now she made the point that we were getting married. Only I was insisting on a prenuptial that would keep our assets separated. I knew that Eva wealth was far greater than mine. She had shared with me some of her performance in the Baumann Fund. She had done quite well.

John spent almost every weekend at Lafayette seeing Emma or working. Emma and John were becoming good friends with Rock and Chocolate. John was working very hard to make his mark at Max Construction and be worthy of the faith Eva had placed in him. Eva and I attended the first quarterly meeting with Sam and John. The numbers looked very good. I had brought them a couple of big projects which helped a lot.

I began to build my lone ranger design firm based on the business I was getting from Angela and my old firm. I didn’t compete for projects in Ohio, so my old firm was happy with the arrangement. I opened a small office and built a small staff to help me with the work. I didn’t do any marketing and became a resource to other firms. I decided I wanted to focus on the creative part the business and leave the sales and marketing to others.

Eva was building up The Baumann Fund. She branched out to form multiple funds allowing for more investors with different investing motifs. She opened a small office front in New York close to Wall Street. She collocated her trading servers with one of the exchanges which allowed her algorithms to function quicker. Eva gave me an office in this new complex making it easier to work with Angela’s firm. As we were in New York often be became regulars at the Samford’s parties and made friends with others.

Our bachelor and bachelorette party

We were planning our wedding for May. John was to be my best man and Emma to be Eva’s maid of honor. Eva and I wanted a small wedding with just Emma and John attending for a beach wedding at a Caribbean Resort. We also decided that we would do two parties for our friends. One party that would be a combined bachelor and bachelorette for our normal Cincinnati friends and business acquaintances. This one would be just a mixer with drinks and snacks. The raunchiest part of this party were the toasts.

The other party, however, would be a sexcapade celebrating our unique relationship. Angela and Stanley begged us to host this party. They wanted to make all the arrangements. They were excited to meet Emma and John. Several of our new friends from New York were invited including Annie, Edgar and Denise. John and Emma, Sam and Sally and Eva and I flew to New York Friday afternoon to stay the weekend at a large hotel suite close to the Samford’s condo where the party was to be Saturday night.

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