Lustful Diary of Erica Ch. 02

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Erica opened Taylor’s bathroom door and stepped out to see Demi dancing with her top of on the table. She could imagine Burt’s hard-on and nearly burst out laughing. Taylor kept her eyes glued to the screen observing her woman’s perfectly melon shaped breasts and soft brown nipples. Taylor’s pussy loved every moment of it yet Erica didn’t know. It seemed Erica may not have known several things about her best friend.

“Taylor, I was looking in the cabinet for a fresh hand towel, “Erica said suddenly without thinking, “and I saw a box of condoms.” Taylor turned and looked at her friend with a twinkle in her watery brown eyes.

“It’s just a precaution.” She replied, “Never know right?” She turned back to the movie. Erica sat down on the end of the bed.

“So have you had sex yet?” Erica asked timidly.

“No, I would tell you if I did…believe me.” Taylor answered honestly. Erica sighed with relief…on the inside of course. Erica turned back to the film and tenderly trailed her finger down the length of her own smooth thigh. The stunning creamy fair skin enjoyed the tingle. Erica was once again getting aroused by her best friend. She wondered if it was the news that she hadn’t yet been violated. Secretly, she felt that she deserved to be the one to enter Taylor’s cunt with two sucked on fingers and give her a wonderful cum-squirting orgasm.

She closed her eyes and imagined her tongue caressing Taylor’s cherry nipples allowing her sweet mouth to take the full tit and suck. Taylor’s hand gripped Erica’s hair tugging sharply on it in joy. Erica’s left hand unbuttoned Taylor’s jeans and she forced herself to pop Taylor’s nipple from her mouth. She slid down to her knees with her head in between Taylor’s legs. Lustfully sliding the jeans off her Erica would see the third pair of Taylor’s panties of the day.

They would be white cotton with pink lace around the edges. Erica smiled and kissed Taylor on her soft mound. “Kiss my cunt, you fucking bitch…” Taylor would playfully murmur. Erica pressed her beautiful mouth against the panties touching her red lips to the fabric. She smelled Taylor’s snatch. Erica’s own twat ached to receive pleasure. She then slid off her jean shorts and stood up.

Erica’s blue thong still had cum stains on the front. Taylor would smirk and kiss her friend back while licking the fabric. The taste of Erica’s spunk would further stimulate the petite blonde causing her to violently rip of her friend’s underwear.

Taylor would see Erica’s soaked pink cooch dripping with juice and longing for her touch. Taylor would want to save this for last though. So her hands would lovingly grip Erica’s thick thighs and twist her around. Erica’s tender ass would present itself. Taylor gripped a cheek in each hand and squeezed.

“What a fucking ass, baby.” Taylor crooned, “Think of all the guys who want to blow their loads all over these cheeks.” She pursed her crimson lips and kissed each butt cheek. She spied the attractive mole on the right one. “Honey, my clit is thumping at a…” However fast it was thumping she wouldn’t say and instead spread Erica’s juicy ass wide open.

“Yeah, spread that shit…” Erica sighed, her finger running in and out her cunt. Erica’s fantasy rolled along while she thought of the reasons why her friend playing with her ass was so hot. Erica cherished the other girl’s asses at college…especially Mallina, a girl in her Eryaman Escort Psych 100 class. One morning she had went into the girl’s bathroom and saw Mallina taking a shower. Actually, Mallina was in one of the individual stalls and Erica had looked underneath and up. She could only see the legs and ass. Yet, she knew who it was. Erica’s mind would then on after turn to eating Mallina’s asshole out whenever class was in session.

Taylor stuck her cute face into Erica’s butt crack and shoved her red tongue elegantly inside the coffee-rimmed hole. Taylor breathed in the smell of her best friend’s bum as her tongue caressed the inside of her asshole. The taste of Erica’s ripe ass was electrifying! Her pussy was tingling with fresh moisture. Taylor pulled her tongue out and stuck it at the edge of Erica’s cunt then trailed saliva from the bottom of Erica’s crack to the top.

She repeated licking Erica’s ass as the purple haired slut continued to rub her cooter. Erica reached back and pushed Taylor’s face deeper into her ass relishing the feeling of this petite babe devouring her bum.

