Lyla Ch. 03: Digs Deep

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“Morning.” Lyla called out to her housemate as she opened the fridge to get her water bottle. Sunni was sitting at the island, coffee in hand, staring out the window. Lyla took her in, she looked stunning dressed in short shorts and a loose fitting grey singlet.

“What?” She replied groggily.

“I said good morning, you OK? you seem kinda quiet lately.” Lyla was now jogging on the spot. She had recently taken up running, with all that was going on in her life at the moment she needed it to clear her mind. The results it had on her body didn’t hurt either.

“I’m fine,” Replied her housemate, swinging her brown legs over the stool and walking to her room, “Enjoy your run.”

Lyla stared at her as she slipped in her ear buds.

“I haven’t seen her like this before, I will make her dinner later and get to the bottom of it.” She thought as she went out.

She liked to run along the lake, it wasn’t as popular as the park due to all the uneven pathways. She occasionally met other joggers but the path was never busy. It was a crisp morning, she could see her breath snake up in front of her as she began her stretches. She glanced to her left and could just about make out Mr. Howe’s mansion. Her cheeks flushed as she remembered their encounter in his greenhouse.

“Last week I didn’t know he even existed.” She mused as she began.

After her run, she went home, removed her pink t-shirt and black skin tight leggings and hopped in the shower. She was apprehensive about work. Mr. Howe had been in to the office off and on all week but so far Lyla had been able to avoid him, but last night Clarke had called her and told her that the three of them were going to sit down and have a meeting to discuss their next move.

It had been OK when it was just her and Clarke in on their arrangement but the fact that not only did Mr. Howe know about her, but he was actively planning how best she could be used to tip potential clients and investors in their favor, made her skin crawl. As she had told herself numerous times before, she was not ashamed, she just fucking hated having to justify or explain herself to anyone.

The past few days she had Halle shadowing her. She gave her meaningless tasks to keep her occupied all the while trying to gain her trust. Clarke was very specific that he wanted her comfortable. Lyla was apprehensive at first, duping this nineteen year old woman. But as the days wore on she found that faking friendship actually wasn’t as hard as she thought it was going to be. She had a soft spot for her.

She toweled off quickly and picked a black shirt, she decided to wear the same short skirt and kitten heels from her encounter with Mr. Howe.

She knocked on Clarke’s office door before entering, the two men were sitting side by side on the soft sofa’s in front of Clarke’s desk.

“Ah, here she is.” Mr. Howe said, looking her up and down, a smile of recognition crept on to his face. “Great to see you again Lyla.”

“You too,” She replied sitting down, keeping her legs tightly pressed together.

“Mr. Howe and I have been talking Lyla, and we think we have come up with a viable solution to gain more ground on Holt. We just need to keep trying to solidify our resources and reinforce what we already have, new ideas that sort of thing.” Clarke said as he poured three glasses of water.

“What had you in mind Mr Bentley.” She said as she accepted the glass, addressing Clarke only. But it was Mr. Howe who answered.

“For a start we think it’s time you cemented Halle’s trust with you and this company. I suggested to Clarke, and he agrees. We are sending you both for spa treatments. Girls night out if you will. You will be staying the night, we are going to sell it as a first week welcome gift, though I doubt she will need much convincing.”

She was irked that Clarke had just sat back and let Mr. Howe speak. She didn’t like taking orders from him but wasn’t about to broach the topic right now. She filed it away and smiled.

“Sounds lovely, I will let her know.”

“No need,” Clarke said, “Emailed her the certificates earlier. Hope you didn’t have plans.”

“Would it matter if I did,” She bit back.

“Now, now Lyla, we are all a team, there’s no need to be upset.” Mr. Howe said quietly. “Go get some treatments done, have a few drinks, relax and whatever happens happens.”

“What does that mean exactly. I get her drunk so what. You think she is going to reveal some of Holt’s secrets.”

“She may or may not but I want her on our side.” Clarke replied firmly. “I hired an investigator to find her and according to her back ground she likes the ladies. So if it arises I trust you will progress your friendship to the next level.” He looked at his feet as he spoke the last words.

The thought of bedding a nineteen year old girl excited her greatly but she wasn’t going to let them know that. Lyla had a few enjoyable liaisons with women in the past.”

