Lunchtime in Norman’s House

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This was a long time ago. Now I’m a middle aged man with a lot of hetero sex behind me but still very little gay experience, and my mind keeps wandering back to when I was 18. I was travelling in England with a school friend, Colin. We were on the way to meet a girl we both knew from when she lived near us. She now lived on a farm in Devon and we were hitchhiking, which was our favourite means of transport.

We had got as far as Bristol and decided to stay there for the day and look around. It was late summer. We checked into the YMCA, which had yet to gain the reputation it did via Village People and was still an innocent, cheap place to stay.

Then we wandered around the city. I don’t remember there being many sights to see, but we were enjoying our freedom in the summer before we went to university, and just having nothing much to do and no one to answer to was a pleasure in itself.

Eventually I needed to pee, so I left Colin sitting on a bench and headed down the stairs into one of those old-fashioned stinking underground toilets. There was an old man standing at a urinal and I went to the one next to him. He was wearing a jacket and tie, grey slacks and brown shoes. He was fat and bald.

He glanced at me as I unzipped my jeans but he didn’t move, even though I presumed he had finished. He just stood there and the first terrible, dirty little thrill went through me. He wasn’t actually doing anything, but that was the point: he should have been leaving.

I did my business and walked over to wash my hands. He appeared at the next basin.

“Live around here?” he asked jovially. “I’m Norman.”

“Passing through,” I said. “On the way to Devon. Keith.” We shook hands.

“Oh, yes,” he said. “Holiday?”

“Yep,” I said.

“Do you know anyone in Bristol?”


“What are you doing for lunch?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come to my house,” he said. “There’s another young man there waiting.”

“I’m with a friend,” I said defensively.

“Ah,” said Norman. “Do you think he’d like to join us?”

“I don’t think so,” I said nervously. I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for, but if it went the way I had a feeling it would, I certainly didn’t want Colin involved.

“We can tell him I’m a theatrical agent,” Norman suggested. “And I’m looking for someone like you for a play.”

This didn’t sound at all plausible, but lust was flooding my brain and if it would get me out of reality and into Norman’s house, that was all that mattered.

We found Colin, and Norman did the talking, giving him some money for lunch. We arranged to meet back there at three o’clock.

It was just five minutes’ walk to Norman’s house and he made small eryaman escort talk all the way, while I mainly grunted. Was he going to seduce me? And where did this other guy fit in? I was just letting it happen.

Norman led me into a room at the back of the house which had French windows looking out onto a small lawn. He closed the curtains and didn’t put a light on. He told me to sit on the settee.

“Bobby,” he said loudly but with a sort of understated authority.

A young man came in from an adjoining room, taking his shirt off as he walked. Norman was sitting next to me on the settee. Bobby stopped in front of him. He was wearing football shorts. Norman slid his hand up Bobby’s leg. Bobby was tall and slim. Black hair and a hairy chest.

Norman pulled Bobby’s shorts down to reveal an erection. I had never seen another guy erect. before. I tried not to look even at the floppy ones when we got changed for games.

I felt Norman’s hand on my thigh and I knew it was now or never. I could stand up and leave or I could do what he said, as he was clearly dictating events. He reached over and unbuttoned the waist of my jeans. I didn’t stop him. He slid the zip down and still I didn’t react. I was frozen with fear and lust.

“Take your shirt off,” Norman said quietly. He was feeling my cock and balls through my Y-fronts. And I was letting him.

I took off my shirt and Bobby gave me a hand to stand up. Norman pulled my jeans down, then my underpants. Then he sat down.

“Now you two get acquainted,” Norman said, and Bobby immediately stepped closer so his cock was against mine. He put his arms around me and kissed my neck. He took my erection in his hand and clasped it to his. He felt my balls and his other hand ran down my back and between my buttocks.

“Sit down, Keith,” Norman ordered. I sat naked on the settee with a fully clothed old man sitting next to me and a burly young man above me. But Bobby wasn’t above me for long. He knelt slowly and took my cock in his mouth. Norman leaned over and stroked my thighs and felt my balls when Bobby’s position allowed it. Then he leaned down and sucked my nipples. This was something that had never even crossed my mind. I had had brief, clumsy, amateur sex with my ex-girlfriend, but what was happening to me here was on another level altogether. Having one man suck my nipples while another, who I had never even spoken to and had only met five minutes earlier, had my electrified penis in his mouth.

I was already on the verge of cumming but I wanted to hold back. To do that I had to pull my cock back, out of Bobby’s mouth.

“Turn him round,” Norman said gruffly. Bobby, with my subconscious co-operation, turned me so that I eryaman escort bayan was kneeling on the settee, my arms on the back.