“Oh, fuck yeah….” Erica sighed, “Lick my dirty asshole….” Taylor’s tongue slid back into Erica’s ass. Her fingers gaped her bung-hole exposing the plump scarlet fruit. She sucked on Erica’s rosebud with ecstasy letting her spit moisten the crack. “Taylor you fuckin’ bitch…I’m going to cum…” Erica’s willowy fingers slid into her pink pussy…one finger…than two…than three.

“Fuckin’ taste my ass, you little whore.” She hummed softly as she fucked herself merrily. Taylor’s elfin tongue brushed Erica’s crack with one final breathtaking stroke before Erica’s cunt exploded with excitement and cum. Her hot cum streamed over her fingers, while some of it dripped onto the carpet.

“Erica you fucking cunt, you just cummed on my floor.” Taylor laughed and smacked her friend’s ass leaving a small handprint. “Clean it up.” Erica bent down on her soft knees placed her wet magenta lips around her own pussy juice and lapped it up happily. “That’s right, slut. How’s your own cum taste?”

“So good…” Erica replied swallowing the last bit of her fiery ejaculation. “Why don’t you have some?” Taylor grinned and stuck her face in between Erica’s thick, chalky thighs. She kissed Erica’s vagina sweetly letting her friend’s taste spill onto her lips.

“Oh, honey…” Taylor murmured through Erica’s bush, “Your cunt tastes wonderful.” She suddenly rose up and kissed Erica deeply. Their tongues grappled passionately, each girl closing their eyes in bliss. Taylor’s hands were wrapped around Erica and squeezing gently on those supple butt cheeks.

Erica pushed Taylor back onto the bed as far as they could go. Without speaking, she spread her friend’s legs and did the same to herself. She slid slowly along until their cunts were resting upon each other. Taylor began to grind up and down letting their clits kiss each other. Their pussies began to soak their embracing crotches.

“Oh Taylor….your such a good fuck,” Erica moaned loudly. Taylor smiled and looked up towards the ceiling in elation. Their twat’s rubbed together until both girls were breathing sharply.

“Erica…make me cum.”

“I will Tay,” Erica promised, “I’ll beat your fucking pussy up.” Erica’s cunt slammed Taylor’s pink one last time before Taylor orgasmed wildly.

“Oh…shit,” Sincan Escort Taylor cried, “Just like that, fuck, just like that….” Taylor’s pussy slowly stopped leaking its gift onto her comforter. Erica moved atop her friend and gave her a kiss.

ERICA SHOOK HERSELF BACK TO REALITY….the movie was over. Taylor went to pull the movie from the player. Erica’s cunt had soaked her underwear through until a wet spot showed on her jean shorts.

“Too bad Demi’s body isn’t like it used to be.” Taylor remarked. “What time is it?” Erica blushed moving a hand to cover her damp stain. She used her other hand to reach in her pocket and pull out her cell phone.

“It’s one in the afternoon.” Erica said. She went to put the phone back in her pocket and noticed a piece of Taylor’s pink panties hanging out. It was to late…Taylor had seen. She thrust her red finger-nailed hand out and pulled the panties out. She didn’t waste anytime.

“You fucking sick bitch!” Taylor shrieked. Erica couldn’t meet Taylor’s eyes for shame. “I can’t believe you stole my fucking panties! Not just my panties…my fucking DIRTY panties. I always thought you were a fucking muff licker! Or do you just like to get off in other people’s panties?”

“I prefer to get off in my own panties,” Erica mumbled, “But when other ones are available….” She couldn’t believe this was happening. Her best friend of three years had caught her trying to steal soiled panties.

“Oh and that’s fucking great!” Taylor pointed at the wet spot on Erica’s crotch. “Was it the movie? Or were you having some sick fantasy?”

“I was thinking about sucking and fucking you.” Erica breathed.

“You crazy fucking bitch…why didn’t you just do it?”

Erica looked up…had she misheard?

“Erica,” Taylor quieted her voice, “I said why didn’t you just suck and fuck me?”

“I…” Erica stammered. What was she saying?

“Shit, Erica,” Taylor laughed, “I’m trying to tell you I WANT you to fuck my brains out.” She looked at the panties in her hand. “You can have this, baby.” She pushed them back into Erica’s jean short pockets and kissed her friend on the lips.

“I want you to screw me like in your dreams.”

“I doubt you could stand it.”