“Hmm,” she muttered. “I will see what I can do. For future meetings Mr. Escort Bayan Gaziantep Bentley I am sure you and I can discuss any plans or ideas you have amongst ourselves. No need to be dragging poor Mr. Howe all the way down here for this. Coffee gentlemen.” She said standing, smoothing her short skirt.

“Black, two sugars.” Mr. Howe replied sheepishly.

She walked quickly to the kitchenette, closing its door behind her and began to make the coffee in the percolator. It was a small windowless room, one wall lined with a counter top, sink and cupboards stocked with food, tea and coffee. A big fridge stored all the alcohol used to entertain clients. She was annoyed once again with Clarke, she was happy to do anything he asked but she would have preferred a conversation about it.

Putting a smile on her face she returned to the office and served the men their coffees. Sitting at her desk she could feel the dull ache of an oncoming migraine.

“I am so excited for tomorrow night.” Halle squealed as she stuck her head into Lyla’s office. “I have never been to a spa before, Mr Bentley is so nice.”

“Yes,” she replied sardonically, rubbing her temples.” He’s the best.”

Lyla left work early on Friday, telling Clarke that she had a few things to buy and pack for their girls night away. He said she could leave without looking away from his computer screen. Mr. Howe had barely left his side all week. Whatever they had plotted she was sure she would find out about it later.

She quickly showered, in her overnight bag she packed her toothbrush, skimpy pyjamas and her trusty vibrator.

“It can only help.” She thought to herself.

She placed two bottles of wine in her bag, she left a note for Sunni saying that she was away for the night and would cook them both dinner when she got back, a catch up was long overdue.

Two hours later and both girls were sitting beside each other getting pedicures.

“It’s so nice of Mr. Bentley to give me this as a welcome gift. Thank you so much for coming along Lyla and for all your help this week, I would be lost without you.”

“No problem,” Lyla replied taking a sip of her champagne, “Drink up, Mr. Bentley gave me the company credit card.”

“I have never seen a room like ours before, it’s amazing.” Halle gushed, spilling some drink down her robe.

Lyla agreed with her, the room was spectacular, plush carpets, giant en suite, comfortable living room, fully stocked kitchen area. Clarke thought of every detail, even down to the giant king sized bed. Halle had offered to sleep on the couch but Lyla wouldn’t hear of it. If they ended up sleeping together then so be it, she wasn’t ruling it out but wasn’t going to force it either.

“How much have you had to drink?” Lyla laughed seeing the drink spill down her chin. She thought Halle was cute when she was relaxed and care free. Her short hair was wrapped up in a thin towel. The robe clinging to her body, her smile lighting up her face.

“Not much, I don’t usually drink that often so I better slow down.” Halle replied embarrassed.

“We are here to enjoy ourselves, maybe just cool it until we get back to the room. Anyways let’s not talk about work, tell me more about why you moved here.” She was fishing for details now, tact was never her strong point.

“Well. I moved here about two years ago, it was always just me and my Mom, I always wanted to know my Father but she never revealed too much about him. Then she got sick, before she passed she told me his name and I looked him up online. She said he knew I was born but didn’t want to meet me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Lyla interjected.

“No it’s fine, he supported us, my Mother called it hush money. As long as we stayed away he would keep depositing the money every month. I was sitting at home one night feeling very sad and I am not sure what happened because the next thing I know I was on a plane and then at his front door.”

“What happened when he answered.”

“He was shocked. Told me to meet him at a cafe in town ,was worried someone would see me I guess. He turned up at the cafe with his son Holt in tow, nasty guy that man. Thought I was after money but I just wanted to get to know my Dad. Holt offered me so much money to disappear and not come back, said his Mother didn’t need to know of his Fathers drunken mistake. I turned him down obviously, I worked out an agreement with our Father, I would stay away and he would rent me an apartment and pay for my studies, he said he would visit me often, but once I moved in to the place he stopped returning my phone calls.”

“Oh Halle.” Lyla said as she rubbed her forearm. “That sounds so shit.”

“So,” Lyla mused, “Halle was Holt’s secret half sister not step sister like they thought. Clarke is going to have a field day with this.”

“I think that fucker Holt talked our Father out of seeing me.” She said loudly. The nail technicians looked at each other.

“It’s OK Halle calm down, let’s not get worked up it’s meant to be a relaxing night. How did you get the job with Clarke, I didn’t know he was looking for anyone.”

They both refilled their glasses.

