Lust Spells Us Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

The white room where Karl Ricardo worked was full of men on computers. It was a circular room like something in A.I. The only real color in the room was the assortment of clothes the men were wearing. In front of them was a large window overlooking the streets of Seattle below.

The sound of sneakers filled the room that had only really had the sounds of fingers on keys and a few voices filling the air.

The sound gave image to a 19 year old brunette in short blue jean shorts and a tight white top that fit nicely over her flat tummy and made her B cup breasts more noticeable. Her long brown hair hung over her breasts beautifully. Karl himself and some of his collegues turned and stared. She smiled and looked knowingly at Karl.

He stared at her, knowing perfectly well who it was. It was his American friend Kimberly. The girl that lusted for him day and night. The woman whose breasts held power over him like nothing else did. The woman with the pussy he would die to eat till orgasm. And here she was, walking towards him.

She gave him a sensual look eye to eye, dropped a piece of paper in front of him on the desk and walked out; swaying her little ass as she went for him to see. Turning back around, he turned his attention to the note she had left him, slightly in awe.

‘Baby, I’ll be Şerifali Escort at your place. I know a way to get in and I’ll so be inside. Waiting for you. Be ready. Kimmy’

A thousand thoughts crowded his brain as he thought of things she might be doing at his place. Alone. Possibly masterbating. In his bed. Karl knew she fantisized about it himself.

The clock said 2:34. He got off of work at about 5:30. It was going to be a long two hours. His body started reacting when he thought about it to hard, the things he wanted to do to his little lover.

When the time came to go home he sighed and was anxious to get to her.

Opening the door to his condo, he did so slowly. It was dark and quiet, like he was having a surprise party thrown for him. He didn’t call out, afraid something would go wrong. Turning to close the door he felt her. Her body against his backside, her lips at his neck. This time, he was the one taken by surprise.

Freezing, Karl felt both her lips and tongue at his neck; both hands on his sides. He could feel her grind her pussy against his ass, growing aroused at just being able to touch him.

“You don’t know what you do to my body.” She flicked his earlobe with her tongue and undid his shirt from behind followed by his belt and jeans. He couldn’t Göztepe Escort tell if she was wearing the same outfit she had on this afternoon or not.

Her hot breath tickled his neck and her hands felt his chest up and down, stroking it softly. Kims hands then moved to more sensual places, running her soft fingers up and down his shaft of body rocking pleasure.

“You make me horny all the time….” She planned on drawing all her words out, wanting a moan from his beautiful lips. “You make me rub my pussy when I shouldn’t. You make me rub and play with my breasts at night and my pussy burns with need for your cock to fuck it. Or your tongue licking it. Eating it with need…” There was that moan. “My body is constantly in need for you, do you know that?”

A shake of the head was the answer.

“You have no idea Karl.” She took his hand and led him to the living room. She got her shirt off, slid it down her wrists and to the ground. Taking her shorts off she slid them to the floor and eyed him, sitting on her knees infront of him. She slid everything off and his cock made its appearance near her young 19 year old mouth.

“Oh yes, suck my cock darling,” He said, taking her hair out of her face and stroking her head lovingly.

It was her first but she planned Ümraniye Escort on trying to blow him away, no pun intended.

She kissed his tip, taking fingers from both hands and grazing them on his balls. She lightly sucked on his tip, her hot wet tongue swirling around his cock. It was so hard but gentle at the same time. Slowly her head bobbed back and forth, speeding up every few moments. Her lips were tight as hell, his cock twitchig.

Kim took most of him in her mouth, down her throat and her tongue was at worked when she popped him out of her mouth. She put her hot body into it, making sure he was pleased beyond compare. He started thrusting her mouth, moaning. It made her wet between the legs hearing him this way. When she looked up he had his head leaning back, eyes closed; a good sign she was doing well.

“I’m going to cum.”

She worked his cock faster, moaning making it vibrate. She teasingly rubbed her hand on his shaft back and forth.

“Ahhhhh.” He said, cuming in her mouth. He tasted a little sweet, a little sour. Delicious.

Her pussy was pouring, thinking about this cock in her pussy. Ass. She didn’t care. Kim gazed up and met his eye.

“This is the best way I could have spent my day.”

“Im so happy.”

Kim stood up and kissed him. He could taste himsf on her tongue. His hands worked up and down her body, teasing her ass by slipping his hands under her panties.

She moaned. Tongue on tongue. He asked, “Is it my turn?”


“Get ready Beautiful.”

“Anything you say baby. Anything you say.”

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