Maddie by the Beach

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Sometimes great things can come from embarrassing moments. My moment came from a girl. A girl named Maddie. We met back in high school and ended up being great friends. She was a really special girl, like a “girl-next-door” type. She had light tan skin with long gorgeous brown hair. But for some reason, we never really thought of each other sexually. We were always just content with being friends. Maybe so we would always have someone from the opposite sex to depend on for advice.

But by the time we were in our 20’s, my feelings started to bite me in the back. I always knew Maddie was really pretty, but wow, she got ridiculously hot. It started with an Instagram post of her on the beach. She was on her knees, all wet and sandy, and was ruffling her hands through her hair. She was sporting her signature cute smile, but what she was also sporting was a tight bikini. She had a black bikini bra that barely supported her now full-sized boobs, and a tight red bikini bottom that had those open holes on the sides, held together by only a few threads. The combo accentuated her perfect curved body. I could stare at the photo for hours.

By the time summer came, Maddie invited me to a beach get-together, where I hoped I could see her in that exact bikini. I knew we were just friends, but I really needed to see that outfit in person. We got together with our other friends, Alyson and Ben, and drove down to Malibu. Eventually we found an empty beach that we could have to ourselves.

Impatient from the drive, Alyson and Ben dove into the waters immediately. Maddie and I just chatted by the shore for a bit, catching up on the different colleges we were going to.

“Well, I think I’m ready to go in now. How about you?” Maddie asked.

“Sure!” I said eagerly. I took off my shirt. Maddie unbuttoned her jeans and sure enough, I could see the same red bikini bottoms from the picture. She jiggled about, trying to yank off her jeans, ever so slightly revealing more and more of her slender legs. She then pulled off her shirt, revealing her d-cup black bikini bra. I tried so hard to stare only at her eyes.

“Let’s go!” She announced, oblivious of my desire to oggle at her.

Together we approached the shore, me doing my best to not stare as her tight ass wiggled with every step. We waded further into the water, her in front of me. I watched the waves sway back and forth between us. The water began to rise further up her legs and caked lightly against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Her tight red bikini bottoms were now soaking wet, clinging to the full shape of her ass. The fabric was so thin that the bottoms were practically see-through. I was so mesmerized that I stopped dead in my tracks, just staring.

My eyes trailed up to the small of her back. Water droplets glistened along her back, showing off her light tan skin. I watched the droplets slide their way down her curvy waist. I would’ve licked them if I could.

A sudden huge wave splashed Maddie in the face, whipping her hair in all directions. She screamed comically and laughed it off. Şirinevler escort She turned her back to the waves, now facing me. She shut her eyes as she wiped the water out of her face, still beaming with a cute smile. She started to ring out her long hair. My gaze immediately moved down to her bikini bra, which was now slightly displaced. Although her nipples weren’t showing, they stilled showed off more cleavage than Maddie intended. Her boobs looked incredible, they were luscious without being too big. The water from her hair trickled down between her breasts, making them all the more alluring.

My eyes trailed down to the now front-view of her bikini bottoms. They were just as tight in the front, and minimal enough to accentuate her perfect slim thighs. At the lower half of Maddie’s bottoms was her very pronounced cameltoe. Once again, these wet bottoms were pretty much see-through, and I was now certain that she was shaved down there. Her pussy looked so tight that I groaned longingly in my head. I wanted her so badly—

My trance was suddenly broken by the sound of Maddie giggling. I looked up and realized that Maddie was looking right at me…or rather…down at me. She had a huge embarrassed smirk on her face. I followed her stare and quickly realized she was staring at my trunks. I had a very obvious boner.

I could immediately feel my face turn hot-red. I squatted down into the water to hide my erection. My dick slapped against the water with a plopping noise that only made Maddie start to laugh harder.

“What’s so funny?” Alyson called from further down.

Maddie was too hysterical to speak. I didn’t even know how to respond. I didn’t want to call any more attention. Though I probably did, because my knee-jerk reaction was to just turn around and run. The bulge in my trunks bounced up and down and made it harder to move fast, especially while in the water. I prayed that I was far enough away for none of the others to see. I finally got back to the shore and was lucky to be near an enormous boulder. I sat down behind it and tried to calm my thoughts.

The warmth in my cheeks was starting to go away, but I was still pretty much rock-hard down there and it didn’t look like it was going to go away anytime soon. Maybe I could just jack off quickly to get rid of—

“Ummm…Hi,” Maddie suddenly spoke. She was standing right beside me. I could see her feet and shadow, but I was too embarrassed to make eye contact. She sat down beside me. We sat there together for a few seconds of awkward silence.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to—” I began.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed at your—” Maddie began at the same time.

We both stopped talking, waiting for the other person to continue on. Instead we were met with a couple more seconds of awkward silence. Finally we both giggled as an effort to help ease the tension.

“I didn’t mean to get hard, it just…happens sometimes,” I tried to fudge an explanation.

“Aww, you mean I didn’t turn you on?” She asked jokingly, but part of Şirinevler escort bayan her sounded a little genuine.

“No! I mean yes, err…what?” I couldn’t find the right words. Maddie laughed, a little confused.

“Okay I’m just going to be honest…this–” I gestured to her bikini, and her whole body for that matter.