“It’s the funniest thing, I had just completed my secretary course and I get a phone call the evening of my last exam, offering me a position. Jennifer said they seen my resume online and thought I would be perfect for the role. Was pure chance really, I have not updated my resume in years so it still had my old address. I just happened to be living near, I think I am going to like working there, everyone is so lovely. I just wanna keep my head down and do well.”

“So far you are doing great, just keep at it and learn as you go I guess, we were all new once.”

Clarke had told her that he had hired a private investigator to do some work for him, he was lucky that Halle wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box or his chance offer of a job would have been rumbled.

Once the pedicure was finished they decided to return to their room. Halle struggled to put the key card into their door, this brought on a fit of laughter from the two girls, the champagne hitting them both hard.

“I think we should put on our face masks and have a nap, what do you think Halle?”

“Sounds good to me, then more drinking right?”

They both applied each other’s mask. Halle bent forwards towards Lyla, her robe opened slightly giving Lyla an eyeful of her pert breasts. Halle quickly closed it and muttered an apology.

“No need to apologize, nothing I haven’t seen before, ” Lyla said as she applied the cream to her hands and spread it all over Halle’s round face, her bright brown eyes staring back at her.

“Besides you have nice tits.” This brought on another wave of giggles. Halle’s full lips pulled back over pearl white teeth, her nose was small and fitted her face perfectly.

“She is definitely cute,” Lyla thought.

They both sat upright, not wanting the thick grey face masks to get on any of the cushions.

They were both about to nod off when Halle whispered sleepily.

“I really like you Lyla,”

“I really like you too.” She replied, feeling both guilty and a little excited.

Lyla woke with a start, Halle was standing over her with a glass of wine in each hand.

“Hope you don’t mind I helped myself, I seen it in your bag.”

“It’s fine,” she said accepting the glass, she stood up and walked to the bathroom “That’s why I brought it.”

Halle stood in the door way, her mask washed off, she looked embarrassed again.

“What is it?” She asked splashing warm water on her face.

“I seen something else in your bag.”

“Oh, that.” Her face flushed. She thought she had wrapped the vibrator in her pyjama top.

“It’s just a vibrator, I bring it with me in case the mood takes me, you know what I mean.”

“No not really, I have never used one before.”

“Really! you have to get one they are so much fun, trust me. Sometimes they are better than any man.”

“I wouldn’t know about that, I have had only one boyfriend and that was years ago, we didn’t go the whole way. Kind of silly really.” She looked like her face was going to explode.

“It’s not silly at all Halle. Everyone is different. I will help you find a man if you want, we can even look on my app tonight, I can go to the bar give you the room.”

“Thanks but I don’t think I am into guys that much. I mean I like to look at them and I know if a guy is hot and stuff but I am more turned on by women” She said the last part slowly.

“That’s fine too, I can help you find a woman. Hell I might find me a woman as well.”

Halle began to relax, they both laughed and sat in the living area.

“You have been with women?” She asked raising an eyebrow sheepishly.

“Two or three, how about you?”

“Zero, I am too nervous.”

“You never kissed any of your girlfriends at sleepovers?”

“No, I didn’t really have that many friends., was just mainly me and Mom.”

The wine was starting to make Lyla frisky again. She had a thing for virgins but the sex was always unsatisfying. Halle was eyeing her hopefully.

“Come here.” Lyla said, setting down her glass.

Halle followed suit and moved to sit beside her.

“Close your eyes.” Lyla instructed before she planted a soft kiss on Halle’s lips. Her whole face began to tingle. “How was that?”

“Amazing.” Halle replied her eyes still closed.

Lyla grabbed her face gently and kissed her once again, more firmly this time. Their lips made a soft smacking sound as she slid her tongue in. Exploring her mouth, she could sense Halle relax and begin to suck on her tongue.

“You’re good at this,” Lyla purred. Her body was electrified now. Lust slowly building in her loins. “You can touch my tits if you want.”

Halle nodded slowly, Lyla sat back and opened her robe. Her big soft breasts spilled out, Halle looked at them hungrily.

“You are beautiful Lyla,”

“Thank you.” She closed her eyes and sat back, Halle cupped each of her breasts, kneading them gently. Her thumbs grazing her erect nipples. Halle’s hands felt so soft on her flesh. She took one nipple in her mouth flicking it with her tongue. Lyla felt warm breath from her nose on her areola.