I felt a tongue on my buttocks and turned my head just in time to see Norman push his face forward as he licked my arse. Bobby reached around to my cock and began jerking me.

Helpless, I ejaculated my teenage load onto the settee, but this didn’t stop the action. Norman grunted something and spat into my crack before Bobby pressed his cock into it and forced his way in. It was agony and yet at the same time I loved it. Bobby pounded me slowly, then more quickly until it seemed as though he too was about to cum.

Norman took over, engulfing Bobby’s cock in his mouth and blowing him until the stud shot his load into the old man’s mouth.

The three of us lay back on the settee in silence for a moment, before Norman spoke.

“You’ve never done that before?” he asked. “See, Bobby, I told you I’d find you a treat today.” Norman got creakily on his knees and sucked my cock clean before shuffling out and returning with some sandwiches.

We ate them and drank soft drinks in silence. I was spent and the energy and intoxication of lust had left me. What I wanted now was to leave, but as the seconds passed I felt the feelings return and by the time Norman stood up and said “Bedroom” I was ready for more.

The bedroom was old-fashioned and quite spartan. The grey and black striped blanket was itchy and I was grateful when Norman pulled back the sheet and ushered me in. At lunchtime in a stranger’s house in a city I had never visited before I was naked in bed with a fully clothed old man. Bobby had gone to the bathroom and when he came back I could smell soap from his central area.

Bobby lay beside me and smiled expectantly at Norman.

“Now, Keith, you’re not entirely innocent anymore, which is a blessing to all of us. And now for the first time you’re going to suck a penis.”

That was, surprisingly, fine with me, but I wanted it to be his, Norman’s.

“Okay?” he asked softly. I nodded.

“Can I suck yours?” I asked hesitantly.

“No,” said Norman firmly. “You’re going to blow Bobby. But since you want to please me… would you like to lick my arse?”

Again I nodded. At that time it seemed like the only vocabulary I needed.

Standing by the bed, Norman dropped his trousers and pulled his big underpants down just far enough to expose his buttocks. He climbed awkwardly onto the bed and knelt there, his slack white flesh exposed for the first time.

“Lick my arse,” he said firmly, and to my complete surprise I almost sprang forward to do it. I had never done that before, not even to a girl, and I didn’t know escort eryaman what to do, but I did my best. How complex could licking be, anyway? I got in there and put my tongue between this old man’s buttocks and lapped at his anus. It was at that moment that I discovered something I have been obsessed with ever since.

They say that true rimmers don’t just like licking ass, they love it. And I loved it. I loved it in spite of it being with this old, unattractive person. In spite of his being a man. In spite of this being the most perverse thing I could imagine. I licked Norman’s arse and loved it and kept on loving it until Bobby began to feel left out.

“I thought he was going to suck me,” he said in a disappointed voice. Norman sighed deeply.

“He is going to suck you, Bobsy,” he said. “Keith, I love what you’re doing but we can’t leave anyone out.”

And so I left Norman’s rear end and moved on to Bobby, who lay there like a king, his big, expectant erection calling to me. Although I had never done this before, I now felt like a seasoned pro, with my rapidly growing sexual CV giving me confidence.

I took Bobby’s cock in my mouth and did what he had done to me. His smooth, upholstered knob felt strange in my mouth and I wondered why women liked doing that. Although not all of them did like it, and I could see why. I have come to believe over the years that it’s not the sensation that matters for the giver, but the thought of how rude it is. Maybe if you do it often enough you come to love the feeling. But at that time it felt odd.

I could imagine how it felt for Bobby, because that was how I felt when he was doing it to me. So I just got on with it. I sucked a cock for the first time and I must have been doing something right because he was making noises and moving his hips and then suddenly, he being young, as I was, he was shooting his semen into my mouth. When you’re older you have more control, whether that be through skill and practice or through naturally dulled nerves. But a 18-year-old has no control and if you’re going down on one you have to be prepared for the fountain to start before you think it’s going to.

Norman wouldn’t let me suck him off. Even after Bobby had left and there were just the two of us in his bed, alone in the naked afternoon in his utterly private, uninhibiting house, he kept his trousers on as he sucked and rimmed me and wanked me off, only lowering them again later on so I could lick his lonely, depraved old arse again, which I did for a heavenly long time.

By the time I got back to the bench where Colin had been I was feeling mellow and sleepy. He had moved into a nearby pub and I could tell he didn’t believe my explanation of what I had been doing. But we had a pleasant evening and when we left Bristol the next day I was a confused young man, slightly alarmed at what had happened, yet fulfilled by it. I resolved to shag lots of women and to keep my incredible homosexual experience to myself.

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