“Try me bitch”

Erica screwed Taylor several times over the next hour. She licked Taylor’s cunt and made her spray cum in her mouth. Her tongue trailed Taylor’s ass in the real while she let Taylor suck on Erica’s B-cup tits. Clits, assholes, tongues, nipples, lips, kisses, pussies, bums all mingled in a completely lustful act. Erica was no longer a virgin.

Taylor had lied to Erica though. She had fucked someone else or a few someone elses. She had been lucky enough to screw Mallina in the girl’s bathroom once. An interesting thing about Taylor was that she was indeed a lesbian…her comments about ‘fucking muff’ lickers was ironical. She fucked her own share of muff lickers.

Erica, on the other hand, was confused. There was a boy at the University that she found rather cute. Her mind would often drift off to sucking his cock and swallowing his cum greedily. Lying in Taylor’s bed nude she said:

“Are you gay?”


“I’m not.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“I like girls…and boys.”

“That’s called bi-sexual…”

“I know that Taylor. I’m not Etlik Escort a fucking kid.”

“Of course, your not.”

“Was I a good lay?”

“Yes, honey”

“You really haven’t fucked anyone before.”

“No…” (Lie)

“I like another girl on our floor.”


“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Everyone wants a piece of that ass. Guys and babes.”

“You wanna fuck her too?”


“Can I ask you something…personal.”

“Babe, you just made me orgasm. Ask me whatever.”

“Do you have any toys?”

Taylor smiled. “Of course” Taylor removed her naked body from the bed and opened her top drawer. She pulled out a white top that was enveloping whatever kinds of toys she had. She threw the mischievous bundle on the bed. Erica unfolded the top and her eyes lit up. There lay a small red vibrator, a pair of light green anal beads, a blue butt plug, and a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs.

Erica picked up the anal beads and held them to her nose without thinking. The same sugary smell that had been on the back of Taylor’s panties filled her. She handed the anal beads to Taylor. Taylor smiled.

Erica turned around and arched her back pushing her moist butt upwards. Taylor smacked the right cheek playfully.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to stick those in my asshole.”

“What was that?” Smack.

“Shove those in my fucking bum.” Taylor sucked the beads for a moment tasting her own butthole before sliding the beads inside her friend. “Yeah…right in my ass…” Taylor pressed the beads in as far as she dared. Then she pulled them out slowly. Each bead that popped out and thumped for a brief second on Erica’s crack caused her to moan in delight.

“I can’t believe you’re so dirty.” Taylor complimented her friend. She noticed her friend hadn’t cleaned herself up that well on her last bathroom visit but she didn’t mind. She could clean it off. The last bead flew out and Erica’s hips trembled.

“Again.” Taylor licked the beads savoring the taste before sliding them back in.


“Who is it?” Erica leaves her thong off and pulls the jean shorts up. She pulls her grey top on forgetting her bra in her hurry. Taylor pulls her shirt on with her blazing, perky nipples on show. She slides into her jeans.

“Chelsie.” The voice replies. Taylor makes a bewildered face to Erica. Chelsie…the same Chelsie with the full, mouth-watering boobies in Phys. Ed? Taylor remembered watching Chelsie’s melons bouncing as she jogged around the court. Often, Chelsie were low cut shirts exposing far too much cleavage. Her tan breasts were lush and beautiful. So odd…they were defiantly Ds yet they stayed so perky even when she wore no bra. Taylor wanted to ask her how she did it.

“Come in.” Taylor opened the door and invited the honey inside.

“Hey Taylor…and….” Chelsie began.

“Erica.” Taylor finished.

“Yes…Erica,” Chelsie coughed, “I’m going to be frank with you. I hope this doesn’t scare you or anything but…I was sucking my boyfriend in the next room and we heard you two going at it.” Taylor and Erica held their breath. “So…would you two wanted to get together and screw.” Erica’s heart thumped.

“Who is your boyfriend?”

“Michael.” Shit. What a coincidence.

“I’m gay, hon.” Taylor announced. “No dick please.”

“Oh…” Chelsie looked embarrassed that she had even asked.

“I’ll do it.” Erica said. Taylor looked at her with interest.

“You lucky cunt, three lays in one day.” Taylor smiled. She wasn’t angry; on the contrary, she was happy her friend was awakening sexually. “Swallow some cum for me.”

* – This story is connected to “Trio: College Cheerleaders”*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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