“Just like that,” She moaned, in between her thighs getting moist. She grabbed her breast and squeezed it, Halle’s licking became more rapid now.

Lyla reached across and pulled apart Halle’s robe. Grabbing one of her dark nipples. Halle groaned but continued to suck.

“Such pretty tits.” She whispered as she pinched it, tweaking it slightly. Halle’s skin was slightly tanned, moles dotted her forearms and chest. She was perfectly proportioned Lyla thought, the clothes she wore to the office did her no favors.

After a few minutes, Lyla stood up and poured them both a refill.

“How do you feel?”

“Awesome,” Halle replied gleefully, “I can’t believe it’s happening. I have thought about it for so long.”

“Well I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

“This isn’t going to affect my job is it.”

“No this is just between us girls, no one has to know.” Lyla cringed inwardly but lust had taken over, she couldn’t worry about anything now.

“Lie on the bed and lose the robe.”

Halle did as she was told.

Her knees were bent slightly, her head propped up on the pillow. As Lyla grabbed her toy from the bag she stood and looked her up and down, her toned legs seemed to go on for days. Her ass was pert and full, her bush was trimmed. Her breasts were firm with small dark nipples.

“Tell me if you are not comfortable with anything , OK?”


“Good girl,” Lyla said with a smile as she threw off her robe and moved towards the bed.

She opened Halle’s legs a little bit, exposing her pussy, two big lips enclosed her snatch.

Slowly she tipped the wine glass in her hand and let some liquid splash onto Halle’s lower stomach, it quickly trickled down between her thighs. Lyla was there waiting and slurped it up as soon as it reached the lips. The taste of the wine mixed with Halle’s wetness drove her wild. She began licking feverishly, she started to gently suck the length of each flap before lapping the pink slit.

Halle grabbed a handful of the bed covers, moaning wildly. She started to contort.

“OH FUCKING HELL!” She moaned, her back arching off the bed as Lyla continued to eat her out, she had never experienced anything like this before. Her mouth went dry and her lower body went weak.

Lyla began to massage the clit with two fingers in a slow circular motion. She hadn’t been this turned on in a long time, she forgot how good it was to fuck another woman.

“Please let me taste you,” She heard Halle whisper, “Please.

Lyla laid beside her and opened her legs. 69 was one of her favorite positions. Halle spat on her twat before licking it timidly. Lyla put her hand on the back of her head and guided her to a better spot.

“Yes right there, that feels fucking amazing.”

She returned to Halle’s pussy, inserting a finger, it slid in easily. She was very tight at first but soon loosened up to let another finger in. Halle’s pussy eating skills were not the greatest Lyla had ever experienced but for a first timer she was doing just fine.

“You want to try my toy now?”

Lyla looked between her thighs and seen Halle’s head nod in agreement.

The motor in the vibrator whirred to life, Lyla placed it on her nipple while moving Halle’s head around her snatch. Her nerve endings were on fire, she wished she had brought her dildo along.

“That’s enough, lie back.”

Halle reluctantly moved away from between Lyla’s thighs, all around her mouth was wet.

With one hand she parted Halle’s flaps, the other inserted the steel shaft of the toy inside.

A long moan escaped. Lyla left the vibrator in place, all the while rubbing Halle’s clit. Still in the 69 position Lyla opened her legs slightly.

“Let’s wank each other off at the same time.” She said now moving the toy in and out of her.

Halle’s thin fingers began to work the outside of Lyla’s cunt, she slipped in her forefinger while massaging her clit with her thumb.

She began to fuck her harder with the toy now. Halle’s moans were sending her over the edge. Lyla found something so comforting being with another woman. They knew what felt good but she loved men and cock too much to join the wet knuckle club full time.

She could feel the build up in her loins as Halle continued to finger her, she reached her own hand down and helped out. Her orgasm shot lightning through her whole body. Blood rushed to her face as she moaned, the spasms rocking her body.

“Fuck.” She heard Halle screech. “FUCK!”

Lyla increased her thrusts, practically shoving it all inside of her. Halle’s whole body rocked as she came. Her facial features contorted like she was possessed. A thick jet of liquid shot out of her twat, soaking the bed and Lyla’s arm. It continued to spurt out of her for a few seconds, she rolled on her side, breathing heavily.

“What the fuck just happened.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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