“–Is just too much for me. You look ridiculously hot. I know we’ve been just friends for a long time, and I’ve always thought you were cute and gorgeous but…wow. Your body is just perfect and–” I stopped myself, realizing I must’ve sounded like a perv.

“Thanks,” Maddie responded quietly but giddily. I expected to be slapped in the face but she actually sounded a little flattered.

Neither of us knew what to do from here. I figured the others would get suspicious if we stayed here long. But I looked down and my erection was still on full-display.

“So uh…I’m gonna take care of this before any of the others notice,” I said with my face getting a little red again. I expected she was going to leave and distract the others for me while I finished the job.

“Well…Maybe I could help you?” Maddie asked with a cutely seductive voice.

I was caught completely off-guard.

“Uhh…Okay,” was all I could stupidly respond.

My heart started to beat rapidly as she slowly loosened the knots of my trunks. She shifted closer to me and hooked her thumbs into my trunks. I could feel her breathing on my chest. She looked back up at me with a cute smile.

Inch by inch, she pulled my trunks down to my knees, revealing my dick. It lightly swung up into view. Maddie took in the sight. I was pretty average, not that big, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Are you ready?” she asked with a teasing smirk.

“…Yeah,” I murmured, super nervous now.

It was my first handjob. Maddie licked her own fingers and then lightly wrapped her hand around my erection. My mouth gaped open, speechless from feeling her slight contact. My heart was pounding now. She unwrapped her hand and began to slide the tips of her fingers up and down my shaft. She felt so smooth, dexterously spiraling her fingers around my erection. My cock reacted and gave one hard, desperate throb. Maddie’s smirk grew into a full smile, pleased with her progress.

She worked her fingers up to my tip where they twirled around it in a circle. The sensation was so strong that I let out a gasp. I rested my forehead against her shoulder, trying to catch my breath. My eyes rested down on her bikini bottoms, enticed again by her visible cameltoe.

As if taking notice of my trance, Maddie formed a circle with her first two fingers and thumb, and continuously thrusted it ever so slightly down my tip. I moaned softly from the pleasure, imagining myself inside her tight pussy. Maddie giggled playfully at my audible reaction.

“Mhhmmm…you like that?” She teased.

“…Ye-yes,” was all I could stammer.

She brought her formed circle back to the top of my dick and stopped. I ached to feel her escort şirinevler again.

“You want more?” She asked sexily.

“…Please, Maddie. Pleaseee…” I begged.

Maddie began to slowly stroke back and forth with her circle. With each stroke, she gradually went further down my shaft, slightly tightening her grip each time. I grabbed her leg with my own hand, at first for support, but then I began to feel her perfect smooth legs. I worked my way up to her inner thigh and caressed the region just below her crotch. Maddie gasped softly. I took that as my cue and moved my hand to her bikini bottoms and began to rub her pussy. I slid my hand back up to her stomach and then back down, but this time sliding my hand underneath her slick bikini bottoms.

Her skin down there was not quite as wet but still damp. I stopped my hands just over her pussy. I waited for Maddie’s next stroke. As she brought her fingers down my erection, I fingered her in perfect sync. I stuck two fingers as far down her pussy as I could. Maddie let out a soft yelp. Her arousal was enough to make my cock throb again, but this time leaking some pre-cum. I moaned, unable to control myself.

“Mhhhmmm…” Maddie teased again.

Maddie repositioned herself, facing me directly now. My cock was more slippery now, allowing her to stroke faster and faster. With her free hand, she guided my hands and rested them on her luscious breasts. My mouth gaped open, speechless. She looked up at me, her big eyes gazing intently.

“Are you gonna cum for me?” Maddie whispered with a smirk.

I could only groan in response. I could feel my orgasm slowly climbing with every stroke. Desperately wishing I was inside her, I started to thrust my hips towards her crotch. To tease back, Maddie slightly tightened her grip and eased into slower spiraled strokes. She timed them with each of my thrusts, making it feel like we were actually having sex.

“I want your cum. Please…Cum for me,” She pleaded softly.

My dick throbbed again. The spasm shook my whole body before I finally shoot my warm cum onto her stomach. Maddie reacted with a cute gasp, then immediately sighed with satisfaction.

“Ohhh my goddd…” I exasperated as I shot out my cum in several spurts, coating her perfect skin. Maddie never stopped stroking, prolonging my orgasm as long as she could.

When I finally started to calm down, Maddie bent her head down with a smirk and licked the cum that lingered on the tip of my dick. The sensation made me shudder one last time, shooting one more spurt that landed just below Maddie’s eye. She flinched slightly but giggled reassuringly before I could apologize.

“So…should we join the others now?” Maddie asked innocently.

“Uhh…yeah, okay,” I answered, surprised by her casualness.

Maddie reached over and pulled my trunks back on for me. She adjusted her bikini bra as she stood up. She looked down and laughed, realizing she was still covered in my cum.

“Come on, let’s wash this off,” She decided, and offered her hand to me. I took it and stood up. I looked back over to the water. Our friends were towards the deeper side. They probably couldn’t see us from over there. Maddie and I made our way back into the water, our hands not letting go. We both smiled, reminiscing on what was a very unconventional start for something new between us.

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